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In exchange for the base. Washington surrenders the Kabul regime to the Taliban

More than a year ago, Donald Trump proclaimed a new strategy for Afghanistan. Now, after 16 months, he announces the evacuation of a significant part of the American contingent and is negotiating with opponents of the Kabul regime behind him.

In exchange for the base. Washington surrenders the Kabul regime to the Taliban

The United States and representatives of the Taliban movement banned in Russia will negotiate an Afghan settlement in Saudi Arabia without the participation of representatives of the Kabul regime. Earlier, the government of Afghanistan announced that it was going to send its representatives to the talks between the US and the Taliban, which are to be held in January next year in Jeddah, and hopes for dialogue with the insurgent movement.

However, a Taliban spokesman (banned in Russia), Zabiulla Mujahid, said he was refusing to negotiate with the Afghan authorities.

“We will meet with US officials in Saudi Arabia in January next year and begin negotiations, which in Abu Dhabi remained unfinished. However, we made it clear to all interested parties that we would not talk with the Afghan government, ”a member of the Taliban governing board told Reuters.

Earlier, the Taliban refused to contact with representatives of Kabul, who attended the Afghan summit in Abu Dhabi. And representatives of the government of the IRA confined themselves to individual meetings with delegations of the participating countries.

Thus, the leadership of the Movement makes it clear that it does not consider the Kabul regime to be the subject of the political process taking place in the country, and does not see any prospects for it in the new Afghanistan.

It should be noted that before the start of negotiations in the United Arab Emirates with the participation of Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, US Special Representative for Afghanistan Zalmay Khalilzad gave guarantees to the IRA President Ashraf Ghani that the Kabul delegation would also participate equally in these negotiations, but this did not happen. It was not allowed to the main discussions where the fate of the country was decided.

The fact that the Americans clearly did not try too hard to get their counterparts to agree to the participation of the Kabul delegation in this and subsequent rounds of negotiations suggests that they do not overestimate the subjectivity of Kabul in Washington and are not too concerned about the political future of the regime.

The fact that shortly after the completion of the talks in Abu Dhabi, Trump announced a reduction of troops on the territory of Afghanistan, speaks of the achievement of some agreements with the Taliban.

The American president does not raise the issue of complete withdrawal from this country, which has great geopolitical, strategic importance. He intends to maintain a long-term military presence there and a number of bases. But while Washington seeks to minimize the risks and costs.

The attempt to realize the Iraqi experience in Afghanistan, provoking an inter-religious massacre, in which the "natives" will destroy each other, not bothering the invaders, failed. Transplanted in Russia, the terrorist organization Islamic State, banned in Afghanistan, did not produce the expected shoots: Afghans, nationalists to the core, are not eager to build a “world caliphate.” Their interests and aspirations are limited by the boundaries of their homeland. Well, another tribal area in Pakistan, populated by Pashtuns. So the “caliphates” simply failed to gain enough strength in Afghanistan to start a war with the Taliban.

Attempts to increase the participation of American allies in the occupation contingent in order to shift to them the brunt of the fight against the Taliban and support the Kabul regime were also unsuccessful. None of them is eager to continue to “pull the strap” in the interests of Washington. So, even Bulgarian Defense Minister Krasimir Karakachanov, whose contingent in the IRA has as many 160 bayonets, announced on January 4 that they would immediately leave the country in the event of a reduction in the American presence.

“If a number of countries have planned to withdraw their troops from Afghanistan, then Sofia will also reconsider its policy on this issue,” Karakachanov stressed.

Meanwhile, it is obvious that even the American troops in the IRA today are not enough to stabilize the situation in the country and keep it under control. After the scheduled withdrawal, they will be enough except to ensure the safety of the remaining bases and the implementation of their logistics. At the same time, Washington today simply cannot afford a deeper immersion into the quagmire of the Afghan permanent war, which will require more and more forces and means that are vital for Americans in other areas.

That is why it is so important for them to get the Taliban, whose coming to power is more than likely, to agree on the long-term presence of US military bases in Afghanistan and recognize their “neutral status.”

Of course, the Taliban are well aware of the embarrassment of the Americans, and are trying to make the most of the situation. In particular, they managed to bring Kabul out of the framework of negotiations on an Afghan settlement. Thus, in essence, removing from the agenda the question of the participation of the current authorities of the IRA in the process of national reconciliation and the formation of a coalition government.

However, such an obvious “overflow” of the regime, which the Americans themselves established and supported for so many years, not only looks like surrender to the Taliban, but also forces all American partners and allies to take a fresh look at the guarantees they received from Washington.

So the US needs to pass the Kabul regime as gently as possible. It is in this vein that one should understand the seemingly strange statement of Trump, in which he called on Russia, as well as India and Pakistan, to join the occupation of Afghanistan.

“Look at other countries ... Pakistan is there. They can fight. Russia can fight, ”Trump said, denying the need for the presence of American troops in Afghanistan.

“Why is Russia not there? Why is India not there? Why is Pakistan not there? ”He added, explaining that these countries should join the fight against the Taliban and IS.

And this is despite the fact that quite recently the Americans were striving with all their might to prevent even our politico-diplomatic participation of our country even in the Afghan settlement. But now the situation has changed, and Washington is trying to shift the care of its Kabul pets, as well as the war with the Taliban onto the shoulders of Moscow, New Delhi and Islamabad.

And if Moscow’s return to the old Afghan rake is unlikely, then Pakistan, given the specifics of its relations with Afghanistan and its long-standing ties with the Taliban, will not refuse such an invitation. And India, which regards Islamism as one of the main threats to its national security, will also not be able to stand aside. That is, in the case of the implementation of the Trump proposal, Afghanistan may turn into another arena for the actualization of the old conflict between the two nuclear powers.

However, the interests of other countries also converge in this country: China, Iran, the republics of Central Asia and even Turkey. Recently, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan during a joint press conference with Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan announced the holding of a trilateral Afghanistan-Pakistan-Turkey summit in Istanbul.

So the Afghan solitaire is acquiring an increasingly complex and sometimes unexpected configuration.

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  1. Same lech
    Same lech 7 January 2019 05: 26
    the leadership of the Movement makes it clear that it does not consider the Kabul regime as the subject of the political process taking place in the country, and does not see any prospects for it in the new Afghanistan.

    This is because this regime rests on the bayonets of American soldiers and a small contingent of clowns from other countries.
    Obviously, with the withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan, this regime will quickly collapse and the Taliban will quickly restore their status quo in the country.
    It's funny ... the USA itself created this movement to fight the Soviet army and themselves were defeated by this partisan movement ... you can’t defeat the rebellious people ... you can only destroy it ... Afghans have been fighting with newcomers for many years and the war is in their genes.
    1. jonht
      jonht 7 January 2019 05: 39
      For all that, our all the same respected, and remember dosihpor. Eh, if you didn’t try to plant ediology, then perhaps everything would be there for a friend.
      1. Same lech
        Same lech 7 January 2019 05: 44
        Respected for really helping the local population ... building roads, schools, houses as always, helping with medicine and many other things ... a paradox what Afghans, unlike the Baltic republics, thank us for this, which can not be said about our neighbors in western Russia now.
        Now the Americans are hosting there and the Afghans have something to compare ... everything is known in comparison.
        1. jonht
          jonht 7 January 2019 05: 58
          Everything is correct, and I about the same, the problem was with ideology. Many did not want to see Communism in their communities. And they opposed ideology.
          1. Yarhann
            Yarhann 8 January 2019 01: 36
            and here they are used to communism for centuries to live in shit they don’t give a damn to this civilization; their limit is donkey and berdank.
            the states did everything that the union brought its administration to power, built power structures for the cops, the army, courts, etc., and the CIA was engaged in the search for the KGB and the guerrillas and sympathizers, as the KGB had done. Thus, very well supporting the local government.
            It’s just all that’s pointless - these Papuans are born to die, they have a large fertility in women, they lay larvae at the speed of unimaginable civilized people.
            And why are larvae needed - so that they would die in an eternal war against the civilized way of life that someone wants to instill in these Papuans all the time.
            And as soon as the councils came out of Afghanistan at the speed of the local authorities and sawed out, this time will be the same. Pendants hope to agree with the Papuans on their presence, but they don’t understand that there’s no one to negotiate with –– there is no single power of the center, etc., there is today one leader tomorrow another after tomorrow the third and they will get tired of sending gingerbread to everyone, so they will be robbed permanently. and shoot everyone to whom it wanders.
        2. Bad thing
          Bad thing 7 January 2019 15: 03
          Quote: The same LYOKHA
          Respected for really helping the local population ... building roads, schools, houses as always, helping with medicine and many other things.

          They respected the fact that the Americans paid money for the war with ours, few people pay what they pay for the war with the USA, and therefore they do not respect it.
    2. KCA
      KCA 7 January 2019 05: 40
      Just now, in the summer or in the fall, there were yapping from the USA that Russia has contacts with the Taliban, and it won’t turn upside down
      1. Mar.Tirah
        Mar.Tirah 7 January 2019 06: 55
        Quote: KCA
        how overturned

        Everything is as Ivashov predicted. Afghanistan is needed by the United States as a bridgehead to destabilize the underbelly of Russia in Central Asia. It is for this that they deployed all their bases along the borders. And they will agree even with the devil to keep them there.
        1. ver_
          ver_ 7 January 2019 09: 35
          .. their bases there are useless ..- one good salvo and ... yours don't dance ... already ..
          1. Mar.Tirah
            Mar.Tirah 7 January 2019 10: 44
            Quote: ver_
            one good salvo

            The fact of the matter is that no one will destroy them. And they will continue to pose a threat in the form of training sabotage groups, and the work of electronic tracking and intercepting equipment. All the events that took place not long ago on the borders of the former Soviet republics of Central Asia on the breakthrough, it is their job.
            1. ver_
              ver_ 7 January 2019 11: 31
              ... when they are few - they will quietly end ...
          2. Mikhail3
            Mikhail3 8 January 2019 13: 05
            Quote: ver_
            .. their bases there are useless ..- one good salvo and ... yours don't dance ... already ..

            How useful! The US has completely achieved what it wanted. The Taliban did not suit Washington at all because they opposed the transformation of Afghanistan into an all-European drug laboratory. However, during the years of "confrontation" the Taliban discovered that they would no longer be paid for killing foreign soldiers. Those who wish were transferred.
            So they had to switch to self-financing through the sale of dope. Everything. The goal is achieved. Now, American bases will finally work as originally intended - by trading factories for the purchase of drugs. The American puppet regime is now harmful because too much responsibility for the ocean of dope falls on its owners. Now everything - I'm not me, not my disgusting thing.
            The Taliban government will never have enough forces to inspect American bases, or their logistics in the form of regularly flying planes from there. So muck will continue to creep away from American bases around the world, and especially in Europe, as intended. Everything has been done cleanly and beautifully, now let anyone in Afghanistan try to restore order, no one will succeed, any positive movement is demolished by drug money and drug weapons.
            The United States thus completely neutralized Latin America, so why be shy?
    3. 2329 Carpenter
      2329 Carpenter 7 January 2019 05: 54
      If Ahmad Shah would be alive, it would be interesting what kind of situation was in Afghanistan.
      Dostum, along the way, has already merged from the big stage.
      1. Walking
        Walking 7 January 2019 12: 35
        Ahmad Shah Masoud was influential and strong mainly in his Panjer. He could not claim power in all of Afghanistan, since he was a Tajik. By the way, he was aware of this and didn’t go further than Panger, he was a smart man, it was interesting for me to get to know him, his former enemy. It is a pity that he was killed.
        1. Kasym
          Kasym 7 January 2019 14: 24
          Vitaliy, it is Masoud with his 20 thousand fighters !!!, at the beginning of NATO’s entry into Afghanistan, threw the Taliban into the zone of Pashtun tribes. They lacked heavy weapons and ammunition to do this earlier. We have provided this. And Tajiks are one third of the population of Afghanistan. About as many Pashtuns are there.
          The problem at the moment is that no one has the right to supply weapons and ammunition for "illegal armed groups" (my opinion is that because of this Tashkent left the CSTO). Including the Tajiks, headed by the nephew of Ahmad Shah Massoud. Uzbek Dostum was recently returned from exile. hi
        2. militarist63
          militarist63 8 January 2019 03: 28
          "mainly in his Panjshir" Ahmad was influential and strong during our presence in Afghanistan ... After our withdrawal, his influence has greatly expanded.
    4. siberalt
      siberalt 7 January 2019 06: 11
      The Taliban will sweep away the pro-American Kabul clowns, they will take up the Americans. Therefore, it makes no sense to leave "half"winked
      1. Pete mitchell
        Pete mitchell 7 January 2019 11: 11
        If you forget about drugs, then there was no point in going there at all. Only Americans, sincerely believing in their destiny to spread good, and their halops could climb into the "cemetery of empires" with their dirty boots. Of course the Taliban will sweep away everyone, it's a tradition. We were given lectures at one time: Afghans will sell anything for grandmothers except freedom: any foreigner with a weapon on their territory is an enemy, no matter what he does there: he wanted to help, he helped - get out of there.
        In general, it will be amusing to see how Amer’s gallops will take their feet from there - the Americans will think about their interests first of all ...
    5. Finches
      Finches 7 January 2019 09: 12
      The serious kids in the photo-course of the young fighter explained to them the shuravi! In general, what are the Americans controlling there? If only drug trafficking!
      1. 3vs
        3vs 7 January 2019 10: 17
        But in another photo, severe fighting cocks! laughing
        Everything is predictable, the Americans are leaving without going anywhere.
        Military bases, business and nothing personal are enough for delivering drugs.
        1. Yarhann
          Yarhann 8 January 2019 01: 44
          oh, tell us about drugs and how the Pentagon’s system for acquiring, delivering, and distributing drugs works. This is very interesting. It is advisable to voice the whole structure, if possible, with the ranks and positions of those who are specifically responsible for what in the Pentagon.
          And then somehow I represent the system of acquisition, delivery and distribution of drug courts in the world media often write about the fight against them, distributors of wholesalers are often taken. But about the heroin’s traffic by the Pentagon, there’s somehow little information.
          1. 3vs
            3vs 8 January 2019 08: 56
            This is for you to SVR / GRU ...
            And what can’t do without the arrogant Saxons, the text is a carriage and a small cart ...
            Afghan drug traffic without borders
            US Role in Afghan Drug Production
            1. Yarhann
              Yarhann 8 January 2019 10: 25
              Well, there they have been producing drugs for a long time, and what does the Pentagon have to do with this business?
              it's all fiction and guesswork. drugs in the Russian Federation, the EU and AI are not a problem to get not because of Afghanistan, but because of the demand for them and the developed system of production and distribution. It will not be gerych that will move methadone and other synthetics - this is not the essence of how the pentagon can influence this.
              1. 3vs
                3vs 8 January 2019 12: 58
                Yes, everything is "belles-lettres".
                Here is more information for you to think about:
                Heroin and US military bases. All according to plan!

                Well, the addresses / appearances are to the CIA and military cones.
                1. Yarhann
                  Yarhann 8 January 2019 19: 21
                  Well, I can make such an article with pictures and nonsense in the same way - the reality will not change from this. there is real evidence that the Pentagon is involved in the purchase, transportation and distribution of drugs.
                  how do you imagine this process? head of the Pentagon send a share as a don? this is bullshit. Lumps in the Pentagon will never get in touch with such crap, they have a bunch of other ways to earn money from themselves grandmothers and not small ones. Secondly, how do you imagine the traffic of the received dough? That is, a dozen bags of dough come, the captains of the deribat are sent to the common fund, then it comes to the capo, it is deribonit and the remnants are sent to the pentagon. All these citizens with this evidence in the United States will be taken at their first use and they will be screwed on such articles after which they will receive the terms and lose their non-child pensions because they will never be able to prove the origin of this image.
                  It can be assumed that the low level fighter is engaged in buying, traffic and selling - most likely pilots and sergeants in the fields. Here I agree that traffic is really possible - just like our heroes carried drugs from Afghanistan, Tajikistan and other countries where it is cheap to buy - there are ki in any army. Naturally, these are small batches.
                2. Yarhann
                  Yarhann 8 January 2019 19: 47
                  And yes, I forgot to ask the most important thing! For these funny pictures. Judging by them, carabineros produced directly many times more. Question? Where they all sell it. It’s stupidly interesting where it’s so straightforward that in the world consumption can increase at times for drug addiction?
                  1. 3vs
                    3vs 9 January 2019 06: 37
                    Will you argue with statistics that when the Americans were in Afghanistan, poppy crops increased dramatically?
                    If this is so, then for some reason the Americans need it?

                    Afghanistan breaks opium poppy harvest record in 2014

                    Afghan opium poppy production up 87 percent: Overview

                    "Pentagon shit will never get in touch with such shit, they have a bunch of other ways to earn money legally, and not small ones."
                    Naturally, bumps do not work directly with this!
                    The chain is long.
                    1. Yarhann
                      Yarhann 9 January 2019 23: 29
                      it is clear, as usual, guesses and expert opinions from LJ and TP blochers.
                      Yes, it disappeared about the fact that they transported opium from the 130s - only children can believe in such nonsense. Garain, cacaine and other drugs are always produced locally - why bother with tons of opium, especially since tons do not exist in nature because collectors are already doing pre-treatment on the spot, and it has always been like this at all times. After which a mixture of alkaloids obtained from opium is already sold to a local drug dealer, he makes a pure gerych from it in the so-called laboratory. after which the goods are ready for transportation by all available means from pop Tajiks to ships and aircraft.
                      total in the world about 400+ tons of gerycha are produced annually, 90% of it in Afghanistan from there it goes all over the world and somehow it goes perfectly without a pentagon.
                      and about transportation with 130mi a sweet fairy tale, only a horse can only believe in it
                      To get started, check out the UN report on drug trafficking there is more or less clear and understandable. unlike bloomers, this is reality.
                      1. 3vs
                        3vs 10 January 2019 06: 54
                        Well, so read the source code:
                      2. Yarhann
                        Yarhann 10 January 2019 22: 20
                        Where is the proof that the US military carries the hero under the roof of the Pentagon? enough of these stories to produce ... kindergarten older group
                      3. 3vs
                        3vs 11 January 2019 07: 29
                        The United States will not leave Afghanistan because it imports a huge amount of drugs from there to the United States, supporting super-profitable business

                        The CIA IS THE BIGGEST DRUG MANAGER

                        Real drug lords: a brief history of the CIA's involvement in the drug trade

                        US controls drug shipments from Afghanistan.

                        Advocacy: How the US Promotes Drug Production in Afghanistan

                        Afghan Air Force could transport drugs on military aircraft - media

                        Drug Trafficking in Afghanistan: on the U.S. Super Task for Preserving its Business

                        For more details, please contact the CIA.
                      4. Yarhann
                        Yarhann 11 January 2019 21: 46
                        excellent stories))) it is clear ... there is something not from Runet ... the answer is obvious you can not bother. if you want a comprehensive info here is the UN report, and these scribbles are better never put it again for shkolota maximum ride
                      5. 3vs
                        3vs 12 January 2019 08: 37
                        Your right, defender of the innocence of the US military.
    6. Mr Credo
      Mr Credo 7 January 2019 11: 00
      About the fact that the Afghans cannot be defeated, here you got a little excited. What does the concept of win mean? Enter your troops, plant your administration, and prevent development? State troops are there. The administration loyal to the states is there. The country is not developing. Is this a victory for Afghanistan? No. This is his defeat. If a country cannot grow economically, it is defeated! Therefore, all the talk about undefeated Afghanistan is just nonsense. Under the USSR, Afghanistan developed. The Afghan astronaut even flew into space. Today are many of their astronauts?
      1. frolov andrey
        frolov andrey 7 January 2019 20: 36
        The guys at this Mr. seem to have a correct understanding of victory / defeat)))
      2. The comment was deleted.
        1. The comment was deleted.
          1. The comment was deleted.
    7. self-propelled
      self-propelled 7 January 2019 11: 24
      Quote: The same LYOKHA
      This is because this regime rests on the bayonets of American soldiers and a small contingent of clowns from other countries.

      this is because the TALIBAN (and the like) are fed from outside (thanks to the same states and other "clowns from other countries").
  2. izya top
    izya top 7 January 2019 05: 48
    The United States and representatives of the Taliban movement banned in Russia will agree on an Afghan settlement in Saudi Arabia without the participation of representatives of the Kabul regime.
    allies, ugh negative
    and the Yankees are aware that the Taliban are very much against drugs and burn down plantations? It is unlikely that the Amer military and senators want to lose such money
  3. Thunderbolt
    Thunderbolt 7 January 2019 05: 51
    Bulgarian Defense Minister Krasimir Karakachanov, whose contingent in the IRA has as many as 160 bayonets, announced on January 4 that they would immediately leave the country if their American presence was reduced.
    This is not critical ... the Balts will reimburse. And Luxembourg will not leave the young Afghan democracy face to face with the terrible Taliban uncles.
    1. Same lech
      Same lech 7 January 2019 06: 01
      And Luxembourg will not leave the young Afghan democracy face to face with the terrible Taliban uncles.

      I would not advise ... there is a real video of how the Taliban are chopping soldiers into meat from ambushes ... here wolfhounds are needed and not these gays with pederasts.
      1. Thunderbolt
        Thunderbolt 7 January 2019 06: 37
        Quote: The same LYOKHA
        I would not advise ... there is a real video of how the Taliban crush soldiers in ambush meat ...

        Contract soldiers go there. War is their real home, and grandmas are not bad.

        Quote: The same LYOKHA
        here wolfhounds are needed
        Wolfhounds full of local, homegrown there.
        Look at how powerful young ladies serve in the ranks of the Afghan police.
    2. ver_
      ver_ 7 January 2019 09: 37
      ..there are the ancient Sumerians uho place * scored * ..
  4. Sirocco
    Sirocco 7 January 2019 06: 10
    East is a delicate matter, Afghans can present themselves in a positive way as long as there is a benefit from you, as soon as such is lost they will sell you without hesitation. As happened more than once, and the Americans are an example today, they themselves nurtured and got a lyuley. So it’s necessary to be more careful with the East, and to hold them tightly for the causal place, then they are manageable, I had a mixture of Uyghur and Tatar in my subordinates, it’s something with something, it will never tell you its opinion, around and around, everything licks, spreads, he assented in everything, but in a case convenient for him, he gives you up, and then with a clean and devoted look looks at you and swears that he is not.))))))
    1. Mr Credo
      Mr Credo 7 January 2019 11: 02
      ### Afghans can present themselves in a positive way as long as there is a benefit from you, ### And what is their difference from the Americans then? Or are Americans true Afghans?
      1. Sirocco
        Sirocco 7 January 2019 11: 58
        Well, I’ll approach this issue on the other hand, the oligarchs of the Russian Federation how do they differ from Afghans, and how do they differ from Americans?)))
        1. Mr Credo
          Mr Credo 7 January 2019 19: 11
          I think in the complete absence of patriotism and a high proportion of selfishness. The same Taliban tear their throats for Afghanistan. Americans put America above all. And only our oligarchs exalt themselves above all! But on their sly head there is a sly American threaded bolt! And this bolt works!
  5. Qwertyarion
    Qwertyarion 7 January 2019 07: 14
    And if you look at the American chatter from the other side!
    Maybe the goal is to instigate the Syrian scenario near the borders of Tajikistan and drag Russia into the fight against yet another pseudo-caliphate in Afghanistan?
    They will try to draw as many countries as possible into the conflict, leave their bases there for holding campaigns on humanitarian bombing of civilians, and organize international coalition to fight (support) with terrorists.
  6. parusnik
    parusnik 7 January 2019 07: 41
    I wonder what will be the reaction of Russia to these negotiations ...
    1. ver_
      ver_ 7 January 2019 09: 39
      ... lazy ..
  7. steelmaker
    steelmaker 7 January 2019 11: 09
    For all the time the US is in Afghanistan, Russia has not even tried to find a loyal leader or militant for itself. Although normal politicians should understand that the United States is not eternal there. "Turnip" will start scratching when the Taliban climb up to us.
  8. Shaine
    Shaine 7 January 2019 12: 02
    I don’t know who is letting anyone in there, but Russia is definitely against this, gentlemen ..

    And we will destroy, by pollination with Il-s, etc.
    We broke into kishlaks and built schools. Hospitals of the factory ..

    And knew how to really fight .. soldier
  9. NF68
    NF68 7 January 2019 16: 43
    The massacre will begin on an even larger scale.
  10. TermNachTer
    TermNachTer 7 January 2019 17: 05
    So what? Gorbachev surrendered to Najibullah, the mattresses surrender their puppet. Let throats cut to each other now
    1. NF68
      NF68 7 January 2019 17: 57
      Quote: TermNachTER
      So what? Gorbachev surrendered to Najibullah, the mattresses surrender their puppet. Let throats cut to each other now

      So they can also go fishing.
      1. TermNachTer
        TermNachTer 8 January 2019 21: 40
        Well, so the Central Asian friends of Russia will have reason to think - do they want to live or not?
  11. karabuka
    karabuka 8 January 2019 09: 14
    The most significant feature of a country like Afghanistan is its mountainous, semi-desert landscape and the mentality of a mountaineer - Afghani! These two factors - the first of which the highlanders turned into impregnable, vast holes - loopholes throughout the country, did not allow the most powerful army in the world, the USSR, to deal with unwanted separatists, just as the Russian Aerospace Forces divided ISIS in Syria and the Americans - Saddam Hussein in Operation "storm in the desert "in Iraq, on the semi-desert plains of these countries!. Therefore, both today and tomorrow, no matter who of the occupiers comes, to defeat the people who are fighting IMMEDIATELY on two levels, that is, on the ground and underground, CANNOT! Gradually, everyone will leave, and the Afghans will somehow settle down, without strangers and in their own way. Also, the interference of all outsiders in the affairs of the BV will gradually stop and, most likely, its peoples will restore their former sovereignty and heal as they can and want, already in new conditions. The main prerequisite for this is a sharp weakening of the position of predators, in the person of the United States and the EU, which themselves have incurred problems with migrants and separatism within themselves, as a consequence of adventurism and short-sighted foreign policy in favor of the globalism of billionaires. On the other hand, the restoration of the opposition to the predation of the West by the BRICS countries, the SCO and especially Russia, which has again become an influential force in world processes, similar to the influence of the USSR! The balance of the forces of good and evil has come to the world again!
    1. Yarhann
      Yarhann 8 January 2019 23: 21
      I’m a nice man ISIS is not separas, it’s quite a full-fledged state with all the attributes, and the videoconferencing forces fought in Syria against the state of his army’s infrastructure of the materiel system of paramilitary units, etc., etc.
      And the barmalei in Afghanistan are partisan movements that pose no danger, just as the NBF in Syria is now after the defeat of Isil in Syria and Iraq.
      Vimpel’s operatives (Cascade, Omega) successfully drank partisans and sympathizers - this is purely cop work, as after the end of hostilities in Chechnya, operatives in the mountains for a long time sawed barmaley and are now cutting it slowly.
      The Americans also successfully guided partisans through the CIA - because in fact a serious army is not there right now.
      It’s never possible to finish the cut purely for natural reasons - first, women still give birth, secondly, most partisans are sympathizers from neighboring states as well as in the UK. But the partisans do not pose any serious threat because they are not capable of organized large-scale confrontation - but only terrorist attacks and attacks on roadblocks from the garrison.
      The only thing is that if they are not systematically thinned out, a critical mass eventually ripens - as it was in the early 90s in Afghanistan after the departure of the USSR, and then the partisans were able to confront the army and the local government.
      That is, to summarize, I drank partisans and sympathizers is a permanent process that will never end - there is no such goal and it cannot be. But keeping their population in a controlled, non-dangerous scale allows.
  12. ship
    ship 8 January 2019 13: 48
    Quote: Karabuk
    These two factors - the first of which the highlanders turned into impregnable, vast holes - loopholes throughout the country, did not allow the most powerful army in the world of the USSR to deal with objectionable divisions

    Before making this statement, you are our expert, it would not hurt you to know what B. Gromov said on this occasion,.
  13. Redfox3k
    Redfox3k 9 January 2019 12: 31
    Do not put the rake to another; you will run into them yourself. In this country, a permanent civil war was, is and will be. I am sure that having left the US bases in Afghanistan, even having given power to the Taliban, the current government will go to the opposition and take the place where the Taliban used to sit, that is, it will slowly shoot both the Pindos and the Taliban. Spiral, you know ...