Defense Ministry arms scouts with "spy stones"

Defense Ministry arms scouts with "spy stones"

The Ministry of Defense began the purchase of electronic reconnaissance devices that can be cast into the enemy camp

Deliveries of electronic devices designed to monitor the enemy’s territory began in the district intelligence units of the Russian Land Forces. As a source in the Ministry of Defense told Izvestia, these devices are part of the Intelligence, Communications and Control Complex (KRUS), which are now arming military reconnaissance.

Outwardly, “spy stones” look like a thick book and, in a disguised position, can monitor the situation behind enemy lines for months, and during an attack, direct guns and missiles.

In January, 2006 made a lot of noise story with “spy stones”, established in Moscow by British intelligence officers. True, according to the FSB, they were not used for collecting, but for receiving and transmitting information. Russian devices are more like Israeli Eye Ball intelligence systems and American Rembass.

- These are modernized elements of the so-called reconnaissance-signaling equipment, which is designed for automatic reconnaissance of the enemy’s territory. They are installed by the scouts during the operation, and new modifications can be dropped on the enemy’s territory from the air or in special projectiles, the Izvestia interlocutor explained.

He added that the names and characteristics of the new devices were not disclosed, but they are a development of the Soviet automatic intelligence systems 1K124 "Tabun" and 1K18 "Realia-U".

These devices are equipped with video cameras, microphones, metal sensors and seismic sensors. They are able to automatically capture the movement of people, cars and armored vehicles, recognizing objects using certain algorithms. Seismic sensors help the soil oscillations to recognize the approach of a column of armored vehicles.

The received data is transmitted via satellite and VHF communications through a special repeater. Moreover, the transmission is in short pulses, which are almost impossible to detect. The devices are equipped with a GLONASS / GPS positioning system. Therefore, in the event of an attack, they can direct artillery, missile forces and Aviation.

Batteries last for several months. When the charge ends, the "spy stone" is destroyed. The same thing happens if an adversary finds it.

Anatoly Tsyganok, head of the Center for Military Forecasting, believes that automatic reconnaissance devices will greatly facilitate the work of military intelligence officers, but they will not be able to completely replace them.

- No matter how perfect the device, it cannot assess the situation and make a decision. Intelligence uses a broad means of technical means. But they are all auxiliary. Not a single machine can replace a living person, ”said Roma, commenting on the acquisition of the Defense Ministry to Izvestia.

At the same time, thanks to the complexes, it will be much easier to conduct reconnaissance.

- I myself served in military intelligence for eight years, was the commander of an intelligence battalion. And I remember very well how it was necessary to reconnoiter the 5x5 km section in three hours. It was very difficult. And with such devices it will be much easier, - said Roma.

At the same time, the expert stressed that, in addition to purchasing new equipment, the military department should focus on training personnel for intelligence units, which, unfortunately, still consist mainly of conscripts.
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  1. +10
    13 2012 June
    So the "English thing" came in handy
    1. +2
      13 2012 June
      Outwardly, “spy stones” look like thick book and in a disguised position they can monitor the situation behind enemy lines for months, and during the attack they can direct guns and missiles.

      Do you understand everything? So they said what they look like. The conclusion is simple, it's anything but a book, especially a thick one.
      laughing laughing laughing wassat
  2. Gavrilon
    13 2012 June
    Here you are what Stone ALATYR =))))
  3. Yurich
    13 2012 June

    And this is a delivery vehicle ... smile
    1. +3
      13 2012 June
      Quote: Yurich
      And this is a delivery vehicle ...

      The class, by the way, is absolutely silent, and no automatic fire detection system will ever fix a salvo from it.
      By the way, I do not exclude the advisability of using the modern version of the catapult, or ballista, for throwing grenades, or something else.
    2. Dmitry.V
      13 2012 June
      Trebuche will also come down only to build longer, but will throw further
  4. pribolt
    13 2012 June
    Well, it seems we are not standing still ......... +
  5. Darn
    13 2012 June
    At my place, the old cell phone is idle, to finalize a bit, to make an artificial stone, more batteries. And you can throw yourself at the cottage and find out what kind of reptile is pickling cucumbers. laughing
  6. Tirpitz
    13 2012 June
    This should have been done 10 years ago. Although the news is personal, the main thing is to be allowed to use it in a real situation, for us, as always, "no one wants to take expensive responsibility for loss and breakdown, the result is that everything was done as 30-40 years ago, and it is being done." But it would be better if I was wrong.
    1. +1
      13 2012 June
      I agree. And then they will lie somewhere under the castle. And as it comes to business, again, intelligence on the belly will creep.
  7. Nechai
    13 2012 June
    Quote: Here Damn
    . And you can throw yourself at the cottage and find out what kind of bastard cucumbers are rubbing.

    to it attach pieces of several containers, with expelling charges. And the containers themselves can be filled with a recipe from the BZ category, which causes persistent diarrhea. In the XNUMXs, such garbage was staged in Moscow by order of a jealous husband. So after receiving a signal on the mobile phone, he started from New York. With all the transfers, I arrived almost a day later - I found a "sweet" couple in a very unsightly and deplorable state. And he punished, and the evidence above ... Much in general.
    1. Darn
      13 2012 June
      Hello Valery.
      Yes, it’s an interesting interesting story, I’ve been pleased. But returning to these “spy stones”, what do you think are useful things? I am confused by the fact that the reconnaissance group will have to install them. overhaul will try to send UAVs more often.
  8. Nechai
    13 2012 June
    Quote: Here Damn
    I’m afraid they’ll burn, because the enemy will most likely cover their entire perimeter with the same devices. And where it doesn’t overlay, it will try to send UAVs more often.

    Hello Benjamin. Yes, the "cough suppressant" is awesome - it caressed the poor fellows for three days. And then with qualified medical help, at the "final" stage.
    Returning to these "spy stones" - of course the necessary ESC. As part of the development of trends in remote sensing of territories. Again, the same eternal situevina - a shield against a sword. The result determines not only and not so much the quality of the products, but who uses it and how. When the time comes to throw "stones", it is not necessary for a reconnaissance agent to do this - UAVs, Artillery, RZSO - the most effective, in my opinion, in tactical depth. This "stone" is essentially the development of "Hunt" with a specialization in the collection of information. And the adversary's security sensors, even the most, are deactivated at a time. To the right moment in time. They themselves will ignore their information - they have lost the pieces of iron, what can you take from them ...
  9. +1
    13 2012 June
    I believe that this development will help not only intelligence, but, and most importantly, will slightly increase the level of domestic microelectronics. Sincerely.

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