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Results of the week. Which tanks are better?

Ukrainian cockroaches in their heads against the Crimean bridge

Rumor has it that a new institute of the Witnesses of the Destruction of the Crimean Bridge is opening at the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. At first, the group of scientists was called the group “Witnesses of the Development of Ukraine”, but it didn’t work out with an abbreviation, or with development, or with something else - in the end they decided to repurpose it.

In the meantime, Ukrainian experts are making phenomenal successes: in just a few months the theses topics have undergone dramatic changes. From “Why it’s fundamentally impossible to build a bridge across the Kerch Strait” to “The Crimean Bridge was not built there”.

To date, Ukrainian scientists have managed to present a whole cluster of outstanding scientific works: from combining remote interferometry with Google maps to detect the movement of bridge supports to studying the angle of inclination of the red mullet in the Kerch Strait area as a collection of evidence that the Khan's bridge ... calculations, including the use of complex numbers, the Lagrange operator and N-dimensional matrices to determine the dependence of the stability of bridge spans on the mean square velocity of the moving I have cockroaches in the minds of experts.

Meanwhile, “Military Review” announces, as it is now fashionable to say, a flash mob: Congratulate the Ukrainian expert on Victory Day with a postcard depicting the Crimean Bridge. Religious experts say it is more effective than an exorcism session.

Comments from our readers:

This is Vladimir Ilyich Ukraine has not created there ...

So this is the biggest tragedy - he can't even try this tooth. Therefore, the complaint - not there set. And if he goes to look at the bridge in person, then he will not be allowed to tame his television anymore.

What prevented the construction of a Bosphorus type tunnel (submerged concrete pipe)

The bridge route is laid with the calculation of the maximum use of the length of. Tuzla and adjacent shallow areas of the Kerch Strait, it is easier to install equipment and drive piles under support on land or in shallow water.

A submerged pipe is impossible due to the insignificant depth of the strait (less than 10m in the fairway, in other areas even less, and the depth of the Bosporus - to 50 m). The height of the tunnel has no effect on shipping). By the way, everything except for one section of the railway bridge has been laid on supports, the access road from the side of Taman is ready, from the side of Kerch works are in full swing.

The phrase "Ukrainian expert" has already become an oxymoron ...

Wait for “Armatu”, just wait ...

Opinions on the "Almaty" and the feasibility of mass production of the main combat tank on its platform are different. Some experts are sure that the more "Armat" in the troops, the better. Others believe that the descent from the assembly line of thousands of T-14s will become one of the stages of an exhausting arms race, which can lead to the same problems and consequences that the Soviet Union once faced.

Does recent practice mean that it is time to launch an ad with voice-over: “This is the Armata T-14 tank. Every day they are becoming less and less in the plans of ministries and departments. Let's save “Armata” together by throwing money to a short number ... ”?

Of course, you can find a way out in the mass production of T-14 for export. In this case, one would think about an effective marketing program: Take twenty “Armat” - C-400 as a gift! Print help cards with the accumulation of bonuses: Three "Armaty" for the price of two. And you can release a full-size designer T-72 with a set of files ... In general, the irony, in fact, with a bitter aftertaste. If “hundreds and thousands” were not originally planned, then why was it necessary to blow? If they were planned, then does this mean that we can really get along with less, and who then is the planner? ..

Comments from our readers:

Let's make 200 Armat, and that's enough? And we, on occasion, will only fight with one of the NATO countries? What kind of nonsense?

Apparently, yes. There will be an honest and noble knightly tournament.

Mother of God! From “2300 Armat” to “save Armat”! For 4 of the year (promises about 2300 T-14 were in 15-th year) such a turn. And despite the fact that the equipment of the ground forces is a priority. The attempts of the “experts” trying to prove that a couple hundred are enough are very ridiculous. For parades and Ponte - yes, that's enough.

Quote: "To save" Armata "could be a large export order."
I propose to sell immediately "NATE". And sit yourself in the Kremlin, picking your nose.

The situation in the sky as a reflection of the situation on earth

By and large, the problems in aviation, which were discussed during the week, is tantamount to or equal to problems in any other field and industry. You can think for a long time and extensively about whether there is a staff turnover or not, but the word “market” will hover over all these thoughts anyway. And therefore, the military romance of the profession of a pilot in any case, no, no, and it will hit the rocks of a market economy.

There are not enough professionals in any field. Someone finished the same market, someone spat on everything himself and leaned, as a well-known political figure said, into business.

The situation was affected, including, and the bazaar-station 90-x, and the subsequent optimization attempts. In one case, universities were covered, in the other - traditional patronage, in the third - “innovative distance education with a set of selected competencies”, in the fourth - if there is a diploma, there is no workplace, in the fifth - if there is a workplace and a diploma - needs that exceed capabilities.

After all, the fact is that it often happens with us: “to the ground, and then ...” That's just how to build it is far from as easy as it was possible to break in due time. Because the echoes will show themselves more than a year or two.

As a result, in a professional sense, those who could rub down all the “hardships and adversities” and, as they say, bent this world under themselves survive.

Comments from our readers:

I generally do not meet the ends. In Chkalovsky, cars are preserved - there is no one to fly, Shoigu mutters about the measures taken, speak of a shortage of schools, and in Balashov cadets are announced that after graduation they are simply kicked from the Air Force - you are too many, look for a job of release. Where are there any spills missing?

I was a railroad worker, the situation is similar. After graduation, half go away immediately, another half of the second half in a few years. There are no places, no salary, no prospects, for there is a caste on top, you will not get there. But while you are working, you need to work for at least three people, as the shortage is enormous. No weekend, no vacation. Well, how so? There is no one to work, there is no place for workers! And I would not say that there is little risk, there is enough of it everywhere, more miners are dying than pilots.

There are no differences in the pilot’s allowance of a type in fighter aircraft (except for the 31 MiG, there is a “ship” and, accordingly, a ship commander and a grid of officers higher, earlier differed in 2 higher).

On this topic...
And 80 thousand rubles is not true ...
1 class pilot, Su-35, major, Far East, (slightly more than 10 years after release) 130-135 000 rub ... well, and all relying benefits (free travel (flight) for family members (1 + 1 ) on vacation, spa provision, etc.)
In the central part of the country, a little smaller ..

Regarding the release from the flight of Krasnodar ... That year (2018) the release amounted to 350 lieutenants (the first such large release in several years) ..

"Skewed" graduates in a big way to transport aircraft .. Balashov ... Why I don’t know why .... On the fighter profile there are only about 70 lieutenants ... The rest of the attack aircraft, long-range ones ... And no one goes anywhere ... If they leave, then in medicine, although now physicians slightly “close” their eyes on many things ... hang a diagnosis according to a "definite" ... medical order and go ahead ... fly for another year, until the next WLC ...).

African Nuclear Powers Club

In Nigeria, they plan to open the Transcontinental Club of Nuclear Powers. In this international association is supposed to take Venezuela, suffering from American oppression.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un will be appointed honorary chairman of the TKYAD. According to some almost accurate rumors, studied by our special correspondent Efim Zabuldyzhny, Comrade Kim has almost given his consent to the chairmanship. According to him, translated from North Korean to West African personally by Zabuldyzhny, "great Africa will not bow to the American puppets and submit to every kind of sanctions-shmanktsyam written by the White House."

- Give us a nuclear bomb in Nigeria! Nigeria is a country of Juche! - proclaimed the leader of the North Korean people and was photographed against the backdrop of palm trees.

(The photo was taken on an invisible matrix by an invisible camera due to the special atomic secrecy.)

The Kenyan Barack Obama, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize and the famous champion of democracy, promised to join the new movement in favor of nuclear weapons and against American oppression around the world.

According to the agent Novice from Washington, whose information seems almost reliable, B.H. Obama sharply criticized D. Trump's policies and "his rich family, who decided to cash in on military forces." The ex-president of the United States declared "republican militaristic and economic terror that swept the planet."

B.H. Obama is ready to join the TKYAD and lead its branch in Kenya. H. Clinton will be the deputy chairman.

According to the future regional chairman, Iran is ready to consider a proposal to create a “dirty bomb” for “fraternal Africa”.

“The agenda of the 21st century,” said B.H. Obama, “is the issue of nuclear peace. Yes, yes, comrades! Once we talked about a nuclear-free world, about disarmament, about folding nuclear programs and sawing rockets with hacksaws on pins. Now time is different. Peace on the planet is possible only nuclear. Who has a nuclear bomb, he lives in the world. That is the reality. The exemplary power in this respect is North Korea. Even Trump, this aggressive Republican, did not dare go in there. But we see a sad example of the replacement of one president by another in Venezuela. Believe me, the picture in this fraternal republic will change dramatically when Nigeria and Kenya put nuclear bombs and missiles there!

With regard to the rapid method of manufacturing nuclear bombs and missiles, the experts still agree on the use of TKYAD fail-safe technology of black magic.

Comments from our readers:

2329 Carpenter
Regarding the security of their country, the thoughts of the Nigerian militarists and patriots on the right and logical path. The example of Fat Man was clear and contagious. Let's see how the Nigerians will deal with this further.

new max
How would the Nigerians experience Libya not repeat with its burden to nuclear weapons and the presence of oil. The United States will be happy. Nigeria is rich and relatively weak without a BRSMD, with weak aircraft. Straight sweet bun for usa.

Nikolay Ivanov_4
The United States has never fought a country whose population is 200 million, and its area is under a million square kilometers (I mean Nigeria). They had washed up with much smaller Vietnam, although 10 had bombed it for years, including hundreds of B-52s (more bombs were dropped on Vietnam than in all of WWII), and nothing. Vietnam won. In Nigeria, there is also a huge jungle population (including irreconcilable Islamic fanatics in the north, who, like in Afghanistan, will never cease to partisan against "shaitan" represented by America). So in this fight for the US victory, I will not give a broken penny (in general, it is impossible to defeat a state with a large, predominantly rural population: Afghanistan is a vivid example, the British, the great USSR, have already broken all teeth about it, now NATO has 14 They did not achieve anything. Just like they blew up state institutions, and sometimes embassies in the center of Kabul, they blew up.

M. Michelson
The gradual proliferation of nuclear weapons around the world - no alternative perspective (due to the simplification of technology). And the main accomplice of this ... NPT! By virtue of its overt discrimination.
No self-respecting power that has the opportunity to acquire nuclear weapons, will not abide by its humiliating conditions. Thus, there will be more and more countries with a bomb, but without any obligations.
The only way out is the Nazarbayev initiative: re-concluding the NPT with recognition of the actual nuclear powers and imposing non-proliferation obligations on them.

HG Wells Strategy

A secret agent and a staff member of the VO in the United States, the KGB colonel. Blow in Solntsedar revealed the secret of the new American military doctrine stored in President Trump's safe.

The author of the doctrine is the chief of staff of the US Air Force David Goldfein. The doctrine is strange at first glance, the name of "The Strategy of HG Wells." However, the document explains this oddity.

David Goldfein, in collaboration with several military men, developed an advanced concept of warfare with the Russians and the Chinese. In his opinion, against such a strategy weapons no, and therefore the Russians and the Chinese will prefer to surrender.

The Chief of Staff of the United States Air Force is ready to introduce a new strategy in the coming year. For this Mr. Trump will have to pay 135 billions of dollars.

Not even all US military forces will participate in the upcoming business. Enough Marine Corps, Navy and Advanced Aviation with F-35. Therefore, the issue price is low.

According to Mr. Goldfein, the new concept solves the issue of the one-time covert penetration of American forces into enemy territory "on land, in the air and at sea."

How will this be done?

According to Goldfein, a team of American physicists and physicians under the guidance of Doctor of Philosophy Griffin recreated not only the invisibility device described in Wells’s novel Invisible Man, but also synthesized a blood bleaching drug. Moreover, the machine has been greatly improved and allows, according to the “Strategy”, to make “completely transparent” everything that gets into its field of operation.

Goldfein writes that the idea of ​​the concept of Wells from the point of view of the military is described as follows: “We are here; we have been here for a long time; we watched you; we know what is happening and we have already penetrated your defense. ”

“This is a fundamental change for us,” he points out. “And if Russia, China or any other enemy on the globe suddenly realized that they were surrounded by invisible army, they would have surrendered without a fight,” the Air Force chief of staff summarized.

Comments from our readers:

When there is no possibility, only wet dreams remain.

All of these kinds of statements by high US military officials are very similar to babbling children in a manger or sandbox.

“If China, Russia or another enemy on the globe had ever seen the F-35 in its airspace, I would gladly send them all messages with two words:“ We are here, not I am here, but we. In this scenario, US special forces are already on your land, and tactical submarines are already in your waters. F-35 is never alone. ”
One would like to add to his opus: "And now we turn to applause, turning into a standing ovation!"
Yes, it is difficult for them to knock out 135 lard greens. Even in such a way one has to raskoryachivatsya ...

If they land in our village "covertly", then there our watchful woman Varya the cursed will meet with a shovel so joyfully that they will give up F-35 and promise to bring them back from America, just to let them go.

Which tanks are better?

The special correspondent of "IN" Ivan Kumar reports from Kashmir that there is no war between India and Pakistan. According to the correspondent, this is a tank test.

“The Indians and Pakistanis,” writes the journalist, “decided to check under conditions as close to real as possible which tanks are better: T-72М1 or T-80UD. There is nothing surprising in that. At first, the planes were compared, now the parties switched to tank maneuvers. ”

The correspondent recalled that Islamabad and New Delhi sent tanks to the border. India is transporting Ajay’s T-72M1 T-80XXNUMX tanks by rail to Jammu and Kashmir. Pakistanis to the border of their T-XNUMHUD Ukrainian production.

According to the journalist, the use of old tanks (T-90 near the border is not noticed) suggests that the Indians and Pakistanis are not going to unleash a major military conflict, especially one where nuclear weapons would be “tested in combat”. In vain experts worry about it.

In addition, as Kumar believes, it’s not the tanks or planes of any side that will win, but friendship will win.

“There is nothing stronger in the world than friendship,” the correspondent believes. “Cities, countries, corporations, and entire civilizations die, and friendship remains the same value.” The people living in trouble with the neighboring nations are happy and thriving. ”

The journalist suggested that the parties swap tanks as a sign of peace and merge the two countries into one by a referendum.

We will inform readers of the results of this initiative.

Comments from our readers:

Well, Pakistan went with trumps, and I do not quite understand the step in response from India ... And where are the numerous T-90 and where are the "Arjuna"?

Tactics exhausting the enemy old ....)))). Joke. With proper training of crews and T-72 - a formidable car!

Or maybe this is a military trick? During the day for the T-72 cameras they bring up, and at night the elite T-90s are driven away to the next jungle. Demonstratively digging trenches and preparing for defense, while in the meantime they themselves are preparing to attack decisively?

Send a batch of cold beer and the one and the other on the border - maybe cool.

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  1. demchuk.ig
    demchuk.ig 3 March 2019 06: 28
    Which of the "Indians" tankers, have all seen at the tank biathlon! It is worth consoling only that the Pakistanis are not better.
    1. izya top
      izya top 3 March 2019 07: 33
      Quote: demchuk.ig
      Which of the "Indians" tankers, have all seen at the tank biathlon! It is worth consoling only that the Pakistanis are not better.

      but how they march feel
      1. Evdokim
        Evdokim 3 March 2019 12: 01
        Quote: izya top
        but how they march

        This is the oldest Indo-Pakistani Martial Art, to march the enemy to death. laughing
      2. NF68
        NF68 3 March 2019 21: 21
        Quote: iza top
        Quote: demchuk.ig
        Which of the "Indians" tankers, have all seen at the tank biathlon! It is worth consoling only that the Pakistanis are not better.

        but how they march feel

        And how songs are sung.
  2. Destiny
    Destiny 3 March 2019 06: 37
    Thank you for the weekly review and, of course, the mood pictures are always uplifting! Hindus and Pakistanis made me worry, but it seemed to work out .. All peace and health! hi
  3. The comment was deleted.
    1. The comment was deleted.
  4. Korsar4
    Korsar4 3 March 2019 07: 48
    There were plans for the "Armata".
    Plans have changed.
    They promise: "You will get married."
    But not everyone waited.
    1. Ross xnumx
      Ross xnumx 3 March 2019 09: 37
      I built plans for “Armata”
      Our supreme commander
      We are two hundred and thirty in the fifth
      Established a landmark.

      Promised a serial release
      In the nineteenth year
      In the meantime, for the parades
      Pieces twelve "on the go"

      There were plans for "Armata",
      Scoring a big bolt on them,
      Management decided
      Old update the Breakthrough.

      And “Armata”, as before -
      The best tank in the world.
      The whole country lives in hope
      He relies on Sberbank.
      1. Russia
        Russia 3 March 2019 10: 29
        Such rhymes only in Ukraine place, as a punishment, but no further. There, you and your ditties will be very happy. wink

        By the way, with the general! It looks like this poetic fountain. Interestingly, here are your pluses the same or something indulging in rhymes? AND.?. wink
        1. Ross xnumx
          Ross xnumx 3 March 2019 12: 16
          Quote: Rusland

          Such rhymes only in Ukraine place, as a punishment, but no further.

          What are you dissatisfied with, young edrosovets? Maybe the facts set forth are my sofa invention? Compare:
          Serial production of T-14 Armata tanks to begin in 2020, the corresponding provision is contained in the State Arms Program for 2018-2027, a source in the country's defense-industrial complex told TASS ...

          We will remind, earlier the general director of the state corporation "Rostec" Sergey Chemezov said that the serial production of "Armata" will begin in 2019. Official information that the timing has been adjusted has not yet been reported ...

          As for the ground forces, it should be noted that by 2025 the T-14 will not become the main tank of the Russian troops, although according to GPV-2020 it was already planned for 2020 produce 2300 units. In 2016, a purchase order was announced. until 2018 100 machines of the "Armata" family, and then they will, apparently, be purchased for 20-30 units. per year (by 2025 in the NE there may be a total of 240-310 units). The most numerous SV tank will remain the modernized T-72B3.

          By the way, the Russian Ministry of Defense made a bet specifically on the T-72B3, which until the appearance of the T-14 Armata will remain the main battle tank. Although the military asked to abandon this modification of the 72-ki in favor of the T-90A, they were not heard.

          Read in full:
          Am I lying somewhere? Have I personally reviewed and shifted production and delivery dates?
          I assume that you are one of those people who immediately believed in the need for pension reform after Putin’s speech. Well, God be your judge. You, and that guarantor, thanks to which all this happens. In particular, the salaries of doctors and teachers in a single city do not increase ... I will not talk about others, so as not to provoke ...
          1. Russia
            Russia 3 March 2019 12: 19
            Quote: ROSS 42
            What are you dissatisfied with, young edrosovets?

            I’ll be older than you, do not flatter yourself. wink Sing on your verses, werewolf. am
          2. Terenin
            Terenin 3 March 2019 14: 48
            Quote: ROSS 42
            ... you are one of those people who immediately believed in the need for pension reform after Putin’s speech ...

            And you, in revenge on Putin V., angry - live a long time.
            1. Russia
              Russia 3 March 2019 15: 01
              Welcome hi One of the young ones, from the early ones, and in the evenings, with portholes, and with a guitar, with girls, sings couplets on a bench. smile
              1. Terenin
                Terenin 3 March 2019 15: 12
                Quote: Rusland
                Welcome hi One of the young ones, from the early ones, and in the evenings, with portholes, and with a guitar, with girls, sings couplets on a bench. smile

                Welcome hi . Listen, you can’t come up with a more flattering characteristic and lifestyle. belay I wish anyone so desired drinks
          3. 16329
            16329 4 March 2019 10: 38
            And you certainly think that all plans for the release of new military equipment and its transfer to the troops should immediately be made publicly available, I’m very happy about this eternal discussion on the site how many were built, how much they ordered, how much they transferred
            Someone is following this, provides links to old informational messages, for such people they constantly call different numbers, etc.
  5. Thrifty
    Thrifty 3 March 2019 07: 57
    It's time for the government to carry out the action "if you want to save Russia, send us money to a short number, only the amount must be long" !!! wassat
    1. Evdokim
      Evdokim 3 March 2019 12: 12
      Quote: Thrifty
      It’s time for the government to hold an action

      "Oljagarh you want to save Russia, and you don't want to go to prison, buy 2-3 Armata !!!" wassat
  6. The comment was deleted.
  7. Lamatinets
    Lamatinets 3 March 2019 09: 28
    Increase the birth rate, but there will be no work for children, because optimization is going on !!! everything and everything (except for the official apparatus) and where will the offspring go? to bloggers?
  8. aszzz888
    aszzz888 3 March 2019 09: 55
    B.H. Obama is ready to join the TKYAD and lead its branch in Kenya. H. Clinton will be the deputy chairman.

    ... and will Redhead be hired? laughing
    1. The comment was deleted.
  9. tank64rus
    tank64rus 3 March 2019 17: 36
    Armata is a nightmare of our "elite". It is 60 billion dollars. exported from Russia in 2018. 160 billion in 2014. Well, the rest of 2015,16, 17 years no less. For this money, it was possible not only to put the Armata into production, but also to re-equip the entire Army with new types of weapons. You can, but here the question begins whose money is Zin? The Supreme Commander talks about new types of strategic weapons, but what about this money that has flown abroad to support the American economy. It is time to end this chaos, and the "elite" must be removed from power before it completely ruined the country.
    1. cniza
      cniza 3 March 2019 18: 27
      Share where you got this information, I'm not worried about the "elite", for myself.
    2. Yarhann
      Yarhann 3 March 2019 19: 30
      and how the money was exported in cash in rubles in KamAZ as the Yanukovosch of Ukraine))))
  10. Astrey
    Astrey 3 March 2019 20: 22
    Quote: Destiny
    it seems to have cost .. All peace and health! hi

    The results are too ironically presented, and there is little positive without jerking. But, the lighting on the VO - as always - is on top! wink
  11. irazum
    irazum 3 March 2019 20: 40
    What kind of nonsense was that? That is, we did this "scribble" in a week? Urgently to the "durka", everyone!
  12. svp67
    svp67 3 March 2019 23: 18
    Which tanks are better?
    The best tanks are those that enter the defeated capital of the enemy, leading their infantry ...

  13. Armata
    Armata 4 March 2019 20: 23
    Think it over. 2 weeks ago, Dad gave me an 3 sample of wheel chocks (for the ignorant, if this cylinder breaks, the self-propelled gun rolls into the tower, and not only does it cripple everyone in its path, it takes the car out of standing for at least 2 weeks). I don’t work in the defense industry, but my conscience remained. I sawed each nickel into approximately 10 mm each and put it in acid (I won’t say the acid composition, but they even etch impurities from gold). After 3 minutes, all the samples yielded results. deep cracks, and if they had gone and to the troops? We have few problems? Answer these questions before sending 200 Armat (a single platform for Russian armored vehicles) if the combat modules are problematic.