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Reflections on the reasons why Hitler came to power in Germany

How did it come about that the Prussian aristocrat Hindenburg, who was scornful of Hitler, ultimately transferred the fate of Germany to the “Bohemian corporal,” as he himself called it? Such a question in his film “The Price of the Presidential Estate” is given by Leonid Mlechin.
According to Mlechin, the reason for such a strange decision for President Hindenburg could be utterly banal. This is money.

The documentary tells that Hindenburg, who was in fact the author of the military failure of Germany in World War I, nevertheless enjoyed great prestige among the military. But on one authority, even in a military environment, when governing a state, you cannot go far. Need everyday hard work, including economic plan. However, in the management of Mr. Hindenburg was not strong. He got into debt and lost his posh estate. But large landowners bought the estate, transferring it to the original owner.

According to historians, Hitler became interested in the situation, demanding from the relatives of the president that he support him in the elections for the post of chancellor. Otherwise, Hitler threatened criminal cases because of financial issues to Hindenburg.

Details about the relationship between Hitler and Hindenburg, including an example stories with the estate of the president, covered in the video. At the same time, some historians believe that the role of Hindenburg in the fact that Hitler was at the top of the power in Germany is still secondary.


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  1. oracul
    oracul 14 March 2019 06: 35
    Why write about anything, or rather, what got into my head about what I am writing.
  2. Moore
    Moore 14 March 2019 06: 47
    According to historians, Hitler became interested in the situation, demanding that the president’s relatives support him in the election as chancellor.

    There, without relatives of Hindenburg, Hitler was doing well.
    The promises made by him (by the way, he fulfilled them on the whole) really pleased the depressed burghers - work, the expulsion of Jews from all forms of public and state life, prosperity through force, revenge, etc.
    1. Mrrr meow
      Mrrr meow 14 March 2019 08: 41
      That's it, that he fulfilled what he promised, and that's the secret of the popularity of any public politician - "promised-fulfilled". In Russia, this principle, however, does not work, here the popularity of a politician does not depend on how much he fulfills his promises (the more promises and the more fantastic the promises the better), the main thing here is to "like", well, unforgettable - "there is nobody else" , "the rest will only get worse", "and so that there is no war."
      1. Fevralsk. Morev
        Fevralsk. Morev April 1 2019 09: 52
        They also say "if someone else is elected instead of Putin, then this other person will abolish old-age pensions."
  3. Barmaleyka
    Barmaleyka 14 March 2019 08: 16
    the article is not what, the title has no relation to the article from the word at all
  4. Jurkovs
    Jurkovs 14 March 2019 08: 18
    Loud title, content not disclosed.
  5. Senior seaman
    Senior seaman 14 March 2019 09: 13
    It's simple, the son of field marshal - Oscar, did what in the new Russia they bashfully call not targeted spending of funds, but it should be theft. Namely: he wasted state money on women, resorts and other elements of the "beautiful life". And there was almost a scandal, to avoid which Hindenburg appointed Aloizyts chancellor. And even then, having received an administrative resource, the Nazis were able to turn around.
    But for our "Leberals" the opportunity to skip the money allocated to support agriculture in Baden-Baden is a "basic democratic value." Well, if, of course, the right politician squandered them. If it’s wrong, it’s corruption.
    1. bober1982
      bober1982 14 March 2019 10: 34
      The current "Leberals" in Baden-Baden did not rest and do not rest, this town was a favorite resting place of the Russian literary bohemia - Gogol, Tolstoy, Dostoevsky and others who drew inspiration from this glorious town.
      1. Sergej1972
        Sergej1972 14 March 2019 13: 50
        And many Soviet leaders there were improving their health.
        1. bober1982
          bober1982 14 March 2019 14: 19
          Thanks to this glorious city, Fedor Mikhailovich wrote his no less glorious novel Player, of course, he "lost" a lot of money in local gambling establishments, playing around the clock.
  6. Koloskov
    Koloskov 14 March 2019 21: 29
    How the liquids overwhelmed this Old, Hitler Goebbess, and so on. All of the same breed.
  7. Mavrikiy
    Mavrikiy 15 March 2019 06: 09
    Yeah. The film is flat. One topic is considered - idyll, money. Money - blackmail - Hitler. The result was nonsense. But in fairness it should be said that a significant event in politics and in the world does not occur in a vacuum. A display in 30 minutes. it's impossible. But at least mention international influence.
    In the Reichstag of Hitler, it was not so much the Germans, but the arrogant Saxons.
  8. Fevralsk. Morev
    Fevralsk. Morev April 1 2019 09: 57
    Hitler really wanted to change the world. This requires power. He took power and did everything to change the world. A dirty allusion to the memorial plaque of Yegor Gaidar, a monument to Yeltsin, Nicholas the Bloody and all the political impotent people who WANTED TO DO SOMETHING, but they did not succeed.