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Crews submarines project 971M will receive an electronic simulator

The crews of submarines of the project 971М will improve their training on a virtual electronic simulator, according to News.

A simulator simulating the operation of all the systems of a submarine will be installed in the naval training center in Obninsk. The control and communication systems of all types of submarines have been recreated there, however, for the submarines of the 971 project, the training places are created practically from scratch. The project cost is about 100 million rubles.

The 971M is an upgraded version of the 971 “Pike” submarines, which were built from 1985 to 2001 year. The last decades they were considered the main class of multipurpose submarines. Their main task - the destruction of enemy ships. The boat is difficult to detect due to the low level of noise. This was achieved through the use of two-stage depreciation. That is, all the mechanisms of the boat are on the damped foundations, the units and blocks are separated from the submarine hull by special pneumatic shock absorbers with a rubber-cord shell.

Currently, the 4 ship is being modernized at Zvezdochka (Severodvinsk): Wolf, Leopard, Samara, and Bratsk.

It is reported that submarine weapons systems will be re-equipped for Caliber missiles, upgraded to launch from under water. They will also receive advanced hydroacoustic stations, radio-electronic complexes and an updated navigation system.

According to military expert Andrei Frolov, the electronic systems of the submarines will be replaced by the most modern ones, the crews will have the opportunity to launch the Gauges - all this is fundamentally new equipment that the crews will have to master at the training complexes.

As the Hero of Russia, Rear Admiral Vsevolod Khmyrov, noted, the experience of severe accidents and the death of submarines suggests that such situations arose because of the lack of management skills of complex equipment, which is almost all equipment installed on submarines.
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  1. Tusv
    Tusv 25 December 2018 12: 51
    Boats are being modernized, crews are being trained. Good
    1. annodomene
      annodomene 27 December 2018 09: 32
      I agree that is good. Well, if only 25 ... 30 years ago ....
  2. nPuBaTuP
    nPuBaTuP 25 December 2018 13: 32
    Rear Admiral Vsevolod Khmyrov, experience of severe accidents and the death of submarines

    What kind of personality is this .... Mr. catastrophe ....
    1. Berkut154
      Berkut154 25 December 2018 20: 14
      I advise you to memorize and remember !!! I am ashamed not to know the Heroes of our time! Especially submariners!

      After graduation, in 1974, a request came from V.L. Khmyrov from the 3rd fleet of submarines of the USSR Navy, where he underwent practical training. Khmyrov arrived at the place of service in Gadzhievo on August 12, 1974, and on August 13 he left on his first trip [1]. The first position is the commander of the electro-navigation group of the submarine K-241 (1974-1976). From 1976 to 1979 - the commander of the BS-1 K-228, and from 1979 to 1981 - the assistant commander of the K-219 [2].

      In 1982 he graduated from the Higher Special Officer Classes of the Navy. At the end of the classes, he was appointed senior assistant to the commander of the nuclear submarine K-418. In 1986 he graduated from the Naval Academy named after Marshal of the Soviet Union A. Grechko, after which he was appointed commander of the nuclear submarine K-241, where he began his service [2].

      He has gained extensive swimming experience. Participated in 16 combat services. He developed a new methodology for checking the absence of tracking a missile submarine anti-submarine anti-submarine means of a potential enemy, 4 methods for the activity of a ship’s commander in case of malfunction of a material part in combat service. Since May 1992 - commander of a submarine division. February 22, 1996 awarded the military rank of Rear Admiral [2].

      In November 1995, Rear Admiral V. L. Khmyrov, commander of the 10th hydronaut unit of military unit No. 45707, was chairman of the state commission for the acceptance of the deep-sea nuclear power station AC-35, and in July 1996, together with the commander of the 29th Northern Submarine Brigade Fleet Rear Admiral V. N. Dronov participated in its trials [3].

      By the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation dated January 28, 1998 "for courage and heroism shown when testing new naval equipment in conditions involving a risk to life", Rear Admiral Khmyrov Vsevolod Leonidovich was awarded the title Hero of the Russian Federation with the award of a special insignia - Gold Star medals (No. 437) [2].

      June 16, 1999 Vsevolod Leonidovich defended the degree of candidate of technical sciences [4]. In 2002, he took part in the rescue of the Kursk nuclear submarine. It was Vsevolod Leonidovich who, after examining the scene of the accident on board the deep-sea atomic station, was the first to report on the cause of the accident: the explosion of torpedoes on board [1]. Since July 2002, Rear Admiral V. L. Khmyrov has been in reserve [2].
  3. T-34
    T-34 25 December 2018 13: 36
    The electronic diving trainer is great! It will be possible to safely do training on submarine survivability, firefighting and other specific operations! Perhaps, if such a simulator had existed 15 years ago, there would have been no tragedy with the Kursk. But, as they say, better late than never.
  4. alexmach
    alexmach 25 December 2018 16: 47
    Well, God forbid, it means they will not be written off and will be upgraded ...