Love in Russian

Love in RussianLong weekend ahead again. We will rest for three whole days. And all because 12 June, the country will celebrate a large public holiday - the Day of Russia.

In fact, this year this holiday will be celebrated the twentieth time. Kinda - anniversary. For twenty years, starting on 1992, this day in the Russian calendar is marked in red and is the official holiday. But exactly the same time, a holiday, which by all indications should bring joy to people, in fact has not yet received due awareness in society. Let's think about it, 12 of June, the Day of Russia, in fact, is the day of the re-creation of the national state. Yes, this one event should inspire and delight. But there is no joy or enthusiasm in the mass consciousness of society, which is shown and confirmed by perennial and numerous sociological studies. So this year, as before, on holidays, the authorities and society will live separately from each other. State structures will painstakingly demonstrate to us the holiday, with flags on the streets, banquets, awards and official demonstrations of parties close to the authorities and public organizations. And citizens will take advantage of three extra days off to devote them to their business.

Well, and who will say that this is normal when the main national holiday of the country is not perceived by the Russians as such. By the way, this applies equally to a number of other “new” holidays. For example, as National Unity Day, celebrated on November 4. The authorities also mark it separately from the society, the Orthodox believers celebrate in parallel the Day of the Icon of the Kazan Mother of God, and all the rest find their reasons.
I repeat my question. Is this normal for a country where so much is said about the decline of patriotic attitudes in society? Certainly not, not normal. Moreover, it is dangerous, and in the current period, when protest sentiments in society took on certain meeting forms, it is especially dangerous. Because it is not yet possible to speak about the consolidation of society, about true national unity. And the holiday dates mentioned by me do not become yet instruments of their strengthening.

Why it happens? I can, to what extent, agree with the opinion that the same holiday, the Day of Russia, has a somewhat negative connotation in terms of stories his creation. It became a particularly celebrated date in 1992, after 12 of June 1990, the first Congress of People’s Deputies of the RSFSR, adopted the “Declaration of State Sovereignty of the RSFSR”. This decision was adopted by the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR. And then they believed, and today there is the same opinion that it was the Declaration that initiated the disintegration of the Soviet Union, which is still very painfully perceived by the Russians. Perhaps, realizing this, the elected, by the way, the same 12 of June, but already 1991, the first president of Russia Boris Yeltsin in 1998 offered to rename the holiday in the “Day of Russia”.

I do not argue, all participants in the process related to the birth of the holiday date - both the Declaration itself, the Supreme Council and the first president of Russia are perceived in society, to put it mildly, ambiguous. But, on the other hand, twenty years have passed, by historical standards - a whole generation grew up with then. The whole husk was to be sifted out, leaving only one bright grain - a revival of the Russian state occurred, and a new stage of its historical existence began. But that did not happen. And I think that the blame here lies primarily on the Russian political elite.
For twenty years, domestic politicians of all generations have been publicly discussing the events of those years. Some see a positive aspect in them, the majority (perhaps because it is fashionable) are negative. Of course, it was rightly said that "who has no nostalgia for the USSR, he has no heart." But after all, this phrase had a sequel, which many politicians forget: "and the one who dreams of his rebirth has no mind."

So is it not time to turn on the mind, end disputes and agree on the assessment of events, finally putting all the necessary political accents. What can ordinary citizens have to do with the country's main national holiday, if the political elite, raising the glasses at the official banquet tables on all levels of power in honor of the Russian Day holiday, in their comments mostly condemns the events that gave rise to it? Rhetorical question, because the answer is obvious. And its citizens have long given it, referring to a memorable date, mainly as an additional day off. But only.

I would be glad to finish my comment on this. But I can’t, because behind all the above, there is a very painful problem for Russia: educating citizens of patriotism. For quite a long time, at least a decade, from various high and not very tribunes it has been said about the existing and progressive moral degradation of moral and moral foundations in society, disregard for the culture and history of our country with great feats of ancestors, the basics of religion and religious culture, etc. d. etc. The concepts were developed, as is customary, the programs were adopted today almost the third one in effect. And what? According to the results of sociological research, such a concept as love for the Motherland is not among the Russians even in the top ten priority spiritual values.

There is nothing surprising. In the philosophical dictionary, patriotism is defined as a moral and political principle, a social feeling, the content of which is love for the fatherland, devotion to it, pride in its past and present, the desire to protect the interests of the motherland. But where does all this come from, even if its citizens perceive the main state holiday of the country, at least with bewilderment.
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  1. vadimus
    9 June 2012 09: 04
    Happy holiday to you my country!
    1. +4
      9 June 2012 09: 20
      I hold in congratulations !! fellow
      1. Neighbor
        9 June 2012 18: 47
        I have already begun - after a hard 6-day working week - to celebrate slowly! Beer?
        All a happy holiday - all have a good weekend and have a good rest. drinks The main thing - do not burn in the sun !!!
        And then hell - horror - in the afternoon to 36! Yesterday you walk along the asphalt - the sneakers were melting !!! belay Such a smoke from under your feet! belay Asphalt - soft - step on! Yes
        Greetings from sunny Chelyabinsk to everyone !!! drinks
        Glory to the invincible, invincible and eternal RUSSIA-MOTHER !!! drinks
        Shame, disgrace and contempt - To Amer and the filthy Judas Orange !!! am am am - this is not your holiday - this is your mourning !!! laughing drinks Cry - ...... crying - according to unjustified Amer hopes !!! Cry ..... - for the unworked - $ 9.000.000 invested in you. - of which you - penny got miserable. Judas divorced you - like ..... last! Traitors !!! am
    2. Dimonanet
      9 June 2012 10: 33
      I love you MOTHERLAND !!!!!!!
    3. Aleksey67
      9 June 2012 19: 03
      I found out that I
      There is a huge family -
      And tripod, and woods,
      In the field, each spikelet!
      River, blue sky -
      This is all mine!
      This is my motherland!
      I love all in the world!

      Classic from the movie "Brother 2"
      All the holiday drinks
  2. +9
    9 June 2012 09: 08
    You can love in Russian only RUSSIA! Happy holiday Russia!
    1. +7
      9 June 2012 09: 10
      Russia is our homeland and we love it as it is. Happy holiday !!!
      1. 755962
        9 June 2012 18: 58
        Here lived my ancestors, parents, here I was born, my son grows up here .. This is my Motherland and another is not necessary, with its birches, fields and forests and my people ... "Russia Russia, keep yourself safe ...."
  3. +7
    9 June 2012 09: 10
    GLORY TO RUSSIA!!! Let's hope that on this day our footballers will give us a present and take out a team of pschek from the Warsaw stadium, just as we destroyed the Czech today drinks
  4. +8
    9 June 2012 09: 32
    I hope the liberals will not ruin the holiday. The marshes seem to have decided to add a fly in the ointment, I hope the police replenish the budget well. Happy all!
    1. +7
      9 June 2012 09: 38
      Sasha, how can they spoil him? The Russians have a holiday in their souls, not in the square. Yes, and I hope that the sense of self-preservation still works for them, then there are even more normal people than mink revolutionaries.
  5. +15
    9 June 2012 09: 34
    Yes, the whole problem is that this is not a holiday as such. It was Independence Day. From whom is independence? Someone conquered us? Some stupid background
    So people did not want to celebrate it.
    Renaming on Russia Day has not changed anything.
    In fact, everything is very simple.
    Holidays do not have to invent them with us completely. You just have to choose.
    You can find independence and victories as many as you like and Orthodox holidays are full.
    In fact, it is Russian Day that is the most stupid holiday of all, including because of its negative color (associated with the collapse of the USSR)
    MOSCOW THE THIRD ROME, AND THE FOURTH WOULD NOT BE, BUT RUSSIA'S DAY REALLY IS NOT THE HOLIDAY. And for 20 years I see that most of the people around me perceive this holiday exclusively as an extra day off. And enjoy the weekend, not the holiday.
    For me, so much Independence Day is just November 4th. Then it was possible to talk about the holiday. Although you can recall Klikovo Field and Borodino and a lot of things actually
    1. +5
      9 June 2012 10: 39
      I agree to all 100%.
  6. танк
    9 June 2012 09: 40
    We must pay tribute to the United States, they celebrate Independence Day the whole country in a big way ...
    1. +1
      9 June 2012 16: 46
      Well, yes, everyone was killed who were against, why not celebrate.
      1. танк
        9 June 2012 16: 53
        carbofodon't talk bullshit
  7. +13
    9 June 2012 09: 42
    It became a particularly celebrated date in the 1992 year, after the 12 of June 1990 of the year the first Congress of People's Deputies of the RSFSR adopted the "Declaration on State Sovereignty of the RSFSR

    This holiday is especially joyful for 20 of millions of Russian people remaining outside the Russian Federation. Joy is simply no limit. True, a certain sense of surprise mixes with it, since people do not quite understand the independence from whom they celebrate in Russia.
    Glory to Russia!!!
    1. +8
      9 June 2012 16: 54
      Unfortunately, the holiday - Independence Day of Russia - all citizens initially perceived as Independence Day of Russia from their citizens. All these 20 years, the ruling elite has not come up with anything smarter. And you can not call people liberals only because they do not support the opinion of people like you. An example is given that the whole country celebrates in the USA - they really have a holiday. This is the day of signing the Declaration of Independence of the USA in 1776, which proclaims the independence of the USA from the Kingdom of Great Britain; celebrated in the United States on July 4. Independence Day is considered the birthday of the United States as a free and independent country. Independence Day is a national holiday of the USA, in contrast to our incomprehensible - independence from whom? From the USSR? But we are all immigrants from this great country, which our ancestors gathered together in pieces and so ineptly squandered our political leadership. By the way - our not quite respected DUMA is going to consider the issue of joining the WTO on July 4. Sign event !!!!!!!!! And if we are so smart, then we should read the story:
      “The beginning of Russian statehood is considered to be the year 862. It was at this time, according to historians, that a union of tribes was formed under the rule of the Rurikovichs.

      In 882 the Old Russian state was created by the Novgorod prince Oleg. Its center was then located in Kiev. From the beginning of the XIV century the Moscow principality became the new center of this state. "

      Until now, our society has observed a rather mixed attitude to this holiday, as well as to other forces imposed on us - this is May 7 - the day of the Armed Forces, which the armed forces almost never celebrate, November 4 - Day of National Unity - who and with whom? Russian Press Day in January. Yes, and many others. Patriotism in the country did not increase from them, unfortunately ....
      1. Cadet787
        9 June 2012 17: 25
        Happy Russia! You are our ray in the dark kingdom.
        1. Cadet787
          10 June 2012 18: 05
          Which S-CI has raised a hand, put a minus on the congratulation of Russia, in truth black souls, so that you have no peace. And the saddest thing is no one will correct, so we will all be alone soon ....
    2. Yuriy66
      9 June 2012 19: 00
      You can’t say better. It’s sad somehow.
  8. +3
    9 June 2012 09: 47
    It is correct that the name of the holiday is "Day of Russia" and not "Independence Day of Russia", because the transition to that independence was more like amputation of all limbs ...
    Holiday greetings! All success, blessings and patience - we’ll break through all the time!
  9. +13
    9 June 2012 10: 11
    June 12 began the destruction of Russia. The USSR and Russia are ONE state. Remember, until recently, called ALL who came from the USSR to the West? RUSSIAN, independent of nationality and religion. Celebrate the birth of BREAK from Great Russia, for me this is not a holiday, but a wake. And how could it be different for ME if I was born in Ukraine, grew up in Kazakhstan, and now I live in Russia? For me, Russia is ONLY within the borders of the USSR (well, it is possible within the borders of the Russian Empire)!
  10. +8
    9 June 2012 10: 39
    Russia is a country and state inhabited mainly by Russians (Russia, the Moscow State, the Russian Empire, the Russian Empire). In the narrow sense, the name of the territory is Ros. empire without the kingdom of Poland, Finland and the Baltic region. Abroad, the entire territory of the USSR is often called Russia.

    So the Russian Federation is a name in a very narrow sense ... So what are we celebrating? The collapse of Russia? Betrayal?
    1. +3
      9 June 2012 13: 48
      So what are we celebrating? The collapse of Russia? Betrayal?

      True, the betrayal of his people. +1
  11. +3
    9 June 2012 11: 53
    Holidays are not just an extra weekend. This is a component of the ideological and moral strength of the people. Today you and I have only one holiday that unites the people - Victory Day on May 9 ... Why are the newly introduced holidays not perceived by people as (well, at least close) as Victory Day? Dates, if they are not far-fetched, have neither a firm and clear moral and ideological foundation, nor a religious basis. One of my acquaintances jokingly calls the Day of National Unity "Victory Day over the Poles" ... :) Not politically correct, but in fact it is true ... And where is Victory Day in the Patriotic War of 1812? And the present Day of Russia (certainly a good, necessary holiday), but what is meant by it? Where is the foundation on which the self-consciousness of the people stands? Without this foundation, any holiday turns into an additional weekend ...
    1. +9
      9 June 2012 14: 37
      Quote: vadimN
      And this is Russia Day (certainly a good, necessary holiday), but what is meant by it? Where is the foundation on which is the self-awareness of the people? Without this foundation, any holiday turns into an extra day off ...

      The foundation is- day of sorrow for the Great Empire and day of faith in her rebirth
  12. +4
    9 June 2012 12: 55
    I do not perceive this day as a holiday, and what to celebrate the day of victory over Soviet empire or the day of independence from our fathers, if Russia’s day, then why such a little Russia is not all together.
  13. Shuriken
    9 June 2012 14: 43
    I think that if Russia had achieved some impressive development results in 20 years, there would have been pride in it, then this holiday would have been perceived differently .... But you know what you’ve achieved, hence result!
  14. +2
    9 June 2012 14: 56
    It is a question of the existing and progressing moral degradation of moral and moral principles in society, a neglect of the culture and history of our country with the great deeds of our ancestors, the foundations of religion and religious culture, etc. etc.
    The most important of the arts is cinema (V.I. Lenin). At the moment, television, Internet and what our television shows. What goes around comes around. Now television is advertising and "stars" from different angles, and the most patriotic program is "house-2"
  15. Gren9
    9 June 2012 15: 37
    why should I rejoice in the day of independence from myself?
    1. +4
      9 June 2012 16: 17
      So I also do not understand. It seems nobody has conquered us! from this or whom did we suddenly become independent from?
      If someone does not know the RSFSR was the core of the USSR, the rest were part of the USSR.
      We even theoretically cannot celebrate this holiday as for example Latvians, because we were the center of the USSR.
      The holiday is nonsense.
    2. танк
      9 June 2012 16: 55
      But you do not celebrate Independence Day and no one celebrates it. You celebrate the Day of Russia, our vast country.
      By the way, who thought that the holiday is called Independence Day?
      1. 0
        9 June 2012 18: 09
        Quote: tank
        By the way, who thought that the holiday is called Independence Day?

        That's it, are we a self-sufficient country? not dependent on oil prices? shelves break from import
  16. Dust
    9 June 2012 16: 23
    This is not a holiday for me! Traitors established it, and to a large extent this event contributed to the collapse of my country!
  17. gorilla1962
    9 June 2012 16: 48
    Holiday? Deliver us from such holidays, the origin of which causes only a feeling of shame for the deeds committed by the top of our drunk and stealing power!
  18. +5
    9 June 2012 17: 43
    For the people to realize their own greatness, there is no need to invent holidays. Such "red" days of the calendar are eagerly awaited by those who have already stocked up according to the full scheme and started the celebration. Patriotism must be nurtured, not inculcated. Young people, wrapping themselves around the State Flag, muffle the "blue" from their throats, hum the State Anthem and think of themselves as ardent patriots. And no one explained to these goats that this was an outrage against the symbols of the country. Patriotism should be fostered in people starting with mother's milk, with adequate explanations to the child of the events taking place in the country. For too long, they chased everything in a row, ridiculed themselves, talked about their own wretchedness. Half of the topics devoted to the USSR and Russia were removed from history textbooks. There was a substitution of true patriotism for "hurray-patriotism", which is mostly explosive and short-lived. It is regrettable that at present there is still no idea in the country that unites everyone. But Russia has already begun its rebirth from the stupor into which the founders of this Holiday drove it. And, I am sure, there are enough sane people in the country who know how to tell their children not only about the past greatness, but also about the no less magnificent present and future.
  19. Prophet Alyosha
    9 June 2012 18: 39
    It is not good to scoff at holy feelings! Twenty years ago, another, bloody stage of the incessant 95 years of action-destruction of the Great Russian Empire took place. And these "democrats-reformers" are stubbornly making the Russian people, destroyed by them, count the day of the next beating-HOLIDAY !? The real DAY OF INDEPENDENCE OF RUSSIA will be when the Russian people will throw off their oppressors in the person of the Jewish Bolsheviks and their successors, the Jewish Democrats! May the Orthodox Kingdom-Great Russian Empire rise again !!!
  20. +6
    9 June 2012 19: 10
    I support IRBIS, in my memory this is the day when the government separated from its people. I remember the 90s, but I also see the path that has passed since that time, the country gets up off its knees, stretches, looks around, but I raise my children myself, in the old fashion proud that I am a part of Russia, the USSR, Russia, it doesn’t matter It’s important that I am Russian!
  21. +8
    9 June 2012 19: 13
    This is not a holiday for me. 12 June 1990 years killed my country. They killed him treacherously, using power and foreign support. I already wrote that for me Russia is something more on a geographical and global scale than what foreign partners are trying to measure out for us. Russia's current position on the map simply reflects what needs to be returned to its natural course.
    1. Fost325
      10 June 2012 07: 55
      I support 100% ..........
  22. +4
    9 June 2012 20: 37
    I well remember how this holiday was proclaimed and what it was called. I (not interested in politics) immediately had a question. From whom - independence?. Later I formulated the answer for myself - the independence of a handful of seized power from their people. That is why this day I DO NOT CONSIDER A HOLIDAY. All with extended weekends. I wish everyone to work hard to ensure personal food security. Sincerely.
  23. nnnnnnnnn
    9 June 2012 21: 27
  24. +1
    9 June 2012 21: 57
    We have poked all sorts of holidays, but who celebrates them! Happy holiday!
  25. +3
    9 June 2012 23: 43
    This is not a holiday, but a day of sorrow! A bunch of nationalities think as much as I do ...
  26. prophetic
    10 June 2012 14: 08
    many people do not even know the name of this holiday, they confuse it from December 12, the constitution day and independence day are indistinguishable to them, and about November 4 - the name, and even more so, very few people know
  27. SenyaYa
    10 June 2012 14: 40
    Guys on a glorious day, please remember to hang the FLAG on your AUTO !!! I always do this .... AT THE ANTENNA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  28. -1
    10 June 2012 15: 04
    June 12 is by no means a holiday for me ...
    For those who will explain in the tank: June 12, 1990 the Congress of People's Deputies proclaimed the Declaration on State Sovereignty of the RSFSR, i.e. the beginning of the complete dismantling of the USSR was given a move. From whom were they separated? From ourselves or from reason and our own conscience? So this day is mournful for me.
  29. V world
    10 June 2012 18: 36
    Definitely, a holiday - Russia Day should be! Unfortunately, the recent history of Russia imposes some negative. Perestroika, the advent of so-called freedom, when the whole country that our fathers and grandfathers created was sold (privatized) in 2 - 3 years ... A new history is being imposed on us, the importance of the USSR in the Great Patriotic War, etc.
    But we live in our homeland and we must be a patriot.
    Perhaps the words above will seem just beautiful words ... But I believe that everyone, as far as possible, can affect the increase of patriotism.
    And this must be done!
    1. V world
      10 June 2012 22: 47
      Oh ... patriots are on this site !!!!!!!!!!!!
  30. Eugene
    10 June 2012 19: 10
    It should not be this day. Are we really unable to find another day in our hysteria that could become the Day of Russia? It is clear, of course, that everyone wants a day off to the country, but still?
  31. 8 company
    10 June 2012 19: 46
    The Russians, with the victory of you over the Czechs! What a great match, what a gorgeous victory! Dzagoev was in great shape, and what a fantastic goal Pavlyuchenko scored! In general, all well done, how nice to watch and cheer for such a team! Cheer for ours!
    good good good
  32. 13017
    10 June 2012 21: 03
    what kind of holiday is it proud of? In peacetime without war, the country lost almost half of its territory and became such that it was sought at the beginning of the 17th century. Our ancestors shed blood for these lands and we slept and looked for holidays
  33. raf
    10 June 2012 23: 39
    Quote: "According to the results of sociological research, such a concept as love for the Motherland is not among Russians even in the top ten of priority spiritual values." POLLS IN RUSSIA IT IS NOT GRATEFUL! ACCORDING TO THE INTERVIEWS, THE MOST CHALLENGE THEIR HOMELAND, AND AS THE TIME COMES, EVERYONE IS STANDING UP TO DEFEND HER! THIS IS THIS RUSSIAN PATRIOTISM, MYSTERIOUS AND DEFENDING TO LOGICAL EXPLANATION!
  34. +1
    11 June 2012 05: 25
    In general, this is a mania - to stamp "Independence Day" in all countries of the former Warsaw Pact. In some places it turned out very cool, in Poland, the Baltic states, Georgia and Ukraine for example. But in Bulgaria - no!

    For the main holiday of the country instead of March 3 (1878) - the Day of the signing of the Sam-Stefan Peace and the Liberation of Bulgaria from the five-century Ottoman yoke (and at the same time the Day of Russia's victory in the Russian-Turkish war of 1877-1878) they tried to slip September 22 (as much as 1908!) when the arrogant and "civilized" Europe finally bothered to recognize us as an independent state. And this is 30 years after the Liberation of Bulgaria.

    But nothing came of this venture. The Bulgarian people both celebrated 3 of March, and continued to celebrate it. Even without the participation of officials, it turned out better. People did not say that they hammered them from the rostrum, but that they themselves thought and felt. The holiday was all over the country and very bad things about NATO and the EU sounded on it. The authorities changed their minds and hastily returned the celebration of 3 March.

    September 22 as it was a nominal official non-working day, it remained so.
  35. Irek
    11 June 2012 06: 17
    Greetings to the Bulgarian brothers ...
    once in 1995 helped a driver from Bulgaria, got lost in our city, tried to give money, categorically refused ..
    Independence - it is determined by the internal state, and when it is celebrated - it does not matter.
    By the way the word P RA Z DNIK - Bright, sunny day
    1. 0
      11 June 2012 16: 02
      Thank you smile And hello to you, congratulations on the holiday.

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