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Saudi Arabia is ready to buy 800 tanks from Germany

Saudi Arabia intends to purchase from Germany from 600 to 800 military tanks Leopard 2, writes the German newspaper Bild am Sonntag. Earlier it was about the purchase of 300 tanks. The choice of Saudi Arabia fell on the German manufacturer, because unlike the Americans, who intended to sell M1 Abrams tanks, the Germans committed themselves to adapt the tanks to desert conditions.

In 2011, the German government decided to sell tanks against the protests of the left and green. Both parties believed that Germany should not supply weapons to crisis regions for dictatorial regimes.

According to Bild am Sonntag, the increase in tank sales is not supported by the administration of the Chancellor, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Defense. The increase in volumes is favored by the Ministry of Economy, which is confident that the contract with Saudi Arabia will ensure the future of the concerns of Krauss-Maffei Wegman and Rheinmetall - manufacturers of Leopard 2 tanks.

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  1. Armata
    Armata 18 June 2012 07: 41
    Interesting Germans orders. This means even if the chancellor is against the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the economists say it should and will. Now it’s clear who is at the helm in Germany
    1. Svistoplyaskov
      Svistoplyaskov 18 June 2012 07: 51
      No chancellor will refuse a contract worth 10 billion euros!
      Moreover, this contract may become the largest military deal ever concluded for the supply of German military equipment for export.
      1. Armata
        Armata 18 June 2012 08: 03
        That's just the point that there is a window dressing. The Chancellor understands that the supply of equipment to the Middle East will not like GDP, so he is bending in front of him like against, and she herself has already beaten her hands behind her back, it's such a weld to finance.
        1. 755962
          755962 18 June 2012 09: 48
          The German economy is already a locomotive for the whole of Europe. It is most likely a political decision. The Saudis thus push their foreheads against the interests of GDP and Merkel.
          1. Armata
            Armata 18 June 2012 10: 02
            Let's see the priorities of Germany. With whom is it profitable to cooperate. With GDP or with the Saudis. You can't sit on 2 chairs.
      2. Kars
        Kars 18 June 2012 10: 13
        Gurkh Khan has a very interesting blog post.
        And so this is a purely political gesture.
        Gur Khan: how not to recall the super successful operation of the US and Saudi Arabian intelligence agencies several years ago. If someone else does not know: in the early 2000s, Iran, despite the fact that, according to the agreements of the 90s "Chernomyrdin-Gor", we already "threw" him once with the supply of tanks, again turned to the Russian leadership with a proposal to the acquisition of a large batch of T-90S tanks (also about 800 units), in the hope that the outwardly tough President Putin will not go to the backstage deals with the United States. However, the Iranians were mistaken! For soon, Saudi Arabia and the United States standing behind it made Russia such a "sweet" offer that our officials (and especially the military), simply by definition, "could not refuse." Briefly, its essence was a deal - Russia should refuse to sell tanks and licenses to Iran, and in response, Saudi Arabia announced its readiness to acquire a full-fledged tank division in Russia (tanks, artillery, command, communications, support, etc.). complete set), moreover, an option was proposed according to which the maintenance of all this equipment will be carried out by Russian military specialists. Local military should only deal directly with exploitation. Thus, a pleasant prospect loomed in the minds of the Russian generals to have a "Krasnomorsk military district" with all possible bonuses in the form of "business trips" at public expense, etc. etc. Something about this case broke into the press in the 2009 year - at the same time the amount of the transaction was announced - something about 2 billion. dollars. However, there was a small reservation on the part of the Saudis - a "tender" and the corresponding evaluation tests of equipment, the transfer of information about it should have taken place first. The enticement, as we see, was top-notch and we "took a bite" on it, disregarding our own strategic interests, disregarding (again) the interests of neighboring Iran. Bottom line: we leaked a lot of information about our technology and promising developments, tested the T-90C tank, and unexpectedly for both ourselves and the Saudis, it showed excellent results - all this info remained with the Saudis and, in addition, immediately went into USA. It would seem that it is necessary to sign the "papers" too, but this did not happen. There were many reasons to wrap up the results of the "tender". Nikolai Dimidyuk, the director for "special assignments" of Rosoboronexport, used to say at the 2011 Aydex: "... and then politics began." The Saudis not only did not buy our "division" as a whole, but also refused to buy the T-90S at all. And then information began to appear that Saudi Arabia was buying the German "Leopard", which was not even sideways to the aforementioned "tender". The number was called in 200, then in 300 machines. Now it has grown to 800. Well... Germans should be congratulated, but ours just as well - there will be science for the future! And then they forgot the principle: "Don't dig a hole for someone else - you will fall into it yourself" - and so it happened - we "threw" Iran, the Saudis "threw" us. There is another good principle. The principle that is followed in most countries: "There are no friends, but there are interests" - Russia, like a notorious teenager, constantly tries to look for "friends" on the world political Olympus, "surrendering" to this friendship without a trace, forgetting about its own national interests, betraying true friends and allies.

        And in the photo Leo Axnumx
        but I think it’s not less than A6-A5
        1. yards
          yards 18 June 2012 10: 27
          we are talking exclusively about the modification of the A7 + and the most modern ammunition for the gun, this is the whole problem for the Jewish lobby in Germany laughing
          Regarding the "scam" of the Russians by the United States and Saudi Arabia, this is not surprising, it was and will continue
          If the contract is nevertheless concluded, it will be a serious victory for Krauss-Muffei and the armored industry of Germany as a whole, the Saudis are very generous buyers and most importantly, they pay in dollars, but not underpants or socks laughing Or, like Chavez, they buy Russian weapons with Russian loans, and this is a country with a lot of petrodollars! In a civilized world, it is customary to pay with real money.
          1. Kars
            Kars 18 June 2012 10: 54
            Quote: yardie
            it is exclusively a modification of the A7 +

            Quote: yardie
            If the contract is nevertheless concluded, it will be a serious victory for Krauss-Maffei and the armored industry of Germany as a whole,

            If not to say that just a chance of survival ---
            Quote: yardie
            In a civilized world, it is customary to pay with real money.

            The United States uses exactly the same methods to sell its used and even simply presents.
            1. cool.cube2012
              cool.cube2012 18 June 2012 11: 34
              Once again, the Americans, like suckers, have divorced this corrupt power. They will go for all conditions for a banana.
        2. saturn.mmm
          saturn.mmm 18 June 2012 13: 19
          Quote: Kars
          There is one more good principle. The principle that is followed in most countries: "There are no friends, but there are interests" - Russia, like a notorious teenager, constantly tries to look for "friends" on the world political Olympus, "surrendering" to this friendship without a trace, forgetting about its own national interests, betraying true friends and allies.

          Well, if we assume that Belarus or Armenia can deliver tanks to Iran, then it’s not like such notorious teenagers.
          But what surprised me here is that the Americans gave this niche to Germany (for me it is very strange, apparently some kind of global shifts are brewing). I’m more often visited by the thought of whether the Americans were going to drain their dollar.
          1. Katran
            Katran 18 June 2012 16: 25
            It’s just that Germany is very cool about the idea of ​​a NATO war in the Middle East, well, attacks have a lever of pressure.
    2. wolverine7778
      wolverine7778 18 June 2012 12: 10
      Who cares who steers, the most important useful thing to Vaterland, besides the diversification of military supplies not only from the USA, but also from other Western countries, it’s always good yes
  2. Edge_kmv
    Edge_kmv 18 June 2012 07: 45
    The Saudis finally realized that the abrams crap laughing . We decided to buy a normal tank
  3. volcano
    volcano 18 June 2012 07: 48
    Well, the intentions of Saudi Arabia is still an intention, not a contract.
    I hope this does not happen.
    Any strengthening of the Saudis is bad for Russia, as historically it has turned out that we support the other side (the same Syria, Iran), and from 600 to 800 leopards, whatever you may say, strengthening.
    Let's hope for the Germans
    1. oper66
      oper66 18 June 2012 07: 55
      The Fritzs will sell, they will sell and repair - economically, they will benefit not only from the sale but also from the capture of the arms market - and if there is a war they will be even better, more work — well, the Chancellor is against it only from the outside, but inside with two hands.
      the only bad thing is that if there are such massive deliveries of weapons, there will be no peace in the Maghreb — unless you redirect the Saudis to the Jews, I like it — they will destroy Israel — there will be peace in the Middle East. But it seems to me that in this way NATO is carrying out weapons of illegal armed groups in Syria - tanks sold supposedly to the Saudis will be transferred to the bandits and the West has nothing to do with
      1. scientist cat
        scientist cat 18 June 2012 10: 23
        There will be no peace in the Maghreb, unless you redirect the Saudis to the Jews. I like it - Israel will destroy - there will be peace in the Middle East.

        If you believe that with the destruction of Israel in the Middle East there will come a general peace, then you are deeply mistaken.
        It is today the Muslim countries in the BV that are united in the struggle against Israel, but there are many conflicts between them that are not leveled against the background of a common enemy.
        If there were no Israel, then religious wars between Shiites and Sunnis would take place in the region, along with other peoples living in the region - such as Alawites, Arabs - Christians, Druze, etc.
        In addition, a conflict between the Arab countries and the Turks, who dream of the revival of the Ottoman Empire, in the territories of modern Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Egypt, would be possible.
    2. hrych
      hrych 18 June 2012 08: 44
      Colleague, the previous king had one of the wives of an Adyghe, whom Yermolov had deported. So, here they drew maps, where the great Adygea was a part of Krasnodar, Stavropol and all North Caucasian districts. Accordingly, money was poured down to the militants, emissaries were sent, etc. The king is dead, the new king in the Caucasus FSUs., But the showdown began in the Arab world, Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Syria, apparently the current monarch decided to become the new Arab Caliph. And the fact that it is the "leopard", it is diesel, it works fine in the sands, and the "Abrahams" are gas turbine, sucks the air like a steam locomotive, the filter cuts out in 20 minutes, and costs about 4 thousand wrote it.
    3. Dart weyder
      Dart weyder 18 June 2012 08: 45
      gain, but until they are delivered - more than one year will pass laughing and while the Arabs learn!? or they will be killed, it will also take time ....
  4. Sakhalininsk
    Sakhalininsk 18 June 2012 07: 53
    600-800 Leopards 2 is a serious force, even in the hands of such warriors Arabs.
  5. Vanek
    Vanek 18 June 2012 08: 02
    800 tanks will occupy approximately 75% of the total area of ​​Arabia itself.

    Hello to everyone.
  6. maksim
    maksim 18 June 2012 08: 02
    when it smells of a big contract and money, how can you really listen to someone’s opinions, first money and then everything else, life in Europe rises in price and everyone wants to eat
  7. 77bor1973
    77bor1973 18 June 2012 08: 09
    Strange, the Saudis, like the French, somehow bought "Leclerc"! Probably not like it!
    1. Kars
      Kars 18 June 2012 10: 15
      United Arab Emirates - 388 Tanks
  8. Yoshkin Kot
    Yoshkin Kot 18 June 2012 08: 20
    n-dya, they were not sickly going to buy but 800 tanks, to do more than one year, and there, like Khoja Nasredin’s,
  9. Vadim
    Vadim 18 June 2012 08: 22
    Where are they so much salt something?
    1. Ataturk
      18 June 2012 16: 30
      Quote: Vadim

      Where are they so much salt something?

      A tank is an offensive weapon. Along the way, they want to occupy someone.
  10. Vasily79
    Vasily79 18 June 2012 08: 42
    Yes, we developed an RPG-32 "Hashim" grenade launcher for them, and let's drive them to the Syrians. Expensive scrap will work.
  11. cobra66
    cobra66 18 June 2012 08: 57
    Germany needs money to pull Europe out of the crisis that's trying to make money
  12. Kaa
    Kaa 18 June 2012 09: 07
    Considering how the Saudis are sorted out by tanks of different countries, a thought arises, is it not easier for them to adapt the desert for tanks, because Leclerc, Abrams, now Leopard, once looked at ours. It's like in a joke than breaking a brothel, is it better to change the girls?
  13. understudy
    understudy 18 June 2012 09: 24
    Why the hell so much? Only for resale ... I don’t see other reasons for such a large-scale contract.
    1. hrych
      hrych 18 June 2012 09: 27
      The largest Arab countries are destabilized, the time comes to occupy them, for this you need a lot of tanks.
    2. FiremanRS
      FiremanRS 18 June 2012 09: 29
      I agree with you. They themselves have so many tanks, well, just not to live. But let’s say to the Syrian rebels that they could normally fight against the government ....
      1. Dimka off
        Dimka off 18 June 2012 10: 55
        I join. In BV, the situation is critical and therefore, it seems to me, these tanks are buying it. After all, you need to fight with something. So we decided to buy.
    3. aksakal
      aksakal 18 June 2012 11: 34
      Quote: Understudy
      Why the hell so much? Only for resale ... I don’t see other reasons for such a large-scale contract.
      - And another question - who will fight them? The Arabs themselves? There are few of them in Saudi Arabia. Rzhuinimagu laughing laughing laughing Sheikh pampered by the luxuries at the helm of a tank under enemy fire laughing laughing And the packs and Indians, of which there are many in Saudi Arabia and on which, frankly, if not the entire economy, then surely the entire service sector and the manufacturing sector of this country rest on, agree to plow for a penny on the Saudis, but heroically die for them to solve the geopolitical tasks of the Saudis - This is unlikely. So the question remains open - who will be put in these tanks, and in such quantity?
      1. wolverine7778
        wolverine7778 18 June 2012 12: 38
        Aksakal You completely lowered the Saudis below the baseboard. There is more than enough human material in Saudi Arabia to replenish the same number of tanks. The Saudis keep the army in good shape, replenishing with fresh military equipment and weapons, they still have not forgotten how they successfully defeated the Yemeni rebels in 2009 and crushed the Shiite rebellion in Bahrain in 2011 year. In addition, they are looking to the future, what will happen to Iran, and here they are preparing again to suppress Shiites in any other Arab country what
      2. PSih2097
        PSih2097 18 June 2012 14: 04
        From Wiki - Saudi Land Forces:
        Population: 80 thousand people Combat composition: 10 brigades (4 armored (3 tanks. Battalions, mechanized battles., Reconnaissance battles, anti-tank battles., Artillery and air defense divisions), 5 mechanized (3 mechanized battles., 1 tank. Batt., Batt. support, artillery and air defense divisions), 1 airborne assault force (2 parachute battalions, 3 special forces companies)), 8 art. divisions, 2 brigades of army aviation. In addition, the infantry brigade of the Royal Guard (3 infantry battalions) belongs to the SV Armament: 1055 tanks (including over 150 M60A1 and 100 M60AZ tanks, more than 300 AMX-30), 170 self-propelled guns, 238 towed guns, 60 MLRS, 2 ATGM, 400 BMP, 9 BA, 700 air defense systems.
  14. Nik090
    Nik090 18 June 2012 09: 34
    Quote: oper66
    tanks sold supposedly to the Saudis will be transferred to the bandits and the West has nothing to do with

    It is really not so simple, and this contract has surfaced right now, when the situation in the Middle East is extremely tense ...
  15. Dr.oPaSaYn
    Dr.oPaSaYn 18 June 2012 09: 55
    I have a question how many tanks do Russia have?
    1. ALEX26659
      ALEX26659 18 June 2012 11: 08
      read something around 18 ...
      1. aksakal
        aksakal 18 June 2012 11: 48
        Quote: ALEX26659
        read something around 18 ...
        - including NZ. I’m writing responsibly when I still served in the Soviet Army, in 1985-1987, in the air defense, 200 complex, the collapse of the Army was already in full swing. Automobiles (KrAZ-Lappethnikov for transporting missiles to the TZM) were already produced in 1967, with a wooden cabin! The gearbox is bolted to the dvigla with thick wire, the cab doors are pulled together with the same wire. A soldier on alert learned in seconds to enter the cabin through the door window. About technology in NZ (as if in NZ laughing laughing laughing ) I'm generally silent! On the docks in the NZ, the brand-new KrAZ trucks are safe and sound, in a combat-ready state. In real life - only a frame and a cabin without glass, doors and everything hinged! There were not even springs! I can answer for these words in front of anyone and anytime! This is for Putin’s haters to note that the USSR was all right, and only Putin was ruining everything. But not about this post.
        And about the fact that out of 18 tanks, ten thousand as in the NZ are intact, as it were, intact and intact, as if in a ready state laughing laughing But we will not guess. These tanks need to be decommissioned, some part should be left for counter-terrorist operations (for some reason, the T-55 proved to be good against the terrorist forces, I don’t know why, but one of the members of the forum can explain why this strong obsolete tank with homogeneous armor is so good ?), but to purchase the T-90MS, and subsequently ArmAtu. Something like that. So do not take much about 180 thousand tanks headlong.
        1. snek
          snek 18 June 2012 13: 52
          Quote: aksakal
          On the docks in the NZ, the brand-new KrAZ trucks are safe and sound, in a combat-ready state. In real life - only a frame and a cabin without glass, doors and everything hinged!

          On the same site there was news about the condition of tanks coming from storage bases for modernization. At the Uralvagonzavod complained that they almost grow bushes.
        2. PSih2097
          PSih2097 18 June 2012 14: 08
          I don’t know for T-55 (quantity), but T-64 and T-72 are mainly stored, in theory there should still be T-80.
  16. igorek408
    igorek408 18 June 2012 10: 00
    Why buy tanks? Tanks are not lambos - they don’t stand in garages ...
    1. snek
      snek 18 June 2012 11: 17
      they are located in the storage areas of military equipment (essentially an analogue of the garage).
  17. Yoshkin Kot
    Yoshkin Kot 18 June 2012 10: 05
    I wonder how the Saudis plan to sit by themselves? rocking the boat from the neighbors?
  18. snek
    snek 18 June 2012 11: 16
    Oftopic, of course, but there isn’t any news on the site about the launch (and already successful launch into orbit, and docking with the module launched before) of the Chinese spacecraft.
  19. Ataturk
    18 June 2012 11: 43
    Che all wired up. Everyone buys in huge quantities. Are bad times coming soon?

    I can hardly imagine a Saudi tanker.
  20. Dr.oPaSaYn
    Dr.oPaSaYn 18 June 2012 12: 00
    XM) yes, they buy everything and a lot ... although it was cut somewhere, but the feeling that some countries and their rulers have forgotten that such WMDs say we feel safe according to UNCEPT. but in the end it will be sad ... laughing and I also think that this is some kind of collusion of the defense industry simply selling weapons working with someone else's blood in general in the world there is neither evil nor good everything merged into one yeah ...
  21. Nechai
    Nechai 18 June 2012 14: 05
    Quote: Kars
    such a "sweet" offer was made to Russia, from which our officials (and especially the military), simply by definition, "could not refuse."

    The modern guy in the dense forest got lost. He wandered, wandered and went out into a hitched hut. And in this Ibenka it turns out that an old mossy woman dwells. I introduced myself as Baba Yaga and suggested to the lad - they say please me to the fullest, for this I will fulfill your three desires, as I should fulfill! Although the representative of the better half of humanity was terrible and disgusting, our hero decided on this feat. He walked around to the full of God's dandelion and barely catching his breath, began a rechu for his three desires to lead. But the old hag interrupted him with a question - how old are they, my dear boy? Not embarrassed, the hero answered. Then the granny gave out - Oh, you! So big, but you still believe in fairy tales !!!
    The moral for old-timers and householders is that it's time to grow up! In liberodemocracy stanzas, you can only walk by yourself, not people. And there’s another good truth to this story - How to come around and respond! There were no figs to "throw" anyone (especially neighbors) and they themselves would not have run into the kidok.
    Quote: hrych
    and "Abrahams" - gas turbine, sucks air like a steam locomotive, the filter is removed in 20 minutes

    Well, they and Leklerkami lured, for the same reason. In the end, replacing the French gas turbine engine with a German diesel engine. So the experience of operating German tank hearts is large and, apparently, is successful. Kohl generally decided to switch to the Teutonic car.
    Quote: aksakal
    it was the T-55 that showed itself well against the terror

    Less weight, 100mm rifled barrel, simplicity, unpretentiousness in maintenance and repair. To the flesh to liberty. Unitary projectile "cartridge", the battles are fleeting and often short, the loader provides no less rate of fire. With prolonged shooting at long ranges, the bullet can be changed.Reservists knowing these machines are somewhat of a different generation. What is not less important. But the T-62 in prepared hands, including psychologically, is just as successful. Although they called them "irons". And its fragmentation projectile after 2,3-2,5 km walks. But the example of the BUDANOVSKY TPP shows that not all technology determines.
  22. Nik090
    Nik090 18 June 2012 17: 07
    Quote: Ataturk
    I can hardly imagine a Saudi tanker.
  23. radikdan79
    radikdan79 18 June 2012 23: 50
    a premonition that an escalation of violence in the Middle East and, as a consequence, a new "victorious" war should be expected soon. are you going to go to Iran ?! request
  24. igor67
    igor67 18 June 2012 23: 53
    Two Russian large landing ships Nikolay Filchenkov and Caesar Kunikov are completing preparations for an unscheduled departure to the coast of Syria.

    As Interfax was informed on June 18 at the Headquarters of the Russian Navy, the order to send them to the Syrian port of Tartus to fulfill tasks to protect state interests was suddenly given. It is also noted that on board the ships will accommodate a large group of marines.

    For what exactly the Russian warships are sent to the Syrian shores, and what state interests are being protected, nothing is said. Immediately after the news that Russian landing ships were heading to the Syrian port of Tartus with a detachment of marines, an official denial was received. In particular, the RIA Novosti correspondent was personally convinced that the Nikolai Filchenkov large landing ship was in Sevastopol and, according to the same correspondent, the draft shows that the ship is not loaded.

  25. 11 black
    11 black 19 June 2012 10: 34
    strange they choose tanks as far as I know the leopard has insufficient reservation of sides and stern (RPG breaks quietly) and the lecler has multi-layer armor with composite materials in a circle and where the logic is serious
    mzht only if leo is cheaper ............