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Okolosyriysky intrigue, or an information strike on Russia

Western information is literally overwhelmed with information about “Russian aggression” news portals, as well as publications of the Gulf countries. Over the past two weeks, information has been circulating in the Western press, which has been planted by high-ranking officials, that Russia is literally ready to support the "bloody regime of Bashar Assad" with all its might. At first, Moscow was accused of delivering the latest combat helicopters to official Damascus, then it suddenly “turned out” that almost a whole squadron of warships, bursting at the seams from special forces and marine corps that were packed in them, was going to the coast of Syria. Then came the information, which is called, from the field of non-science fiction: Russian troops are preparing together with the military units of China, Syria and Iran to conduct some military exercises on the territory of the Syrian Republic. The Arab television channel Al-Arabiya stated that Egypt, which still cannot recover from a series of revolutions, allowed Moscow to conduct its military vessels through the Suez Canal. In addition, the same means of mass disinformation is reported that about 90 thousand troops will participate in exercises of various orientations in literally all the settlements of Syria, where Syrian opposition leaders operate. In general, the words about a certain “anti-democratic" landing literally shocked the audience of this very Al-Arabia and, naturally, forced them to clench their fists and shake them in the direction of the "militaristic" Moscow, Tehran and Beijing.

The saddest thing is that all this nonsense is actively reprinted from one publication to another, and the people who read it all get the unequivocal impression that the Russian authorities are trying by all means to prevent the peaceful Syrian opposition, which with the active support of the main world democratizers trying to achieve a bright democratic future. Oh, these Russian half-welded semi-barbarians, average American citizens and British or Saudi Arabian citizens think, again they want to prevent the sun of the next popular revolution from rising in the Middle East.

In the course of such an information war, which, frankly, while it is far from being in favor of Russia, the West again and again (we will with some degree of irony include countries like Qatar and Saudi Arabia here) tries to achieve their interests even by such methods in Russia we are satisfied with the "dark". By the way, some Russian politicians are already eager to arrange this very “dark” one as a kind of “our answer to Chamberlain”. Only for the time being there are no truly significant answers from the Russian side that really took the West by surprise, no. One Sergey Lavrov is in a constant tone and after another injection of “data” from Hillary Clinton, John McCain and other “competent” sources, he tries to justify himself by stating that such information is fake.

The situation became even more complicated after the G-20 summit in the resort of Los Cabos, the Russian and American presidents held their talks. Putin and Obama spoke about the Syrian conflict in a fairly calm manner, allowing themselves real phrases on duty. Both expressed the hope that the confrontation in Syria would soon cease, only it was obvious that each of the presidents had their own thoughts in this phrase. The vision of the end of the Syrian conflict on the part of Barack Obama, obviously, gives the desire to solve the problem tested in Libya. Putin’s option is a continuation of the issuance of advances to the mission of Kofi Annan, which has lately been under intense pressure from outside. Well, it is not profitable, you know, to certain forces in the West, so that the Syrian conflict would gradually disappear.

We all remember very well that the mission of Annan initially really contributed to a certain reduction of tension on the Syrian land, but then there were two cases of mass killings of civilian Syrian residents, and from the mouth of the “peaceful opposition” he immediately heard the words that Assad was a tyrant and murderer order to cut the throat of one-year-old babies, old men and women.

In this regard, it becomes obvious that as soon as the Syrian conflict moves into a peaceful course, there will immediately be those who again press the gas pedal and drive this compound into a blank wall so that the noise from the impact and the glass breaks again throughout the world .

Many Russian analysts say that in this situation, when the information fronts are far from victories on the information fronts, they are behaving quite gently. “Nezavisimaya Gazeta” writes that such a “game of silence” with confidential smiles and attempts to bypass the sharp corners of a big problem only plays into the hands of those who do not want peace to prevail in Syria.

The journalists of the publication literally call for immediate action to prevent the development of such a scenario, which was in 2008 in South Ossetia. Then Mikhail Saakashvili decided to step over the Russian peacekeepers under Tskhinval, and now, according to journalists, the West can step over the last Russian stronghold on the Mediterranean - Tartus.

At the same time, information was received that Moscow decided to send two ships of the Black Sea at once to Tartus fleet: “Caesar Kunikov” and “Nikolai Filchenkov,” which clearly fueled the hype in Western publications and inspired those who spoke out for Russia to decide to openly display its position on Syria. However, literally right there began to appear refutation of data on the campaign of Russian military ships in Tartus. Ships, according to several news agencies at once, did not leave the Black Sea, and are not sent to the Syrian coast. After that, the impression was that disappointment came both in a number of Western media and in Russia. Some were worried that they could not once again accuse Russia of unleashing a military campaign on the side of Assad, while others thought that it was Moscow’s latest weakness.

In general, it is worth noting that so far everyone is aware of the problem, but only each of the parties is waiting for the first mistake of its opponent. This leads to what is called "playing in silence." Obviously, porridge will boil up with trebled force when someone nevertheless decides to take a serious step regarding the question of chopping the Syrian Gordian knot. The main thing is that it does not reach the point that Russia in this case would be taken to death and decide on any action, if only to close the Syrian topic once and for all. Since the authorities have decided to keep quiet and smile, then you should be patient and wait for the first miscalculation from that side. What this expectation will lead to is another question, but we must also be able to wait. Mkhatovskaya pause, as theatergoers say, often costs more than a verbose acting tirade ...

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  1. Vadivak
    Vadivak 21 June 2012 09: 16
    21.06.2012 06:29

    The Russian authorities began preparations for the evacuation of Russian citizens and military personnel from Syria in the event of an aggravation of clashes between the authorities and the armed opposition or foreign military intervention, reports. In addition to the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Emergency Situations and other departments were instructed to prepare specific plans for the evacuation of Russian citizens, the employee said one of the power structures. In Syria, together with family members live about 100 thousand Russian citizens

    Sailed ....
    1. Inzhengr
      Inzhengr 21 June 2012 09: 44
      Yes, this is a bad sign ...
    2. Dmitriy69
      Dmitriy69 21 June 2012 09: 53
      Well, you can't get around all the sharp corners, in any way. If you go around the sharp ones, they will sharpen the blunt or even bend the corner out of the blue. Therefore, we must bend our line, and not try to become "good" for the West. For them, good Russia is dead Russia.
      1. Норд
        Норд 21 June 2012 10: 30
        History teaches us that it teaches nothing to Western philanthropists. The situation is much similar to what was happening in the world on the eve of two world wars, but the technology of fooling the average citizen stepped far forward. And the amount of informational anti-Russian negative will sooner or later grow into quality, and this is war. A terrible picture. This is where a powerful throwing of dirt on all of these Romneys, Camerons, Hollande, etc. etc. I won’t believe that he wasn’t in the SVR coffers. And let them launder there, many of them will no longer be in Russia.
        And do it wisely without leaving a trace.
        1. orient
          orient 22 June 2012 00: 00
          Unfortunately, the western man in the street is ready to forgive a lot of his politicians on the principle that these are theirs "sons of bitches" ... And many realize that without Russian resources it will be difficult, and hence the little thought: "What if ... try? "
          1. edge
            edge 22 June 2012 05: 19
            this little thought drove many under the board, but they didn’t feel like it, they believed in their strength. Or they liked the Russian soldier on their streets ........
        2. Lech e-mine
          Lech e-mine 22 June 2012 04: 26
          Now in Syria, sabotage groups from England, France, Turkey, Qatar and more like these people are actively operating.
          1. Sanches
            Sanches 22 June 2012 08: 11
            haha not every Arab who has a beard laughing
        3. Download Do Re Mi
          Download Do Re Mi 22 June 2012 17: 24
          Good post written!
      2. Guran96
        Guran96 21 June 2012 10: 34
        Do not lose face - you will lose respect. By inaction we lose respect and our position. The West is waging an information war and watching the reaction, Russia is justifying itself. Accordingly, there will be more further and it will be too late to do anything.
        1. revnagan
          revnagan 21 June 2012 11: 51
          Quote: Gouran96
          By inaction we lose respect and our position.

          It is true that to sue at least a couple of such publications for libel, and to strip them to their underpants to the fullest, the ardor of Qatari truth-lovers might have tempered.
          1. Yars
            Yars 21 June 2012 14: 45
            unfortunately the courts are in their hands !!! Total Western dictatorship !!! Democrats fucking !!!
          2. Isr
            Isr 22 June 2012 01: 12
            Russia will never agree to this. there will be an investigation, and then it turns out this ... Russia is smeared over its ears, this "slander" is only 10% of the truth.
        2. Fidain
          Fidain 21 June 2012 17: 06
          Polnostyu soglasen, dazhe bolsh, stoit iv pravdu tpavit v duzheskuyu Siriu morskuyu pexotu Chernamorskovo flota.karablyami prekrit postavku oruzhia iz Turci i vsyo shax i mat ... A Putin svoyu ochered krasivo pust postavit na mesto i etu suku Klinton da i vsex tozhe.Yesli Rassia ne budet zasheshat svoix soyuznikov to chto vi obizhitis kogda oni ishut etu pomoshch na drugoi storone ...
    3. Committee
      Committee 21 June 2012 10: 20
      Where did they sail ?! What kind of panic? Normal, ORDINARY procedure for such situations.
      1. Trailer
        Trailer 21 June 2012 10: 35
        Yes, just while our mumbles, the American fleet has already left its military base and is on its way to the Persian Gulf! I wonder how much shout about the barbarian West, which sent its warships to the shores of little Syria, will the Western media allow themselves? I'm already silent about ours. Democracy - 20 years later! While we are below!
      2. Alexander Petrovich
        Alexander Petrovich 21 June 2012 10: 41
        Guys, you know, when I see everyone who looks back on the opinion of the West, on its press, etc., I find it funny and sad. First, what do we need now to adapt to them? Anyway, they will think that Russian wild barbarians, and this opinion does not exist for 10, not 20 or 30 years, this opinion has been around for centuries. Secondly, I would not even pay attention to what they scream and write. Just would say - FSU, move on. wink
        1. baron.nn
          baron.nn 21 June 2012 10: 57
          Alexander Petrovich:
          I agree! To bend your line, to defend your interests. and let the corrupt western press fight in hysterics ...
          1. Alexander Petrovich
            Alexander Petrovich 21 June 2012 17: 33
            Now, our main mistake is that. that the West is trying to please us, but you know when he likes Russia, when it stands for cancer.
            1. Sanches
              Sanches 22 June 2012 08: 15
              he likes any country only when he has cancer. And the one that is not worth it - they immediately attack her and try to rape
          2. Isr
            Isr 22 June 2012 01: 15
            They are not "hysterical," they do not even know what to do.
        2. Isr
          Isr 22 June 2012 01: 13
          the West does just that - poh, let's move on
          1. Che
            Che 22 June 2012 08: 53
            Actually, it’s necessary to put the west in cancer so that the stsuko know their place. We have opportunities, we must use them, corrupt officials down and comrades for work.
          2. Alexander Petrovich
            Alexander Petrovich 22 June 2012 10: 48
            I agree with you.
        3. petrakov vowa
          petrakov vowa 23 June 2012 10: 12
          That's it!
          West is west, east is east ....
          Well, we are going our own way.
    4. nycsson
      nycsson 21 June 2012 15: 27
      Quote: Vadivak
      Sailed ....

      And it’s good that they do not leave them to their fate! I would like more ....
      1. 755962
        755962 21 June 2012 17: 56
        Apparently Obama gave the go-ahead, an aircraft carrier goes to the Persian Gulf. Putin also waved his hand ... at Syria.
    5. 73petia
      73petia 21 June 2012 19: 56
      It seems that we are sailing.
    6. Hysnik-Tsuzoy
      Hysnik-Tsuzoy 22 June 2012 14: 48
      [quote} Only so far, there are no really meaningful answers from the Russian side that really took the West by surprise. One Sergey Lavrov is in a constant tone

      Quote: Vadivak
      Sailed ....

      Russia really has no special information leverage over the West. If in the old days the USSR could appeal in the West to the indignant pro-socialist-minded public, now any speech by Putin or Lavrov is like a cry crying out in the desert. To save Syria, Iranian troops must be sent there. And so - a disastrous business.
  • boar
    boar 25 June 2012 16: 52
    Yes, there are tens of thousands of "Russian wives" in Syria, but it is impossible to evacuate all of them. In 82, the issue was resolved simply - the Islamists were very badly beaten. And the help of the sent Soviet division was not even needed.
  • AIvanA
    AIvanA 21 June 2012 09: 16
    Well, if aggressive Russian ships didn’t come to Tartus, then wait for the NATO peace bombers, and journalistic messes for a good fee will declare them peace doves.
    1. Vadivak
      Vadivak 21 June 2012 09: 45
      Quote: AIvanA
      Well, if aggressive Russian ships

      At one time, "dear" Leonid Ilyich, from whom everyone is now molding an idiot, did the following
      In the Middle East conflict of 1973, the USSR behaved as follows
      it was decided to carry out maneuvers in the ZakVO with the participation of aviation, which all foreign analysts did not fail to note. This action was viewed by them solely as the determination of the USSR to send its troops to the Middle East. Along with the exercises, some Soviet units were put on high alert. Foreign researchers describe them as seven Soviet airborne divisions (about 50 thousand people). some of the divisions were brought to a state of increased combat readiness on October 17-18, or immediately with the beginning of the war. In addition, it notes the fact that Soviet planes carrying military cargoes for Egypt and Syria have ceased their flights and were returned to Soviet airfields. From this it was concluded that these aircraft were supposed to be used for the transfer of Soviet troops to the Middle East. But the possibility was not denied that the planes were returned in connection with the planned completion of the "air bridge." On October 22, information that radioactive radiation was recorded on Soviet transports heading to Egypt. From this, it was concluded that the Soviet Union may have sent a nuclear weapon to Egypt, namely nuclear warheads for the R-17 missiles. In addition to putting the Airborne Forces units on high alert and conducting maneuvers in the ZakVO, it was decided to increase the size of the Soviet Mediterranean squadron. ... This was done in response to American actions - since the US 6th Fleet was decided to be reinforced by the attack aircraft carrier John F. Kennedy, located in the North Atlantic. Thus, the size of the Mediterranean flotilla increased from 60 to 84 ships (however, take into account that 40% of them were auxiliary vessels and support vessels, which was due to the lack of a developed infrastructure of naval bases, as a result of which the 5th squadron was forced to "carry everything with itself"). As a result, the 5th squadron consisted of 51 warships, while the 6th fleet included 48 warships.

      October 8 - Leonid I. Brezhnev sent the following letter to R. Nixon: "... I personally and my comrades have a crisis of confidence that all the correspondence that has been going on for a week and all the assurances both to us and to the Egyptian side that that measures are being taken to a ceasefire and the implementation of Security Council resolutions, especially under our auspices, of which we have been given written confirmation on behalf of the President, in fact, was the support of the Israeli military, which continues to behave provocatively, clearly with a certain I would say a naked target ...

      Most of the socialist countries - allies of the USSR in the Warsaw Treaty Organization supported the actions of the Soviet Union in organizing aid to Arab countries. The countries that make up the ATS did not participate in hostilities, although a significant number of military specialists from Bulgaria, East Germany, Poland, Czechoslovakia were in Egypt and Syria.

      Bulgaria and East Germany organized on their territory the training and education of Arab military personnel. Czechoslovakia supplied the Arab countries with some types of weapons. Bulgaria allowed the use of its airspace by Soviet transport aircraft carrying weapons to the Middle East.

      Yugoslavia, although it was not a member of the police department, helped the Arab countries, through the territory of Yugoslavia flights of Soviet aircraft with weapons were carried out. SFRY itself sold some types of weapons to the countries of the anti-Israeli coalition.
      1. AIvanA
        AIvanA 21 June 2012 13: 06
        By the way, the Ameri carrier group went towards Syria, there are no our ships will come peaceful Amer, as I said.
      2. khoma nickson
        khoma nickson 21 June 2012 13: 59
        And it all ended with another defeat for the Arabs, the expulsion of the USSR from Egypt and Camp David. All the same, unreliable people are our Arab brothers. Yes, and we really love to help everyone "against the United States" and "world imperialism." The Chinese have from Syria, Iran has (See AIF), and we, as always, do not mind anything for the sake of principle. I wonder if Syria even pays for weapons, or again on credit without return?
        1. 73petia
          73petia 21 June 2012 20: 11
          Yes, they drove out of Egypt with all their might. They survived directly. Although Mubarak came to accompany us. He was then commander of the Egyptian Air Force. And it was 20.09.1975/XNUMX/XNUMX.
        2. carver
          carver 22 June 2012 13: 46
          Well, we will not do for the sake of the principle of principles will come to us as once on June 22, 1941.
      3. nycsson
        nycsson 21 June 2012 15: 33
        It is interesting to read you! And you did not compare the armed forces and fleets of the USSR and Russia ??? And you compare !!!
        1. mr.Man
          mr.Man 23 June 2012 01: 15
          What to compare?
          It was a country .. and now another ...
          The Soviet Navy was in smaller numbers than the United States, and was built most likely for local prospects, and if a "mess" happens, then the ICBM will finish off the foe ...

          When "fleeing" from the west .., the SZGV "gave" or "sold" so much "good" to the former allies at the "Tagged", and the timeline for withdrawal was still running out ...
          How many "powers" have acquired independence?
          It got to the point that they drowned the ships because they did not have time to withdraw and wrote off them as scrap metal ...
  • Sakhalininsk
    Sakhalininsk 21 June 2012 09: 21
    Not long to wait for the denouement. As they say, wait and see, but if the GDP surrenders to Syria it will be his biggest foreign policy mistake, which will greatly affect Russia.
    1. Vadivak
      Vadivak 21 June 2012 09: 26
      Quote: Sakhalininets
      foreign policy mistake that will greatly affect Russia

      Then there will be Iran, Venezuela, Cuba and guess who
      1. baron.nn
        baron.nn 21 June 2012 09: 45
        There is no need to guess here: according to the latest news, Venezuela is recognized as the country with the largest oil reserves ... So the eyes of the "democrats" will be focused on it ...
      2. Volkhov
        Volkhov 21 June 2012 13: 45
        Cuba, Iran, Venezuela have a different dad, and it's too late to climb into Syria - she was refused support last year and she had to completely join Iran and the company.
        For America, our "presence" in Syria is useful because, after the defeat of 3 by force, one could justify a clash with Russia in the same way as the failure of the release of the hostages of the American embassy in 80 was explained by a helicopter accident.
        From the Russian point of view, we are neither friends of the Nazis nor Zionists, but we must fight with our own disconnection - the shadows of the Chekists scare and prevent us from communicating, without which the people are turned into a herd of loners.
    2. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 21 June 2012 09: 35
      will be as it will be. One Putin will not be able to do anything, if others, seeing and understanding what is happening, want to not notice problems or take the side of the aggressor, hope for the blessing of the owner. Need info support, but it is not! That's why I said, you need to buy it, well, for journalists. Although there is not much difference.
      1. vpm
        vpm 21 June 2012 10: 32
        And looking at all this, I think that they simply want to provoke and involve Russia in a big conflict in the Middle East. The USSR, of course, behaved much freer in the region, but the USSR got involved in the war in Afghanistan, which the USSR to a great extent crippled, and also set up a significant part of the Islamic world against the Soviets and subsequently against Russia. Why do they step on the same rake a second time - Saudi Arabia and Qatar want to build a big caliphate, let the Muslims tie up their navel on the back of the head according to the results of their own crooked-up creativity.
        1. baron.nn
          baron.nn 21 June 2012 10: 59
          Of course, the enemies of Russia would like to weaken or tie their hands by participating in the conflict ... It is important not to dance to the tune of others, but to defend our interests!
          1. Sergh
            Sergh 21 June 2012 15: 42
            Guys, why did you get the idea that Russia will be weakened by the Syrian conflict? It is clear that there is little good, but effectively using your weapon, and in good hands, it will raise the prestige and reliability of its owner and manufacturer to the top, and secondly, you still need to see who will weaken someone, if it’s amers who are already the throat with Afghanistan and Iraq got bogged down, not to mention that its roof is already smoking, Europe is almost all raging in financial and street pogroms ... and it’s not necessary to fight especially if they’ll vryat NATO climbed up with Russians, it’s troublesome, but if they climb, then this is where the military equipment of all categories should work, and the Syrian armed forces at the forefront themselves will cope with minimal instruction and coordination among themselves on goals.
            After all, no one is hinting that the support consists in rushing with a naked torso under a tank with a box of matches, and it is clear to everyone that the Syrians will cope with the banderlog themselves if they are sure that the rear is securely covered by comrades and there is no need to look back. Yes, their military spirit will rise tenfold, and if a Slav talks about Russian valor in the Great Patriotic War over a fire at dawn with 100 grams of our "Wheat", then the Syrian soldier will tear barefoot with his teeth. You just need to support them, but support them shoulder to shoulder, eye to eye and with an abusive word, then it will be the case.

            And the ships to Syria for evacuation, this is a duck, even today in the afternoon on the radio broadcast. If it’s a duck, then only to block another operation, more intriguing.
            1. Nickname
              Nickname 22 June 2012 01: 16
              Here is such a speech, some 20 years ago, at least, then yes ...
              Under Stalin, for 2 years in the Urals they created a defense industry, such that they won the 2nd world war and, if desired, could bend the whole world.
              And what kind of "military spirit" can be now ???
              When young people flee from the army like hell from incense, the Minister of Defense cynically ruins the troops ..., scientists sell secrets for Amer’s candy wrappers ...
              We need tough measures, very tough ones, like in China. Stole - get a bullet. And the problems will be solved and we will overtake the Chinese - do not go to a fortuneteller.
    3. nycsson
      nycsson 21 June 2012 15: 37
      Quote: Sakhalininets
      Not long to wait for the denouement. As they say, wait and see, but if the GDP surrenders to Syria it will be his biggest foreign policy mistake, which will greatly affect Russia

      And he has no where to go! What can he oppose ??? If I wanted to, then the relevant measures would have long been taken, militarily, at least for the distant future! We can’t save Syria and Iran! With the commodity economy and the collapsed Armed Forces against NATO you can’t argue !!!
      1. Sergh
        Sergh 21 June 2012 16: 12
        Quote: nycsson
        no arguing against NATO

        Yes, what the hell is NATA, it hasn’t been there for a long time, there is a flock of crows (such birds) that flock to the carrion for free, and whoever grabs the first piece flies off to the side to swallow it faster, if only they wouldn’t take it away. So, it’s worth only shaking a stick from afar and they will not touch anyone, only croaking will be a lot and a long time, and you have to wave it periodically!
  • Vanek
    Vanek 21 June 2012 09: 30
    They have there in Arabia and everyone else on the other side, like Alexander Yakovlevich: - The roof left and did not leave an address.
    1. baron.nn
      baron.nn 21 June 2012 10: 16
      That's for sure! You can’t look at them (Arabs) without laughing, but such cereals manage to brew ...
      1. Dock
        Dock 21 June 2012 13: 43
        Quote: baron.nn
        You can’t look at them (Arabs) without laughing, but such cereals manage to brew ...
        Don't underestimate your opponent. The Arabs also fought in the Caucasus, and quite successfully - many of our guys returned with a "load of 200".
        1. baron.nn
          baron.nn 21 June 2012 14: 48
          The fact that the guys with a load of 200 came was very sad, but where are all these Arabs now after they spent the second Chechen? Arabs boldly shoot from behind a corner or shelter, and in a head-on collision they are historically weak (that the crusaders hollowed and trampled them into the ground, that the Israelis, having smaller aircraft in 3 wars, hollowed them). You can’t underestimate the enemy, but you shouldn’t respect too much ...
  • baron.nn
    baron.nn 21 June 2012 09: 39
    The largest world media outlets work for the "West", so we are losing the information war ... Our relatives cannot be compared in circulation and readability. Colleagues, do you have the opinion that the world community is preparing something for something through such stuffing of "news"?
  • 21 June 2012 09: 44
    Personally, I was most struck by Putin's face when he answered questions at the final press conference. With all his appearance, he said: "How did you all get me with your moronic questions and initiatives." And about Obama, he answered absolutely precisely: in the United States, the president is just a talking monkey, on which nothing depends, strategic decisions in the development of the country are made by completely different people.
    And after the negotiations with Obama, it was clearly visible that it was not possible to agree and that the world will face hard times.

    In general, everything is much better stated here in this article: Russia - USA: Before the fight

    Everyone remembers what the result of the talks between Vladimir Putin and Barack Obama looked like. The leaders of the two countries could not look into each other's eyes. The moment of truth has come. The details of the meeting between the leaders of the two countries begin to leak out and many still obscure things become clear. Why both presidents did not have a face. Today we can say with confidence that today the two powers are more close than ever to fatal actions.

    Everything turned out to be very simple, realizing the impossibility of obtaining a resolution on Syria, Washington is betting on pressure or attack Iran. After all, it is not Syria that is of interest to Washington, but Iran. The United States is deploying troops to Kuwait, from which it is only 80 kilometers from the border with Iran. The very troops that Obama promised to withdraw from Afghanistan will now be redeployed to Kuwait. The first 15 thousand troops have already received orders for redeployment. In the editions of the Western media travel mood reigns. Everything is moving towards a serious deterioration of the situation. President Vladimir Putin said quite a bit saying that he would not have gone into intelligence with anyone, having laughed off jokingly that he had "been out of service for a long time."

    The world did not understand his jokes, but was wary. In this joke, as indeed in all others, there is some truth, sometimes a very large proportion. But actually it was necessary to carefully listen to what the Russian president says. It seems that the US marines were seriously going to oppose the Russian paratroopers. At the mere thought of what might happen, cold sweat appears on the body. This terribly dangerous arrangement of ground forces is almost guaranteed to end in a collision.

    This first step - the redeployment of 15 thousand marines, may not be the most obvious intention, because in the end you won’t start a war with such forces, but if the next military party follows, you can confidently talk about the impending threat.

    In the meantime, in fact, this relocation plays more into Russia's hands than America. Of course, now oil will creep up, the risks are becoming higher. Russia will turn out to be the main beneficiary in this show, because it is always good to be a seller when the price of your product is high and it is certainly unprofitable to buy oil, when you yourself “raised” the price of it. In this case, the US budget will bear additional burdens.

    Another truth in this story is that not one of the presidents will be able to retreat in this confrontation. If Obama backs down, he will bury his election because Americans don’t like wimps (and who loves them?). So Obama will have to come up with something to stay with a “beautiful face”.

    Putin cannot retreat either. In addition to geopolitical interests, there is an expectation among Russian citizens that their president this time will not give up, as he never gave up before. No wonder they voted for him and entrusted him to build a strong Russia. Putin cannot deceive the expectations of his citizens, he never really cheated those who voted for him, and it seems that this time he is also going to demonstrate his very advanced qualities as a leader, perhaps even a crisis manager.

    The case could possibly be resolved peacefully if the presidents of the two countries announced some new idea, program, joint project of the two states. In this case, no one would dare to reproach their president, because two countries would benefit from this and the whole world would become safer. Here both presidents would have won. But such a project still needs to be invented. Judging by the faces of Obama and Putin, there is no such project. But there is a growing disagreement.

    In this case, Obama's career is a big question, Putin’s career does not threaten anything. Putin has already passed the elections, and Obama is still ahead.

    However, as always in such cases, you need to look at the details. They are sometimes very eloquent. According to some reports, the nuclear submarines of the two two most powerful fleets - the Northern and the Pacific, in the coming days may receive a combat mission to take an attack position in neutral waters near the mainland of the United States. So it was already earlier, when in 2009 two nuclear missile carriers surfaced in different places off the east coast of the United States. This was done intentionally in order to indicate his presence.

    The report of an American journalist and military specialist looks strange. Then he said that these boats are fearless, because there are no intercontinental missiles on them. It remains only to understand why a boat located 200’s nautical miles from the coast has intercontinental ballistic missiles if its full-time P-39 covers the distance to 1500 nautical miles.

    The R-39 solid-fuel missiles with three-stage marching engines used by the D-19 complex are the largest submarine-launched missiles with 10 separate nuclear warheads of 100 kilograms each. Even one such missile can lead to a global catastrophe for the whole country, aboard the 2009 Shark submarine that surfaced in the 941 year, 20 units are conventionally located. Given that there were two boats, the optimistic mood of the American commentator on this event is simply incomprehensible.

    The question may arise, why now talk about what happened in 2009. I think there are parallels here. On August 5, 2009, when the military events of the 08.08.08 war were still fresh in memory, serious pressure was put on Russia. The orders of the Russian authorities to leave Abkhazia and South Ossetia were almost dictated by orders. Then all the events revolved around Georgia. On July 14, 2009, a US Navy destroyer Stout entered Georgian territorial waters. Of course, this is putting pressure on the Russians. And then, after a fortnight, two boats surfaced off the coast of North America.

    If one of them was near Greenland, the second surfaced under the very nose at the largest naval base. Norfolk Naval Base is located just 250 miles northwest of the point of ascent, but it may be indicative that the boat surfaced nevertheless closer to the coastline of the state of Georgia (the former Georgian SSR is now called Georgia, in the English manner.) there are in a special way these two events possibly intersect. You sent a ship to us in Georgia (Georgia), well, so get our submarine from your Georgia.

    It looks like some kind of hellish joke from which no one would laugh. By this comparison of events, the author wants to show that Putin does not need to think and have to give in to Syria, where the U.S. Navy is ten times more representative than the Russian Navy in Tartus, even after the arrival of Russian paratroopers there. Today the war may be such that defeating Russia in Syria, one can again be surprised off the coast of Georgia. This is well understood at the Pentagon. Americans know how to understand the meaning of what has been said, and even better, they understand the meaning of what is shown.

    Thus, one should not expect that Putin will give up his plans in Syria. The only thing that Putin can make to take a step back is truly normal human relations. Naive Russians still believe in friendship. The author of these lines is already tired of repeating to his American colleagues and writing in his articles: Russians in general are best able to make friends and fight. Whatever the American president would prefer to choose from this in the Russian version, it will always be done "heartily and on a grand scale."
    1. baron.nn
      baron.nn 21 June 2012 10: 17
      Well, really, if you don’t hear any person constantly, but ask stupid questions, then you don’t make such a face either!
      1. 21 June 2012 11: 26
        Quote: baron.nn
        Well, really, if you don’t hear any person constantly, but ask stupid questions, then you don’t make such a face either!

        Well, I think he didn’t want to go to this gadyushnik (you can recall his refusals to go to Camp David), but apparently he decided to try for the last time. Well, it didn’t work out and I don’t think it was a big surprise for him.
    2. Dock
      Dock 21 June 2012 14: 01
      Kos: " Everything turned out to be very simple, realizing the impossibility of obtaining a resolution on Syria, Washington is betting on pressure or a strike on Iran. In the end, Washington is not interested in Syria, but Iran. "
      It may well be that, while escalating the situation in Syria, a-measures are preparing to hit Iran, and Syria is a false target!
    3. khoma nickson
      khoma nickson 21 June 2012 14: 09
      Is the game worth the candle?
  • Alef
    Alef 21 June 2012 09: 50
    America respects only power. If we give Syria to us just do not reckon with. And there will be no more negotiations. The question is what Russia is ready to do in the event of an arrogant NATO invasion. I think the solution is to gain time and let Assad deal with the opposition mercenaries. He just sucks something while it turns out
    1. igorek408
      igorek408 21 June 2012 10: 58
      Assad will not succeed, every day new militants come from Turkey, the Turks want to destroy Syria most of all. This is their national and state goal, domination in the territory of the former Ottoman Empire. Israel needs to remove Iran; America needs cheap oil. The war will be and will be this summer, when the Americans will concentrate their forces and supply of resources for 2 months of the war. It is clear that the blow will be massive and sudden. Why are so many destroyers and aircraft concentrated there? 500 tomahawks + 150-200 bombers will destroy air defense, government agencies, ZKP and, most importantly, disconnect. An official appeal for help will be received in Russia after 4-5 hours from the start of the war, the moment is missed, as in Georgia. It was easier and closer there, if it had been possible to blow up the Roki tunnel, all help would not have come. In a day there would be US troops.
      And who will allow to fly to Syria through the territory of Turkey, Iraq, Azerbaijan and GEORGIA, and if they destroy an IL-76 full of landing, it will be necessary to pave the way with blood. And this is a full-fledged 3rd world, you see.
      It is clear that the Iranians and Russians will not betray the Syrians, but how far will they go? Will they be able to inflict damage on the aggressor on their bases, on the territory of 3 countries? The only way to stop the amers is to deprive them of cola, a warm crib and a clean toilet ....
      Personally, I see it this way, on the G20 Putin personally wanted to understand who on which side would fight and the allied campaign we do not have much from that is so gloomy.
      As for the submarines, they have long been under the constant eye of a new torpedo tested in Kursk.
      Long-range aviation is extremely outdated and Tu160 - 16 units, and all at the airfield in Engels - will be destroyed with one raid by the Raptor, most likely they will break through the air defense of the South-East Military District.
      Strategic Missile Forces - the gut is thin, there is hardly anyone on Earth who can give the order for a nuclear attack. This will be the last trump card.

      mmda I do not want to believe the facts and it remains to rely on the strength of spirit of the Syrians - a turning point in terms of the Arab spring. Russia had already surrendered Syria, if not surrendered, had long ago sent warships to Tartus + 20-30 S300 and BUK M2 complexes.

      We'll have to sit and see if Syria can use chemical weapons and not drift Iran to mine the Suez Canal.
      1. vpm
        vpm 21 June 2012 11: 26
        Oh yes, the sky is falling, the Raptors will destroy the last Tu-160s by suddenly flying through a quantum tunnel from the USA directly to Engels, and Iran will mix up the Suez Canal with the Strait of Hormuz and mine it by mistake. What do we smoke?
        1. igorek408
          igorek408 21 June 2012 11: 58

          est = latestnews
          with the channel, I waved it) laughing
          1. Sergh
            Sergh 21 June 2012 16: 30
            Quote: igorek408
            Tu160 - 16 units and all at the airfield in Engels - will be destroyed by one raptor raid

            In a chain, give me a damn, otherwise after work all my thoughts went to the ground, wait, don’t throw your heel off!
      2. 21 June 2012 11: 34
        In all cases, the Wehrmacht's combat vehicle was supposed to roll out the USSR, but it turned out what happened.
        In addition, we don’t know much, let's see ...
      3. skiff-xnumx
        skiff-xnumx 21 June 2012 12: 14
        To begin with, the Raptor cannot strike high-precision weapons on the ground, and the bomb load is not enough to break through air defense and destroy shelters. At the same time, there are no bases for the amers from which the Raptor could not only break through the air defense but also complete the mission and return back. The range is not enough. You do not think that they will give him refueling over the territory of the Russian Federation. Then you at least present how an organized structure for the protection of strategic aviation bases is organized. And how the Raptors will shine over the Russian Federation in a continuous coverage area near Moscow. Such a blow will mean the beginning of the use of nuclear weapons, this is a fact. And there’s not some kind of torpedo, don’t believe the media there will not write such a thing.
        1. baron.nn
          baron.nn 21 June 2012 12: 49
          Of course, the Raptor is not a panacea! If they turn up, then we will shoot down raptors and other cars! An invulnerable aircraft has not yet been invented!
      4. khoma nickson
        khoma nickson 21 June 2012 14: 11
        So even if Iran is blown away, it has more interests in Syria than ours.
  • Cripple cross
    Cripple cross 21 June 2012 09: 50
    Over the past two weeks, information has been circulating in the Western press, which has been planted by high-ranking officials, that Russia is literally ready to support the bloody regime of Bashar Assad with all its might.

    So that's great. This is a mess for us and Syria. Let the whole world scare.
    1. igorek408
      igorek408 21 June 2012 11: 00
      Cripple cross,

      only if that were true ...
  • ShturmKGB
    ShturmKGB 21 June 2012 09: 53
    Since the world is misinformed by the Western media about the supply of various weapons to Syria, it can really deliver ...
  • Committee
    Committee 21 June 2012 09: 57
    The article is a plus, we are losing the information war. We do not have units of psychological warfare. And if so, then they are not needed in the army, let the Foreign Ministry create them!
  • Ussuriets
    Ussuriets 21 June 2012 09: 59
    To be honest, I don’t understand the actions of our leaders in charge of foreign policy .... Foreign policy in the 21st century is not just the notorious diplomacy! After all, there are many levers of pressure that ours do not use. Even in the information war, if we lose, it’s not only because of the lack of media opportunities, but because our Medvedev, Lavrov and Putin keep their tongue in one place ....
    1. 21 June 2012 10: 06
      Quote: Ussuriets
      Even in the information war, if we lose, it’s not only because of the lack of media opportunities, but because our Medvedev, Lavrov and Putin keep their tongue in one place ....

      If this were so, Syria would have long resembled Libya.
      1. Committee
        Committee 21 June 2012 10: 16
        Yes, but Syria is not Libya. A-priory. It's harder with her. And no matter how cynical it sounds, the more odious the monarch is, the easier it is to overthrow him. In general, in Libya it was easier.
        1. baron.nn
          baron.nn 21 June 2012 10: 43
          The committee:
          In Syria, of course, as in Libya, the scenario will not work, but the fact that the Syrian forces could not cope with the Israeli forces, and now they are opposed by a stronger force than then ... In the event of an armed conflict (real, not sabotage) Syrian forces are unlikely to stand.
          1. skiff-xnumx
            skiff-xnumx 21 June 2012 12: 19
            There is no need to win the war with amers. It is necessary to inflict such damage on them so that they themselves clean as it was in Vietnam. And Syria is not Libya there mountainous and wooded areas ideal conditions for guerrilla warfare
    2. baron.nn
      baron.nn 21 June 2012 10: 20
      And in my opinion, Lavrov performs his duties well. Another question is that his opponents do not want to hear, so they have such an attitude ...
      1. Committee
        Committee 21 June 2012 10: 34
        Lavrov - plus! And endurance and a clear understanding of the problems, and charisma! That would have created in his department a department (wow-secret!) Of psychological struggle, so there would have been no price for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs!
        1. 21 June 2012 11: 28
          Quote: Committee
          Lavrov - plus! And endurance and a clear understanding of the problems, and charisma! That would have created in his department a department (wow-secret!) Of psychological struggle, so there would have been no price for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs!

          Lavrov and Churkin definitely well done! Not every person is able to withstand such pressure.
    3. borisst64
      borisst64 21 June 2012 10: 48
      Quote: Ussuriets
      there are many leverage

      But the main levers are a strong army and navy, and a powerful economy.
  • 21 June 2012 10: 02
    And I also wanted to add. UN observers, in my opinion, have not watched 4 days in Syria and all these 4 days for any mass killings of civilians. What is it for?
    1. baron.nn
      baron.nn 21 June 2012 10: 23
      Initially, it was clear that massacres were a setup! Well, what normal person can give an order to cut the throat of a newborn? And who executed the order, what kind of people are they? You can’t call them people! But then the western public believes these tales ...
    2. Petrucho
      Petrucho 21 June 2012 12: 03
      Konstantin, good day! There is no one to show the corpses now; they will have to come up with some new scheme for freedom fighters. Well, they have good tips, so I think we will see something like that again soon.
  • ___ ___
    ___ ___ 21 June 2012 10: 07
    well, even if there are revolutionary "events" in Syria, they have to figure it out for themselves, but America sensed the weakness of this country and began to poke its big NATO nose where "oil" should not be ... Russia needs to keep tartus at any cost angry
  • Sanches
    Sanches 21 June 2012 10: 19
    if they shout about the Russian troops in Syria, one must not otmazyvatsya, but openly send troops there. Stop making excuses to the beast, you have to save people
  • kasper
    kasper 21 June 2012 10: 25
    The information war is a terrible thing, we are losing it, okay, we always did not like us on the world stage and tried to pour mud, so they also climb into domestic politics, sponsor opposition rallies.
  • Nursultan
    Nursultan 21 June 2012 10: 39
    It is necessary to send the CSTO there in blue helmets
    1. baron.nn
      baron.nn 21 June 2012 11: 03
      And be sure to include the battalion "East" and "West", from which the Georgians scrambled all the way to their capital and beyond! Khan then all the "Insurgents" (and in fact the bandits) !!!
  • vostok
    vostok 21 June 2012 10: 47
    It is necessary to recruit mercenaries throughout Russia, arm them and send them to fight, the West does just that.
    1. anchonsha
      anchonsha 21 June 2012 11: 23
      vosnjk, and you will find money to implement your idea ... If Russia printed its money so freely and without any consequences, as it is done in the USA, then everything would become possible for Russia. But you see, it’s time for the USA to think about its debts. At the last Q 20 summit on US debt, Putin raised a question, and China is worried about this. After all, China is the first holder of US securities.
    2. skiff-xnumx
      skiff-xnumx 21 June 2012 12: 29
      First you need to find a couple of three thugs (in prisons to see who is not a pity, there are a lot of them) of Slavic appearance, dress in the form of our counterpart and brutally kill. To disseminate this fact to foreign media, write off everything to the militants and, under the pretext of protecting our citizens, send troops and calm the opposition. Then you can run through the elections by allowing foreign observers there.
  • StrateG
    StrateG 21 June 2012 10: 54
    Then only go to the bank. We either defend our interests or we lose a strategic point. The risk here is not superfluous, it can be very expensive both for us and for America itself.
  • anchonsha
    anchonsha 21 June 2012 11: 16
    Thank you, Alexey, for a deep analysis of the Syrian, and now the world already, problem. We are losing the information war, as we remain in the minority. But this is not new and the truth will always come out, although here money and selfish motives are just a rod of people. The main thing for Putin is not to succumb to provocations and not to miss the peak of the games of the West and other "friends of Syria" in this region ... We are waiting for your new articles, Alexey !!!
  • AK-74-1
    AK-74-1 21 June 2012 11: 23
    It seems that there are interested players who throw in negative information based on the results of 20 matches. Alexei plus, for his repeated attempts to present an objective analysis of published opinions. In any case, Russia must continue to act in its own interests.
  • Ataturk
    Ataturk 21 June 2012 11: 30
    By God I don’t understand how you can meet Pen-do-sa-mi, when the same ones want us to break up and want us to be in slavery.
    You don’t need to talk to them at all. Let them live in ignorance.
    I would personally be sad to sit at the same table with the killers, with those who, sooner or later, will be punished in harsh form.
  • Cadet787
    Cadet787 21 June 2012 11: 35
    The world is on the verge of irreversible events, and how it ends no one knows
    . The United States made its choice by sending an aircraft carrier to the coast of Syria, the turn for Russia.
  • Helizer
    Helizer 21 June 2012 11: 40
    The West will do nothing to either Syria or Iran. Whoever is seriously planning to fight does not warn about this for 1-2 years and does not remind every day.
  • iv_an
    iv_an 21 June 2012 11: 50
    Syria is a logical continuation of the advancement of American interests to the borders of RUSSIA. Nothing is new under the moon. Let us recall the 19th century and the conflict of interests in the Middle East between RUSSIA and Britain. The uprising in the Caucasus. Local wars with Persia. Russian-Turkish wars and as the apotheosis of the British landing in the Crimea. Britain, like the USA, has no friends, but interests. China has interests. Even Mongolia has interests. And only RUSSIA has “friends” who have their own interests. Therefore, these same “friends”, as soon as their interests allow, RUSSIA is sold. And Bashar al-Assad is no exception. Therefore, RUSSIA must spit amicably on a showdown inside SYRIA, and maintain its interest, namely the last naval base in the Mediterranean Sea. In general, you need to study history and learn from past mistakes. Once again I repeat: "Nothing is new under the moon"
    1. Town Guard
      Town Guard 21 June 2012 12: 21
      Not so simple.
      Quote: iv_an
      And Bashar al-Assad is no exception.

      Despite pragmatism, brains cannot be turned off. There are things that are not for sale or bought. That is, I mean, there are such enemies with whom you cannot negotiate and from which you cannot be bought off. So, B. Asad will not be able to negotiate with the West and it would be rash to change Russia. He knows that the fate of Saddam and Gaddafi awaits him, so what reason is there to betray him to Russia?
      1. iv_an
        iv_an 21 June 2012 12: 30
        Yes, elementary. When did RUSSIA need to recognize Abkhazia and South Ossetia, where was Bashar? Although I know for sure that negotiations on this topic were conducted with him. An uncle from Washington shook his finger at him and he made that decision, which he is now paying for.
    2. Dr.oPaSaYn
      Dr.oPaSaYn 21 June 2012 12: 32
      As the saying goes, history teaches us that it teaches nothing.
      1. iv_an
        iv_an 21 June 2012 12: 39
        History cannot teach or not teach. But we, people, are obliged to learn history, so as not to repeat the same "rake" that has already been stepped on.
  • sprut
    sprut 21 June 2012 12: 02
    Now our civilization is going through the stage of the "Information Age", which leaves its decisive imprint on all events taking place in the world.
  • Stelth
    Stelth 21 June 2012 12: 08
    Great article. Let's imagine for a moment that the world ruling elite has decided to restart the global economy and remove all hotbeds of tension in the world to ensure a happy and peaceful life for the entire population of the Earth. What is needed for this? And quite a bit - 2-3 nuclear-powered ships that have discharged their ammunition into the United States. After that, I agree, there will be a short period of instability, but the whole world will revise the value systems and ensure successful growth and development for many centuries to come. Maybe this is the deep plan of fomenting war and drawing Russia into conflict. I'd like to believe in the great role of Russia in stabilizing the world and developing human values.
  • Diesel
    Diesel 21 June 2012 12: 14

    It is urgent to adapt to the realities of modern wars, otherwise we risk losing this war (
    1. Odessa
      Odessa 21 June 2012 13: 44
      In order for the chicken to close its beak, it must be plucked! It is advisable to point this hen in place so that it does not fly out of the chicken coop, otherwise the `` Russian savages '' will bungle cabbage soup from it!
  • party3AH
    party3AH 21 June 2012 12: 16
    Let's give America pi * dy !!! so as not to relax
    Quote: kos
    Russians in general are best able to make friends and fight. Whatever the American president would prefer to choose from this in the Russian version, it will always be done "heartily and on a grand scale."

    What is true is true.
    1. baron.nn
      baron.nn 21 June 2012 12: 52
      Great words !!!
  • Bort radist
    Bort radist 21 June 2012 13: 50
    Dogs bark - the caravan is coming! I hope we do not flinch! Nowhere to retreat !!!
    And tomorrow, June 22 - "at exactly four o'clock."
    1. ivan7979
      ivan7979 21 June 2012 15: 51
      there’s nuclear weapons now, and then on to the ABM account, let smart guys think how to get around the ABM so that 22.06.1941/XNUMX/XNUMX would not happen again.
  • khoma nickson
    khoma nickson 21 June 2012 14: 24
    In the early 70s, we reached a very expensive price for strategic parity with the United States, but in the advocacy field we could not. And now they are often unconvincing. There is no turmoil in Morocco, no (monarchy) in Jordan, no in the UAE and Saudi Arabia (the same), and Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and Syria have blazed. To find flies would be honey. It is clear when there is a reason - everyone who is not lazy will climb. Most likely, Assad, sooner or later will not stand - the opposition has painfully spun. Papa ate grapes, and his son's teeth are on edge.
    1. AK-74-1
      AK-74-1 21 June 2012 17: 43
      Dear Nikolay! Announce the price please. Just do not have to evaluate in dollars. Appreciate in real estate: tanks, lands (including GSVG), infrastructure, etc. And then name the cost of betrayal.
  • ivan7979
    ivan7979 21 June 2012 14: 56
    the opposition painfully spun.
    Unscrewed from outside according to the nakatonny scenario!
  • RUSmen
    RUSmen 21 June 2012 15: 20
    They are in a fable, barking, and come up, write. They hoped that we would die, and we survived, so their EAGLE and gasped.
  • patriot2
    patriot2 21 June 2012 16: 25
    Alexei Do you think you have to wait?
    I think you need to wait, prepare and clearly monitor the situation using all types of intelligence. To make a decision on the situation - very little time.
  • suharev-52
    suharev-52 21 June 2012 16: 39
    I read the comments. Smiled! But seriously, the guys are more careful, otherwise I look, many have already begun to fight. But I think that all this can be attributed to children's maximalism. With the fact that you can’t surrender Syria, otherwise we will finally lose our face - I agree. GDP is trying to keep the situation from sliding into confrontation, but is it possible ...? Unfortunately, there is a lot of chatter, but there is no serious system analysis. I really hope that nevertheless, our Russia will find the optimal way out of this difficult situation. Sincerely.
    P.S. Thank you so much for the article Alex.
  • scitalets
    scitalets 21 June 2012 17: 13
    States are eagerly trying to impose Muslim governments in the countries of the Middle East in order to then recreate the likeness of the Caliphate. Then push it against the EU (there are already half of the Arabs). The United States at this time will trade in weapons, thereby pushing its death (state collapse) ... IMHO
  • AleksUkr
    AleksUkr 21 June 2012 17: 31
    It’s good to be strategists, seeing the battle from the side. Some of our comrades do it quite well. But life is life. Often it brings such surprises that you are simply amazed. History will judge, but it takes time. Wait and see. In the meantime, life goes on with all its pros and cons.
  • Oleg0705
    Oleg0705 21 June 2012 17: 44

    A wise special operation of trained government troops that they love is able to dunk any underground gangs.
    The experience is shown by the example of Chechnya Libya, Syria and other types of Palestinians in Israel
    Well, rebels can’t practically seize power WITHOUT terror and mass physical support from external forces.
  • lotus04
    lotus04 21 June 2012 19: 27
    Well. The time has finally come when Putin will show his "true face". With Russia he, or someone else. If Russia loses Syria, then they will never return there again.
  • wolverine7778
    wolverine7778 21 June 2012 19: 48
    Putin was reelected, and Obama has yet to do so. Obama, as it were, is asking Putin to bet on him, to give way over Syria or Iran. Obama needs a small victory. At the same time, to give Syria - to give up the arms market, and in Russia there are dozens of single-industry towns feeding from the production of weapons. Give Iran - give the last lever of pressure on the Arabs. And if tomorrow the US Arabs are asked to bring down the price of hydrocarbons to $ 35 (!!!), after purchasing long futures at current prices? Like in the year 86. Then the Russian Federation, and especially Kazakhstan, a full paragraph. what
  • Van
    Van 21 June 2012 21: 11
    Some were worried that it was not possible once again to accuse Russia of unleashing a military campaign on the side of Assad, while others thought that it was Moscow’s latest weakness.

    Russia probably does the right thing, that it does not go on provocation of the Media of hysteria of the West, but what is silent is strategic silence, so that later, at the right moment, kaaaa ... yes
  • maks55
    maks55 21 June 2012 22: 04
    Putin handed over or sold Syria, whoever likes it, but it was only infa that the British deployed a Russian ship carrying missiles and 3 ka-25 (exportk-24) into Syria.
    Russia sold all who it could, all allies, and then it is surprised that they treat it like that.
    There is no army, no fleet, but there are stools and huge accounts abroad with the leadership of Russia, so are they really going to trample against the owners, no.
    What the United States says, Putin will do it.
    And then Aniki-warriors gathered here, they defeated everyone, go to the Caucasus to fight.
    1. Oleg0705
      Oleg0705 21 June 2012 22: 55
      Quote: maks55
      and only infa passed that the British deployed a Russian ship carrying missiles and 3 ka-25 (exportk-24) into Syria.

      Russia, as the heir to the USSR, has an extremely rich experience in delivering weapons to anywhere in the world without restrictions on mass and quantity. And the fact that they deployed some kind of ship, babble, can you hear something about a false target? wink

      Russia sold all who it could, all allies, and then it is surprised that they treat it like that.

      Russia didn’t betray anyone, its former steering Gorbachev Yeltsin, mainly the USSR itself, was predicting Russia, in hell they should burn if he is
    2. 22 June 2012 06: 18
      not bzdi, now in Murmansk they will change the flag to Russian and forward to Syria. Look ...
  • darkman70
    darkman70 21 June 2012 22: 13
    When moving from the North Sea to the Atlantic, the shipowner was informed of the termination of the insurance liability of the vessel to third parties, as well as the requirement of the classification society in which the vessel is located, I recall, having the flag of Curacao, call at any port for inspection. In order to avoid possible detention of the vessel, it was decided to call at the port of Murmansk, where it is expected on Saturday to change the flag to Russian, ”Lukashevich said
  • insomnia
    insomnia 22 June 2012 00: 50
    No, they will trample us from Syria ...
    1. Nickname
      Nickname 22 June 2012 01: 31
      Not! I think we will all be from Syria, Libya.
      Then the Arabs kick in the ass from Yugoslavia ... and the Americans will ask for friendship around the world
  • passmel35
    passmel35 22 June 2012 09: 24
    You will be surprised, but there is a site with data about each of us.
    I generally accidentally found him
    You drive a name, a surname - and it shows you everything that can beat
    (your relatives, friends, phone numbers, well, a lot)
    And most importantly, it is accessible to everyone, I was really scared at first - you never know what moron there will climb
    Well, the truth is that you can remove yourself from the site, there you just need to find yourself, go through registration and delete
  • Sehiru san
    Sehiru san 22 June 2012 10: 51
    Somewhere it was considered (I don’t remember the source) that when democracy was restored, 30 times more citizens were killed in Libya than was put on Blame for Gaddafi (for 40 years of his reign).
    God forbid Syria such a fate. We must have time to arm them in full.
  • Andriuha077
    Andriuha077 22 June 2012 14: 33
    The report of an American journalist and military specialist looks strange. Then he said that these boats are fearless, because there are no intercontinental missiles on them. It remains only to understand why a boat located 200’s nautical miles from the coast has intercontinental ballistic missiles if its full-time P-39 covers the distance to 1500 nautical miles.
    The R-39 solid-fuel missiles with three-stage marching engines used by the D-19 complex are the largest submarine-launched missiles with 10 separate nuclear warheads of 100 kilograms each. Even one such missile can lead to a global catastrophe for the whole country, aboard the 2009 Shark submarine that surfaced in the 941 year, 20 units are conventionally located. Given that there were two boats, the optimistic mood of the American commentator on this event is simply incomprehensible.
    / End of quote /

    Submarine_Project_X_NUMX_ "Shark"
    All 6 built TRPSN:
    711 - Used for testing, Hooray! Hooray! Hooray.
    712 - In 2005, it was divided into scrap metal with the financial support of the USA.
    713 - In 1998, he was expelled from the Navy. July 26 2005 of the year was delivered to Severodvinsk for disposal as part of the Russian-US Joint Threat Reduction program. Disposed of.
    724 - 15.06.2007 the American side signed a disposal contract. July 3 2008 of the year in the docking chamber on the "Zvyozdochka" disposal began.
    725 - Due to the lack of ammunition in 2006, it was withdrawn to the reserve, the crew was reduced.
    727 - Due to the lack of ammunition in 2004, it was withdrawn to the reserve.
    In 2004, the last carriers of these missiles: TK-17 Arkhangelsk and TK-20 Severstal were put into reserve due to the lack of suitable missiles for service [3].

    Whom is the author of the article fooling about?
  • forma2
    forma2 22 June 2012 16: 05
    Media is the field where information wars unfold. Their field is our field, you participate on your own or dragged it is not important.
    Now we need to let the duck go, that in defense of Syria from external invasion, Russia is sending a special contingent equipped with tools to ensure the fulfillment of this mission (air defense systems, helicopters, BMP tanks, armored personnel carriers), without specifics. Print in our media for credibility, Throw misinformation in their media for specifics, and Assad at this time blocks the terrorists and eliminates them.
    1. Andriuha077
      Andriuha077 22 June 2012 16: 20
      Who is the duck recipient?
      Did the USA forget that they paid for recycling specific boat data several years ago?
      Is this article not in our non-American language?
  • Messerschmitt
    Messerschmitt 24 June 2012 02: 11
    Since the authorities decided to keep silent and smile, then you should be patient and wait for the first miscalculation from that side. What this expectation will lead to is another question, but one must also be able to wait. The Mkhatov pause, as theater-goers say, often costs more than a verbose acting tirade ...

    Yes, but for some reason the West always wins in the information war! This must be taken into account, and not be silent!
  • Ohrim
    Ohrim 25 June 2012 11: 45
    Thanks to the author! As always, not in the eyebrow, but in the eye. Well done!