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In the US, testing robots for chemical and radiation protection troops

The US Army is testing the latest robotic system MTRS Inc. Ii. MTRS are medium-sized modular payload robots that can act as a tool to support the troops of the RChN (radiation, chemical, biological and nuclear protection), engineering and sapper units, as well as special forces.

The test check will last at least 8 days. The Army Operational Test Service has developed a test mission for each unit, so that the use of robots is as close as possible to actual operational activities.

According to the controlling officer of the program, by the end of the test units will use different test systems in typical tactical conditions for them, both during the day and at night, which will lead to realistic training units and high quality feedback for developers of logistics .

Since operational testing concerns soldiers and missions of units, testing the quality of robots is intended to ensure that the system is effective in the hands of a fighter and is suitable for the conditions in which they will train and fight

- the officer said.

According to the commander of the 48 th brigade of troops, the RCBN supported the tests, saying that, in his opinion, the new machines are extremely important, opening up new possibilities for the soldiers. After the test phase in the troops is completed, engineering and sapper units will be able to use the MTRS in real operations.

At the moment, engineering and sapper units use TALON II robots. MTRS should replace them. Soldiers will use the new system to detect, identify and neutralize various potentially explosive objects such as IEDs, mines, unexploded ordnance and caches of weapons.

The feedback from the soldiers (both positive and negative) collected during the test will help to make the final decision on the deployment of the system.

MTRS robotic systems are manufactured by Endeavor Robotics. A contract worth $ 158.5 million on 1200 of these machines was signed in 2017. The MTRS is expected to start operating at the end of the summer of 2019. There are at least 7000 robots on the balance sheet of the US military.
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  1. The Sparkle
    The Sparkle 6 March 2019 22: 04
    "(s.) ... After the test phase in the troops is over, engineering and sapper units will be able to use MTRS in real operations ..."

    The Yankees are clearly preparing for war using WMDs.
    1. Starover_Z
      Starover_Z 7 March 2019 01: 11
      Quote: Flame
      The Yankees are clearly preparing for war using WMDs.

      But why ? Such a technique will also be useful in eliminating the consequences of technological disasters.
      So such robots would be useful in the Ministry of Emergency Situations, not only in the Defense Ministry troops. And it turns out that "such a cow" would be useful to us!
      1. The Sparkle
        The Sparkle 7 March 2019 07: 17
        Do you believe in the peacefulness of the "partners" or did you not carefully read the article? They do not write about man-made disasters, but directly say:
        "(s.) ... make sure the system is effective in the hands of the fighter and suitable for the conditions in which they will train and BATTLE ..."!
        1. RL
          RL 7 March 2019 12: 32
          Old wisdom, maybe Biblical: "The Lord says:" He who is near Me is near the fire "fire gives light and warmth, but fire burns and incinerates." etc. This is me for "Ogonyok".
          Peacefulness can be hoped and not believed, but it cannot be denied that any invention can be used both for war (annihilation), and for improving the well-being of the people, and for work, in the event of an emergency. I will not give examples. Themselves, I suppose, not without education ..
  2. poquello
    poquello 6 March 2019 22: 06
    in a smoke break they will fight for them, sports betting - maybe they will throw drugs
  3. Ferusmag
    Ferusmag 6 March 2019 22: 14
    Ahh, so this is where Skripal went ... they will test the robots.

    In general, yes, along the way they are preparing for WMD.
  4. Vladimir_R
    Vladimir_R 7 March 2019 00: 25
    The article is sheer nonsense. The RChBZ robot is a set of "sensors", if we take into account BOV, "biology" and, God forbid, "sabotage poisons" - "Curiosity" will seem like a children's radio-controlled toy; today it is a utopia. The end of the article is a story about a banal mine-clearing robot (transporting an explosive device to a safe distance and / or destroying it by water hammer). As it is customary to write on the Internet: "Ianichegon did not understand." Need to be specific.
  5. bald
    bald 7 March 2019 04: 11
    And how (the developers) will react to the electromagnetic pulse, and not the one that occurs during decay, but a little bit wider.
    1. bald
      bald 7 March 2019 07: 22
      I have been thinking for a long time that I need to open up on this topic. I don’t know how to write articles, but I know and analyze. I must say sorry. And you didn’t get sick of the nonsense at the expense of nuclear weapons!? My generals think what you think. No need to rub that planet n @ c. She will survive. Whatever it was.