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The Pentagon rehearsed the attack on Russia and China

The Pentagon rehearsed the attack on Russia and China

As part of large-scale exercises, codenamed Operation Chimichanga, the Pentagon showed the world a new war. Perhaps in the future this will become one of the standard methods of warfare. In any case, the prerequisites are obvious.

4 April The Pentagon conducted large-scale exercises, combining computer simulation and the participation of real aircraft from Fort Yukon (Alaska). In the exercise, codenamed Operation Chimichanga, for the first time, a new concept of super-long strikes was tested using fifth-generation F-22 fighters and B-1B supersonic bombers.

The Chimichanga scenario resembles the Eldorado Canyon of 1986, when a group of American planes from around 150 made an ultra-long flight and struck at military sites and Gaddafi’s residence. Today, more advanced military equipment, including stealth planes, powerful precision weapon, and the experience of this operation is reworked and improved in Chimichanga. It can be said that such attacks will become the main way of “punishing” and destroying the infrastructure of small countries, as well as a completely new method of achieving military superiority in the war with large states that have a powerful army and a long territory.

Operation Chimichanga. Scenario

The task of the Chimichanga exercise was to deliver an unexpected, overwhelming blow in order to destroy or substantially weaken enemy air defenses, destroy critical infrastructure, launchers of strategic / operational-tactical missiles, ships at the stands, etc. As conceived by the US military, the strike will be so powerful and unexpected that the enemy simply will not have time to provide significant resistance. The Americans themselves experienced something similar during the attack of the naval base in Pearl Harbor.

It is planned to achieve surprise with the help of unobtrusive F-22 fighters. The strike itself will be carried out from remote airfields. For example, from Fort Yukon to Moscow in a straight line fly about 6400 km. At first glance, this is very far away, however, exercises with flights to 3500-4000 km for fighter pilots are common, and for the intercontinental bomber B-1B - even more so. In the Libyan war 2011, B-1Bs took off from an air base in South Dakota and attacked Libya, flying a distance of about 9000 km. The B-2 stealth bombers did the same "trick". In the operation of Chimichanga B-2 did not participate, but if you have to deal with a nuclear power, such as Russia or China, these bombers will necessarily be used primarily to destroy mobile and mine launchers of intercontinental ballistic missiles.

B-1B bomber combat load options

The first sign of the start of Chimichanga operations for the enemy will be ... bombings in air defense positions. The surprise attack will be made by F-22 Raptor stealth fighters. Depending on the situation, they will reach the targets at extremely small (less than 100 m) or at high (up to 15000 m) altitudes. Targets will be detected in advance using satellite intelligence, as well as detected by passive F-22 sensors. F-22 fighters can carry two heavy 450-kg high-precision JDAM GBU-32 bombs or eight 130-kg SDB bombs. Airplanes with heavy bombs will destroy large fortified objects: army command posts, power stations, and runways of military air bases. Aircraft armed with SDB, will aim at the radar and launchers of anti-aircraft missile systems. Due to the low profile of the F-22 and the long-range SDB (about 110 km), according to the American military, it is possible to destroy even C-300-type complexes, not to mention Buk-ah and Tor-ah, without much risk. The SDB bomb has a penetrating type 93-kg warhead capable of penetrating a meter-thick reinforced concrete slab, as well as hitting any armored vehicles. It should be noted that the thickness of the concrete containment protecting the reactors is at most 1-1,5 m in most nuclear power plants.

After the F-22 fighters drop bombs and disable all dangerous anti-aircraft weapons, the air superiority phase will begin. The second wave of the airstrike, consisting of the F-22 and F-16 fighters (in the future they will be replaced by the F-35), must destroy all enemy fighters, which will still be able to rise from damaged airfields. In parallel, the F-16 fighters will promptly destroy "awakened" or surviving air defense weapons. To protect against anti-aircraft missiles and interceptors, it is planned to use MALD missiles imitating the fighter’s radar signature, as well as towed lures like ALE-50, which “deceive” the rocket’s radar detonator, causing them to explode at a safe distance from the aircraft. F-22 and F-16 isolate the battlefield from the air forces of the enemy and their allies, opening the way for the third wave - B-1B bombers.

B-1B heavy bombers are the main striking force of Operation Chimichanga, which should cause serious damage to the army and the economy of the enemy. Due to the high flight speed and precision weapons, the combat operation of the B-1B will be completed very quickly. Flying over the targets, the bombers will send out very powerful 900-kg bomb GBU-31, and each aircraft can carry such bombs 24. GBU-31 can be equipped with a unique warhead BLU-119 / B, which breaks through multi-meter concrete floors and burns everything inside. Due to the long-term and high-temperature impact, this munition is extremely effective against weapons storage facilities (including chemical and biological), underground command posts, industrial infrastructure facilities, multi-storey buildings, etc.

B-2 bomber combat load options

F-16 and B-1B will use the AGM-158 JASSM high-precision cruise stealth missiles with a flight range of 400 km (for the JASSM ER900 km option) to hit the “complex” targets. Thanks to this weapon, the B-1B bomber can hit up to 12 remote targets protected by powerful air defenses. It should be noted that the JASSM rocket was specially designed to overcome the frontiers of Soviet anti-aircraft missile systems of the C-300, Thor, Buk type, which are armed with Russia, China and many other countries. The missile is equipped with a powerful 450-kg high-explosive or 108-kg penetrating warhead capable of penetrating several meters of concrete and, for example, hitting a ballistic missile launcher located in a reinforced concrete shelter.

Thus, using JASSM missiles, a B-1B bomber flying over Moscow can fire at targets down to Nizhny Novgorod and Smolensk. If you use a more long-range version of JASSM ER, then the B-1B will be able to "reach" to Samara and Minsk.

After the devastation of the bomb bay, the bombers will head for the airfields. The duration of the Chimichanga operation was not named - it depends on how far the aircraft will have to travel over enemy territory. For example, an air raid during Operation Eldorado Canyon lasted less than 20 minutes. The attack was so unexpected and overwhelming that Gaddafi’s troops could not provide almost any resistance - the Americans lost only one plane out of a hundred. Libyan interceptors could not take off at all, which once again confirms the need for continuous airspace patrol aviation Air defense.

Options are available

Chimichanga has accumulated a great deal of experience in air operations since World War II. Most states will not be able to withstand the F-50, 22-20 F-30 and about 16 B-60B fighters flying 1. Even states with relatively powerful armies, such as Russia and China, are not currently ready to repel such a blow. The specifics of planning such operations minimizes the risk of information leakage: approaching the attack area can occur from several directions, and the pilot will find out about the task already on the runway or even in the air.

Radar 55 х6-1 Sky-UE

Consider the hypothetical scenario of the Chimichanga operation. The political aspects of a retaliatory nuclear strike will not be taken into account, as well as the possibility of neutralizing Russia's nuclear potential with cruise missiles, nuclear bombs and hypersonic weapons of the global AHW strike.

Towed lures like the ALE-50 are capable of "fooling" primitive radar fuses of anti-aircraft missiles.

As we have already found out, it is necessary to fly from the US to Moscow around 7000 km. B-1B and B-2 bombers can cover this distance without refueling in less than 10 hours. So, during the April 4 exercises, they flew an 10 hour flight (about 9000 km) and struck at a conventional enemy. F-22 fighters can fly around 3000 km at full refueling, i.e. they will need two refueling on approach. However, fighters can take off from a territory, such as Britain, as was the case during Operation Eldorado Canyon or from another European country. This will reduce the fighter range of flight by half. Bombers can enter from the North Pole (B-2 this year have just been certified for such flights), and the F-22 and F-16 fighters can fly over the territory of the Baltic states, bypassing Sweden. In this area, which is monitored by numerous radars, the F-22 is likely to drop to extremely low altitudes. Flight UK - Russia will take more than 2 hours from supersonic fighters. From the territory of Poland, the fighters will get to Moscow in 1 with a little more than an hour, from the territory of Georgia - in 1,5 hours, in Finland - in 1 hours. From the moment of overcoming the state border of the Russian Federation to the time of the passage of the F-22 over Moscow it will take only half an hour. How effectively can Russian air defense systems work? The most powerful F-22 missile warning system radars will not be noticed, as they are designed to detect the attack of ballistic missiles. There remain air defense radar stations, for example, 55IH6-1 "Sky-UE", which began to arm Moscow air defense units in 2009 year. This radar can detect a fighter with an effective dispersion area (EPR) of 2,5 sq. M: at an altitude of 3000 m, from a distance of 170 km; at the height of 500 m - from a distance of 70 km. But the fact is that the EPR, i.e. F-22 “visibility” is at least X times lower. Thus, these fighters can fly to Moscow, gradually decreasing and remaining invisible.

Former US Secretary of Defense Robert Gates stated that one of the tasks of the F-22 is the destruction of long-range anti-aircraft missile systems. However, the tactics of destruction of air defense fighter F-22 secret, because it is associated with secret indicators of EPR. At the same time, according to Lockheed Martin specialists, F-22 can safely approach the C-300 complex at a distance of xNUMX km. As we remember, the range of SDB bombs is about 24 km, so F-110 can unexpectedly enter Moscow airspace, making a “jump” from supersmall heights to big ones, and “scatter” bombs in the direction of the radar and air defense systems. Bombing can also be carried out from medium altitudes of the 22-1000 m. In this case, the F-2000 pilot can quickly “press to the ground” in the event of an anti-aircraft missile launch.

The firing range of the ZRK ZRS C-300PMU 2 is 200 km, the promising 40H6 missile of the C-400 complex is 450 km, but this is the maximum range. According to American military experts, in real combat use conditions, shooting at a high-tech aircraft from a distance of more than 70-100 km will be ineffective. But even if we assume that the F-22 will be detected by Russian air defense systems, the stealth has a powerful potential argument in the form of a promising cruise missile like SMACM with a firing range of 460 and weighing 113 kg. The F-22 can take 4 SMACM into the internal bays. On approaching the target, the SMACM can remotely exchange data with the carrier aircraft, which makes it possible to hit the means of the air defense missile system, which began to "run away" from positions. Such weapons are a serious threat to any air defense systems.

In the future, shock drone X-47B will participate in ultra-long air raids

After the suppression of air defense and the bombing of air bases in the Moscow area, the F-22 fighter jets will remain superior to the air for a maximum of 15-20 minutes, while the bombers will destroy the selected targets and depart in the direction of the border.

The Chimichanga operation is not a hypothetical scenario. So, at the beginning of April in Karelia, the Russian army conducted the “Ladoga-2012” exercise, during which a reflex of a massive air raid was worked out. During the exercise, more than 110 sorties were made and more than 200 "planes" were shot down, which were simulated by lighting bombs. About 50 aircraft participated in these exercises, with 30 arriving from air bases located in the Kaliningrad, Kursk, Murmansk and Tver regions. In the operation, Chimichanga involved the same high-tech fighter last generation, and in the future, and shock stealth drones like the X-47B and Predator C Avenger. At the same time, on the attacking side, there is the surprise factor, which means that it will most likely fail to tighten the forces on their way. Therefore, the only way to protect against operations like Chimichanga is the continuous duty of interceptors at the borders of the state and in the most important industrial areas of the country, as well as high-tech surveillance tools. Unfortunately, most states cannot afford such “luxury” and are virtually defenseless against an ultra-long strike by the US Air Force.

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  1. esaul
    esaul 14 June 2012 07: 36
    From all the textual heap and frightening intonations follows a clear tendency - the hopes of minke whales on "Tomahawks" and Stealths. Our "Voronezh" (judging from the statements of specialists and state awards for the development) are capable of easily detecting Stealths, and it is not so difficult to cope with low-speed "Tomahawks".
    The main thing is readiness every minute.
    1. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 14 June 2012 07: 47
      Hi Valera, and on TV they say: the United States is our partners, some kind of homosexuality. As I understand it, the attack will be sudden. It was already like that, just recently it was!
      1. esaul
        esaul 14 June 2012 07: 51
        Quote: Alexander Romanov
        As I understand it, the attack will be sudden

        Sasha, fireworks! Yes, they, unlike the Russian prince, never warned the enemy in advance - "I'm coming to you!", And on the sly, under cover of fog (as in the Battle of the Neva) or under the cover of propaganda lies (like 080808), they prefer to gasp over the head. And the consciousness of their own nobility has never suffered from this and does not suffer. The mentality is different.
        1. tronin.maxim
          tronin.maxim 14 June 2012 08: 09
          The amers will not succeed! We perfectly know what sels planes they have. I don’t understand why they put F22 here if he really can't fly. By then, we will have more air defense and military air defense, missile defense. As for drones, it’s good and there will be something for our hackers in the special services. Blitz shout will not work with us .
          1. baron.nn
            baron.nn 14 June 2012 13: 02
            Right! Hitler also calculated everything and, it seems, according to calculations everything worked out smoothly, but in practice ...
            1. Nick
              Nick 15 June 2012 00: 19
              Quote: baron.nn
              Hitler also calculated everything and, it seems, according to calculations everything worked out smoothly, but in practice ...

              as the Russian proverb says - "It was smooth on paper, but they forgot about the ravines! And walk on them!" - A hole for them from a donut.
        2. Fox 070
          Fox 070 14 June 2012 08: 47
          Quote: esaul
          they, unlike the Russian prince, never warned the enemy in advance

          Valera, hello! Yes, our "partners" were never overwhelmed with nobility, but it is all the easier to communicate with them, knowing that you cannot turn your back on them. I don’t think this scenario has any practical application. at the Pentagon, no fools sit and understand that they will not have to wait long for an answer. Rather, it is an attempt to flex its muscles at the public and, at the same time, to influence the fragile consciousness of the swamp part of our society in order to increase the panic among them and further strengthen the world community in the opinion that the United States is invincible.
          At present, the government is applying a whole range of measures to block the airspace from this kind of encroachment and to return the "talking horses" and "bulk" horses that have roamed in earnest into the adequate fold of the law. I hope this will take effect and the hysteria will stop.
          And about the mentality, not only they have a different one, but the spirit is clearly suffering. Throwing obviously weaker country with bombs, and then rob it, a lot of courage is not necessary. But the Yankees did not receive a snout in response for a long time, and the experience of the Vietnam War shows that they do not hold such a blow.
          1. andrey586
            andrey586 14 June 2012 09: 29
            This is an attack plan on banana countries, without modern radars and weapons, to which Russia does not belong. And their praised stealth, our radars can easily see even over France
            1. Норд
              Норд 14 June 2012 10: 27
              Quote: "From the territory of Poland, fighters will reach Moscow in a little over 1 hour ..."

              But the author does not want to share a terrible secret. How will they end up in Poland? Rave! It has already been said that it is IMPOSSIBLE to hide the large-scale concentration of strike aircraft in modern conditions. So the blow will be unexpected only for gophers in the breeding season. So what are these horror stories for?
              The author was so carried away by the transfer of terrible means of destruction that are either just being developed, or even in the long run, that he intimidated himself to death. He would have to give lectures for housewives in the housing office ... And to scare us is an empty lesson.
          2. esaul
            esaul 14 June 2012 18: 26
            Fox 070,

            Greetings Felix! I agree with everything in your comment! Plus, my friend, FROM SUCH!
          3. Sandov
            Sandov 14 June 2012 20: 25
            Fox 070,
            As the Lefty used to say, the Angles do not clean their guns with bricks. We must seriously prepare to repel any amer attack. These villains will go to any meanness.
      2. Trailer
        Trailer 14 June 2012 10: 46
        Oh, sculpts nicely! There was one such one - they called Adik, he was also going to bomb the country with a sudden raid. Good - here is my scenario of America’s sudden attack on Russia.

        Variant 1. Most possible.
        1. He will not be.

        Variant 2. Our answer.

        1. The United States is flying - bombing.
        2. At this time, our leader includes the Crazy Man with foam at the mouth.
        3. Ours gives the order to send several nuclear missiles (all).
        4. Aggressor takes off to the fullest.
        5. In response, we scoop up.
        6. Nuclear winter.
        7. This text is made up of a representative of some other higher race who succeeded us.
        1. Rikoshet
          Rikoshet 14 June 2012 14: 10
          The real option, the amers bomb, and our leader dumps them or Berlusconi’s friend! He is for the protection of nature, so he will not allow a nuclear winter.
          In general, the article is interesting, especially in the context of chewing the snot of former and retired "generals" and shapkozakidatel on this site. Yes, they will reach Washington in tanks !! And they will give interviews and teach everyone there. Yes, some even in Poland got pissed off, if they would have gathered and went there to dump pshekam on complete reluctance, so there is no gibberish about Serdyukov and his women, who removed all fat cats in epaulettes from the trough, we can, but for the rest, no
      3. Krasnodar
        Krasnodar 14 June 2012 17: 06
        Since amers are notorious p ... sy, it is better not to turn your back to such "friends"! And a small polar fox will sneak up unnoticed, although it is visible from afar ...
    2. Tirpitz
      Tirpitz 14 June 2012 10: 28
      Voronezh and Darial do not cover the entire territory, there are huge corridors.
      1. Lord of the Sith
        Lord of the Sith 14 June 2012 16: 11
        So do not cover?
    3. maestro123
      maestro123 14 June 2012 10: 33
      And if Voronezh is put out of action? And in general, in case of surprise, an unpleasant start is very likely for any country! It is necessary to promote military technologies, but not to make NANO pans. In the 41st, too, a lot was destroyed by aviation. And then you can't return people. In reality, our planes also fell in Georgia ...
      1. vkz
        vkz 14 June 2012 11: 56
        Disabling any Voronezh is an unconditional reason for a nuclear missile strike on the territory of the aggressor's country with all the ensuing consequences.
    4. Aleksey67
      Aleksey67 14 June 2012 10: 48
      and F-22 and F-16 fighters fly over the territory of the Baltic states, bypassing Sweden. In this area, which is under the supervision of numerous radars, the F-22 is likely to drop to extremely low altitudes. The flight from Great Britain to Russia will take more than 2 hours with supersonic fighters. From Poland, fighters will reach Moscow in 1 hour with a little, from Georgia - in 1,5 hours, Finland - in 1 hour.

      Guys, I certainly understand everything, even the fact that the deployment of Euro-missile defense facilities is aimed exclusively at intercepting ICBMs from North Korea, but should we, on the pretext of protecting the homeland from alleged aggression, introduce a periodic bombardment of the GDP of the aerodromes of the above states? laughing And on the topic, these planes are so invisible that even those will not notice them. aerodrome personnel where are they relocated before the aggression? Or do the amers seriously think that any sergeant from Finland, Poland, Georgia only wants to destroy Russia, even realizing that a retaliatory strike is inevitable? laughing
      In short nonsense, but nonsense making you think about not oversleeping ... angry
      1. VAF
        VAF 14 June 2012 12: 05
        Quote: Aleksey67
        In short nonsense, but nonsense making you think about not oversleeping ...

        What nonsense ... I agree completely, +!
        Since we have a lot of things about which ... well, it’s too early to speak ..... okay so ... I’ll hint ...... even from the regions of the Moscow province there is something ... with which you can cover everything .. .and airfields in Poland, Finland, Norway, Sweden, England, etc.

        And all (or most of it) of their tactical aviation will be covered with a "copper basin" and at what I'm talking about the use of OSP!

        And here is ... how they conduct their teachings ... to be honest ... envy takes ... we did the same "worked" (studied) until the mid-80s.

        And with a real relocation to the Western theater and work on unfamiliar landfills, etc. ...... There were times !!!!

        And now ... a peaceful mission, a peaceful sky ..... from all over the country collected the namesake (the region of the country is listed in the article) to conduct exercises, but the current Tajik ... in general ... no words !!!

        The article is a horror story for the faint of heart, but ...... And they know this very well, but they have to answer for Syria with something!
        1. Fox 070
          Fox 070 14 June 2012 12: 15
          Quote: veteran.air force
          it is necessary to be responsible for something for Syria!

          Greetings, Sergey! Quite right, Syria is not given to them, so they rattle their weapons. Of course, I am not an expert in aviation (although I love her very much), but as far as I can judge from publications, the F-22 is still far from being able to make any bets on it in such a serious matter as an attack to Russia.
          1. VAF
            VAF 14 June 2012 12: 28
            Quote: Fox 070
            F-22 is still far from being able to make any bets on him in such a serious matter as an attack on Russia.

            Absolutely, +!

            The political subtext of this article is seen as ... two fingers ... about ... fails !!!

            Do not climb into Syria and we will not do this .....!

            And impunity and toothlessness in previous times. especially when DAM rules and leads to the fact that a sense of proportion is lost ....!

            It's time to shake them ... definitely!
            1. Fox 070
              Fox 070 14 June 2012 12: 48
              Quote: veteran.air force
              leads to the fact that a sense of proportion is lost ....!

              No, Sergei, the sense of danger is rather dulled! And it's really time to shake. "+"
        2. 755962
          755962 14 June 2012 12: 39
          Sorry, for the poster. He likes and is old but actual ..
          1. VAF
            VAF 14 June 2012 12: 50
            Quote: 755962
            He likes and old but relevant ..

            Eugene, +! Hit the target! drinks
    5. Gakkoga
      Gakkoga 14 June 2012 15: 11
      I absolutely agree that on condition of readiness every minute, nothing will help the Americans, against a preemptive nuclear strike. And after that, burning them in a fiery hyena, and besides nuclear weapons, we have something else to answer that will not seem enough. So let them develop their plans, but they don’t especially flirt, or you can even play out.
    6. Krasnodar
      Krasnodar 14 June 2012 17: 04
      In this aspect, it would be nice to use high-altitude airships with radar for early warning aircraft. Cheaper than airplanes, autonomous, hardly noticeable, they themselves see far ...
    7. Ascetic
      Ascetic 15 June 2012 01: 22
      Quote: esaul
      From all the textual heap and frightening intonations follows a clear tendency - the hopes of minke whales on "Tomahawks" and Stealths. Our "Voronezh" (judging from the statements of specialists and state awards for the development) are able to easily detect Stealths, but it is not so difficult to cope with slow-moving "Tomahawks"

      Valery is absolutely right! The state prize in the field of science and technology for this development was awarded to the General Designer of JSC "RTI" Sergei Boev, the scientific designer of the Scientific Research Institute of Long-Range Radio Communication Sergei Saprykin and the chief designer of the Academician A. Mints Radio Engineering Institute Valery Karasev. Let us congratulate our comrades with a well-deserved award.
      My webpage
      Radars of the Voronezh type are capable of detecting, tracking and classifying a wide gamut of ballistic, space and, in the conditions of a natural electromagnetic background, in automatic mode and in real time with high efficiency aerodynamic objects, provide information to the space monitoring system, including on small-sized space objects, and also issue relevant information to control points. Thus, the Kaliningrad station, which entered combat duty at the end of 2011, will allow controlling all of Europe and the Atlantic. Given the Kaliningrad radar, the Russian missile attack warning system currently includes three Voronezh radars - the other two are located in the village of Lekhtusi Leningradskaya region and in Armavir, Krasnodar Territory. The fourth Voronezh type radar will be put on combat duty in the Usolye-Siberian Irkutsk Region to control airspace over China.

      My webpage
      1. Che
        Che 15 June 2012 08: 34
        Yet objects are vulnerable to attacking them themselves. There must be a good cover for them. We must not forget that the enemy is strong and prepare well to repel the attack of the enemy.
    8. Insurgent
      Insurgent 16 June 2012 10: 34
      If Russia had 200 t-50s in service, then the United States for about 20 years had no plans and when 90% of the air force were fed to Russia
  2. Tersky
    Tersky 14 June 2012 07: 48
    Crotcha, full guard wassat , throw everything and surrender to the mercy of the winner. There are a lot of bukvoffs, about the indisputable "victory" well, it's understandable, on paper it is all smooth. The script is tailored for a war with a third world country. The fact that there is echolonized air defense, not a word. So it is understandable, also there will be no "victory" laughing
    1. Armata
      Armata 14 June 2012 08: 11
      Hi Vitya. Those warriors are still on paper. But you have to keep your eyes open with them, otherwise you can get a knife using the mask of goodness according to the tonsils.
      Quote: Tersky
      we drop everything and surrender to the winner.

      Do not drive moonshine I will not give up and we will not give up the Sanin button accordion player. laughing
      1. Tersky
        Tersky 14 June 2012 08: 22
        Quote: Steam Train
        moonshine I will not give up

        In no case, this is the most effective weapon. And moonshine without a button accordion like a nightingale without a song laughing
        1. Igarr
          Igarr 14 June 2012 09: 02
          Just about ... moonshine and throwing is not needed.
          They will fly .... 9000km.

          And the means of space intelligence .. will be asleep.
          And our over-the-horizon radars ... everyone will get into the repair.
          Invisibility .... from a series of jokes about the invisibility.

          The massive inconsistent take-off of long-range bombers - .. well, what should I explain to anyone?

          The utter nonsense horror story this article.
          So? So it will be different.
          Anyway ... you have to stay awake.
          1. aksakal
            aksakal 14 June 2012 11: 05
            Quote: Igarr
            That's it ... you don’t need to leave a moonshine. They’ll fly .... 9000km. And space reconnaissance equipment .. will be asleep. And our over-the-air radars ... they’ll get into repairs. Invisibility .... from a series of jokes about invisible. Massive inconsistent take-off of distant bombers - .. well, what should I explain to anyone? The utter nonsense horror story is this article. Does that mean? So it will be different. Anyway ... we must not sleep.
            - you are right, if there is no betrayal by key figures in the field of East Kazakhstan oblast, I can’t imagine how you can’t notice such a flying armada? The Amer aircraft carrier from satellites is tracked lightly - even on the Internet, if you wish, you can see how everything is tracked from space, and here is such an armada of fighters and heavy bombers. Takeoff from nearby airfields (such as from Poland and the Baltic countries) is also in question. The GRU is immediately alarmed as soon as some heavy bomber, and what a bomber — some thread of a raptor squadron for no apparent reason flies closer to the Russian borders. Immediately ears on top of your head - for what purpose? why? Calm down only, as it turns out that in connection with exercises and other. Something I doubt the reality of this scenario. The risks are incredible, whipped to hell, and business.
            But just in case, it would be nice to fly airborne-based AWACS. On airplanes there is an A-50, on the approach of the A-100, but their flight is very expensive. Such airships hung over Moscow during the Second World War, now, on the basis of modern technologies, you can make similar ones, stuff them with the appropriate equipment and hang them on a constant watch over the most important sections of the border and the most important objects. Then the mouse will not slip, not like a raptor.
            1. speedy
              speedy 14 June 2012 20: 50
              Aksakal, I completely agree, about the airships so easily removed from the tongue, about the patrol airships, the conversations have been going on since the deployment of cruise missiles in Europe, there have been developments ... I think they are ongoing.
        2. Alexander Romanov
          Alexander Romanov 14 June 2012 09: 04
          Victor, moonshine without a button accordion, like a sparrow without a song. So it will be more correct, and Sasha will come, heaping us cuffs for the nightingale.
          1. Tersky
            Tersky 14 June 2012 10: 02
            Quote: Alexander Romanov
            moonshine without a button accordion, like a sparrow without a song.

            Yes, somewhere he stocked himself, dwells on other branches, but here they post about moonshine and button accordion, he loses a lot laughing
        3. tronin.maxim
          tronin.maxim 14 June 2012 09: 47
          Quote: Tersky

          In no case, this is the most effective weapon. And moonshine without a button accordion like a nightingale without a song

          This means of payment. No inflation is scary !!!
        4. vorobey
          vorobey 14 June 2012 10: 14
          Zhenya. Victor Hello guys. In response to chimichanga, the accordion player is ready to perform the chunga chang. If you can ask for an encore, but then Canada will be hooked.
    2. party3AH
      party3AH 14 June 2012 08: 58
      Quote: Tersky

      Meek, the guard is complete, we drop everything and surrender to the mercy of the winner. There are a lot of bukvoffs, about the indisputable "victory" well, it's understandable, on paper it is all smooth. The script is tailored for a war with a third world country. The fact that there is echolonized air defense, not a word. So it is understandable, also there will be no "victory"

      Again, this is a computer simulation of war, again the machine thinks or is embedded in the program by the American mind, the human factor, moreover, the Russian spirit has not been canceled by what the person does in awry. Again, at their bombers, bang the electronics with magnets, let them fall and put everything on Chinese spare parts, do they have to worry there is no manual reset of bombs? zapadlo, electronics around?
      1. Armata
        Armata 14 June 2012 09: 11
        As far as I read, they don’t even have duplicated manual control of the aircraft. That is, the electronics of the khan and the stone to the ground. If this is preserved (I won’t say it as a truth, but the former pilot told me then the customer’s representative from us), our engineers designed the planes so that in the event of an electronics failure it was possible to use the power steering on the direct drive manually and if the hydraulics refused the pilots physically trained so that he could manually transmit the booster even at residual pressure. Where are they up to our people.
      2. lewerlin53rus
        lewerlin53rus 14 June 2012 12: 17
        Quote: party3AH
        zapadlo, electronics around?

        Well, as an option, the black man in the bombhole sits and throws bombs into his hand laughing They have tested this method on tanks.
    3. VAF
      VAF 14 June 2012 12: 09
      Quote: Tersky
      Crotcha, full guard

      Victor, hi! +! Yeah ... a bayonet to the ground ... and paws ... to the top .... CHANGE without even biting !!!

      But here's what to do with Taburetkin - 7 bases, planes are in orderly rows, I won’t say about the quantity ..... you yourself know .....
      And how many regiments and equipment were dispersed and sawn ??????
      1. saturn.mmm
        saturn.mmm 14 June 2012 16: 26
        Quote: veteran.air force
        But here's what to do with Taburetkin - 7 bases

        Yes, given that your Moscow Region is trying to centralize everything (probably it would be easier to count), it starts to strain, and the chief of the General Staff is right for you (humanist, connoisseur of Western art)
        I recall the statement of one priest, it can be used in a different understanding, the demons are not around us but inside us.
  3. Sakhalininsk
    Sakhalininsk 14 June 2012 07: 50
    All this verbal rainfall is of course interesting to an ignorant layman, but the story of how spaceships plow the expanses of a very large theater, misses one interesting aspect. But what did the underclothes do not paint the consequences of their adventure?
    If all their superpowered and advanced technical superiority in the rehearsals for the invasion of Iran was described as a retired general by the god tortoise, then what will be the consequences for them of the attack on Russia?
    But the main thing is one thing, we are the main historical opponent of the West, we are its natural goal number one, and all the actions of the West are aimed at the destruction of Russia, as a single force capable of stopping them.
  4. Kaa
    Kaa 14 June 2012 07: 55
    It was smooth on paper, but they forgot about the ravines, and walk on them. But we urgently need to prepare, otherwise some insane person will shy away to write off the US debts for the war. By the way, the father of "Star Wars" (Reagan) suffered from Alzheimer's disease - to put it simply, dementia, but they told the media about it only when he headed the most "democratic" country in the Universe for 2 terms. Who knows what Obama or Romney has in mind (or madness).
  5. Vasily79
    Vasily79 14 June 2012 08: 10
    The problem of this article is that the question of the size of our country is not taken into account, and many great powers (Napoleon, Hitler with the Sotelites) have already broken off on this
    1. Tirpitz
      Tirpitz 14 June 2012 10: 30
      And our problem is that all the air forces want to concentrate on 7 large air bases.
    FREGATENKAPITAN 14 June 2012 08: 23
    I’ve been driving to the World of Tanks the other day ..... such wonderful operations turned out .............. this is a joke of course ............... .
    Well, let the states train… dream about how long it will take to fly from London to Moscow to F-22 ...- 2 or 3 hours ....... our Bulava or Yars will fly much faster ..... ( more we conduct training launches monthly)
    1. party3AH
      party3AH 14 June 2012 09: 11

      I’ve been driving to the World of Tanks the other day ..... such wonderful operations

      I drive too, entertaining igruha, I give preference to arte piu-piu.
    2. click80
      click80 14 June 2012 09: 27
      I also drive in WOT, art drives
      I suggest that Amers do not toil garbage and write a game that a thread such as World of USA, Let them simulate the capture of RUSSIA there.
      1. lewerlin53rus
        lewerlin53rus 14 June 2012 17: 15
        Quote: click80
        Let them simulate the capture of RUSSIA there.

        They already have call of duty
      DEMENTIY 14 June 2012 12: 35
      And on the account of "Bulava" a pleasant remark.
      1. PSih2097
        PSih2097 14 June 2012 14: 56
        Anecdote in the topic:
        At the headquarters of the Strategic Missile Forces (Strategic Missile Forces):
        - Comrades generals! An order was sent from the General Staff to urgently reduce staff by 15 percent. I suggest starting with Alaska, Georgia, and Florida.
    4. lewerlin53rus
      lewerlin53rus 14 June 2012 17: 19
      I've been driving to the World of Tanks the other day.
      Yeah, and I'm driving. Right now the info goes that similar games about planes and ships will be. In the Pentagon, they plan it! And as they pump up to the top technology, there will be no restraint at all! laughing
  7. Ustas
    Ustas 14 June 2012 08: 41
    Even states with relatively powerful armies, such as Russia and China, are currently not ready to repel such a blow.

    Well, this is the grandmother said in two.
    Is the US ready to repulse?
    1. Fox 070
      Fox 070 14 June 2012 12: 54
      Quote: Ustas
      Well, this is the grandmother said in two.

      Gennady, welcome! If the American grandmother Hilary was meant, then she’s not only for two ..., she can also say for three and four. laughing And in general, she’s such a talker ... brainless and bloodless.
  8. vladimir64ss
    vladimir64ss 14 June 2012 08: 46
    Amer lacks the courage to openly attack Russia, and indeed China. And such scenarios, I hope, only discipline us.
  9. Vasilenko Vladimir
    Vasilenko Vladimir 14 June 2012 08: 48
    a bunch of letters
    such a thuja cloud of aircraft for at least 9 hours over the country no one will see ?!
  10. Yoshkin Kot
    Yoshkin Kot 14 June 2012 08: 49
    Even states with relatively powerful armies, such as Russia and China, are currently not ready to repulse such a blow.

    Yeah. But what about the Serbs brought down by technology from the 60s?
  11. lewerlin53rus
    lewerlin53rus 14 June 2012 08: 56
    All this crap can only be effective against some kind of banana republic with air defense in the form of spitting tubes for catching parrots and slings, so that monkeys could be knocked down from branches. But it’s not at all against states with powerful deeply echeloned air defense. Strategies at low altitude will not go, therefore they will be discovered long before they approach the borders and they will be assigned new serial numbers in time, such as Target No. 1, target No. 2, etc. Herd of raptors too not a needle in a haystack. To detect low-altitude targets, there are low-altitude stations, such as p-19. And if you recall the technical characteristics of the most modern aggregates of the S-400 type, then in general the chances of aggressors are minimized. Apparently, at the Pentagon, they got carried away with computer games and believed in their invulnerability, defeating a couple of the three armies that would have been one tooth for our airborne brigade. Well, dreaming, as they say, is not harmful. Yes, and our military, knowing about such options, will draw the appropriate conclusions and take preventive measures, especially since the process is underway.
  12. patriot2
    patriot2 14 June 2012 09: 06
    It was necessary to cover the North for a long time with S-400 complexes, and prepare airfields for fighter aircraft, and resume the flights of strategic aviation in the Arctic zone of responsibility of Russia.
    And let the amers rehearse, and our aviation, air defense, aerospace defense conduct their exercises and interact at the level of district commanders.
    And there are more new weapons for all types and arms in the northern territories.
    By the way, from there (from the North) and our south is clearly visible (it's like a 2-tier with China).
  13. awg75
    awg75 14 June 2012 09: 09
    It is high time for Russia to openly identify its enemies and tell them this at every opportunity (they do it without hesitation), and not play the ridiculous "reset"
    1. Pablomc
      Pablomc 14 June 2012 09: 43
      Quote: awg75
      It is high time for Russia to openly identify its enemies and tell them this at every opportunity (they do it without hesitation), and not play the ridiculous "reset"

      Top of stupidity ....
      If our elites begin to behave this way, you will go to the trenches for "meat".
      It’s good that the country is somehow ruled and not cooks at least somehow.
      1. Fox 070
        Fox 070 14 June 2012 20: 17
        Quote: PabloMC
        , you will go to the trenches for "meat".

        In this case, your statement can be called the TOP of prudence.
        The main thing is that your meat should remain with you. Take care of it like the apple of an eye.
  14. Vasilenko Vladimir
    Vasilenko Vladimir 14 June 2012 09: 29
    one more misunderstanding, even if their prodigy f22 fuffs are not visible to anyone, then refuellers would not be misleading, and if refuellers bang, then prodigy themselves will fall to the ground without fuel
  15. Pablomc
    Pablomc 14 June 2012 09: 47
    There will be no war - neither with Russia, nor with China!
    The first is seriously shaping the oil and gas global market (and it does not have anything worthwhile at all), the second is a global producer of everything and everything for all developed economies of the planet.

    The exercises were aimed at practicing actions against Iran and Syria if necessary.
    1. Sandov
      Sandov 14 June 2012 20: 34
      This is what is seriously stated. Do you yourself believe that?
    2. Don
      Don 15 June 2012 16: 56
      Quote: PabloMC
      The first is seriously shaping the oil and gas global market (and it does not have anything worthwhile at all)

      What are you ?! Or maybe it’s worth it to finally learn the economy of your state, an uneducated shkolota.
  16. wolverine7778
    wolverine7778 14 June 2012 10: 03
    The modern army is an offensive army, and the offensive plan should in any case be stored in the safe, who was not this enemy, today's ally, and tomorrow a potential enemy or today a potential enemy, and tomorrow a full-fledged enemy what
  17. Hamul
    Hamul 14 June 2012 10: 20
    It is planned to achieve surprise with the help of stealth F-22 fighters.

    In the attack on Yugoslavia, according to modern data, the United States and its allies lost very few invisible planes laughing

    Seems to be in orbit still hanging charges with scrap metal? which will instantly disable all that is in orbit? And America without satellite data does not imagine its existence laughing

    And strategic missiles and air defense systems are based on mobile and rapidly deployable weapons.

    And I don’t want to talk about f22 at all ... it is useless, as well as modeling situations - I remember Hitler also made a lot of plans ... and the Chinese American chips also naturally have no Bacdoor viruses, and our military, of course, doesn’t have Windows with open channels
    1. aksakal
      aksakal 14 June 2012 11: 27
      Quote: Hamul
      It is planned to achieve surprise with the help of stealth F-22 fighters.
      - And where is the air force veran? Question to him. Here the EPR say very small at Raptor. But as I understand it, it is impossible to achieve a small EPR from all angles. Amers managed to achieve stealth from the front view, i.e. The radar, located right on the course of the flying Raptor, may not be noticed. From a side view, the Raptor’s EPR is much larger. What about a radar station located a little on the side of the Raptor, but covering this raptor with its radiation on the side, from a different angle? I understand correctly?
      1. lewerlin53rus
        lewerlin53rus 14 June 2012 12: 11
        Quote: aksakal
        What about a radar station located a little on the side of the Raptor, but covering this raptor with its radiation on the side, from a different angle?

        Plus, the frequency characteristics of the radars, which are divided into meter, decimeter and centimeter ranges. And if the coating of the aircraft is hardly noticeable in the centimeter range, then where is the guarantee that it will not glow in the meter like a Christmas tree
        1. serjio777
          serjio777 14 June 2012 18: 25
          It will shine already in L (decimeter range). In general, it’s strangely how, I almost described. F-22 trample us with refuellers?
  18. Tirpitz
    Tirpitz 14 June 2012 10: 32
    In short, all these simulations will most likely be tested in Iran, and then we'll see how it actually turns out. In 41, they could not destroy the USSR with one blow.
  19. Kyrgyz
    Kyrgyz 14 June 2012 10: 56
    It was necessary to do it in 96-99, now it will not hurt
  20. scrack
    scrack 14 June 2012 11: 07
    It will be necessary to gradually destroy the American satellite system
  21. merkel1961
    merkel1961 14 June 2012 11: 15
    Another horror story. To begin with, the aggressors need to wrestle with us in space, where the composition and purpose of all those who are located is little known to anyone, except about the deployed positioning system. The first fact of the attack is far from Earth, and the call from the Kremlin to the States: in half an hour you have a scribe! Planning for those seated in an embrace with cola is being slaughtered from across the ocean — this is not staff work in a dugout under fire.
  22. bremest
    bremest 14 June 2012 11: 30
    ARTICLE PROPAGANDA Nonsense OF THE AGENT OF INFLUENCE OF THE STATE DEPARTMENT. The bombers fly to us for 7 hours, but we don’t see them and do nothing in response, and there are no seams and the Russian army and nuclear weapons. Nonsense. Yuski’s army, with all its conditional power, does not dare to attack Iran from its current position, let alone Russia and China. The answer will be tough and they know it, therefore they are preparing the fifth column inside the country - Navalny, Nemtsov, etc.
    1. scrack
      scrack 14 June 2012 20: 33
      The fifth column must be attracted to publicly useful work - wash toilets, paint fences, etc.
  23. Goga
    Goga 14 June 2012 11: 44
    And what, in f-22 you can already breathe normally? Or will they just fly from Alaska to Moscow at an altitude of 100 meters with an open window leaf? I somehow believe Rogozin more - “neither our bombers nor theirs before us,” the DR said, will fly away — that means they will fly under. wassat
    But seriously, in such "works" I was always simply touched by the authors' ability to elegantly jump off the topic of nuclear weapons - a quote - "We will not take into account the political aspects of a nuclear retaliation strike" - like this, we do not want to and will not ... tongue
  24. 77bor1973
    77bor1973 14 June 2012 12: 23
    An article for the faint of heart, it is not possible to calculate everything, everything is of the super-duper type, and the Afghan contingent does not supply transport workers, they pay ours! The B-1B has no normal armament, but to fly to Moscow at an altitude of 65m, imperceptibly, "the navel will untie"!
  25. Helizer
    Helizer 14 June 2012 12: 27
    F-22s are likely to drop to extremely low altitudes.

    They will be detected by their eyes and shot down by MANPADS.
  26. SlavaS
    SlavaS 14 June 2012 12: 38
    The first sign of the start of Chimichanga operation for the enemy will be ... bombings in air defense positions
    What kind of air defense is it that cannot close itself ???
  27. baron.nn
    baron.nn 14 June 2012 12: 59
    Well, I can’t believe it. that we are virtually unarmed before the Yankees. Indirectly refutes this article that they still have not hit in order to seize the pantry of our bowels. So they’re afraid ...
  28. Pravdoruba
    Pravdoruba 14 June 2012 13: 29
    Does the author really think that all of our nuclear missiles can be put out of action with one blow? no one will recall how many deployed missiles we have? even if we assume that we do not have air defense at all, how many planes and bombs they will need, It’s unreal! The answer will not be unexpected, but tough.
  29. AK-74-1
    AK-74-1 14 June 2012 13: 55
    Surely, Nastia has corresponding plans and parts for constant combat readiness. Well, they will come to us. Only who will release this pack. This is about the issue of trust in power and permission to purchase weapons. The presence of a large number of weapons among the local population is additional and absolutely neutralized dangers during the occupation.
  30. Nechai
    Nechai 14 June 2012 14: 55
    Quote: Tirpitz
    Voronezh and Darial do not cover the entire territory, there are huge corridors.

    The main thing is that the adversaries are absolutely sure of the reliability of these "corridors" good
    Quote: vladimir64ss
    Amer lacks the courage to openly attack Russia, and indeed China.

    Actually, huge efforts and funds are constantly invested precisely in the media, the creation and promotion of 5 columns, etc., so that the very sellers of their victory would be at the helm. Proven and ONLY effective reception in their arsenal. Interlocutors write correctly here, there will be no betrayal like 22.06.41/XNUMX/XNUMX. there will be no rout of the Russian Air Force.
    Quote: scrack
    It will be necessary to gradually destroy the American satellite system

    Not a little for a little, but prepare everything for a one-time OFF of their satellite constellation. Then all high-precision weapons are scrapped, just like UAVs. In Tomogavkov, a gyroscope with more or less acceptable accuracy can lead no more than 5 minutes. And our lionfish, and without any glonas, have long been trained to work. Moreover, it is not stupid to fly along the laid route, but to make, if necessary, a maneuver to evade an attack by air defense missiles and air-to-air missiles. After that, to restore my orientation - where did I get carried away here after all? - and to reach the target from this point of space.
  31. IRBIS
    IRBIS 14 June 2012 15: 30
    It is possible to project such exercises on any region and any country with one BUT ... The "hero of the occasion" must have no intelligence in all its forms! CLEAN! And if the Yugoslavs, who did not buy new air defense systems from Russia in a timely manner, found one and a half hundred aircraft, then they have nothing to catch in our country and in China! Let them, in parallel with such exercises, conduct exercises with pilots on emergency ejection and on attempts to survive after landing. Our knowledge of the Geneva Convention is tight, at best they will drown in manure ...
  32. Nechai
    Nechai 14 June 2012 15: 36
    Quote: IRBIS
    Let them, in parallel with such exercises, conduct classes with pilots on emergency ejection and on attempts to survive after landing.

    The Powers story with his U-2. When he landed, local residents rushed to him in the depths of the Urals. Let me remind you, the whole Union lived then under the impressions of our victories in space. So the men hastened to him, without any evil thoughts. And he taught them the phrase - help, now the loot, the US government will still give. Well, I got a little, while competent comrades got to him ....
    But because of this goat, Yura Gagarin, the first to see him and took him FOR ANOTHER SUPOSTATE. Fortunately, on the helmet at the last moment, before the start, they guessed to write "USSR".
  33. nycsson
    nycsson 14 June 2012 15: 38
    From the foregoing, one conclusion can be drawn: it is better to overestimate the enemy than to underestimate!
  34. Andrew
    Andrew 14 June 2012 15: 42
    And the author probably does not know that in RTV there is an enemy station with a range of up to 500 km. "Volna" with a range of 3000 km. or they think we have shells 50 km away. all see.
  35. Marley
    Marley 14 June 2012 18: 31
    Article rare parazhnyak! Barbaros’s plan is straightforward ... Everything is directly painted by them ... What flies where, how our strategic objects will be destroyed ...) and in those places where their planes will fall, the straw will probably be stacked? Or did the sheep imagine that their raptors are generally invulnerable?))) And who will catch the mace, yars, poplar, governor, will it? Super man? Or is the super vuman represented by Hilary Clinton? In the Chinese bra she will catch something like a wolf with a basket of catching eggs))) or they hope for their great missile defense))) for reference, one example: the distance from Kaliningrad to Warsaw is 280 km. Iskander rocket speed 2100 m / s! It will fly to the radar station in Poland in a little over 2 minutes ... Interesting! But will the NATO Marine have time to even brush his teeth during this time?)
  36. Van
    Van 14 June 2012 20: 32
    Everything will be nishtyak, because we have our own meteorite in their reptiles laughing
  37. Roman 3671
    Roman 3671 14 June 2012 20: 53
    US suspects China of hacking attack on its satellites

    The US government suspects hackers from China, commissioned by the country's authorities, in an attack on two American satellites in 2007-2008, Bloomberg reported Thursday, citing the agency’s preliminary report of a state commission evaluating the US-China relationship in the economy and security.

    According to the agency, unknown hackers intervened several times in the work of the research satellites Landsat-7 and Terra AM-1 in 2007-2008. Although the attacks occurred several years ago, information about them appeared only now. The authors of the report do not report whether the hackers managed to steal some information or disrupt the operation of satellites.

    The commission notes that hackers attacked satellites that do not play a significant role in ensuring US national security, but the fact of a successful attack is alarming.

    "These attacks demonstrate the reality of a threat to satellite infrastructure operating with critical information," - quoted Bloomberg text of the study. The report also notes that, having gained access to control of the satellite, hackers can disable it, or compromise the data that is transmitted through it.

    In total, four attacks were recorded, during which attackers gained access to satellite control for several minutes. Allegedly, attacks became possible after breaking into the computer systems of the ground-based satellite control station located in Norway.

    The US military has extensive satellite infrastructure, which is used to communicate and coordinate military forces in hostilities. Violation of its performance can seriously affect US security, the report said.

    Chinese footprint

    The US government has repeatedly accused China of hacker attacks, both on state and private American computer networks. According to the authors of the report, with the help of hackers, China is trying to gain information regarding secret military and commercial developments.

    Presumably, it was from hackers hired by the Chinese government that Google suffered in early 2010, and its Chinese branch servers were hacked.

    Attacks on the RSA company working in the field of information security, as well as the subsequent attacks on a number of major Pentagon suppliers, have a Chinese mark.

    This is indicated not only by representatives of the US authorities, but also by many independent experts on information security.

    China's official stance on its involvement in high-profile cyber attacks remains unchanged - government officials stubbornly deny their involvement in cyber warfare.

    "The Commission operates with unsubstantiated statements, wishing to spoil the image of China on the world stage," Wang Baodong, a spokesman for the Chinese Embassy in Washington, told Bloomberg. According to him, China is actively cooperating with other states in the fight against cybercrime.

    According to the authors of the report, the number of cybersecurity incidents that China is suspected of has grown from 3,6 thousand cases in 2001 to 71,6 thousand in 2009.

    The US-China Economic and Security Review Commission was established in 2000 and since then has published reports annually highlighting changes in relations between the two countries in these areas. The final version of the report for 2011 will be published in November.
  38. fatanee
    fatanee 14 June 2012 22: 57
    F-22 flew in, and then "accidentally" hatches open and intercontinental ballistic missiles with nuclear warheads and the inscriptions "for the USSR", "for Russia", "for Washington", etc., and so on, and in 5-7 hours there is no AI. .. The Yankees know that they have a lot to lose, they will not be able to decide, this is not the time. In this case, the war between the two superpowers is fatal for everyone.
  39. maxbrov74
    maxbrov74 15 June 2012 00: 22
    Their gut is thin. This is a propaganda PR for their fat inhabitants and their ilk raising their own fighting spirit. If this nation of hopeless Sadomites could technically create something like that, then we would go for a long time to the others bombed and defeated, like poor fellow Iraq, or even worse. If these fat fagots talk about network-centric wars and global strikes, while maximizing themselves in places like the aforementioned Iraq, which in the end has become impoverished and eventually self-selling, or half-cave Afghanistan, God forbid, forty years old, getting rid of silicon guns already wait for something, beside the screams in the Security Council about the improper supply of shock turntables to Syria, or what other deadly sins, of which many are attributed to us. After all, his ass in real life is much more expensive than a computer global blow.
  40. Roman 3671
    Roman 3671 15 June 2012 12: 18
    The heavy Chinese unmanned aircraft HQ-4 Xianglong, apparently, is ready for full-scale flight tests. The importance of this event for the Chinese Air Force is easy to understand, given that the Xianglong is an analogue of the American UAV RQ-4 Global Hawk. The latter, until recently, was the only unmanned aerial vehicle in the world capable of intercontinental flights and long-term observation.

    Judging by the video taken at the Chengdu air base, the HQ-4 Xianglong is ready for test flights. Unlike the RQ-4, the Chinese UAV is equipped with an innovative wing that combines a conventional and reverse sweep wing.

    Xianglong is equipped with one jet engine mounted on top of the fuselage, which makes it look like its only competitor - the American Global Hawk. The Chinese drone has a normal takeoff weight of 7500 kg and can carry a payload of 650 kg at a cruising speed of 750 km / h. Flight range is 7000 km. The aircraft can rise to a height of 18-20 km and observe in real time the entire Korean Peninsula.

    If the Chinese engineers manage to put the HQ-4 Xianglong into operation, China will become the second power in the world capable of conducting strategic unmanned reconnaissance in vast territories. This provides a major military advantage due to greater situational awareness and the ability to monitor remote targets in real time. The well-known characteristics of the HQ-4 Xianglong do not allow it to carry out missions on a global scale, however, the new drone is able to provide China with enhanced surveillance capabilities in the Asian and Pacific regions.

    Potentially, the HQ-4 could fill a gap in the guidance system of ballistic anti-ship missiles, which China is actively developing to counter aircraft-carrying ships.

    HQ-4 Xianglong is developed by Guizhou Aviation Group and Chengdu Aircraft Design Institute. The latter is also known for creating the Chinese analogue of the American drone Predator.

    The model of the new UAV was first shown to the public in 2006 at the air show in Zhuhai.
  41. Insurgent
    Insurgent 16 June 2012 10: 25
    Hitler also rehearsed how it ended for Germany, everyone seems to have learned a lesson from the USA, because even in the event of the submission of one unconventional warhead, it will cause such a panic in the USA where the people who are full and unaware of the warrior are not the Papuans to drive Apaches
  42. Roman 3671
    Roman 3671 17 June 2012 18: 33
    Strategic confrontation between the United States and China also takes place on the technological front. The introduction of new weapons by Beijing potentially reduces or even completely negates the leadership of American aircraft carriers. This leadership was established at the end of the Second World War as an armament system allowing for global control.

    Alarm at the Pentagon. Officially announced a new threat from China, Admiral Robert Willard, commander of the Pacific Fleet. In a speech to Congress on March 23 this year, he expressed concern that China is developing and testing a medium-range ballistic homing missile with an ASBM non-nuclear warhead (a ballistic missile for hitting ships) specifically designed to strike at American aircraft carriers.

    The range of 2 thousand kilometers. We are talking about version D of a Dong Feng-21 ballistic missile with a range of up to 2000 kilometers, which is enough to control the waters of the South China Sea, which in principle could become a theater of operations between Washington and Beijing, especially in the event of a conflict regarding control of Taiwan.

    US Navy in the Asian Pacific. U.S. aircraft carriers have so far been the most important strategic barrier against the Chinese threats to Taipei and against the expansion of the area controlled by China, which in recent years has transformed its fleet from coastal to oceanic. More and more often, Chinese ships approach the Japanese coast and reach the Indian Ocean, using the bases provided by Burma. And the new submarine base built on Hainan Island, which is tracked by American spy ships from a distance, has led to an arms race at sea in all Southeast Asian countries.

    Beijing is thinking about aircraft carriers. China expects to have aircraft carriers in the future and has been studying the Varyag ship of this type, acquired in Russia, for many years. But for many more years, Beijing will not be able to withstand American superiority at sea. The United States has 11 aircraft carriers with a total displacement of 100 thousand tons, five of them are in the Pacific Ocean. Therefore, the creation of ballistic missiles against ships equipped with conventional warheads of high explosive strength instead of nuclear ones undermines the existing balance of forces, and in the future reduces the importance of aircraft carriers.

    China advanced technology. According to Andrea Thani, who prepared a report on this topic for the Defense Intelligence weblog, the Chinese installed a system of autopilots on Dong Feng D missiles that could hit moving targets, such as aircraft carriers, whose detection is guaranteed by surveillance satellites and coastal radars. which is very large. They are already in the Chinese coastal zone. “Today there are 38 of them, and in 2014 there will be 65, 11 of which will be used at sea. On March 5, three Yaogan IX satellites were launched from the Zhuchuan test site, which are directly related to the ASBM program. They seem to be an exact copy of the American White Cloud NOSS satellites, and, perhaps, they are. The satellites are equipped with general-purpose radars and infrared sensors for detecting ships, as well as electronic devices for intercepting and analyzing the signals coming from them in order to more accurately determine their coordinates, ”writes Thani.

    Ultrafast rockets. The high speed of the missiles, 8 times the speed of sound, makes it difficult to intercept air defense and missile defense systems of aircraft carriers and their escort, and the launch of a large number of shells can block the defense system. An aircraft carrier, struck by one or two ballistic missiles, may not drown, but it will certainly lose combat effectiveness. It would be premature to assess the real operational qualities of ASBM missiles, but the news of their development confirms the seriousness of Beijing's strategic challenge. It is becoming increasingly difficult for Washington to maintain its military superiority in the world, not to mention the risk that these technologies will be at the disposal of other ballistic missile states, such as Iran and North Korea.
    China has developed an anti-ship ballistic missile, which is capable of hitting American aircraft carriers and other large-sized ships. This was reported by the United States Naval Institute (The United States Naval Institute) referring to information published in one of the Chinese specialized blogs, which American military analysts consider a reliable source. Subsequently, a more detailed description of this rocket was published by the naval blog Information Dissemination.

    The new weapon under the symbol Anti-Ship Ballistic Missile (ASBM) is a modification of the famous Chinese ballistic missile Dong Feng 21. Its range is about 2000 kilometers, which the ASBM missile can overcome in 12 minutes. With this range, the Chinese military can control the zones of possible confrontation between Beijing and Washington. According to the authors, using this rocket the Chinese can destroy even the largest American aircraft carrier from the first hit. A complex missile guidance system, using information from satellites, radar systems and unmanned aerial vehicles, allows you to hit, including moving targets.

    ASBM is made with stealth elements for the radar and flies along an unpredictable trajectory. The article emphasizes that if the modified Dong Feng really possesses such qualities, it will become the first ballistic missile capable of successfully hitting naval targets despite the fact that today ships do not yet have reliable means of protection against the effects of such weapons. Ultimately, this can lead to a change in the strategy of the US Navy in the oceans and to work to improve the efficiency of existing or create new missile defense systems for ships.

    There is no official information on the availability of such weapons in China.

    Dongfeng-21 (Dong Feng 21, “Wind from the East”) is a medium-range mobile two-stage ballistic solid propellant ballistic missile with a range of up to 2000 km. The development began in 1979, was put into service in 1991. The firing range is 1700 km, the launch weight is 14,7 tons. The warhead weighs 0,6 tons, and can be equipped with a monoblock nuclear warhead with a capacity of 100, 200 or 500 ct., And also in ordinary equipment. The probable circular deviation from the target is 300-400 m.

    Dongfeng-21A (CSS-5 according to the US classification) is a modification of the Dongfeng-21 BRDS. Serially produced since 2002. It is distinguished by a more advanced design and a lower weight of the warhead (about 300 kt), which allowed to increase the range, according to various sources, up to 2500-3000 km. The probable circular deviation (CVO) from the target is 300-400 m. Work is underway to equip the missile with means to overcome missile defense.