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The CVO engineering team replenished with new boats for pontoon parks

A batch of boats for the deployment of pontoon parks arrived in the Central Military District. This "Military Review" was reported in the press service of the district.

The CVO engineering team replenished with new boats for pontoon parks

According to the press release received by VO, a separate engineering team of the Central Military District, stationed in the Republic of Bashkortostan, received the first samples of new generation boats for deploying pontoon crossings. In total, three BMK-MO and BMK-10MT towing motor boats were delivered to the brigade. Compared with the old boats armed with the brigade, the new boats have a number of undeniable advantages, such as the ability to work in shallow water, turn in place, change the thrust vector by 360 degrees and the ability to move the boat, which is pushed with the pontoon in any direction. The latest boats allow you to work with all types of pontoon crossings.

As stated in the command of the engineering brigade, the latest technology will significantly accelerate the installation time of the pontoon bridge on the water, making it easier to collect the pontoon kit.

The BMK-MO towing and motor boat is intended for motorization of pontoon parks of all types. The draft on mooring lines in forward gear is 6,2 ton-force, in reverse - 3,2 ton-force. Universal messenger device allows you to motorize all types of pontoon parks for up to 3 m / s. Mass - 11,26 t. Maximum speed - 23 km / h. Crew - 2 people
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  1. keeper03
    keeper03 25 February 2019 18: 30
    Very necessary special equipment, especially when it is not! good yes soldier
  2. Piramidon
    Piramidon 25 February 2019 18: 58
    Quote: keeper03
    Very necessary special equipment, especially when she is not ! good yes soldier

    It seems that the pontoons did not suffer from the lack of such boats. There is no need to promote "all-prophetic" posts here. What sources did you get that they are not there? They have always been and are in large numbers.

    It’s good that they are being replaced by more advanced ones.
    1. keeper03
      keeper03 25 February 2019 20: 09
      You misunderstood me Pyramidon! hi I mean, if it's not in principle (like about the dagger from "White Sun")! And the fact that we have it is a plus! bully soldier
  3. Yun Klob
    Yun Klob 25 February 2019 19: 10
    Very similar to the wonderful BMK-T
  4. bang bang
    bang bang 25 February 2019 22: 45
    why the military? not the Ministry of Emergencies? .... that, in Bashkiria, the movement of TTs will certainly begin? .....
    1. Paranoid50
      Paranoid50 26 February 2019 00: 31
      Quote: bang bang
      why the military? not the Ministry of Emergencies?. what, in Bashkiria will certainly begin the movement of TT? .....

      belay Hmm ... Okay, by points:
      1. To the military - because they ordered this equipment. yes
      2. Not the Ministry of Emergency Situations - because they did NOT order this equipment. And yes, why the EMERCOM need BMK without a pontoon park? laughing In any case, in the event of any natural "nix" (for example, flooding of territories with disruption of communications), the forces of the Ministry of Defense are also attracted, as a rule, it is the engineering units - remember the recent Bureysky landslide, where it was the engineers-sappers of the Ministry of Defense who worked on the elimination of the consequences.
      3. Nobody even talks about the movements of equipment in Bashkiria - this is just the place of deployment of the engineering department of the Central Military District. If, according to the plan, this equipment was supposed to go to the Central Military District, then it did go there. And nobody canceled the planned replacement of the materiel. yes Something like that.
      1. bang bang
        bang bang 27 February 2019 22: 27
        Alexander hi ... thank you for the answer .... of course, I am far from a pontooner, but I think a little in the logistics of the military system .... GLORY TO GOD that there is no heart and others like him ...... and he taught the mat. . soldier
        1. Paranoid50
          Paranoid50 27 February 2019 22: 41
          Quote: bang bang
          I'm far from a pontooner

          Duc, and I, too, hmm ... from a slightly different "diocese", although Ing. subdivisions (assault pioneers) were present and are present to this day. Moreover, packed ... fellow in short, from the heart.
          Quote: bang bang
          but in the logistics of the military system I’m thinking a bit ..

          Sincerely. soldier
          Quote: bang bang
          Serdyuk no and others like him ..

          He did his job (I’m quite serious), he lives. yes
          Quote: bang bang
          mat.chast taught ..

          On the issue in the comment, I decided that clarification was needed. And yet he gave them. Once again, with respect. hi
  5. Tarasve
    Tarasve 26 February 2019 06: 40
    Quote: bang bang
    .that in Bashkiria will certainly begin the movement of TT?

    This part is not far from Ufa and it is there that the M-5, M-7 roads connect. Orenburg-Perm plus the Trans-Siberian Railway passes there. And everywhere there are bridges across the Kama and Belaya. In case of any surprises, there are some there.
  6. Zlyden.Zlo
    Zlyden.Zlo 27 February 2019 00: 07
    In the army, he dealt with BMK-T ... a normal device ...