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US special operations forces purchase new sniper rifles

Barrett Firearms Manufacturing from Tennessee received an order worth 49,9 million dollars for the supply of modern sniper rifles to the US Special Operations Command (USSOCOM). The United States Department of Defense confirmed the conclusion of the transaction last Monday.

Information about the contract is not public, the details of the transaction on the number and type of rifles purchased are unknown. Works must be completed by March 2024.

Barrett Firearms Manufacturing - American firearms manufacturer weapons and ammunition. It was founded in 1982 by Ronnie J. Barrett with the sole purpose of creating semi-automatic rifles with cartridges for powerful .50 BMG ammunition (12,7 × 99 mm NATO), which was originally developed for machine guns M2 Browning.

According to several media reports, Barrett Firearms currently offers a rifle MRAD .338 Lapua Magnum caliber for use in USSOCOM. It is based on the improved Barrett 98B design, which has received a number of changes to improve accuracy and ease of use.

MRAD was developed according to the specifications set out by the Special Operations Command in 2009. Then this structure announced its desire to get a new perspective sniper rifle. However, the winner in the competition was Remington msr.

Barrett MRAD is a very flexible system. In addition to the folding butt, the weapon had the opportunity to change the caliber, which is especially important for special forces. Lightweight barrel can be changed in 2 minutes.

To change the caliber is also used quick replacement bolt group and magazine receiver.

The rifle allows the use of 0,338 Lapua Magnum, 0,300 Winchester Magnum, 0,308 Winchester, 0,338 and 0,300 NORMA, 7 mm Remington, .260 Remington and 6,5 mm Creedmore calibers.

The length of the barrel varies from 432 mm to 660 mm. The barrel can be either grooved or weighted.

The accuracy of the system when using special ammunition is 0,5 MOA (minute of arc) at a distance of 1500 meters.

The rifle is in service with Israel, Norway and New Zealand.

In addition to the current contract, Barrett supplies M107 rifles (Barrett M82, standardized by the US military) for the US Army and other countries.

Currently, US forces are using M82A3 and its new version M107.
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  1. Victor_B
    Victor_B 13 March 2019 09: 33 New
    Americans love this thing ...
    Pop through the optics.
    But their guns are really good.
    1. Maz
      Maz 13 March 2019 09: 39 New
      Lobaev’s is no worse, his rifle took a record of 4 km.
      1. Victor_B
        Victor_B 13 March 2019 10: 26 New
        With all due respect to Lobaev, but this is not a combat rifle. Record.
        Similarly, his rivals.
        The article is about a BATTLE military sniper rifle.
        It can be compared with ORSIS, etc.
      2. IL-2
        IL-2 13 March 2019 13: 59 New
        Lobaev has already announced about 6 km in the near future, but he makes mostly amateur weapons. About analogues it is in Tula, Kalashnikov and of course to Promtechnologii.
      3. Korax71
        Korax71 13 March 2019 14: 22 New
        Piece work and a mass-produced sample are two big differences hi it’s not an offense to Mr. Lobaev, but if you look at the profile forums for reviews of his trunk, which they are trying to produce in small batches, then there isn’t much difference, even with serial ones and samples, except for the price. Imported with the same quality are cheaper. Regarding the farthest shot, this is certainly good, but there is no practical benefit, the shooting was fired into the meter-by-meter shield and even the corrections directly issued corrections. As a promotion, very well, from the point of view of practical shooting, the achievement is dubious.
      4. DeusExMachina
        DeusExMachina 13 March 2019 21: 01 New
        Quote: Maz
        Lobaev’s is no worse, his rifle took a record of 4 km.

        And how does this cancel what has been said? Lobaev - well done. But the Americans also make good examples.
        1. Alber
          Alber 14 March 2019 05: 40 New
          Quote: DeusExMachina
          Americans make good samples.

          Prepare another dirty trick ... Or another dirty trick
  2. Cowbra
    Cowbra 13 March 2019 09: 40 New
    They spent on supplying dill and Polish mercenaries in Ukraine - it’s time to fill the zagashnik ...
  3. Evkur
    Evkur 13 March 2019 09: 43 New
    On YouTube there is a vidos where the American Orsis warriors compare m107, so Orsis just did in all respects ... It is logical that the military are unhappy and want better weapons.
    1. Antidote
      Antidote 13 March 2019 10: 35 New
      Orsis cannot provide parameters in large-scale production.
    2. Korax71
      Korax71 13 March 2019 14: 13 New
      It is not correct to compare automatic rifle and boltovik.
  4. bessmertniy
    bessmertniy 13 March 2019 09: 45 New
    The price of the batch is understandable, but how many rifles are in pieces? How much does one cost?
    1. Vlad 63
      Vlad 63 13 March 2019 10: 21 New
      You are so interested in buying these rifles from your taxes. ))) For the US Army, the question of price is not a question. They will buy as much as necessary.
  5. san4es
    san4es 13 March 2019 10: 52 New
    hi ... Barrett Firearms currently offers the .338 Lapua Magnum caliber MRAD rifle for use in USSOCOM. It is based on the improved design of the Barrett 98B
    Currently, US forces are using M82A3 and its new version M107.
    1. Korax71
      Korax71 13 March 2019 14: 24 New
      As always in the subject hi I haven’t seen you in a while drinks
      1. san4es
        san4es 13 March 2019 15: 42 New
        hi Greetings .... I went out to smoke drinks
  6. AAK
    AAK 13 March 2019 10: 54 New
    Alas, in the presence of super-duper record "Orsis" and "Labayevs" our SSOs for some reason very widely use enemy "bolts", especially in the range 1000-1500m (mainly for the caliber / cartridge "paw-magnum")
    1. Chever
      Chever 13 March 2019 20: 54 New
      Quote: AAK

      Alas, in the presence of super-duper record "Orsis" and "Labayevs" our SSOs for some reason very widely use enemy "bolts", especially in the range 1000-1500m (mainly for the caliber / cartridge "paw-magnum")

      Well, Orsises and Labaevs appeared relatively recently, and our specials have been using imported ones for a long time
  7. voyaka uh
    voyaka uh 13 March 2019 12: 24 New
    The Barrett in the Israeli army is praised.
    We were not spoiled by good snipers. They used the M-14 for a long time, converted into sniper ones (I shot it once - I asked my friend in the service), put sights, legs and attachments on the butt on the usual M-16.
    1. Korax71
      Korax71 13 March 2019 14: 30 New
      Well, in the United States kmp, the M14 and M16 are still in service as weapons of the designated Sharp shooter. hi they’re just being finalized by replacing the native barrel with a match barrel, clipping or replacing the trigger, well, match ammunition. All buns for snipers start from the level of the battalion and above well, and all kinds of specialists.
      1. Note 2
        Note 2 13 March 2019 21: 40 New
        Why modify the M 14 when an M 21 sniper rifle has long existed at its base?
        1. Korax71
          Korax71 13 March 2019 22: 14 New
          Because it is still in service with the UCP and the U.S. Navy. Well, plus for her a large number of tuned lodges are produced, heavy trunks of a match class, an adjustable trigger with an effort of descent. M21 more for mabuta lol for ground forces. KMP is a slightly different organization, so they can afford such perversions hi
          1. Note 2
            Note 2 13 March 2019 22: 18 New
            Yes, what nonsense are you saying since seals, or what is still fashionable to call them fur seals, use the M 14 without any tuning, and what else could be a mob for the M 21 when it surpasses the M 14 in manufacturing accuracy?
            1. Korax71
              Korax71 13 March 2019 23: 18 New
              Yeah. M21 is the National Match M14 plus bipods and a glass plastic box, M14 National Match - M14NM (1959) - a sports and target rifle with only single (semi-automatic) shooting mode, served as the basis for the development of sniper options for the US Armed Forces; or still think that they are using m14 arr. 1959 with automatic firing mode? This option was completely removed from the troops until 1969. we go further. SEALs snipers used the M25 during the Gulf War of 1990-91. M25-Developed on the basis of the 10th SFG in Fort Devens rifle-based
              National Match M14 and stock (fiberglass stock) by McMillan, a special piston is used in the gas system with a return spring guide from the m14 nm rifle. When firing the M118lr, ALL of these rifles show a heap of 1-1.04 moa per 100m in a 5-round burst, except for modifications with a 22 "barrel with a modified twist.
              1. Note 2
                Note 2 14 March 2019 12: 23 New
                If you were a little smarter you would know that the first M 21s were created by selecting and finalizing from M 14. Syrian rifles. Learn the story!
                1. Korax71
                  Korax71 14 March 2019 15: 41 New
                  Only in Russian sources such nonsense is written. Even in the foreign Wikipedia it was written that the basis of the m21-modification was m14 nm, which were not removed by horseradish rejection method, because match trunks were already installed from the factory. And yet, yes, exactly in the same place, the main user of the m21-modification is the US ranger force, some units of the national guard. Arm yourself with Google translator and study., because in school, except for Russian obscene, you no longer mastered any language.
  8. bone1
    bone1 13 March 2019 20: 59 New
    What is the article about? -Well, USSOCOM is going to order new rifles, but "the contract is not public, the details of the deal on the number and type of purchased rifles are unknown" -that is, they do not know anything? -So first find out and then chat laughing - and why talk below about the weapons of some firms there? belay
  9. ochakow703
    ochakow703 14 March 2019 16: 22 New
    Why do they need rifles? It’s easier to shoot with a pistol.
  10. Е2 - Е4
    Е2 - Е4 14 March 2019 21: 22 New
    Our RUSSIAN sniper rifles are the best in the world, this is recognized by all experts in the world.