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Moscow residence of the cars of Gering and Bormann. Part of 1

The Lomakov Museum of Vintage Cars and Motorcycles greets guests with a jumble of diverse antiquities: from Singer sewing machines from the beginning of the last century to vehicles of the Third Reich party bosses. In some parts of the exhibition, it seems that this is more a warehouse or workshop, and not a museum. Separate cars are closed from a full review by heaps of rare units: gearboxes, cans and other oiled iron. And everything would be sad in stories Lomakovsky museum, if not exhibits. The oldest of them is the lightweight Peugeot motorcycle of the 1914 model of the year, which the interventionist troops from the French expeditionary corps abandoned in Arkhangelsk in the 1918 year. The unit is unique in many respects in the world and, according to employees, is fully capable of moving independently. I got into a motorcycle museum in 1992 year - the Lomakovs gave him a box of vodka for the owner from the Smolensk region.

Peugeot combat motorcycle, inherited from the French invaders, the oldest exhibit of the exhibition. You can separately evaluate the entourage of the exhibition

The main nail that greets visitors is a crankshaft with a flywheel from the fascist 8-cylinder Horch. About him below.

The winner of the pre-war exhibition in Paris 1935 of the year is the amazingly beautiful Horch-853, which according to legend belonged to Hermann Göring. According to the site, this machine is in the register of UNESCO monuments and is officially protected by the state. The cabriolet is considered a pre-series, specially released to participate in the Paris show. Horch-852 was officially released from 1936 onwards. The car is distinguished by a glulam beech body panel and a barometer built into the torpedo. It is clear that such a status German got into the USSR not on his own will, but as a trophy from the Gering mansion. According to legend, Marshal Rokossovsky, who in the middle of 1945, presented it to his friend, Hero of the Soviet Union, pilot Mikhail Samokhin, was the second high-ranking user of the gig. Further, the car wandered around the country and in an extremely poor condition came to restorers Lomakov. Horch-852 is a true star of Soviet cinema - about 25 roles on the gig account.

General types of exposure. With proper interest, you can wander here for hours

This Mercedes-Benz 540 K 1935 of the year, on which Goebbels drove around, was equipped with a compressor-row "eight" and 4-speed gearbox. In 1938, the minister gave the car to the guard for the escort convoy. After the war he worked for the first secretary of the Estonian Communist Party of the Soviet Union, and later went to the cast. The cabriolet was on the balance sheet of the Chancellery and was the only one in the government park in cherry livery.

Eclectic Lomakovsky Museum

The car Mercedes-Benz 320 1939 of the year from the personal park of Martin Bormann, designed for the economic needs of partigenos. In the mornings, the car transported the children of Bormann to the schools, and after that a personal chef went there to buy food to the markets of Berlin. We had to buy at different times and in different places - the bosses of the Third Reich were very suspicious and were afraid of poisoning. There is an assumption that Stirlitz appeared in the frames of the immortal film in this particular car. The car is also famous for its participation in a photo shoot with the current mayor of Kiev - boxer Vitali Klitschko. The famous German crew got to the Lomakov Museum in 1995 from a private garage in Zelenograd. The car is completely in original condition - without a "remake".

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  1. Grandfather
    Grandfather 20 March 2019 05: 44
    The crankshaft from the "Horch" is surprising, yes, a very high-tech work for that time, a helical gear for example. and Stirlitz's car. We in childhood already sculpted from plasticine, with buttons-wheels, so we liked it with the boys. yes It’s a pity that the Museum is so shabby.
    1. vladcub
      vladcub 20 March 2019 08: 24
      I agree, the museum is more like some sort of warehouse of unnecessary things.
  2. smart ass
    smart ass 20 March 2019 05: 49
    Beautiful cars, you look sadly at modern cars (
  3. Pessimist22
    Pessimist22 20 March 2019 06: 01
    Class! Can I have more about motorcycles?
  4. svp67
    svp67 20 March 2019 06: 53
    In Yekaterinburg, we also have an excellent collection of old equipment. There are enthusiasts of this business and it pleases
  5. Cowbra
    Cowbra 20 March 2019 07: 34
    Gosha! However, they have a scope! It is a pity that only in content, design, in the sense of a room ... M-yes. Is it really not interesting to anyone? Why no one invested in them, IMHO, somehow the Tseriteli Museum in the center of Moscow will be more interesting ...
  6. vladcub
    vladcub 20 March 2019 08: 43
    The collection is impressive, I would climb there with great pleasure, but alas, there is no way.
    The author, a huge request next time tell more about the most interesting exhibits. With the corresponding photos, and then "gallop through Europe" it turns out to be an absurdity: Mercedes Benz 540 photo from the side and below there is a portrait of Stalin
  7. Galleon
    Galleon 20 March 2019 09: 53
    The collection is really impressive, but is there at least one restored sample, or at least rubbed from dust? This, of course, is not the new life of old technology, but a delay from death is for sure. Perhaps the title of restorers in relation to the owners of the museum is somewhat exaggerated. However, I am deeply grateful for the collection of rare equipment and its preservation.
    Thanks for the interesting article with a photo report.
    1. Mestny
      Mestny 20 March 2019 10: 03
      Or maybe it’s better that they only save. Well done.
      Other restorers will do this ...
      1. Galleon
        Galleon 20 March 2019 10: 06
        Maybe so, but when you look at the dirty bald tires and dirty car sills, you understand that the owners treat their things as iron, and not as historical values.
      2. Catfish
        Catfish 20 March 2019 14: 48
        That you are right, Sergey. hi
        In the nineties, in Moscow on Sukharevka, I saw cars standing at the site for sale. These "restorers" stuck some super engines into the old bodies of German cars, hung wide-profile wheels on nickel-plated disks and sold this squalor to our nouveau riche. And they bought it !!! For such a "restoration" it would be necessary to hang, and mainly for a causal place, so as not to produce similar "creators".
        1. faiver
          faiver 21 March 2019 10: 02
          this is not a restoration, this is an auto move company