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Flight tests of a promising helicopter Defiant (USA) again postponed

The newest American rotary-winged aircraft will not be able to make its first flight this year. We are talking about the joint development of the helicopter companies "Sikorsky" and "Boeing" - Defiant (SBD). The director of business development at Sikorsky, Rich Kucerava, stated that during the ground tests a technical problem was identified that needs to be fixed.

The information during the briefing was confirmed by the marketing director of the company “Boeing” Randy Rotte.

Rich Kucerawa quotes portal Defense News:
We are going to move the first flight of our car to the beginning of 2019 of the year. We understand that many people may not like it, but our task is to increase confidence, improve the design itself.

The first SBD flight tests were to take place back in the 2017 year, but they had to be postponed. Then the staff of the jointly created technical group revealed flaws in the propeller blades of the helicopter aviation complex. This year it was stated that the problem with the blades has already been solved. However, during the bench tests, engineers discovered a number of other problems, the nature of which is currently not reported.

Randy Rotte, answering journalists' questions about what problems the engineers revealed this time:
We had a few small problems. I will not go into details right now, but this required some repairs. This is just a mechanical repair.

It is stated that for the beginning of full-fledged flight tests of the airline it is necessary to conduct 15 hours of ground tests with "impeccable results."

It is reported that the final version of Defiant can be put into service with the US Army by the beginning of the 2030-s. This is a three-screw design, and the two screws are made according to a coaxial scheme. The armament of the helicopter complex is planned to be placed in the internal compartments to improve the aerodynamic characteristics that affect the speed of flight.
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    ANCIENT 13 December 2018 07: 17
    in general, the coaxial circuit in the United States did not take root, their problems are most likely associated with it, more precisely, and the strong vibration of the screws.
    1. Topgun
      Topgun 13 December 2018 10: 52
      just the vibrations of the aligners are less because the blades are shorter, dear comrade expert ...
      they are more complicated, more expensive, as for me they did not take root because of their height (there is not enough space on ships) ...
      1. ANCIENT
        ANCIENT 13 December 2018 11: 31
        Vasya Pupkin, we are talking about the fact that it is on this model that when picking up speed there is a strong vibration that the Yankees can not yet eliminate.
        1. Topgun
          Topgun 13 December 2018 13: 22
          Well, say so, for your first comment is some very general
          Quote: ANCIENT
          in general, the coaxial circuit in the United States did not take root, their problems are most likely associated with it, more precisely, and the strong vibration of the screws.

          here everything seems to be working in the article above we are talking about a 2-3 times larger helicopter and correspondingly large blades, given that such (hard) blades are still a novelty for the industry they might have problems ...
          By the way, Russia has a lag in the area of ​​hard blades
          1. Flyer_64
            Flyer_64 13 December 2018 19: 41
            Quote: Topgun
            Russia lags in the area of ​​hard blades

            The problem is not only in the blades. Of course, the S-97 Raider uses carbon fiber blades of a variable profile tapering in the tips, and having arrow-shaped tips. But another thing is screw management. On the Ka-52, the pitch of the screws and the angles of the installation of the blades are controlled through the MODSH (the mechanism of the general and differential pitch) through a complex order of rods and crawlers to the screw swash plates. The S-97 Raider has completely different screw controls, which makes it possible to use rigid blades and reduce screw spacing. The use of a tail propulsion also unloads HB, which also gives a plus to the use of rigid blades. That is, the NV operates in vertical take-off, hovering and landing modes, as well as in transient modes, and in flight plays the role of a wing. The mover works to increase and decrease speed. In a purely helicopter version, acceleration and braking occur due to the tilt of the axis of the propellers forward or backward. On the blades of the HB during rotation, multidirectional forces cause them to bend until they break. If the S-97 Raider had short blades, there were probably no problems, and the new SBD already had different dimensions, respectively, and the size of the blades was increased. From here, bending vibrations increase. Usually in helicopters, this is compensated by torsion bars or hinges.
            1. Locksmith
              Locksmith 14 December 2018 11: 28
              Quote: Letun_64
              In a purely helicopter version, acceleration and braking occur due to the tilt of the axis of the propellers forward or backward

              No, this is not so - for the blades, the cyclic pitch is variable and differs for the advancing and retreating blade. When changing the pitch, the pitch of the blade, which is above the tail, is greater than that of the blade which is above the muzzle, this causes the entire helicopter to tilt forward, and not the propeller axis. This is particularly well seen when the "sneaker is on the floor", when it flies at moderate steps, the helicopter can fly horizontally and no tilt is visible. The coaxial rotor does not have a tail rotor, which compensates for the moment from the main rotor, this function is performed by the second coaxial propeller. By changing the cyclic pitch on it, and decreasing on the second propeller, we turn or tilt the helicopter along the aileron or pitch, that is, it is easier to tilt to the right-left or forward back. The coaxials have a problem - if the steps on the opposing blades of both propellers change, they seem to bend a little in the plane, and if the distance between the propellers is small, like this pepelatsa, overlap of the blades is possible. Therefore, despite the use of carbon fiber, our Ka52 has a rather large distance between the coaxial propellers, so for safety, you never know what kind of maneuver will have to be done laughing
              1. Flyer_64
                Flyer_64 15 December 2018 23: 16
                Quote: Locksmith
                No it's not

                Helicopters are controlled by tilting the rotation cone in the direction of the helicopter moving. To move forward, the pilot deflects the axis of the rotor cone of rotation of the rotor forward (using the cyclic pitch lever, rods, rocking chairs, control units and swash plate). Accordingly, changes in the cyclic pitch of the blades. The inclination of the cone is accompanied by the inclination of the thrust of the rotor in the corresponding direction, which gives the necessary component of the thrust of the HB for moving the helicopter.
                The cyclic pitch of the blades is a change in the pitch of the blades in one cycle of rotation of the screw.
                The formation of the cone of the screw occurs as a result of swing movements. The coaxial screws rotate in different directions to compensate for reactive moments. Accordingly, the cones are asymmetric and there really is a rapprochement, so the HBs are spaced a safe distance. And the inclination of the fuselage along the roll and pitch occur due to the corresponding moments from the rotor. Well, something like this.
        2. Flyer_64
          Flyer_64 13 December 2018 18: 06
          Quote: ANCIENT
          It is on this model that when picking up speed, strong vibration occurs, which the Yankees can not yet eliminate.

          And where do you get such knowledge from? As far as we know Defiant (SBD) conduct only ground tests, the so-called leash.
      2. Flyer_64
        Flyer_64 13 December 2018 18: 02
        Quote: Topgun
        just the vibrations of the aligners are less

        Where does such knowledge come from? Operating experience?
  2. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 13 December 2018 07: 53
    It turns out that Kamovtsy is much closer to creating a high-speed helicopter? On "Sharks" and "Alligators" there are simply no pushing screws, and the profiles of the carriers, apparently, will have to be "modified" for speed ... We will wait and see. High-speed helicopters, based on the laws of aerodynamics, are unlikely to fly much faster than WWII attack aircraft ...
    1. Topgun
      Topgun 13 December 2018 10: 41
      closer to what? not awake yet?
      in the article about another helicopter !!! 2-3 times bigger ...
  3. Mih1974
    Mih1974 13 December 2018 07: 57
    Only I have a feeling that the Americans have already had some 10-15 years of some kind of pathological hitch on ALL new developments? request "what they don't do, things don't go." The newest coastal ships "Utugu" - horror of an horror, they were not put into operation, but it is already clear - we must write off, "Penguin" - 300 snouts riveted and they are all fixing something and the end and the edge can not be seen and this even without understanding "and he so expensive? ", that is, an insane price, and the meaning is no more than that of a UAV, the shuttles were written off - and there is no end and edge to the development of not only a manned version, but even a" macaroni "Mask is more of an advertising shnyaga than a technological achievement.
    I now remember how it was before - the inconceivable new high-speed trains, jet Concordes, aviation from the Americans, even the old "Abrams" and that on the background of the T-72 looked like a breakthrough (although the question is controversial), I'm not talking about all the civilian achievements of Americans then, but now - excuse me, but the "new" model of the "bitten off apple" for an insane price, well, cannot be called a Breakthrough. What a breakthrough was even the Internet or even a "flat screen". No, I recognize the amazing changes in the same digital economy (and this is no kidding), but forgive me this is not a reason to stop Progress in "large objects". No.
    1. voyaka uh
      voyaka uh 13 December 2018 09: 16
      It’s just that there was no Internet before, and you (and others) did not have on-line information about developments in the West and their problems. Problems and jambs were not less, but they were not put up for display on the Internet.
      1. ANCIENT
        ANCIENT 13 December 2018 11: 36
        Aleksey, it’s just that before, there were much more specialists from Russia and the former USSR who worked there, and with a banana-eater, they pointed to the door for many, or made the conditions that people left, the politics exceeded common sense. They said the tramp was enough, the outflow of brains led to stagnation in development . I have three friends who worked in the USA, and so, they ask two back, believe it or not. The Yankees have forgotten how to think with their brains.
        1. voyaka uh
          voyaka uh 13 December 2018 12: 13
          In the States, there have always been many immigrants among engineers and scientists. Not necessarily from Russia. Come Australians, Germans, Israelis. Elon Musk is from South Africa. In the United States, career growth is much faster and, of course, higher than salary. And zero bureaucracy with firms and laboratories.
  4. doctor
    doctor 13 December 2018 09: 16
    Another wunderwaffle wink
  5. Larum
    Larum 13 December 2018 09: 16
    That's where the legs grow from ideas above a high-speed helicopter in the Russian Federation. Catch up and chat!
    But here at least a 3D model is decent against the drawings of an older schoolchild with us.
    And by the 30s, the first samples will be ... probably
  6. Reserve buildbat
    Reserve buildbat 13 December 2018 09: 33
    "Sikorsky's director of business development, Rich Kucheravy, said that during the ground tests, a technical problem was identified that needs to be addressed."
    Technical problem: "It won't take off ..."
    1. Henderson
      Henderson 14 December 2018 22: 58
      Sikorsky usually takes off.
  7. irazum
    irazum 13 December 2018 09: 48
    A nice machine and the symbiosis of Sikorsky-Boeing itself is impressive. It is clear that not soon, and the price will be, apparently, Mama Do not Cry!
  8. san4es
    san4es 13 December 2018 10: 45
    We are talking about the joint development of the helicopter by Sikorsky and Boeing Defiant (SBD).
    Demonstrator Sikorsky X2 Technology
    The technology can be scaled to meet various needs, including unmanned aerial vehicles, commercial aircraft, and heavy and armed attack and escort aircraft.
    Mar. 2013 year