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Year of heavy drone. Plans for 2019

Domestic industry has long been actively engaged in the subject of unmanned aerial vehicles, and large quantities of such equipment are already serving. At the same time, only light and medium-sized UAVs are still in the series, while heavier vehicles capable of conducting reconnaissance and carrying weapon, in the army yet absent. Fortunately, the situation is gradually changing and in the near future will take the desired form. A number of promising projects are already being developed, and in the near future new models will reach the army.

It is worth recalling that at present, various Russian enterprises are developing several promising medium and heavy UAVs capable of carrying both reconnaissance equipment and weapons. Despite the known problems, design work continues and leads to the desired results. Several new samples will soon be able to test, and one drone will have to complete the checks and enter the series.

Orion Success

The most successful domestic development in the field of medium and heavy UAVs can be considered a project called "Orion". This unit was developed by the Kronstadt Group as part of the Pacer design work. The project was created a few years ago, and in 2015, a prototype was noticed at one of the Russian airfields. In the first months of 2016, the Orion first took to the air. Later, the drone began to show at domestic military-technical exhibitions.

UAV "Orion" in flight. Photo Group "Kronstadt"

On December 19, a number of domestic media published relevant plans of the Ministry of Defense for the Orion project. With reference to the Deputy Minister of Defense Alexei Krivoruchko, it was asserted that the RAN “Pacer” was continuing, and deliveries of serial equipment could begin next year. It may need some refinement of the technology, but as early as next year the army will be able to receive the first production Orions.

If these plans are fulfilled, the Russian armed forces for the first time will receive an average-sized UAV, designed to fly at medium altitudes over a long range and capable of carrying both optical instruments and weapons. While maintaining the current situation, Orion will be able to get ahead of its competitors and become the first reconnaissance-impact UAV of its class adopted for service in our country.

Aircraft "Orion" is based on the normal aerodynamic configuration and has a mid-wing large elongation. A characteristic feature of the machine is a V-shaped tail. In the manufacture of airframes are widely used composite materials, providing an advantageous combination of mass and strength. Prototypes of UAVs are equipped with a Rotax 914 gasoline engine with an 115 horsepower. and a pushing propeller. In the future, the imported engine will be replaced with a domestic product with similar characteristics.

The first version of Orion, 2015. Photo

"Orion" is equipped with a survey-sighting optical-electronic system of domestic development, built on the basis of foreign components. It includes cameras for working day and night, as well as a laser rangefinder. The main surveillance and sighting system can be supplemented with a separate module with cameras or a compact domestic radar surveillance station.

With a length of 8 m and a wingspan of the 16 m, the Orion drone has a take-off weight of 1 t. The 200 kg falls on the payload of one type or another. Of greatest interest is the possibility of carrying weapons. Last year, for the first time, Aviaautomatika and Vais-Tekhnika presented the guided weapons complex for UAVs. As part of a joint project, they developed three guided bombs with a caliber of 25 and 50 kg. Such products can be dropped at a distance of tens of kilometers from the target and hit it with a deviation of no more than a few meters. It was alleged that the 25-kg bomb had already been tested on the Orion UAV.

According to recent reports, next year, Orion can go into the series and enter the army. In this case, the equipment of the unmanned complex has not yet been clarified. What devices will carry serial cars and what weapons they will use - is unknown. It is worth expecting that information on this account will appear in the very near future.

Altius Delay

December 19 A. Krivoruchko also touched upon the topic of development work with the Altius cipher. Earlier this year there were reports of the termination of this project in connection with the problems of the organization-developer. The Deputy Minister of Defense commented on these reports. According to him, the project is not stopped, although there have been some changes. The project has changed the developer, but work continues. Already next year, the prototype for OTK "Altius" is supposed to be lifted into the air.

The control panel "Orion". Photo Group "Kronstadt"

OCR "Altius" was launched in 2011 year. The contract for the development of prospective UAVs was obtained by the Falcon Design Bureau (now the Simonov Design Bureau) and Tranzas. The drone received its own name "Altair". In 2013, a mock-up of the future drone was prepared, reflecting its main features. About the construction and testing of the prototype became known in 2016 year. About a year later, the second experienced Altair was manufactured. In the spring of this year, law enforcement agencies uncovered the facts of embezzlement in the Design Bureau. Simonov, which to some extent influenced the Altius project. In early October, there were reports of the termination of this development work.

However, these reports were not true. Soon the TASS news agency reported that the project was ongoing, but the Ural Civil Plant will now be engaged in its development aviation. However, certain questions arise in connection with statements about the first flight next year: as far as is known, Altair has been flying since 2016. The Izvestia publication, citing its sources, reports that the Altair project is almost ready for the start of mass production. There is also information on the study of issues of ammunition. The ammunition range includes products of different classes and types.

UAV "Altair" / "Altius" is built according to the normal aerodynamic configuration with a high-lying straight wing. At the junctions of the center section and consoles are placed engine nacelles with a pair of engines. Like a number of other UAVs, the Altair has a V-shaped tail. The project provides for the use of two diesel engines RED A03 / V12 with 250 horsepower. with tricolor propellers. According to the technical specification, the take-off mass of the device must reach 5 t, of which 1 t is the payload. Flight range should be brought to 10 thousand km, the duration - to 48 hours.

Experienced UAV "Altair" in the assembly shop. Photo "Channel One" / Wikimedia Commons

Until recently, the project "Altius" was developed by OKB. Simonov, but for several reasons, it was decided to transfer it to another organization. The following year is planned to continue the necessary work, including a new phase of flight tests. After their completion, Altair will be able to go into mass production. With such an outcome, it will become the largest and heaviest domestic UAV with the highest technical and combat characteristics.

The Future of the Hunter

The next year is scheduled to start testing another heavy-class unmanned aerial vehicle. We are talking about the product with the code "Hunter", created by the company "Sukhoi". A. Krivoruchko called the project “Hunter” a priority. Work on this topic is "at a good level" and close to entering a new stage. Already next spring, the prototype of such a heavy drone should go on flight tests.

A project called “Hunter” started in 2012; its development is the company "Sukhoi". Mention was made of the working designation of the project - C-70. The purpose of the OCD "Hunter" was the creation of a heavy attack and reconnaissance UAV with high performance, capable of attacking the targets of a technically developed enemy. All this made special demands on onboard electronics, controls, etc.

The development of the Hunter project and the subsequent construction of a prototype continued until the middle of 2018. At the end of November, ground tests started with jogging along the runway. Flight tests are scheduled for the next year, but the dates for their completion and the start of new phases have not yet been specified. Previously published information, according to which the mass production of C-70 products will begin in 2020.

"Altair" at the airport. Photo

According to known data, the Hunter UAV is built according to the “flying wing” scheme, and all its main units are placed inside a glider of a characteristic shape. This design of the machine was chosen due to the need to reduce radar visibility. A power plant based on a turbojet engine or engines is used. There are no other technical details. Earlier it was reported that the Hunter’s take-off weight would reach 20 t, and the machine could carry up to several tons of payload in the internal compartments.

In fact, we are talking about creating an unobtrusive unmanned bomber capable of breaking through the enemy’s air defense and using guided weapons against important objects. From the point of view of the design features, the necessary technologies and capabilities of the UAV, the Hunter can be considered a fundamentally new development for our industry. The prospects for such technology in the context of use in the army can not be overestimated.

2019 year and on

Judging by the last newsNext year 2019 will be the most important period for the development of the domestic industry of unmanned aerial vehicles. Until the end of next year, the Ministry of Defense and Industry are planning to complete the testing of one of the promising samples, after which its serial construction will begin. Thus, by the 2020, the Russian armed forces will be able to start operating their first reconnaissance-strike UAV of the middle or heavy class.

At the same time, work will continue on several other projects. One of these developments, recently replaced the design organization, will enter a new phase of testing, and the other will have to make its first flight. According to the results of all the necessary tests and other measures, a decision may be made on putting the new equipment into service. As a result, at the disposal of the army will be several samples of UAVs with different characteristics and capabilities.

The only known image of the hunter C-70 drone. Photo

It should be noted that "Orion", "Altair" and "Hunter" are not the only promising domestic drones of the medium and heavy categories. At the same time, some other projects of similar classes with similar purpose are being developed. In addition, work continues on the development of the direction of light reconnaissance vehicles. New samples of this class will also appear in the foreseeable future.

There is information about the development of the shock modification of the existing serial reconnaissance UAV "Dozor". Also from scratch developed projects "Thunder" and "Zenica." However, the appearance of ready-made samples of this kind, apparently, should be expected only in a few years - later than the current "Orions" and "Hunters".

Currently, the Russian army is armed with many unmanned aerial vehicles of the light and middle classes. The bulk of such equipment is designed to conduct intelligence in the interests of various departments. Also, UAVs are used as part of communications and electronic warfare systems. Impact machines have not yet been put into service, which until recently was a cause for serious concern. Fortunately, now the situation is changing, and a number of projects of similar devices are approaching the desired final.

According to current plans of the Russian Ministry of Defense, the next 2019 year will be a landmark for the national program to create promising unmanned aerial vehicles. Planned tests of some samples and the supply of others. The positive effects of this are obvious. The army will receive a new material part, and with it new opportunities.

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    It would be interesting to know the details about the S-70 Hunter. Interesting car. "Dry" rules. Look forward to.
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      But we are not supposed to know the details. And rightly so.
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        Rotax 914 gasoline engine

        diesel engines RED A03 / V12

        One engine is Canadian, the other is German. How tired (((
        1. D16
          D16 21 December 2018 10: 21
          Reichlin himself is from Kazan, he studied there. This engine was developed with our money and will be on the Yak-152. As soon as they squeeze, they will transfer production to Tatarstan. In Germany, they understand this very well. If the An-2 were made at the Reds, it would be great in general.
          1. Chertt
            Chertt 21 December 2018 10: 53
            Thanks for the clarification. I hope you're right
      2. Sckepsis
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        But we don’t have to know the details

        What is right here? People who advocated concealment of even basic characteristics have always been touched. Do you think they get info from the press in NATO? They already know ahead of time what will happen when it will be. So this whole game of excessive secrecy is either another bend, or from the fact that there is nothing to brag about.
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    Quote: 210ox
    But we are not supposed to know the details. And rightly so.

    It's like that. Everything has its time. But ohooot ..
    1. Ross xnumx
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      As already tired of these "huge plans". So much time has passed that if the plans were successfully implemented, I would already go fishing with a Russian-made graphene rod. And again these eternal dates and dates, standing in the boundless future ...
      Make, try and show all the advantages of the new technology. And then it seems that today there is an excuse for wasted budget funds.
      1. Errr
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        Despondency is a mortal sin. laughing
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          Quote: Herrr
          Despondency is a mortal sin.

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            The right cheek is also not a stranger. Substituting is generally not desirable. And what about the Abrahamic religions, ALL down?
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          Quote: Herrr
          Despondency is a mortal sin. laughing

          This is not gloom, but annoyance. The annoyance of those who came from anywhere in Russia in huge quantities of empty balabol and idle projectors.
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            Quote: ROSS 42
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        3. muradministrator
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          Lies are even worse.
      2. NordUral
        NordUral 21 December 2018 09: 52
        And then it seems that today there is an excuse for wasted budget funds. The same impressions. Again a host of plans.
        But taking into account the experience of the "partners", and with our school, it was long ago possible to close the current problem with drone UAVs and go forward.
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            Partisans do not give up.
            And they still don’t know how to count. laughing Not a victim of the exam, yeah. wink
  3. passerby
    passerby 21 December 2018 06: 20
    If the S-70 succeeds and will turn out exactly the way it was described, then this is a breakthrough not only for Russia, but a world-class breakthrough. So far, no one has succeeded in adopting an inconspicuous strike drone. The United States tried, but eventually reclassified its drone from a shock to a tanker.
  4. Errr
    Errr 21 December 2018 06: 47
    And here is another version of the "Hunter" from "Sukhoi". Doesn't it look like anything?
    1. 501Legion
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      resembles photoshop.
      1. Errr
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  5. edeligor
    edeligor 21 December 2018 08: 42
    The UAV prototypes are equipped with a 914 hp Rotax 115 gasoline engine. and pushing propeller.

    two RED A03 / V12 diesel engines are envisaged
    Our speak ?!
    survey and sighting optical-electronic system of domestic design, built on the basis of foreign components
    - How! A new word for proud domestic electronics engineers! I'll drop a fly in the ointment "Hurray for the Patriots". What is described in this article as the essence of victory is really a receipt in its complete failure in the field of creating heavy UAVs! If there is still a glimmer of hope on the engines, then with the electronics - OVA and AH !!! I hope a little that these advanced products are tied to our software products and GLONASS, otherwise ... DROP !!!
  6. Imper
    Imper 21 December 2018 09: 00
    Only in 2008 they realized that the Army needed UAVs, allocated funds for the development of this equipment and after a series of failures (UAV Stork, etc.) understood the depth of the problems of implementing these projects from a technical point of view - the absence of the required level of ECB, efficient engines, materials, everything these are the problems of the technical backwardness of our military-industrial complex, the consequences of its underfunding in previous years, all this cannot be solved with a cash infusion, this is a complex problem.
    In 2011, an American UAV fell / landed in Iran, but no one has had such a machine until now, because there are no countries with a technical level of the USA, although it is possible that some solutions from this device were implemented by someone.
    1. muradministrator
      muradministrator 21 December 2018 18: 05
      -Only in 2008 did they realize that the Army needed UAVs-

      We realized 30 years earlier. After the operation, Pendel was a bear. The level of technology and engine building do not allow us to move further than Orlan-10.
    2. Days
      Days 22 December 2018 17: 02
      Quote: Imper

      Only in 2008 did they realize that the Army needed UAVs

      You are here (to begin with): "Domestic unmanned aerial vehicles" in three articles:
      1.https: //
      2.https: //
      3.https: //
      1. Imper
        Imper 23 December 2018 14: 20
        To you here (for a start):

        I thank you for the offer to familiarize yourself with such a comprehensive review of the development of unmanned aircraft in the USSR / Russia, although, in general terms, I had an idea of ​​the state of affairs in this industry earlier, especially in the period after the collapse of the USSR, which I had in mind in the commentary on not understanding the importance of the development of this type of technology before the events of 08.08.08/22/XNUMX otherwise they would not have conducted reconnaissance on the Tu-XNUMX.
  7. D16
    D16 21 December 2018 10: 10
    The RED A03-V12 has a maximum power of 500 hp. long 450.
  8. g1washntwn
    g1washntwn 21 December 2018 10: 39
    The V-shaped plumage on the background of two huge engines at once in terms of lowering radio visibility looks like a mockery. What for the elephant camouflage?
    1. Corn
      Corn 21 December 2018 15: 08
      V-shaped plumage, this not only adds invisibility, but also reduces air resistance, now even civilian liners begin to design with it.
  9. Lawyer
    Lawyer 21 December 2018 13: 39
    You can’t see the domestic small-sized economical turbojet engines for UAVs, I don’t even imagine what the problem is to do them ourselves, well, take at least the L410. Well, do not fly on a piston solarium.
    1. Corn
      Corn 21 December 2018 15: 18
      Quote: Jurist
      domestic - small - economical
      In fact, these are three mutually exclusive concepts, you can choose only two ... UAV manufacturers donate first
      Quote: Jurist
      Well, do not fly on a piston solarium

      It is on it that you fly, the efficiency of piston engines is higher than that of turbojet analogues, and for a drone driving a drone, fuel consumption is a critical indicator.
      1. Saxahorse
        Saxahorse 22 December 2018 01: 57
        Quote: Corn
        Efficiency of piston engines is higher than that of turbojet analogues; for a drone driving a drone, fuel consumption is a critical indicator.

        As far as I remember, the efficiency of a turbine is usually higher than the efficiency of a piston internal combustion engine. But on the other hand, there really are no suitable domestic engines. :(

        Oddly enough, they say that the leader in such low-power engines today is China. (?)
        1. Zaurbek
          Zaurbek 22 December 2018 10: 10
          Efficiency is the highest in the theater and in modern dual-circuit turbojet engines. It’s just that the airplanes with turbojet engines have different speeds, which are not needed in small-medium UAVs.
        2. Corn
          Corn 22 December 2018 18: 05
          Quote: Saxahorse
          Turbine efficiency is usually higher than piston engine ICE

          On the contrary, the specific power per engine volume is 2 times higher, but the consumption is several times higher. Total difference between heavy, slow, but economical, and light, powerful, fast, but lively.
          1. Saxahorse
            Saxahorse 23 December 2018 23: 00
            Quote: Corn
            On the contrary, the specific power per engine volume is 2 times higher, but the consumption is several times higher.

            You are probably confused with reactive. We correctly specified a little higher that turboprops have the best efficiency of today's aviation, which is very useful for a long flight at cruising speed. Piston praise for good dynamics, and therefore love in small aircraft with short flights but frequent approaches for example.
            1. Corn
              Corn 23 December 2018 23: 35
              I do not confuse.
              I repeat, turboprop engines are the same gas turbine engines, they also stand on tanks, helicopters, ships, and many more.
              The turbine in its design cannot even come close in efficiency to the piston engine. For example, on ships GDU is used only for afterburner modes, and so they run around the seas and oceans on diesel engines.
              Just the same dynamics of power gain, the specific power per volume is higher for a turbojet engine, but minus the gluttony and cost of maintenance - a key parameter for small aircraft.
              1. Saxahorse
                Saxahorse 24 December 2018 00: 45
                You're wrong. Efficiency of a piston aircraft engine 55-60% of a turbine 88-94%. This is in theory. But in practice, the ratio is about the same.
                1. Corn
                  Corn 24 December 2018 02: 01
                  Proofs will be? wink
      2. cyborg
        cyborg 22 December 2018 21: 48
        Schauberger pulse motor must be used. There, the efficiency tends to unity.
  10. Hypersound
    Hypersound 21 December 2018 13: 52
    Need as much as possible
    1. muradministrator
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      We planned, will create, we need more, we need now, they promised, we promised to launch, they will show, they will do it. prepare, they can. they’ll start, summarize. If, maybe, then, and if.
      1. tanit
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        Muradiner belay You, apparently, are preparing for the second "breakthrough" to the Sea of ​​Azov. Well. I understand and do not reproach: wassat
        I invite you to become an expert on the Orthodox faith. wassat
  11. senima56
    senima56 21 December 2018 17: 45
    It is high time! Long! In order not to shoot down our guys, let these shock "pieces of iron" bomb the terrorists! And if they get shot down, it's not a pity! Still riveting! People must be protected! Specialists!
  12. izbani
    izbani 28 December 2018 10: 03
    we are waiting for news about the entry into service of hundreds of drones (any, now it’s not at all fat)
  13. Alex katc
    Alex katc 30 December 2018 16: 32
    Quote: Imper
    In 2011, an American UAV fell / landed in Iran, but no one has had such a machine until now, because there are no countries with a technical level of the USA, although it is possible that some solutions from this device were implemented by someone.

    Strange, but the Iranians did copy it completely, contrary to your claims.
  14. NordUral
    NordUral 21 February 2019 18: 27
    It’s time to no longer consider the pictures, but watch the video with the flights of Russian drones for the entire spectrum of tasks. Tired of disappointing.