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V.B. Pavlenko: “The Great Game” of the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers - Into the Light and In the Shadow

V.B. Pavlenko: “The Great Game” of the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers - Into the Light and In the ShadowArticle of V.Pavlenko, Doctor of Political Sciences, full member of the Academy of Geopolitical Problems

The Great Game of the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers: in the light and in the shade

30 May 2012 has revealed information about an agreement whereby the Rothschild Investment Trust “Capital Partners” (RIT “CP”) owned by the Rothschilds acquired a large stake in Rockefeller Financial services (RFS) running the Rockefeller family business and other wealthy US families.

Placed by almost all the leading world and Russian media, it was accompanied by similar and superficial comments, the essence of which was that the two largest clans of global oligarchs formed an alliance for “joint resistance to a new round of the global crisis”.

In fact, there is nothing more distant from reality than such statements.

The fact is that the strategies of both oligarchic groups in recent years have been lined up according to the principle formulated by Rothschild biographer Frederik Morton: "Today, the family seeks to make its presence in the world invisible and inaudible."

This is understandable: big and, especially, very big money prefer silence. But it was this silence that broke 30 in May by the attention that was focused on the event, which vividly demonstrated the real weight of these leading clans not only in the global economy, but also in global politics.

In our opinion, commenting on the emergence of a new “alliance”, financial analysts, apparently, simply confused the cause with the effect: it was the global crisis itself that was the product of the Rothschilds and Rockefellers, and not vice versa. How exactly it happened, we will try to understand now.

So, in short, what happened means, perhaps, not the surrender of the Rockefellers to the Rothschilds, but at least a very substantial surrender of their positions.

If you dig deep, you need a detailed analysis with historical an excursion - otherwise it will be almost impossible to understand something in this scenario.

Therefore, we start with the background of the question:

The real knot of contradictions between these two global clans are the two world wars of the 20th century. Moreover, in both cases they were unleashed by the Rockefellers, and it was they who reaped the rewards of success.

When it became clear that France and Britain could not cope with Germany, and because of the February Revolution, Russia dropped out of the war, the Rockefellers set the Standard Oil of New Jersey to allow the oil empire to develop. Rothschildam oil wealth of the Middle East.

Since 1927, Standard Oil has taken over 25% of IPC shares - the Iraqi Oil Company, which was established in 1912, under the name TPC - Turkish Oil Company. At the same time, 50% of the shares were then transferred to the ownership of the government of the Ottoman Empire, according to 25%, they received Rothschild's Shell, as well as Deutsche Bank, which got into their clip a bit later.

Unlike their temporary partners (who, most likely, had no idea that they were temporary), the British “knew the future” - because they themselves had planned it, realizing that after the collapse of Germany and the Ottoman Empire in World War I, as winners, take away all 100%.

It would have happened if the Entente could defeat the Germans on the battlefield. But for the European allies, this task turned out to be daunting, and US assistance was needed - General Pershing's expeditionary corps, who decided the outcome of the war on the western front (which, unlike the Second World War, was then decisive).

The entry of the United States into the war in order to induce the British to fulfill the conditions set by them was imposed on the American government in a variety of ways. First of all, with the help of "backstage" pushing to the provocative acts of "underwater" war, widely used by Germany itself. The Germans did not want, and could not, because of financial dependence on the Rockefellers: in 1914-1916, they provided large loans for not only the Kaiser, but also his Ottoman allies, having received a shadow influence on their policies.

The decisive reason for the US to withdraw from neutrality and to enter the war was the drowning of the German submarine Lusitania passenger transport, the preparation of which by backstage diplomatic maneuvers very much resembled the threshold of the Japanese attack in December 1941 on the US naval base at Pearl Harbor. Then after the next meeting with F.D. Roosevelt, US Secretary of War Stimson wrote in his diary: "We have touched on the sensitive issue of diplomatic actions to ensure that Japan takes the first and erroneous step - the step of undisguised aggression."

It is not a special secret that both events have the same roots.

We can not say that the Rothschilds did not interfere with all this. Their main and hereditary political creature in the United States, Colonel House, who called himself “the power behind the throne,” devoted the whole 1914 to the year trying to put together a Western alliance against Russia with the participation of the United States, Great Britain, France and Germany. “England would not want to completely crush Germany, because then she would face one-on-one with her old enemy, Russia; - House wrote to President W. Wilson in May 1914 of the year, - but if Germany infinitely expands its fleet, England will have no choice. ”

In order to preserve the right of choice for England (and the Rothschilds, who for a hundred years already controlled its central bank), House even made a voyage to Berlin, where he received an audience with Kaiser Wilhelm II and Minister of the Sea von Tirpitz. All is in vain: the German fleet, with the Rockefellers' money (compensated, by the way, by the Federal Reserve Act by the American treasury), grew by leaps and bounds and the British could not stay away from the war, thus transferring all political trumps to the Rockefellers.

In World War II, the economy became even more dependent on politics.

When the Germans attacked France in May 1940, the French-British group was quickly defeated, the French signed a truce, surrendering Paris, and the British were pressed to the English Channel in the area of ​​the Belgian Dunkirk.

Along with the “strange war” of 1939-1940’s fall-winter, one of the main secrets of the Second World War, which baffled historians, there was always the question: why did the Germans, instead of finishing the enemy, cross the La Manche stood up and did not take a step forward until the British had taken the personnel to the British Isles. Moreover, the exported transports were not bombed.

A "casket" opened very, very simple.

The fact is that if Hitler was not directly employed by the Rockefellers (although such an assertion is not excessive either), then he completely depended on them in the military economy and, above all, in oil and refined products, primarily gasoline. Facts and figures - from the creation of Basel Bank of International Settlements in 1930 for the purpose of financing the Nazis to Standard Oil in 1934, 730, thousands of acres of land near Hamburg and the construction of an oil refinery on them - abound. But we will not overload the material with them in order not to drown in details and particulars.

And the people who brought Hitler to power were in the USA - the same brothers Allen and John Foster Dulles (Rockefeller brothers cousins). And all of them were led by a “three-headed” one, the American-British-German octopus — the Schroeder Bank (which had the status of an agent of the Nazi government), and also the firms associated with it (the current G. Schroeder — the offspring of those Shreders).

And Roosevelt, who with the help of the same House, was brought to power by the Rothschilds, in fact turned out to be the creature of the Rockefellers. It is not by chance that House himself surrounded by the new president was replaced by B. Baruch, a large exchange speculator (like Soros), who significantly improved his affairs as chairman of the US military industry committee, which he occupied throughout World War I.

A small touch: when the US intelligence services in 1943 reported to Roosevelt about the possibility of “removing Hitler,” he categorically forbade it.

But they tried to do it, but in July 1944, the British. Having concluded a truce with the "new" German government, they very much hoped to draw the US into the confrontation with the USSR and destroy the planned Soviet-American alliance. (It was, however, destroyed, but in a different way: instead of the chief architect of the New Deal, G. Wallace, the Rothschild's G. Truman's creature was extremely “timely" brought to the White House, who, shortly before Roosevelt's death, became vice-president, and then the president of the United States).

On all of this, Hitler clearly followed all the instructions of the Rockefellers. And the instructions in May 1940, he received the following:

- Do not touch the English in Dunkirk;

- not to cross the English Channel and generally leave Britain alone, turning the preparations for Operation Sea Lion (the invasion of the British Isles);

- to deploy its efforts in the direction of the “plan of Barbarossa” - preparation for an attack on the USSR.

Hitler carried out these instructions punctually.

But why did he get them at all?

But because Churchill, on the verge of collapse in the situation with Dunkirk (reminded him and the British public of the nightmare of the failure of the British Dardanelles operation fleet, on which he, as the First Lord of the Admiralty, then insisted), agreed to fulfill all the conditions that Roosevelt put forward to him (by the way, they were cousins) in exchange for US defense and military assistance. Namely:

- transfer to the Americans the oil “pearl” of the British Empire - Saudi Arabia (which the British intelligence and, for example, TE Lawrence of Arabia, literally “plowed out” for the crown, literally plowed out the Ottoman Empire) for the crown;

- withdraw all British capital from the United States and sell all property held by the British in the United States to the Americans;

- after the end of the war - to dissolve the British Empire, giving independence to the colonies (began, as we remember, from India - 1947 g .; for the British colonial empire, the rest of the "Rothschild empire" - the French, Dutch and Belgian crumbled to 1960).

Thus, - many experts (primarily Western ones) involved in global history and politics talk about this - the main reason for the two world wars was nothing but the seizure of the Eurasian oil assets from the Rothschilds and the Rockefeller consolidation. That is why Germany was twice set against Britain (Hitler, like the Kaiser, the Rockefellers regularly financed the whole war). Roosevelt’s new “alignment” in 1944 personally dictated to the Halifax ambassador of Britain to the States (the same bailiff of the “Munich conspiracy”, who had successfully negotiated with Hitler in November 1937): Saudi Arabia - America, Iran - Britain, and Iraq and K We will “milk” together.

Having conceded, twice, to the brute force and circumstances, the Rothschilds did not forget and did not forgive the “offenses” inflicted on them.

The hot war ended and the cold war began.

If the Rockefellers are primarily an “oil” dynasty, then for the Rothschilds the main thing is “gold” and other precious metals. These are their main areas of influence and control.

Therefore, the Rothschilds began to dig under the dollar, setting the goal of replacing it with gold (we recognize that from this point of view, the dollar’s ​​decoupling from gold collateral, implemented by R. Nixon in 1971) looks a little different.

The main lever for this is the price of gold. It is established not by market but by directive. Since the mid-1940s, twice a day, without breaks on weekends and holidays, the London Association of the Precious Metals Market has held so-called “fixations” in which five banks participate: the head bank of the British Rothschild branch, NM Rothshild & Sons, to their French branch “Societe Generale” (we still need it), memorable from the “Turkish-Iraqi” deal of the 1910s - 1920s “Deutsche Bank”, the Chinese “branch” of the Rothschilds - the global bank “Hong Kong & Shanghai Banking Corp. » (“HSBC”), which grew up in the XNUMXth century on the drug trade, as well as the world leader in gold and precious metals trafficking, ScotiaMocatta, a division of Scotiabank Global Banking & Markets.

These fixations are carried out, of course, at the NM Rothshild & Sons site and, moreover, it was this bank that invariably chaired them until 2004 (and then Pharisee “went into the shadows”).

We will not list all the vicissitudes of the unfolded inter-clan struggle. We only note that over the past decade, gold has risen in price more than 10 times, and the dollar is weakening due to the exorbitant national debt of the United States, the creation of which at the beginning of 1980's led to the Rothschilds again, with the help of the famous “Reaganomics”, that is, inflating "financial bubbles."

And what, one wonders, Reagan still had to do when the commission he created headed by the chairman of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve P. Walker (a protégé of the Rothschilds) “found out” that in Fort Knox (the US gold reserve) gold - only foreign and private. It was necessary to somehow finance the “Strategic Defense Initiative” and other innovations in the arms race, to which the Brezhnev and Andropov leaders of the USSR were, as it were, “accidentally” tackling. So Reagan began to inflate "soap bubbles", erecting "Potemkin villages" and "castles in the air" with their help. It was then that the United States and appeared national debt.

The United States would have reached "the handle" much faster than it is now - about the year of 1995, but they were very lucky with the collapse of the USSR, which the Rothschilds were already preparing with the help of communications in our country. Without going into particular details (another topic), we single out only the main figures in this chain: Beria-Kuusinen (the connection of the Comintern with Freemasonry) -Andropov-Gorbachev; besides them, Mikoyan and Kosygin got into this chain (and not at all on the sidelines).

The Rockefellers were not particularly interested in the collapse of the USSR.

Moreover, for them the Soviet Union was a counterweight to the Rothschilds. The Rockefellers equally supported both the Nazis and Soviet industrialization. Unlike them from the eternal rivals of the Rothschilds, they needed a balance of “brilliant isolation” not governed by London, but a united Eurasia with all its oil. Potential leaders of the continent, in view of the presence of passionate ideologies (albeit opposed), they saw both Hitler and Stalin, whoever won, but only with their own indispensable control (this required bringing both countries into an internecine war challenge the USA).

In addition, having received a concession share of Baku oil at the end of 1920, the Rockefellers, already with Hitler’s hands, tried to finally take it into ownership, having calculated, however, on this at Stalingrad. (The “economic” nature of the 1942 military campaign, in contrast to 1941, when the political centers of the USSR became the target of the Wehrmacht’s attack, indicate many modern specialists, including German ones).

Beating his unexpected "fellow travelers", I.V. Stalin in 1945 year became an independent figure of global scale. Unknown, unlike the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, the Molotov-Hiss Pact, concluded in 1944-1945. At the United Nations Conferences in Dumbarton Oaks and San Francisco, and sponsored by the future governor of New York and the vice president of the United States, Nelson Rockefeller, was an unpleasant surprise for the American political establishment. From now on, he shouldn’t have to poke his nose into the affairs of the peoples of the USSR and the countries of Eastern Europe, as well as Moscow, in “British” Iran and “American” Saudi Arabia. (In the days of Hiss’s McCarthyism, according to the denunciation of one of the novice members of the commission on anti-American activities, R. Nixon was even convicted of “spying for the USSR” - that’s how annoyed!).

The situation, unfortunately, has radically changed after the death of the leader. Strengthened in power as a result of the five-year period of “palace coups” (1953-1958), Khrushchev, being a Trotskyist, “exposed” the notorious “personality cult” and with the help of Mikoyan turned to the Rothschilds. With little that Brezhnev who understood these layouts, Kosygin, and especially Andropov, gained strength. Not having time to realize his destructive “European project” in life, the all-powerful KGB chief “spawned” Gorbachev, who launched this project before being elected general secretary, concluding a number of secret agreements on redistributing spheres of influence in Europe with the heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne in 1984 Otto von Habsburg.

That is, on the one hand, the Rockefellers could not rely on the Gorbachev USSR to withstand the pressure of the Rothschilds. And, on the other hand, by the end of the 1980-ies, due to the accumulated public debt, there was a threat of the collapse of their patrimony - the United States.

And the Rockefellers turned into the path of least resistance: they joined the collapse of the USSR together with the Rothschilds: the final consensus on this issue was reached in 1989, at a closed meeting of “influential people” (annual Bilderberg Conference) held on the Spanish island of La Toja. (In the same place, in spite of the desperate resistance of M. Thatcher, who cost the “iron lady” of an early resignation from the post of British prime minister, it was decided to unify Germany).

With the help of the collapse of the USSR and at our expense, the Americans managed to close many “holes” in their economy and finances. The figures of how much and what exactly was taken out of our country by the 1995 year, October 24 1995, at a closed meeting of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the US military, named B. Clinton (they were very impressive at the beginning of the 2000) ).

At the same time - we must pay tribute to the Rockefellers - they prevented the collapse of the Russian Federation, including with the help of Yeltsin (who, unlike Gorbachev, spoke in favor of the territorial integrity of the Russian Federation). And not only Yeltsin.

What was looted in the former USSR was enough for America for twenty years. And again, the national debt overcame, and again the States - “at the last line” (14 trillion dollars of total debt is not one annual budget).

What should the Rockefellers do if the United States does not? Brzezinski, in his new book, Strategic Vision: America and the Global Power Crisis (saw the light of 2012 in February), explicitly writes that the United States today resembles the USSR before its collapse and is considering two options for global development, with or without American leadership that is, if you call a spade a spade, without the United States.

In addition to the crisis in the eurozone, the massive exodus from Wall Street of top managers of large financial companies and corporations, which began in the spring of 2012, strains the global situation. (These “cadres” in the financial space and on banking areas are well oriented both day and night: they know when, where and what it smells like and where, with what smell and how quickly to run).

Just in case, the Rockefellers today are buying up land in Argentina and Chile. But throwing a white flag (or a towel on the ropes) seems to be considered premature.

The Rothschilds, in turn, are pressing.

F. Hollande in France - their creature.

A. Merkel is now in loneliness in the European Union and in deep defense within the country. Oriented to Britain, according to V.D. Yezhov (the Soviet biographer Adenauer), the Social Democrats "take" one federal land after another (recently, symbolically important municipal elections in North Rhine - Westphalia won). New Rockefeller "exceptions" in the form of Schroeder number XXUMX in the SPD is not expected.

The parliamentary elections in Germany, meanwhile, are already in the 2013 year, and the victory of the SPD will mean the consolidation of the entire Eurozone by the Rothschilds. And then instead of the “European state” built by the Rockefellers since Hitler's time, the EU will turn into a mosaic divided into municipalities - chaos, which, if anything, unites, it is devoid of any national and religious identity (and therefore completely suits the Rothschilds) “zone free trade. " And in this chaos they will drag in (they are already drawing in!) The CIS and Russia, starting with Ukraine, Moldova and the Baltic states, where chaos, in fact, already rules the ball.

In the US, B. Obama is the creator of the Rothschilds: in June 2006, the boss of the Democratic Party was represented by none other than J. Soros - the closest associate of the Rothschilds.

In Russia, the Rothschilds control the "family" that had fallen to their side under Yeltsin-President; Voloshin plays a key role in promoting her political interests. They also have a common business with the oligarch Deripaska, and through him - with the creatures of Chubais - the oligarchs Potanin and Prokhorov (it is from here that both the legs and the horns of all the "orange", "snow" and "swamp" street protests grow in Moscow).

Chubais is the most cunning of all: he has connections with the Rothschilds (through former US Treasury Secretary L. Summers, who heads the National Economic Council in America), and with the Rockefellers - he is a member of the board of directors of the global bank JP Morgan Chase. The goal is simple and clear: in any case, stay afloat - and in fact “floats”, “does not sink”!

Especially important for the Rothschilds China.

If the Chinese elite succeeds in “crushing” (and, judging by the split that began in connection with the “Bo Xilai case”, this unfortunately began to turn out), the Rothschilds will be able to “hook” gold on the yuan. And carefully build it into the status of a new global reserve currency, secured not with oil, like a dollar, but with gold (for this, gold is also inflated in price).

If this number passes, then soon the dollar and the US themselves can be brought down (about which, unfortunately, many people have long and naively been dreaming of us as something very positive).

For what?

To create the “North American Union” with the new Amerеро currency, and then the “Transatlantic Union”, in which North America, in full accordance with the “global plan” of the Club of Rome, would unite with Europe, and the Amero with the euro. And a “real” world currency would have turned out: a pound sterling, probably — what else? (This Atlantic Transformation project is provided for by the Texas Agreements, which in March 2005 were concluded by the top officials of the NAFTA member states - the North American Free Trade Area).

But this “shift” - from dollar to pound (presumably) - needs a “stabilizer”. According to the Rothschilds plan, they should be the yuan, backed by gold (the price of which the Rothschilds, as we have seen, are set by themselves), as well as backed up by the military and political power of the PRC.

By the way, against the background of the union, and more precisely the purchase of the Rothschild Rockefellers, China and Japan with 1 June came out of mutual dollar calculations, and will now be calculated strictly in yuan and yen.

This tale, however, for naive simpletons. The yuan and the yen are brought to a common denominator only through an equivalent (EMC is a single measure of value). Previously, this equivalent was the dollar (it is controlled by the Rockefellers). And now?

Since it does not say what it is, it means that the role of the EMC goes to gold. And this gold equivalent (standard), from the price of which mutual Chinese-Japanese calculations will make a start, will already be controlled by the Rothschilds.

That is, "sly" China and Japan imposed the immediate prospect of a change of global financial power. In other words, the Rockefellers "passed" another milestone. And after that, apparently, they requested a truce. It is a truce, not the world.

Similarly, the Rothschilds in the 1917 and 1940 years asked the Rockefellers for a "truce" in the inter-clan struggle (and for American military aid to Britain against Germany).

Debt, as they say, is beautiful!

The Rothschilds now, like the Rockefellers then, kindly agreed. This is the inner meaning of the “historic” agreement from 30 of May 2012.

With the background we have completed. We turn to the essence of the agreement.

So, the business component of the Rothschild-Rockefeller Alliance looks like this: the aforementioned RIT “CP” group, headed by Jacob (Jacob) Rothschild, bought 37% of RFS shares.

Immediately, a very piquant detail comes out: under the control of Rothschild's “buyers,” there are only 3 billion dollars, and under the control of Rockefeller's “purchased” - 34 billion (just a little less than 40 billion).

How so?

However, everything falls into place when we recall that this share in 37% was previously owned by the French bank Societe Generale - that same member of the London gold fixings.

But in the 2008 year, when this bank bought Rockefeller’s aforesaid share, it had assets worth 71 billion dollars under management - 2 times more than what it bought.

And now these 37% from the giant have passed to the dwarf, which, it turns out, owns the assets of another giant.

What does all this mean?

First of all, the fact that the “truce” of the Rockefellers was requested in 2008 year. But then, apparently, they decided to once again "crush", the result of which was the Sino-Japanese agreement on mutual settlements.

So by 2012, the position of the Rockefellers had deteriorated further.

But why does Jacob Rothschild's company have a total of 3 billion dollars, when the state of the family is estimated at least on a scale from 2-s to 20-trillion, and some “hotheads” generally call the number in 300 trillion? (Here we need to make a reservation that the famous Forbes list, which shows us the top bar of personal fortunes at 64 billion dollars, does not take into account the main thing - collective, family capital, in fact, hiding them, which, apparently, was calculated).

The very same thing about the 3-x billions is in the internal scenario of the Rothschilds.

The group initially had five branches, then their number decreased, and, ultimately, there were two left - the British and the French (more precisely, the French-Swiss).

They didn’t quarrel with each other, but they weren’t really friendly - they competed sluggishly against the background of Rockefeller leadership.

In 1980, there was a split in the British branch. And Jacob Rothschild was expelled from the family of Evelyn de Rothschild - with the prohibition of using the name "Rothschild" in the name of their firms.

Opala was relaxed in 1988, and in 2004, when Evelyn transferred family business management affairs to a representative of the French branch, David de Rothschild, Jacob was fully rehabilitated.

From this it follows that Jacob, in fact, is the “agent of influence” of the French Rothschilds among the British. That is why he was subjected to exile, restoring his rights only when the process of official unification of the two branches began. (This process ended in March-April 2012, when the French and British branches merged in Paris).

From the mismatch between Jacob Rothschild’s 3 billion and the group’s total capital (which does not allow us to speak of the participation of the Rothschilds as a group), it also follows that, in full accordance with the right of the winner, the Rothschilds included only a tiny fraction of their assets in the combined company, and the Rockefellers were taken away many highly profitable creams (Johnson & Johnson, Procter & Gamble, oil and gas concern Vallares, etc.).

But it also follows from this that Rockefeller’s first person, David (the grandson of the founder of the dynasty), “accepted the surrender” - sent a third-rate Rothschild - not the first or even the second in the intra-group hierarchy, besides having been among the “own” outcasts for a long time.

This is in itself a humiliation, but it was not limited to them. To hurt Rockefeller even harder and more demonstratively:

- first, the deal was widely publicized, apparently, thus recording the fact of a request for a “truce” (which was not the case in 2008);

- secondly, they included in the terms of the agreement the right of the parties only to joint executive decisions and functions that will be taken by the general management company (in other words, the Rockefellers are no longer entitled to dispose of their own companies at home, in the US and in their “office” nor friendly assets);

- thirdly, even “tolerant” financial analysts (the ones that hang the public “noodles on the ears” about “uniting groups in dealing with the crisis”) recognize that the agreement leads to an expansion of the Rothschilds expansion in the US banking sector.

And what does it mean?

Of course, an impressive new step in revising the historical conditions for the sale of British assets in the US, delivered to 1940 by Roosevelt (that is, the Rockefellers) to his cousin Churchill (that is, the Rothschilds). This is about the same thing that the Germans did with the French in 1940, insisting on signing a humiliating for the French army truce in the same Compiegne forest and in the same headquarters car, where in November 1918, Field Marshal Foch accepted the actual surrender of the German command.

In fairness, we note that this revision began back in the 1980s, from the redistribution of the oil market in the United States (when British royal oil company British Petroleum climbed with "both feet", and not one but the United States in a particularly humiliating with the Saudis).

Does Rockefeller have a counterplay, and if so, which one?

There is a game, but in the business sector it will be difficult to realize it - due to the fact that it is difficult to withdraw assets from a common company: the Rockefellers themselves can no longer solve this issue, but they Well allow. Not to try!

Should their partners try to withdraw their assets?

But will they risk a direct challenge to the Rothschilds - that is the question. Than playing such dangerous games is easier (and more profitable) to throw the Rockefellers, having agreed with the new owners.

And here we come to the fact that the truly serious defensive lines of the global clan in distress are not in the economy, but in politics, more precisely in geopolitics.

1. Elections in the United States. They will not only be presidential, since a significant part of the Senate and state governors will be subject to renewal in November 2012.

If the Rockefellers manage to get the Republican majority not only in the House of Representatives (as now), but also in the Senate, you can try to drive past 23 December 2012 of the year - when, formally, according to the Federal Reserve Law, the term of the 99-year lease from the Fed Reserve Print machine for the production of dollars from the US state.

Here, after all, what is the important nuance? When such joint steps are taken as the creation of the Fed on 99 years (in 1913 year) - and the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers did it together, always, in addition to the laws, tacitly "gentlemen's" agreements are concluded. Of course, it is possible to break them, but this will be “not comme il faut”, that is why they are so risky to be reputable only in extreme cases. We dare to assume that in this case such agreements were also concluded - and it was for 99 years. Their most probable meaning is that before this period expires, under no circumstances should you “tear off the blanket” and not make any sudden movements.

That is, the hands of those and others will finally be untied only after 23 December 2012 of the year - then we will see “who is whoo” (as Mr. Gorbachev said).

The Fed is now controlled not by the Rothschilds, but by the Rockefellers. Therefore, the Rothschilds can be profitable to bring it down, to move from dollar to gold (and yuan), creating the conditions for launching the process of “reformatting” North America with the US incorporating into the “North American” and further into the “Transatlantic” alliances.

But the Rockefellers in their time (in 1927 year) realized what kind of mine in the form of the Fed they laid under the United States. And, possessing undivided control over the White House and Congress, they amended the Federal Reserve Law so as to deprive the printing press of the Fed not strictly at a certain time, but when Congress decides. (The Rothschilds, who apparently decided that by the same token tacit agreements were violated, responded to the Great Depression and the victory of Democrat Roosevelt over Republican Hoover, which, however, as we have already noted, turned out to be Pyrrhic).

Thus, the mere preservation of Obama in the White House is necessary for the Rothschilds, but not sufficient to derail the dollar. Moreover, Obama is likely to be needed only at the last stage: to “skip” without vetoing Congress’s decision to revoke the right to rent a printing press from the Fed (which the Republican president would most likely use).

But in order to adopt such a law and send it to Obama for signature, you need to have a majority in both houses of Congress. And if after the elections in November 2012 of the year it turns out to be from the Republicans (who are divided between the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds), it will be problematic to make a decision to revoke the lease.

It is significant: those Republicans who, like Ron Paul, were quick to raise the issue of revoking the right to rent from the Fed already during the current presidential campaign, got off the electoral distance very quickly - this means that Rockefeller supporters now rule the republican camp .

So we are waiting from November.

The second "line of defense" of the Rockefellers - the XVIII CPC Congress (again November 2012).

If the Chinese leadership, both before and after the congress, maintains a balance that ensures uninterrupted “two-stroke” change of power - first the General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee and the Chairman of the PRC, and then, after five “intermediate” years, the Chairman of the Central Military Council (CER) , the chances of success for the Rothschilds will remain a bit. For a “safe haven” suitable for the transition to the “golden yuan” for the time necessary for the “reformatting” of the West, balanced China cannot become - only unbalanced, with the dominant dominance of one of the inner-party groups and the harsh suppression of all the others (like this took place in the 1970's).

Without reliable 100% guarantees in the form of a gold-yuan pair, supplemented in the political sphere by a strategic Sino-Japanese alliance, the Rothschilds dollar and the US will not collapse - the risk of getting the situation out of control is too great, and then weapon.

There will be a chance to lose everything at once, including life.

The next line of defense of the Rockefellers (admittedly, after the elections in France, almost completely lost) is German Chancellor A. Merkel and, in general, the “axis” of the government coalition represented by the CDU-CSU bloc.

At the summit of the European Union 23 in May, the new French President F. Hollande practically presented Merkel with an French-Dutch (in fact, Rothschild) ultimatum:

- abandon the idea of ​​turning the EU into a political association;

- put the euro in dependence with the help of "Eurobonds" - collective debt obligations of the eurozone (the idea of ​​Soros, apparently claiming control over them on behalf of the Rothschilds).

Only one thing can save the situation: Merkel’s decisive rejection of this ultimatum and the acceleration of the crisis in the eurozone - up to its consolidation under German control, whoever would have had to “ask”. That is, the transformation of Germany into a single and only emission center of the euro.

In this case, the situation would essentially return to 1940: Europe under German control, but not tanks, and a printing press. A kind of "Fourth Reich."

This is what Gerhard Schroeder spoke about in September 2011, when he called for the creation of the “United States of Europe” using the Merkel-Sarkozy axis (which has since been blown away by the “wind of change”).

It is unlikely that Merkel will succeed in this: it is first necessary to consolidate German society, but it is fragmented and, basically, in opposition to the “party of power”. And the time before the election (September 2013) is too short.

And the last frontier is Russia V.V. Putin's

Having renewed the strategic alliance of Rosneft with the American Exxon-Mobil to 2011 (instead of British Petroleum), which was helped by the scandal in TNK-BP, the Russian leader gave a clear and unequivocal sign.

It was understood and heard: that is why in January 2012 of the year, despite all the noisy reports of the State Department and the American embassy in support of street protests, in favor of V.V. Putin, as the future head of state, has expressed the patriarch of Russian politics, Academician EM. Primakov. A week later, such a significant figure as G. Kissinger appeared in Moscow.

Interestingly: a day before the promulgation of the agreement between Jacob Rothschild and David Rockefeller, TNK-BP left M. Friedman, head of Alfa Group, a consultant to the International Council of Experts of the US Council on Foreign Relations (his 2009 conflict with the aforementioned business Partner Rothschild Deripaska).

Before Friedman, the current head of BP left the British, Dudley, who in London is considered the main victim of the “conspiracy of the Russian oligarchs”, and then V. Vekselberg, etc.

Two days later, British Petroleum itself withdrew from the TNK-BP project, leaving the comments of the British state information corporation BBC to the memory of their stay in Russia with biting sarcasm.

What does this mean?

That the Rockefellers did not reconcile with their defeat, consider it an intermediate stage of intergroup struggle and are ready to fight further.

For this they need Russia. Moreover, a united, consolidated and strong Russia (without “orange” excesses): not by chance, even before the inauguration of V.V. Putin’s representatives Exxon-Mobil in his presence signed an agreement with Rosneft on oil production on the shelf of the Black and Kara Seas.

United Shipbuilding Corporation and Russian Technologies are connected to the agreement. This means that the Rosneft-Exxon-Mobil alliance is far from being limited to oil issues.

Appointment I.I. Sechin president of "Rosneft" in this situation - a step of strategic importance.

The alignment of forces is now one-on-one repeats the end of the 1920s, when Stalin selected the Baku oil fields from the concession from the Nobels (Rothschild partners) and transferred them to the Rockefeller 50% concession in exchange for financial and technological support for Soviet industrialization.

At each new stage History repeats itself!

On the one hand, Russia has a unique chance: to play in the global “Big Game” on an equal footing with a partner (albeit temporary), who today is vitally (vitally!) Interested in our success. (What will happen tomorrow is another conversation: this is a policy in which, along with a strategy, there is a tactic).

On the other hand, the realization of this chance will be in every way hampered by the Rothschild agents. (Already it prevents: not by chance, VV Putin was met with a custom protest sensation both in Berlin and in Paris).

The question is how quickly and effectively the Russian leader will be able to suppress the “fifth column”, pushing forward the necessary transformations and making the new balance of forces irreversible.

It is a matter of the survival of the country. For in the strategy of the Rothschilds of the Russian Federation, it is necessary to be dismembered, as Gorbachev had been striving for (and still is striving for that all)

In conclusion, we are anticipating a legitimate question: what is necessary for a complete exit from these layouts and independent, sovereign development?

Let's be honest: at this stage, it is necessary to resist and increase state power, consolidate society and get (how terrible it would be to anyone) state ideology. And not abstract (“for all good - against all bad”), but project-based. Able to show the country and the world the Russian vision and plan for building a fair world order, alternative to the current "world of money", which today "eat people" about the same way as the English sheep of the times of the industrial revolution "ate".

In addition, the “pluralism” encouraged today does not form a system of value coordinates — a norm that, reflecting and fixing a civilizational idea at the household level, would allow to distinguish good from bad social behavior (politics) from asocial, etc.

A new elite is urgently needed - national, not comprador.

In the future, when these initial requirements are met, sooner or later there will be (should be) a question about leaving the enslaving conditions of our country's membership in the Basel club and the currency board mechanism it establishes - pegging the money supply to the amount of gold and foreign exchange reserves. That is, the transformation of the “Central” Bank, which is today an instrument of external control, into a “State” one, carrying out currency, including issuing, policies in national rather than globally oligarchic interests. (After all, having heard this, it is not by chance that the liberals invariably entertain with a heart-rending screech: a thief and a cap are burning!)

Note: the central bank had neither the Russian Empire nor the USSR. It appeared only in the times of “developed democracy”. In them, he should remain as an integral attribute and symbol of the neocolonial “yoke” of the “golden horde” associated with this “democracy” (in its modern, literal, and not historical reading).

The question is really serious: the United States on this path in the XIX century went through a civil war and as a result, after half a century, they still ended up in the networks of a global oligarchy.

But this is already a somewhat different topic. All in order.
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  1. AK-74-1
    AK-74-1 21 June 2012 09: 05 New
    On ViMe a week is bothered. I myself recently laid out in the comments to another article about these families.
  2. Vanek
    Vanek 21 June 2012 09: 09 New
    Not when I did not understand, but probably I do not understand. Why does a person need a lot of money? He does not salt them. What for? There are millions in the bank, but no, we need more. Where? Where to put them?

    With a couple we get about 50 sput. plus another mom (mine, refused to live with my mother-in-law) I don’t know how much s / n she has. Mom's pension is about 20 tyr. In the end, this I know, about 70 sput. Well, yes, the apartment is big, the cottage is big, 2 cars. My wife and I left my son to the granny, ourselves in the cinema. Before the movie - cafe. Have dinner. And so (cinema, yes cafe) every Monday. In general, everything is enough and remains.

    WHERE TO SPEND MILLIONS ???????? request
    1. vadimus
      vadimus 21 June 2012 09: 21 New
      If they would put these spiders in a jar, let them eat each other ... We must pay the bills, it’s true well-known ... Who doesn’t know if not bankers.
      1. baron.nn
        baron.nn 21 June 2012 14: 32 New
        If one of them devours the other, then the balance of power will be violated, and then outrageous power can cause lawlessness!
    2. Goga
      Goga 21 June 2012 09: 51 New
      Vanyok - Greetings, Colleague, - quote - "Why does a person need a lot of money?" - so the fact of the matter is that MAN really does not need much - but in these ghouls there is nothing human, again, the Zionist "rut" that they are the people chosen by their god to rule the world ... fool - their perverted ideas, goals and methods are difficult for a normal, healthy person to comprehend - one word - "degenerates".
    3. AK-74-1
      AK-74-1 21 June 2012 11: 28 New
      Why spend, you can collect. Or buy officials.
      1. Bunny
        Bunny 21 June 2012 12: 40 New
        Some kind of nonsense, even if so it’s all there is, all the same - nonsense! I saw two of these elderly marriages - a mistake of nature! Which of them is rockefeller, and which Rothschild is impossible to understand! Two dried mummies divide the world! Bullshit is our reality!
        1. Ross
          Ross 21 June 2012 12: 49 New

          Some kind of nonsense, even if so it’s all there is, all the same - nonsense! I saw two of these elderly marriages - a mistake of nature! Which of them is rockefeller, and which Rothschild is impossible to understand! Two dried mummies divide the world! Bullshit is our reality!

          The reality is that this nonsense, only the tip of the iceberg, only what you can know. The real reality is that the financial oligarchy of the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers and some lesser-known banking Jewish families has an ideological superstructure with Tolmud and the Zionist idea of ​​world domination. This is similar to the way the church, with the help of kings, conducted crusades, carrying out the ideological basis of conquest, and Jewish merchants gave loans for these campaigns.
          But, this Chabad elite, ideologists, also has control over itself. It is these unknown "families" that govern the entire Western model.
          1. Ross
            Ross 21 June 2012 13: 44 New
            If anyone is interested in details about these families -
            Dialog translation:
            The essence of the dialogue:
            A self-proclaimed insider belonging to one of the families of the world's secret ruling elite appeared on the Above Top Secret forum under the nickname HiddenHand in October 2008, and presented information about the plans and goals of this powerful Family. According to him (her?), This was done due to the fact that the time has come for people to find out more truth about what is really happening behind the scenes of human history.
            The arguments about why they needed to discover the truth right now also look very convincing. This article fully describes the dialogue between forum participants and an insider.
            Entry (incomplete)
            Have you ever wondered who is really at the top of the "Pyramid" of power? This will also be discussed here. The dynasty that this person represents is much higher in the hierarchy than all the Rothschilds in power, and this dynasty does not come from earthly roots. Those 13 dynasties that are usually spoken of with the Rothschilds and Merovingian Nobles at the top, which are usually spoken of with the "secret rulers" in mind, are actually quite low in the Great Pyramid Structure, and those we consider to be the big players on Earth are are aware of the Big Picture only partially (that is, they know only what they need to know.) The person who calls himself here "The Secret Hand" supposedly belongs to a much higher position in the Hierarchy and has a higher rank than those whom we are all we know.

            You may need to re-read some of the answers several times in order to understand and realize the various layers of meaning in what this person is saying. Subsequently, when you begin to combine disparate pieces of information into a single picture, you will notice that many of the missing pieces in the Big Riddle suddenly fall into place.
            It is quite difficult to immediately understand what motives REALLY drive the secret elite. Greed? Yes. Power? Sure. Manipulation? Of course. But you have always had the feeling that some deeper mystery has been hidden behind all this "Great Work" for centuries. Perhaps it is in these answers that you will find its essence.
            If this text inspires you to a deeper study of the issues discussed, a source (so far only English), called the Law of the One on the Internet, may turn out to be very curious and useful for you. This is an extensive database on various issues raised in the discourse, and it will certainly be useful to all Seekers of Truth, regardless of religion or belief. In combination with this article, reading this source can shed real light on the essence of the problems of the New World Order [eng. definition].

            Here is just one dialogue out of many:
            I am a descendant of the Ancient Ruling Dynasty.
            At certain points, according to the laws of our Creator, the opportunity arises when several elected members of our Family should get in touch with their subjects and give you a chance to ask those questions for which you want answers.
            In the performance of this duty, I am bound by bilateral obligations. According to the Law of our Creator, duty dictates to me to give you this opportunity right now, but at the same time, the Law of (planetary) Freedom of Will and Family Vows oblige me to speak only as much as I will be allowed.
            All games in life are determined by the rules.
            If you want to take part in this conversation, here are the rules:
            1). I undertake to respectfully and respectfully address each of you, and expect the same tone in addressing myself.
            2). I will decide whether and if I am allowed to answer the question. If your question remains unanswered, then either I am not allowed to do this, or because one or more of the following was missing from the question: respect, tact, intelligence, decency, or simply the question itself was not worthy of an answer.
            3). You agree to "temporarily take on trust" this potential dialogue, that is, for the time of discourse with me, refrain from rude comments and tactless name-calling, as well as hasty and superficial judgments. In other words, wait until the end of the process before determining for yourself the content of truth and knowledge in the text.
            4). It is wise to formulate your questions. My time is limited. I do not want to spend it on parsing senseless, stupid, or tactless questions, and therefore I will only answer those that I consider most worthy of an answer. Use the time allotted to us wisely.
            If one of the above conditions is violated, I reserve the right to interrupt our discourse, if deemed necessary.
            Therefore, I will try to answer your questions as honestly and openly as I can.

            [QUESTION]: How many generations does your dynasty go deep, or rather, who in your family is considered the earliest ancestor of the rulers?
            [TD]: Our Dynasty is rooted far beyond the borders of antiquity. From the earliest times of what is called the "recorded history" of mankind and even earlier, our Family was engaged in "staging" this "performance" from behind the scenes, by one method or another. Before the rise and fall of Atlantis. (Yes, it was actually part of this reality.) We are essentially "born to lead." This is part of the design for this current paradigm.
            For more details, download
    4. baron.nn
      baron.nn 21 June 2012 14: 31 New
      We, ordinary people, probably do not understand. But as economic theory teaches us - the highest human need is the need for power. Apparently, for the sake of her, two simmets clung ...
      1. Ascetic
        Ascetic 22 June 2012 01: 33 New
        Quote: baron.nn
        We, ordinary people, probably do not understand. But as economic theory teaches us - the highest human need is the need for power. Apparently, for the sake of her, two simmets clashed ..

        Real wealth - not individual, but family, which accumulates over several centuries, turning at a certain moment into power, into organizational weapons.. The supreme need of any clan (family) is power, and unlimited power over the rest subhuman goyim who must obey unquestioningly and play by the rules of the "chosen ones", overshadowed by the god who granted them power no more and no less.
        The Rothschilds, the Rockefellers in alliance (and in conflicts) with other families control not only the Fed and a large number of sectors of the economies of many states, but a number of influential closed supranational governance and reconciliation structures, backed by the sum of the wealth of these families and realizing the long-term and holistic interests of the world's elite, which, I repeat, does not exclude contradictions and conflicts between its representatives - for solving these issues structures like Bilderberg Club, Тbilateral commission and others that we don’t know about at all. And this is not conspiracy theology, and political economy of modern speculative-financial capitalism. .
    5. marline
      marline 17 July 2012 15: 14 New

      Power over GODS - that’s their meaning!

      money is a tool
  3. Sakhalininsk
    Sakhalininsk 21 June 2012 09: 14 New
    the material is not new.
    Families are truly satanic offspring.
  4. Alexander Romanov
    Alexander Romanov 21 June 2012 09: 18 New
    As these families got it, a lot of money does not happen. What month will the us economy collapse? I’m putting a box of vodka for October!
    1. Vanek
      Vanek 21 June 2012 14: 43 New
      Quote: Alexander Romanov
      box of vodka

      Indiscreetly. Can I have a cup, a spoon (teaspoon), a bit of saccharin and tea with an elephant? And then, October, I will remember.
  5. Goga
    Goga 21 June 2012 09: 42 New
    Full "+" article and thanks to the author. It is not often that material of this level and on such a serious topic gets to the site. In general, the more often these ghouls are pulled out into the light, the less harm they will bring.
  6. Kaa
    Kaa 21 June 2012 10: 31 New
    I have met this article in nete for the eleventh time, and it pleases, more people will understand what is happening in the world. But horseradish is not sweeter - some P or other P are equally harmful for the third P - RUSSIA. We agree with the author and will increase the state power of this third P! Who is against?
  7. Stelth
    Stelth 21 June 2012 10: 33 New
    The US economy may not collapse, but rather rise. War can greatly help them. No wonder there is so much fuss around the countries of the Middle East. Rockefellers in the United States at home, and houses and walls help. So, Obama can be moved, and his successor has already announced his readiness to start a war. And in the chaos of war, China and Japan are quietly disconnected from oil, and the yuan is unlikely to be accepted as the world currency when the Chinese economy loudly falls. And the ideology in the USA about the American way of life is worth a lot. We are waiting for the fall.
  8. Nik090
    Nik090 21 June 2012 11: 33 New
    Quote: Vanek
    Why does a person need a lot of money?

    The key word here is not money. POWER, that's what the whole trick is, at which power is unlimited, world-wide. The article is interesting "+", but you have to digest, sort everything out in your brains.
    1. marline
      marline 17 July 2012 15: 20 New
  9. konn
    konn 21 June 2012 12: 38 New
    removed from the tongue, it is precisely power with a capital letter that is needed, because power is like a drug, delays, and these ghouls make it possible to feel like "gods"
    1. Odessa
      Odessa 21 June 2012 13: 32 New
      Nik090 and Konn, didn’t you know that finances rule the world?! All politics rests on money, so whoever has the control levers in his hands is the one who leads. And the author has correctly noticed that the names of the great and mighty ones were falling, the collapse of the Ottoman and Byzantine, a direct consequence of the cause of sponsoring the wars of conquest, who lost, he is begging. Money is ashes, by the way, in the future, the United States also. They lose, and the dollar is not a friend!
  10. Nik090
    Nik090 21 June 2012 15: 52 New
    Quote: Odessa
    didn’t you know that finance rules the world ?!

    This is understandable, but this is not about that. For a simple example ... I have a friend, quite an influential person, as in a conversation with him I asked him: - "You have a lot of money, enough for several lives, why are you all the time you stir up something, you twist, because people are no better off from this, and some and in general oh, how bad it is! "To which he answered me:" This is a "GAME", a lifestyle and I like to take part in this game. " That is, it does not matter what the rates are in this game, the process itself is important, which leads to a certain result.
    A bit messy, but I think the meaning is clear.
  11. topwar.ruk-d
    topwar.ruk-d 21 June 2012 15: 58 New
    Stop coming up with conspiracy theories.
  12. Drugar
    Drugar 21 June 2012 16: 34 New
    Another pro-Putin article. Again "to crush the fifth column and the liberals" ... Nothing new. "Pleased" only with a completely new approach to the "Putinists", but for the national chauvinists all this is a long worn-out record.
    On the other hand, everything is predictable, Putin and his comrades have recently been very actively trying to win over the nationalists to their side, but in this "masterpiece", if I understood correctly this fantastic story, in which, according to an already worked out scheme, well-known facts are interspersed with those that are not there is an opportunity to check (that is, it is quite possible and complete nonsense, no one knows - believe it or not) we are no longer offered to "beat the bugs, save Russia", but to side with one of the clans, since we paths.
    (Rockefellers!) ... Russia is needed. Moreover, a single, consolidated and strong Russia (without the "orange" excesses)

    Well, here we are, in fact.

    There is only one question: why has everything been happening in our country in terms of economic development in the last 12 years? What is it that Putin was not going to do anything without an order "from above"? And then "podfortilo", the Rockefellers suddenly needed a strong Russia and, voila, here it is!
  13. megatherion
    megatherion 21 June 2012 17: 02 New
    One small correction: the US national debt did not appear under Reagan, but much earlier. Under Reagan, he simply began to grow faster.
  14. chistii20
    chistii20 21 June 2012 17: 43 New
    Many thanks to the author. Enlightened. And there is one conclusion (The schemers are bad)
  15. Ascetic
    Ascetic 22 June 2012 01: 25 New
    The unification of the assets of the Rothschilds and Rockefellers is mainly a symbolic action, fixing that the world crisis is approaching a very dangerous point - not financial, not economic, but systemic, which can be resolved by a regional or even global war. Such a threat really requires the unification of assets, and not of two families, but of the families of most of the bourgeois-aristocratic elite of the world, i.e. creature macrocommon not even for political, but geohistorical purposes. Asset Merger - a signal: “join our movement”, “carry your money” and thus swear allegiance
    "Hyper obschak", consecrated by two patriarchs of families who had a lot of contradictions in the past, is a symbol. This is a sign of formation. "Capital invasion" - the invasion of certain forces in history, including ours. As sung in one Soviet song, "Quietly on the border, but do not believe this silence"