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In China, the appearance of the fifth generation fighter J-31 is discussed

The Chinese aircraft manufacturing corporation Shenyang Aircraft presented some additional information about the newest fighter aircraft FC-31, which is also known as the Krechet J-31. Photos including.

In China, the appearance of the fifth generation fighter J-31 is discussed

This is the fifth generation fighter - the second program of the PRC, along with the J-20.

Submitted by the corporation photos say that Shenyang Aircraft is engaged in the creation of J-31 in deck modification. These aircraft, according to some sources, should be the basis of the wing of the newest Chinese aircraft carrier "Type 001A", which is planned as part of the PLA Navy to go to sea in the year 2019. Earlier, the Chinese press published material stating that the "Type 001A" along with another PLA Navy aircraft carrier - "Liaoning" - could go to sea before the end of this year. Both are in the port of Dalian.

The presented FC-31 (J-31) has a brake hook and a folding wing, which, for obvious reasons, is typical of deck fighters.

Earlier in the Chinese media it was reported that at the moment only one version of J-31 has been produced.

Chinese experts, who evaluated the J-31 at the Air Expo, claim that the PRC may well start production of these combat vehicles for export deliveries. A separate question: if Shenyang Aircraft really plans to negotiate the export of the deck versions of J-31, then who can make such deliveries?

If we are talking about Russia, then all this is extremely doubtful considering that at the moment the Russian Navy is the only aircraft carrier (the aircraft carrier cruiser Admiral Kuznetsov), and that one is currently under repair. The appearance of new aircraft carriers is not yet expected. If we are talking about NATO countries with aircraft carriers fleetthen even less likely. There is the complete hegemony of the US defense industry. Thus, it can be stated that the Chinese-made carrier-based fighter planes at the moment can be focused mainly on the own needs of the PLA Navy.
Photos used:
Shenyang Aircraft

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  1. svp67
    svp67 17 December 2018 08: 28
    Well done. Just GOOD. Dry your nose once again
    1. Vlad 63
      Vlad 63 17 December 2018 11: 04
      PLA will wipe the nose of the KLA
      1. Machito
        Machito 18 December 2018 17: 02
        It seems that public executions of corrupt officials in China have a beneficial effect on the development of the latest weapons.
        And here Rogozin announces the lunar or the Martian program.
        1. Vlad 63
          Vlad 63 18 December 2018 17: 15
          Yes. And in the economy, too, it’s somehow better than ours. )))
  2. IGU
    IGU 17 December 2018 08: 43
    Yes, it remains only to envy. Now you can start talking about the fact that the J-31 does not fit the 5th generation.
    1. Hypersound
      Hypersound 17 December 2018 22: 21
      Does he have a long-term cruising afterburner supersonic? If not, then this is not the 5th generation
  3. Professor
    Professor 17 December 2018 08: 45
    Chinese experts, who evaluated the J-31 at the Air Expo, say that the PRC may well establish the production of these military vehicles for export.

    1. rotmistr60
      rotmistr60 17 December 2018 08: 51
      The article must be carefully read to the end. The author himself answered this question. Well, the Chinese, in any case, well done - are strengthening their army and are actively working on new types of weapons and equipment.
      1. donavi49
        donavi49 17 December 2018 09: 28
        Well, besides Kuzi and NATO, there are other countries.

        However, India is rather Rafalizing or Shershneniziruetsya than buying Chinese.
        Thailand - they need VTOL, no one except the USA is building it. Therefore, an aircraft carrier will remain to enhance its prestige with a helicopter group (for a couple of VTOL Harriers have long collapsed).

      2. Professor
        Professor 17 December 2018 09: 47
        Quote: rotmistr60
        The article must be carefully read to the end. The author himself answered this question.

        No, I didn't answer. He asked "to whom such deliveries can be carried out" and answered "no one" himself. And therefore the question is valid: "to whom can such deliveries be carried out?"
    2. svp67
      svp67 17 December 2018 11: 30
      Quote: Professor

      With their capabilities and experience, they can now offer aircraft carriers, and I won’t be surprised if they put our former Varyag up for sale.
  4. rocket757
    rocket757 17 December 2018 08: 51
    It looks like a penguin .... and then questions that can be found out by those who are interested in this product.
  5. BAI
    BAI 17 December 2018 09: 01
    then to whom such supplies can be made?

    If we are talking about Russia,

    Export to Russia? Well this is completely unrealistic.
  6. The comment was deleted.
  7. Gerassim
    Gerassim 17 December 2018 09: 15
    Let's remember the airport of Dabolim, Goa. There, when you approach the landing, the runway with a springboard, which goes into the sea, is very clearly visible. A kind of imitation of an aircraft carrier jump (let the experts correct). Here are the potential buyers.
    1. Gerassim
      Gerassim 17 December 2018 09: 55

      From the ground, of course, he looks more impressive)
  8. Errr
    Errr 17 December 2018 09: 32
    Fifth generation fighter J-31 ... And its engines are capable of long-term support of a non-afterburning super cruise? This is a big question. After all, as I understand it, it has two pieces of one of the modifications of the Klimov RD-33 or the same number of WS-13A "Taihan" of the Chinese composition. With our engines, this is definitely not a fifth generation fighter.
    1. Hypersound
      Hypersound 17 December 2018 22: 22
      Plus. The junk is even cleaner than the F-35. But at least cheaper
  9. Errr
    Errr 17 December 2018 15: 51
    With the development of its own engine for the J-31, everything is quite complicated.
    Specialists in the field of turbojet engines of the Liyan company (Shenyang, Jilin Province, China) are actively working on improving the Chinese WS-13A Taishan engine, which is designed on the basis of the Russian RD-93. The reason for the development is the need to get rid of dependence on the supply of Russian engines.
    It is known that Chinese experts are making serious efforts to increase reliability and ensure performance indicators of the Taishan WS-13A engine. It is the insufficient power level at high air temperature, problems with starting up in the winter period, as well as the insufficient power level are the main reasons for complaints from Pakistan Air Force combat units (they are trying to put this engine on export JF-17 “Thunder” fighters instead of Russian RD-93) .
    Currently, the maximum service life of the engine in question is 810 hours, the overhaul interval is about 250 hours. The maximum power on the afterburner is 7800 kgf / cm9300, although some Chinese experts claim XNUMX kgf / cmXNUMX.
    To solve these problems, Chinese experts hope to use the achievements of specialists from the materials science and design department of the engineering research center of the Nanjing Polytechnic Institute, namely the new refractory alloy TiAl 4822, which was created according to design information about the American F119 engines (used on the F-22A Raptor fighter) and GE90 (passenger Boeing 777).
    Probably, it is the use of the new alloy that will radically increase the overall engine life to 2100 hours, and engine power will increase to 9500 kgf / cmXNUMX. In addition, in the future, to increase reliability, reduce fuel consumption and emissions, designers from the Middle Kingdom will use such a rare-earth metal as rhenium.
    However, Chinese specialists must be aware that the use of the new metal will entail an increase in the cost of the engine, which is already at the level of 2,5 million US dollars per unit.
    Given all of the above, the likelihood that the J-31 will ever become a fifth-generation fighter is very small.
  10. Hypersound
    Hypersound 17 December 2018 22: 13
    Similar to the F-35, but probably even more trash
  11. T-34
    T-34 17 December 2018 23: 55
    That is, roughly speaking, these Chinese stealth fighters (FC-31 (J-31)) can be purchased for our aircraft carriers? Do I understand everything correctly?