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Fleet cut alive: how the Black Sea heritage of the USSR was divided

The Black Sea Fleet was divided so long and hard that until the very 1997, he walked and stood under the Soviet flag.

Fleet cut alive: how the Black Sea heritage of the USSR was divided

Count pier During the years of acute political confrontation during Yushchenko’s rule, the patriots of Sevastopol raised a Soviet maritime flag over it, which still hangs. Photo: O. Buzina

From the Grafskaya quay in Sevastopol you can see several small boats painted in the “American” shade of gray with the Latin letters “U” on board. They stuck to the shore, which bears the symbolic name Chicken Pier. Sometimes these ships are three. Sometimes - one more. But they all fit into the lens of an ordinary non-professional camera, which is available to any tourist. This duck flock is officially called the “squadron of disparate ships” of the Ukrainian Navy (Naval Forces of Ukraine). Simply speaking, this is the entire Ukrainian fleet, except for several boats and the submarine Zaporizhia, which recently, finally, installed a battery to teach her not only to hang around the wall, but also to dive. However, this is also a problem - the human factor. During the years of independence, Ukraine did not have enough submariners that could not only take the boat into the sea, but also push it into the abyss.

In Sevastopol, you will definitely not be told a joke, but a genuine history with the purchase of the ill-fated battery for "Zaporozhye". The boat is over forty years old! It was built in 1970 in Leningrad for the USSR Navy. Then she wore a modest number B-435 and was part of the 14th submarine division of the Black Sea fleet. At the time of the collapse of the Soviet Union, it was an obsolete ship in need of major repairs. His main problem was the “dead” battery, without which the diesel-electric submarine could not go under water. In 1997, after a five-year saga of the division of the allied Black Sea Fleet, the B-435 went to Ukraine and was renamed to the western style (oh, this is the desire to become Europeans!) In U01 with the addition of nostalgia for the mythical “submarines of Zaporizhzhya Cossacks” called “Zaporozhye”.

However, the battery is not charged. I repeat, he was completely killed by the previous glorious service, when the B-435 made long hikes up to Cuba. Ukrainian admirals, quickly converted from former Soviet captains (often with very Russian surnames ending in “ov” and “in”) decided to show their independence and “Ukrainianness” to buy a battery for “Zaporozhye” not anywhere , and in Greece! Indeed, in Greece, as the hero of Chekhov’s story said, everything is there!

Submarine "Zaporozhye". Could not digest the Greek battery. Photo: MOU

Of course, it was still easier to buy a “battery” in Russia, since Zaporizhia belonged to one of the most widespread series of Soviet submarines of the 641 project (according to the NATO classification Foxtrot). From 1958 to 1971 their year was built neither more nor less - 75 pieces! Naturally, the Russian battery (the former Soviet) ideally entered the building of "Zaporozhye". But for a mysterious reason (you naturally guess which one, and believe that it had nothing to do with corruption), you bought a battery from a certain Greek company for 3,5 million dollars. It turned out that the battery has a square cross-section and does not climb into the Ukrainian section of the Ukrainian ex-Soviet boat, which gathered to swim in the “new Zaporozhtsi”. To stuff it there, you had to cut the durable hull of the boat, and then brew it again. But Ukraine does not have such qualifications. They remained only in Russia in Severomorsk, and they receive a salary for their art, approximately, for 3000 dollars per month. You can imagine what kind of specialists they are if their salary is higher than the official salary of the Ukrainian admiral. The same welders that the Ukrainian defense industry possesses, “Zaporizhia”, of course, could “weld”, but it is possible that at the first immersion it would flatten it together with the battery and, what is most regrettable, with ALL personnel of the submarine fleet of Ukraine among about 80 people, not counting the numerous commands, ballast perched on his neck!

The “wrong” Greek battery was lying on the beach for a long time, until it was replaced by the relying “Zaporozhye” according to the Russian project. Three and a half million green American rubles flew to the wind! I wonder what kind of square admiral's head got a otkatik for this brilliant "equipment", what is the name of such a commercial operation on "sovereign move"? And was it really square?

The cruiser "Moscow". The flagship of the Russian Black Sea Fleet and today remains the most powerful ship on the Black Sea

If you translate the view from the Chicken Pier to the middle of the Sevastopol Bay, you can see the flagship of the Russian Black Sea Fleet - the cruiser "Moscow". Its powerful body, decorated with high settings and characteristic containers for missiles on the sides, recalls the past greatness of the Soviet fleet. Once “Moscow” was called “Glory” and belonged to one of the best types of Soviet cruisers, which, in common parlance, was called “aircraft carrier killers”.

Cruiser can carry nuclear weapon and, quite likely, carries it, although officially it is not advertised. Its 16 “Vulcan” smart missiles find their targets themselves at a distance of more than five thousand kilometers without a miss. This precision weapon is a modernization of the Soviet system "Basalt". Rockets are flying the so-called flock, snapping at the enemy aircraft carrier grouping, like wolves on the victim. Any American aircraft carrier in reality was a defenseless lohan against such ships. What a pity that the toothless Soviet agitpropists of the era of stagnation did not tell us anything of this, preparing the great country for defeat in the cold psychological war of the end of 80!

"Moscow" and today is good in any weather. In the fog, when its silhouette merges with the darkened sky of Sevastopol. On a clear day, when with powerful binoculars from the shore, you can even see the face of the sentry at the flag. Often in the morning instead of it, Sevastopol sees an empty space. This means that the cruiser once again took off from the anchor and left somewhere, dissolving into the sea distance, which remembers the sails of the squadrons of Ushakov and Nakhimov.

Symbol of friendship. Ukrainian and Russian flags on the banks of Sevastopol. Photo: O. Buzina

His combat capability is maintained at a high level, and officers are approaching their duty station on expensive cars, eloquently demonstrating that Russian sailors are getting high salaries again and can fully give themselves to the service, and not start up “Gendeliks” on the coast, as one of the former commanders Soviet Black Sea Fleet in the troubled years of perestroika. Then this sea wolf (and, as colleagues recalled, a good naval commander) was rearranged to such an extent that it turned from an admiral into a tavern — the holder of a port tavern. After that, and drowned for history in the turbid waters of the perestroika. That's how it is! There was a sailor, and he became a restaurateur. However, many other Soviet officers and admirals of the Black Sea Fleet of that period of trouble cannot be said. On the contrary. They were at their best, having endured a long-term battle with internal collapse and all kinds of tempters from the outside, who promised a higher position and a new star on the fleet that had now become the "conquerors" of the Chicken Pier, for refusing to take the oath.

We are sitting in the office of Rear Admiral, retired Vladimir Solovyov. In 1991, he headed the intelligence of the Black Sea Fleet of the USSR. According to the old military habit, the admiral made an appointment at 9 in the morning, although today he no longer has to adhere to strict military regulations.

Squadron "dissimilar ships." In fact, this is the entire Ukrainian fleet ... Photo: O. Buzin

- Tell me, what was the real strength of the Black Sea Fleet? After all, in the 90-e years we were convinced that it was a bunch of old vessels that do not have military significance.

- The fleet was big. There was the 5th squadron, which operated in the Mediterranean, conducted large exercises, large ships and submarines arrived from the Northern and Baltic fleets. All of them were concentrated in the Mediterranean Sea and practiced various tasks. In Tripoli (this is Libya) was ours aviationthat flew over the Mediterranean Sea - anti-submarine, missile ...

- That is, then the French would not dare to go to Libya, as today?

- Of course, if there are other forces there, then they need to be considered, right? The Emergency Committee, of course, has become a tragedy for us. The main core of the fleet understood that this was not being done - a group of people gathered and decided. It is necessary to collect the Supreme Soviet of the USSR and decide the future fate of the country. According to law. And although the Flag of the Homeland newspaper wrote that “sailor Ivanov, sailor Sidorov support the State Emergency Committee”, we still had such hope that they would solve all the issues in a constitutional way and would not allow the fleet to be drawn into the confrontation. on the humiliation of the Armed Forces. Practically, they began to recommend us to walk in civilian clothes and put on some kind of civilian lapzerdak on top of the uniform. It began with 1990 year. I remember, I came to the academic courses from Sevastopol to Leningrad. And we (to the Academy!) Were advised to come in a civilian raincoat over the uniform so that they would not be insulted on the street. It was already difficult with gasoline. Company cars did not drive us. I was in the form of riding in a trolley bus and laughed at me: "Well, what, Admiral, has served?"

Admirals Kovshar and Soloviev tell everything without censorship

And when the State Emergency Committee happened, we understood that some regime would be established, that there would be no coups. We knew that Gorbachev, when it happened, we could get it by any means. I personally had a special forces brigade. It was based on Maysky Island. These were people prepared "from air to water and to the shore." They had a good mountain training - both extra riders and conscripts. They walked from Kiev to Sevastopol! In the forests, in the mountains. Militia cordons were specially exposed to be detected and not found! It was a pure reconnaissance special forces.

- So there was no problem to free Faros Gorbachev?

- No! We built this cottage. She built a fleet! All inputs and outputs were known to us. I will say this: when in Mukhalatka after the collapse of the USSR in 1992, there was a meeting of two presidents - Yeltsin and Kravchuk - my undercover guys came in as if the meeting participants!

- But when in December 1991 of the year the Belovezhskaya Agreement on the liquidation of the USSR was concluded, for the fleet it was news? Have you previously been informed by anyone from Moscow or Kiev about this possibility of development of events?

- Of course not. I will even tell you so. The State Emergency Committee has already ended, but in the Fleet newspaper “The Flag of the Motherland”, it was supported by inertia. She was under the auspices of the military council of the Black Sea Fleet.

- Has the Belovezhskaya Fleet Agreement yet said anything?

- They fit like this: what's on “your” territory is yours.

- So, Yeltsin was initially going to give the fleet to Ukraine?

- He did not think about it at all. He had nothing in his head about the fleet! Neither about the Crimea, nor about the fleet.

Solovyov’s colleague, Rear Admiral Alexander Kovshar, a former commander of the 30 Division of surface ships, the strongest unit of the then Black Sea Fleet, enters the conversation. This is one of the most picturesque Black Sea naval commanders, known for his complete frankness and love for keen words: “When, after the Belovezhskaya Accords, Kravchuk went to Yeltsin to Moscow, he carried documents on the transfer of the fleet. Once again, there they “croaked” (the admiral makes a gesture imitating the tipping of a glass into Yeltsin's throat), and Yeltsin: “Yes, what is there ... Take it all!”

The dispute between Russia and Ukraine over the Black Sea Fleet almost put the two countries on the brink of war.

Icon of sv. Nicholas in the chair of the captain of the ship control "Donbass". That's what brought the Ukrainian fleet storm!

The end of 1991 — the beginning of 1992 — was one of the most troubled periods in relations between Ukraine and Russia. Much of this cockfighting was determined by the fact that representatives of provincial party elites came to power in Moscow and Kiev. Two rural guys. One - from the Urals. The other is from Volyn. Having collapsed a union state in Belovezhskaya Pushcha, both overgrown children floundered in the sea of ​​problems generated by their activity, grabbing the fragments of the ship of the lost great power in their hands. Moreover, both of them immediately acquired the status of Supreme Commanders. And what are the "supreme" without fleets? Since Yeltsin, as if by themselves, geographically turned out to be the Baltic, Northern and Pacific fleets, Kravchuk also wanted to have the warmest Black Sea fleet. The problem was only in the fleet. He suddenly healed his own life, not wanting to recognize Kravchuk and go under his jurisdiction.

In the Black Sea Fleet, unlike Leonid Makarovich, they well understood that Ukraine simply would not pull such an armada. At the time of the collapse of the Union of Black Sea Fleet counted 833 ship! Only submarines were 28, cruisers and large anti-submarine ships 1-th rank - eight, 20 anti-submarine ships 2-go rank and destroyers, almost four dozen patrol boats, 30 missile boats, 400 aircraft, 50 landing ships. Minesweeper was around 70! Almost 100 of thousands of officers and sailors served in the fleet, and 60 of thousands of civilian workers and civil servants providing his life activity. Add to this the naval bases in Odessa, Balaclava, Kerch, Izmail, shipyards in Nikolaev ... And this is an incomplete list!

Three weeks after the Bialowieza Agreement, Yeltsin and Kravchuk met again in Minsk on December 30 1991 at the summit of the heads of the newborn CIS. The result was a vague decision that the Black Sea Fleet performs tasks that reflect the interests of the entire Commonwealth of Independent States. But each interpreted it in his own way. Yeltsin did not notice the problem at all, mired in the struggle for power with the parliament in Moscow. And Kravchuk demanded that the fleet take the oath of Ukraine 3 on January 1992, together with the entire group of former Soviet troops in Ukraine, numbering 700 thousand people.


District commanders had a choice. For example, the commander of the Odessa district, I. F. Morozov (not to be confused with another general, Morozov, Konstantin, who was already appointed at the time by the defense minister of Ukraine) suddenly felt himself a Ukrainian. And the commander of the Black Sea Fleet, Admiral Igor Kasatonov, decided to oath Ukraine not to accept and save the fleet for Russia. The vast majority of sailors fully supported him.

Undoubtedly, the higher generals were pre-psychologically processed from Kiev. Most were easily processed. Some rested. Thus, on the eve of the oath, the Commander of the Carpathian Military District, General Skokov, was replaced. But the most tough position was taken precisely by Admiral Kasatonov. The new Ukrainian Morozov even began to avoid him, apparently fearing for the purity of his newly acquired self-identification. In his memoirs, Kasatonov writes: “I. F. Morozov surrendered himself, passed the district, and at my next call he said: "Do not call again."

Admiral Kasatonov won the battle for the Black Sea Fleet against both Kravchuk and Yeltsin.

Agree, a ridiculous situation. "Ethnic" conflict of two people with Russian surnames! It seems that the discussion here was primarily about career considerations. Morozov was promised a high post, and he was “Ukrainized”. And Kasatonov could not sacrifice principles. The generals-philistines entered into confrontation with the admiral of the empire.

Subsequently, Kasatonov recalled: “No one ever (neither then, nor later) set targets for the preservation of the fleet, did not set me up for anything, did not set any conditions, did not promise awards ... No one ever called me to anything. Of course, these bosses fought before the force and the will of circumstances, feared for themselves, wanted to survive ... I had to make a decision, and I made it, declaring 5 in January that “the Black Sea Fleet is the Russian fleet, subordinate to E. Shaposhnikov (the then CIS Minister of Defense. - Avt .) and V. Chernavinu (Commander-in-Chief of the Navy of the united armed forces of the CIS. - Auth.). Need for a fleet political decision. We are ready to cooperate with the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine! ”Sailors fulfilled my order:“ Do not take the Ukrainian oath! ”The American newspaper The New York Times first announced this. In support, I received from Russia hundreds of telegrams from ordinary people, from management - zero. In form it was a rebellion. And quite unexpectedly for everyone, including Russia. ”


We are talking with the then chief of intelligence of the Black Sea Fleet, Admiral Soloviev.

- Kravchuk wanted to take away the whole fleet?

- If there was a desire at the top, the fleet would remain all Russian. There would be no division. But from Kiev there were commands to call for sailors in the 1992 year, only sailors from the Ukrainian territory. We immediately understood: if sailors are only from Ukraine, the oath is Ukrainian, which means that the ship automatically becomes Ukrainian. From Novorossiysk ships brought here Russian sailors with a Russian oath. There was a team from Kiev in January to take the oath to Ukraine. But nobody took the oath, as we all had a thought: let's wait until the moment when the two Supreme Commanders, Yeltsin and Kravchuk, decide the fate of the fleet. And only after that everyone has the right to decide whether he wants to serve in the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation or in the fleet of Ukraine.

For us it was very important. But there were people who, as they say, ahead of the locomotive: “We want to serve Ukraine, take the oath!” The all-Ukrainian meeting of officers led by Armenian Martirosyan, commander of the communications regiment and chairman of the public organization Union of Officers of Ukraine, influenced them. They recommended that Kravchuk take the oath as quickly as possible and decide on the composition of the armed forces. From that moment it began. In Sevastopol send directives to take the oath. Everyone was starting to think for himself.

- Kasatonov arrived to command the Black Sea Fleet in September of 1991, after the State Emergency Committee, when the Union was breathing its last. How would you characterize him as a person?

- The first thing that Igor Vladimirovich did when he arrived in Sevastopol was that he brought the fleet into the Mediterranean Sea. I was also on this trip. Already returning home, in the Bosphorus Strait, we received a telegram that he was given the third star of the admiral.

- It was a prestige step? The exit of the fleet was to show that it exists as a combat unit and, in spite of everything, is present in the Mediterranean?

- Sure!

- The campaign was carried out by order of Kasatonov?

- Usually such exits are coordinated with the commander-in-chief of the Navy. He reports to the Minister of Defense. And if the trip is connected with entering ports of foreign countries, then this is coordinated with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Each ship exit is a big approval procedure. Igor Vladimirovich, of course, was a politician. He assumed many functions of the state. He sometimes acted according to the principle: “I think so!” And if it turned out or not, it was difficult to say. Because, as soon as he began to act by political methods, dissatisfaction immediately came from the leadership of Ukraine: “Remove him! What is he so brash! Commands! ”

- What political decisions did he make?

“They say they take the oath from Kiev, and he says:“ We will not take it! ”They say:“ Do not go out! ”And he comes out ...

An old colleague of Solovyov, Admiral Kovshar, enters the conversation: "The commandant's office took the oath of office, he came - he canceled this oath as illegal."

- This is a naval commandant?

Soloviev: “No, the commandant of the city. There was a general incident. The commandant of the city of Sevastopol took the oath of allegiance to Ukraine. Sits on the second floor. Below are people who have not taken the oath, are pro-Russian. I myself was present there. There is a litigation: what to do next? He does not leave. Commandant of dual subordination. In the end, the commander insisted that this would be the commandant's office of the Russian Federation. That officer, who was at the top, eventually left it. Since that time, the commandant still submits to the Russian fleet. Kasatonov was persistent. He understood: since he is a commander, he must be engaged in a fleet. We also had a meeting of officers, led by the captain of the 1 rank Volodin. Gathered. Kasatonov listened to what was said. By the way, and when the question arose of appointing the commander of the Ukrainian fleet, Kasatonov held a military council and suggested: "If anyone wants this post, please come and consult." We sat on this expanded military council, and Kozhin, who later became the commander of the Ukrainian fleet, also sat with us. Kasatonov asked: “Someone wants? Have you already spoken to anyone? ”(Meaning in the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. - Auth.) And Kozhin sat and was silent. We then told him: “I could tell my comrades. We are still admiral friends, ”...


The cruiser "Ukraine". Former "Admiral Lobov", the former "Galicia" rusts since the collapse of the USSR at the plant wall in Nikolaev

Admiral Kovshar introduces a clarification on the motives for the transfer of officers to the Ukrainian service: “In Moscow, the 5 squadron was reduced. The commander of the fleet chief of staff was found, but sixty officers were not. And tomorrow is December 31. And they all build - in the Navy of Ukraine! Graduated from the Academy of the General Staff. And the names are: Kostrov, etc. There was such a case in 93 year. The Minister of Defense of Ukraine Morozov arrived in Sevastopol. I, as the division commander, met him at the pier. I report: “Comrade Minister, Commander of the 30 Division of Surface Ships, Rear Admiral Kovshar!” Nearby is Rear Admiral Avramenko, Chief of Staff of the Brigade. Next - the deputy for work with the personnel Chumak and the commander of the flagship "Kerch" captain 2-rank Demidenko. Morozov: “So you are all Ukrainians?” “So for sure!” “Where are the Russians then?” And I say: “And you have Russians in the Naval Forces of Ukraine! Kozhin, Kostrov, Kuzmin and further on the list. He somehow reacted sluggishly, only someone behind him laughed. ”

The confrontation between the two “great powers,” led by the geniuses of democracy, peaked in the spring of 1992. 5 April, President Kravchuk signed a decree "On urgent measures for the construction of the Armed Forces of Ukraine." This document prescribed the formation of the Ukrainian Navy based on the Black Sea Fleet. That is, in fact, tried to subordinate the Black Sea Fleet to Kiev, and to remove the recalcitrant Kasatonov. But exactly two days later, Boris Yeltsin issued a decree “On the transition to the jurisdiction of the Russian Federation of the Black Sea Fleet”. The two countries were almost on the verge of war. But exactly a day later - 8 of April - both presidents, having talked to each other by phone, withdrew their decrees and after several months of exacerbations of the chronic black sea disease of 3 August ambitions in Mukhalatka announced a “transition period in the history of the fleet”, promising to share it "In fairness" between the two fraternal peoples.

Cruiser "Ukraine"

The tedious work of intergovernmental delegations has begun. The fleet continued to stand in the harbor under the former Soviet flag until 1997, when the St. Andrew’s flag was raised on its Russian part, and the sea flag of the Hetman Skoropadsky era on the Ukrainian part. Ukraine received 138 ships and vessels. Including the missile cruiser Admiral Lobov, completed by more than 90 percent. This ship was first given the name "Galicia", then renamed the "Ukraine". But the essence of the matter is not changed. The rusting, unarmed tub, and stuck near the plant wall in Nikolaev, while the “Moscow” of the same type with it, having undergone a major overhaul, became the flagship of the Russian Black Sea Fleet. Most of the Ukrainian ships cut into metal, enriching someone’s pockets with scrap metal. The part of the naval forces that survived the cutter got off into the plucked flock at Chicken pier in Sevastopol.


Storm 2007 in Sevastopol. Ukrainian tow "Korets" billows on "Slavutych"

The future showed the correctness of Admiral Kasatonov and the senselessness of Kravchuk's greed, from which Leonid Makarovich himself, who had flown from his chair in the 1994 year, did not have time to get anything. If Kasatonov and his officers had broken, then the entire former fleet of the Soviet Union on the Black Sea would have become scrap metal under the flag of Skoropadsky.

The events during the hurricane in Sevastopol 11 in November 2007 of the year can become the symbol of the brilliant state of the Naval Forces of Ukraine and the level of their naval commanders who reached peak of form during the Yushchenko era.

Swam! The crumpled nose of the corvette "Vinnitsa", heroically ramming the same "Slavutych"

The Ukrainian ships, in contrast to the ships of the Black Sea Fleet of Russia, were not delivered on time to protected parking. As a result, the Ukrainian corvette “Vinnitsa” rammed the Ukrainian ship of management “Slavutych”, and the tug “Korets” smeared its starboard on it. The ship of the management of "Donbass" had to urgently save the Russian tug MB-160. The tragedy that took place in the Donbass (according to eyewitnesses, it “twisted like a chip”!) Is testified by a snapshot from the wheelhouse - the seat of the ship’s commander, to whose back the icon of St. Nicholas, the patron saint of navigators, was urgently tied with a rope. It is still not clear who, at that moment, was driving the “ship of command” —the captain or the saint personally? But do not be near the Russian tug, I'm afraid, and the saint would not help.

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  1. Sakhalininsk
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    When you read such articles, there is an insane thirst to hammer to death all the freaks who destroyed the state property created over the years.
    Destroy such a fleet for what, or rather for how many pieces of silver?
    One thing can be said, there is no forgiveness to the corrupt bastards destroying the state, driving a wedge between essentially a single people.
    1. Dictator
      Dictator 27 June 2012 19: 09
      Such an anchor must be tied ...
      1. Aleksey67
        Aleksey67 27 June 2012 19: 20
        Today's news

        Yanukovych dismissed the commander-in-chief of the Ukrainian Navy

        27 June 2012, 18: 54

        President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych dismissed Viktor Maksimov from the post of commander of the Navy of the Armed Forces.

        Another decree of Yanukovych fired Maksimov from military service to the reserve for health reasons "with the right to wear military uniforms", Reports RIA" Novosti ".

        Maximov was appointed commander of the Navy in March 2010.
  2. SIA
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    Oh, Yeltsin! Such a fleet collapsed. I will never forgive you!
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    The heart is breaking. They divided one people, went about the traitors and opportunists.
  5. Yoshkin Kot
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    the corpse of the form nevertheless finds admirers, already with it the Russian fleet was destroyed in general! out of 8 battleships, only three remained, not counting the ready-made superlinkors sold for scrap to the Germans
  6. Eugene
    Eugene 27 June 2012 08: 55
    I remember, in the 80s, I was in Sevastopol. All the piers are crammed with ships, raise the flag, and so on ... And now .. I’m so good! Galicia can only steal and break!
    1. Aeneas
      Aeneas 27 June 2012 10: 06
      and where did the Russian ships go? Russia received more than 80 percent of the crew. Where are the divisions of submarines, destroyers, missile boats? How long will the rules of the Kremlin galician !? am
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    There are also interesting photos on the topic
  8. Aeneas
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    Zaporozhye went to sea with "Greek" batteries, there are certainly no Russian ones, and boats of these projects have not been released for a long time. Let's take off our caps in front of the submarine Zaporozhye, because this is the only submarine in the Black Sea to Ukraine and Russia to a heap! drinks Although the Black Sea Fleet had a whole submarine division, which Russia received (Ukraine received one). But in the context of the slogan "All hahly!", We will support the author ... Admiral Kasatonov's actions are very ambiguous. For sho he fought? So that not a single ship gets hahlam? Schaub Union is back? Shob Sevas became Russian? Schaub to become a "full" admiral? As it turned out, he did not achieve one of his goals. Although, mdaa, Ukraine did receive fifty ships on a leftover basis. And Kasatonov also sowed the seeds of enmity between Ukrainian and Russian sailors. After all, you remember, Khakhly are to blame! ... And yet there is a difference between the admirals who were interviewed by the Ukrainophobe Buzin and the Ukrainian sailors. These old men lost and destroyed everything, because there are no rank I ships on the Black Sea Fleet (outside of Moscow), there are no submarines, there is practically no air defense and aviation. And the Ukrainians were building the fleet of their homeland from scratch, with a combination of fierce opposition ... Although the hakhly are to blame for everything, time has reconciled, because there is practically nothing to trump. The combat value of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation and the Ukrainian Navy is almost identical, and the sailors are based and live in the same city .... By the way, why did Morozov become Ukrainian? Because he has a Russian surname! Actually, Ukraine is his Motherland .... In the storm of 2007, everyone got it, and Ukrainian and Russian tugs worked together. At the same time, MPK Vladimirovets of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation sank, and God helped the Ukrainians!
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      konn 27 June 2012 11: 27
      I ask you, write without hysterics, I'm tired of wiping the monitor, why I did not see the accusations of "everything" in Ukraine. it's a pity the ships were scrapped ...
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    We are waiting for the new Russian missile cruiser "Admiral Kasatonov"
    1. Aeneas
      Aeneas 27 June 2012 10: 54
      Russia does not plan to build missile cruisers in the foreseeable future. You can buy ex-Lobov-Ukraine from Ukraine and call it the name of this glorious naval commander.
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      Quote: borisst64
      We are waiting for the new Russian missile cruiser "Admiral Kasatonov"

      Looks like the Americans will be upset if this cruiser does not rust on the C.S.Z.
  10. sanyabasik
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    "Indestructible and legendary" ... How easily they destroyed the power and greatness of the country, the army, and the spirituality of the people from the inside.
  11. atos_kin
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    Elderberry plus!
  12. Trailer
    Trailer 27 June 2012 10: 58
    “The symbols of the brilliant state of the Naval Forces of Ukraine and the level of their naval commanders, who reached their peak in the Yushchenko era, may be the events during the hurricane in Sevastopol on November 11, 2007.
    The Ukrainian ships, in contrast to the ships of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, were not delivered in time to the protected anchorage. As a result, the Ukrainian corvette "Vinnitsa" rammed the Ukrainian control ship "Slavutich", and the tugboat "Korets" smeared the starboard side on it. The control ship "Donbass" had to be urgently rescued by the Russian tug MB-160. The tragedy that took place in the Donbass (according to eyewitnesses, it was “twisted like a splinter”!) Is evidenced by a snapshot from the wheelhouse - the ship's commander's chair, to the back of which the icon of Nicholas the Wonderworker, the patron saint of seafarers, was urgently tied with a rope. It is still not clear who was in control of the "command ship" at that moment - the captain or the saint personally? But if the Russian tug had not been near, I'm afraid the saint would not have helped. "
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    White 27 June 2012 11: 56
    This is all really very sad, unpleasant ..... true.
    But can someone explain to me what was the point of holding a serious flotilla in the Black Sea. The closed sea, half of the coastline of the NATO Bosphorus and Dardanelles controls Turkey ....
    My opinion is that ships are no longer necessary than a corvette, although the place for shipyards is what you need.
  14. laurbalaur
    laurbalaur 27 June 2012 12: 04
    Elderberry is a provocateur! Sorry for the fate of sailors and ships!
  15. vostok
    vostok 27 June 2012 12: 34
    Kasatonov should be given a star of the hero, for the preservation of the Black Sea Fleet!
  16. Crumbumbes
    Crumbumbes 27 June 2012 14: 13
    as they say low bow to these people who have preserved the Black Sea Fleet
  17. 755962
    755962 27 June 2012 14: 28
    This is how the movie "72 meters" came to life. Paint-handsome! Briefly and clearly. Eh .. But after all, someone gave his life to the fleet. Some tears welling up.
  18. Num lock U.A.
    Num lock U.A. 27 June 2012 14: 33
    the "brilliant" era of division ...
    the value of this article tends to zero due to the one-sidedness of the presentation
    Oles in all its glory bully
  19. TRex
    TRex 27 June 2012 14: 37
    Let me quote my post ...
    I have a reliable story about the Ukrainian fleet. As a witness to events, I report: after the division of the Black Sea Fleet, Ukraine grabbed two naval schools - the Sevastopol VVMIU and the Black Sea VVMU named after P.S. Nakhimova. The first trained specialists of the BCh-5 (nuclear power plants of the NK and PL), the second - specialists in missile weapons of the NK, PL and BRAV. So far, neither the brave Navy of Ukraine has had and still has not.
    How cadets and officers broke off, how delegations traveled from Sevastopol to Yeltsin and Khasbulatov - this is a separate sad story ...
    From two schools, Ukrainian reformers slapped a "naval institute". After the first release of those lucky ones who did not dare to dump into Russia, an officer battalion was formed at the headquarters of the Naval Forces of Ukraine, there were ... a lot of lieutenants ..., and there were one, two ships ... I don't remember.
    So - SVVMIU ended very quickly (specialists are not needed), and according to the CVME there are such numbers: at the time the college was accepted into the Navy there were about 450 - 480 officers (teachers, course students, managers, etc.), exactly one year later as a part there were 78 people! What time!
    1. Kars
      Kars 27 June 2012 15: 15
      So all the same, I don’t understand ---- did you have to give everything to Russia?
      As for the schools --- as rightly noted --- Ukraine did not need them --- but no one forbade the teachers to move to Leningrad or Murmansk?
      The fleets of the USSR were built on pan-Soviet money --- but for some reason Ukraine did not get a single nuclear submarine, God bless them with missile submarines - but a couple of multipurpose ones could be surpassed ---- what difference does it rust with us or in your Kola Bay.
      You didn’t want to buy an aircraft carrier, TKR rusts at the wall in Nikolaev, your TAKRAs are sold to China.
      During the division, if I’m not mistaken, the Russian Federation received 80% of the ships. How was the fate of most of them?

      Such articles, if they honestly cause only bitterness, they do not carry constructive moments. There are no alternative scenarios in the text.
      1. SIT
        SIT 27 June 2012 17: 40
        Quote: Kars
        The fleets of the USSR were built on pan-Soviet money --- but for some reason Ukraine did not get a single atomic submarine, God bless them with missile submarines - but a couple of multipurpose ones could be surpassed ---- what difference does it rust with us or in your Kola Bay

        Want to work out the dismantling of active zones and transporting them to burial sites? Do you have such factory facilities in Ukraine? Is there any place to store radioactive waste? Or is everything in Chernobyl? There will not be worse.
        1. Kars
          Kars 27 June 2012 17: 58
          Quote: SIT
          Want to work out the dismantling of active zones and transporting them to burial sites?

          We Zaporozhye in the sea came out, so that a couple could contain
          Quote: SIT
          There are such factory facilities in Ukraine

          That’s the reason Balaclava kept in good shape and not turned into a paintball field.
          Quote: SIT
          Or is everything in Chernobyl?

          I would have built an international burial ground there at all --- the truth is high-class with all levels of protection and processing capacities --- anyway, it’s impossible to live there for the next thousand years.

          And about the submarines ----- from the principle, and now it’s full of gnawing about our ancient submarine. And so a couple of 971 Pike-B would not hurt us.
          1. qwz_qwz
            qwz_qwz 27 June 2012 18: 10
            international burial ground
            ... for the international, it’s a bit of an excess, let the territory be crap, but for our own needs - that’s it.
            from the principle, and now it’s full of gossips
            Yes, it’s not only out of principle, they would have strengthened the fleet quite well, but we need more diesel for us, although atomic ones are needed for long trips.
            about our ancient submarine
            this as a school desk for cadets - let them train.
            1. Kars
              Kars 27 June 2012 18: 15
              Quote: qwz_qwz
              for the international, it's a little overkill,

              Well, not for nothing, you don’t plan a pig farm under the sarcophagus? Yes, and they will not populate the 30 km zone oh soon.
              Quote: qwz_qwz
              this as a school desk for cadets - let them train.

              And what is the prospect of changing my school desk after something else?
              There were, of course, rumors that Germany wanted to give us a submarine, but then probably only rumors.
              1. qwz_qwz
                qwz_qwz 27 June 2012 19: 18
                Well, not for just that
                Well it goes without saying.
                Yes, and 30 km zone oh as soon as populated
                the next 2000 years ... or even more ...
                transfer to something else?
                That in fact of the matter is that there isn’t ... we would need several pieces of diesel engines and powerful air defense ships - they would hold the whole Black Sea.
                Germany wanted to give a submarine
                If only "during the war" ... well, of course, if for a symbolic amount, then the old one would go ... but most likely
                only rumors
          2. 77bor1973
            77bor1973 27 June 2012 20: 52
            I am not opposed to transferring a pair of nuclear submarines to Ukraine, and then to see what you would do with them on a closed theater! Your size is 877pr.
            1. Waterfall
              Waterfall April 18 2013 19: 54
              877 is oversized just.
      2. viktorR
        viktorR 27 June 2012 18: 16
        The fleets of the USSR were built on pan-Soviet money --- but for some reason Ukraine did not get a single nuclear submarine, God bless them with missile submarines - but a couple of multipurpose ones could be surpassed ---- what difference does it rust with us or in your Kola Bay.
        - Yes, but not everyone paid the USSR debts, but only Russia. And of course I agree, the article looks more like a provocation, constructive zero. And the ships were rotting not only Ukrainians but also Russians ((.
      3. 77bor1973
        77bor1973 27 June 2012 20: 57
        It was not we who didn’t want to, it was you who hurried to fuse it, why didn’t fuse “Ukraine” into the load, it’s not clear!
        1. Kars
          Kars 27 June 2012 21: 21
          Quote: 77bor1973
          It’s not we who didn’t want, it’s you who hurried to fuse it

          Examine the question in more detail.
          1. Kars
            Kars 27 June 2012 21: 28
            And what is it?

            At the beginning of 1992, the "Varyag" was mothballed at the outfitting embankment of the ChSZ in a state of almost 70% readiness.

            In 1999, 11 years after launching and seven years after the termination of construction, the Varyag was sold to China

            Seven years of the Russian Federation was not enough to buy back? Or is it too hasty?
      4. Aloha
        Aloha 27 June 2012 23: 13
        The article is strongly one-sided request
  20. Roman 3671
    Roman 3671 27 June 2012 21: 56
    The cruiser "Yellow and Blue Ukraine" was an old one, remade from a Soviet watchman. In communist times, Turkish poachers were persecuted against him so that they would not steal a flounder from the Soviet people. Then the Soviet Union collapsed. Independent from each other, Russia and Ukraine appeared, and Moscow president Yeltsin, also redesigned, not only from the guard, but from the secretary of the Sverdlovsk regional committee, undertook to drink the new union fleet. And once he drank “Yellow and Blue Ukraine,” which did not yet know that it was “Ukraine,” and even yellow and blue, but was simply called “Old Carrier“ Thundering ”, to Ukrainian President Kuchma. Just so in the Kremlin and drank. Somehow they say, without regaining consciousness.

    When in the morning he wandered in a pool of his vomit and cognac in the St. George Hall of the Kremlin, he did not remember that he had that “Thundering” yesterday. And even to whom he drank, he did not remember. “And with whom did we drink yesterday, Viktor Stepanovich? he asked, confusing Berezovsky with Chernomyrdin. “With some Chinese?” “You yourself are Chinese! thought Berezovsky and again wished that a Jew could not be president of Russia. “It's nothing that he would steal everything, but he wouldn’t drink anything.”

    And Kuchma’s in the Mariinsky Palace in Kiev, on the contrary, was "jubilant." “See what I brought to you from Moscow? - said Kuchma to his daughter and son-in-law. - And you said that your dad - We now have a whole ship! No, not even the fleet! Now we are a sea power! ” The daughter kissed dad on the cheek, and the son-in-law immediately began to think who could resell such good, having issued it as a longboat according to documents, and taking the difference in black cash.

    In the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, the strategic gain of their commander in chief was also very happy. “Let's rename him an aircraft carrier!” - said one of the admirals, who, until independence, was the head of the marine club in Sevastopol and turned movies to sailors, and for his “conscious” transition to the side of the Ukrainian government, he immediately grew from a midshipman to a rear admiral and learned not only to pick his nose with a dagger, but and fry fat on it.

    “How can we rename it an aircraft carrier when we don’t have a single marine aircraft? snapped him another Ukrainian admiral, who wasn’t independent of independence but a zavsklad, where vests and lifebuoys were kept, so he was much better versed in naval matters and treated his colleague with some indulgence. - What will sit on it? Crows? "

    In order not to make a foolish impression outside the state and at the same time raise patriotic moods inside it, the watchman impregnated with Yeltsin finally decided to upgrade his rank to cruiser and rename it “Yellow-Blue Ukraine”, appointing him the flagship of an independent fleet.

    They debated for a long time what the uniform of the sailors would be on the new ship. Figures of the "invincible" Movement and other ultra-nationalists demanded that the evil bellies for Ukrainian sailors should be replaced with Zaporozhye trousers. But the naval specialists, especially the experienced admiral who was once the head of the warehouse, demanded that it be just a flare. “Those are not evil pants! he urged. - These are the same trousers as in the famous English navy! And they are wide at the bottom, so that it is easier to get off the sailors when the ship sinks and the guys fall into the water. " “What are you talking about, mister admirale! - the former head of the club was getting excited in response. - Our "Yellow-blue Ukraine" will never sink! She is unsinkable! "

    In order not to get to the collapse of the country to the west and east, they decided not to give the sailors trousers at all to a popular referendum, because it would be both cheaper for the state budget and worse for neighboring fleets. True, the president’s son-in-law quietly managed to get the secret papers, as if each sailor had ordered two pairs of trousers at once - a flare for everyday uniforms and harem pants for the front door. But no one has ever seen either one or the other, although the money for the trousers was transferred from the treasury to the account of Zyatev’s gas pipe factory, which from afar resembles trousers inflated by the wind.

    Once you have resolved the issue with flares, it is time to appoint a captain. Immediately there were many comers. But the strongest candidates were three. One urkagan, who from time to time spent two years for stealing sailor hats. The second is a former accountant, a graduate of the famous Ternopil Agricultural Institute, which provides higher education than in the Sorbonne, and the right to drive any vehicle from the ox to the National Bank. And the third one, which is scary to say - according to the passport, like a woman, and even with a scythe, but worse than any of the most harmful peasants in grip.

    There was a fight between the candidates. Urkagan was supported by Moscow because he sang “Murka” very well in the Kremlin, and promised to lead the “Yellow and Blue Ukraine” with the Nord Ost course. And, if you're lucky, then even rename it to the battleship "Big Little Russia."

    Behind the accountant stood the whole cowboy America. He was very close to her with his high culture - also young, like every real Texas guy, twisted the tails of the calves and set the horns of the cows. "Vitya is a real cowboy!" - They decided in the White House and said that they would help him with stars and stripes. The only problem was that despite the high culture, Vitya was completely unaware of maritime issues and did not speak English at all for his real skipper. I didn’t even speak with an American accent! And he didn’t understand a belmez, even though show him that language on his fingers. In order to mitigate this problem once, an interpreter was assigned to him - a healthy, gruff woman from the State Department, similar to a boatswain, who was supposed to translate signals from the center to him.

    And nobody supported the third candidate for captains. All his life this candidate relied only on his own strength and male idiocy. And in the science of ship navigation he considered himself a great professional, because even in his youth, when he was not a candidate, but a young lady, the guys rolled him on the Dnieper in a boat, grabbing his ass, and one of them even explained what natural gas was and what happened to it can be done, although immediately after the explanation why he fled to America without gas, but with a Panamanian passport.

    As a result of the fight, the accountant won. And as soon as he won, he began to shove everything he could from the “Ukraine” overboard with his feet, because his hands had never stolen anything. The third candidate was appointed to him as a senior officer to help push him away, and she immediately began to age from the bad conscience in the public service, although, as before, she coiled coyly and then loosened her braid on her head, assuring that no one was jumping from these magical passes dollar, and the state budget is filled.

    And the urkagan was driven into the hold, so that he would lead stokers there. The poor fellow snapped and from time to time something gurgled from below and threatened that he would lead the people to the deck. But no one believed him. Because even he himself, when he crawled out of the hold, where he stole coal for an old cruising boiler, walked around the deck in crocodile shoes, and everyone saw that he was not a crocodile, but only pretending ...
  21. Roman 3671
    Roman 3671 27 June 2012 22: 16
    And so they would have sailed further if the sailors had not begun to run out. Most of them were transferred to the "Yellow and Blue Ukraine" from another cruiser - "Chervona Ukraine", which drowned right at the base near the wall of the pier from boredom. These were simple hardworking people. True, they loved to drink. And not only on weekends, but also on weekdays, which did not affect the service very well.

    And the second, smaller, but very conscious (up to insanity!) Batch of sailors, was transferred from the Galichina submarine, which no one had ever seen - it was such an underwater one. The grandfathers of these guys once served in the Austro-Hungarian Imperial Navy, brewing coffee to gentlemen-officers. And we were very proud of it. Although they were taken to this fleet only because they knew how to raft the forest along the Carpathian rivers. But at the new duty station all of them were only trying to command and teach everyone, even that admiral who was a head club and could teach anyone anything.

    Sailors from the Galicia and the Chervona of Ukraine did not like each other a little. True, it didn’t come to a fight between them, because they were united by the fact that in every port where the Yellow-and-Blue Ukraine went on a friendly visit, both Chervonoukraintsy and Galicians immediately jumped overboard shouting: “We have not died yet!” and sailed to the shore, because they hadn’t been given any trousers - only a pair of official underpants decorated in rich national colors.

    A lot of them drowned, because their underpants were very wide, heavy (similar to short harem pants) and hellishly pulled down. But some of them nevertheless sailed and settled around the world from Italy to Argentina. One even got a chance to show a military hopak in Japan - in the Tokyo National Circus he was issued as a clown. Samurai simply fell from laughter when he sat on his bamboo spear with his bare stomach, demonstrating his art and Cossack contempt for pain.

    The authorities did not pay any attention to this mass desertion. The accountant stole his feet even faster than before, feeling that time was running out like sea water, and he would soon be replaced by a new captain. From night to morning, the assistant climbed the ships of others, agreeing with foreign captains, so that the international captain's union would appoint her instead of an accountant. But Urkagan suddenly realized that the sea is not his element and just sour. One morning they woke up from the stench in the hold, rushed there, and instead of a urkagan there simply stood an old barrel with pickles that were not suitable even for a snack.

    And then there was a terrible roar. The "yellow-blue Ukraine" at full speed hit the Tuzla spit (or rather, what was left of it after it was washed away with its dam and), and became directly across the Kerch Strait. A mountain of water flooded onto the deck. Accountants washed overboard. He surfaced on a barrel with pickles, holding why a bee hive in his hands, which came from a warship from nowhere, and yelled: “Save!” The assistant, not losing her peace of mind, unhooked the scythe connected by a lifebuoy from her head, threw it into the water and jumped after it along with the ship's cash desk. The sailors, who had not yet managed to escape to foreign ports, screamed. Some shouted: “Strengthen the nation!” Others: "Give the federation!" It was about to get to a fight. The feed fell off the cruiser, a nameplate flew off the board, and from all this noise two people woke up in the Kremlin, and one of them (either the president or the prime minister) asked the other: “What is booming in the hallway?” And I heard the answer: “Yes, this is our“ Thundering ”is returning to the base” ... “Well, well,” said the Prime Minister and again fell asleep, hiding in a blanket with a two-headed royal eagle.
  22. seafarer
    seafarer 3 December 2012 01: 25
    Quote: TRex
    after the division of the Black Sea Fleet, Ukraine grabbed two naval schools - the Sevastopol VVMIU and the Black Sea VVMU named after P.S. Nakhimova. The first trained specialists of the BCh-5 (nuclear power plants of the NK and PL), the second - specialists in missile weapons of the NK, PL and BRAV.

    There was also a third naval school in Ukraine: the Kiev Higher Naval Political School (KVVMPU). I can agree that the modern Naval Forces do not need political workers, military psychologists, lawyers, educational officers. Although all this is very, very controversial. But the KVVMPU had a very strong department of navigation and navigation, where the former flagship navigators of the Northern Fleet and Pacific Fleet, the 6th and 10th OPESK (in the diplomas of graduates, the second specialty was indicated as "navigator of the Navy"). With the connivance of the Ukrainian authorities, this school was simply destroyed, destroying the material base and the streamlined educational process.
    However, seeing what is happening in Ukraine, one should not be surprised that highly professional navigators, as well as other specialists, were not needed in this country.
  23. xomaNN
    xomaNN April 18 2013 19: 47
    How very pathetic about the choice of the Black Sea Fleet in the 90s :)) The fact that Ukrainian. Over the past years, a part of the fleet has been squandered much more than the Russian one, an indisputable fact. And besides the completed several TFR of Soviet times, the rest is barely alive, especially the only submarine. And the prospects for replenishment with new Ukrainian. corvettes are very foggy. It's a shame that the Sudroma shipyards of Nikolaev, Kherson, Kerch went dead. Of course, in comparison with Ukrainian. The Navy of the Black Sea Fleet, even in its current configuration, is lively and combat-ready. And most importantly, there is the prospect of replenishment with new ships in the next 5 years.
  24. Aleksandr2012
    Aleksandr2012 4 October 2015 00: 16
    2012 article and commentary by Oles Buzin. Who could have known then that everything would change so ...
  25. kopatich
    kopatich 16 January 2016 11: 50
    Quote: viktorR
    The fleets of the USSR were built on pan-Soviet money --- but for some reason Ukraine did not get a single nuclear submarine, God bless them with missile submarines - but a couple of multipurpose ones could be surpassed ---- what difference does it rust with us or in your Kola Bay.
    - Yes, but not everyone paid the USSR debts, but only Russia. And of course I agree, the article looks more like a provocation, constructive zero. And the ships were rotting not only Ukrainians but also Russians ((.

    ALoHa UA June 27, 2012 23:13 ↑
    Strongly one-sided request article

    The fleets of the USSR were built on pan-Soviet money --- but for some reason Ukraine did not get a single nuclear submarine, God bless them with missile submarines - but a couple of multipurpose ones could be surpassed ---- what difference does it rust with us or in your Kola Bay. - Yes, but not everyone paid the USSR debts, but only Russia. And of course I agree, the article looks more like a provocation, constructive zero. And the ships were rotting not only Ukrainians but also Russians ((.

    Where do so many trolls come from ?? especially to tears breaks through "And the ships rotted not only Ukrainians but also Russian ((."
  26. Head Physician
    Head Physician 4 November 2017 22: 31
    A great article