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Fighter and bomber. Project UAV "Karnivora"

At the moment, there are no unmanned aerial vehicles of shock designation in service with the Russian army, but the development of such equipment is being carried out and is already yielding known results. A few days ago it became known that one of the Russian enterprises was engaged in the creation of a promising multi-purpose light-duty UAV. The product called "Carnivor" will be able to attack ground targets or intercept light drones. It is noteworthy that we are talking about the creation of almost the first domestic lightweight shock UAV.

A few days ago, Russian media spread a message about the promising development of the Scientific and Production Company "Mikran" (Tomsk). This organization conducts activities in the field of electronic systems, and not so long ago decided to try their hand at unmanned aerial vehicles. To date, the new project has reached the stage of testing, and the development organization was able to publish some data about it.

UAV "Karnivora" on trial

The promising small-class UAV is called Carnivore (Latin carnivorous), which to some extent reveals its purpose. Lightweight machine of limited size is intended for striking ground targets, as well as for "hunting" on other small-sized drones. Also, like other models of its class, the new device is capable of conducting reconnaissance, including with long-term patrolling in a given area.

Together with some information, NPF “Mikran” published a photo of a prospective UAV in flight, as well as a promotional video revealing the main features of the project and the capabilities of the technology. These materials allow you to carefully examine the proposed concept and the finished structure, as well as to assess its potential and prospects.

The Carnivore is a lightweight, normal aerodynamic aircraft with a high wing and a T-shaped tail unit. Apparently, the glider for the drone is made using modern plastics or composite materials. First of all, it allows to reduce the mass of the structure while ensuring the required strength. Externally, the UAV from NPF "Mikran" is similar to some other modern samples, but at the same time it has a number of characteristic features and features.

Complex "Carnivore" in the position to launch a drone

The glider for the Carnivores is built on the basis of a large elongation fuselage with a variable cross section. The nose of the fuselage is a engine compartment, the larger central one serves as a payload compartment. In the rear fuselage, the beam is narrowed to the maximum and equipped with a keel. The machine has a direct cantilevered wing spanning 5 m. The wing mechanization includes only ailerons of wide width. The wing of the device can move along the fuselage. This feature is used to adjust the UAV centering depending on the payload. On top of the keel is placed in the plan stabilizer with a rudder height. The glider has a three-point chassis with a tail wheel.

UAV "Karnivora" is proposed to complete the internal combustion engine with a pulling propeller. Part of the internal volume of the airframe is given for fuel. Unfortunately, the type and characteristics of the engine, as well as the basic parameters of the fuel system has not yet been clarified. However, the development organization has published a number of other tactical and technical characteristics.

Under the bottom of the fuselage, behind the engine compartment, is a block of opto-electronic equipment. The drone is equipped with a mobile platform with a day camera for searching and detecting targets. At the same time, the project provides for the use of a full-fledged unit with a day and night camera, as well as a laser rangefinder, but it is performed as a separate module used as the target payload placed in the corresponding compartment.

Operators jobs

The on-board electronics of the Karnivor UAV ensures operation in various conditions and the solution of all basic tasks. Depending on the current situation and other factors, the drone is able to work under the direct control of the operator, and independently - according to a pre-loaded program. When working with an operator, the range of the device is limited to 150 km. Independent work is provided at distances up to 500 km. The autopilot of the device is capable of performing the task even when the enemy uses electronic warfare equipment that suppress communication channels with the control panel or signals from navigation satellites.

Almost the entire central part of the Karnivory fuselage is given under the cargo compartment, suitable for the installation of various devices and products of modular type. The compartment has a rectangular shape and is made open to the bottom. Some equipment weighing up to 20 kg up to 35 l can be placed in it. It is the use of one or another payload that provides the ability to solve various tasks of an intelligence, patrol or combat character. It is proposed to use observation tools weapons, electronic equipment or rescue equipment.

Of greatest interest in the entire nomenclature are the modules for solving combat missions, allowing the drone to carry one or another weapon. The commercial shows a module with cells for weapons to attack ground targets. In the rectangular case of such a module there are six square cells, each of which accommodates one standard hand grenade, as well as a collar for holding it and means for extracting checks with a ring. At the command of the operator, the grenade is reset with simultaneous removal of checks and removal of the safety lever.

Start of the aircraft from the vehicle carrier

In the commercial of the UAV "Karnivora" used grenades RGD-5. Also declared the possibility of using weapons of types F-1, VOG-25, RGO, RGN and Zarya-2. Such weapons are intended to defeat manpower or unprotected equipment. For these purposes, it is possible to "work" with fragmentation combat elements AO-2,5РТ, borrowed from serial cluster munitions. For work on armored targets, transportation and discharge of cumulative fragmentation combat elements PTAB-2,5 is envisaged. It can be assumed that the drone can carry other containers that are compatible with different types of different weapons.

Prospective UAV is able to solve the tasks of intercepting light UAVs. For this purpose, it is proposed to install a module with special launchers in the cargo hold. Such a product includes a conical container guide for "ammunition", as well as means to release the latter. In the commercial, the Karnyvora unit carried two such launchers with a vertical drive, which allowed them to shoot forward into the lower hemisphere. The launcher shoots a collapsed net. The latter has a diameter of several meters, is equipped with weighting and has a line with a parachute.

As the video shows, the Karnivor’s apparatus should go to the intercepted drone and shoot the network at the right moment. Then the latter unfolds and covers the target, not allowing it to continue flying. In the advertisement, the interceptor device was able to successfully “hit” and land a light helicopter-type UAV on the ground. He stopped flying and gently lowered with the help of a parachute on the grid.

When using weapons, the UAV uses an onboard computer. Its task is to determine the location of the target and produce data for the most effective use of weapons. It is possible to bomb or shoot with a grid from both a dive and a pitching.

Installation of other devices is also possible in the 35-liter cargo compartment. It can be a repeater for providing radio communications at extended ranges, radio and chemical reconnaissance devices, and the Netpyr radar. Also, the drone can be used in search and rescue operations and carry a dumped set of rescue equipment. Finally, the compartment can be given for an additional large-capacity fuel tank.

The Karnivor UAV has a total length of the order of 3 m and a wingspan of 5 m. The maximum take-off weight is limited to 40 kg, with half of the mass falling to the payload. Cruising flight speed - 100-120 km / h. Maximum - 150 km / h. The maximum height is 4 km. Flight range, duration of work and radius directly depend on the problem to be solved and the payload used.

The maximum load allows the drone to remain in the air only 1 h. The load in 10 kg increases the duration of the flight to 6 h. In both cases, Carnivore can solve different tasks. Installing an additional fuel tank increases the flight time to 20 hours, but this device takes up the entire cargo hold and allows only reconnaissance.

The work of the Karnivor UAV is provided by a complex of ground-based equipment mounted in a standard KUNG on any suitable vehicle chassis. In this body should be placed two operator workplaces, as well as a set of other devices and instruments for the operation and maintenance of the aircraft. On the roof of the box body, a special launcher can be mounted, which allows the base car to be used as a catapult for initial acceleration during takeoff.


In the proposed form, an unmanned aerial vehicle "Karnivora" from NPF "Mikran" is able to solve a wide range of tasks inherent in such technology. In this case, we are talking about the use not of different products with different purposes, but of a universal platform device and interchangeable modular payload. This feature of the project is of great interest and is fully capable of becoming a good competitive advantage.

The Carnivore project provides a solution to several problems. First of all, the drone has the same functions as other samples of the light class. He can conduct reconnaissance using optical-electronic, radar or other systems. In this mode, it is possible to obtain high flight performance, including long flight duration. Impact equipment allows you to attack various ground objects - stationary and mobile. Finally, the regime of “hunting” for small-sized aircraft and work as a rescuer are envisaged.

However, for the time being, one should not overestimate the project and immediately pursue a great future for it. Prospective aircraft has yet to prove all its capabilities in the course of testing. Only after that it will be possible to draw any conclusions and determine the real prospects of the project.

According to the developer, the product "Karnivora" has already come to the test. Together with other data on the project was published only at the moment picture. It shows the low-altitude flight of the drone with the dumping of some ammunition to the ground. Judging by the background, the picture was taken in the warm season, and this means that the tests of the aircraft have been going on for several months already, but they only told about the existence of the project now.

What are the results of the tests - has not yet been clarified. There is reason to believe that an experienced drone has proven itself well, and this allowed us to disclose information about it. In addition, a demo video was published, which allows us to speak about the beginning of an advertising campaign and the promotion of a new development on the market.

The Russian Ministry of Defense can be considered the first and main customer of new unmanned aerial vehicles. However, as far as is known, it has not yet commented on a promising project. The future of the Karnivor project in the context of the overall program for the development of the UAV field remains uncertain. Perhaps messages on this subject will appear later, and the military will comment on the new domestic development.

At the level of the concept and basic technical solutions, the promising project of the UAV "Karnivora" looks very interesting and promising. In addition, it is almost the first time in the domestic practice that he offers a lightweight impact drone. The ideas of the project have already been embodied in the first prototype, which was released for testing. The prototype should show all its functions and confirm the ability to perform all major tasks. According to the test results, the potential customer will be able to draw the necessary conclusions. What they will be and what the future of the original project will be, time will tell.

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  1. svp67
    svp67 24 December 2018 05: 50
    Well, well, as in that proverb that the Russians harness for a long time, but go fast ... It seems that in the design of the UAV, we went movement
    1. the most important
      the most important 24 December 2018 22: 02
      Quote: svp67
      It seems that in the design of the UAV, we went movement

      Class! Boar hunting is now possible with a drone! Yes, and you can also catch ducks .... But for the war it is clearly not enough.
      1. Vladimir 5
        Vladimir 5 18 March 2019 12: 29
        the main. You're right. so far, the UAV is the level of aircraft from the time of Bleriot in aviation. This "Kornivor" speed is up to 140 km / h, and how it will deal with faster UAVs. Immediately we need divisions according to tasks - reconnaissance low speeds in a long flight, high combat and shock speeds, etc. ) ...
  2. riwas
    riwas 24 December 2018 06: 22
    When used against UAVs, 57-mm shrapnel NARs with a remote fuse would be useful.
    1. tihonmarine
      tihonmarine 25 December 2018 17: 39
      You were told "he's too small."
  3. faiver
    faiver 24 December 2018 09: 32
    rgd-xnumx precision weapon? funny fantasy
  4. Nikolaevich I
    Nikolaevich I 24 December 2018 09: 36
    Many have long had a certain bewilderment at the ready: how, in the presence of many years of glorious aviation school, which has created a lot of magnificent aircraft models without bending their hearts, it is not possible to create acceptable samples of unmanned aeroplans ?! After all, even in the USSR, some drones were adopted. "What's missing in the soup?" Or maybe our military is too picky? Too "greyhounds" in their queries? They say: "the best is the enemy of the good ..."! Really in Russia they could not create "good" if the "best" did not work out ?! Why not "rivet" while it is "good" for skill-training; and "best" is to buy (again, bye! ...) over the hill .... ?! And there, you see ..... racial "good" and foreign "best" would gradually become equal (!) ... (enterprises would have earned pennies on "good" and could easily create "better" on the backlog!). Personally, I like the concept of "Carnivores" .... because it is in the spirit of that "concept" that I somehow "developed" myself ... Modularity (!) (And from here, multifunctionality ...) - that's "the main thing credo of "this" concept! Quickly changeable wings of various lengths, lengthening the fuselage by "attaching" an additional compartment ... Moreover, an additional compartment can be either a functional unit or an "empty" container ... In general, the "concept" was a constructive (a kind of, " Picatinny rail (Weaver) ") ​​and a set of modules. The construction of "Carnivora" somewhat reminded me of "my own concept" ... that's why I approve of the described construction ...
    1. Corn
      Corn 24 December 2018 15: 15
      Because the main thing in drones is electronic and software, and Russia is traditionally bad with both of them, very bad.
      Armament in the USSR as UAVs of reconnaissance missiles was adopted sawn radio-controlled targets
      Quote: Nikolaevich I
      maybe our military is too picky?

      It’s a shame to compare domestic drones even with civilian aliexpress, the problem is clearly not in the military.
      Multifunctionality, it is certainly good, that's just easier said than done.
      1. Lopatov
        Lopatov 24 December 2018 16: 39
        Quote: Corn
        and with one and the other, Russia is traditionally bad, very bad.

        Is Russia bad with software?
        1. dauria
          dauria 24 December 2018 17: 03
          Is Russia bad with software?

          Don't be surprised bad. It is with a low level, with bricks. Here, oddly enough, Indians are leaders on the planet. Ours are bad not because they study poorly, but because they catch up, and they work in trifles. And now huge teams are needed with a division of labor, with a large budget. Loners can't do it. It is easier for the same Chinese - they will create an idea for an algorithm and please, if the business is profitable - tomorrow the manufacturers will "bake" you a specialized microcircuit for it. And it remains for ours to focus on the universal consumer goods of the same China.
          We have left-handed people who try to manually make nails when a cold head press is used in the world.
          1. Lopatov
            Lopatov 24 December 2018 17: 16
            Quote: dauria
            Is Russia bad with software?

            Don't be surprised bad. It is with a low level, with bricks. Here, oddly enough, Indians are leaders on the planet. Ours are bad not because they study poorly, but because they catch up, and they work in trifles. And now huge teams are needed with a division of labor, with a large budget. Loners can't do it. It is easier for the same Chinese - they will create an idea for an algorithm and please, if the business is profitable - tomorrow the manufacturers will "bake" you a specialized microcircuit for it. And it remains for ours to focus on the universal consumer goods of the same China.
            We have left-handed people who try to manually make nails when a cold head press is used in the world.

            Remind me who had the Buran UAV in automatic mode, ours or the Indians?
            1. dauria
              dauria 24 December 2018 17: 23
              Remind me who had the Buran UAV in automatic mode, ours or the Indians?

              You will remember that the Romans made a plumbing. And at the same time have a look at your computer or mobile phone. There, from "our" only Cyrillic. And only because sellers (not ours) benefit from learning the buyer's language (ours).
              1. Lopatov
                Lopatov 24 December 2018 17: 28
                Quote: dauria
                There, from "our" only Cyrillic.

                For example, I regularly use Feinrider and Promt. Maybe you are just trying to choose exclusively foreign ones?

                Quote: dauria
                You still remember what the Romans did the plumbing.

                I hope you yourself realize that they blurted out stupidity
                1. dauria
                  dauria 24 December 2018 18: 00
                  I hope you yourself realize that they blurted out stupidity

                  No, I "blurted out" what I wanted to say - there is no that USSR, there was - and no. As well as that of Rome. Your patriotism may be jarring about what we have now, but it is so. We are up to the United States, China and even India in terms of microelectronics and software, as before "Beijing with cancer." I would be glad to say something else, but the language does not turn. We do not have our own element base with the rarest exceptions. Well, take comfort, we don't even have bananas.
                  1. Lopatov
                    Lopatov 24 December 2018 18: 06
                    Quote: dauria
                    No, I "blurted out" what I wanted to say - there is no that USSR, there was - and no.

                    So what??????
                    The whole population of Russia has become sharply brainless?
                    Quote: dauria
                    microelectronics and software ............ We do not have our own element base with a rare exception.

                    Are you intentionally trying to mix flies with cutlets?
                    We are discussing software, not the element base. And about software ... Russia regularly issues world-class products
                    1. dauria
                      dauria 24 December 2018 18: 20
                      We are discussing software, not the element base

                      This is the same thing for a long time. Our world class "programming" is the programming of a purchased Chinese multicooker by a housewife. Until the Chinese make a new multicooker.
                      The whole population of Russia has become sharply brainless?

                      And where did you get the idea that the Indians are brainless? Rafikuzaman’s book on processor sets was translated and published in the 80s in a bunch of countries, and in the USA and the USSR. Or the Chinese? It’s just that in the world division of labor into which we entered these places are occupied. And just like that without money to get in there.
                      1. Lopatov
                        Lopatov 24 December 2018 19: 46
                        Quote: dauria
                        This is the same thing for a long time.

                        But you so praised India ... They are leaders, according to your statement. It turns out that they are at the same time world leaders in the element base?
                        Or for Russia "this is the same thing for a long time", but not for India?
            2. Fast_mutant
              Fast_mutant 24 December 2018 23: 10
              Remind me at least a couple of domestic percentages? Only about "Elbrus" is not necessary, okay?
            3. sh3roman
              sh3roman 21 January 2019 17: 32
              since then there were memories and newsreels, they destroyed everything, it’s strange that you didn’t notice
      2. 251946
        251946 25 December 2018 20: 40
        Quote: Corn
        Armament in the USSR as UAVs of scouts was adopted sawn radio-controlled targets

        From where are rumors or tales?
  5. Zaurbek
    Zaurbek 24 December 2018 09: 36
    Based on the UAVs that attacked Khmeimim? Using hand grenades confused me.
  6. tlauicol
    tlauicol 24 December 2018 09: 50
    Well, from what height do you need to attack in order to use Rod or F1? There will be no secrecy, and the barmalei will simply be scattered all over the place when they see / hear the UAV
    Primitive primitive
  7. Technician72
    Technician72 24 December 2018 11: 34
    And the most interesting: where will the engine be taken?
    1. Corn
      Corn 24 December 2018 15: 16
      There shouldn't be any problems in this segment; from any chainsaw the motor will do.
  8. vdm
    vdm 24 December 2018 13: 20
    Taking into account the large dimensions, up to 5 meters of wingspan and a total weight of 40 kg, it is more reasonable to develop a model of an unmanned tiltrotor ERA, which has the ability to scale to the task and is now in operation with a model weighing up to 30 kg, because above there are already other permissive rules. Opportunities to take off and land like a helicopter, incl. on the roof of an object in motion, hover to accurately drop the load or pick it up. When catching an "enemy drone", it is more effective to shoot it down or catch it with a net, when the speeds are equalized to zero. Moreover, the payload can be at least crystal, taking into account landing not by parachute into a swamp or on a tree. Enough area 2x2m. Cruising speed is the same, with the use of propellers up to 300 km / h. and higher. And in the development of an aircraft-type uav, we are in the role of a catch-up, unfortunately.
    1. Free wind
      Free wind 24 December 2018 15: 10
      This is a quadrocopter
      1. vdm
        vdm 24 December 2018 21: 11
        This is not a quadrocopter, but a tiltrotor. The difference in conversion is when the propellers switch from copter (helicopter) mode to airplane mode. Neither [media = http: /// V = erhHksSZxOo] the same video.
      2. vdm
        vdm 24 December 2018 21: 15
        This is not a quadrocopter, but a tiltrotor. The difference in conversion, i.e. transition of screws from the copter (helicopter) mode to the airplane one. Below is a video conversion.
  9. Alexander X
    Alexander X 24 December 2018 14: 17
    Back in 1976, while studying at the Moscow Aviation Institute, I came to the department for a part-time job as a laboratory assistant. And at this department I met the head of the aircraft modeling circle of the pioneer camp, in which I had been since the 2nd grade. Since that time he has been creating radio-controlled models. So already in 1976. he developed (and manufactured) UAVs, incl. layout as in the article and approximately the same size. Only then were they called radio-controlled models. Of course, the electronic filling in those developments was primitive - at the level of those years. The payload was about the same. They carried drop-down containers to pour ... ladybirds onto the fields. We also joked that grenades could be shoved into these containers if needed (as they looked into the water) .... But if it was then that competent leaders introduced the topic of the UAV, now we would be "ahead of the rest of the planet" ... So Russia is rich in brainy people, it cannot boast of visionaries ...
    1. Free wind
      Free wind 24 December 2018 15: 24
      They are then and now called radio-controlled. The UAV, having received the task, independently finds and identifies the object, asks for permission to destroy, received destroys it and, looking at the task, can return to the base independently. the operator is needed for the destruction team.
    2. sh3roman
      sh3roman 21 January 2019 17: 35
      nothing like that, in 90 they destroyed everything, and now the beloved power is not even trying to restore
  10. Alexander not great
    Alexander not great 24 December 2018 16: 27
    a grenade?))) are you serious?) a superpower gave birth to a drone of Syrian fighters)))) I’m joking of course, but the future is foggy) obviously
    1. dauria
      dauria 24 December 2018 18: 47
      superpower gave birth to a drone

      Maybe the superpower "sells" its own? Although you can carry it in a package ...
  11. Mwg
    Mwg 24 December 2018 16: 47
    Bomb RGDshkami - dubious result))))
    And then, nothing device
  12. Cradle
    Cradle 25 December 2018 19: 32
    Well, actually, don’t show the main thing to the NATO people, they will die of laughter ...
  13. Max20
    Max20 1 February 2019 15: 08
    Hmm ...
    Which army - such and UAVs and UAV armament. You see, the next video from Putin’s smartphone for journalists will be about how this UAV smuggles the thousands of ISIS caravan into Syria - and no one understands how the special forces got so close to the caravan that they threw everyone with hand grenades. A disgrace.
  14. Prahlad
    Prahlad 20 February 2019 14: 59
    Grenades? ... it's something in the style of igil with copters with aliexpress. Some shame