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In the USA, they evaluated the PCA aircraft project for the breakthrough of air defense based on C-400 and C-500

The Congressional Budget Office conducted a study regarding the estimated cost of a project to create a promising aviation complex. This is a project called “Penetrating aviation"(Penetrating Counter-Air -" PCA "). The material, voiced by representatives of the congressional research team, stated that when all the parameters requested by the US Air Force are taken into account, the total cost of the latest aircraft may turn out to be sky-high.

In the USA, they evaluated the PCA aircraft project for the breakthrough of air defense based on C-400 and C-500

The report says that each PCA aircraft will cost approximately 300 million dollars.

From the material:
This is more than three times the price of the F-35, whose price today is approximately 94 million dollars.

It was noted that to cover the huge costs of a promising project, it is necessary to reduce costs and large volumes of production.

In fact, this suggests that in the United States are ready to continue the practice of frankly imposing on "partners" the procurement of their aircraft. Explicit repetition with the F-35, which a number of countries actually pledged to buy from the United States before the fifth generation aircraft went into the series, and until the technological deficiencies were eliminated.

The PCA program is designed for a period up to 2050 year.

In the material Defense News it is said that to replace existing F-15C / D and F-22, the United States Air Force will need about 414 PCA aircraft. The first aircraft (according to plans) should be put into service with the American air force in 2030.

From the statement of the committee:
It is planned that the PCA aircraft will have a significant long range and payload than the F-22. We are also talking about improved stealth options. These characteristics allow him to perform combat missions in the conditions of the most modern and promising air defense systems that Russia has and plans to create as China’s potential adversaries.

In fact, we are talking about attempts to create an aircraft that will be able to break through air defense systems based on the use of, for example, C-400 and the promising Russian anti-aircraft missile system C-500. This clearly indicates far from the defensive strategy of the United States of America.

Experts in the United States themselves call the financial parameters of the program "Penetrating Aviation" "incredible." It is noted that the aircraft at a price of one-third billion dollars, which in the end may add another 30 percent, is “too expensive.” In the US Congress they are sure that the project, by definition, must be cheaper. However, in the US Air Force, it is argued that the cheaper project can no longer allow military operations to be carried out if Russia has the newest air defense systems, including the mentioned C-500 complex.
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  1. Spine
    Spine 15 December 2018 07: 58
    The total cost of the latest aircraft may be sky-high.

    Further you can not continue ..
    1. For example
      For example 15 December 2018 09: 40
      The PCA program is designed for a period up to 2050 year.

      So they plan to live until the fiftieth year.
      Is the war delayed? fellow

      They think that until the 50th year the Russians will be limited to the S-500? what

      Yankees, listen carefully to Zhirinovsky. laughing
      1. dauria
        dauria 15 December 2018 09: 53
        "Too expensive idea"

        The very idea of ​​breaking through air defense on an airplane is vicious. A plane should only become a means of launching relatively cheap air-to-ground missiles without entering the air defense zone. This equalizes both the range and the cost of the strike weapons with defense missiles. And then only the quantity - who has more, won.
        1. bulvas
          bulvas 15 December 2018 14: 00

          Here are the stubborn

          The Americans do not represent anything more useful to the world, except how to rivet weapons and suck their budget and not give life to others.

          Not S-700 for them must be prepared ...,
          something more cardinal to forget about your planes

      2. Hypersound
        Hypersound 15 December 2018 13: 15
        Volfych, roll out the S-700
      3. Ross xnumx
        Ross xnumx 16 December 2018 03: 13
        Quote: For example
        Yankees, listen carefully to Zhirinovsky.

        And Zhirinovsky planned to sit in the State Duma until 100 years old?
  2. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 15 December 2018 08: 05
    Yes, whatever they develop there, our developers will not do anything all this time? AFAR systems in Russia are seriously developing, several manufacturing centers ...
    Radio-photonic systems - in general, the sensitivity is very high. And if they are "inserted" into the GOS, and even supplied with artificial intelligence, let the United States spend trillions on the development of its "offensive super-super fighter".
    So far, the bill is in favor of Soviet-Russian air defense. So it will continue to be wassat
    1. StudentVK
      StudentVK 15 December 2018 08: 09
      They have almost the entire private military-industrial complex, and that's why they've gotten to the point that in order for us to do something, we need a war-proof pack of money dump truck sacks. Otherwise, the “Russian and Chinese achressor” will defeat us (
    2. Mar.Tirah
      Mar.Tirah 15 December 2018 08: 10
      Quote: Mountain Shooter
      No matter what they develop there,

      Let the aliens be asked for technology. Do the Yankees like to fantasize, can it work out? Their time ended when they dictated their conditions threateningly with force.
      1. Mordvin 3
        Mordvin 3 15 December 2018 08: 14
        Quote: Mar. Tira
        Let the aliens be asked for technology.

        And we will ask too.
      2. Zhelezyakin
        Zhelezyakin 17 December 2018 10: 05
        Or put their homegrown super heroes under arms wink
    3. stalki
      stalki 15 December 2018 08: 27
      Yes, let them develop and more laughing bigger and more expensive. And longer, then it will be even more expensive. lol
    4. Zhelezyakin
      Zhelezyakin 17 December 2018 10: 04
      I think you should not focus only on defenses. The development of only defensive means is obviously not true. You should not forget about offensive weapons. You never have to drive the adversary to his garden near the house - Bely))
  3. Zomanus
    Zomanus 15 December 2018 08: 08
    Well, if you get the same slag as F-35, then I personally only approve and approve.
    Firstly, they will do it when we already have the C-800 tests,
    secondly, it will cost by weight not like gold, but like palladium.
    1. tkoh
      tkoh 15 December 2018 12: 31
      F-35 slag? Does Russia have something similar? And who will develop the C800? Diamond? Do not tell site visitors.
      1. JD1979
        JD1979 15 December 2018 13: 16
        Quote: tkoh

        F-35 slag?

        Slag. Still not admitted to state tests.
        Does Russia have something similar?

        But why?
        And who will develop the C800? Diamond?

        And who developed the S-400 and is developing the S-500? Think stop it?
        Do not tell site visitors.

        No, don’t worry, this is your place.
      2. Hypersound
        Hypersound 15 December 2018 13: 19
        Russia has no such thing. There is only better and much cheaper
      3. 5 – 9
        5 – 9 17 December 2018 08: 26
        Slag, slag. According to the concept. "The Pentagon wanted 3in1, 1 engine and stealth - it got it." LTH - shameful, can only be used as a striker, in an air battle even against 4 + / 4 ++ everything will be very bad (assuming an equal opponent with AWACS, electronic warfare and air defense). Those. in opponents nothing worse than "20 MiG-29 9-13 and nothing more" was foreseen.
  4. Vladimir K.
    Vladimir K. 15 December 2018 08: 16
    As long as imperialism exists on the planet, the real personification of which is now the United States, there can be no question of any world - there will always be a threat of global war and a host of local conflicts of varying degrees of tension. And our state and others, viewed by the Americans as competitors or potential colonies, will always be in danger of destruction and will spend the lion's share of their resources on maintaining defense capabilities.
    1. Mih1974
      Mih1974 15 December 2018 10: 22
      Yes, the optimism of the Americans is amazing laughing laughing ... Even their own economic experts speak through one about "a crisis that will be worse than the Great Depression", and here the freaks want to plan something there by 2050)). Then we would survive everything and not start a nuclear world war, and not think about all sorts of crap.
      All experts say - the American economy is simply obliged to "fall" because of its essence (such as the economy), well, the Americans have nowhere else to "expand", the planet "is over")) As a matter of fact, almost everyone who has recently been to the United States is oozing from the number of homeless people and psychos on the streets, rampant crime hits all the crazy recurrences ((, many say that the "growth" that their President does not stop broadcasting is fiction, all this is financial fraud and cheating, there is no real (physical) economic growth. Almost all experts say that the United States One option not to collapse below any bottom is to increase your economy, but to completely destroy ALL others in order to start reviving America not among developed and stable competitors, but among “ruins.” As it actually happened during the two World Wars, when the United States itself rose.
      1. Hypersound
        Hypersound 15 December 2018 13: 21
        It is necessary to come to an agreement with the Chinese (the main creditor of pndos), so that they simultaneously demand all the debts of the Americans immediately repay. How many of the 22 trillion $ are there the proportion of Chinese, probably 15? And all right there pndosy become bankrupt
        1. Felix
          Felix 15 December 2018 20: 42
          Quote: Hypersound
          It is necessary to agree with the Chinese (the main creditor of pndos), so that they simultaneously demand all the debts of the Americans to pay off

          Americans will print 15 billion and give to the Chinese. The world will receive dollar inflation in return, the Chinese - cut paper, the penguins - profit.
    2. Ross xnumx
      Ross xnumx 16 December 2018 03: 26
      Quote: Vladimir K.
      As long as imperialism exists on the planet, the real personification of which is now the United States, there can be no talk of any world

      Interesting idea. If you take the definition:
      Imperialism (French impérialisme, English imperialism, German Imperialismus, from Latin imperium - power, domination) - monopoly capitalism, the highest and last stage of capitalism, eve of the socialist revolution.

      then the world's first socialist state collapsed just on the eve of the socialist revolution. And we, living in the Russian capitalist society and developing it, must (all the same when) when we have to approach its highest stage - imperialism, foreshadowing the eve of the socialist revolution ... request
      Maybe it makes sense to first switch to socialism (bury the failed capitalist growths in their own country) and only then put American imperialism in an uncomfortable position? belay
      1. Lycan
        Lycan 16 December 2018 12: 41
        Quote: ROSS 42
        to bury failed capitalist growths in their own country

        Only the failed ones? Any capital, if it is "left alone", will grow to monstrous proportions and again we will borrow capital, which degenerates into imperialism, but in a different region.
        And you know what the transition from capitalist means. rail on social. rails?
        - Detain all capitalists,
        - carefully collapse the entire private business,
        - then it is necessary to transfer the thinking of the population from the petty-bourgeois-career-egoistic to the "socialist" (while leveling the precedent of "false direction of thinking and behavior, which resulted in distrust of the system", developed in 80-90) - otherwise, how will they believe you that socialism is our only true path?
        - then you need to somehow decide - what to do with the entrepreneurial thinking that many have (because it is, although dangerous for the social system (which does not provide a wide range of products), but in many ways is the engine of progress and many other advantages source).

        As a result, for balanced (and without radical destruction) thinking, we have a dilemma about entrepreneurship "you can't leave it behind." As many have already said - put commas wherever you want, but these 2 directions (systems) are incompatible ... Although there is some experience of China. But how far-sighted or even viable it is - time should show - under their socialism, private business is gaining momentum ... It also looks like a time bomb.
  5. abrakadabre
    abrakadabre 15 December 2018 08: 42
    However, the US Air Force argues that the cheaper project may no longer allow combat operations if Russia has the latest air defense systems, including the aforementioned S-500 complex
    That is, their combat effectiveness is evaluated exclusively at a price.
    1. bouncyhunter
      bouncyhunter 15 December 2018 09: 28
      Quote: abrakadabre
      their combat effectiveness is evaluated exclusively at a price.

      "- Believe me, Carlson, happiness is not in pies ...
      - Are you crazy ? And what else ??? " (from)
  6. K-50
    K-50 15 December 2018 08: 44
    Another drank bucks. laughing
  7. rocket757
    rocket757 15 December 2018 08: 58
    Well, yes, and the air defense will stay perfectly all the time!
    Well, very similar to a financial adventure.
    Although the research, development of promising samples will have to be spent by ALL.
  8. 1810BM86
    1810BM86 15 December 2018 09: 01
    Americans they are so yes. But this is not news. winked
    1. Aibolit
      Aibolit 15 December 2018 11: 14
      Quote: 1810BM86
      Americans they are so yes. But this is not news.

      This is an "urban legend" propagandized by no one knows why.
      1.The handle of the Zero Gravity Pen (Space Pen AG-7) is this:

      they are now worth $ 60 for everyone
      The average cost of one pen for the Apollo project was $ 6
      2.Not what millions of dollars NASA paid Paul C. Fisher.
      -This is stupid, those $ 12 times more expensive than current
      -anyone who is not a victim of the exam will develop such a pen for 100 000 rubles
      until 1967, American astronauts used for recordings felt-tip pens or mechanical pencils.
      Felt-tip pens (not to find how much they cost), simple but dangerous (fire, allergy, smell, see below)

      Pencils cost $ 128 / piece = mechanical pencil (high-strength case, but inside was the most common graphite rod).
      but graphite is fuel (fuel), and in American ships the atmosphere is an excess of oxygen. It sausages them.

      The last argument against pencils is related to fire. Any flammable material in an environment with a high concentration of oxygen is dangerous - we learned this lesson after the monstrous fire at Apollo 1.
      -In the Soviet space program, wax pencils were used that did not break - to get more writing wax, the astronauts simply removed the next layer of paper. The problem with such a pencil is that he writes inaccurately and vaguely - about like chalk. The removed layer of paper was waste, and the pieces of paper floating in the Union’s cabin annoyed just like the pieces of graphite flying in the Apollo’s cabin.

      NASA received a wholesale discount on pens - reportedly in 1968 400 units were ordered at a price of only $ 2,39 per pen. The Soviet Union also bought pens - 100 pieces. NASA astronauts began using the space pen on Apollo 7 in 1968. By 1969, Fisher space pens were used in both American and Soviet space programs, and Fisher trumpeted his success in the field of marketing. Among other things, the space pen was used on the Russian space station Mir in the mid-90s as the first product “sold from space”.

      For classics, more often use:
      1. Mih1974
        Mih1974 15 December 2018 19: 16
        Well, well, here's a barely legend - dispel)): both in the USA and in Russia they developed seaplanes with water intake "on the fly" and now the Americans were "self-satisfied" in an attempt to make a mechanism for determining the filling of tanks, all sorts of sensors were shoved - their stormy water was buggy, which just didn’t try it, in general we got tired but did it for a really big loot; Russia - when ours in one cabin showed them a pilot's mirror and an outlet pipe sticking out of the side with the words "when water starts gushing out from here, the tank is full," the Americans fell into a final stupor. good laughing
        1. Aibolit
          Aibolit 15 December 2018 20: 17
          Quote: Mih1974

          Well, here's a barely legend for you - dispel)):

          This is to the thesis

          I have a feeling that in Russia in Russia people began to laugh more than at the Chukchi. And such interesting cases ... Two young men come up and tell: we went through an internship in America, you have no idea how we remembered you every day. They cooked potatoes. Americans are asking: can’t you buy ready-made? How do you check the readiness of this potato? Well stupid! We don’t tell them that they are stupid, and show: we check with a fork. But then we started boiling eggs ...

          The topic is not mine (water intake), I’ll think about it.
          Funny know?
          the word UNITAZ
          the word came from the name of the Spanish company “Unitas” (Latin Unitas - unity), which was engaged in the electrification of the country, and at the same time produced toilet bowls from 1909, including those supplied to Russia.
          The Seattle Museum presents the first toilet designed in the United States in 1890.
          1. Mih1974
            Mih1974 16 December 2018 22: 23
            Well, at the expense of US laws - this is not a lie, it is more than a fact - it actually happened (c). And what about seaplanes and toilets - what's the connection? You wanted to humiliate Russia that they brought us a toilet from Europe? Yes, it was Russia that tried to cultivate this smelly Europe for a long time, even (according to rumors) Churchill in Moscow was surprised to see a mixer for hot and cold water, and even better confirmation of the smelly Europe - Fashion History. Yes, don't laugh, read smart people HOW and Why there were all sorts of "musketeer hats and cloaks" but for example in England they were not. The famous Sun King generally washed only TWO times a year and hated this procedure. As at one time, doctors tried to convince Europeans to start washing more often than once a year. Read the story of the appearance of the Syphilis disease in Eurasia and for some reason it was in Europe that there was just a general epidemic.
            Open the novel "Count of MonteCristo" on the stage of a public execution, read carefully and read HOW it was in Russia "find 10 differences". fool
            In the same Europe, at first, madmen from the church - burned simply beautiful women "beauty from saton" at the stake, and then justified sadomy and began to CROW them am negative
            And similar "achievements" of the EU - I have wagons.
            1. Aibolit
              Aibolit 17 December 2018 18: 15
              Quote: Mih1974
              You wanted to humiliate Russia that they brought us a toilet from Europe?

              No, you are trying to find in my words this.
              But this is not. I know perfectly well which nation was the cleanest in Europe, and probably in the world. And where did the perfumery come from, why is it needed, and the word Cologne, as well.
              Just- no need to write nonsense about pens for 1000 US dollars and pencils
              It is not necessary to write that the Americans are stupid and we are "sharp".
              That's not true.
              I know perfectly well where the Americans got lost and continue to get lost: well, as a fresh example of "Needle" and AP1000

              Quote: Mih1974
              Yes yes don't laugh read smart people

              I do not need to read: I lived here and there.
              I know.
              But that was
              Quote: Mih1974
              And similar "achievements" of the EU - I have wagons.

              and with me, and about them and about us.
              BUT the question is different
              1. This is nonsense (and shame, judging by 19-5 = 14 +)

              2. Based on claim 1. live in pink illusions. But this is not so.
              The surrounding reality suggests otherwise
              3. Why, if
              Quote: Mih1974
              and this smelly Europe it was Russia that tried to cultivate for a long time

              everything is somehow vice versa:
              - scientists from them went to us
              engineers, architects too
              -paravozy, railway, etc. also
              -Now electronics, household appliances, and everything else
              are the dissidents from Europe known to us? and the runaway hockey players, skaters, ballerinas, singers?
              I don’t remember what
              do the members of the Bundestag have villas in Sochi?
              Senators (I don’t know which parliament) are arrested in ..... where? In St. Petersburg, let's say?
              Member of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation Suleiman Karimov was detained in France in the case of tax evasion.

              That is why so?
              Maybe because very often they lie, as in paragraph 1. (not a pen, so a wheel, not a wheel, so another without analogs in the world)
              Here I am about what
              1. Mih1974
                Mih1974 17 December 2018 20: 26
                Yes, yes, that's why - under Peter the Germans rushed to "backward" Russia and then created their own settlements and yes yes "purely Russian (yes yes, that's exactly what the cattle say) Barclay De Tolée was the commander of the Russian army before he was replaced for political reasons !! Few of the French went to us, one might think, or someone else, but for some reason, from gluttony, they "draws water to France" (but in fact, to whores and just to false beauty) - this is no longer to me, but to psychiatrists, because how THIS happens from century to century.Do you know that I watch foreigners who come to Russia - this is where it is really interesting, read (watch the video) what they say and maybe it will come to you that they see in us (people) and the country what they are gone for a long time - Beauty, real and Soul! good
                Stupid and uneducated, but on the occasion of the rich cattle from Russia - too stupid to understand the nature of perfumery, "beautiful balconies" and "golden fleas" they are not even in the house that alcoves in Versailles were made so that the "noble" could not crap in front of everyone. Yes, yes, it was then in "civilized" France that there was a big problem of Diarrhea and the "noble" at the balls banally did not have time to "run to the wind".
                You say technical progress - maybe it's a twisted story? The big piarast Marconi trumpeted to the whole world that "he invented the Radio", and "according to rumors" Popov did it before him, we may recall that "Edison's bulb" is just a slightly modified "Yablochkov's bulb", which just solved the main problem of electric bulbs - figured out how to make them work for a long time !! negative Yes, yes - the Americans invented rocketry (?), Only in Russia Tsiolkovsky first "invented" it, and only then they began to implement it, and the Germans created their space program for the stupid (yes, Stupid) Americans, Von Braun, by the way, how many Americans and others in the World I know about Tsiolkovsky and his basics for rocketry?
                We, as a country, are constantly hindered from developing normally and realizing our ideas, Russia is simply forced to bury the next "Master of the World" in its land, and yes, "this has a bad effect on the development of the country and the population."
                We buried the Swedes here - where Sweden is now in the World, we buried the French here - where the France is in the World, Germans were buried several times - and now they have gay parades, emigrants are raping Germans and in general Americans are going to destroy their economy as their rival in the near future, but in the German Polytechnic nobody else is the same.
                Yes, now the bourgeoisie and thieves (including politicians like 1 + 2) are breaking into the West, instead of building a good life in Russia, and I already wrote above that this is not a question for me, but for psychiatrists.
                1. Aibolit
                  Aibolit 17 December 2018 20: 39
                  Quote: Mih1974

                  Yes Yes,

                  I don’t understand at all ... why are you writing me all this?
  9. IXION
    IXION 15 December 2018 10: 15
    Regarding the imposition, our PAK FA Indians, too, wanted to vparit, but did not grow together, that’s our SU 57 stuck.
  10. Ros 56
    Ros 56 15 December 2018 10: 42
    Let them build, by then we will have S-1500, which will knock them down with one angry look. negative laughing I play pranks about how people want to put themselves above the world, it’s a disease, they need to be foolish and let them be who they want. Though the kings of the universe, but only in the fool.
  11. Spine
    Spine 15 December 2018 11: 09
    The United States does not spare money, just to put the Russians on their knees .. Remember the men such a song Pink Floyd (popular in the USSR) ???)))

    Only now we are well informed and you can’t take us to naivety, and even more evil we Russians became terribly ..
  12. shans2
    shans2 15 December 2018 12: 35
    The United States by the mid-20s will turn into a second Canada.) You can sleep peacefully.
    1. Hypersound
      Hypersound 15 December 2018 13: 13
      In the 30s, we will return to Alaska's native harbor. And put there medium-range missiles: D
  13. mag nit
    mag nit 15 December 2018 12: 52
    Create more penetrating than the F-35A?
  14. Sands Careers General
    Sands Careers General 15 December 2018 13: 06
    Give even more cut the American budget))

    I have a feeling that the Yankees stupidly have nowhere to put money laughing
  15. Hypersound
    Hypersound 15 December 2018 13: 12
    Let them do it, so they will only bring their bankruptcy closer, I'm all for it. But to make the "complete invisibility" will not work - the laws of physics cannot be canceled for any billions. If already now (and for a long time) tiny stealth missiles from a composite with EPR 0.01 are getting lost, then absolutely any aircraft - even more so. Well, they will lower the EPR from 0.4 for the F-22 to maybe 0.2, or even to the F-117 0.1 iron. What's the point? They will be detected by a non-centimeter radar not from 270 km, but from "only" 245, and it is easy to be shot down by a missile with a seeker. Moreover, flying is no better than a kite. What's the point?
  16. NordUral
    NordUral 15 December 2018 13: 28
    This clearly does not indicate a defensive strategy for the United States of America.
    It's nonsense to talk about the defending States.
    1. COJIDAT
      COJIDAT 15 December 2018 13: 56
      But it is a regularity to talk about periodically retreating States!
      1. NordUral
        NordUral 15 December 2018 15: 01
        COJIDAT! You inappropriately replaced the unnamed "attackers" by me with inappropriately applied retreating.
    COJIDAT 15 December 2018 13: 55
    Attack of drones and clones will destroy the Earth!
  18. kventinasd
    kventinasd 15 December 2018 15: 12
    The PCA program is designed for a period up to 2050 year.

    By that time, either the padishah will die, or the donkey will die, or maybe Yellowstone will wake up.
    1. Ross xnumx
      Ross xnumx 16 December 2018 03: 49
      Quote: kventinasd
      or maybe Yellowstone will wake up.

      If Yellowstone wakes up, the Americans will immediately "just die", but at the same time most of the population of our country will face the prospect of going to heaven within several years of the "nuclear winter" from the most common crop failure (as it happened in the early nineties in connection with lack of food in stores - many have already forgotten how to grow food, have they?).
      So, the volcano will not solve the problems. It can only add.
      1. Former Russian
        Former Russian 16 December 2018 11: 11
        Well, if you forgot how, then this is your problem! For 6 years now I have been growing everything myself and no problems! The cellar is jammed with preservation for 2-3 years (if not add)! The stews of their year are 2, you can stretch them to 3, the fish a full body of water (your body of water) will last at least 5 years! So it's hard for you to be urban!)))
  19. Evil echo
    Evil echo 15 December 2018 16: 14
    Quote: dauria
    "Too expensive idea"

    The very idea of ​​breaking through air defense on an airplane is vicious. A plane should only become a means of launching relatively cheap air-to-ground missiles without entering the air defense zone. This equalizes both the range and the cost of the strike weapons with defense missiles. And then only the quantity - who has more, won.

    Well, if we consider an aircraft as a delivery vehicle, and ideally without a man inside, then air defense rackets should "" learn "to create EMP.
  20. flicker
    flicker 15 December 2018 17: 25
    each aircraft of the PCA project will cost approximately $ 300 million.
    Hmm, you have to hurry to grab as much as possible until the dollar is an order to live long bully
  21. evgen75
    evgen75 15 December 2018 17: 37
    For each of their nuts we will find a new bolt ..
  22. Kapkan
    Kapkan 15 December 2018 17: 54
    It’s necessary to think for so long ... Bad omen.
    In general, I doubt the existence of the United States by the designated period.
  23. antares.system
    antares.system 15 December 2018 17: 54
    nothing surprising; notice how the whole scientific world is jointly participating in the work of the large hadron collider; the fact is that the historical development of mankind requires ever higher technological results, and especially in armaments; and the economy of even a country such as the United States cannot pull the development of such technologies alone; therefore, the imposition of their future products is a way of financial involvement in such cooperation; by the way, this is a big question to the scheme of a multipolar world, since only the only one can be the most convincing; I think that the future of humanity should nevertheless be built not on the principles of confrontation and confrontation, as an incentive to development, but on the principles of cooperation for the benefit of universal survival and strict observance of other people's rights and understandings; unfortunately, mankind is not ready for this yet, but each of us needs to strive for this, since drops are collected in rivers, and rivers feed the oceans
    1. Mih1974
      Mih1974 15 December 2018 19: 40
      Nonsense you write, just the absence of a "competitor" or, shall we say, an alternative opinion, against the background of which it is necessary to prove one's case, destroys or leads to the degeneration of any of the most remarkable control systems. For all the shortcomings of different countries or companies, the most stable from internal or external shocks are those that have internal mechanisms of "competitive decision-making". The best example is China, no, no, I know everything and understand about "US investment and market access", I'm talking about today's China, about their system of "assessing the results achieved by an official" good when everyone, any even a small official can be fired (to lose not a bad income and social services) if his results are considered low and HERE will come in his place who will actively break up good ... YES, this will not abolish either theft or corruption, but it will eliminate the "stagnation" of 99% of non-believers.
      For states, the lack of competition is doubly more dangerous, here is the example of the United States, after the destruction of the USSR and, in fact, their supremacy over the world, we did not receive either general happiness, or prosperity, or even a "scientific breakthrough." Everything is exactly the opposite - scientific stagnation and degradation, in space, Americans cannot even launch an astronaut themselves, Space-He sculpts a "macarron monst" passing it off as a super breakthrough fool , neither the exploration of the Moon, nor the sending of reconnaissance satellites to other planets, in fact, the space "froze", sorry, but it all reminds of "Brezhnev's stagnation" when the refrigerator was filled (albeit not with food), clothes and all kinds of household appliances and EVERYTHING. There is a lick of past technologies, auto - internal combustion engines like 100 or 50 years ago (yes, yes, they are different, but the principle is the same), all this shnyag with electric cars only for rich pontorez or in the USA for subsidies, the same - trains. Well, and the saddest thing is that it was the Americans who inflated (already without a competitor to the USSR) a terrible threat in the form of terrorism and unleashed local wars that have already killed millions and millions of people am negative . That is, the monopoly of one country - does not give humanity neither happiness nor progress.
      Who wants to vyaknut "well, but there will be Law and Order, one for all" - yeah SHCHAZ, kidnapping, torture, knocking out the calling with threats, here is your American "law and order". No thanks, this is not necessary.
      Total - Competition Required !!
      1. voyaka uh
        voyaka uh 15 December 2018 20: 23
        "Total - Competition Required" ////
        You are absolutely right. And it is, very tough: the USA is China.
        It captures space, and the military industry and civil
        technology. And the most important thing is: the "command" area
        - information Technology. Without them, no space, no military.
        And the Chinese, I must tell you, are pressing very hard. We have at all
        Innovation conferences are amazed at how quickly and correctly they grasp material.
        America will have a hard time.
        1. Mih1974
          Mih1974 16 December 2018 22: 37
          America can be written off in historical terms, they have already lost. Their problem, like many others, is not self-sufficiency !!! Their entire economic system is built on post-expansion (not my words). They are simply compelled to plunder the World, including on human resources, otherwise - they quickly go not even into the background, but into the background.
          In contrast to them, both China and Russia are huge (each in its own way) Empires with self-sufficiency. Neither Russia nor China needs an environment to survive, since the USA, they can spread their influence, influence, resources to the environment or not and this is their main difference from the USA - dependence on social Cycles, not economic ones !!
          For the United States, the "disruption of the cycle" of ups and downs against the background of the USSR's self-disintegration led not only to a "failure", but as it turned out to be an even worse situation, they "climbed a very high hill" from which they must fall so much "down" from the "normal".
          Well, and most importantly, in the US, most of the scientific community promoting science are emigrants, that is, people without a homeland, for those "homeland is where it is satisfying" and the process of overbearing the minds of the Chinese has already started. By the way, the Americans cannot resist this in any way, neither give more money, nor threats will work here because "freedom and wealth" was an American enticement and the slightest signs of "mental slavery" will happen and something that smart people in the United States are most afraid of - to turn flow of smart and passionate people to America.
          1. voyaka uh
            voyaka uh 17 December 2018 01: 04
            It would be useful for you to visit California, take a ride about the industrial zones of Silicon Valley ... Or visit the university district of Boston. Then you would not "write off" America so confidently. laughing
            And all this literature: "people without a homeland, empires with self-sufficiency" ... are usually invented in countries-former empires that are chronically lagging behind the "mainstream" and are complex about this.
            1. Mih1974
              Mih1974 17 December 2018 01: 07
              Yes, yes, I also came up with this

              And this is the first one that came across, can you post a photo of the "automobile capital of America" ​​of Detroit? Maybe we will talk about the 2008 crisis when hundreds of THOUSAND families were on the streets, but for the United States, unlike our countries, this is a 100% sentence without the right to appeal. Almost no one ever returns from the "streets" back to a well-fed, civilized society (such cases are rare in all 300 million America).
              1. voyaka uh
                voyaka uh 17 December 2018 01: 12
                And they have blacks lynched! laughing Okay, I won’t ruin the harmony of your views.
                1. Mih1974
                  Mih1974 17 December 2018 01: 19
                  Well, let's laugh together - you think your Izrail is no worse than the Americans as an advanced country, well, post similar pictures from you and we sit together over my stereotypes. fool And then when there are no arguments, it starts "by itself". How many years has this "most developed and richest country in the world" unable to put a man into space? Well, let us tell us about "democratic" torture for tens of years without trial or investigation of people in American dungeons, like Abuhraib and Guantan, and we will sit down with you again. Maybe I drew up an answer on American weapons where almost half of the components are from China and what did they put in there?
  24. faterdom
    faterdom 15 December 2018 18: 36
    It will be like a Japanese superlinkor, which, because of its value, the Japanese kept secret until the end of the war, which ended in their defeat.
  25. Leonid Har
    Leonid Har 15 December 2018 18: 48
    I am afraid that the final version will cost twice as much as the planned cost, while not guaranteeing an effective breakthrough of the Russian air defense control zones.
  26. voyaka uh
    voyaka uh 15 December 2018 20: 14
    A more realistic program is the B-21 Raider.
    Everything is simpler there: engines, radar, most systems from F-35. And only the tailless fuselage needs to be calculated.
  27. lvov_aleksey
    lvov_aleksey 15 December 2018 21: 00
    Hello everybody! I do not know about you, but my opinion is that the war will be for clean, fresh water. And there already think for yourself where it is easier to take.
    1. voyaka uh
      voyaka uh 17 December 2018 01: 09
      They learned to extract fresh water directly from the seas and oceans. In a very simple way: they run it through pumps through special filters. Water passes, salt remains. Israeli patent.
      Factories are being built around the world. Water wars are canceled hi
  28. Weles86.
    Weles86. 16 December 2018 09: 05
    Most commentators are not aware of the fact where the United States will take all this money from? The answer is obvious to take away from the others, the more they spend the more they rob, ask the Gref with Nabiulina who they will rob more
  29. Self
    Self 16 December 2018 10: 54
    No matter what his price is. The country for which the whole world works (in one way or another), and which prints world currency, can afford any expenses. And given that all the more or less valuable brains of the world, including Russia, are being thrown there for a long dollar, they can all succeed. Fight off with conventional weapons does not work. Only the buildup and deep modernization of the nuclear triad will allow Russia to survive.