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If youth knew ...

If youth knew ...The tragedy of Russia is that the connection of generations has broken. Will anyone argue that young people, even in everyday matters, cease, or rather, have long ceased to listen to their elders? We are not an authority for it, because we are afraid of computers, shy of porn and turretless television and the Internet, getting confused in modern market realities, surprised at price spikes, and, most importantly, twenty years ago passed the Soviet Union, the only state that was worth respecting, gave up its power .

And to whom? Who are today's idols? On the show "Historical process ”, an assistant to Svanidze, whose husband himself“ suffered ”for economic abuse, said that both Misha Prokhorov and Misha Khodorkovsky studied in her institute group, and both were Komsomol leaders. She called other fast-rich, but I did not mention.

So they gave the power to the jerks (who were they 20 years ago?). Well, why respect us young? Maybe Prokhorov is not for that, but for what? We are for her, at best, losers, and at worst - suckers, in a simple way - fools!

Don't you think, old men, that we are just being tolerated, condescending, waiting for us to go to the next world? By the way, Khakamada once expressed unequivocally about this, proposing to all those who remained to have patience and wait for us to leave in a natural way.

But will this solve the problem? What will change in the economy with the departure of the elderly, who grumble and resent over and for no reason? Will there be more factories and plants? Cattle population? Will GDP and fertility increase? Will the notorious “Russian cross” come to naught?

To the elderly should listen. If only because they, unlike young people, are worried about the future, even the one that is beyond the life line. After all, there are children and grandchildren, and if you're lucky, then great-grandchildren and great-great-grandchildren!

Noticed that I said "if you're lucky"? This is what we have to hope for - the basis on which Russia has stood for centuries, has become thinner before our eyes. Soon it and will not be. And you have to rely on luck.

Whoever is not indifferent to the future, knows: and indeed made a fatal mistake, succumbing to the promises of the "democrats". If you could replay! In August, 1991 would go under the wheels of the BMD of the Tula Airborne Troops and would not let it out of Tula. In October, 1993, having put off urgent business, would have gone to the Government House. Accustomed to discipline, we did not think that the state needed protection.

Today they have become smarter, but out of work. And those who are in business differ in amazing infantilism and egoism. They do not hold the power! “If youth knew, if old age could”! - Modern youth does not know anything, old people cannot live yet! We have to rely on grandchildren who, unlike children, are interested with us.

Our time will come in a generation — the grandchildren will return the Soviet power, for it has no alternative!

To me, who has worked all his life in the defense industry, it seems strange modern Russian defense. What is it based on? What postulates are guided by? Having retired, I nevertheless try to be in the know. Of the ten shell plants with which he worked, he deals with one, and he breathes his last. Maybe I don’t know, maybe they built some kind of grandiose shell mill that replaces all the production at once? But no! If the latter will not, on the "fiery affair" you can put a cross! Chubais and Serdyukovs have closed their doorsteps with Russia from the beginning of the century, almost proudly since the days of the first Rurikovichs. They also have something to be proud of: after all, Nero also boasted about the burning of Rome!

In the program “Serving the Fatherland,” I heard the incredible: “Professionals say that there will be enough ammunition in the Russian army for a hundred years! ..” Is this why shell and ammunition factories unravel? Is it because there is a lot of Perm powder factory for the “democrats”?

Very few people understand the logic of statehood. Sometimes it seems that the high-brows Khazin, Glazyev, Delyagin and others like them write for themselves, convince a few like-minded people, and no one listens from the “democrats” to them. “Until the thunder clap, the peasant will not cross!” But not only that thunder is lightning, but nobody wants to be baptized anyway!

And why not try to turn to base, self-serving feelings, those that are now held in high esteem as never before? If that doesn’t even come through, then it's time to close our story!

Twenty years ago, Prokhorov, Potanin, Khodorkovsky, Abramovich, Berezovsky, Deripaska could count on what was enough for their age. And together with them hoped the smaller ones hoped. But the time has gone - half the life of a “business” market. And it turned out: maybe not enough!

All Soviet eaten, everywhere you look, everywhere the bottom, wherever you throw, everywhere a wedge! And now Prokhorov, the hero of Courchevel, whose condition rests on Norilsk Nickel, created by the incredible works of the Soviet people, announces the desire to build an effective economy. But ... due to merciless exploitation (12-hour working day, draconian labor law).

And where did the well-received rooster Gorbachev "Komsomol" go? Lost, profukal, flushed down the toilet, spent on basketball? Or squeezed into a cam? Did he eat and drink sweetly, have plenty of fun, and now he has settled down and is now going to buy and build at home? Something I can not believe. The fox has fallen into the hen house, you can not discard anything ...

But it’s not about Prokhorov’s promises, but about our existence. Promises will come true when the cancer on the mountain whistles, and we will be about to kill. There is no business to Prokhorov!

No wonder for the young and the early - he had not yet recovered from the parties in Courchevel! The oligarch claims he does not intend to leave Russia. It is hard to believe in it, considering the property acquired abroad. However, let's say!

In this case, it is necessary to spend not on sports, but on defense. For the defense of the country and this money will not be superfluous. Or does he think, if the Yankees occupy us, will it not affect him? From an oligarch turn into a clerk, not even a conformist, but a collaborator?

I look at how Misha Prokhorov (I can call him that, because I am old enough to be my father) is grinning when they say something good about the Soviet Union and I am surprised: when did he have time to catch such hatred for the Soviet past? Unlike the other, he is quite prosperous! Surely every new million and billion added this hatred to him? Lord, he should go to church - repent! But will the former active member of the Komsomol repent, and therefore be an atheist who does not believe in God or the devil? Does he even believe in anything?

In the program "NTVshniki" Prokhorov said that only force can come to power. Here is his God! Remember, the oligarch believes only in force and warns everyone in advance that it will be used if this becomes necessary. Draw conclusions! There is very little time left!

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  1. Prophet Alyosha
    Prophet Alyosha 17 June 2012 08: 10
    I completely agree with the author. Besides one-return of Soviet power. It must be understood that the usurpation of power by the Bolsheviks was the beginning of the destruction of Russia and the genocide of the Russian people. And all of today's rulers were members of the CPSU. It is necessary to restore the Russian Empire and the Monarchy, as a historically justified form of power of Orthodox Russia.
    1. Svistoplyaskov
      Svistoplyaskov 17 June 2012 08: 46
      Prophet Alyosha you are a monarchist royalist! Do you even propose a constitutional monarchy, or is it absolute?
      1. stas52
        stas52 17 June 2012 08: 54
        and whom do you propose as monarchs? Isn't it yourself?
      2. Prophet Alyosha
        Prophet Alyosha 17 June 2012 12: 46
        An absolute monarchy has always been and successfully existed in Russia. In this case, local democracy was real (zemstvo), and zemstvo and local councils were nothing but the Russian parliament (which appeared before the English) at which the most important state issues were addressed and the tsar listened to them. Here is a real democracy, our own, dear, and not what we are now imposed under the guise of democracy!
        1. khoma nickson
          khoma nickson 17 June 2012 23: 19
          But Peter, together with the Empire, built European absolutism, abolishing Zemsky Sobors (Local Councils are from church practice), under Alexander the First, the monarchy began to turn from enlightened into protective, and everything with the monarchy is fine, "if not for the accident of birth."
        2. Ahmar
          Ahmar 18 June 2012 11: 16
          and how does an absolute monarchy differ from the "usurped power" in the USSR? and where will you find a worthy monarch? call from the outside ???
      3. Cadet787
        Cadet787 18 June 2012 11: 07
        It can be assumed constitutional, as an option, and no more.
    2. Oleg0705
      Oleg0705 17 June 2012 08: 51
      Quote: Prophet Alyosha
      It is necessary to restore the Russian Empire and the Monarchy, as a historically justified form of power of Orthodox Russia.

      And again drive the people into serfs? No, it was already, the Socialist state needs to be built. And how did the Monarchy justify itself? With the fact that under Stalin the people were taught to read and write?
      so minus mine
      stat +
      1. Svistoplyaskov
        Svistoplyaskov 17 June 2012 09: 07
        The article is definitely a plus! I believe that the system is not the most important, given that we have already passed the monarchy and socialism and are now living under capitalism! So, in theory, we should know their pros and cons!
      2. volcano
        volcano 17 June 2012 09: 13
        Dear Oleg, the prophet Alyosha is not so wrong. The monarchy as a form of government outperforms democracy at times.
        As for the serfs, you probably forgot that serfdom in Russia was abolished earlier than slavery in the "light of US Democracy."
        And one more small moment. in the Russian Empire, in order to become an elite, that is, to receive the nobility, it was necessary to serve the Fatherland a lot and really well. Right and left, this was not heard.
        Yes, and there were social elevators. One of the most striking examples is Lomonosov.
        No need to relate to the monarchy based on Soviet textbooks. No matter what they say, the task of the Bolsheviks was to denigrate the Russian Empire as much as possible in order to justify their coming to power.
        Personally, I believe that Democracy and Socialism-Bolshevism-Communism are two extremes of the forms of government in society. And in the middle, it’s quite possible just the Monarchy.
        So, I would not discount the Emperors.
        1. Oleg0705
          Oleg0705 17 June 2012 09: 35
          Quote: volkan
          To receive the nobility, it was necessary to serve a lot and really well for the Fatherland. Right and left, this was not heard.

          And under Stalin, wasn’t that the case?
          Quote: volkan
          And about the serfs, so you probably forgot

          I didn’t forget, it was still quite a long time
          Quote: volkan
          One of the most striking examples is Lomonosov.

          the exception of which there are not many in history
          Dear Andrey, I am against the monarchy smile
          1. volcano
            volcano 17 June 2012 10: 04
            About Stalin absolutely agree.
            Only you will agree that it was under Stalin that the Monarchy was essentially.
            Of course, this question is very complicated. It’s just for me personally that it’s obvious that neither Democracy nor what was in the USSR is an optimal social system. I think many will agree with this.
            As a result, the question arises "What is the form of organization of society, which allows you to maintain social justice, equality (HOW IT IS GENERALLY POSSIBLE), and, most importantly, will give humanity a PURPOSE.
            If you drop the two above, then only the Monarchy remains.
            Or do you have other options?
            1. Oleg0705
              Oleg0705 17 June 2012 10: 24
              The basis of Stalin's policy was the creation of a strong state, where everyone has the same rights and duties and bears equal responsibility to the country.
              For Russia, the best form of government is Stalinist socialism.

              Only you will agree that it was under Stalin that the Monarchy was essentially.

              if you put the question like that I agree smile but with the abolition of all the titles of the monarchy.

              1. hrych
                hrych 17 June 2012 10: 45
                Under Stalin, in general, there was a red monarchy, but after his death, the unfinished Trotskyist Khrushch comes to power and this is not the worst option, because mutilated Beria. After the death of the Red Tsar Brezhnev, the Trotskyist Gorbi came. Not the perfection of this system is a transfer of power. It does not seem ridiculous, but North Korea is already three generations, when Russia cracked during the change of power, it survives despite the pressure of both the Chinese and the Americans. The monarchy is absolute power and its hereditary transfer. Korea has so far taken this path.
                1. Oleg0705
                  Oleg0705 17 June 2012 11: 05
                  Quote: hrych
                  because mutilated Beria.

                  I do not agree with you and do not minus check out ..

                2. khoma nickson
                  khoma nickson 17 June 2012 18: 05
                  So the DPRK has existed since 1945, and the USSR since 1917. And the leaders felt bad with the children: Lenin had a suture, Stalin had one, and Vasily and Sveta, so to speak ... Khrushchev had a son in America, another died. Galina Brezhnev on the throne is again dumb. It is the kings that bred and multiplied - be healthy. Pavel has ten, of whom three are sons, Nikolai Palkin has more than one, Alesander the Liberator and Peacemaker also have large families. And the General Secretary ...
                  1. hrych
                    hrych 17 June 2012 18: 26
                    Bad business is not tricky, the question is genetics, the real king in this sense, must be a thoroughbred bull-producer. The general secretaries have a problem - Jewish wives with degenerative genes, here are half-asses and freaks.
                    1. khoma nickson
                      khoma nickson 17 June 2012 23: 28
                      Yes, it seems Krupskaya is not Jewish, Ekatirina Svanidze and Nadezhda Alliluyeva are also, about Khrushchev, I don’t know, Lenya - no doubt, Andropov’s all children are not so hot (both from the first and from the second). God's judgment? The daughter of Khrushchev, deputy chief of Science and Life, according to reviews, is a very worthy person. Mikoyan's children are all advanced flyers. Many praised this Beria. And the last leader of the DPRK does not make an impression - there is something degenerative. Brother elder - just do a tear.
                      1. hrych
                        hrych 18 June 2012 11: 03
                        Krupskaya Halachic Jewess, her mother, governess Fishman.
                        Andreev's wife - Dora Moiseevna Khazan - Jewish
                        Molotov’s wife - Polina Semenovna Zhemchuzhina (Pearl Semenovna Karpovskaya) - Jewish
                        Voroshilov’s wife - Ekaterina (Golda) Davidovna Gorbman - Jewess (baptized before the wedding)
                        Kirov's wife - Maria L. Markus - Jewish
                        Kuibyshev's wife - Evgenia Solomonovna Kogan - Jewish
                        Stalin's first wife - Ekaterina Semenovna Svanidze, had a brother Alexander, who was married to Maria Anisimovna Svanidze (née Crown), who belonged to a wealthy Jewish family, who came from Spain.
                        The eldest son of Stalin, Yakov, in a third marriage, married Julia (Judith) Isaakovna Meltser (1911-1968), the daughter of an Odessa merchant.
                        Former Soviet diplomat G. 3. Besedovsky, a Jew, from the Left Social Revolutionaries, who fled from the Soviet embassy in Paris in 1929. In his book “On the Way to the Thermidor,” Volume 2, Paris, 1931, speaks of the Jewish origin of the Stalin family, and that Stalin's wife, Nadezhda Alliluyeva, was a lesbian and lesbian with a lesbian warrior Zoya Mosina.
                      2. Ross
                        Ross 18 June 2012 14: 30

                        Thank you colleague for the comprehensive material. I also wanted to highlight an important issue. This is a problem of degeneration.
                        DEGENERATION daemon.
                        What are these “degeneration mechanisms"? For the answer first, let us turn to the talented and honest book of the former leader No. 2 of the political trend of “Western” Zionism, a student of psychiatrist Caesar Lombroso, Dr. Max Nordau (Südfeld). The book is called “Degeneration”, degeneration, that is.
                        “The concept of degeneration in the science of mental illness was ... established by Morel. Degeneration manifests itself in people with known physical disabilities ...
                        Science has discovered alongside the physical and characteristic spiritual signs of degeneration ... What characterizes mainly degenerate ones is the lack of a concept of morality and truth. For them there are no laws, doubts and feelings of shame; they commit crimes and misconducts with the greatest calmness and complacency ... In the highest form, this phenomenon is called "moral insanity"; but there are various degrees of illness, it happens, by the way, when the degenerate himself does nothing that would lead to a clash with the law, but theoretically comes to justify the crime, in whole flows of words he proves that “good” and “ evil ”, virtue and vice - purely arbitrary divisions, admires criminals and their actions, reveals a special beauty in them and tries to arouse participation and sympathy for wild instincts. The roots of such moral insanity can be found psychologically in incredible selfishness ...
                        Among the signs of degeneration, one should also include an aversion to all work, horror of activity, “will disease” ... A weak-willed, obsessed with fear of work, degenerate, unaware that his inability to work is a hereditary brain disease, declares that he consciously despises labor that he likes idleness. To justify himself in his own eyes, he builds a philosophical theory ...
                        The main characteristic sign of the degenerate, which I resorted to the conclusion, is mysticism. Of all the painful symptoms, says the psychiatrist Kolen, “we don’t know the more accurate way to define mental disorder as a point of mystical insanity. If the matter has not reached its acute period, non-normality is expressed in a constant interest in mystical and religious issues, in EXTRAORDINARY NECESSITY, etc. ” (cited from the book “Red Protocols” by G. Klimov, chapter “Sons of the Evil”).
                        In his magnificent book “Degeneration,” Dr. Nordau pays a lot of attention to “people of art” and the varieties of “sick philosophy” they circulate. “Satanism” and homosexual sexual perversions, which are also one of the signs of degeneration, are also not ignored.
                        His next conclusion is indisputable: “The first task of the hostel, for which individual people came together in the community, is to protect its members from patients who are sick with itching murders, from parasites, from unhealthy deviations from the normal type, who seek to live off the labor of others and eliminate from the road every creature that prevents them from satisfying their lusts. Persons with antisocial inclinations will become the undoubted majority if healthy people stop fighting them and do not impede their reproduction; if they remain in the majority, then society and humanity will perish. ”
                        If you give yourself the trouble to ponder these lines of Max Nordau at least a little and compare them with the now well-known theses from the Talmud, the conclusion is completely certain and unambiguous. Which one?
                        For many years, he headed, along with Theodor Herzel, the “western” current of Zionism, its leader No. 2, Max Nordau, MAIN FINDINGS of his talented book “Degeneration” makes a completely UNCAPPELLANT SENTENCE to degenerate, inherently, ZIONISM.
                        What does the "complex process of degeneration or degeneration" consist of? According to Grigory Klimov, this process mainly consists of three parts:
                        - sexual perversions (homosexual, in the first place, but also various “oral”, “anal” and other painful “delights” aimed at awakening in a person a “snake of passion” in the absence of a normal, full-fledged feeling of Love from heterogeneous “partners” to each other);
                        - mental illnesses (starting from the "oddities of the psyche", hysteria, mild neurosis and ending with the most severe psychoses with the complete collapse of the patient’s consciousness) and
                        - some physical deformations of the body (nerve tics, strabismus and other deformities of the eyes, speech defects, cravings for putrefactive food, chronic migraines from which analgin and aspirin can no longer be saved, “horse teeth”, large, larger than cherries, birthmarks of black or reddish colors, from ancient times called the "seal of the Devil").
                        “Blot” on the head of M. S. Gorbachev, by the way, is a typical example of such a “seal of the Devil”. The outright burriness of some modern statesmen regularly broadcasting from television screens speaks volumes.
                        A number of scientists who have thoroughly studied the phenomenon of “degeneration”, including
                        - and Professor Caesar Lombroso, who wrote, in addition to “Genius and insanity,” many more interesting things, in particular, one extremely curious monograph “Political crimes and criminals”,
                        - and Dr. Max Nordau, - the author of the classic work "Degeneration",
                        - and many other serious authors, abundantly cited by Grigory Klimov in his most interesting books,
                        all as one APPROVES that "at least
                        - 90% of CRIMES, including political crimes,
                        - 90% insanity, dementia, sexual perversions and other forms of de-generation
                        have a hereditary NATURE. "

                        Boris Tatishchev "Aryan fundamentalism"
          2. Ross
            Ross 17 June 2012 12: 41
            May I ask you a question?
            The monarchy implied a specially trained caste of managerial patriots. She came from the princes. Remember the appeal - Your Grace! (Glowing) After the revolution, all these managerial patriotic castes were cut to the root. Patriotism was replaced by nomenclature morality, and it doesn’t matter who ideologically nomenclature was.
            From my old post:
            u-nuzhno-edinstvo.html # comment-id-405050
        2. vovan1949
          vovan1949 17 June 2012 11: 56
          "The task of the Bolsheviks was to blacken the Russian Empire as much as possible in order to justify their coming to power."

          But what about the attitude to the monarchy of Pushkin, Lermontov, Herzen and others. They "vilified the Russian Empire as much as possible"? If we are for the Empire, then for the Soviet Empire, for the USSR.
          1. khoma nickson
            khoma nickson 17 June 2012 18: 07
            And these failed, and more than once, but there was no such systemic, total defamation. Read the story of Pokrovsky.
        3. Prophet Alyosha
          Prophet Alyosha 17 June 2012 12: 55
          Thank you. All right, our people (and patriots) think in ideological phantoms invented by the Jewish Bolsheviks. It is necessary to study the past according to Gumilyov and Mokhnach, and not according to Soviet anti-Russian propaganda.
        4. aksakal
          aksakal 17 June 2012 19: 53
          Quote: volkan
          Yes, and there were social elevators. One of the most striking examples is Lomonosov.
          - were, but in 1895 sailed. Let us recall the famous decree "on the cook's children" - since that year the university did not shine for them, these children, at all due to their origin. Guess what happened as a result of 20 years later? It seems that you are writing the truth here. and you distort on trifles, and as a result the picture changes exactly the opposite.
          I see the Eurasian Union, which includes those states that want to enter. Wasserman spoke well on this issue - about the so-called continental colony, into which neighboring states voluntarily unite. In general, the Eurasian Union, but without unnecessary ideology
          1. khoma nickson
            khoma nickson 17 June 2012 23: 30
            Why not Asian?
    3. valokordin
      valokordin 17 June 2012 09: 04
      Alyoshenka is a son, Soviet power is essentially the most popular power, where there was democracy among the working people and peasants. The anti-Soviet postulates, the desire for profit, anti-human views were not accepted. There was intra-party democracy. Why were there persecutions of the church at the beginning of Soviet power, since the church at that time defended not universal human values, but the departed powers that be, just as it is now inseparable from the authorities. You are completely unfamiliar with dialectics. If you follow your logic, then share your opinion on how to do this, to invite the remaining Romanovs who are not French to the kingdom? elect a monarch in Russia itself from among the former communists, LDPR workers, Prokhorovs ?. Where is the noble elite of service people, maybe this is a group of current courtiers who did not serve in the army, merchants who fucked up and export more than $ 100 billion a year from Russia? If only this money would go to Russia, but our guarantor looks at it philosophically. He suggested that the former nobleman Berezovsky elect Patriarch Kirill, who sold cigarettes with the permission of the founder of democracy Yeltsin, as president. Our bourgeoisie is completely comprador, not national, so where to get the monarch? And how to restore the Russian empire? By the way, atheism played a role in ending inter-religious hatred
      1. Tyumen
        Tyumen 17 June 2012 09: 43
        Valocordin, respect !!
      2. hrych
        hrych 17 June 2012 09: 59
        Dear Carvalol, the church, took part in the overthrow of the emperor, having achieved, in particular, the election of a patriarch ...
        There are great wars ahead, which Russia cannot directly or indirectly avoid, and therefore a "military elite" will be formed, as, as you know from the course of history, the noble-landowner class was formed from the military elite. When the Trotskyist-Khrushchev was overthrown, the military elite (party members, veterans of the Second World War, Brezhnev's associates and not only) came to power in the USSR and created a very just society, with the highest level of socialism, science, technology and defense, which even now we exist thanks to this. Unfortunately, the old people grew old and died, and in their place came not their descendants with warrior genes, but collective farmers and cotton growers, like Gorby, so they ruined and fucked up the great state. Any war will give a new class of military elite, which can easily elect the Emperor, although in the 21st century, the law of sociology is valid. What is there, some swarthy Kirillovichs, well, who will call this rag to Russia? Laughter and only, in this with you, I completely agree.
        1. khoma nickson
          khoma nickson 17 June 2012 23: 35
          Who will we fight with? To call the Brezhnev period a very fair society, with the highest level of social, science, technology and defense - wishful thinking. Less than 10 years have passed, and cotton growers with collective farmers like Gorbi over 5 years all destroyed and prosrali a great state. Wow greatness - for five years and no trace left!
          1. hrych
            hrych 18 June 2012 11: 44
            Break not build, Gaddafi 40 years built an oasis in the desert, for several weeks everything is in ruins. In Brezhnev’s time, I managed to live, you won’t convince me. Under Brezhnev, orbiting astronautics earned on a rotational basis, they studied and were treated for free, with him there was world peace. We will fight with the Estonians.
      3. Prophet Alyosha
        Prophet Alyosha 17 June 2012 13: 08
        By the way, there was no religious (as well as ethnic) hostility in the Russian Empire. Orthodoxy in the USSR was always destroyed, except for Stalin's 45-53 years, when he understood what the Russian people are and what Orthodoxy is for him. The Romanov dynasty was interrupted and it is necessary, just as after the troubled time, to choose the tsar at the Zemsky (Local) Council, I think that we need to choose a military man in the fifth generation. And the elite needs to be prepared, yes.
        1. Ross
          Ross 17 June 2012 15: 14
          prophet Alyosha,
          By the way, religious (as well as ethnic) hostility in the Russian Empire was not

          Alexei, you are deeply mistaken. The Christian religion is by its nature intolerant of other beliefs and has always been actively propagated among the masses, which led in the 10-13 centuries to an active confrontation in Russia between Christians and Vedic Rus. In essence, there was the extermination of dissent, the destruction of the Magi as competitors. Then there was the extermination of the Old Believers during the time of Nikon and the Romanovs.
          Not having time to get accustomed to the annexed regions of Central Asia, in the 19 century, the church sent its preachers there, who almost provoked the massacre. Only thanks to the wise Governor-General, who sent the priests home, was it possible to reconcile the rebellion.
          1. von_Richten
            von_Richten 17 June 2012 19: 13
            Any religion is (absolutely) intolerant of others, which is recorded in the scriptures. And all from what? People want power.
          2. khoma nickson
            khoma nickson 17 June 2012 23: 38
            And Old Believers are not Christians. And do not confuse the Church and the state, Equal to the Apostles Vladimir was a prince, not a priest. "Perun is ugly disgusting, and as we push him out, you will see the order we put in place."
    4. FiremanRS
      FiremanRS 17 June 2012 10: 47
      Since usurpation of power is nonsense !!!!! Orthodox monarchy? Well, why not ... Only if this Orthodoxy will not be imposed as communism.
      In general, the article is good, I read it with pleasure))) +!
    5. vovan1949
      vovan1949 17 June 2012 11: 44
      Prophet Alyosha, you are wrong! The Bolsheviks saved Russia from collapse in 1917, the Bolsheviks created a powerful economy, and by the beginning of the Second World War on GDP were in second place after the United States in the world, even ahead of Germany. The West watched with horror the rapid growth of the USSR economy.
      An important issue of time was also the choice of the method of industrialization. The discussion about this was difficult and long, and its outcome predetermined the nature of the state and society. Not having, unlike Russia at the beginning of the century, foreign loans as an important source of funds, the USSR could conduct industrialization only at the expense of internal resources.
      An influential group (Politburo member N. I. Bukharin, chairman of the Council of People's Commissars of the USSR A. I. Rykov and chairman of the All-Union Central Council of Trade Unions, MP P. Tomsky) advocated a “sparing” option for the gradual accumulation of funds through the continuation of the NEP. L. D. Trotsky - forced option. JV Stalin initially stood on the point of view of Bukharin, but after Trotsky’s exclusion from the Central Committee of the party at the end of 1927, he changed his position to the diametrically opposite [52]. This led to the decisive victory of the supporters of forced industrialization. And after the start of the global economic crisis in 1929, the foreign trade situation deteriorated sharply, which completely destroyed the survival of the NEP project.
      The main task of economic development of the USSR, Stalin saw in the shortest possible time to close the gap with the most developed countries in the world. At a meeting of business executives in February 1931, he declared: “We are 50-100 years behind advanced countries. We have to run this distance in 10 years. Either we do this, or they crush us ”[53].
      As a result of industrialization in terms of industrial production, the USSR came out on top in Europe and second in the world, ahead of England, Germany, France and second only to the United States. [54] The share of the USSR in world industrial production reached almost 10%. [54] A particularly sharp leap was achieved in the development of metallurgy, energy, machine tool industry, and the chemical industry. [54] In fact, a whole series of new industries has arisen: aluminum, aviation, automobile industry, production of bearings, tractor and tank building. [54] of the most important results of industrialization was the overcoming of technical backwardness and the assertion of economic independence of the USSR. [55] For the years 1928-1940, according to the CIA, the average annual growth of gross national product in the USSR was 6,1%, which was inferior to Japan, was comparable to the corresponding indicator in Germany and was significantly higher than the growth in the most developed capitalist countries that experienced the Great Depression . [56]
      1. khoma nickson
        khoma nickson 17 June 2012 18: 11
        With such "healthy growth" and no Great Depression needed! They ruined the village, sold off half of the Hermitage, bought turnkey factories in the USA, made the most tanks, cannons, planes in the world, and in 1941 profited everything - both factories and products.
        1. kulpin
          kulpin 17 June 2012 19: 33
          Quote: khoma nickson
          They ruined the village, sold off half the Hermitage

          If they didn’t ditch, they would * tear the country apart. You do not want to recognize the obvious truth: small-scale farming is NOT ABLE to produce marketable products on an industrial scale. And on the nose is the new World! Is it up to tsatsk?! (The current situation is a clear confirmation. Do you want land? Yes, please, how much you want. But you won’t get much with one shovel. And you won’t give a loan to small fry only if you knowingly be enslaving and ruinous.)
          1. valokordin
            valokordin 17 June 2012 19: 50
            Yes, they made a jerk with blood and sweat, I would not want to be in the place of the victims of this jerk, but how else? slavery, colony, destruction, and who did not understand this, became a victim. And if we draw conclusions from a historical point of view, then the victims were inevitable, as regrettable.
          2. khoma nickson
            khoma nickson 17 June 2012 23: 45
            Who would argue! NOT ABLE. But slave labor is not so hot as productive! And where in 1929 was the new World on its nose? Yes, and so they nearly profiled. And after 17, we can assume that there was no turning back. Further - only worse. They lasted 74 years. And now we have what we have.
        2. vlbelugin
          vlbelugin 17 June 2012 21: 02
          A parrot.
          And how did these profaned factories give the Army modern equipment and weapons, and even the best in the world?
          1. khoma nickson
            khoma nickson 17 June 2012 23: 52
            Some were taken out, some were built new. Even before 41, they began to create an industrial base in the East. And everything in Ukraine-profiled. And not only in Ukraine. The best was the T-34 among medium tanks. IP was pretty good. The world's best aircraft - a moot point, if you look unashamedly. Weapon? Warships - not at all. I understand that the Soviet means the best, but not everywhere and not always.
    6. lotus04
      lotus04 17 June 2012 12: 18
      Quote: Prophet Alyosha
      It must be understood that the usurpation of power by the Bolsheviks was the beginning of the destruction of Russia and the genocide of the Russian people.

      Who is in power now? Not repainted? As I know before, not a single minor post can be obtained if you are not a member of the CPSU. And if the State Duma is woolly about the former, ohhh .......
      1. fidel
        fidel 17 June 2012 12: 33
        On this site, many users - immigrants from the "USSR", do not understand at all, and most importantly, do not want to understand modern realities!
        The life that you once had today is ABSOLUTELY NOT NEEDED FOR ANYONE! She does not interest anyone and simply stuns the youth with her idiocy.
        Tell me: is there an American way of life, but where is the Russian (in your opinion) way of life?
        What can you offer your children and granddaughters? And why do they need it? Only specifically, without the usual demagogy
        Stop watching the USA already, suggest your alternative, which will be interesting for young people
        1. ramhi
          ramhi 17 June 2012 13: 02
          Fidel, look at today's life of Yuri Mikhailovich Luzhkov - a famous patriot and defender of all Russian - this will be your answer. laughing
        2. koosss
          koosss 17 June 2012 14: 04
          Quote: fidel

          open your eyes and look around before writing for everyone
          1. Hairy Siberian
            Hairy Siberian 17 June 2012 15: 47
            Orthodox monarchy? It is in the sense that the patriarch is at the head of the state, but does the prime minister rule the country? Did I understand correctly?
            1. Prophet Alyosha
              Prophet Alyosha 17 June 2012 18: 52
              No. At the head of the empire is the Sovereign, following the path of Christ's commandments and leading the power and people to prosperity! He rules through the government, and his connection with the people occurs through the Zemsky Sobors (the Russian prototype of the national representation from all over Russia). On the ground (as before), local self-government is Zemstvo (real, and not as it is now).
              1. Kars
                Kars 17 June 2012 19: 19
                I agree. Only king I am king bully Ali Emperor
              2. Hairy Siberian
                Hairy Siberian 17 June 2012 22: 58
                Quote: Prophet Alyosha
                No. At the head of the empire is the Sovereign, following the path of Christ's commandments and leading the power and people to prosperity!

                Prophet Alyosha! Surround!
              3. NUT
                NUT 18 June 2012 12: 14
                Or maybe a PROPHET - the prophet Alyosha
                Quote: Prophet Alyosha
                At the head of the empire is the Sovereign, following the path of Christ's commandments and leading the power and people to prosperity!
                Try to look at least once from the side as if not so long ago on the Russian Earth what is happening:

                The reign of Nicholas II - The greatest in the history of Russia, the rise of the entire economy of the country, an unprecedented increase in the number and welfare of the population
                And the Russian people as one - "FOR THE KING !!! FOR THE FATHERLAND !!!"

                The reign of I.V. Stalin - to the village in the world an unprecedented jerk from the ruins to the Super Power
                And the Russian people as one - "FOR MOTHERLAND FOR STALIN!!!"

                Only in White Russia today is there a worthy ruler whose
                Russian people as one "BATKOY" dignifies

                I would like to believe that there is a great person in Russia whom the Russian people will boldly, with pride and reverence, call - "Tsar-FATHER" Later you will see and understand that they speak the truth
                Quote: Prophet Alyosha
                . At the head of the empire is the Sovereign, following the path of Christ's commandments and leading the power and people to prosperity!

                "Return to your roots and you will open the gates to the Divine World ..."
                Commandments of God Ramhat (from the Supreme Gods of the Slavs, God of Justice and Law and Order)
    7. seminyako
      seminyako 17 June 2012 22: 00
      The old men, about whom we are talking here, are the worst enemies of Russia with their "internationalism" and other Masonic tricks. Only a return to the order before 1917 and the primacy of the Russian people in all political and economic affairs. Emir of Bukhara was a Russian citizen, but he was free in domestic politics - this is an example.
    8. mind1954
      mind1954 18 June 2012 01: 54
      Thanks for the beautiful coat of arms! But where are you going!
      Forced to repeat once again that subjected to genocide
      (what a beautiful word, apparently, you really liked)
      Bolsheviks Russian people, had every opportunity
      in 1918, the Republic of Soviets shrank almost to the size
      Moscow region, and the cavalry detachments of Mamontov were already in
      Serpukhov, to correct his "monstrous mistake" committed
      in October 1917, when he was finally convinced that his monarchy
      long betrayed, I realized that with the nobility he never
      not agree, but he had nothing to expect from the bourgeois and went for the Bolsheviks!
      Yes - it was a marriage of convenience! But not all marriages of convenience are unhappy!
  2. lcalex
    lcalex 17 June 2012 08: 46
    In this case, you should not spend on sports, but on the defense industry.

    I do not agree! Sport and the country's defense are one thing!
    There will be no healthy guys - there will be no one to fight ....
    1. Owl
      Owl 17 June 2012 09: 05
      In addition to muscles, brains are still needed, patriotic education has been destroyed since the mid-80s, I saw patriots in the war, they very quickly become patriots there. Now, in 1 (!) Year of service, it is impossible for a commander to raise a patriot from an undecided conscript soldier, and no one is involved in this upbringing before service (individual "Military-patriotic clubs" do not count, on a national scale, there is no patriotic education ), it seems that the "authorities" are afraid to educate patriots, because a patriotically educated people, this (and the prevailing "teddy bear" government) for their anti-popular treacherous actions should simply be torn apart.
      1. lcalex
        lcalex 17 June 2012 15: 47
        Quote: Eagle Owl
        In addition to muscles, brains, patriotic education are still necessary

        I absolutely agree with you! Brains are needed and education is needed

        So spend a lot on what you need.
  3. apro
    apro 17 June 2012 09: 36
    The bitter reproaches of the old people - I overlooked overlooked the new alignment of life, failure of succession of tingling when still tuned in, but modern life does not stand still and this failure will come back to us more than once.
  4. soldat1945
    soldat1945 17 June 2012 10: 21
    I apologize for being far from the topic, but yesterday’s pornography called the match Greece - Russia left a strong sediment, you noticed that only three players from the team sang the anthem, our 20 thousand fans were drowned out by 4 thousand Greeks who sang the anthem so the stadium was shaking, probably the truth is that something is changing in our elite if football players who earn money at times not comparable with ours refuse to sing the anthem of the country they represent! Therefore, a pathetic sight and the game is like that!
    1. Oleg0705
      Oleg0705 17 June 2012 10: 28
      All right really pornography was very upset by the miserable sight you're right sad and began to play in the second half in the middle when they found out that the Czechs scored the Poles the impression that they were waiting and the eight will carry sad
    2. hrych
      hrych 17 June 2012 10: 32
      Maybe ours were screwed up, but they weren’t because of the Greeks, and the filthy Greeks didn’t know how to play at all, and were remembered for pretending to be dead.
      1. Hairy Siberian
        Hairy Siberian 17 June 2012 18: 02
        Why are the Greeks filthy? They now have no time for football at all. They even bought tickets right back. And here you are an unexpected person! And for them, the 100 million dollars that are spent on the Russian team per year is simply an unrealistic bunch of money!
        1. hrych
          hrych 17 June 2012 18: 21
          Yes, all this is just a game, like everyone was upset, but in the Middle East the match begins, yes, our striker Churkin must play with his head.
    3. apro
      apro 17 June 2012 12: 25
      Yes, there is such a profession - Rodin shame the players called
      1. Igarr
        Igarr 17 June 2012 16: 33
        Believe in honest football?
        Believe in honest Eurovision?
        Grandmothers at least - took the second place. Considering that the first one was sold to Baku (well, where was the last competition held there).
        Gymnasium football players.
        Match with Greece - was merged. For money.
        Therefore, they did not sing. What is there to sing about? Euros became 10 rubles more, ole-ole-ole-ole. So what?
        A disgrace.
        Why only fans in Poland will be steamed for 2-3 months? Yes, even with broken faces?
  5. AK-74-1
    AK-74-1 17 June 2012 11: 29
    I completely agree with the article.
    Read what is on ViMe
    We live in an amazing time.
  6. khoma nickson
    khoma nickson 17 June 2012 11: 30
    I will not defend the current disgrace, but I dare to express the opinion that its roots are in the 70 years of Soviet Power. Revolution and the Civil War, the purposeful extermination of all the upper classes of Russia - bourgeois, landowners, tsarist officers and officials, priests and rural rich people, bourgeois intelligentsia - all who were distinguished by independent critical thinking and self-esteem. Organic buzziness of the regime, wild imbalances in the economy, a shortage of everything and everything that serves to restore the ability to work (housing, household appliances, furniture, food, clothing, footwear, free time industry) and replace all this with vodka and port, a giant military-industrial complex, long-term construction, gigantomania, help to all punks around the world, stupid censorship and the inability to freely buy even Russian classics, petty bureaucratic regulation of everything and everyone, state serfdom (registration), cut off from the world - these are all Gorbachev and Yeltsin are to blame and Prokhorov and Deripaska. And they appeared only thanks to the 70-year-old genocide of the people and the deprivation of all freedom and independence. Apologists for Stalin and Stalinism could be advised to create for themselves (a big country, enough space) to create a mini-USSR with a GULAG, a collective farm, a seven-day working week, NKVD, denunciations, purges and enjoy it without imposing on the rest of their way of life. Monarchy is impossible, as Ivan Ilyin wrote in his classic work "Monarchy or Republic" without a monarchical sense of justice, but where is it now to take. Socialism can also be different: "scientific", German, state, very reminiscent of Eastern despotism, and "utopian", religiously tinged - free labor, free people. The latter, with reasonable government regulation, fully justifies itself. And the fairy tales about the total destruction of the Soviet legacy in the complete absence of creation are tired. We surf the Internet, eat and wear whatever we want, cars, moto, bicycles, photos - everything is on sale, read even Marx, even Bunin and Nabokov, go wherever you want, there is always beer, bricks, boards, timber, goats, cows, rabbits, the shadow economy is half the size of the official one - it's not all bad. "Some drink because there is no work, others work because they do not want to drink too much."
    1. valokordin
      valokordin 17 June 2012 20: 04
      by the way about the roots. Crap in football, the Bolsheviks and the Soviet government and Stalin are to blame. They ruined aviation, space, industry, agriculture, the Soviet government and Stalin were to blame. Hockey players won the championship, live Democrats. Ammunition explode blame Soviet power and Stalin, produced a lot. Forests are burning to blame. Soviet power planted many trees. The unfortunate Germans won the war, they didn’t calculate. As for the Gulags, for some members of this company they are not worthless.
      1. vlbelugin
        vlbelugin 17 June 2012 21: 04
        Valocordin ++++++
      2. khoma nickson
        khoma nickson 18 June 2012 00: 02
        Why exaggerate so? It is possible and to the point. And then the Soviet regime, Stalin, poor communist ideology are not to blame for anything? Well, there were some mistakes, some flaws. And you read the History of the CPSU, all nine corrected and supplemented: the Leninist Guard - spies, murderers, enemies of the people. Stalin - the cult of personality, unwarranted repression, a lot of mistakes and miscalculations. Khrushchev - voluntarism, mistakes and miscalculations. Brezhnev stagnation. According to official communist historiography, fools and criminals ruled us from 24 to 82. I taught myself, I know.
        1. Igarr
          Igarr 18 June 2012 22: 13
          ask ... The broken sword of the empire ... Mikhail Kalashnikov ..
          There are very detailed about the freaks ...
          which you are talking about.
          in the second chapter.

          And when you study history - you know - there is 50 percent of water, 30 percent of lies, 10 percent of facts ... and only 1 percent of the truth.
          Because from 1XXX to 2XXX something did happen.
          History, as they say, was going on.
          Or - it was happening.

          The missing is gag.
          Candidate and doctoral ... called.
  7. vovan1949
    vovan1949 17 June 2012 12: 09
    In Soviet times, when the anthem was played, tears flowed from the eyes of athletes from pride for their country. Now they play for the "grandmother". They don't give a damn about the country.
    1. koosss
      koosss 17 June 2012 14: 05
      football team confirmation
  8. Kaa
    Kaa 17 June 2012 12: 49
    From an interview with Ksenia Sobchak. "Prokhorov I have a wonderful family. Mom was the deputy head of the department of the Institute of Chemical Engineering - MIKhM, she was a chemist. And my father worked most of his life in the Sports Committee as the head of the department for external relations, was responsible for all Soviet sports at the peak of his power .Link "I hope everyone understands the significance of his dad's post in Soviet times? Yes, without his favor, none of the most talented Olympians will go abroad, they will not receive a prize! Not a bad start-up for Mikhail. Another link: "After graduating from the institute and until 1992, M. Prokhorov worked as the head of the department on the board of the International Bank for Economic Cooperation (IBEC). It was there, in 1991, that he met his future business partner Vladimir Potanin, who came to him for a consultation about his company "Interros"
    Read the full story: Question to youth: who after the institute immediately got into the HEADS of the DEPARTMENT of the bank and for what merits? IQ = 200? On Norilsk Nickel, where is the money, Zin? Are they not scolded from Soviet times?
  9. vovan1949
    vovan1949 17 June 2012 14: 21
    Alexander Mezhirov
    Communists, go ahead!

    There is a military order
    Such words,
    For which only in heavy combat
    (And even then not always)
    Gets Rights
    Commander raising his company.

    I have long understood
    Military charter
    And under the full calculation
    Do not hunch for a long time.
    But, the pages of the charter are covered with holes,
    Of these words
    Not found
    Does not matter.

    Year Twenty
    Horses run wild gallop.
    Echelons. Typhoid haze.
    An intervention bullet flying in the forehead -
    And do not stand under fire at the sixth stake.

    Threw it on the wire, -
    But the machine gun is knocking on overcoat cloth.
    And then
    barely audible
    - Communists, go ahead! Communists, go ahead!

    Summer morning
    A grenade fell into the grass
    Near Lviv
    The outpost lay in the ditch.
    Messerschmitts splashed gasoline
    in the blue -
    And do not stand under fire at the sixth stake.

    Burned bridges
    On the roads from Brest to Moscow.
    There were soldiers
    Looking away from the refugees.
    And on the towers
    Buried in the arable land "KB",
    Heavy raindrops were drying.

    And without a casing
    From Stalingrad apartments
    Bill Maxim
    And Rodimtsev felt the ice.
    And then
    barely audible
    - Communists, go ahead! Communists, go ahead!

    We broke the standards
    Fascist Powers
    Kissed silk guard divisions
    And, the shaft
    With knotted fingers,
    Near Lenin
    In May
    We went by the pole ...

    Under the February clouds
    Wind and snow
    But the earth smells iron unshaky.
    The day is approaching.
    A century goes on.
    The bayonets on the guard of the Kremlin are turning dark ...

    Where the lead tracks are crossed
    Where selfless labor is a great deal,
    Through the ages
    for centuries,
    forever and ever,
    to end:
    - Communists, go ahead! Communists, go ahead!

    1. woland05
      woland05 17 June 2012 18: 08
      Plus from me, comrade. Remarkable verses ...
  10. Rossamaha
    Rossamaha 17 June 2012 15: 32
    In the program "NTVshniki" Prokhorov said that only force can come to power. Here is his God! Remember, the oligarch believes only in force and warns everyone in advance that it will be used if this becomes necessary. Draw conclusions! There is very little time left!
    then we will use force
  11. Igarr
    Igarr 17 June 2012 16: 59
    Honestly, I did not understand the meaning of the article.
    Well, of course, if yes. To know where to fall ...
    Potanin, Prokhorov, other tombs - this is a screen, a screen.

    They fight for the monarchy here. Maybe it’s right - the monarchy in Russia lasted from the 14th century to 20. The West was dirty, but Russia did not collapse.

    On the other hand, the cunningly designed monarchy, from 1917 to 1991, did not suit the West. And, such a "monarchic" Soviet Union was destroyed. Moreover, these same "monarchs" - which in our case were called General Secretaries, destroyed.
    Do not immediately rush to deny everything.
    The monarch is the Secretary General, the courtiers are the Politburo, the nobles are communists. The analogy is more than symbolic.
    Only now the goals of such a "monarchy" are diametrically different from "universal human values". Because they were imprisoned for a person, and not for common people. On the flight of spirit and thought - and not to devour and fuck.

    How do you need an update. Only in no way by marshes.

    Let's hope that, in accordance with the dialectic (spiral development), we will return to Russia, similar to the Soviet Union.
  12. kulpin
    kulpin 17 June 2012 19: 45
    I know, men, who should be blamed for all this disgrace ... and I blame only myself.
    1. valokordin
      valokordin 17 June 2012 20: 08
      so we sprinkle ashes on our heads, instead of smearing the heads of our oppressors with the stink.
  13. Roman 3671
    Roman 3671 17 June 2012 20: 39
    On the next branch discussed the next shit-liberal vyssor "I Serve the Soviet Union", but besides him there are other so-called. "works", For example, the series "The Last Battle of Major Pugachev."
    The series is based on the novel of the same name by Varlam Shalamov from the Kolyma Tales series.
    Major Pugachev Ivan Vasilievich fearlessly fought for his homeland. The everyday situation in the war - was seriously wounded, was captured by German. The front line is already very close. Russians are advancing. The German command decided to completely eliminate the camp and all prisoners. The day before the mass execution General Vlasov arrives at the camp. The general calls on Russian soldiers to join the ROA: go over to the side of the Nazis in order to fight against the Bolsheviks together. But for Major Pugachev and his fighting friends to agree to such a proposal means to betray their country. Instead of leaving with the army of Vlasov, the war veterans decide to flee ...
    Pugachev and his comrades manage to break free from the barbed wire and get to the Russian units. But instead of the long-awaited freedom, they, like the “Vlasovites,” are facing torture, interrogations, and sentencing: Kolyma, 10 years of hard labor. And a shameful stigma: the enemy of the people.
    Director: Vladimir Fatyanov.
    Scenario: Eduard Volodarsky.
    Genre: Drama
    2005 year.

    Had the misfortune of watching this movie. The film is not new, but had not been seen before. Well, if briefly - the infamous, anti-Russian cinema! In terms of slander and blatant lies, it is on a par with Hollywood's “Enemy at the Gates”. To sustain completely even one series (the last) failed. It hindered from the unhealthy relishing of the murders of their own NKVD soldiers (mainly headshots), as well as the obvious stupidity of their superiors, which, with the loss of 50 killed and more than a hundred wounded, continued to demand that the surrounded fugitives be taken alive. In principle, 1-2 mortars or a few snipers are not a big luxury. But the goal of the authors of the series is not reliability, but entertainment, scandal. But this does not matter, any film about the war has a lot of absurdities, the point is the very idea of ​​the film, which can be summarized as follows - without exception, all the heroes escaping from the environment (captivity) were destroyed or punished by the totalitarian regime in irrational malice. It's a lie!
    Over the course of the war, more than 4 million Soviet soldiers and officers were captured. Many were captured by force (encirclement, injury, lack of ammunition), but many surrendered voluntarily, especially at the beginning of the war. Not each of these people, of course, was a de facto traitor, some simply hoped to save their lives, but a considerable part actively collaborated with the Germans, and the Germans actively used the services of traitors. Including for their legalization on the territory of the USSR. Therefore, all returnees “from there” at first had to be checked for involvement in crimes in the filtration camps. The NKVD carried out its work in good faith - criminals and spies went where they were supposed to, while the vast majority of people passed the test safely and returned to duty or home. Moreover, even the collaborators were used rather mild measures for wartime - often people who were not involved in serious crimes who had extenuating circumstances were credited to fines and penal battalions, where they redeemed their ranks with blood by redeeming their blood and received awards.
    I want to give here a completely small article by the historian and publicist Igor Pykhalov,

    “Last fight policeman”

    The tragic fate of the Soviet troops, who were captured during the Great Patriotic War, has long been one of the favorite topics for unscrupulous speculation. According to democratically oriented publicists, our prisoners died in German concentration camps solely because the monster Stalin did not sign the Geneva Convention. Well, almost all the survivors, of course, immediately after their release went immediately to the Gulag.

    And although secret archives were opened long ago, and there have been many serious studies about the fate of soldiers who have experienced the bitterness of bondage, exposers of a totalitarian past are not appeased. Using privatized television, they continue to spill out their horror stories from the screen from month to month.
    Since Khrushchev’s times, the story of Varlam Shalamov “The last battle of Major Pugachev”, which sets out the heart-rending story of the escape from the Kolyma camp and the heroic death of 12 former officers who were innocently convicted by Stalinist executioners, has firmly entered into the folklore of the accusers of Stalinism. Inspired by this exciting story, the director Vladimir Fatyanov even decided to shoot a feature film on it:

    “Vladimir Fatyanov makes a film based on the stories of Shalamov. There were many people like the hero of Igor Lifanov, who fought with the German invaders, passed through German captivity, returned to their homeland and were sentenced by the tribunal to stay in Stalin’s camps ... About them is a new film directed by Vladimir Fatyanov, "The Last Battle of Major Pugachev." The script is based on the “Kolyma Tales” by Varlam Shalamov. Igor Volkov, Victor Molchan, Galina Bokashevskaya are also in the picture. ”

    As a result, Fatyanova’s film was released by May 9, 2005. So to say, another tub of slops for the anniversary of the Victory.

    As we have already seen, the bulk of the Soviet troops released from captivity successfully passed the test. But even those who were arrested by the NKVD, for the most part escaped with exile. To get to Kolyma, it was necessary to do something serious, to stain oneself with specific crimes in the service of the Nazis. Prototypes of Shalamov’s “heroes” were no exception to this rule.

    Alexander Biryukov spoke about how “the feat of Major Pugachev” actually looked in the television program Steps of Victory, shown on Magadan television on September 5, 1995.

    It turns out that such a fact did occur. They fled after strangling the guard on duty. In a shootout with the soldiers chasing them, several more people were killed. Indeed, out of 12 “heroes” 10 were former military men: 7 people were Vlasov residents who escaped capital punishment only because the death penalty was abolished after the war in the USSR. Two - policemen who voluntarily went to the service of the Germans (one of them rose to the rank of chief of the village police), they avoided execution or noose for the same reason. And only one was a former naval officer who had two criminal convictions before the war and ended up in the camp for the aggravated murder of a police officer. At the same time, 11 out of 12 were related to the camp administration: a contractor, a cook, etc. A characteristic detail: when the gates of the “zone” were wide open, out of 450 prisoners, no one else followed the fugitives.

    Another indicative fact. During the chase, 9 bandits were killed, while the three survivors were returned to the camp, from where, years later, but before the end of their term, they went free. Then, quite possibly, they told their grandchildren how they innocently suffered during the years of the “personality cult”. It remains only once again to complain about the excessive gentleness and humanity of Stalinist justice.
  14. Stasi.
    Stasi. 17 June 2012 23: 46
    There is no need now to groan and cry over the hardships and losses that befell us after the collapse of the country. I agree that the current system of embezzlers and liberals has no future. We need a new national idea uniting all strata of the population and peoples of our great country, a real patriotic government and a president. As for the monarchy and the Romanov dynasty. The founder of the dynasty is the first Tsar Mikhail Fedorovich Zakharov-Yuryev, who adopted the surname Romanov (Rimsky) when he ascended the throne. The father of the first tsar was the patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church. He received the Patriarchate from the hands of False Dmitry the First. Then he supported False Dmitry II and was a voluntary captive of the Poles, where he studied at the Jesuit Academy in the city of Marienburg. The tsar himself was promoted to the throne by a party of Russian nobles who collaborated with the Poles during the Time of Troubles, the "Polish Party". These people feared just retribution from the people for their cooperation with the enemy and managed to put a convenient tsar on the Russian throne. So the Romanov dynasty was born out of betrayal. Then there was a split of the people, when the people were divided into nobles and commoners. The gentlemen of the nobility were to develop, live in conditions of civilization and enjoy all the benefits. The common people were kept in poverty and ignorance. The result of this policy, which lasted more than three hundred years, was the death of the House of Romanov and the Russian Empire. The current descendants of the Romanovs have no right to the throne, for that matter. It is better to do without the monarchy, as it has not justified itself as a form of government.
  15. Ahmar
    Ahmar 18 June 2012 11: 22
    by the way I.V. Stalin in his article "Economic Problems of Socialism in the USSR" said that the working day must be reduced to 5-6 hours a week, so that the population could engage in self-education, develop their cultural level and not be tied all their lives to any one profession.

    I will quote a great man: Thirdly, it is necessary to achieve such a cultural growth of society that would ensure
    all members of society comprehensive development of their physical and mental abilities, so that
    members of society had the opportunity to receive an education sufficient to become
    active workers in social development so that they have the opportunity to freely choose
    profession, and not be chained for life, due to the existing division of labor, to
    one of any profession.
    What is required for this?
    It would be wrong to think that such a serious cultural growth of members could be achieved
    society without major changes in the current situation of labor. For this you need first of all
    reduce the working day to at least 6, and then to 5 hours. This is necessary in order to
    members of society received enough free time necessary to receive
    comprehensive education. For this, it is necessary, further, to introduce a compulsory polytechnic
    training necessary for members of the public to be free to choose
    a profession and not be linked for life to one profession. To do this,
    further, radically improve housing conditions and raise the real wages of workers and
    at least twice the number of employees, if not more, both through a direct increase in cash salaries and
    especially by further systematically lowering the prices of consumer goods.
    These are the basic conditions for preparing the transition to communism.