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The border between the DNI and the LC. Pushilin and Pasechnik not to unite the republic

Despite the promise of the head of the DPR, Denis Pushilin, supported by the head of the LPR, Leonid Pasechnik, by the end of 2018, to abolish the border and customs control between the republics, Donetsk and Lugansk continue to live as two different, independent from each other, states.

The question, of course, concerns not only customs control or the existence of roadblocks on the border between the republics. In itself, border crossing on average takes minutes from public transport passengers 5-10, and the vast majority of passenger transport crosses it at all without delay.

Initially, the border was created as an additional measure in the fight against smuggling and, to all appearances, has not lost its value to this day, therefore, it is not so easy to give it to Donetsk and Lugansk (in Lugansk, an additional checkpoint from the Russian border was recently installed) . In addition, as it turned out, in the republics there are various norms of customs law.

In fact, the issue of legislation turned out to be even more serious than the fight against smuggling, traditional for this border region. It is necessary to dig deeper, as soon as it turns out that the republics of New Russia, which no sensible person can perceive as something separate from each other, actually live as two different states. They have different legislation, and they perceive each other’s residents as foreigners.

For example, the Ministry of Justice of the DPR seriously perceives not only Russians, but also residents of the LPR, as foreign citizens. So, in order to get married, for example, it is necessary to prove the “legitimacy” of their stay in the republic.

"For state registration of marriage, foreigners and stateless persons must submit a passport document with a note on the registration of the authorized body regarding the legality of their stay in the territory of the Donetsk People's Republic," the Justice Ministry said optimistically. Similar rules apply in the LC.

If we begin to seriously understand the legislation of the LDNR, it becomes clear that the republics exist in a mixed Ukrainian-Russian legal field. Over the past four years, Donetsk and Lugansk lawmakers have created a bizarre system, partially copied from Ukrainian, partly from Russian laws, plus those norms that were adopted specifically for the peculiarities of life in the republics.

And when the “statesmen” of the LDNR were engaged in lawmaking, they, apparently, did not even think of coordinating the decisions between themselves. Probably, the idea that the republics should unite sooner or later did not come to their heads.

Judging by the results of the work, confusion reigns in these heads. What legislators have been doing in recent years is not easy to understand. In Lugansk, for example, the civil and arbitration courts still do not work, and in the DPR they use the Ukrainian administrative code, but there is a legislative norm on the creation of a state agency for aviationwhich deals with “issues of regulatory legal regulation of the use of airspace and organization of air traffic in the Donetsk People’s Republic, ensuring the safety and regularity of aircraft flights ...” I recall: the Donetsk airport is destroyed; the sky over the republic is closed for flights.

In general, not only are there no sections in the legislation of the republics, it is still not coordinated with each other. Taking into account the speed and quality of work of the legislative bodies, it can be concluded: the process of creating the missing links will be delayed for a very long time.

So it is not at all surprising that the sound initiatives of Pasechnik and Pushilin to abolish the border between the republics remain unfulfilled: the harmonization of the legislative norms will require coordinated and constructive work from the governments of the republics. And the same cooperation of the security forces in the fight against smuggling.

As for the completely logical and inevitable combination of the LC and the DPR, then it must be recognized that today it is a utopia. Governments would have to completely upset and rework the laws and synchronize them, and this amount of work so far is beyond the republican figures. At least, until he “arrives” from the curators. That's when fussing and stitching LDNR on a live thread.
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  1. Baloo
    Baloo 21 December 2018 15: 08
    Yesterday I came across a strange resource in the internet. It was asserted that in Rostov the spheres of influence were divided between the criminals of the "fraternal countries"; the names of those who were in the "law" on both sides of the border were named, incl. oligarchs and obligations of one of the parties to regulate relations with the SBU. Perhaps a fake. Only now a lonely bear will be pulled up by a pack of dogs, and two bears will tear a pack of wolves.
    1. Machito
      Machito 21 December 2018 15: 33
      Uniting LDNR without Russia's participation will not be easy. Where will the capital be? Donetsk? Lugansk? Local elites will never want to share power and money. Money. Even standing on the edge of the abyss, local elites do not think about the well-being of the people, but about filling their pockets.
      Let us recall the good words of the socialist, dreamer and poet Brain. There are no more and are unlikely to be, like Oles Buzin in Ukraine.
      1. loginovich
        loginovich 21 December 2018 15: 44
        Quote: Bearded
        Local elites will never want to share power and money. Money. Even standing on the edge of the abyss, local elites do not think about the well-being of the people, but about filling their pockets

        They escaped from some thieves, got to other thieves.
      2. vladcub
        vladcub 21 December 2018 17: 30
        Borodach, you removed the language: Pushilin in Donetsk and Pasechnik in Lugansk least of all want to share power and everything that is attached to it.
        Each of them thinks to himself: "I am smarter and smarter than my colleague," but they do not remember the people.
        1. SOF
          SOF 21 December 2018 18: 14
          Quote: vladcub
          Pushilin in Donetsk and Pasechnik in Lugansk least want to share power

          .... the virus of independence sprouted on the fertile soil of small-town courage ....
          .... someone still has questions a la: why has the Russian Federation still not recognized the republic and absorbed all the urkain right up to the borders of Galicia? .....
          ... even in Crimea, this evil in five years did not defeat ......
          1. tihonmarine
            tihonmarine 23 December 2018 12: 11
            You will never knock out independence from them, because everyone wants to become "masters", therefore, not having time to become a state, the Sumerians began to fight each other, as always, either a small "zuhenweich", or a civil war (Crimea also learned the intoxication of independence). Sorry for the people in Lao PDR, but ?????
        2. atalef
          atalef 22 December 2018 14: 26
          Quote: vladcub
          Borodach, you removed the language: Pushilin in Donetsk and Pasechnik in Lugansk least of all want to share power and everything that is attached to it.
          Each of them thinks to himself: "I am smarter and smarter than my colleague," but they do not remember the people.

          why don't they remember? Even as they recall-the people's republics, sort of like?
      3. Matroskin
        Matroskin 21 December 2018 21: 43
        Divide and rule. It is unlikely that our oligarchs and their Ukrainian colleagues are interested in uniting, and indeed in the stability of the LPR, the gray zone is profitable, the order is not profitable, socialist all the more. And it was precisely such selfless ideologists of the People’s Republic, such as Mozgovoy, who were first knocked out.
        1. your1970
          your1970 26 December 2018 10: 25
          Quote: Matroskin
          order is not profitable socialist especially.
          -And was he even outlined there ??? Why would it ??
  2. 210ox
    210ox 21 December 2018 16: 07
    "When there is no agreement in the comrades, their business will not go well ..." It's all about grandfather Krylov ... But the situation should unite their efforts.
  3. BAI
    BAI 21 December 2018 16: 23
    I do not understand the point of having a border between the republics.
    1. 210ox
      210ox 21 December 2018 16: 29
      None of us understand. However, the distribution of power among local elites has not been canceled .. Above in the comments, this was noted.
    2. vladcub
      vladcub 21 December 2018 18: 05
      We do not have this understanding, but it seems wild to them that it would be otherwise.
      Perhaps I have lagged behind in life, but I DON'T UNDERSTAND: why do governors need their own ministries in each region? It’s clear that any official in the Federal Ministry of Construction or the Ministry of Prospect is more significant than the "Minister of Education Muhoska" or, as in Donetsk, there is no aviation, but there is an aviation committee or what is his name?
      Toys for vanity! So I understand all these: ministers in Kryzhrple
      1. your1970
        your1970 26 December 2018 10: 28
        Quote: vladcub
        Perhaps I have lagged behind life, but I DO NOT UNDERSTAND: why do governors need their own ministries in each region?
        -you just forget about the SIZE of the territory of the regions: Saratov is equal in area to France, Moscow will beat Belgium and the Netherlands in terms of numbers, I’m generally silent about the regions-there ALL Europe can be lost completely and go for weeks to the border with the neighboring region
  4. Cradle
    Cradle 21 December 2018 17: 01
    So admit these idiots ...
  5. Mikhail Zubkov
    Mikhail Zubkov 21 December 2018 19: 39
    And who said that the PROTECTED border between the DPR and LPR is meaningless and not in the interests of the Russian Federation? Donetsk and "Donetsk" have long-standing criminal glory, and not only in Ukraine, but also in our border regions. "Luhansk", "Mariupol" and "Berdyansk" do not want "Donetsk" from above. Or they are nearby, and even together, as it were, against the Kiev occupier or the Polish invader, but not across the fence between themselves. Each neighbor of the "Donetsk" people has its own "self", its own internal market and its own ethnic characteristics such as a mass villager or farmer, its own history and its own power. And very good. different claims and vectors in the movement towards autonomy or federal unification. And it is not at all necessary that the LPR and the DPR would have the same and SIMULTANEOUS desire to reunite, for example, with Russia. Donetsk people may want autonomy, and Luhansk people want to unite not with them, but with Voronezh or Belgorodians within Russia.
  6. Conductor
    Conductor 21 December 2018 19: 54
    Ndya, there’s a mess in the legislative base.
  7. Stils
    Stils 21 December 2018 21: 53
    The republics have a task to survive and maintain human and infrastructure potential! Not to fat, to be alive!
  8. Chichikov
    Chichikov 21 December 2018 21: 59
    I would like it faster, but quickly only cats breed! Further, no comment!

    “At present, the DNR and LC have plans to strengthen ties with the Russian Federation. Promotion of our economic interests requires the use of appropriate integrated legal systems. We are a single people, with common external and internal tasks. The state of armed aggression and the unpreparedness for any agreements on the part of Ukraine proves the relevance of our chosen course towards the harmonization of our legal systems and the legal system of the Russian Federation. The Russian legal system is the most powerful and influential of all legal systems. The rule-making process of our states is primarily aimed at harmonizing, eliminating and reducing legal differences between our Republics and Russia. Harmonization of the legal systems of the DPR and LPR with the legal system of the Russian Federation is an expedient process of borrowing experience. Given the above, as well as the transitional period from the Ukrainian legislation to the republican legislation, we can conclude that a single way of developing the legal systems of the Republics lies in the unification of the legislation of the Lugansk and Donetsk People's Republics. For our states, the unification of law is a necessary and logical development process.
    Chairman of the LPR People’s Council Committee on Legislative and Rulemaking Activities Denis Kolesnikov, 15.07.18/XNUMX/XNUMX

    Deputies of the People’s Councils of the DPR and LPR plan to synchronize the legislation of both republics by 85 percent. “According to our estimate, we will be able to synchronize the laws of the DPR and LPR by 80-85 percent. True, this is a very painstaking work based on the fact that all this period of time we have passed laws without regard to each other. ”
    This was announced on July 17.07.18, XNUMX in an interview to the Donetsk news agency by the chairman of the People’s Council of the DPR Denis Pushilin.

    "In accordance with part 4 of Article 22 of the Law of the Lugansk People's Republic of 29.05.2015/35/XNUMX No. XNUMX-II (as amended)" On the Supreme Court of the Lugansk People's Republic "I order: courts of general jurisdiction, starting from the day following the day this order comes into force , start activities for the acceptance and consideration of civil cases in the framework of civil proceedings "
    The order comes into force from the moment of its signing, that is, December 20.

    On October 10, 2018, the first joint law of the LPR and DPR "On the Banner of Victory" was adopted, which was developed jointly by the MPs from the LPR and DPR. It is noted that the law is necessary for the legislative establishment of the status of the Banner of Victory and the use of official copies of the Banner of Victory. "The document is aimed at legislative establishment of the Banner of Victory as a symbol of the victory of the Soviet people in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945," the deputies note.
    Earlier it was decided to remove the railway post between the republics as part of the roadmap.
    It is also planned to completely synchronize legislation between the LPR and the DPR, as well as remove customs duties.
  9. konus
    konus 21 December 2018 22: 38
    The article is timely and topical. Unfortunately, everything that is stated in it is true. Now about what needs to be done? I express only my personal opinion (single thinker). All the same, it will be necessary to start (whether someone likes it or not!) With the creation of a single policy in relation to the management of the economy of the republics - the LPR and the DPR. And this means that the state (and with a single policy - the state) must to some extent manage economic processes. Why is it written - in one way or another? The fact is that so far two polar approaches to the management of the economy by the state are known. The first is a planned economy with 100% state influence on market processes. Life has shown the inefficiency of such management of market processes, which led to the collapse of the USSR. The second approach is the implementation of the liberal market paradigm. In this case, there is a complete non-interference of the state in market processes. The results can be seen in the Russian Federation - a continuous increase in prices for almost everything, a drop in the purchasing power of the ruble in the domestic market of Russia only for the period from 2012 to 2016 amounted to 30%. And for 2018, almost all 40%. And, of course, a small increase in GDP.
    Therefore, we need a certain golden mean of the degree of state influence on market processes. This can already be achieved in the foreseeable future, would be the desire and political will of the leadership of the republics.
    The only thing that cannot be agreed with the author of the article is that there are no necessary forces in the LPR and the DPR. That is, yes, there are not enough brains .. Therefore, the leaders of the LPR and DPR must first find brains that could offer a solution to the development of the economy of both republics on a single ideological basis.
    1. Chichikov
      Chichikov 21 December 2018 23: 29
      Quote: konus
      All the same, it will be necessary to start (whether someone likes it or not!) With the creation of a single policy in relation to the management of the economy of the republics - the LPR and the DPR. And this means that the state (and with a single policy - the state) must to some extent manage economic processes.

      This is so, but only theoretically!
      The war, for the Republics, is not over! There is only one economic process - to survive. You read how those who consider the minimum pension are indignant in Russia old age, in 8726 it is critically small and you can compare it - with us, having experience of 30-40 years, 80% of pensioners receive a minimum pension, or rather a “survival benefit” of 3100 rubles!

      And at the expense of brains ... it's Jesus who fed the whole city with one loaf of bread! Now, everything is on the defensive, and rightly so. They often like to throw slogans like, "Whoever does not feed his army will feed someone else's." Only in relation to the Republics this is shyly kept silent.

      Yes, theoretically, in five years it was possible to agree on laws, etc. Only, from 2014 to 2017, from all the official "tribunes" of Russia one thing sounded - "Within the framework of the Minsk agreements ... the republics should be part of Ukraine." And only realizing that no "renewed" Ukraine was even foreseen, since about May 2018, from the side of Russian officials, timid hints began to be heard for "our partners in the West" that "we can recognize ..." ...

      People’s Councils, although they were created back in 2014, began to be active only in 2018. And it should be clear why. For the same reason as during the Second World War, everything was decided by the Supreme. How much the Supreme Soviet of the USSR decided at that time was nothing. Stalin personally directed everything, although everything was carried out through the State Defense Committee, which he headed.

      It is necessary to correctly assess the situation, and not to pull out the nuances or try on "couch" advice to the belligerent territory.
  10. Vitaliy Kovalsky
    Vitaliy Kovalsky 21 December 2018 22: 59
    I am from Lugansk.
    And here is what one entrepreneur told me (not the last person).
    The border was organized by the LPR government.
    T to DNR richer (business is much stronger on its feet). And the dumping of prices began to take place. That is, in order to protect its enterprises, the LPR made such protection.
    And no ideology has anything to do with it.
    And yet, before the war, I worked at the mine.
    So, in the mines of Donetsk I would be considered a stranger, such as an employee from Lviv. This is strange, and most incomprehensible (
    1. Chichikov
      Chichikov 21 December 2018 23: 48
      Quote: Vitaly Kovalsky
      So, in the mines of Donetsk I would be considered a stranger, such as an employee from Lviv. This is strange, and most incomprehensible (

      There is nothing strange about this! Residents of the region should work at state enterprises. This is one of the measures to reduce mass unemployment. There are no restrictions on private enterprises officially registered in accordance with the legislation of the Republics!
    2. Likant
      Likant 22 December 2018 00: 55
      I'm from Donetsk. In Lugansk I went to bike festivals more than once, and even so we rode! Actually, yes, the "border" or difference in laws is more likely to stabilize the economy, because more enterprises have been concentrated in Donetsk since the times of the USSR! But what a sin to conceal: drugs were delivered from the port of Mariupol to Donetsk, as well as from Ukraine itself! So Lugansk is more calm in this regard, and this is good. And about "friend or foe", so our neighboring area is already "alien", since the local "gopota" and junkies are in charge of their area! More than once in "peacetime" gopniks from the neighboring microdistrict attacked, wishing to "ride a mote," and knives, brass knuckles and traumatics are the usual "peaceful" weapons here! I did not go around Donetsk at night and in peacetime without a hunting knife! With the purchase of the third mot in 2009, the wounded trauma was included in the "outfit"! :) So you will not become "your own" here, like me, who was born and raised here! :) And with the boys-motorcyclists in Russia it is always "your own"! They talked to Zoldostanov very well! ..
      You are not "strangers", but we do not have "ours" either! An industrial area, a bunch of people, newcomers, movement - there is no basis for the formation of stable "own" groups! And here I was: calm quiet towns and villages, less industry, groups of people walking around - you have more stability for the formation of these "their" groups and order!
      P.S. And you have horrible roads! I'm in sport on a half-wheel under Anthracite flew into the pit! I almost left the steering wheel! And you can’t go round: around the pit there are the same pits! :)
      1. vladcub
        vladcub 22 December 2018 15: 52
        Likant, you are right about the roads, but we have had this trouble for a long time. On. M. Karamzin in 1810 said: “There are two troubles in Russia: * hurray and roads.” Regarding the first point, there is an international trouble (everywhere there are “especially gifted” ones), and the roads, they are not always bad: for example, they poured off my end and rolled them and she is bm, and the neighboring one already needs repair (the filling was done in July).
        1. Likant
          Likant 23 December 2018 02: 20
          At least Yanyk managed to patch up our roads: at least he did something useful! Although the "bypass" is also different in terms of the quality of repairs! True, they did not manage to take the southern bus station out of town ... But this construction site really helped when we filled up 2 armored personnel carriers with trees on the main road ... The DPR army is not what we did in the Militia! :) In Ilovaisk, they also fooled, but there Strelkov asked tactics (thanks to him too! If it hadn't been for him, we would have been really crushed at the very beginning!) ... I pretended to be a disabled Ukrainian lover when on the bus to Mariupol and back I rode (fortunately I know Ukrainian no worse than Westerners and my appearance allows me to "transform" to a homeless person), that dill did not even perceive me as some kind of threat! And then their technique and position were knocked out! That was the Militia! .. Right now it's not that ... :(
  11. Likant
    Likant 22 December 2018 00: 05
    Well, given the penetration of DRGs on the territory of the Republics, the border, as an additional measure. security is quite logical. The laws should be coordinated when either active or passive (sabotage) actions are carried out by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, well, somehow at the wrong time, or something ... Two militia groups create primitive laws to maintain order in the territory, based on "local" needs, and now it makes no sense to "unite" them as long as there is a threat of attack. Do not confuse the areas under fire with the calm regions of Russia with the formed budget. (Two different tanks are harder to destroy than one big one.) And Pushilin and Pasechnik are just a formality ... It is stupid to wait for order and development in hostilities! It would be good to survive!
    1. vladcub
      vladcub 22 December 2018 16: 11
      Once, in the first grade, I read a parable about a broom.
      "Before his death, the father told his sons: break the broom. No matter how hard they tried, they could not break the broom. Then the father took the broom apart and his sons quickly broke it along the twig."
      Does anyone else remember something from: "Native speech"? I remember "Primer" more, but from "Native speech" I only remember a parable: in the lesson I got 5 (one of all learned)
  12. Legend
    Legend 22 December 2018 09: 58
    Donetsk and Lugansk continue to live as two different, independent from each other, states.

    This is generally better so far .. Bandera is now hunting for the leaders of the New Russia bastards.
    This bridgehead is necessary for Russia and we will keep it until the right moment.
    There is a "run-in of the creation of parallel state structures." When Kiev is ours, this experience will be very useful to all of us. Let's wait. And we will not flog a fever. Until it turns out like men!
    1. Antares
      Antares 22 December 2018 14: 18
      Quote: Legend
      .Bandera now prey on the leaders of the New Russia bastards.

      For a long time no one needs anyone, locals and curators clean themselves.
      Moreover, many will be glad to Pushilin "if the Ukrainian DRG" is out of nowhere again.
      Quote: Legend
      There is a "run-in of the creation of state structures of parallel

      5 years? to 1/3 of the area? Wow ... and after that
      Quote: Legend
      When Kiev will be ours, this experience will be very useful to all of us.

      key is WHEN.
      With such a mess in the "Russian world", it is still unknown which is better ... More precisely, it is known. And this is not a world in this gray zone without a chance for the future and the present ...
      You can always endure .. but this is the eternal Russian ... Born, suffered and died ..
      it is not life, but survival.
  13. Likant
    Likant 23 December 2018 01: 59
    [quote = Antares]
    5 years? to 1/3 of the area? Wow...
    Well, about 1/3 of the oblasts! .. Let us first recall who proposed the "Minsk agreements" that stopped the militias and bound their hands with hope for support? (In reality, if all Ukrainians rushed to the LPNR, there would be no one left). And he still calls these agreements "the only right decision"?!. Do you remember anyone? So, in fact, while these claims are sent to the address: Moscow, the Kremlin ... Well, the addressee is distressed! ..
    And who is in charge of whom ... We do not know all the subtleties of the "Big Game"! Kiev, too, seems to be supervising! .. And Europe ... And if you really look at things, the local self-government of the LDNR will not be able to fully repulse Kiev and its foreign whisperers, there would simply be many more victims! So if the LPR and the DPR have not united in 5 years, then it’s not time yet! Not everything is what it seems in our opinion, and the mistake of one incompetent person can cost thousands of lives! .. So let's not criticize much what is happening in the LPNR! ..
  14. tank64rus
    tank64rus 23 December 2018 11: 27
    All this is from the current position of the authorities of the Russian Federation in these republics and in Ukraine it is "One step forward and two back." In general, it is high time to start dealing with criminals in power throughout the post-Soviet space, and this is more terrible than NATO. Yeltsin and Gaidar committed a crime against the state by inviting criminals to power, and now we are reaping the fruits of these "reformers."
  15. dobrovchic
    dobrovchic 25 December 2018 14: 30
    It is necessary not to unite them among themselves, but to be scammed to the native harbor - Russia !!
  16. Victorio
    Victorio 25 December 2018 23: 36
    while two republics are better for the Russian Federation, if necessary there will be one, for sure people will not have any special objections.