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Oscar will give?

And yet again, friends, we cannot realize one simple thing: we live now in the era of global capitalism with parochial attempts to grasp where it is possible. In this regard, the film is appropriate, and directors, and television. Plot? What plot? .. Yes, such that it was possible to cut the money, and still like those who print this money, not working around the hands. So, the topic, in principle, is clear.

Prepare a script about how “bloody Stalin betrayed one rifle for three,” and how “the Red Army soldier Ivanov raped a million defenseless German women in Berlin” - and under such a project the guild of overseas (and not only transatlantic) film academics will find at once. And if in the film “truthfully”, in Rezunski, to say that there were no 28 Panfilovs, and the Germans near Moscow “were unlucky” solely because of “genalizing the frost” and “throwing corpses”, then Oscar is almost guaranteed . Oh yeah, the screenwriter should not forget to raise the topic of repentance, which we all should bring for our grandfathers, who crushed the brown plague ... In general, universal success ...

But in general ... I found it on the road, I'm sorry, dog feces, I took it off ... and now he is, read, the director. He supposedly looks like that and sees like that. Well, let him look at the crap himself, it’s not necessary to force others, and even beg for money for it. Although, again, what are we ... Well, capitalism. Startup Crowdfunding. Artistic design through liberal fiction.

Comments from our readers:

Uncle lee
And what, someone else has a habit of watching the current Russian cinema? The quality level of cinema in the USSR was raised very high, and I am not interested in the present poverty. At all.

Ross xnumx
Why compare the incomparable? If any citizen of the country can enumerate dozens of masterpieces of Soviet cinema from memory, then the "drawn" plot pictures of the "greatness of the modern era" are remembered with difficulty. In the same way, the days of defenders, common to all days, the celebration of which are postponed to May, and the national unity, whose roots have long since dried up, hardly break through for themselves the right to exist.

Bull Terrier
It’s simpler to say ... I didn’t watch the film myself, and I’m not going to, but ... everything that happens is the purest PR move that we all led to. I do not want to offend the author, but he also contributes to the promotion of this movie. Initially, without even having a movie, the phrase “comedy about the blockade” raised HYIP. and it started. We ourselves are promoting this all, paying attention to it, so close. I understand that it is impossible not to react, but modern technologies must be taken into account. They are not stupid people run in. They have achieved their goal. They attracted to the full ... Close attention of the people. Profiters deeply do not care for what reason people watch movies. They do not care if you want to make sure that it is ug, or you are curious. They sold the goods. And we all helped them.

Ah, well, before the censorship was, especially before the shooting agreed plot with the relevant comrades. Of course, this is unnecessary, too, but at least from such "vomit" protected the citizens of our country. Would protect from corruption and perversity of thoughts and visions of people who consider themselves directors.

Anyone can offend a colonel ...

Ukrainian offensive for the new year did not happen. It did not happen, thank God, and in the first days after the onset of the new year. And it’s time to ask what is better - to throw from head to toe, you know what, Basurin, who declares upcoming offensive, and there is no offensive, or get a real offensive, which by definition will take hundreds of lives (and that’s scary say at best) on both sides? The answer is obvious, and therefore, Comrade Colonel, I'm sorry - you will water it thoroughly and systematically. Like, what are you, Basurin ... "He promised, but did not get married" ...

It seems that after the announcements by the representative of the People’s Militia of the DPR, the failed Ukrainian offensive has disappointed many (or few) ...

A separate question: is the Ukrainian army capable of a full-scale offensive up to the Russian border? Of course, she can try it, not voluntarily, but only knows the consequences to herself. Therefore, in order to calm everyone dissatisfied with Basurin, we inform you: there will be no offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the coming months. And you know why? Because Petro Poroshenko is a “peacemaker”, a “peace president”. Pyotr Alekseevich remembered this slogan, and now, after the fumes from the unbridled merriment over getting the tomos, he drew it from his closet to clean it, wash it and improve it in every way before going for a second term. And how much the light from the sparkling speeches of Peter Alekseevich will again begin to play in the eyes of the Ukrainians is a question to which an answer will be received soon.

Although ... who are they, Ukrainians, in general, is going to ask ... To ask the opinion of the people is generally somehow out of date, and not only for Ukraine.

Comments from our readers:

private person
Well, how can a simple soldier know the details of the offensive (where, by what means)? Or did he say what he was asked to say?

Since Ukraine is not an army, it is not clear that rumors among personnel are a common thing. It is possible that ordinary soldiers know even more than officers.

"Over the past six months, the speaker of the armed forces of the DPR, Eduard Basurin, four times announced the date of the full-scale offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine."
This is not a reason for joking and wagering. Maybe that's why the worst did not happen, as Russia reacted and warned that the “next offensive” in Kiev would end.

Four times! Yes, better let 400 say. Indeed, in this situation it is better to "oversalt" than later to get the full program.

Chinese consumer goods will come to the arms market?

How to compare Tanks on performance characteristics and combat capabilities? Maybe push in a battle or “at least” at the “Tank Biathlon”. Well, I do not. For comparison, a single Chinese captain is enough, who will explain on fingers how Chinese armored vehicles will roll not only T-72 and T-90, but even T-14 “Armata”. And even though he didn’t see this “Armata”, as, by the way, so far the units in Russia itself, the opinion of the Chinese captain (one of a good fifty thousand) is an important element in the expert evaluation of the tank component of both China and Russia.

True, there is one hitch. As long as we bring the T-14 to the mind, there is a risk that we will see the first version of this tank put into service in China itself. The guys are tightly hooked at least on the reports of the TV channel "Star" and are already sculpt their version of the new generation, which by pure chance will look like a Russian tank. What is piled up in the end is a separate question, but to dismiss the fact that they are literally copying everything, creating their own on the basis of copies, and even the pace of the printing press is hardly worth ignoring.

In general, there is a complete feeling that not only home appliances, electronics, toys, but also military markets around the world will be crammed with Chinese consumer goods soon. And buyers will definitely be. And if the Chinese are also organizing the delivery through Ali, they will organize world domination with both Abibas and Ribbiq.

Comments from our readers:

Bah, the Chinese military exerts)))) I remember that China last time fought against Vietnam in 1979 and notably fucked up.

On the "Tank Biathlon" technique works as in combat, for wear. Here the Chinese have already shown for the second time, that is not about wear.

Most importantly, the Chinese maintained a firm belief that their tanks were the best. Disappointment for them will be instead of a bomb in shorts!

Interestingly, if he said that Chinese tanks do not pull the competition even with the T-72, which clearly manifested itself in a tank biathlon, where would he be in a day?

Southern Kuriles in exchange for Hokkaido

The Japanese-Russian theme stirs great analytical minds around the globe. Politicians make one statement after another, sprinkling them with pepper and salt.

According to poorly verified statements, a referendum is coming in the South Kuriles, in which "Kuril citizens" (not the best translation from Japanese) will vote in a referendum on the ownership of the islands. One question will be asked: “Do you agree with the transition of the territory in which you live under the jurisdiction of Japan?” The democratic procedure involves two answers: “Yes” and “With pleasure!”

Other sources claim that the islands will go to Japan without a referendum, but upon reaching a compromise. Currently, the political and economic foundations of the international compromise are being worked out in Tokyo and Moscow, as well as, according to some rumors, in Washington (there are no exact data on the American scenarios yet).

According to classified information transmitted to the Kremlin by scout, defector and triple agent Tokoso Tomimo, Tokyo believes that the transfer of the Kuril ridge of Japan is possible only with the Far East, whose population has long preferred the Japanese auto industry, Japanese household appliances, Japanese medicines and even Japanese hieroglyphs. The compromise is that under the wise control of Japan, the former Russian Far East, a depressed region, will enter an era of prosperity, and a government in the Kremlin, which, no doubt, is not indifferent to the fate and well-being of its own citizens, will welcome such a scenario. True, citizens will get Japanese passports, but in the age of globalization, this should not worry anyone too much.

The Russian side, according to the same Tokoso Tomimo, who reported the information to Tokyo, offers its own version of a compromise and uplift of the Russian economy.

In exchange for some of the southern islands, Moscow without any referendum receives the island of Hokkaido, along with its residents, companies and technologies. The Kremlin promises to preserve and legislate Japanese on the new Russian island.

“The referendum is really useless. Barely Japanese from this island would object, - commented the initiative of the Professor of the Lower School of Economics Ivan Golozadov-Beshtanny. “After all, the Japanese from Hokkaido will automatically get access to all the benefits of a great Russia: oil, gas, products, from them, as well as minerals, which are practically absent in Japan.”

According to an expert who has just returned from Sapporo, the Japanese are ready to arrange the premiere of Shinzo Abe "Maidan" if he does not allow Hokkaido to become part of the Russian Federation.

Comments from our readers:

Personally, I am categorically against giving the island, albeit based on the declaration of the year 1956! From the stated, it can be understood that the trade for the islands is taking place (according to the 1956 declaration of the year). That is, all the hype arose for a reason.

The author shouts loudly, "we will not give up even an inch", without even understanding the situation. Putin has already decided to give the two islands, and only the Japanese themselves can prevent him, including excessive claims and hype. Actually, that's why our Foreign Ministry made a statement. The Japanese were too noisy, and Putin needed to “prepare” the population for the return of islands without dust and noise. What and reported to the Japanese ambassador.

On what basis do you claim this? Putin told you about this personally?

I wonder how you can prepare the population for the impact of Russian territories in the light of the socio-economic situation that has developed in recent times? Or they will say: so be it, this year we will not raise utility rates, we will repair the roads, gas and electric. energy will be available to the people and almost free, education, medicine and security are all for you ... but only until the end of the year, and there ...

Nick_R. The author seems to be right. when he writes that the hype of the Japanese raised under pressure from the United States. It (hype) was made by the Japanese when they were convinced that in the present situation Putin would not give them anything. For Putin, there is no need to give them. The Japanese will not remove the sanctions from the Russian Federation anyway, even if they want, the United States will not give it. The Japanese are experienced diplomats. Therefore, if nothing shines, so at least spit on Putin. The purpose of their statements is to excite the people of the Russian Federation even more against the authorities. Here you are pleased with the network.

Swan Lake in Gabon

According to unofficial African sources, on January 7, the Gabonese central radio station broadcast Swan Lake ballet. The incapacity and dismissal of the president and the transfer of power to the Gabon State Committee on the State of Emergency (GCCHP) were announced.

"Our patriotic goal," said one of the four supreme insurgents who headed the restoration department of the State Committee on Human Rights, "is the restoration of genuine democracy, whose construction we consider incompatible with the tyranny of President Ali Bongo, a sick man and suffering from the consequences of a stroke."

According to the rebel, Bongo is a "pitiful sight", and therefore it is time to "stop the country from slipping into disaster."

The last phrase, the American expert Vduy Solntsedar notes in The National Protest magazine, suggests a parallel with the August coup of 1991 of the year in the USSR, which quickly failed.

The fact is that the attempted coup in Gabon failed in the same way as it failed in the USSR.

According to Colonel Solntsedar, the cause of the failure of the conspirators is the same: the use of "improper melodies" as a musical background.

“The grim Swan Lake, girls raising slim legs walking in bundles and on tiptoes, is not the kind of music under which military business is done and power is seized,” explains the expert. “The guys had to turn on something clockwork, some kind of military march.”

Comments from our readers:

Ross xnumx
The first impression was that they caught someone in the forest, dressed in a lieutenant uniform and sat in front of the camera. And so as not to run away, they put two escorts ...

Quickly, the Yankees act ... Under the same pretext, our troops can also enter Ukraine: "The current president feels very bad after another drinking and lost his people's trust ..." What is not a reason?

Well, if this is the case, Putin should fly half of the world over the course of a week, just say hello to the hand of their rulers, and the striped ones are tortured to suggest which of these countries first of all need to send troops and where it is time to overthrow the government. So let them do ...

From Bolton to the talkers. Turkey will withdraw American troops from Syria

According to Russian intelligence in Turkey, who managed to get the correspondent "IN" Efim Zabuldyzhnomu, the political leadership in Ankara is ready to help Washington "withdraw troops from Syria."

“We will kick kicks in the ass,” said the third assistant to the second press secretary of the Turkish president, “and if there are few kicks, then shells!” Star-striped windbags have no place in the territories where Turkey solves its political tasks. Let the Yankees clean up overseas and peacefully crack their hot dogs with Coca-Cola there! We advise Mr. Trump to teach his messengers to behave decently in the east. Here you are not here! Remember: talkers are not the place. This is a big mistake - to dissolve the language in our area. "

Recall that the meeting of Mr. Bolton with the third assistant to the second press secretary of the President of Turkey was purposely organized with a strong decrease in the level of such political events. Advisor to the President of the United States on national security, John Bolton, was reduced to almost the level of a secretary.

The reason for the political harassment of the unfortunate Bolton was the White House’s attempt to impose the Kurdish strategy in Syria on the Turks.

As our staff correspondent in Turkey reports, offended John Bolton has now turned gray, not only his hair, but also his mustache. In Ankara, the American envoy was called a talker. According to some information obtained by E. Zabuldyzhny from anonymous sources, Turkey "will soon take decisive action" to withdraw American troops from Syria.

Comments from our readers:

Same lech
"At the same time, there is hope that a clash in the north of Syria between the interests of Turkey, Iran and Russia may lead to the disintegration of this situational alliance."
The US State Department is dreaming about this ... It would be good for him if Russia got involved in a fight with Turkey, Israel and other states in this region ... Therefore, we need to keep cool in any case and not succumb to provocations ... Hehe, how is it done on our forum by some too clever and insolent guys.
Turks firmly defend their line by all means and methods. This is an example of how to fight for your interests.

Why should we beat a strong enemy when others do it for us? From Russia, the plume is even honorable - after all, an equal opponent punched. And from the Turks unexpected and extremely painful. And it shows the most serious changes in the world. The United States has lost the integrity of their physiognomy! They can be smeared on the image and then proudly walk, springing chest. Most likely, Erdogan will still have to answer for the perfect, but still, after all!
That's what it means to get involved in a war and not be able to look convincing in it. The war can be lost, but so that everyone can see - you are a serious fighter. And in Syria, a very, very pitiful sight was shown, despite the avalanches of bombs and clouds of drones. And tricks with multi-colored helmets also showed themselves extremely pitiful (which, of course, was a huge surprise for the Washington manipulators). Well, here are the results ...

I agree. Especially since the United States got a slap in the face from its ally in the alliance.

In the photo, judging by the face, Bolton is outraged: "I am a US citizen and, moreover, not simple, and you did not express me due respect and reverence." Personally, I welcome when American arrogance is framed and given to understand that in a sovereign country one should not dictate what to do and how.

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      But what is the result of the Nebrats nothing? Really they did not differ this week? I do not believe!

      We had time to languish. Yes, and with them.
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    I'm ready to write a script about private Ivanov, who raped three million German women. Will they get the Oscar for sure? :)
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      raped three million Germans.
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    There I met the "fellow countryman", talked, saw something there myself, when I went to have dinner, and so on.
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    The Japanese occupy the land.
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      Quote: Korsar4
      Islands, islands, islands Appear in every window.

      To solve the problem of the islands, you must first eliminate the historical injustice that was allowed at the conclusion of peace with defeated Japan.
      And this injustice lies in the fact that the Soviet Union fulfilled its allied obligations and, at the appointed time, entered the war with the Far Eastern aggressor, which led to its quick defeat. For this, the mattress allies agreed that the losses of the USSR, primarily human, would be compensated for by transferring not only the Kuril Islands, but also the northern part of Hokkaido. However, they acted insidiously and did not allow a fair reimbursement of efforts and losses of our country, squeezing this, due to become part of the USSR, territory in favor of the defeated aggressor.
      Therefore, the question of the return of this legal Russian territory to Russia should be raised. And for its occupation, Japan and the United States must pay all due compensation and repent worldwide for their dishonest behavior.
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