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New lightweight integrated bridge system LIBRIS from Deschamps Company

At the international exhibition of arms Eurosatory-2012, the French defense company Deschamps presents a lightweight integrated bridge navigation system (LIBRIS). The system is mounted on a military truck Renault KERAX with armored cab.

New lightweight integrated bridge system LIBRIS from Deschamps Company

One of the world leaders in the relevant field of the military industry, Deschamps designs, develops, manufactures and markets the most up-to-date solutions in the field of tactical mobility of troops.

LIBRIS is positioned as a “bridge in a box” or “a raft in two boxes” for its floating modification. LIBRIS perfectly meets the requirements of potential buyers from the point of view of the possibility of rapid deployment, if necessary, forcing natural barriers. When the bridge is deployed, its length is 40 feet (12 meters), and it can be used to overcome an 10-meter obstacle by vehicles reaching the 40 load class according to the STANAG MLC (Military Load Class).

To facilitate transportation and deployment on the ground, the LIBRIS system fits into a standard 20-foot container and has a weight of 15,43 tons. The system is transported over rough terrain on any truck equipped with a container manipulator and having a wheel formula 8 XX8 or 6 XX6.

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  1. Tirpitz
    Tirpitz 21 June 2012 12: 02
    To facilitate transportation and deployment in LIBRIS locations, the system fits in a standard 20-foot container and weighs 15,43 tons.
    Modularity is now driving.
    But clubs in containers is a more advanced solution.
  2. Graaf
    Graaf 21 June 2012 15: 09
    I carefully read the article several times, and so did not understand - is he an inflatable?
    Our PMP on KrAZ trucks (in Soviet times, I served in a pontoon regiment) is a hundred times better than this "inflatable mattress". First of all, by the fact that it was possible to assemble a ferry from 3 links and the BMK-150 boat could push it and transport one tank or up to 6 Ural cars with crews and weapons. What can this "mattress" do?
    We blocked the Elba River (width 200 - 400m) (i.e. put a bridge) in 12 minutes. After 13 minutes, we already missed the first equipment technique and also quickly turned the bridge.
    And this is a "mattress" toy.
    Oh well!!! They, the French know better.
    The Germans, Americans (like the modern Chinese) tore their PMP parks from ours. And even tearing off - they did not take into account many errors that were no longer in our second version of PMP-2.
    So they (Germans and Americans) are far from our engineers.
  3. komTMG
    komTMG 21 June 2012 17: 18
    Renault's creepy creepy.
    Transformer pancake.
  4. agent
    agent 2 August 2012 11: 06
    Quote: komTMG
    Renault's creepy creepy.
    Transformer pancake.

    this is done to demoralize the enemy's personnel, and to raise the morale of its personnel, they say, "look what kind of equipment we have, and in an emergency the transformer will come to life"