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Kolerov: “We must respect the choice of the peoples of the Baltic and Transcaucasia, even if it leads them to death”

Kolerov: “We must respect the choice of the peoples of the Baltic and Transcaucasia, even if it leads them to death”Standards of bilateral Russian-Latvian relations are set in Riga, not in Moscow, and this hinders the political dialogue between the countries, considers political analyst Modest Kolerov of the Russian Federation 1 class. "The Latvian ethnocracy is building a nation that is not built without an enemy image," he said, speaking at a meeting in Riga organized by the Baltic Forum. By the way, Kolerov predicts coming to power in Latvia of the radical-nationalist party “All - Latvia!”, Read the premiership of the leader of this party Raivis Dzintars and, accordingly, the deterioration of Russian-Latvian relations, a REGNUM correspondent informs.

The meeting with Modest Kolerov and Deputy Editor-in-Chief of the REGNUM news agency Igor Pavlovsky was held in the conference hall of the Avalon hotel. A collection of articles "The pulsation of empires" published in Riga was presented to its participants. It contains fresh articles by Kolerov. Having told about stories the cooperation of the Baltic Forum with Kolerov and the publication of the collection; the Executive Director of the Baltic Forum, Alexander Vasilyev, gave the floor to the Moscow guest.

Kolerov himself introduced himself as a representative of the right-liberal part of the Russian political spectrum, which, according to him, is becoming more and more close to the Franco-German model of the welfare state, which has experienced its imperial fall, but is not capable or daring to experience itself. “We are not soldiers of power. We are soldiers of the state,” said Kolerov. According to him, a number of historical laws operate in the Eurasian space. "I am a professional historian, but only after 25 years of my activity I began to recognize what I had challenged before - the geopolitical and geo-economic framework of the existence of states. No one ever guaranteed to any survival society. The historical path is littered with skeletons of civilizations. That we are alive is not it means that we will win. No one is immune from defeat, which may be the result of political mistakes of politicians, blindness of society, genocide, "said Kolerov.

Kolerov described his vision of the current moment as follows: "We are the last Romans who are moving through the ruins of the empire." Therefore, his statement was sounded strange and contradictory to such a pessimistic introduction: "Of course, we will survive and win." Russia has to fight, according to Kolerov, not with an external enemy - the struggle goes with itself: "We remember that the main reason for our defeats is not the notorious Washington Regional Committee, but the betrayal of our own political elite and the stupidity of our own intelligentsia."

In turn, the main western neighbor of Russia - the European Union - Kolerov called the new empire, doomed to collapse. The European Union is an incarnate example of double standards, an example of the connection of multi-level and heterogeneous civilizations. "If the EU uses on its eastern fringes as weapons affirmation of "European values" nationalism, apartheid and pro-Hitler revisionism, this is evidence that the European Union is an empire entering the final stage of its economic and political crisis, "he explained. According to Kolerov, this contradictory combination of tolerance and apartheid is a weapon - nationalism, apartheid and pro-Hitler revisionism - implies the attitude towards the EU’s eastern neighbors as “barbarians.” But the main challenge to the European Union, according to Kolerov, is an internal challenge - the Islamization of Europe approaching demographic catastrophe of old Europe.

According to him, this process is a serious source of threat to Russia: "If the EU collapses quickly, Russia will be very difficult. We do not need the EU to collapse quickly. The longer the damping empire - the European Union - decays, the easier Russia will be."

Kolerov doesn’t have faith in the fact that the European Union will cope with economic difficulties: "The EU will not survive economically. It will dump bad assets in the form of entire countries." Commenting on Latvia’s aspirations to enter the eurozone by all means, Kolerov said: “There is a special pleasure to jump into the last car of the train falling into the abyss. But [Latvian Prime Minister Valdis] Dombrovskis does this, for aesthetic reasons and calculations to pursue a career in Brussels. "

Kolerov conducted the geopolitical borders of modern Russia along the western border of Belarus, which historically separates it from Poland and along the southern and eastern borders of Kazakhstan (“the internal border between Kazakhstan and Russia does not exist”) separating Russia from “global Afghanistan” and China. This is the source of Moscow’s efforts to create a Eurasian Customs Union, which, according to Kolerov, serves as a limit to the desires and possibilities of Russia. Ukraine cannot be part of the Customs Union due to its internal division, Kolerov believes. Such as it was made by Stalin and Khrushchev, Ukraine is not viable, he argues. “God forbid, it will begin to break up, and an unprofitable, energy-intensive and inefficient Donbass will fall on our shoulders!”, Kolerov stressed Russia's disinterest in splitting Ukraine de facto.

“Russia doesn’t need anything else (except Belarus and Kazakhstan - REGNUM) from the periphery of the former Soviet empire, and it is deadly for it,” Kolerov confirmed once again that Russia doesn’t have neo-imperial claims, which they do not get tired of accusing in the capitals of the Baltic states.

A wave of protests in Russia around parliamentary and presidential elections Kolerov was silent about. However, the very first question that was raised after his introduction was related to recent political upheavals in Russia of the last time. However, Kolerov does not consider anti-Putin speeches in Moscow and St. Petersburg to be a serious movement, although he believes that this phenomenon has deep roots in the history of Russia: "All three distempers in Russia had a middle layer as their base, which was not represented in power." Kolerov stressed, however, that Bolotnaya Square has no positive program, and drew attention to the fact that the movement, which he called the “glamorous revolution”, enjoys deeply echeloned media and technical support within the government and from abroad. In another place, Kolerov said that the multimillion mass of private owners does not follow the "glamor opposition": the ruling elite in Russia is split, and society is consolidated, because it is multinational, and the multinational society is more protective of the inner world.

Counting damage "from the Soviet occupation," renewed by Lithuania, no matter how anecdotally it looked, Kolerov considers a big problem for Russia. In his opinion, this is done not at all from the desire to tease Moscow, but from the desire to "drink the same tea twice and even three times": make money, build a nation, and show yourself more Europeans than the Europeans themselves. On the question of whether the West is preparing a new Nuremberg, but now already over Russia, he replied in the affirmative: "Nuremberg is preparing for Russia over the West."

Answering the question of whether a referendum on granting Russian the status of the state language was noticed in Russia, Kolerov said: “The language referendum in Russia was noticed, but, unfortunately, was not supported by all available means. [...] The referendum on language is a local initiative, and they didn’t support him, because no one in Russia could warm up his hands on this. " According to him, for the Russian community of Latvia the referendum was the only reference way to declare their interests and the existence of the problem. "There is no other way. It will not be possible to circumvent the February 18 referendum results," he stressed. On another occasion, Kolerov said that Russians in Latvia, according to the “first EU standards,” have the right, at a minimum, to have a regional status for their language. According to him, the position of Russia on the issue of language and statelessness in Latvia would be more principled and more weighty if Russian business did not go to "insider transactions" with the Latvian political class. But Russian business is not patriotic, Kolerov complained, in the opinion of which Russia should support the Russian school and the press in Latvia with money on quite legal grounds. "Now this is done sluggishly, since it leaves less opportunity for theft," he added.

“Russia had no colonies in the literal sense of the word. On its head, it did not drain resources from the suburbs, but invested in them,” Kolerov noted, answering another question. According to him, the desire of South Ossetia to join the Russian Federation is the will of the people of South Ossetia, which Russia has to reckon with, even if from a political point of view Russia is unprofitable. In turn, he recognized the recognition of independence of South Ossetia and Abkhazia as the main achievement of the presidency of Dmitry Medvedev. As for the strategic alliance of Russia and China, China does not need allies and does not recognize them, it is self-sufficient, Kolerov said.

Responding to a question sent to him by a REGNUM correspondent by Igor Yurgens, director of the Russian Institute of Contemporary Development, why intensive economic and cultural ties between Latvia and Russia are not continued at the level of political dialogue, Kolerov said: "Jurgens is cunning. If everything depended only on him, then relations would be very good, even family relations. However, standards for Russian-Latvian bilateral relations are set here in Riga. Latvia is building a nation that is not built without an enemy image. So this survey to the local political elite, which, instead of a political dialogue builds the image of the enemy. "

In this connection, Kolerov’s forecast on the development of Russian-Latvian relations was as follows: “Given that Raivis Dzintars (“ All is Latvia! ”- TB / DNNL) will most likely be the next prime minister, relations between Latvia and Russia will not improve.” In response to the outrage of one of the journalists representing the Latvian media, on what basis Kolerov makes advertising a marginal policy (Dzintars - co-chairman of the VL-TB / DNNL association, which has eight seats in the 100-local parliament and is the third in terms of popularity by a political force in the country (IA REGNUM), he replied: "Let's see what you say when Dzintars takes 20% in the elections. I do not advertise to him. These are your children. You choose him because he is in the radio It expresses a certain general opinion, and until it (the opinion) reaches the wall, it will not be abandoned. "

When asked by REGNUM why, recognizing the existence of a geopolitical and geo-economic framework among states, he excludes the Baltic framework, which objectively is part of the economic system of the East European Plain, from such a framework of Russia, Kolerov answered: "Russia recognizes the national consensus in the Baltic and Transcaucasian countries. They we have made our choice. We must respect it. If we intervene, we will always lose and we will be guilty. People have made their choice and must go their way to the end. Even if it leads them to death. "
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  1. Recon
    Recon 12 June 2012 12: 11
    In many ways, I completely agree with Mr. Kolerov. Thanks to the author, plus article!
    1. alex-defensor
      alex-defensor 12 June 2012 14: 49
      We remember that the main reason for our defeats is not the notorious Washington Regional Committee, but the betrayal of our own political elite and the stupidity of our own intelligentsia

      As it is precisely said, there is nothing to add. The liberal intelligentsia is definitely rotten.
      1. Odinplys
        Odinplys 13 June 2012 01: 42
        Quote: alex-defensor
        As it is precisely said, there is nothing to add. The liberal intelligentsia is definitely rotten.

        In Russia, there is practically no political elite of its own ... We need to grow our own elite ... to educate ... so that when changing presidents ... the political system does not change ... and the chosen course of development and the welfare of citizens ...
        And the current elite ... is grown by the Zionists ... it is actually the elite of the West ... all the capital there ... their children study there ... their well-being is there ... the government of Russia goes through it. ..
          FREGATENKAPITAN 13 June 2012 09: 30
          How not? And Ksyusha Sobchak? The most prominent political figure ... from the brothel DOM-2 and taverns moved to the square of the capital ......... And the Nemtsov? Also an outstanding politician ..... In the 90s he was in power ....... he plundered the country, now he doesn’t like the new Russia that is climbing out of the abyss ....
          and there’s still a handful of small political elite .... torn to the source of distribution .....
      2. serjio777
        serjio777 14 June 2012 09: 29
        She was born rotten.
    2. predator
      predator 12 June 2012 17: 44
      it would be interesting to read Latvian history textbooks, for all their life from the 12th century until 1920 they lived under the invaders, first the Livonian Order then the Swedes and Russia.
      1. 755962
        755962 13 June 2012 00: 27
        "There is a special pleasure in jumping on the last carriage of a train falling into the abyss."
        Wave the handkerchief ...........
  2. raptorr
    raptorr 12 June 2012 12: 16
    I want to believe, but it doesn’t work .....
    1. Odinplys
      Odinplys 13 June 2012 01: 54
      Quote: raptorr
      I want to believe, but it doesn’t work .....

      And it will not work ... you are for the West (for the Zionists) ... you are only a springboard ... for the invasion of Russia ... but this has already passed the day ... in all other respects you are a ballast ... you will be used and dropped for unnecessary ... here's the right to fight for the good of the Zionist world regime you will be allowed ... not with their own lives they build their own "PARADISE" ... your guys have not yet come with a load in a horizontal position ... from Afghanistan ... Iraq .. Libya ... here you will be the first ... not to go to your grandmother ... And when you feel what the Zionist occupation is ... again ask to become part of Russia ... time doctor ...
  3. Churchill
    Churchill 12 June 2012 12: 20
    "Russia did not have colonies in the literal sense of the word. On its own head, it did not suck resources from the outskirts, but invested in them

    For this they are taking revenge on us!
    1. Winter
      Winter 12 June 2012 12: 54
      A common thing; as practice shows, debtors always hate the lender!
      But no one was able to leave on such a policy, and this will not succeed.
      1. sergo0000
        sergo0000 12 June 2012 16: 42
        I agree with you lady! Do not do good, do not get evil!
      2. Curculum
        Curculum 12 June 2012 20: 29
        Quote: Winter
        A common thing; as practice shows, debtors always hate the lender!

        Dear, I personally agree with you in essence, but allow an easy clarification: at one time, it was not about loans, but about interest-free and non-repayable loans, sometimes to the detriment of others.
        Quote: Winter
        But no one was able to leave on such a policy, and this will not succeed.

        100%! love
  4. vladimir64ss
    vladimir64ss 12 June 2012 12: 21
    The treacherous article. According to the author, we are yesterday’s people and wander through the ruins.
    1. Recon
      Recon 12 June 2012 12: 35
      Precisely, I did not like the thesis about the last Romans either.
      1. NKVD
        NKVD 12 June 2012 13: 07
        Kolerov is a "lurking" liberal. And FD Dostoevsky also said: "Russia will be ruined not by the communists and anarchists, but by the scoundrels of the liberals."
        1. Recon
          Recon 12 June 2012 13: 32
          Maybe so, but he says it is. And calls a spade a spade. With the Romans, of course, went too far. This phrase is much more suitable for crazy nineties.
        2. Ziksura
          Ziksura 12 June 2012 16: 11
          Quote: NKVD
          : "Russia will not be ruined by the communists and anarchists, but by the scoundrels of the liberals."

          You can’t argue with the Classic.
    2. Odinplys
      Odinplys 13 June 2012 02: 01
      Quote: vladimir64ss
      The treacherous article. According to the author, we are yesterday’s people and wander through the ruins.

      I support the same opinion ... as if convincing of weakness and helplessness ... maybe just a Jew ... maybe a Zionist ... or is it the same thing ...
  5. Sakhalininsk
    Sakhalininsk 12 June 2012 12: 21
    Everything is correct, the essence of all the flawed ones is to try to bite the strong from the sub. Talking with limitrophes like Baltic neofascist shit democracies should be as tough as possible, even cruel. We can hardly live without these paratic polyps off the Baltic coast. Their destiny is to be Tajiks in that very Europe where they so aspired and cheap cannon fodder in NATO. For such kookies, which allows the Baltic states of Russia, it is necessary to impose a strict embargo on these territories, and after a short period of time all the arrogance from the chukhni will fly off as if by magic.
    1. valokordin
      valokordin 13 June 2012 08: 45
      You can of course embargo, send all the Baltic states, but then all the Russians from there to take to Russia and provide them with living conditions in both Jurmala and Riga. I know that they live there no worse. I know, I was in Latvia more than once and on duty, the attitude towards Russians is tolerant, if not for the undeveloped SS men and pragerman-minded nationalists
  6. Alexander Romanov
    Alexander Romanov 12 June 2012 12: 37
    You will have both Nuremberg and coals on your stupid western heads. How much will remain from Latvia and other mongrels in case of something. Ash plain, no more.
    1. apro
      apro 12 June 2012 13: 04
      Nenad swear let them themselves without war justify
  7. VEKT
    VEKT 12 June 2012 13: 15
    The Baltic states cannot be independent. They are always someone’s appendage and are in someone’s sphere of influence, like Transcaucasia, by the way. Only now we considered them as equals, and their new owners consider them their sixes which it is not a pity to throw off.
    1. Recon
      Recon 12 June 2012 13: 34
      Being a satellite of someone’s politics is the destiny of almost any small country in the modern world.
      1. VEKT
        VEKT 12 June 2012 16: 49
        But there is always a choice. You can be "Switzerland", that is, neutral and equally maintain good relations with all neighbors, or you can be a flawed mongrel who tries to disown his past and builds his policy on the image of the enemy.
        1. Galina
          Galina 12 June 2012 18: 15
          You can be "Switzerland", that is, neutral and equally maintain good relations with all neighbors

          What would have happened to this "Switzerland" if it were not for the banks located in it and its complete and reverent submission to the bankers?
          So, it is better not to be "Switzerland" and live by your own laws.
          1. Curculum
            Curculum 12 June 2012 20: 21
            Quote: Galina
            What would have happened to this "Switzerland" if it were not for the banks located in it and its complete and reverent submission to the bankers?

            And where did the banks come from, on a bare spot? How did this federal republic, which has no access to the seas, with virtually no mineral resources, become the richest country in the world? Because she managed to organize herself, in 1874 to adopt the constitution, which introduced the institution of referenda, and recognize German, French, Italian and Romansh as official languages. This is its success, and the creation and development of the banking system is secondary, which is inspired by necessity in the modern world. And another interesting point: Switzerland only became a member of the UN since 2002!
            Therefore, everyone who will "live only by their own laws" without taking into account the laws, norms and rules of others (at least), are doomed to extinction or submission, there are many historical examples of this.
          2. Odinplys
            Odinplys 13 June 2012 02: 06
            Quote: Galina
            What would have happened to this "Switzerland" if it were not for the banks located in it and its complete and reverent submission to the bankers?
            So, it is better not to be "Switzerland" and live by your own laws.

            You are right ... it is even strange that someone considers Switzerland ... free ... or neutral ...
  8. lewerlin53rus
    lewerlin53rus 12 June 2012 13: 32
    betrayal of their own political elite and the stupidity of their own intelligentsia. "

    Here I agree, golden words!
  9. anchonsha
    anchonsha 12 June 2012 13: 33
    The smartest person Modest Kolerov and his article is so truthful that it remains to be admired by the author .... Some disagree and this is only because they inattentively read the article itself and did not understand the meaning. Why do we need the Baltic states if they do not want to have something in common with us? They were part of the USSR, rebuilt them, taught and ... got a shit. But Russians cannot act badly, just like the West, the USA — they suck everything out and throw it away if they can’t get any more benefits. Let them die. It’s a pity only a split Ukraine ... But they themselves choose their own history, their own path ... that they regret the health of Kolerov Modest !!!
  10. Recon
    Recon 12 June 2012 13: 42
    I believe that joining the USSR is the best thing that has happened to the former republics in their entire history, especially in the Caucasus and Central Asia. As for the Baltic states, time will tell. I am not an insider, but so far I do not see much prosperity there. Young people are leaving in large numbers - this is the most obvious indicator.
  11. Nechai
    Nechai 12 June 2012 14: 00
    "....If we intervene, we will always lose and be guilty. People have made their choice and must go their own way to the end. Even if he leads them to death "
    And we will not interfere ALL ONE BOOM IS GUILTY, according to their reasoning. They did not come to the rescue on time, did not provide financial and economic preferences, etc. etc. In light of the brotherhood that suddenly flared up from their side, at this catastrophic moment, still Slavic roots, a single Soviet family of peoples, etc. That is, when the shock of the Zapadlian "civilization" becomes complete and final for them, then - well, take us again!
  12. TekhnarMAF
    TekhnarMAF 12 June 2012 14: 17
    I liked the article, definitely a plus! From my point of view, everything is correct, they left themselves, let them sip on "freedom" to the fullest! Time to scatter stones, it's time to collect them! Let's wait and see, and then we'll see. We have our own problems above the roof, we would have to deal with them.
  13. valerei
    valerei 12 June 2012 14: 46
    I wonder who wrote this article in the style of a conference room report? You still have to subscribe. But this is not the point, but the fact that the distinguished adviser of the Russian Federation of the 1st class M.Kolerov, in my opinion, painted everything extremely truthfully. And if the leadership of Russia also listens to his advice, then Russia will undoubtedly be of great benefit, if, of course, he is "a person close to the emperor." Otherwise, it may turn out that the manual is separate, and Kolerov's articles are separate.
  14. Ragnarek
    Ragnarek 12 June 2012 14: 57
    largely agree with the author of the article. indeed, the Baltic states and Transcaucasia themselves have chosen their own path — why worry about them and intervene. it is necessary to unite historically close lands
  15. Yarbay
    Yarbay 12 June 2012 15: 00
    Which way did the countries of the Caucasus choose ???
    What did Russia do to choose this particular path ??
    Think about it!
    1. serjio777
      serjio777 12 June 2012 22: 22
      I apologize, what kind of hints? Someone wringed your hands at you, what are we still to blame for you - have not sufficiently developed? Well, now why complain to Azerbaijan?
      1. Yarbay
        Yarbay 12 June 2012 22: 28
        Firstly, when you say * We * -What do you mean ???
        Secondly, before engaging in discussion, learn a little about what you are talking about !!
        You are personally not to blame before me, but the Soviet leadership in the person of Gorbachev and Russia in the person of Yeltsin and others like him are to blame for my people !!
        1. serjio777
          serjio777 12 June 2012 22: 54
          You, of course, excuse me, but if someone got it from them in the first place to us, i.e. Russia and I mean it by "WE". Yeltsin I do not know, but Gorbach, what is interesting in front of you, he fined all of you (the republics, that is) independence?
          1. Yarbay
            Yarbay 12 June 2012 23: 01
            I do not consider you guilty, so you apologize!
            You just don’t know what you are writing about !!
            and we were the first to suffer, and much more than you!
            This bloody pygmy did not give us any independence !!
            1. serjio777
              serjio777 12 June 2012 23: 10
              Maybe I don’t know what, so enlighten at least briefly.
              1. Yarbay
                Yarbay 12 June 2012 23: 30
                Nagorno-Karabakh, January 20, Khojaly-366 Regiment !! Secret deliveries of billions of dollars of armament by Armenia revealed by General Rokhlin!
                million refugees !!
                Thousands of dead!
                20 percent of the territories are occupied!
                and much more!
                1. serjio777
                  serjio777 13 June 2012 00: 50
                  Yasno.Karabakh is of course still that topic ... to understand and understand, although I myself participated in the loading of ammunition for Armenia.
                  1. Yarbay
                    Yarbay 13 June 2012 01: 36
                    but there’s nothing to understand !!
                    In time it was necessary to plant a couple of villains, and not to add oil to the promises of the separatists !!
                    and not take Raisa Gorbacheva’s expensive diamonds from the Armenian diaspora!
                    1. serjio777
                      serjio777 13 June 2012 19: 08
                      That is, you think that everything is clear as God's day and Azerbaijan’s guilt is not a drop there ??? And Armenia is the separatists and the point? Wars do not start from scratch and Tskhinvali is an example of this.
                      1. Yarbay
                        Yarbay 14 June 2012 01: 32
                        To do this, it’s good enough to know the history of the conflict!
                2. valerei
                  valerei 13 June 2012 11: 26
                  Wrong reasoning, Yarbay. Look from the other side: Russia, you need an ally in the Caucasus? Needed! Who? After all, it was not Azerbaijan and Georgia, but there was no one else there, at least then. And what about Karabakh, it would be good for you to remember that you, the Azerbaijanis, were the first to cut the Armenians! And Russia only stood up for them. Russia generally does not like it when people are just being cut, for no reason. You that? Was there not enough space to live together? I am convinced that then it was enough and now it’s enough. And now it’s too late, the train has gone far and Russia to Armenia, and at the same time it will not surrender Karabakh. At least I hope that our rulers have enough brains for this.
                  1. Yarbay
                    Yarbay 13 June 2012 14: 34
                    Valery is you reasoning incorrectly because you don’t know much !!
                    The first to expel Azerbaijanis from Armenia!
                    Then they distributed these embittered people in Sumgait !!
                    The Armenian provocateurs were sent there !! One of the organizers of the pogroms in Sumgait was an Armenian-Eduard Grigoryan !! He killed 5 x and raped three Armenian women!
                    Russia itself abandoned allies in Transcaucasia !!
                    and ask your questions to the Armenians about the lack of living space, and the rest of the time will show!
                    1. valerei
                      valerei 14 June 2012 14: 22
                      Yarbay, I answer you only from the abundance of free time today. And I said this not because of disrespect, but because any topic on this site lasts, on average, TWO days. Today it is no longer there, therefore it is no longer interesting for site owners. And in general, my firm conviction - and I have talked about this more than once - that all this chatter on the site, called comments (including mine) does not lead anywhere and only amuses the pride of those who tremble. But, this is a saying, and now in order:
                      1.Yes, I don’t know much, because I use sources from the media, but who will pay them more, and I take this into account. But in this case, the source was the Armenian family and their guests, including myself. And I am aware that everyone has their own truth. However, the truth cannot be twofold, but only one. At this stage, I am convinced that no one needs the truth, neither Azerbaijan nor Armenia. Note that I did not write: "Azerbaijanis" and "Armenians" - feel the difference !.
                      2. In fact, in fact, it is not so important who and whom began to expel first. Let me give you an example of Russia: after all, nobody expelled anyone from us, even in the most dashing, 90s. And why? Think, after all, in almost all republics of the USSR, a wave of expulsions, ethnic conflicts and murders of Russians swept, but not in Russia! But, after all, the Caucasus firmly robbed the Russian regions at this time - I know that for sure, including your compatriots. And I, as a Russian, absolutely do not give a damn about who started there first. If you want, you can figure out the origins and causes, but it seems to me that neither you nor they want to do this. Germany has inflicted much more misery and suffering on Russia, neither Azerbaijan, nor Armenia even dreamed of it, and now our countries have good relations, and why? But because our states are much more mature than yours.
                      3. Try to find out: who did distribute these embittered people to Sumgait and WHY? By name - I don’t know (although those who organized this medieval massacre are still alive with you), I know one thing: they are Azerbaijanis! And you can’t argue against this fact.
                      4. If there are facts that there were provocateurs - Armenians, then you have to agree: you can’t argue against the facts. However, one must not forget that all nations always had traitors and this is also a fact. At the same time, E. Grigoryan (if he was, of course) is still a secondary fact. Have you thought about who he is, this Grigoryan? Maybe an inveterate felon sentenced to a wall in Armenia? For the special services of any state - this is an excellent human material, especially for such dirty deeds! AND? After all, how everything grew together: the Armenian cuts the Armenians!
                      5. Above, I already wrote that neither Azerbaijan nor Georgia were suitable for Russia’s allies at that time, and indeed now. Your Aliyev sniffed the smell of oil, looked towards the UAE and so what? Does he need Russia? Well, Georgia, a well-known pro-s-t-itutka, immediately began to look for a new man to lie under (although the people themselves are nice to me), but it wasn’t appropriate for Russia to be imposed, not that country, although, of course, fools: could milk us today. Only Armenia remained, surrounded by, to put it mildly, unreliable neighbors.
                      .6.I already wrote in this comment that I personally don’t give a damn about your problems and I don’t want to and will not ask anyone, although we have both diasporas in Saratov.
            2. valokordin
              valokordin 13 June 2012 08: 55
              You obviously like independence as part of the Reich, but marked independence did not give, Landsbergis and the CIA special forces won it for you. This pygmy he is in Africa and pygmy. And in Latvia, life was much better than in Russia, and I know this for myself. I frankly love Riga, a restaurant on Merkel, an eatery on Lokomotives, a chic station bazaar, Dome Cathedral, Daugava, etc. and even Latvian State University, where I attended lectures on Roman law
      2. valerei
        valerei 13 June 2012 10: 53
        A little help, by the way about Azerbaijan. According to Soviet newspapers, only 15 of the 4 republics contained the budget of the USSR, these were: the RSFSR, the Ukrainian SSR, the BSSR and the AzSSR. All the rest, at best, were zeros.
        1. Yarbay
          Yarbay 13 June 2012 15: 57
          That’s why these villains started from Azerbaijan !!
          1. serjio777
            serjio777 13 June 2012 19: 18
            That’s why these villains started from Azerbaijan !!

            Ie all who affected the villains !? With all due respect, from this point of view there is no way to any concessions, i.e., as a result, to the world, which means that Karabakh will remain in the foreseeable future for Armenia, the reasons were voiced
            1. Yarbay
              Yarbay 14 June 2012 01: 34
              all who affected what ??
              And what concession are you saying ??
              Why on earth ??
              Why did part of the territories of Hitler not cede to the USSR in the Second World War?
              Wait and see!!
              1. serjio777
                serjio777 14 June 2012 02: 04
                1 All who somehow touched Azerbaijan, I understand that you live there and not me, but the information you have nonetheless on the one hand is most likely yours. Your tv. Your refugees, etc.
                2 I mean that in order to resolve the conflict, after all, concessions are needed, which are not essential and essential on both sides.
                3.4. etc. But I just spoke about this above as the reason that Karabakh will definitely remain with Armenia.
                You have your own truth, but the government of any country (if it is normal) is primarily interested in national interests, and since Armenia is the most reliable ally of Russia in Transcaucasia ...
  16. APASUS
    APASUS 12 June 2012 15: 31
    "Latvian ethnocracy is building a nation that cannot be built without the image of an enemy",

    Successfully noticed!
    This is perhaps the misfortune of many states, the former USSR. After gaining independence, in the place of building statehood, the local ethnic group began to fight against national minorities. It turns out that the nationalist ideology replaced the communist ideology. The most important thing is that nationalists almost always have a vague idea of ​​the economy ... ...... they have another path !!!!!!!!
  17. dmitrich
    dmitrich 12 June 2012 15: 51
    they do not respect our choice, why we should respect these Nazis.
    1. serjio777
      serjio777 12 June 2012 22: 40
      And they do not need to be respected, a full commodity, etc. boycott and we will observe. Many of the Baltic states at one time tried meat for the first time in the army and actually came to serve in bast shoes and now they are yapping.
      By the way, Mikhail Khazin told such a joke. His acquaintance is from the Baltic states, well, he went to visit "home", and his courtyard friends are now all nationalists, well, they got drunk "into the dupelin", he asks them: Tell me, just honestly WHAT DO YOU COUNT FOR? They looked at him; Honestly? - Quite honest? - ON RUSSIAN TANKS.
      That is, Russia will come put its flag and will feed as before.
  18. AK-74-1
    AK-74-1 12 June 2012 16: 27
    Kolerov was the head of the editors at the regnum. He gave out interesting articles and analytics about the Baltic states and other Young Europeans, etc. "old Europe". His opinion appeals to me. We have really ruins now. But there will be a new "Battle for Moscow" and "Stalingrad" and there will definitely be a new "Vistula-Oder operation".
  19. sergo0000
    sergo0000 12 June 2012 17: 27
    Yes, let them live as they want, these newly-made young Europeans! Not the whole story of Mother Russia’s sucking! Someday you need to grow up. Just as they want, no one will give them life. Someone will still be forced to clean their boots.
    The article is excellent and true!
    1. Bear52
      Bear52 12 June 2012 21: 13
      Precisely said about the tit, dear sergo0000! But Russia does not end with a tit .... there is still something! am drinks
  20. Galina
    Galina 12 June 2012 18: 25
    The article is courageous, fair and devoid of unnecessary sentimentality. +
  21. the gray wolf
    the gray wolf 12 June 2012 21: 10
    Modest Kolerov can be bought for N amount of money. wassat he was kicked in the neck from the pres administration for a reason.
    1. Yarbay
      Yarbay 12 June 2012 22: 37
      *** "Let's see what you say when Dzintars takes 20% in the elections. I don't advertise for him. These are your children. You choose him, because he radically expresses a certain general opinion, and so far it (opinion) will not reach the wall, they will not refuse him. "*** And that Zhirinovsky is not your children and that you do not choose him, Mr. Kolerov, and that he should become President ?? In a word, demogogia!
      1. AIvanA
        AIvanA 13 June 2012 08: 22
        Everything sounds beautiful, as they say forelocks almost cracked, children's grievances woke up, in general, everything is as always. But wasn’t it better than a great power, and they pavil in the republics so that they don’t say their own, native politicians, but the collapse, so you want to say that you did not advocate independence at one time. Correctly, everything is better seen from far away, and the reasoning is who suffered the most in principle, baby talk. It’s necessary to think how to continue to do no such thing here!
        FREGATENKAPITAN 13 June 2012 09: 49
        ... All this independence of the Transcaucasian and Central Asian former republics is worth something only until there is an external powerful threat ..... then independence will be quickly forgotten ...... to bow in the best historical traditions to the Moscow tsar-father .....
        After all, we all (I hope you) understand how the Union collapsed ....... Feeling the weakness during the Gorbachev talk ... The first Secretaries of the republics quickly felt the opportunity to become president, shah, bai, without looking at Moscow ... ...
        From here legs grow ... and there all the ways are good ....... there can be no morality when it smells like a lot of money and opportunities for ones you love ........
  22. teplal
    teplal 13 June 2012 00: 49
    Respect to them and respect, Chezh .... do not rush to fight? fellowMurray us like a wife in a divorce ... Who knows he will understand ..
  23. valerei
    valerei 13 June 2012 11: 04
    A little help, by the way about Azerbaijan. According to Soviet newspapers, only 15 of the 4 republics contained the budget of the USSR, these were: the RSFSR, the Ukrainian SSR, the BSSR and the AzSSR. All the rest, at best, were zeros.
  24. valerei
    valerei 13 June 2012 11: 13
    By the way, recently a lot of all kinds of observers and analysts have spoken aloud about the decline of the European Union. And even without them, it is clear that the four "allies" began to live beyond their means and are deeply in debt. The Germans may soon get tired of it and talk about it is already going on there! Here Merkel will be thrown off and who knows? .. This is where the moment of truth about the Baltic states will come. We are waiting, sir.