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60 "Hercules" US Air Force was chained to the ground because of the old propellers

In February, the US Air Force X-NUMX C-60H Hercules aircraft was confined to the ground due to a defect in the propeller blades. According to the press service of the department, the danger of cracking threatened the parts before the 130-th year of release.

According to the US Air Force spokeswoman Anna Stefanek, all but five of the C-130 propellers were replaced and they returned to service. The remaining five are on regular maintenance, during which they will also replace the blades.

In total, in the balance of the US Air Force in 2017, there were 188 Hercules of this type, which means that almost a third fleet The transport aircraft C-130H was disabled for several weeks. In addition to older cars, in aviation There are 110 new C-130Js.

The situation was made public at the hearings in the US Congress, held last Thursday. The Air Force moved to a more thorough work with propeller blades after the KC-130T aircraft crash, which resulted in the death of 2017 sailors and marines in 15. The investigation revealed that the accident was caused by damage to the propeller blade, which had undergone corrosion, unnoticed during scheduled repairs in the 2011 year.

After the accident, the air force commissioned an independent expert group to study the overhaul processes, which resulted in the development of a new 21-stage process.

In January, a senior review panel was convened on 2019, which reviewed the results of the investigation and all actions taken after the crash of KC-130T. According to the Air Force spokesperson, it was discovered that in 23 cases the propeller blades had microcracks. All 23 blades are no longer used.

Almost all of them, except one, were made before 1971 of the year - the year in which the Air Force switched to a different production process.

As soon as the Air Force realized that the propellers produced before 1971 had an increased probability of defect, an order was issued to ban C-130H flights with these blades until the moment of complete removal of these parts from circulation. According to the US Air Force press service, technical services began replacing blades in early February. Most units managed to quickly replace the blades and return the machines to the system.

There are currently no aircraft flying with blades released before 1971.

- said Stefanek.

According to her, the propellers removed were disposed of, but it is unclear whether any of them showed signs of corrosion.

The process of replacing blades on 55 aircraft took about a month. Some “Hercules” C-130H carried out the necessary procedures at the registry airfields, others had to go through the procedure at the repair air base.

According to Anna Stefanek, most of the damaged C-130H were from units of the National Guard, but several of them were operational activities or were in the Air Force reserve. The aircraft were assigned to different units - in some squadrons, replacement of parts was required on one or two machines, in others - on five or six.
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    YOUR 16 March 2019 05: 38
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    1. Olgovich
      Olgovich 16 March 2019 07: 34
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      1. Metallurg_2
        Metallurg_2 16 March 2019 09: 12
        You are not tolerant, dear laughing
    2. zloybond
      zloybond 16 March 2019 11: 00
      for a country producing 50 of the largest Boeings per month, this is a one-day problem. Just stand yourself resting for now. they’ll give me a lift tomorrow, the day after tomorrow they’ll fly.
  2. Hole puncher
    Hole puncher 16 March 2019 05: 45
    Propellers !!! Maybe all the same "propellers"?
    1. aszzz888
      aszzz888 16 March 2019 06: 01
      Puncher (Eugene) Today, 05: 45 NEW
      Propellers !!! Maybe all the same "propellers"?
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  3. Thrifty
    Thrifty 16 March 2019 06: 07
    Yes, we would have their problems! With their budget, and, do not find money for new propellers! !!!!! negative
    1. APASUS
      APASUS 16 March 2019 11: 03
      Quote: Thrifty
      Yes, we would have their problems! With their budget, and, do not find money for new propellers! !!!!! negative

      Yes, everything is normal. Now the media will inflate an elephant from a fly in the media and Congress will allocate so much additional money that someone will also have enough for a "dacha" in California
  4. andrewkor
    andrewkor 16 March 2019 06: 11
    As old as the World, until the thunder strikes a man (in this case, the Americans) does not cross!
  5. Ali Kokand
    Ali Kokand 16 March 2019 07: 11
    The propellers served a minimum of 48 years, a decent term. Sometimes airplanes serve less. There are such loads.
    1. figwam
      figwam 16 March 2019 09: 34
      Quote: Ali Kokand

      Propellers have served a minimum of 48 years

      So we have the AN-22 flies with 50 summer propellers.
  6. Rostislav
    Rostislav 16 March 2019 09: 25
    The correct chain: accident, identification of the cause, elimination of the cause. And done quite quickly.
    1. figwam
      figwam 16 March 2019 10: 10
      Quote: Rostislav
      The correct chain is:

      The correct chain: this is when the screws during the repair of the aircraft are checked by ultrasound, microcracks are detected, the screws are replaced with new ones and everyone remains alive.
      1. Rostislav
        Rostislav 16 March 2019 10: 13
        This is so, you can’t argue.
  7. Lieutenant Senior
    Lieutenant Senior 16 March 2019 15: 57
    Translation - we need more money)))
    The American Defense Ministry is cutting coupons no longer with wagons, but with trains))
  8. RL
    RL 16 March 2019 19: 15
    Tragedies happen.
    The interesting thing about this article is that such events are made public at the hearings of the US Congress and are widely publicized in the US civilian media. This is to ensure that the US electorate can control and ask the government, and in the next election to give a voice to more able ones. Whatever the gang would stay there, those who do not know how to work, but who know how to steal.
  9. bone1
    bone1 16 March 2019 19: 51
    The Yankee Prapeller Can't Make It belay -can send them Carlson for consultation? laughing
  10. Major_Vortex
    Major_Vortex 18 March 2019 00: 09
    To deliver new propellers for 60 Hercules is not a problem in a country that has such an aviation industry as in the current United States. What's the news about? About aging of materials and their loss of mechanical properties from old age? They will supply carbon fiber or more modern alloys (I'm not a specialist in propellers). And in Russia, could you make propellers for an airplane yourself, without purchasing "components"?