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Russian rocket engineers received five unique simulators of promising rocket complexes

Russian rocket engineers received five unique simulators of promising rocket complexesThe Strategic Missile Forces (RVSN) received five promising training simulators for training military personnel for advanced missile systems. This was announced today by ITAR-TASS, the official representative of this type of military captain Sergey Shorin.

In addition, "the creation of the first model of a newer, unparalleled in Russia, simulator for training mechanics-drivers of launchers of the promising Yars missile system is nearing completion, he noted. This simulator will create for the trainee an absolutely realistic visualization system emergency situations in real time.

“Acceptance tests of the prototype will be held in November of this year at the 161 school of the RVSN technicians in the Astrakhan region,” Shorin said. ".

The importance of entering training simulators is explained by the peculiarity of training of rocket engineers. When it is impossible to use military equipment for training purposes, since rocket weapons are constantly on combat alert in combat readiness, training on simulators is an indispensable element in the training of real rocket professionals.

As the official representative of the Strategic Missile Forces noted, during the current year, the missile forces, together with industrial enterprises, are planning to prepare more than 120 training simulators for promising Topol-M and Yars missile systems of mine and mobile bases. "The simulators will be commissioned as a matter of priority in the Tatishchevsky, Teikovsky, Novosibirsk and Kozelsky missile formations," he added.

In particular, as reported earlier at the Strategic Missile Forces, "in the Teikov missile compound (Ivanovskaya ob.) This year it is planned to put into operation more 30 simulators, in Novosibirsk - more 20, in Kozelsky (Kaluga region) - more 10".

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  1. AK-74-1
    AK-74-1 20 June 2012 16: 49
    Great news. Now we have practically everything we need in the Strategic Missile Forces. Inflatable "Poplar", exercise equipment. I hope that soon the equipment on alert will be updated systematically and with increasing quantity and quality.
    1. Neighbor
      Neighbor 20 June 2012 17: 07
      Quote: AK-74-1
      Inflatable "Poplar", exercise equipment.

      Is it Irony or Sarcasm? what
      After all, these are not toys. All of this is vital. And simulators and dummies. And this good is worth - HUGE money.
      Quote: AK-74-1
      there will be an update directly to equipment on combat duty

      Troops of the Strategic Missile Forces - ALWAYS were, are and will be, if not in perfect, then in excellent technical condition and combat readiness. And about the fact that our Rockets are the best, I think, and the children know. laughing
      Because only thanks to them - we are all still alive and living on our land. yes
      1. Armata
        Armata 20 June 2012 18: 41
        Sergey, you're a thousand times right. Our Strategic Rocket Forces is our shield.
      2. AK-74-1
        AK-74-1 20 June 2012 19: 54
        No irony whatsoever. There are not only inflatable "Poplars" and now simulators, but also full-fledged training missile carriers, where instead of a blank, a huge barrel is poured into water. I myself saw in 2010 extinguished forests from them in Mari El during the fires. The cat can confirm. So the Strategic Missile Forces are literally FIRE FATHERLANDS. These guys are worth any thanks. it is thanks to them that the remnants called Russia are a sovereign country.
        I really hope that thanks to them we will not only preserve what is left, but also increase it.
        1. Kolesnikoff.dmitr
          Kolesnikoff.dmitr 20 June 2012 23: 14
          The machine is called a cargo model or training unit, the same MAZ only without equipment and a rocket. 86 cubic meters of water enter the barrel.
      3. 755962
        755962 20 June 2012 22: 41
        Quote: Neighbor
        All of this is vital.

        What would one day say to "partners"
    2. ytqnhfk
      ytqnhfk 20 June 2012 17: 53
      what kind of inflatable? had a dream?
      1. yorik_gagarin
        yorik_gagarin 20 June 2012 18: 57
        Inflatable dummies ..... Purely visually indistinguishable from real ones, and for radars they reflect the same signals as real ones, emit heat like the original. A necessary thing to disguise. At hour x try to figure out where the real ones are and where the linden is.
        1. AK-74-1
          AK-74-1 20 June 2012 19: 56
          Exactly !!! You can’t really tell with 100 meters, but camouflaged real give.
          1. ytqnhfk
            ytqnhfk 21 June 2012 00: 25
            in the article, not a word about dummies, but only about simulators, if it’s the same thing then forgive me!
      2. Kolesnikoff.dmitr
        Kolesnikoff.dmitr 20 June 2012 23: 05
        In the Strategic Missile Forces, this is called the "False Division" simulates the location of the units, camouflage, heat and radio signals. to work out the real machine.
    3. 11 black
      11 black 20 June 2012 18: 51
      gym equipment is certainly good, but I would like to see poplars and yars in such numbers ...
      and as for inflatable complexes, this is a wonderful and very effective thing, since the first nuclear strike in 1 destroys the positions of the Strategic Missile Forces, and such models, coupled with the mobility of our complexes, make it impossible to completely destroy them!
      as a result - the inevitable retaliation laughing
  2. AER_69
    AER_69 20 June 2012 17: 01
    Already wept smile
    Exercise machines would be wherever possible and more.
    1. lewerlin53rus
      lewerlin53rus 20 June 2012 19: 13
      Quote: AER_69
      Already wept

      Come on, don’t cry, baby! We must be glad that our Strategic Rocket Forces will train on simulators, and not on your Yankees idols. laughing
      1. AER_69
        AER_69 24 June 2012 14: 02
        Sorry baby, but they are not my idols. You made a mistake with the address. With what fright did you decide that I was their fan? laughing
  3. broker
    broker 20 June 2012 17: 24
    It is necessary to make and launch more inflatable aircraft carriers into the world ocean; let the people scare swim)
    1. urzul
      urzul 20 June 2012 17: 43
      YES, well, it is much better to conduct large-scale exercises of the Strategic Missile Forces with the simultaneous launch of 30 missiles and wait for the onset of a nuclear winter.
  4. Senzey
    Senzey 20 June 2012 17: 31
    The importance of the arrival of training simulators is explained by the peculiarity of training rocket launchers. If it is impossible to use military equipment for training purposes, since missile weapons are constantly on alert in combat readiness

    Everything is right, it’s one thing to sit on combat duty and engage in theory, it’s another thing to work out on simulators, so to speak, to feel with your hands.
    So simulators are needed, and inflatable ones are to inflate Americans ...

  5. igorek408
    igorek408 20 June 2012 17: 44
    the case was from the years of my service, slightly exceeded the speed of the ensign, heaped poplar (first) in the turn. the wheelbase is incommensurable with a mass of 100 tons you know, 4 cranes could not be lifted by the wheels. In general, God forbid that they study better. In a combat situation, this is not permissible.
    1. Neighbor
      Neighbor 20 June 2012 20: 28
      Quote: igorek408
      4 cranes could not lift on wheels

      Very strange. In general, it seemed to me and as far as I EXACTLY know - it was thought out when creating the complex. Namely - such cases are not uncommon. yes
      And as an exit to the complex, airbags are installed on the sides. The car collapsed, the compressor turned on, the pillows inflated and lifted the unit to the wheels - business for 5 minutes.
      Like airbags in a car. Toko is huge and very durable.
      Brilliant and simple. A kind of pneumatic jack. good
      In general - a feeling - that you are respected - we are here for wassat hold on. laughing what
      1. Kolesnikoff.dmitr
        Kolesnikoff.dmitr 20 June 2012 23: 49
        How many served as mech-water at the APU I have not seen a pillow. Putting an overturned unit weighing 100 tons on wheels with pneumatics is unrealistic. They put it back with the help of special blocks and 5 BATs, a lot is really thought out in the Strategic Missile Forces and accident rate with combat units is a rarity, all incidents are reported.
  6. Vasily79
    Vasily79 20 June 2012 17: 44
    A very necessary thing, especially timely for yars
  7. Ion coaelung
    Ion coaelung 20 June 2012 17: 45
    Quote: SenZey
    and inflatable is to blow the Americans ...
    very well noticed! laughed!
    MILITARY RF 20 June 2012 17: 56
    very good news ..... tezhil in training, easy in battle
  9. itr
    itr 20 June 2012 18: 50
    I don’t see any uniqueness. An ordinary computer toy needs to work out its watches at a training ground, all the more so for mechanics, drivers, diesel fuel tea in Russia
    1. Roman Dmitriev
      Roman Dmitriev 20 June 2012 20: 50
      I do not quite agree with you. Let them first work out on simulators, and then at the training ground you can practice.
      1. itr
        itr 21 June 2012 12: 13
        Listen to you before your first close acquaintance with a woman you need to practice with rubber
  10. Comrade Kurchatov
    Comrade Kurchatov 20 June 2012 19: 48
    Let them study
  11. UAZ Patriot
    UAZ Patriot 20 June 2012 21: 04
    GLORY OF GREAT RUSSIA !!! fellow
  12. cc-20
    cc-20 20 June 2012 21: 08
    The rocket resembles a big fat member. In antiquity, phallic symbols carved something similar from stone. And this one can also spit up a partner, in the literal sense.