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Brains for export

Vekselberg and the company set up a good business in trade in Russian intellectual raw materials in Innograd

Microsoft will open a research and development center in the Skolkovo Innograd. The opening agreement was signed by the President of the Skolkovo Foundation Viktor Vekselberg and the Vice-President of Microsoft Kirill Tatarinov. Steve Ballmer’s company will invest several tens of millions of dollars for which the center will conduct research and participate in the development of Microsoft Dynamics business systems. By 2015, it is planned to attract more than 100 Russian specialists to work at the center.

The American company Microsoft is one of the major foreign partners of Innograd, which also include Boeing, Intel, Cisco, Dow Chemical, IBM from the USA. In addition, Skolkovo’s partners include world giants such as Finnish Nokia, German Siemens and SAP, French Alstom, Swedish Ericsson, EADS from the Netherlands, and Technopark Zurich, a Swiss technopark.

Brains for export

The Skolkovo Innograd in the Moscow Region was conceived as the Russian equivalent of Silicon Valley in the USA, but now it is actually becoming its branch. Foreign partner companies are planning to open at least 16 their research centers in Skolkovo. And of the largest “conditionally Russian” companies, only KamAZ “announced” so far. Why "conditional"? Yes, because the major shareholders of KAMAZ are the offshore company Avtoinvest Limited (24,5%), the German Daimler AG (11%), the company KAMAZ International Management (4,25%) is also of offshore origin and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (4%). Apparently "Innograd" in this case should be read from the word "foreign."

Foreign companies will begin to invest in Skolkovo, naturally, in order to provide themselves with new technologies, not the Russian economy. At the same time, they will buy labor of Russian scientists and specialists several times cheaper than it can be bought in the same Silicon Valley, where salaries and the cost of maintaining developers are more expensive at times. It turns out that Vekselberg and the company have created a good export trading business with the most expensive kind of Russian “raw material” - intellectual and will cut the “natural rent” from this. Moreover, as it turned out, Skolkovo was established as a “foreign branch” quite officially and even documented.

Global sandbox

According to the "Regulations on the Assignment and Loss of Status of a Skolkovo Project Participant, the project submitted by the applicant company" involves the participation of a foreign specialist who has considerable authority in the investment or research environment. In this case, the consent of the alien to participate in the project must be confirmed by a written statement. And do not buy the wording “assumes” - the requirement of foreign participation is categorical. The representative of the investment service of the Skolkovo Foundation, Petr Lukyanov, answering questions on the official website, explained that the presence of a foreigner in the application is an obligatory condition; without it, the application will not even be accepted.

As Aleksey Beltyukov, director of development and planning of the Skolkovo Foundation, said during the hotline at Rossiyskaya Gazeta, “Foreigners are needed for Skolkovo participating companies to be included in the international scientific and investment community. So that there is no such thing: we do something in our small “garden”, we don’t show it to anyone, we don’t communicate with anyone and we know everything best of all. We tried it several times already, and somehow it doesn't work very well. Therefore, a very thoughtful and reasonable decision was made: a company that the state will support as a Skolkovo member must necessarily present its foreign partner. ”

Beltyukov is especially upset when he is constantly asked: why is such an obstacle being introduced for Russian companies? “This is not an obstacle, but, on the contrary, a new opportunity,” explains the director of the fund. - This is a plus, not a minus. As long as people think that attracting foreign specialists is a minus, until then we will continue to hang out in our own sandbox and never go global. This is very unpleasant to realize, it is not consistent with our post-Soviet scientific and technical mentality. But otherwise, Skolkovo would not have been created. ”

It’s just not clear why the Americans buried themselves in their “sandbox” in the “Silicon Valley” and didn’t show anything to anyone. Scientists in the "valley" work primarily for the United States, and foreign experts are invited solely in order to develop American companies. But on the contrary, priority is given to foreign participation in projects.

And here the main question of Skolkovo arises - about the ownership of scientific inventions, models and patents for them. Who exactly will own these patents, in whose interests scientific developments and inventions will be used? The scientific intellectual capital of Russia is expensive, so we need an answer to the question in whose particular interests discoveries and inventions will be made, and who exactly will be able to use them from a commercial point of view. However, the answer to these questions is securely hidden in contracts and investment agreements for the production of scientific research in the territory of Skolkovo, concluded by the fund with foreign companies.

In the end, is it possible that only Vekselberg and a number of foreign companies will be able to take advantage of Skolkovo? What a huge public money will be “privatized” intellectual capital, which can not be realized on the territory of Russia. So far, no clear answer has been given to all these questions either from Vekselberg or Dmitry Medvedev, who oversees Skolkovo, heading its Board of Trustees. But to look into the constituent documents of the Skolkovo Foundation, agreements and agreements with foreigners will not work - a trade secret. So what is Skolkovo?

Cut or sale?

The Fund for the Development of the Center for the Development and Commercialization of New Technologies Skolkovo is a non-profit organization created on the initiative of the former President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev in September 2010. The activity of the center is regulated by a special law that provides its residents with special economic conditions.

Vekselberg immediately announced the need to develop a special legal regime at Skolkovo and tax holidays for businesses on 5-7 years, but the authorities went even further. According to Elvira Nabiullina, when she was head of the Ministry of Economic Development, “It is proposed that the peculiarities of the legal regime in Skolkovo be established by a separate law. This law would introduce the following features: first, tax and customs benefits. Secondly, simplified urban planning procedures. Thirdly, the simplified rules of technical regulation. Fourthly, special sanitary rules and fire safety rules. Fifth, lightweight conditions for interaction with the authorities. ” Assistant to the President of Russia Arkady Dvorkovich added that it is planned to introduce not even 7-summer, but 10-summer vacation on income tax, property tax and land tax, and the rate of social contributions should be only 14%. Two bills on the working conditions of the Skolkovo innovation city, submitted to the State Duma by President Medvedev, were accepted by the deputies in the fall of 2010, but experts still have questions about Skolkovo ...

“The concept of the Skolkovo innovation city initially raised great doubts in me, primarily due to the transfer of more than 300 hectares of expensive land near Moscow to it,” said Andrei Bunich, President of the Union of Entrepreneurs and Tenants of Russia, told “SP”. - After all, no one thought of building a "Silicon Valley" in Beverly Hills, and we still have only to place the territory of the innovation city on the ruble. Maybe that is why the emphasis is on foreign companies that can buy or rent property under the center in such an expensive place as Skolkovo near Moscow. This “special regime” of the work of the innograd also causes doubts - beyond the line of Russian legislation, I remember, someone even suggested that English law be maintained there. All this is very similar to another internal offshore, which is much closer to the capital than Chechnya or Ingushetia. In addition, in Skolkovo there is a palace of the main curator of the project - Igor Shuvalov, a palace that Harun al Rashid would envy, and Shuvalov’s wife owns large tracts of land there.

So we can safely say that this project is being done either for corruption purposes - for cutting state money, or for sale to foreigners, or both. In any case, it is not only unhealthy for the country's economy, but even harmful. Because billions of state budget money creates an infrastructure that will be used by foreign companies for their own benefit. In addition, there will be selling Russian "brains", and cheaper. As they confessed to Boeing, a member of Skolkovo, it is much more profitable and convenient for them not to take out Russian scientists to work in the company in the USA, but to make their center here and let it work as an outsourcer. Microsoft does the same thing ...

In the meantime, experts believe that a full-fledged innograd with a laboratory base, experimental production, a technopark and a social infrastructure is simply impossible to place on an area of ​​only 375 ha. And for comparison, the science city of Dubna, with an area of ​​7100 hectares, not to mention the American "Silicon Valley" - about 400 thousand hectares. True, Vekselberg appealed to First Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov with a request to add 103 hectares to the existing ones, and the government commission on housing development determined that this would require ... redeeming the land of Olga Shuvalova. Here you have a "family contract".
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  1. Yarbay
    Yarbay 16 June 2012 08: 48 New
    Thanks to the author !!
    I learned a lot of interesting things !!
    ** Skolkovo Innograd in the Moscow Region was conceived as the Russian analogue of Silicon Valley in the United States, but now it is actually becoming its branch. ** - Capital rules !!
    1. father tudy-syudy
      father tudy-syudy 16 June 2012 14: 06 New
      People do not want to understand the difference between the initiative of financial scientists and officials (Silicon Valley) and the PR project of only officials (Skolkovo) laughing
      For gifted Russian IT professionals, there is not a single sane reason to stay in Russia, the United States - this is their true path! Where besides Palo Alto, there are enough innovation centers, just Silicon Valley is the largest and most promoted.
      After visiting the American centers of high-tech industry, returning to Voronezh and Uryupinsk is somehow sad
      1. zaxooz
        zaxooz 16 June 2012 16: 28 New
        And this is also unfortunately true.
      2. ramhi
        ramhi 17 June 2012 13: 04 New
        But father is correct, however, I don’t see any constructive proposals on the site - how can I catch up with the long-term lag of the Russian electronic industry from the leading world ?! Words and conversations alone
    2. zaxooz
      zaxooz 16 June 2012 16: 27 New
      And what about the day of "independence" wasn’t a literate storyline in the middle of a pop concert?
    3. chukapabra
      chukapabra 16 June 2012 18: 41 New
      Quote: Yarbay
      ** Skolkovo Innograd in the Moscow Region was conceived as the Russian analogue of Silicon Valley in the United States, but now it is actually becoming its branch. ** - Capital rules !!

      Dear Alibek, good evening.
      When they themselves have nothing to offer in the field of high technology, the most reasonable step is to learn from others. This area is developing so fast that if you don’t learn from the leaders, you will never catch up. The brains in Russia have always been, they will work in the leading companies in the world, then they will start creating their own, everywhere it does. But do world brands see potential in Russia, the market is huge and there is an opportunity to earn money, or do you think that they will come for beautiful eyes, a nested doll, caviar and vodka? Money and only money, what do they need, because everything else (including world leadership in technology) they have. Therefore, to create greenhouse conditions and tax benefits for them is the only way to attract them to Russia.
      Silicon Valley - This is America, they were the first to build a system of technological and scientific greenhouses. That was over 30 years ago. During this time, they ran forward, the system and methods work, at first everything went slowly, the operating time took years. If Russia wants to take leading places as quickly as possible, this is the only way to call, pay, please all these companies, or nothing will happen.
      1. ramhi
        ramhi 17 June 2012 13: 07 New
        Chupacabra, and who do you have to pay to attract companies and people to the Russian market - the Russian budget or the oligarchs? In the USA, private business pays, although the Pentagon is already competing with private owners on certain issues. The initiative just comes from below and, as we all see, the results are impressive
        1. chukapabra
          chukapabra 18 June 2012 07: 06 New
          Quote: ramhi
          Chupacabra, and who do you have to pay to attract companies and people to the Russian market - the Russian budget or the oligarchs?

          , the state should create tax incentives and, of course, gifts (financial, as it doesn’t sound beautiful), but so all over the world, if the state does not stimulate at first and takes some risk, nothing will move.
          In America the same favorable conditions are created (by the state) in breakthrough and important directions. Private initiative is great, but few want to risk their grandmothers
  2. 77bor1973
    77bor1973 16 June 2012 08: 52 New
    Yes, it was immediately clear that this is an incubator of our ideas and goals over the hill, and what is in Skolkovo, and not in the Novosibirsk science town!
    1. sergey69
      sergey69 16 June 2012 11: 42 New
      Closer to the capital.
    2. 755962
      755962 17 June 2012 21: 46 New
      Quote: 77bor1973
      not in the Novosibirsk science campus!

      Akademgorodok is one of the most important scientific and educational centers of Russia. On the territory of the Academgorodok there are dozens of research institutes, the Presidium of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences (SB RAS), Novosibirsk State University, and the Physics and Mathematics School. Skolkovo was not lying nearby.
  3. crossbow
    crossbow 16 June 2012 09: 10 New
    Yes, from the very beginning it was clear that they would not be engaged in any special scientific activities in Skolkovo, only the offices of the so-called residents would be located there in order to use very decent tax and other benefits, all of this had already passed - just remember the SEZ in North Ossetia and etc., for the report and window dressing, of course, they will create several research laboratories led by foreign eminent scientists.
    1. ramhi
      ramhi 17 June 2012 13: 09 New
      I hope Putin will put things in order in these newly formed tax "holes", by the way, created during the reign of Medvedev? ...
      1. cord
        cord 17 June 2012 14: 03 New
        And what, there are still people who think that the bear is an independent politician ??? laughing
  4. Tatanka Yotanka
    Tatanka Yotanka 16 June 2012 09: 13 New
    the feeling that it was created for the legal sawing of dough doesn’t leave me, that’s the track for ATES - it washed away
  5. patriot2
    patriot2 16 June 2012 10: 06 New
    The first science city of the USSR in Obninsk, Kaluga Region, prepared many young scientists for the countries of the former USSR - there is nothing wrong with that. But Russia is simply obliged to leave good young specialists, since the speed of their leakage over a hill is higher every year. Perhaps how to do this clearly to everyone. Question of money. Yes, and it’s high time to review the free distribution after the university, especially for those who studied at budget departments. As for postgraduate higher education - there should also be a distribution, if you don’t pay yourself, pay off your debts. Or are we now free to provide the whole world with high-class scientists and specialists, while we ourselves are left with nothing ?!
    1. chukapabra
      chukapabra 16 June 2012 18: 46 New
      Quote: patriot2
      But Russia is simply obliged to leave good young specialists, since the speed of their leakage over a hill is higher every year. Perhaps how to do this clearly to everyone. Question of money.

      This is not a question of money; young people also have ambitions. they want the newest and most advanced. And money ? If the company will not produce something profitable, where does the money come from? And what would it be profitable, it must be at the global level. If you just pay a salary (that would not run away), quickly spill and stop working.
      Quote: patriot2
      As for postgraduate higher education - there must also be a distribution, if you don’t pay yourself - pay off your debts

      That's right, if you study at the expense of the state, repay the debt in the place where the state considers it necessary. If you paid yourself - a free bird.
  6. Kite
    Kite 16 June 2012 11: 08 New
    "Foreign companies will begin to invest in Skolkovo, naturally, in order to provide themselves with new technologies, and not the Russian economy. At the same time, the labor of Russian scientists and specialists will be bought several times cheaper than that which can be bought in the same Silicon Valley, where salaries and the cost of maintaining developers are several times more expensive."
    - well, there are a lot of "dissatisfied" from all sides, selling raw materials is bad, selling developments is even worse! Is it insidious to learn how to conduct and implement developments while staying in your country?
  7. sergey69
    sergey69 16 June 2012 11: 43 New
    And then the president wonders where the swamp comes from.
  8. ternit
    ternit 16 June 2012 11: 56 New
    Yes, on the one hand, it’s not good that Skolkovo works mostly as a branch for foreign companies, but on the other hand, these specialists will stay at home! If only the authorities had forbidden them all to leave, that's all! am
  9. Max79
    Max79 16 June 2012 11: 58 New
    It turns out Skolkovo is a legal, officially documented "theft of Russian brains" at the state level, or in other words, in the law ...
  10. Cadet787
    Cadet787 16 June 2012 12: 18 New
    It seems to be a good business, but again trouble to check!
  11. pribolt
    pribolt 16 June 2012 12: 27 New
    Lord, as these officials are already bored, whose wives always own millions. am
  12. cord
    cord 16 June 2012 14: 04 New
    They wanted the best, but it turned out as always. The fool understands that our scientists, who will work in Skolkovo, at Microsoft, Google, etc. then they will not stay in Russia, but will move over the hill, where they will be appreciated much more. And real estate and land in Skolkovo, which is elite? Incidentally, the gods of the natives from the stability tribe own non-acidic areas and real palaces about three floors. But who cares, after all, the main thing is stability and kilometers of noodles on the ears of hurray-petrots who look into their botox leader’s mouth, whence lies a waterfall! What an idiot you have to be in order to put a Jewish businessman at the head of a SCIENCE CITY, after whom a whole train of criminal proceedings stretches !!!

    On April 6, 2009, the Swiss Ministry of Finance initiated a lawsuit against Viktor Vekselberg in connection with suspicions of his participation (together with two Austrian businessmen) in fraud involving Sulzer, in which Vekselberg owns 31 percent of the shares.
    On February 21, 2011, the Vedomosti newspaper published a revealing article stating that Viktor Vekselberg acted as an intermediary in a deal with the building on Krasnaya Presnya: he bought it from Hungary 7 times cheaper than it sold it to the Russian government.

    They put neither a scientist nor an academician. not a professor, but a MANAGER !!! For what?! Can any of the local fermented patriots tell me about this ?! Although, I fully admit that he perfectly understands how and what is more effective to sell and the ghouls in the government use the fruits of this Primalovialov. Well, hawta stability, ladies and gentlemen.

    However, I can please all science lovers with news;

    NASA Voyager 1 enters an unknown space outside the solar system.
    The Daily Mail writes about one of the most grandiose, if not the most grandiose, achievement of mankind - the Voyager 1 spacecraft goes into deep space. Currently, he leaves the last frontier - the boundary of the heliosphere, which, like a giant bubble, surrounds the solar system, protecting it from the effects of interstellar radiation.
    This is the first ever man-made object floating ever deeper into the depths of the universe. Now it is located about 18 billion kilometers from Earth - the NASA device has covered this distance in 35 years. Now its speed is 10 kilometers per second.
    Through radio waves, Voyager 1 still sends signals to Earth - because of the enormous distance they reach with a 16-hour delay.
    Its approach to the edge of the heliosphere is evidenced by the fact that in the last month the number of interstellar wind particles around the device increased by 10%. The heliosphere, formed, roughly speaking, by the streams of the solar wind, does not let in cosmic rays from outside, but closer to its conditional edge, the number of "alien" particles increases. 
    At the same time, it will be difficult to understand exactly when Voyager 1 will go into interstellar space. Scientists hope to detect some "telltale signs" such as changes in the direction of the magnetic field and the type of radiation. The interstellar wind is slower than the solar wind, colder and denser. 
    Voager program specialist Edward Stone says that scientists daily study the data from the device with great interest, for several hours without interruption, they "listen" to distant devices. It's scientifically incredibly exciting to see and hear something that no one has seen or heard before, he says.

    Oh yes, Popovkin’s head also healed after a collision with a bottle during a drunken fight for a model secretary.
    1. cord
      cord 16 June 2012 16: 02 New
      I have to be proud - Vekselberg himself apparently minus me laughing Viktor Feliksovich, so when will you return the money for the sold building on Krasnaya Presnya to the state, huh? love

      By the way, about the personnel: recently our venerable government, led by the "six" -clown with an iPhone, appointed someone who will head the commission on youth affairs! And he was the gopnik Oleksandr Bosykh, who became famous for many feats, before which even the adventures of Hercules fade away: beat women near the courthouse

      , where the incident in the Cathedral of Christ the Savior was dealt with, wrote various interesting libels, I quote: "liberals are scum and a human belch", or about the fact that "there is no Ukrainian people! Just as there is no Ukrainian history - a rabble has formed on the outskirts of Russia, a cross between Tatars , gypsies, Jews and Slavs. " Or it's not bad for the head of the government commission: "Well, yes, many people do not like Jews, including me. Well, yes, Israel is an ally of the United States. But Arabs, as Muslims, are our opponents. Not Russia, but Russians! And the threat of Islam is much more real than the threat. And the more Muslims die, the fewer enemies we will have! " And, of course, about the orange threat: "I am in favor of breaking / killing / expelling the orange leaders from the country, without exception."

      Here we have such power: gopniks, drunks and thieves ..
      1. CC-20a
        CC-20a 17 June 2012 15: 14 New
        The man in the photo is really a man and did the right thing. Sorry weakly hit.
        You fagots, lesbians, gays, emo and other European pranks must be beaten mercilessly! to knock out all the nonsense.

        In the photo one of the fools of the Pushiroat who defiled the church.
        And you Judah Kord have no right to write stories here about Islam and other things protecting any scum like this woman in the photo. Muslims do not go to church and do not mock the Christian faith, but you and your brothers in information weapons mock, for which you all have my personal fu and spit in my face at a meeting.
        1. cord
          cord 17 June 2012 16: 42 New
          Olekander, log in wink Your gopovaty nature can be seen even through such a cunning, for the only direct gyrus, conspiracy! laughing
          1. CC-20a
            CC-20a 17 June 2012 19: 29 New
            Yes, you are a sick sir ... to the last neuron.
            1. cord
              cord 17 June 2012 20: 27 New
              It's a bit too late, Oleksandr) behind your abstruse "neurons" and "sir" you can see seeds, beer and striped pants with a characteristic vocabulary and manner of dialogue.) And considering the enchanting stupidity of your comments, it becomes creepy at all. Indeed, even if people like you are gaining a critical mass of 10-15%, you should already start worrying about the future of the country. lol
              1. khoma nickson
                khoma nickson 18 June 2012 00: 49 New
                Yes, the SS-20a gives such a thrush in its ignorance, multiplied by the corresponding strength and tone, which is really terrible for a country with such a contingent, it will grow to a critical mass.
    2. sssla
      sssla 17 June 2012 11: 45 New
      Explain why the interstellar wind is colder. Who measured it and how
      1. cord
        cord 17 June 2012 16: 43 New
        This is for you to NASA, I only operate on the available data.)
  13. khoma nickson
    khoma nickson 16 June 2012 15: 10 New
    Everything is bad and wherever you throw it - there is a wedge everywhere. Scientists leave not only for money, but for the opportunity for self-realization - to conduct research, to use their fruits, like Gates or Jobs, just for a normal life - without bureaucratic rudeness, police arbitrariness, criminal lawlessness and other delights of domestic life. It is not a bad idea to create an "island" of another life in Skolkovo, outsourcing - at least some money will remain in the country and the developers will get something, mabut, they will. The alternative is departure or the "Iron Curtain", but how much did it help our country? Under the Father of Nations, they bought and stole, but introduced, under Nikita Sergeevich, they bought and stole, but introduced with a creak, under Leonid Ilyich, they bought and stole, but the implementation stopped altogether. Technology cannot be higher than the culture of production, who does not remember the products of "developed socialism" and the mass reaction to it. One Lviv plant "Electron" annually sent about 900 people to the next world with its TV sets. All hunted for imports, humiliated themselves, overpaid. But under the cursed tsarism, world-class scientists in the country were innumerable, Professor Witte was raised one step and he began to be equated with a lieutenant general, and Far Eastern merchants complained to the Emperor that the Japanese put the brand of well-known Russian companies on their shoddy goods and so provide sales. Foreign capital of the channels already in the first generation, lived and invested in Russia, many studied abroad, adopted organically and introduced their achievements, an engineer - this sounded proudly, gave both status and material benefits, leading Russian universities were not inferior to anyone in the world, and October 1917 greatly advanced Western science and technology - Zworykin, Sikorsky, the humanities. Maybe we'd better try to return to the Duma and Zemstvo Russia of 1906-1913, rather than Stalin's "sharashki" and Brezhnev's research institutes "30 years without result."
  14. Kaa
    Kaa 16 June 2012 16: 00 New
    Apparently, it would be more correct to use the name not Skolkovo, but "Oskolkovo" - since it may gradually become a segment of Silicon Valley. - a fragment of "gloomy American genius". This must not be allowed
    1. cord
      cord 16 June 2012 17: 03 New
      Rather Skolkovo. Because it is very interesting to know how much land and real estate cost in this "Raspilgrad". By the way, I appeal to the slaves of stability reading this comment: which of you slaves can boast of houses like those of your masters? Here is such a house, for example, on 2 km of the Skolkovo highway, Shuvalov built himself

      In 2008, HOUSEWIFE Olga Shuvalova managed to get an income of 365 million rubles, in 2009 - at the height of the crisis - 642 million rubles, and last year - another 372,9 million rubles. Together with her husband, they have seven cars, including three Mercedes and a jaguar. But this is not the main thing. Igor Ivanovich, as you know, is in charge of the Skolkovo project in the government. A large amount of land is to be purchased for this project. 250 hectares of land around Skolkovo belongs to a certain Zarechye-Development LLC. I was not at all surprised to learn that the owner of Zarechye-Development LLC is Olga Shuvalova.

      1. khoma nickson
        khoma nickson 16 June 2012 19: 44 New
        The source of earnings was discovered by Navalny, and with documents - he is not in the ground, but in the position of spouse of a housewife. He gave Olga’s offshore a loan to Usmanov’s offshore, he returned it with wild interest, and then received 1 billion rubles. state loan.
  15. black cat
    black cat 16 June 2012 17: 18 New
    Quote: patriot2
    The first science city of the USSR in Obninsk, Kaluga Region, prepared many young scientists for the countries of the former USSR - there is nothing wrong with that. But Russia is simply obliged to leave good young specialists, since the speed of their leakage over a hill is higher every year. Perhaps how to do this clearly to everyone. Question of money. Yes, and it’s high time to review the free distribution after the university, especially for those who studied at budget departments. As for postgraduate higher education - there should also be a distribution, if you don’t pay yourself, pay off your debts. Or are we now free to provide the whole world with high-class scientists and specialists, while we ourselves are left with nothing ?!

    You will not be forcibly sweet. You try to find an engineer in the world who works for $ 500. Well, maybe only Russia, Kyrgyzstan and other countries of the former USSR. He recently resigned with an engineer from India. Even there, the graduate receives from $ 800. In addition, the number of budget places is constantly decreasing. The difference in the cost of training between the cost of studying at universities abroad and in Russia is also decreasing. From $ 18000 in the USA and 130000 R (= $ 4300 + various requisitions costs about 1000 $ MSTU
    Now representatives of almost all categories are leaving - from graduate students to academicians. The reason is now well known: the low level of funding for Russian science. In this regard, the state of science acts as an important indicator by which one can judge the strength of the state.
    In the coming years, “intellectual emigration” will continue at a fairly stable pace. Certain cases of scientists returning to their homeland are, of course, exceptions that confirm the rule.
    1. indrik
      indrik 16 June 2012 18: 05 New
      a consumer society is growing from our people. Yes, not everything in the USSR was good, but the state took care of the people who moved science, and now they have sold everything and transferred it to money.
      1. sssla
        sssla 17 June 2012 11: 53 New
        It's too late my friend shed tears across the USSR. When it was necessary to turn on the brains, the inclusion handle broke. And now in front of your eyes they are robbed of you and again << the little trickle is broken >>
    2. khoma nickson
      khoma nickson 16 June 2012 19: 46 New
      Despite the fact that the bartender receives all 600-700 cu plus a tip. In the United States, manufacturing engineers are the highest paid mass profession.
  16. indrik
    indrik 16 June 2012 18: 03 New
    "picking in its sandbox" brought Russia into space, and in 87-89, the Japanese bought our robotic conveyor lines not out of idle interest in the color of meta and "black man", but because of solutions in automation, optics and robotics. Do we need a collection and removal point (for our money), our ideas and technical solutions? We are turning into a colony, but this is a shame! ((
  17. black cat
    black cat 16 June 2012 18: 30 New
    Quote: Indric
    "picking in its sandbox" took Russia into space

    You are wrong, dear.
    Only the exported samples of V-2 - Vergeltungswaffe-2 and the joint work with the captured German scientists brought Russia into space.
    Of course, it is better to have Skolkovo than not to have anything. Mountain (Medveputy) in this case gave birth to a mouse (Skolkovo). Putin will not invest money (and create conditions) in Russian science and education - commies invested 2 times more in% of GDP, not only scientists, but also engineers and skilled workers will scatter. The only obstacle to this is the visa regime. And it will be difficult to blame them for the lack of patriotism. And you need to eat, AND ACCOMMODATION AT AFFORDABLE PRICES, and service without extorting money in hospitals, all this a working person can find in the West. And here Putin feeds with promises.
    1. indrik
      indrik 16 June 2012 18: 40 New
      recall who von Braun picked up the idea from and many of those decisions were from Soviet Russia.
  18. black cat
    black cat 16 June 2012 18: 51 New
    Quote: Indric
    recall who von Braun picked up the idea from and many of those decisions were from Soviet Russia.

    Remind Do Not Count For Labor
    You can not work, however.
    I will tell you.
    von Braun studied in the Gumbinnenskaya Friedrichshule in 1919-1920 (his father, Magnus von Braun, was at that time the president of the Gumbinnen government). Since 1925, Brown attended a boarding school in the castle of Ettersburg, near Weimar, where he did not have good marks in physics and mathematics. In 1928, his parents transferred him to the German Litz boarding school on the island of Spikerog in the North Sea in East Frisia. Here he obtained a copy of the book "Rocket for Interplanetary Space" by Hermann Obert. Brown had previously been fascinated by the idea of ​​space travel, and now he began to deliberately engage in physics and mathematics, then to design rockets.

    In 1930, Brown entered Berlin Technical University, where he joined the Verein fr Raumschiffahrt group (VfR, Space Travel Society), where he helped Willy Leu test a liquid-propellant rocket engine with Hermann Obert. Brown also attended the Swiss Higher Technical School of Zurich. Although he worked for the rest of his life mainly on military rockets, space travel remained his main interest.

    One incident in the early 30s earned Brown's respect. Brown attended a presentation hosted by Auguste Picard, who at that time was a pioneer of flights to the stratosphere. After Picard’s speech, a young student approached him and said: “You know, I’m planning someday to fly to the moon.” It is said that Picard answered with words of support.

    Von Braun was greatly influenced by Hermann Obert, about whom the German rocket engineer said:

    “Herman Obert was the first who, thinking about the possibility of creating spacecraft, picked up a slide rule and presented mathematically sound ideas and designs ... Personally, I see in him not only the guiding light of my life, but also owe him my first contacts with theoretical and practical issues of rocket science and space missions. ”In the history of science and technology for his revolutionary contribution to astronautics, he should be given an honorable place.”,_%D0%92%D0%B5%D1%80%
  19. Svistoplyaskov
    Svistoplyaskov 16 June 2012 19: 02 New
    Opachki anti-Putin article! In our swamp?
  20. mind1954
    mind1954 16 June 2012 22: 56 New
    They constantly show some horrors about how they produce and sell
    Food. If this is a lie for the sake of sensation, then we must attract
    liability and prohibit such things. You can’t mock
    citizens - people are taught how to determine edible sausage or not, etc.
    And if this is true, then the question must be raised, simply, about "sanitary terror"!
    And nothing to do with lamentations about "stop nightmare small business"!
    We have a small business exactly the same as our economy - 12% !!!
    And in Europe - 65%! There is a manufacturing industry with normal salaries.
    Small business serves manufacturing and citizens
    with normal benefits, pensions, salaries !!!
    And with whom and what does he serve? 5% of the population - here they are these 12% !!!
    And referring to corruption, such "insanity"! What about the traffic police, then they don't force
    check the order on the roads every three years, with prior notice ???
    Moreover, no one is going to fight corruption with us, but there is a need
    everyone and every day!

    This HSE, quietly created in Skolkovo, judging by the teachers and
    listeners, another nest of the "fifth column" intended for
    plundering and destruction of our country. And the "office" that is there
    created intended for registration and sale by the private sector
    abroad of the intellectual product that we still have and
    one that may still appear! And by no means, for the implementation of our
    and foreign innovations !!!
    And, actually, D.I. Mendeleev said that ideas should be taken from where only
    it is possible, but the REALIZATION SHOULD BE OWN!
    Well, I had to write this a few years ago !!!
    It remains only to experience satisfaction from the fact that this,
    finally it comes to the rest !!!
  21. sapulid
    sapulid 17 June 2012 03: 20 New
    Hello to all supporters of isolationism. Along the way, the guys forgot the Great Race of Mao Zedong. Older people should remember what China was like during Mao's time. Others, but do not be too lazy to read ... In the rotten West, it is customary that a specialist with unconfirmed work experience in the West earns several times less than the others. Applies to both local and foreigners. Work in the West attracts, both as a scientific school with excellent conditions for creativity, and a calm future. The lag of our science was due to EBN and other scum, which put personal interest above all else. The gap needs to be closed, the WTO, one of the ways to bypass the Jackson-Wenig Amendment.By the way, the breakthrough of Soviet science was made due to the fact that many scientists received education or trained in the West. (For which later they got into the "sharazhki") And intelligence, worked for the country, not for thieves. ....

    People will return if they are given conditions similar to Western ones. Not all, but enough to revive science. Slavery in "sharags" will no longer pass.
  22. Alexey Prikazchikov
    Alexey Prikazchikov 17 June 2012 09: 08 New
    I read a bunch of accusations of a siterica of complexes and everything else. For some reason, the author does not understand the point of mind, he is needed not for creating ideas, but for promoting them on the market for helping inventors who can create companies in the Russian Federation.
  23. grizzlir
    grizzlir 17 June 2012 16: 23 New
    It is strange that our generals grabbed the stars for statements like GLORY TO THE GREAT PUTIN, are silent in the discussion of this article. Probably the truth is that it hurts my eyes.
    1. cord
      cord 17 June 2012 16: 55 New
      After the erosion of the 23 billion rubles road in Vladivostok, the asphalt disappeared, along with snow on the Skolkovo highway, the destruction of the newly constructed tracks at the biathlon stadium in the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug

      the appointment of a gopnik plenipotentiary who promised to "come with the peasants to sort it out", a gopnik to the commission on youth affairs, explosions of several more warehouses of the Ministry of Defense, the adoption of laws in the spirit of "no more than three gatherings" and the jitters from lower oil prices, after bravado about nanotechnology and economic diversification , the veil fell from the burqals of forum generals, and some even opened their chakras and began to realize the true meaning of the word "stability". To realize that for 12 years a goose has created an oprichnina from the country and appointed people to the government, guided not by their professional skills, but by an ordinary dog's devotion to the person personally, that for 12 years the country has lived only with oil tanks, having contrived, in terms of well-being, so stay where - at the bottom, but rising in the ranking by the number of millionaires. Therefore, the generals sit in shock from what they have read and screams of "glory to the putu" are heard either from completely stubborn patients who will be helped only by life-giving euthanasia, or from those who have money for it. Elementary)
      1. Volkhov
        Volkhov 17 June 2012 20: 12 New
        Learn Japanese - soon it will be necessary to explain the Kuril Islands.
      2. khoma nickson
        khoma nickson 18 June 2012 00: 57 New
        Alas, it was no better under the Soviets, the economy began to bend back in the early 70s, but Arab, then Iranian friends helped out. And then they puffed out their cheeks, and consoled themselves with Agitprop, and Lenya did not choose the environment according to his mind, but who would clap more loudly, but better say with the next Star, or with a book, and how immediately you will get away from this. We all start for health, and end ... Tradition, perhaps, national rulers. "The days of the Alexandrovs are a wonderful beginning ..." - when Pushkin said.
  24. FID
    FID 17 June 2012 20: 12 New
    By the way, in my opinion, last year or the year before last, either the road to Skolkovo was either washed away, or it itself fell apart. Innograd, God forgive me! One thief!
    1. grizzlir
      grizzlir 17 June 2012 20: 45 New
      The road to Skolkovo collapsed. They laid cheap asphalt in a cold way on an unprepared base. According to the documents there was rolled asphalt concrete. Who put millions in his pocket can only guess, because talk about it in our "independent" media quickly faded away. Theft and corruption everywhere and everywhere at the highest level under the mask of STABILITY.
    2. khoma nickson
      khoma nickson 18 June 2012 00: 58 New
      And the bridge two halves parted a couple of meters. The road to the nanofuture is an endless sight. Now at APEC too.
  25. vadimN
    vadimN 18 June 2012 12: 59 New
    No comment ... And so everything is clear No.