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Do you need guest workers of the Russian army?

Do you need guest workers of the Russian army?

Now it is no secret to anyone that Russia is in the so-called demographic hole. Therefore, the spring call, currently underway, is on the verge of failure. Before 15 July, it is planned to put "under the gun" more than 155 thousands of young citizens of the country. According to the available information, more than 30% of potential recruits are recognized by commissions unfit for military service, and 57% of recruits already sent to the troops have limitations on service due to their state of health.

The Ministry of Defense is looking for a way out to fill the shortcomings of the armed forces with private and non-commissioned officers, which is currently about 37%. The defense department sees a fundamental solution to this problem in speeding up the fulfillment of the presidential instruction of the Russian Federation on the transition to the formation of an army on a contract basis.

The idea, perhaps, is not bad, but with the execution it does not matter: young people do not seek to join the ranks of the defenders of the Fatherland. Without eliminating the reasons for the lack of service motivation in the ranks of the Russian army, the problem of lack of professional military personnel cannot be solved either.

For a long time, the defense ministry has been violating its obligations to pay cash allowances to servicemen in full and in full. Despite the measures taken to control the public over the service of conscripts and contract servicemen, the army did not get rid of the presence of non-statutory relations.

The failure of the initiative of the former Minister of Defense, S. Ivanov, to draw into the army citizens of foreign countries, offering them the possibility of obtaining Russian citizenship. The defense ministry's specialists believed that the Russians, who lived on the territory of the countries of the former Soviet Union, as well as Tajiks, Belarusians and Ukrainians, would go to serve in the Russian army in the first place.

In fact, around 300 contract soldiers from the CIS countries serve in the army, which is the maximum result of this idea. Basically, foreigners carry their service on the territory of their states as part of the Russian contingent. Since foreign citizens serve in the ranks of the Russian army, not swearing allegiance to the country, having the duty only to carry out the orders of the commander and abide by the articles of the Constitution, they can be equated to mercenaries. By the way, most of these contractors come from Central Asia.

Even of the most economically unstable countries of the former Union (Ukraine, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus), young people are in no hurry for Russian citizenship. After all, besides the “deferred citizenship”, the Russian side does not offer any benefits to foreigners. You will have to live, at best, in a dormitory or in rented housing (which means you should defer part of your salary to pay). Going home for a vacation is not paid. The family of a foreign legionary is practically deprived of social security.

One more problem. In no country in the world do citizens of this country serve in those units where legionnaires serve under contract (except Israel, where citizens with dual citizenship can serve). According to the head of the Ministry of Defense, the presence of foreigners in the ranks of military units will require constantly to divide the tasks into secret and unclassified.

The sad outcome of this idea was predictable for another reason. Attracting foreigners into the ranks of the army for the possibility of obtaining citizenship is not new, only this "bait" is not enough. The Ministry of Defense pretends not to know that there are a whole range of benefits for foreign legionnaires in other armies of the world: tuition fees, housing, social benefits and family benefits, etc. - the absence of such benefits for Russian contract servicemen from other countries can be written into the baggage of miscalculations of the Russian defense ministry.

The experience of attracting foreign players has been successfully implemented in France, Spain, and the USA. According to experts, they are the most combat-ready units of the armies of these countries.

The Ministry of Defense is also planning, in the likeness of the French Legion, to create combat units that consist entirely of foreign fighters. What comes out of it - we'll see. According to political scientist Yevseyev, Russia lacks resources for this.

Another initiative of the Ministry of Defense (following the example of the American “poor recruitment”) is to draw into the ranks of Russian contract soldiers young people from the provinces of the country, where the economic situation is so complex that it will force them to go and serve in the army for the sake of survival. To this end, the government has increased the payment of "service people" to 25 thousand rubles. The question is whether the young, healthy guys are ready to live in the barracks or in rented apartments (it is unlikely that the sergeants and the rank and file of the Defense Ministry will allocate office apartments). Will the professionally trained, educated citizens of Russia want to prefer the army service to work in commercial societies (even if they move to another region of the country or to another state where these specialists are in demand)?

A military expert, president of the Academy of Geopolitical Problems, General L. Ivashov, believes that currently recruiting professionals into the army is doomed to failure. Sergeants should not be taken from the street, but brought up and raised inside the operating combat units. For any contractor, it is necessary that in his career material benefits be visible for years to come, and the Russian military department is not ready to assume such obligations.

There is a big doubt that the defense ministry will be able to solve the problem of a shortage of qualified personnel by moving to a contract system of army formation. Salaries, even increased, remain at a beggarly level. Housing contractors are not provided. Not regulated working day contract. While in parts the contractors are in the position of conscripts, and their provision leaves much to be desired. For example, in Belarus, contract servicemen receive a much higher salary than in Russia, and they are provided with official housing.

According to analysts, instead of relying on the involvement of migrant workers in the army, it is necessary for their own citizens to create such conditions of service that they consciously and willingly hold positions in the Russian army and on navy.

The geopolitical, economic, demographic situation requires the reform of the country's armed forces. In reality, it will take years to create a mobile, well-armed, efficient Russian army. No one denies that it is necessary to begin with the formation of a well-thought-out legislative framework that allows such a complex mechanism to function with complete dedication as the army of a great state. It is necessary to carry out a lot of organizational measures to create an effective structure of the armed forces, to fill it with highly professional specialists, to modernize and computerize all levels of the military-industrial complex, to increase the level of military scientific developments, to clearly define the material remuneration of contractors, and most importantly, to foster in the younger generation a love for their Fatherland and desire protect her.

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  1. Leisure
    Leisure 18 June 2012 08: 37
    The generals do not have enough domestic slaves. forces will bring in "experienced" builders.
    Taburetkin is still looking for where to get a cheaper army.
    1. yards
      yards 18 June 2012 10: 45
      Thank you for the numbers, they simply shock the unprepared youthful look - a third of the total number are unsuitable for health and more than half of the already dialed have limitations - this is a complete collapse!
      Then what is the Russian army really like now? Are medical units overcrowded with patients and almost no one fulfills elementary physical standards? An army of "kosars" and "slow-witted"?
      You just explain to me - why does a Ukrainian or Belarusian youth need a Russian army - to go to "sunbathe" in Dagestan ?! There are no volunteers.
      Maybe "walk" among the Moscow "golden" youth, maybe there are still "internal" reserves? laughing
      Here you all have American hamburgers and Coca-Cola - as the Russians say: p ... c sneaked up unnoticed, right?
      1. Alexander Petrovich
        Alexander Petrovich 18 June 2012 16: 06
        Listen, liberalist, gay man, I’m asking you a question off-topic. Why are you changing your flags?
      2. cc-20
        cc-20 18 June 2012 21: 52
        They don’t want to serve the urgent, so they are coughing it up, but these "invalids" have driven the well-fed, timid Georgians so that the road is still in the grit. Many of the mowers will gladly go to the professional army, now there is a competition for military schools, like at Moscow State University. But a free slave, would you, a chmudak go? The army is not only conscripts, hundreds of thousands of professionals: pilots, submariners, missilemen are far from slow-witted. So, do not skip too much.
  2. Liberal
    Liberal 18 June 2012 08: 47
    They are afraid of calling on Caucasians, Tajiks and Ukrainians saw this army in a coffin, and Russians are becoming less and less! laughing Go Russia!!
  3. Bronis
    Bronis 18 June 2012 08: 53
    "... instead of betting on recruiting gastro-beaters into the army, it is necessary for our own citizens to create such conditions of service so that they consciously and at will occupy positions in the Russian army and navy" - exactly !!!! Well, we must also understand what we mean by the term "gastrobeiter". If a comrade is from Central Asia with a family living in the same place, then definitely, service is contraindicated for him. Contractors should be "ours". This is due to the specifics of the service and the fact that the training of a good sergeant and even a private is serious money. It makes no sense to disinterestedly train specialists for foreign armies, even the CIS armies.
    At the same time, I can’t believe that the Defense Ministry will be able to build exclusively a contract army - expensive. Therefore, talking about such an army (with its current strength) is populism. Yes and not quite right. Russia is a big country. And at least somehow we need a prepared reserve. It is harmful to completely remove conscripts, q and it is impossible. Contractors are the core of the army, the most trained part of the armed forces. It should be so. And let the specialists select specific proportions, not Taburetkins. And then already 2 officers were reduced a year ago, and now they are recruiting again. Or the Taburetkins were forgiven, or we did not understand the goal ...
    1. vadimus
      vadimus 18 June 2012 10: 09
      You need to attract your own resources. More military-patriotic clubs and generally pay attention to youth, then the result will be ...
      1. Guran96
        Guran96 18 June 2012 11: 39
        It is necessary to develop better DOSAAFs by region and create decent conditions of service. And do not invent something new.
        1. Bronis
          Bronis 18 June 2012 18: 07
          GROWTH-DOSAAFs are in a sad state. There is practically no update even for trucks. About parachuting and airplanes - I am silent.
          But work must also start at school. It is from circles and clubs. It is good that the CWP are going to reintroduce it. The main thing is that his "aunties-OBZh-schnitsy" are not led .. but how to attract more serious people to school is a question
          1. schonia06rus
            schonia06rus 18 June 2012 19: 53
            Quote: vadimus
            You need to attract your own resources.

            Quote: Bronis
            let the experts pick up, not Taburetkin.

            Quote: Bronis
            Need to develop better DOSAAFy

            Quote: Bronis
            But the work needs to start from school.

            and you did not try to change the president of the country?
          2. Yen
            Yen 18 June 2012 19: 59
            I don’t know, our coach got a plane with a parachute from somewhere: D Karoche, I’m a pupil of the military-patriotic club "Peresvet", there are 3 directions in the club, physical training, tour training and RPK (Kadochnikov) ... club (I don’t know the truth, probably because of his old connections he’s Avganets) got a plane for us, parachutes for everyone, and brought a special person to teach us how to fold them correctly ... So I’ve already seen the sky)) And about the article, how Although, my friend has 7 concussions of different severity and a heart from the flush is lost, he was assigned to the Dzerzhinsky regiment ... 0_o He himself told me that he would try to excuse himself, otherwise the skates would be thrown away somewhere ... And on account of the fact that young people do not want to join the army, all of this is a lie. My friend went to enter the Novosibirsk Intelligence School and says “I can't imagine myself without an army.” There are also people who love their homeland. And I personally don't want to be like -not a businessman or an ordinary worker. I'm getting ready now, I want to enter the Marine Corps School b, I'm afraid they won't, Dmitry Sergeevich told me that at one time he entered twice and was not accepted twice, because of two triples, well, I’m like a drummer, physically the same is not a rag. but the opposite is true in thought.
            1. cc-20
              cc-20 18 June 2012 21: 46
              Good luck with your enrollment, Enia.
            2. radikdan79
              radikdan79 18 June 2012 23: 35
              Enya, good luck with your admission! but, unfortunately, people like you are not the majority ...
            3. Yarbay
              Yarbay 19 June 2012 08: 15
              Good luck young man !!
              They will accept !!
    2. radikdan79
      radikdan79 18 June 2012 23: 32
      I completely agree with you. but you yourself see that the current young generation sees completely different values ​​(I don’t want to speak for everyone, but the majority exactly fits this criterion) - money, connections, and so on. there is no patriotism (well, it is not fashionable to develop patriotism nowadays). patriotism is not part of Western democratic values ​​... it's a shame. Russia is a power that has centuries-old traditions (where patriotism was far from last) and falls so low (towards "mercenary") ... there are simply no words ...
      1. Yen
        Yen 19 June 2012 11: 14
        Thank you guys)
  4. patriot2
    patriot2 18 June 2012 09: 00
    If the MO continues to pursue the same policy of recruiting ordinary and sergeant personnel and its movement (training) in reserve, the result is predictable.
    As for foreign contract soldiers, even if you simply adopt the experience of the foreign legion of France, the result will be positive. What the leadership of the Moscow Region lacks is clear to everyone.
    To author +
  5. leon-iv
    leon-iv 18 June 2012 09: 17
    And there were no more yellow sources?
    Let them serve but not more than 1,2 in the department. They will quickly enter Russian society.
  6. Pablomc
    Pablomc 18 June 2012 09: 21
    Quote: Lazer
    Taburetkin is still looking for where to get a cheaper army.

    And how much Putin Putin gave him, so much and is looking for ...
    It reminds me of the situation with our utilities - only Tajiks go to pay for the Moscow janitor.
  7. patriot2
    patriot2 18 June 2012 10: 35
    vadimus, You are right and state support is needed.
  8. antiaircrafter
    antiaircrafter 18 June 2012 10: 51
    Guest workers in the RA are not needed. It is necessary for oneself to create normal conditions.
  9. alebor
    alebor 18 June 2012 11: 02
    The Roman Empire once followed the path of attracting more and more "guest workers" to the army, who over time made up the majority and, ultimately, destroyed the empire.
    1. 13017
      13017 18 June 2012 16: 47
      Ah well done I wanted to write the same thing. When the Thracians began to appear in the Roman army, etc., the collapse of the empire began. The Russian Empire only at the beginning of the collapse. It was already divided into two parts of the Russian Federation and other CIS countries. Second stage: the recruitment of foreign citizens in Armed Forces there it will go further as if it were knurled (see the history of the Roman Empire)
      1. earthling
        earthling 18 June 2012 17: 08
        I can add. Genghis Khan China also handed over mercenaries, because he offered a great price. Without patriotism, the issue of defending the homeland cannot be resolved.
  10. Alex63
    Alex63 18 June 2012 11: 33
    Migrant workers are increasingly entering our lives. So soon they will begin to fertilize our women to increase fertility. Where are we going, men? Absolutely something?
    1. perpetuum_mobile
      perpetuum_mobile 18 June 2012 23: 44
      A holy place is never empty.
  11. alex shnajder
    alex shnajder 18 June 2012 11: 42
    limited contingents are definitely needed!
  12. Aleksey43
    Aleksey43 18 June 2012 11: 47
    As long as in our army a soldier will be treated like a cattle, and officers are considered a white bone and the salaries of officers (not to mention the leadership) from the soldiers will differ at times, we will not see a contract army. A soldier in our army is the most powerless "creature" .. I would like to be wrong, but it is.
    1. leon-iv
      leon-iv 18 June 2012 12: 46
      and on the basis of what was this masterpiece of thought made?
      Have you seen a contractor?
      By your logic, the officer should not receive many times higher than the ordinary contractor?
    2. AIvanA
      AIvanA 19 June 2012 06: 45
      Forgive me, they’re new, they’re wrong, at the present time the soldiers are the same child in the pioneer camp, only n .... longer and the machines are not plastic, excuse me, they serve for a year, they even came up with it, a lot of lotions, the most unfit army was probably for the whole history of Russia. When, and at the expense of the soldier’s lack of rights, you’ve got excited now.
      Probably soon we will come to the army which without toilet paper and for every soldier without a lawyer will not fight, and will not be able to, a sort of Serdyukov brigade.
  13. AIvanA
    AIvanA 18 June 2012 11: 50
    Another incorrect question, we needed it. Guest workers simply cannot work, and such a "delicate" issue as protecting someone else's homeland with a risk to life is absolutely rudeness, especially since the enemy will most likely pay more. In general, what to ask about such questions is time to bring everything back to normal, the army is educated in schools, it is time to curb migration (which the president began to urge, only something too late), drug addiction also needs to be fought, and we must start with distributors, they caught, against the wall, to tempt was not, and so on. And the very formulation of the question could only have occurred to a huckster, well, or to the current Minister of Defense, a well-known lover of everything abroad.
    1. Alex63
      Alex63 18 June 2012 23: 33
      Only for some reason, Putin left this merchant in place. So what Serdyukov does is endorsed and supported by Putin. There will be no positive changes in the country until this top of the Kremlin power is cut down to the root.
      1. AIvanA
        AIvanA 19 June 2012 06: 39
        Of course he does, because the reform in the army, as ordered, hasn’t finished yet, he’ll finish the Toda yes and no. It is evident that the second such comprehensive trader, even surrounded by explosives, is difficult to find.
  14. vostok
    vostok 18 June 2012 12: 04
    I think you can attract foreign citizens to the service, you just need to finalize the program.
  15. leon-iv
    leon-iv 18 June 2012 12: 47
    By the way, the concept of migrant workers is associated with immigrants from Central Asia.
    What, for example, is it bad that Ukrainians and Belarusians will serve us?
    1. radikdan79
      radikdan79 18 June 2012 23: 41
      basically nothing. I am sure that a lot will come from Ukraine and Belarus (especially if the conditions and salary are better than in their countries). and, like, fraternal peoples (nevertheless, we have a lot in common in history).
  16. darkman70
    darkman70 18 June 2012 12: 56
    You can of course create several units from foreign citizens. but it will not solve the problem.
    The main thing is that Russian youth does not want to serve in the army now.
    1. With the help of the pro-Western media, the problem of hazing and "inhuman" conditions in the Russian army is being inflated. As a result, conscripts are simply afraid to join the army.
    2. Children from simple families do not want to go to defend the bourgeois government. Young people do not want to serve instead of the children of wealthy parents and the creative class, who call them cattle.
    3. Modern youth thinks little about defending the Motherland. The years of anti-patriotic propaganda, when the very word "patriot" became a dirty word, does not add to the recruits a feeling of love for the Motherland and the desire to serve the Fatherland.
    If you do not change these three points, then nothing will change.
    As for human resources, there are 25 millions of Russians living outside the borders of the Russian Federation, many of whom stayed abroad not of their own free will. The extortion of at least half of these people would solve the demographic problems at this stage. But this power is not necessary. The current program of resettlement of compatriots is profanity. Over five years, about 60 thousand people were transplanted. It is like a laugh. 1.5 of a million Kazakhs moved to Kazakhstan, where they really attended to the resettlement of the titular nation. At the same time, when you read the statements of Russian officials, you get the impression. that it’s not the Russian Federation that should help the Russians abroad, but rather that the immigrants should help solve the problems of the Russian Federation. And in all these statements there is not a word about the Russian people in general. Nobody needs them. Who will go to defend such a power?
    You can of course recruit an army of Tajiks and Uzbeks, but with the first shot they scatter. Why should they die for Russia? They have their own homeland. During the Great Patriotic War, if less than 50% of Russians remained in the unit, he was sent for reorganization.
    1. viktor_ui
      viktor_ui 18 June 2012 19: 57
      darkman70 - why did you decide that the Uzbeks and Tajiks are useless wars ??? Personal experience ? Share ...
      1. darkman70
        darkman70 18 June 2012 23: 12
        Did I write that they are bad warriors.? Read it again carefully. I wrote that it is one thing to protect the homeland, and another thing to protect a foreign country for money or other preferences. And Tajiks and Uzbeks are taken simply as an example, as a nation, which most of all works in Russia as guest workers.
      2. radikdan79
        radikdan79 18 June 2012 23: 43
        no bad warriors. there is insufficient motivation ...
    2. perpetuum_mobile
      perpetuum_mobile 18 June 2012 23: 35
      And why did you decide that the Uzbeks and Tajiks will run away at the first shot ?? During the Second World War, there were many ethnic military units which, despite the absence of Russians in their composition, fought no worse than other military units.
      1. darkman70
        darkman70 19 June 2012 01: 07
        Read my post above.
        During the Second World War, we had a common country, but now it is not. Forgot?
  17. 7958
    7958 18 June 2012 13: 49
    What a shortage of contract soldiers you are talking about in the military commissariats, there are queues, but our army does not need them because they have to pay. it’s easier to shout at every corner about incompleteness and unwillingness to serve.
  18. here and there
    here and there 18 June 2012 14: 22
    how much does a contractor have to pay so that he would go from the depressed region with an average salary of 10 thousand to serve as a sergeant?
  19. Vyalik
    Vyalik 18 June 2012 14: 29
    leon-iv (1)

    By the way, the concept of migrant workers is associated with immigrants from Central Asia.
    What for example is it bad that Ukrainians and Belarusians will serve us? [/ Quote]

    In order for people from Ukraine and Belarus to go to serve in the Russian army, they need to make an offer that they cannot refuse. And the mythical opportunity to obtain citizenship or something else will not give anything. If amers in the private army receive 1000 dollars, and they are offered to serve for mythical citizenship, who will go to risk their heads for this? Do you know how much it costs to rent a house in Russia? To receive money and give half of it for renting a house, as the cat Matroskin said, "this is too much."
    1. leon-iv
      leon-iv 18 June 2012 14: 53
      why pay them as our contract soldiers and everything at the double basses right now ok 30 cr
      I think in Ukraine there are many who want to serve.
  20. 7958
    7958 18 June 2012 14: 30
    In our region, with an average salary of 15 tr there is no shortage of people who want to do this because of a certain stability of the possibility of distance learning during the service, etc. But at the moment the signing of contracts has been banned until September, which is why it is unclear most likely with financing.
    1. leon-iv
      leon-iv 18 June 2012 14: 55
      no it is connected with the call. And the learning cycle is one.
  21. makarich26
    makarich26 18 June 2012 14: 34
    Quote: Aleksey43
    While in our army the soldiers will be treated like cattle

    In our army, officers are sometimes treated like cattle.
  22. SIT
    SIT 18 June 2012 15: 22
    If you take everyone in a row, the majority will still be from Central Asia simply because there are more of them. Who will test them for belonging to radical Islam? If this test is not done, it may happen that we not only launch the 5th column to ourselves, but also arm and train it. Maybe it’s easier to immediately circumcise, learn the sutras and accept the Ayatollah, which we will be appointed?
    1. leon-iv
      leon-iv 18 June 2012 15: 51
      and military counterintelligence for what?
      And education through the team?
    2. Follow us
      Follow us 18 June 2012 16: 22
      Quote: SIT
      Who will test them for belonging to radical Islam?

      A good piece of pork for lunch will shield our army of similar comrades smile
      1. leon-iv
        leon-iv 18 June 2012 16: 27
        oh well at the field exits and pork sharpen only the way))))
        1. Follow us
          Follow us 19 June 2012 08: 53
          So it’s not radical.
          Well, hunger is not aunt. I remember that in our company of the construction battalion, the Central Asian guys did not break for long, a week later they cracked the pork stew, only it squealed behind the ears! :)
  23. earthling
    earthling 18 June 2012 16: 14
    What the hell .. then sharply reduce the number of contractors.
  24. sergey261180
    sergey261180 18 June 2012 17: 53
    Guest workers are needed primarily by "our" elite. She enriches herself on them. Reduces the average salary. He does everything to avoid paying the Russians. If you make a salary of 50000 rubles a month, you need only $ 20 billion a year to pay a million-strong army. The RF budget for 2012 is $ 400 billion. The whole elite is saturated with the idea of ​​wanking the Russian people. She doesn't like him. Gogol also wrote about this.
  25. mark021105
    mark021105 18 June 2012 18: 22
    All this is the result of the collapse of the public education system, in which physical education occupied a certain place. I think everyone remembers that physical education in the old days was not just a thing for show, the rules of the TRP surrendered. And all this, in combination with the lessons of History, NVP, Literature, etc., was aimed at military-patriotic education from childhood. Each school had free clubs and sports sections. And now we can’t even provide a millionth army with a normal draft.
  26. Alexey Prikazchikov
    Alexey Prikazchikov 18 June 2012 19: 03
    A non-citizen will not die for a foreign country, so drive all pissed rags out of there.
  27. Cadet787
    Cadet787 18 June 2012 19: 44
    As long as the army does not have a clear program for the construction of the armed forces and a trained leadership, there will continue to be shyness from conscripts to contract soldiers and vice versa.
  28. Afftar
    Afftar 18 June 2012 20: 09
    Quote: "It is planned to put more than 15 young citizens of the country under arms by July 155".

    As many as 155 people ... Let it be 155 - 37% = 98 people? It's mine, it's okay. ;)

    But in general, for your Moscow Region, it will be cheaper to go exactly by way of guestbasing than to create conditions for your own. Perhaps it will be much cheaper. Ches. saying it was funny to read that if such mercenary contractors are to serve, they will have to divide the operations into secret and non-secret. And who says that? Minister of Defense! What are some of the secret tasks of the modern army of the Russian Federation? Yo mine, full of laughter ...
  29. cord
    cord 18 June 2012 21: 21
    And they want to increase the retirement age and the draft age, and now they also want migrant workers ... But there is only one clue - the demographic problem is becoming more acute and already now many units are not fully staffed. Here, there would be an active resettlement of Russians and other Slavs from other countries, because all these increases in age are only consequences of the extinction of the population, to give an easier option for obtaining Ross. citizenship, but ... And things are still there. And the adherents of stability are increasingly straining the remnants of their brains in their fat-swollen skull on the subject of "where else can I get people to get more and cheaper?"

    The RF Ministry of Health and Social Development has increased quotas for attracting foreign workers to Russia. The corresponding order is posted on the agency's website; it entered into force after being published in Rossiyskaya Gazeta on April 11.
    According to the document, the quota for attracting migrants in 2012 in the Central Federal District will increase from 424,8 to 444,7 thousand people. The limit for the Southern Federal District will be 121,6 against 96,7 thousand, for the Volga - 135,4 against 133,1 thousand, for the Ural - 145,6 thousand (will not change), for the Siberian - 109,6 against 109 thousand, for the Far East - 111,6 against 109,8 thousand people.
    Thus, in 2012, almost 150 people will be attracted to six of the seven federal districts more than previously planned. The quota for attracting foreigners to Moscow will increase from 136 to 150 thousand. The reserve for the entry of workers from abroad as a whole in Russia will amount to 428 thousand against 477,8.
    According to RIA Novosti, the quota for attracting foreign labor in 2012 in the whole country amounted to 1,746 million people, which is eight thousand less than in 2011 - 1,754 million.
    According to the Federal Migration Service, more than nine million foreign workers are currently working in Russia. At the beginning of last year, the head of the Federal Migration Service of Russia Konstantin Romodanovsky proposed abolishing quotas for attracting foreign labor.
    Many politicians, public figures and FMS officials noted that the number of labor migrants from the CIS countries entering Russia is several times higher than the established quotas. The system of restrictions implies that the regions send applications to the Ministry of Health and Social Development for a certain number of work permits for foreigners, focusing on the needs of local businesses. The Ministry approves applications for quotas. The FMS, in turn, does not issue work permits in excess of quotas. But many migrants neglect the need to obtain these permits.

    It turns out that the money from the sale of oil and gas is not capable of miraculously creating a modern infrastructure, providing modern technologies and raising the standard of living! Well, you must! However, the main thing is stability, isn't it, sweat ?! This is probably why the smelly ideologue of this fetid swamp of stability lives in a different world, drives on the roads without traffic jams, does not face the dominance of guest workers, does not receive a bottle of champagne in the box, fragments of shells from an exploded warehouse will not reach him, his house will not burn the time of the next forest fire, and he himself receives vigorous reports from his sycophants who are building "Potemkin villages". A recent, but very revealing example, an excerpt from the meeting of his moronic sidekick clown with an iPhone and a protege in the Kamchatka Territory. small but very informative:

    DMITRY MEDVEDEV: How much does the teacher get now?

    V. ILYUKHIN: Today, the salary of a teacher is 41 thousand on average.

    DMITRY MEDVEDEV: What is the average salary now?

    V. Ilyukhin: The average salary is 39 thousand now.

    DMITRY MEDVEDEV: That is, it is slightly more than average. Actually, this is the indicator that we planned to reach.

    And at the same time, in the country endlessly rising from its knees, research institutes continue to go bankrupt. This is how, for example, the Research Institute of Artificial Minerals looks like, which is, I quote, "the leading organization in Russia for growing monocrystals by the hydrothermal method"

    As you can see, the world of stability is slightly different from the real one.
  30. radikdan79
    radikdan79 18 June 2012 23: 22
    maybe late, but still give my opinion. during the existence of the Soviet Union (I mean the pre-perestroika times) it was like this - since I did not serve in the army, it means that something is wrong with you (either sick, or lame, or something else). in the days of "independent Ukraine" (when I served in 1998-1999) everything changed in the opposite way - if I served, it means sick, lame or poor ... (although, to be honest, I went to the army precisely because I think that every young a person should at least have an idea of ​​how to protect his family, his homeland in the event of external aggression.This is how I was brought up ...)
    I don't know how it is now in Russia, but in Ukraine there is simply no army as such (well, there is not enough money for the army ...) and this is sad. Therefore, I say that if there is an opportunity (funds, laws, etc.) to recruit foreign specialists for the service of the state (and it does not matter whether he is a doctor or a military man ...), then I am only FOR (well, what can I do if in my native fatherland of patriots less and less). let the "mercenaries" stand up for the Motherland at least (although I repeat - really a shame for the power...)
  31. Brummbar
    Brummbar 19 June 2012 06: 27
    Need a law prohibiting the adoption of public service and governing posts in the state. companies and state enterprises that did not serve in the army.
    1. Andrey77
      Andrey77 25 June 2012 14: 31
      And even better - 25 years of soldiers, as in the Russian army. Why trifle.