Military Review

In 5-10 years, Russia will be rejected in the stone age?

Do not call his name. He is thin. It seems that his dry face is covered with barely noticeable aluminum powder - for so many years he spent near the aircraft. A mysterious multicolored flower with golden petals and a scarlet heart rotates on its computer monitor. Computer graphics depicts the motor still non-existent aircraft. He is very tired, but this fatigue is opposed by the stubborn stoicism of a person who has made a choice once and for all. His choice is Russia, the defense industry, the overcoming of enormous threats that have piled on the Motherland.

IMMEDIATELY, it was clear - I am the designer. We have technical people, we have a technical company. We make gas turbines. We have more than a hundred candidates and doctors of technical sciences, a large service of engineers. The company employs 18000 people, and 6000 of them are technical designers. They test engines. Plus, we have subsidiaries, this is also 5000 and 9000 people, and there is a partner plant - this is also 20000, about 50000 people in total. What are my continuous worries and thoughts about? I believe that we are losing competitive competition with the West. It occurs in aircraft and missile systems, in air defense, offensive and defensive armaments. And, unfortunately, there is no way out of this. We, the factory people, do everything in our power, everything that depends on us. We spend all the accumulated resources, invest the last money, because we understand perfectly well: the state will eventually give money for a military order, but time will be lost. The country can not find the answer to the main question: "What to do?" Who is to blame - this is understandable, it is better not to talk about it, but “What to do”? Today's time is naturally different from what was 10 years ago. But after all, each subsequent year is equal in value to the five previous ones. This is the proportion that Bill Gates derived. And with this proportion we lag behind. Many things are on the surface. It must be admitted that many mistakes have been made, that today's state strategy does not provide for an active industrial policy. The authorities realized that there is money and thinks that everything else will follow by itself. Do not follow! Because besides money, in order to solve complex technical issues, you need to gather thousands and thousands of qualified people in one place, you need to motivate them, make them work for a single goal.

So it was during the great Soviet projects: atomic, virgin, space. In many places, almost everything is erased. There are museums, flags, firms. Tupolev, Ilyushin, Mikoyan. And we cannot make airplanes. There was such a company - MiG, and similar to her Lockheed - Martin. The Americans remained, but there was no MiG. The name is there, but there is no product. And a lie about prosperity goes on all levels. The government does not know the truth, or knows it, but it manages not to recognize it. She may not recognize out loud, but she must do something. For everyone who has access to information, it is clear that we have only a very short time before everything is completely turned down and rolled up. Through the 5-10 years, we will be so far behind Europe that we all will have powder guns, and they have modern sniper rifles with laser sights. Russia will be rejected in the Stone Age. This applies to everything - missiles, cruisers, submarines, aircraft, engines. Why talk about it? Because we make engines for cruise missiles, Sukhoi airplanes, for Chinese and Indian aircraft. We made engines even when the whole country collapsed. For a long time, the country made very serious mistakes. She didn't order either weapons, not the latest technology under the banner that the military-industrial complex has ruined the Soviet Union. And he ceased to exist. These 15 years destroyed almost all of the country's capabilities. It is very difficult to revive them, or at least stop their death on the red line. If the answer to this is not given as soon as possible, then the world powers will simply come and take everything that we have today. We will remain within the borders of the Principality of Tver: without Siberia, the Far East, the Urals. We have nothing to protect this vast territory, all our wealth, reserves of natural resources were left without protection. We have very few people and no modern technology. The last wars that America waged were Afghanistan, Yugoslavia, two, Iraq. American infantry solves about 5% of combat missions. 80% decides aviation, that is, cruise missiles and aircraft, 15% is an information field, that is, satellites and command and control. And only 5% are police forces. Given our territory, our borders, our demography, we need to defend ourselves with uninhabited, completely new types of weapons. It is modern TanksThese are modern aircraft, these are modern high-precision missiles. All that the Americans achieved in Yugoslavia and in other wars, they did all this without people. American losses are negligible. Because the average range of ultra-precise missiles is 2000-3000 km. All we have is leftovers from the Soviet Union, which are chasing. What is a rocket that has been in storage for 25 years? And this is the average age of our cruise missile. All rockets are in ampoules. Fuel is already poured into the engine. Start, the powder charge starts to work, then the engine, and she flew. In the ampoule there are gums that have rotted. Air bubbles have formed there, due to which depressurization has already occurred. The engine starts, the bubble enters the fuel, enters the combustion chamber, and the engine stalls, the rocket falls where it was launched. The country does not order either missiles or planes. We saw what we were fighting on in Abkhazia, Georgia and Ossetia. These are aircraft aged 40-50 years. What is this "weapon of victory" if the pilot flies blindly? He has neither cartography nor a modern "grid". Such a plane can be very small in the air, because it consumes a monstrous amount of fuel. To fly on a map tied to GPS, the pilot goes to the store, buys GPS, wraps it on his knee with tape, flies and bombs on this overseas GPS. It's a shame. I communicate with the leaders of the Air Force, and with the top of the Ministry of Defense, and with people from the General Staff. And I see a tragedy. Instead of doing business, the essence of the processes that take place in the Army, they are engaged in politics. How to turn before the President, what to order from the Kremlin, who looked at whom.

Military capabilities are dramatically reduced. On television, we are broadcast one thing, but in fact - everything is very different. Now I am not talking about the prestige of a military man, raids of pilots, their combat training. This is not my competence. There is a huge number of aircraft. They all seem to be combat-worthy. But can not fly. Today, the budget was increased, kerosene was poured in, but the resources of the engines immediately ran out. Everything! Money was given, but for kerosene. And repairing engines is a completely different amount. And if the President arrives in some regiment, in the Arctic, for example, or somewhere else, he will see it all. Only not in the Lipetsk center, where not pilots sit, but acrobats. They know how to show tricks in the air. This presentation is what we see at air shows. And in the war, acrobats are not needed, there are opponents hundreds of kilometers apart. They do not see each other, they see a radar, a "grid". You just need a good number of pilots, the normal number of missiles and bombs, given the normal state of the technique. Nothing else.

I COMMUNICATE WITH THOSE who make rockets and those who make bombs. We are going to disaster. In our country, almost everything is covered up and hushed up. Any desire for truth, the disclosure of truths is perceived as a demarche. And the main question "What to do"? We'll have to start with universities, schools, vocational schools. Today, for example, tens of thousands of assemblers are not enough for that minimal program for creating military and civil aircraft. They have nowhere to take. Today those objective processes are taking place that our government does not take into account. We have more 50% of the military-industrial complex was concentrated in Moscow and the Moscow region. It is impossible to work there today, because the salary of a Moscow worker or an ordinary engineer is equal to the salary of the Air Force commander. Where to get that kind of money? Farther. Today the whole world has crazy production volumes. Everything comes in thousands. The scale of production determines the cost, level of technology, level of competence, funding and so on. Today we make the 5 generation engines. It is also made by the Americans. Immediately about 5000. 3500 will buy the US government, about 2000 will buy those countries that are involved in this. I, as a person who has all forms of tolerances and is responsible for the engine, cannot say how much the army will buy from us.

We know how many pieces need to be made for prototypes, and how many will buy the series, no one knows. Today, polytechnic education has almost completely fallen. We have a huge number of graduates from the MAI. I ask the institute: "Why do you cook motorists so badly?" And they laugh: "Why? The best specialists leave either for America or Israel, and the rest of 80% do not work in their specialty. They only need a diploma of the MAI, as a certain brand." And one to one, everything leads to disintegration. As soon as they discover that we are not able to respond to technical challenges, they will immediately erase us from the face of the earth. Today, the technical direction is to resolve the issue of the speed of the rocket and the aircraft, the speed of launch. If the White House makes a decision to strike an air strike at some location, then within two hours this team of the President should be executed. What does it mean? This means a platform is being created, that is, it is an airplane that must fly at the speed of 4-6 of sound speeds, and a rocket that is flying 7-9 of sound speeds. To counter this speed, i.e. detect, catch and destroy it is almost impossible. An ordinary, non-nuclear, ultra-precise warhead resolves all issues, nuclear weapons are no longer necessary. It is impossible to create air defense systems against these weapons, because the costs of creating these systems will be thousands and millions of times more than the costs of creating these systems themselves. To catch a rocket that flies at the speed of 8 max, you need to have a rocket that flies at the speed of 12 max, plus you also need supercomputers that need to keep track of objects, huge tracking systems. What is the weakness of our country? We ignore all the trends that exist in the world. We are going in some kind of original way that nobody knows. We step on a rake neither two nor three times, but day and night - daily.

I think, in my right mind, that there will be war. And the war will be very serious. It will happen much faster than anyone thinks. But the country is not preparing for it. It is not scary if we are thrown out of the G-8, but scary if we are declared a technological blockade. We do not have machines, there is no huge amount of modern materials, there is no element base, not even a tool. If you stop the supply of tools from Sweden, Japan, USA, Israel, then we will have nothing to handle the metal that is needed for the aircraft. Work commission. For example, they wanted to recreate the Soviet Military-Industrial Commission. The result was a mockery of the body that in Soviet times could solve any issue in the country, any of the most complex tasks. Today's body simply can not solve anything, and it is not known why. The one who asks questions when discussing is the troublemaker, next time you can simply not call him. Everyone says that our weapons have become very expensive. And why? It is purchased in insignificant quantities, and in order to contain plants designed for the entire process chain, you need to have machining, welding, you need to have a protective coating, all assembly plants, test sites, stands and boxes. The quantity that is ordered is obviously unprofitable. Special metallurgy plants that produce high-temperature heat-resistant alloys based on titanium, chromium, nickel, tungsten, they are loaded on 8-10% of capacity, and power has to be kept all. In the world, which is the largest consumer, we are not expected and will not be allowed there. China by all indicators of capacity per year introduces more than we have at all.

We are serious dwarfs or nano-galleries. We shy from extreme to extreme. Then we should consult with the West in everything, make friends with him, and get everything from him - licenses, technologies, and so forth, so on and so forth. So we must develop completely autonomously, we want to immediately have composite aircraft, semi-composite engines. We all want, but at the same time we do not understand that in order to build a plant for the production of composite materials for airplanes, it is necessary to have huge sales volumes. And our orders will never pay back these costs. The state explains why it does not give money. "Steal all." The state does not believe even the money control systems. And rightly so, that does not believe! Then a vicious circle arises, and there is no light at the end of the tunnel, and there cannot be. The creation of various companies end in failure, and there is no one to ask. But, nevertheless, we have a huge advantage. We have not yet died and not quite grown old people who participated in large projects of the Soviet Union, who received a classical education and who have the ideology that they can convey. Who know what to do technically.

But between people who have technical knowledge and those who manage money is a colossal wall. Between the creators and the authorities, by a strange coincidence, there were people who are not responsible for anything. They set themselves the task of holding their privileged position at all costs, no matter what. This situation leads to a crash. You start to think that only those means that Joseph Vissarionovich so skillfully used can pull out the country from collapse. There will be no other. We will slide into very serious repression. They will say: "We gave you the money? They gave it. And where are they? Why have they built a submarine for fifteen years, built it, and there are no missiles for it?" And so in every industry.

THE PRESIDENT STEEL familiarized himself with the Iskander complex, we send missiles there thousands of kilometers away, our engines stand there. The president talked to the developer of the 3 complex for an hour, we are all waiting for a decision on the construction of plants, because Iskander must be done on the conveyor. As a result, everything ends in nothing. And so everywhere. We have a very good Su-34 aircraft. This is an attack aircraft, the only modern aircraft on which the jammer is standing, and he can calmly overcome the air defenses and launch a rocket. But, unfortunately, the plant in which they are made, can make them a year per unit. The salary at the plant is small, he is in the large city of Novosibirsk, where this salary does not solve anything, and a person with a normal qualification of an engineer, technician, technologist, can come to another plant, and earn there exactly 2-3-4 times . But we have what we have, and we must get out of it. But how? .. There is a government task: to increase labor productivity by 2015 in 4. How to do this, if, for example, the average speed of processing parts in Russia - 2,5 thousands of revolutions per minute. In the US today, processing from 30 to 50 thousands. High-speed processing - 300-400 000 revolutions per minute, I mean high-temperature alloys. That is, even with such a simple example, the difference in 15-20 is visible. All our declarative statements under them have no basis, no objective prerequisites. The only prerequisite is that we have a lot of smart people - genetically and by education. Just from China, we differ in intelligence. In principle, we have already passed the “point of no return”. We do not catch up with the world, and we need to run across the path, intercepting due to high intelligence, will and resources. Unfortunately, we don’t have a single example where we put all these three factors together. That we have no Berium, the Queen, then the Kurchatov. For some reason, it seems to everyone that it is enough for the President to tell the Prime Minister, the Prime Minister - the Deputy Prime Minister, the Deputy Prime Minister - the Minister, and everything will be there. Our President knows all the oilmen, gas workers and metallurgists in the face. But so that the head of Sukhoi Design Bureau could get to him, call him or even meet him - this is possible. By Joseph Vissarionovich they could get when they wanted. Yes, he called them, but they could always come to him on any issue — on airplanes, engines, rockets, bombs ... There is nothing! In our country, in the gasoline country, in the end, both gasoline, and polymetals, and ore will be taken away. Leave unless retail outlets, building and casino.

Those tasks that we need to solve in the allotted time require very serious resources. And we, naturally, do not have enough of them. With this plant we solve not the tasks of the plant, but the tasks of the state. We are a "state-forming" enterprise. The state is on the sidelines and does not give money. But our monetary operations are jealously watching. For example, a certain country gives us 600 000 000 dollars for the purchase of various equipment. We bring this equipment to 100 millions, because it's impossible to bring everything at once. We are immediately asked about the rest of 500: “Where are they going? Maybe they stole it?”.

What we threatened, what we have become ready for, requires a completely different understanding of the state. And not at the level of ministerial clerks. We conduct explanatory work, publish books, write articles, hold seminars, bring all these committees of the State Duma here, and so on. But this concerns not only us. In addition to our plant, there are also 5-6 centers in the country where the same thing happens. These centers should be raised to a completely different level of relations with the state.

What is Siemens for Germany? Everything. This is Germany itself. And so it is possible to list the brands of various world powers - these are the pillars on which modern civilization rests. And our brands? Gas, oil ... Although we supply only 10% of oil to the world market. Next on the list is a Kalashnikov assault rifle. But now far from all the armies would have crossed over to him - outdated. When Bush comes, behind him is the economy and the military power of the United States. When Putin arrives, everything is fine, but there is nothing behind him. We will not be able to deliver anything to other countries soon either. India we are about to not need. We have exhausted all the Soviet novelty, and then we have nothing to offer her.

Bluff will burst in a couple of years or much faster. And here's why: we will lose most of the manufacturing industry before our very eyes. Tariffs equal to the world, will ruin the industry. Right now the energy reform has passed; I don’t want to go there, because we have the only Russian gas turbine in our hands, and we got 54% direct efficiency. Starting next year, tariffs by region will grow from 50 to 100% for electricity per year. Gas grows by 25%. For plants it is a stranglehold. Farther. Public sector wages are rising, the labor market is changing, but at the same time labor productivity is not rising. All small plants that do not export anything, which do not play a big role, will all die. And so the whole manufacturing industry will die. It will fall apart before our eyes.

Previously, the Ministry of Aviation Industry consisted of one and a half thousand selected people. And today it is 60 man. We had academic and industry science, and there were production forces that could do everything. Now this is not. The first thing we need is to honestly realize who we are and where we are. Realize the true threat. This is the first. The second. It is necessary to replace people who stand in key places. Leaders need to provide everything you need: money, cottage, security. But at the same time it is necessary to ask them all the time, we must make sure that they take responsibility, accept it. If not, repression. There is no other way out.

We must give our own presidential instruction to replace the method of burning fuel in three years. The world today is burning 40-45%, while we have the same - 18-20%. The world is striving to reach 60% efficiency, and we only go to 22%. That is 1 to 3.

Let's move on to other equipment. Gas in the direct cycle can simply be banned. We must remove all fuel oil boilers. The head of the rural area comes to me and asks to transfer the fuel oil boiler to gas, and for this you need 20 millions, they don’t give me. And on the subsidy of the fuel oil boiler house give 100 millions. This is crazy! And if there is a prohibiting law on fuel oil, then everything will be in order. We need whole laws that would not allow raising tariffs with low efficiency. The political task must be supported by technical action. Everyone wants to live well, but no one wants to work. Chubais has a personal tragedy today. It consists in the fact that buyers of fragmented RAO UES will refuse to introduce new capacities. And when all this comes to light, Chubais will have a personal tragedy.

The price that the people will pay will be marginal. This will happen during our lifetime. The whole world is now watching us, he is ready at any moment to invade and use this situation to his advantage. Thousands of talented people are working on this. Preparing organizationally. Are we not aware of this? We have forgotten how to make airplanes. For example, to make a long-haul aircraft, we have no avionics, no “board”, no composite for the wings, how are we going to do? Oh well. Gave money - 150 billion. And where is the person who will answer for all this? No surnames. Sukhoi is a surname, Tupolev is a surname, Ilyushin is a surname. And so on. There is a political, ideological machine, and there is a technical machine that performs the same functions as a political one. Only about her know less. She does not declare her intentions, politicians do it for her. But it determines all the real possibilities of the country. If today the B-2 can fly to Yugoslavia from America, bomb it and come back, this is one situation. Today, you can not build an aircraft carrier, in which 5000 soldiers and officers are running around the holds, but you can make such a ship, where the hatches and 5000 cruise missiles are launched simultaneously. And the transporter delivers them, as earlier shells were delivered on the cruiser, so he delivers cruise missiles, and can deliver 2,5 thousands of pieces at the same time. And so one warship on which a 300-400 man can destroy a single middle European state. Moreover, half of these missiles are supersonic, and half - subsonic. And we have not put a single rocket into storage, we only support our inheritance from the USSR.

Do we need a President - a military technocrat? I think not. He can be any profession - a writer, lawyer, economist. But around him worthy and knowledgeable people should be gathered - a real elite, aristocracy. And in this aristocracy must be technocrats. They should be near the president all the time. And we miss the time. All our clerks were born as clerks. They were not in any projects, they did not manage anything, they really do not know anything. These are useless people. Chekist can not be the chairman of the military-industrial commission.

The state should be different. It must be strong in many ways. It must be infrastructurally strong. Arriving at Sheremetyevo, and there is a dump. The state must be healthy. I'm talking about the physical health of people. Russia for foreigners is a country with a decreasing population of very low quality. The country declares that we will develop something else, and this is all a bluff! We have a nuclear site at the plant. They made the system for the transportation of warheads, the decontamination of submarines, nuclear cassette mining system. Now there is none of this, now we are making elements for our gas turbines there. Inside there is a production of high-precision armature of nuclear circuits. We offer the state to make orders for these circuits for the “Nuclear Project-2”, as Kiriyenko calls it. They refuse to make an order, and offer to buy all the shops where we produce it. That is, the level of corruption in the country is such that it already affects the foundations of the state. It is impossible to put a single gas turbine in Gazprom without paying a commission to someone who is indecent in size, it is much more than 20%. It turns out that suppliers pay twice VAT: first, the state 18%, and then the commission fees - 20%. No compensation, only 38% VAT. This is a complete out. The state should be strong, healthy, educated. It should solve the problems of overcoming the demographic hole. It is possible to overcome not quite the traditional way. If only total insemination, and cloning, and something else. I believe that one can sacrifice moral principles for the sake of preserving ethnicity.

You need to gather people who know and appreciate all the pros and cons. We do not have enough workers, engineers. We lack nothing at all to hold this territory. Requires 400 000 000 Soviet people. And we are also not Soviet. So we should be even more. We also idiotically distribute people. Why do people need in Moscow? There is an excess of them, and Siberia is suffocating without people.

There is no ideology of the state. Nobody wants to do anything for the country, just give money. Of all the graduates with whom we cooperate, only from 15% we can grow the elite. 50% - swamp. They were not Octobrists or pioneers. All the rest - just sucks.

Sometimes it seems to me that I do not work, but serve. They set, and I stand, no matter what. I serve in the place where fate has put me, and that's it. I'm not alone, we have a lot of people, a few dozen think the same as me. They are different people. Someone 75, someone 60, someone 40, but there are those who only 30 turned.

What should we do? Go to the US, or what? Just drop everything? If to be sure that new people will come after us, in which everything will flourish? But there are no such people. I think that can not last so long. Probably, in order to change everything, a push is needed from the outside. It is possible that this is a military conflict, which will be much more serious than Chechnya or Ossetia. Or suddenly the resignation of the government, or a coup in the country. I do not know. I only know that there must be very serious changes. Somewhere on the parade Tu-160 aircraft will fall on the heads of the leaders. After all, it is really very dangerous. This junk flies. I, seeing how all the plants are destroyed, understood that we could be a bottle in a bottle, when they come to us and say: guys, we will give whatever you want - just help.

IN GENERAL, in Russian stories a miracle happens which is the driving moment. Russian miracle, which pulls out of terrible hopeless situations. A miracle is a war, a phenomenon of the Most Holy Theotokos, Stalin, even the appearance of early Putin in the early 2000s. These things were unpredictable, they were not predetermined by the course of previous events. And now there will be a historical impromptu that will break the whole situation.

The probability of this impromptu is colossal. If this does not happen, then there will be no country. But there are forces that will produce this miracle. This becomes clear to more and more people. Only everyone treats this knowledge differently. Someone is trying to make money for themselves, someone is indifferent, someone is attentive, and it is this someone who will soon begin to act, help his country. Personally, I see my function in holding the technological capabilities of the country. One of the world's largest companies finances us through technical re-equipment. Before these deliveries began, the plant was forced to sign a mass of documents, a huge number of restrictions - that we would not make biological, chemical weapons or missiles on this equipment. There is a serious computer inside, a store of information, and when the repairmen from this company come, they see what we are doing - in terms of speed, voltage, what kind of metal we process. Once one repairman drank it, took me away and said: “What do you think, we don’t know what you are doing there on our machines? We see and know everything. We just keep silent, we help Russia so that the world will not remain unipolar at all. there was an opportunity to do at least something against it. " This is a representative of a very serious company, one of the world's pillars of supply. They have supplied us with hundreds of machines, and we can do whatever we want on a par with Europe. Now, if our state would have played along with us like that? Your own? But no. These are machines that can process metal at the molecular level, it is an electrochemical treatment. This is crazy accuracy and quality. Therefore, the efficiency increases, fuel consumption falls, all important indicators grow.

The plant has a very complicated relationship with the authorities. I will not go deep, I will explain superficially. We have a state share. When we made engines for the Tu-154 or IL-76, we were not needed by anyone. For ten years we bought one KB, joined 10 plants, where the state share was 2%. We received cruise missiles, engines for fighters, engines for training aircraft. We are told: let's go back to the factory. As soon as I give the plant, I will immediately sit in the reception room with some official whom I would not even have installed as a master. I do not want to work with those people who represent the state. They have a flawed psychology. For example, people want water. Someone from the source sells water. Psychology is such - why buy water, you just need to take away the source. The same psychology in today's state.

Raised into the air Su-35. Next year, the fifth generation aircraft rises. On our engines, by the way. Very beautiful plane. We are completing the test of a new cruise missile. We have increased the flight range of our engines 2 times with our engines. Universal rockets for all types of troops. Previously, each kind of troops had their own missiles. This is idiocy! In the army 80 types of engines. The main advantages of the new aircraft: invisibility, supersonic afterburner speed, weapons inside the fuselage. In order to build what the country needs, you need to build new cities, new industries, give birth and bring up new people. We must return to the experience that the Soviet Union had. It is necessary to develop small towns, invest in them money. So will the production be developed. All children of scientists from closed cities are highly developed intellectually. They all leave to study in Moscow, or even further, and not one returns. And why should they return to poverty? All vocational schools prepare either auto mechanics, or secretaries, or hairdressers. I do not need a worker after these vocational schools, he does not know how to work on modern machines. I need to retrain them again. The Minister of Education should be with such a head, with fists and an iron will. Fursenko is not such a person.

Inozemtsev, an economist, said that development is impossible in Russia because the country's elite receives funds for its existence from the gasoline economy, and not from the innovation one.

We could sell all the gas to China. China would buy. But we have not decided who we are and who we are with. Under the table - accounts in Western banks, real estate in London, and people are talking about a "firm position on the West." We are waiting for the financing of military R & D to begin. Instead, a decision was made to reduce armaments. The Air Force should be reduced from 88 000 man to 35 000. This signed Serdyukov. Fleet - from 300 to 72 surface ships. Who then Serdyukov? Ivanov is an empty passenger, he even speaks out of place. At least at one plant was the protocol of his meeting or meeting? After all, the minister arrives, the vice-premier, questions are being asked, a protocol is being written for visibility. Then the result is one TV picture. He came to our factory 2 times with a break in 3 year. He did not solve a single question, did not take a single decision. How can it be?

It is necessary to put a super goal for the country. We need to change a lot of laws. For example, it is necessary to prohibit by law to enter any posts if a person has not served in the army. It is also legally prohibited to have real estate in other countries if you occupy a public office. The person who serves must fully declare his income. It is impossible to manage the state, and at the same time fill their pockets.

Under Peter the First, the man who was responsible for something was from the king at arm's length. And now between the President and this most responsible person is a huge amount of useless people. Putin was in our factory. In two days they came to us and said: "For God's sake, do not say anything, we will solve everything." It was June 2000 of the year. But until now, our problem has not been resolved. These things are darkness. Kasyanov, Stepashin, Mironov, Mikhailov, Commander-in-Chief of the Navy — we all had them, but no one wants to listen. We in Russia did not make engines for cruise missiles. They were made in Ukraine. Therefore, there was a discussion. How to proceed? To enter into a strategic dependence on Ukraine? Suddenly, Putin turns and says: "Addresses, turnout, we will wet." The director said that the military was getting in the way. As a result, we built special production, built a test base, and today we have completely solved this problem. For three years we have all built. The decision was made before Putin, but there was no peace and no money was given. After Putin, everything went like clockwork. The Americans have now invested a lot of money in creating an engine from the minimum number of parts: 2 monowheels, turbine, engine, and flew. Our rocket is now worth a million dollars, the Americans - 200 000 dollars. This is a fantastic thing. And under these developed engines in America, new technologies are created, people are trained - and a huge gain is obtained. Then they will remove the pilots from their aircraft. People will sit at the computer, and each geek will be driving an 2-3 aircraft. What is a pilot? This chair, parachute, catapult ... Risk! Then you need to burn millions of fuel to train these pilots. And then the age factor - in 20 years began, in 40 - retired, waiting for a pension. We would also be engaged in the development and production of aircraft without pilots. But we need the will and responsibility. They have a single-engine aircraft, we have a twin-engine. Thus, our plane becomes more expensive in advance. Soon we will generally lose any price advantage. All meetings of highbrow commissions are held for the sake of ensuring the first departure, that is, for the sake of television pictures. Nobody needs anything else. Everyone will come to the rollout, to the launch. Nobody has a conscience.

But will the Tskhinvali shake that could have been achieved? Positive that at least made the decision to hit. The hit was not stupid. The war was conceptualized. But where is Gori, and where is Belgrade? The Americans destroyed power stations, television, bridges, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Department of Defense and the Central Committee of the Party for the Law on Human Rights Assistance (SPRY) without casualties. If you had the opportunity, you should have done the same.

If Ukraine joins NATO, the first thing they do is order Yushchenko to send 2-3 divisions to Iraq. What do you think will not send? Will send. In order to make the independent republics of Adjara, Crimea, it is necessary to prepare. Most MGIMO graduates refuse to go reconnaissance - 75% of failures. They do not like a long and dusty career. Serdyukov sold the center for training illegal immigrants on the ruble. And now where to cook them?

Now about Putin and Medvedev. I think that the President of such a country cannot think about himself and his family. If the President thinks about the welfare of the country through the prism of his personal well-being, then this country is doomed. It is impossible to answer for 140 millions of people, for this huge country and at the same time think about their own security. It seems they do not think.
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  1. Eugene
    Eugene 28 September 2010 08: 09
    I read the repost of this article and the links came to the source. I was very touched and hurt by this article. I myself am a chemist by education in light industry, which is no longer there. I am 30 years old and I am no longer interested in being a consumer. BUT I do not see and are not welcomed other ideas in this society. I don’t understand what to teach my son. But definitely not to steal. I am a simple person. I want to work and bring benefits to society, and not to officials and alegarchs. And by the way, I am from that same Novosibirsk with NAPO them. Chkalova.
    1. CBR600
      CBR600 13 July 2020 12: 03
      MIHM graduate hi
  2. Artyom
    Artyom 11 March 2011 16: 13
    Interesting article. Not so long ago he was engaged in science, in the development of biodegradable polymers at the Mendeleev RHTU, which he had not finished long before. He looked at the dough cut, promises and overt blatant lies. Science is not needed for this state, or rather its leadership. What my native institute is doing now, or rather its scientific component, is work for foreign customers. At least money is allocated there, appliances and materials are bought. And then this is not for long, people will soon leave, those same times of the USSR and that's all. Sawers and stupid managers will come. By the way, this was already beginning to happen to me. Indeed, in this situation, the hope is only a miracle, and if it is not written in the article, I would like Russia’s death to be, if not quick (already 20 years old), then at least painless. In principle, I think in the coming years 5-10 really everything will be decided.
  3. vanip1
    vanip1 11 July 2011 16: 00
    An understanding person actually turns to stupid. What kind of business do they have -Skolkovo they have I was ashamed to watch how a man Chubais talked about nanotechnology - he was very ashamed. I think sometimes - let me be
    we have in Russia the oligarchs to the people who have taken place, well, don’t know about uu uuuu, It’s not clear what the dough from oil und gas in its pure form is enough for. let us suppose
    that yachts and girls are an inevitable expense for democracy and it seems
    indemnity. The question is, where do I live. I am very interested - if America
    will ask the Arabs for oil again to release the money - in what we will.
  4. vanip1
    vanip1 11 July 2011 17: 09
    You probably hoped that someone smart would wake up and do a miracle, I think that they did not hope. We hope for a miracle looking at the monsters.
    It seems to me violet that what will happen to this country is not my country.
    I have not lost anything here.
    The battle for justice to the Chegototos and Chegototos will end.
  5. Kezhmar
    Kezhmar 28 November 2015 21: 40
    An excursion into history. I didn't even think that it would be so interesting to compare the events before and after. "Cubatury" is all in my head, not the effect. Reading is power! Thanks "IN".
  6. Anwar
    Anwar 24 February 2016 16: 07
    Kezmar completely agrees with you. Reading is power! Thanks "IN".
  7. beeper
    beeper 3 November 2018 15: 30
    Very interesting and very sensible Article! good I am glad that, although by accident, I came across her! As long as there are such people, then not everything is lost yet!
    It is very consonant with my vision of the situation, I don’t even know, behind all the rattling of success in Syria, has everything changed for the better in the Russian army and military-industrial complex, but Russia's geopolitical situation has only worsened.
    Well, let us rely only on the miracle that the respected Author writes about ?! hi
  8. Mikhail m
    Mikhail m 14 March 2019 04: 44
    It is necessary to replace people who are in key places.

    The president does not give up. Dot. Further reasoning is unnecessary.
  9. Antipatr
    Antipatr April 20 2019 16: 52
    Quote: Mikhail M
    The president does not give up. Dot. Further reasoning is unnecessary.

    Like a real kid. From the gateway. I give a tooth, a century of will not to be seen laughing
  10. Michael_Zverev
    Michael_Zverev 9 May 2019 20: 19
    Well, almost ten years have passed, while we are holding onto a fairly high level of development. wink
    1. Fedor Kostrov
      Fedor Kostrov 11 May 2019 08: 46
      "Today China simply tolerates Russia until it finally reaches an agreement with the United States on everything it needs."
      A. Devyatov.
  11. cradle
    cradle 10 May 2019 06: 42
    the old article with the slogans of the FSO was gone ... something did not happen as expected ... why is this? Maybe not so foreseen?
    1. Fedor Kostrov
      Fedor Kostrov 11 May 2019 08: 47
      Today, China simply "tolerates" Russia until it finally comes to an agreement on everything it needs with the United States. "
      A. Devyatov.
      1. cradle
        cradle 12 May 2019 06: 30
        Does China suffer? Tunnel terpily? Well, this is unlikely. Does it make sense for him to conquer Siberia, if he already has everything, thanks to the United States? You are aware that there is still a lot to build before you can mine anything. It's only dimwitted people who think that the Russians have built the pipelines and are skimming the cream. Did you build that yourself? Even, for sure, you have no idea about this hellish work. And the Chinese will not work now for the money that ours work in those conditions. Therefore, your "kva-kva" is out of place.
        And it’s easier for the Chinese to come to an agreement with the Russians who keep their word than with the Ami. And they know that. Proven with hundreds of years of collaborative history.
      2. Michael_Zverev
        Michael_Zverev 2 August 2022 09: 45
        So far, for negotiations with the United States, China is pulling the PLA to the Taiwan Strait.
  12. The Sparkle
    The Sparkle 19 September 2019 12: 32
    I wonder if the author changed his mind after so many years? And Russia-not in the Stone Age, but developing.))
  13. Nick
    Nick 28 September 2019 02: 37
    Well, Mr. Yakushev, those 5-10 years have passed that you assigned Russia to its transition to the Stone Age. Your predictions came true exactly the opposite. The country is developing and occupying a leading position in military technology, puts unique, ultra-modern weapons systems on the stream, can protect itself from any aggressor, and alarmists like you also continue to shout. Obviously, now that this is your job, the job of an all-rounder, work for money, not a hobby.
    1. businessv
      businessv April 2 2020 22: 08
      Quote: Nick
      Obviously, now that this is your job, the job of an all-rounder, work for money, not a hobby.

      Well, where do people like you, dear, come from ?! Or read inattentively? Thanks to such designers, everything that you described happened! Or do you think that these aliens have helped ?!
      1. Nick
        Nick April 3 2020 08: 52
        Quote: businessv
        Thanks to such designers, everything that you described happened! Or do you think that these aliens have helped ?!

        Not aliens, and not whiners like the author of the article. I strongly doubt he ever met and interviewed the engineer. He is hollow. And the engineer "Officer's Daughter"
      2. Nick
        Nick April 3 2020 09: 19
        Quote: businessv
        Well, where do people like you, dear, come from ?!

        It is known where, from there, where you come from. feel
        Quote: businessv
        Or read inattentively?

        I read carefully, but you inattentively read my post. I wrote to the author of the article and not to the character of that article.
        Quote: businessv
        Thanks to such designers, everything that you described happened!

        Was there a boy?
  14. Brigadier
    Brigadier 28 September 2019 06: 49
    Nothing wrong. In this regard, we have a tried and tested way to frighten a potential enemy.

    Putin will again show cartoons with a new super - rocket with a photon engine that warps space and we will again be ahead of the rest!

    And if there is not enough money for the cartoon, then Putin and his team have a proven means - where to get it from. Pensioners will raise their retirement age to 85 years. So there is money for an intimidating cartoon!

    Long live the great Putin - the greatest animator of planet Earth!
    As long as we have his cartoons, we are invincible!
  15. dsu05
    dsu05 10 November 2019 20: 36
    The article is still relevant: they have not moved from survival to a breakthrough-development
    (and in microelectronics only worse, more hopeless, soon everything will collapse).
    Indeed, hopes only for another miracle (in the next couple of years)
  16. bzbo
    bzbo 6 May 2020 15: 51
    Who is there? What are you talking about? Making and selling airplanes is a cool topic!
  17. CBR600
    CBR600 13 July 2020 12: 12
    The expected miracle was supposed to happen about 10 years ago. Did not happen. Under the law of conservation of energy will not happen. I don’t believe in that.
    ATP author.
  18. nikant
    nikant 13 July 2020 14: 18
    the author is right in almost everything ... for many years, tangible progress ... the Altai reindeer herder reinforced the army, strengthening it with a general harem: there will be something to meet the enemy! the so-called the president with his harem of friends from the lake cooperative and a million oligarchs and other hangers-on, fighting the last thing among the people: here is a complete taboo even for criticism ... oil painting !!!
  19. Ross xnumx
    Ross xnumx 18 September 2021 18: 38
    In 5-10 years, Russia will be rejected in the stone age?

    I am writing to you from the Stone Age, engraving letters on the remains of concrete slabs ...
  20. gvozdan
    gvozdan 23 December 2021 08: 42
    For 20 years I have been listening and reading how everything will fall apart in 5-10 years. Belonging to the profession of an engineer or designer, as well as academic degrees, do not automatically make a person a specialist in state. management and construction. There was such a Sakharov I remember. A lot of things are not visible without access to objective and often classified data. Of course, the fact that the author is feeling this topic with his own hands inspires confidence, but as you know, "one sees more at a distance." In general, it looks like a captain's daughter
  21. pitr_74
    pitr_74 4 January 2022 11: 20
    We call this groan a song ..
  22. Michael_Zverev
    Michael_Zverev 1 August 2022 23: 16
    For almost 12 years now, everything is fine with us, there are difficulties, of course, but nothing, we hold on.
    Here in Europe, although not the Stone Age, but the new Middle Ages for sure - pestilence, problems with food, they wash less and less, there is nothing to drown, Moors and Saracens are crowding from the south. laughing