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Notes of the Colorado Cockroach. Unscheduled "for Russia hurt"

We can say that I got out of turn, but forgive me, dear, I am not Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya, I, rather, Pavlik Morozov. That is, I will not remain silent, especially since the reason is more than weighty.

I never thought that I would be so offended at the power. Not for our, of course, there is already sometimes stupid to be offended. It became a shame for Russia, where people began to hang on their ears spreading noodles of supposedly Ukrainian batch.

I don’t know who will be there and how it will determine who to believe and who will not, but this is for you: Tarakan against Vasilisa from Komsomolskaya Pravda.

Square "in position": empty trains, evil taxi drivers and Poroshenko from all screens.

So next Sunday I will also make a voyage to Russia and will definitely write something like that. And let someone catch me and refute me.

So, she rushed, true-mother about Kiev, Father and Ukraine!

I'll start from the very beginning, I’ll skip the photo for now. Although about him, too, oh, how interesting we will talk!

"The correspondent of" KP "drove through Ukraine and saw with my own eyes how people live on martial law here."

Let's tell the truth: the correspondent of "KP" was in Kiev on the Maidan and Bessarabka. Everything. Nowhere else was she, and she does not need this. Although - in vain.

Kiev ... You will not believe it, but Kiev is quite large. Not so huge, of course, like Moscow, but nonetheless. And, to understand and appreciate, we must not only walk along the Maidan. Kiev has a soul, a heart, and even a stomach! And this is not a Maidan!

Although I have been explaining this to you for three years already ... With variable, so to speak, success. That Nyash-Tarakash, then Svidomo mustache.


Here, reading the heartbreaking story of Vasilisa about her fellow traveler Galina, I agree. Props as it is.

“My husband and I planned to celebrate New Year at home. Now I do not know what to do. He stayed here in Russia, and here I am going to Ukraine. Oh, grief, grief ... I have a Ukrainian passport, he has a Russian - he is an officer in retirement, they will not let him cross the border, by no means. ”

It sounds funny, right? Galina has a house with her “husband”, where they just wanted to celebrate the New Year. In Ukraine, of course. But for some reason up to this point stubbornly stuck in Russia. You can talk a lot about such Ukrainian women and women who magically have such “husbands” on the territory of the aggressor. Love, as they say, is evil. You will love this ... with RUSSIAN passport.

It would be interesting to see what he is, this Russian passport. I have seen Russian ...

But oh well. The fellow traveler Vasilisa, as ordered, is a sort of Ukrainian inadequate sample. Not only that leaving the "husband" rushing headlong to the family with a load of cast-offs, it also drags the child.

Little child is also an interesting phenomenon. 17 years. He is nervous that at the border they can hand over the agenda, but nevertheless, he moves with his mother to his homeland.

“Do not worry,” his mother tells him in Ukrainian, thinking that I do not understand. - Do not take you to the ATO, there is only with 18. Dmitro, I show you, everything will be fine. I asked ours. Props are all! ”

Yeah, as it is, props! 34 Thousands of deserters - this is also props? Okay, yes, the army take with 18 years. Mom and Dima do not know how to count, that after the onset of the New, 2019 of the year that they go "at home" to celebrate, to meet, Dima will be just "incomplete 18", and no one will release his 158% back to Russia. For - a draftee.

No, it is clear that I really want to expose us ... But my dears, we have such fools like Galya, they simply do not survive, the times are not right! The word Cockroach does not survive.

In general, a normal mother, if there is an opportunity to send a child of draft age somewhere in Mordor, she will send him. Go to the "husband", if you take, to relatives, but at least to the orcs with goblins, just to get away from the front line. The choice between Russia and the ATO is unambiguous.

But such Galya could hardly have become the hero of such a “reportage”.

I can say the same about Ukrainian men, whom “Really one, two and miscalculated. All with Ukrainian passports, cut into cards, bite the vodka lard. "

Well, what do not play on banduras and do not clean the boots with the smalts? Ay, Vasilisa, ah, well done! Well, what else can do the Ukrainian men who go home from Russia? Of course, drink vodka. After all, for a normal Ukrainian to dig up a real vodka in Moscow - just spit. Of course, buying ordinary vodka and sausages on the road in any store is not our way. Only vodka with lard!

In general, it is not vodka with lard, if anything, they are dragging from Russia. I'll tell you a secret: caviar and smoked fish - this is the main article of the import import. And, immediately after the border, all the compartments and second-class compartments will immediately go to those who want to buy all this stuff from you.

“Instead of them, two soldiers sat down to Kiev. I even woke up from the smell of kersey boots - you can't confuse him with anything. The soldiers (the young ones altogether) were snoring peacefully. ”

The smell of kersey boots ... And I don’t even know what to say ... I will honestly say, despite the fact that I was in the army, of which I did not see any kersey boots. Back in those Soviet times, when canvas boots were in use. But I did not see the kersey boots.

Woman ... She may not know that the Ukrainian army, like all progressive armies of the world, walks exclusively in leather boots.

Well, in Kiev, all in the same spirit. Depressive-progressive.

“In Kiev crossings. Right next to the stalls with the symbolism of independence, flags and embroidery live beggars. They are joking about them - everyone is waiting for 3-th Maidan. ”

Yes Yes Yes! But not in the “Kiev crossings”, but in the “Kiev crossing”! In one, on the Maidan, in the same place, and I recently filmed. Paired with the subway, and in general, I wrote in the "Notes" that our homeless from the beginning of the winter moved to the subway. It's warmer there. And this transition, on the Maidan, it is also heated by the metro.

And on the rest of the transitions is empty. And if anyone can be found there by chance, it will be guys like “part of the crew, part of the ship, part of the crew, part of the ship”. Shortly, in general.

“The Bessarabian market is empty. Salo is sold little (and then only in the farthest corner), and more and more black and red caviar for rich people of Kiev and foreign tourists. ”

Yeah, and on the Arbat a lot of buyers? I showed you Bessarabka, it's real as your Moscow Arbat, only with food! And there is no fat, what grief!

And nothing that does not fat one person fed? To him also sausages need, and meat, and fish?

You, my dear (in every sense) Muscovites, like one, buy souvenirs on the Arbat? Here we have a Bessarabka for visitors. But we have there sellers can buy in all languages. Very graduates of the Faculty of Foreign Languages ​​of KSU are held in high esteem.

“The second trouble happened next and upset me a lot more. Generally knocked out of the rut - a taxi driver got me out of the car as soon as I learned that I was a Muscovite.

- I'm not lucky and that's it! Come out! Or pay a triple price. ”

Ha ha ha! Drop off? Our? Kiev bombed from the station? Here's a lie ...

And then they do not know which train approached? Here I will believe in the triple price for Muscovite, but who is to blame for that? A clever man, he will call Uber. And the other ... Vasilisa would still have to wear a t-shirt over a parachute to put on Putin on the one hand and Krymnash on the other. And wonder what so many have requested.

Vasilisa would say honestly that it was just that the name was bad (I suppose they called it in dollars), and decided to take a walk like this ...

Well and the main thing. For a snack.

"In Kiev, every day ostentatious anti-Russian marches" ...

And the photo, which was made by a man who has no relation to the “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

Tell me, who prevented Vasilisa from taking and photographing the marches that took place during her stay in Kiev? Why one and only, 7 December, caught in the lens employee Reuters?

Oh, yes, I forgot this strange peculiarity of the energy sphere of Ukraine - to drink the charges of all energy carriers, without letting you take photos and videos. So, I understand, as long as the daily anti-Russian marches were going on, all the equipment of Vasilisa was on charge. And so every day.

It happens…

But here I will tell you this, and even bring the proof. This korvozhadnye march collected our days five. And, if this is not noticeable from the photo of "Reiter", then I will inform you - they did not collect it. These cripples are the result of greed, for, according to the unspoken law, an hour of treading in the cold costs 100 hryvnia. No money - no crowd.

Notes of the Colorado Cockroach. Unscheduled "for Russia hurt"

Here are the calls of one of the recruiters. Just for that "march." Were greedy, for 400-500 students, for example, would go. And for 200 - let him jump.

This is precisely the question of our political activity. Messages from the phone of one of my youngest, they all came to the university. Who came - there they are, in the photo.

And the more we have "daily processions" was not. Sorry, Vasilisa, but you've lied a little here. Very little, but that is what it is.

What else to say about Vasilisa material? Well, they ordered her to show us stupid and miserable. It is so clear that "just not in Ukraine."

And I agree that we have something to poke into the eyes. And just I, in the name of the entire progressive insect society, are doing this. Honest and fair.

But when this is the case, they start inventing fairy tales about us, for some reason I fall into a rage. And I promise that after my visit to your side, I will definitely find something like that. On your side. And I stick, as they say, into the oval of the face.

So - wait.

But to you, my dear, real pictures of our life. Those whom Vasilisa did not see. I took it off just the other day, just my soul asked me to wander around the city, but to get some impressions.

And yes, who did not find food there in Kiev? Not looking there!

What is there to comment? Yes, nothing. If there is a City, it will live. If there are normal People in the City - they will live. In spite of everything.

And I want to push one philosophy.

Fear those who today exposes others to inferior. Today is not you, but tomorrow? This is me not only in Vasilis, this is me and Sergei Brilev, this is me and about our Dima Kiselev. Well, yes, Dima, is he yours now, but before? And before ours was. With giblets.

And what kind of speeches were pushing ... Well, today he is the same as you have blizzard, do not stop. So ... Although this is me, I grumble like an old man.

But that's enough, now - see you soon some of you, read your Cockroach, and not all Vasilis fairy-tale tellers there. Do not be fooled by just nonsense, for as you look at the world, so the world will look at you.

Bless you, live happily, smile and enjoy every normal day! Will live!

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  1. Dazdranagon
    Dazdranagon 13 December 2018 06: 11
    AND? What is the article about? Gasoline from this did not fall in price. laughing
    1. Andrey Yuryevich
      Andrey Yuryevich 13 December 2018 06: 28
      Cockroach, we already know that federal channels are pouring one propaganda into the ears, and the Kiselyovs and Nightingales. And other "patriots" are paid ...
      1. igorbrsv
        igorbrsv 13 December 2018 07: 44
        Is it only federal? Nobody really believes Vasilisas either. That's why they are balabol.
        1. sabakina
          sabakina 13 December 2018 10: 00
          Quote: igorbrsv
          Nobody really believes Vasilisas either. That's why they are balabol.
          It’s just that the wrong Vasilisa met the Cockroach. I would be interested to read about his meeting with Vasilisa Mikulishnaya ....
          1. Akuzenka
            Akuzenka 17 December 2018 18: 01
            One d ... lied, the other d .... k, began to make excuses. There are thousands of such examples. Something cockroach stuck in this lie ?! This mystery is great!
      2. Mih1974
        Mih1974 15 December 2018 10: 05
        Well, ok Kiselev - he hit a blizzard completely, listen to his mosk hump. But for Solovyov - I do not agree, here the point is in the difference in approach Kiselev - he rubs everything in, but with Solovyov - you can completely give a damn about what he says, he needs to listen to his (sane) "guests", but here it is already interesting. )) I thought that tiki stupid people like Kovtun, this is only a clown game, the features of a bald man ((I myself was shocked when I found modern videos of ukrov talking on an Internet with Russians belay negative - Ukrainians are even more pan-fed than Kovtun is trying to show them.
        And also in defense of Solovyov's programs - there are almost always two different points of view (well, except for topics that are not at all disputed) and there is no need to be a "stupid imitator of Solovyov", everyone, Everyone listens to two different points of view for himself chooses those arguments that he considers True.
        Simply put - you are not imposed an opinion, you yourself will choose the one that you want to consider the right one. ) good
      3. astepanov
        astepanov 15 December 2018 18: 15
        As for Kissel, the author correctly said that she was a bastard. Ah, how he spilled his nightingale about the pension reform, how sweetly he told us that giving birth to a woman and to the seventh ten is just a spit ... Judas - he is also a Judas in Russia.
    2. Baloo
      Baloo 13 December 2018 09: 10
      Quote: Dazdranagon
      AND? What is the article about? Gasoline from this did not fall in price. laughing

      Optimism cannot be taken away, for some reason people are not enough in the photo only. Where are people?
      1. Avior
        Avior 13 December 2018 09: 13
        thinking at work. Weekday, morning.
        1. sabakina
          sabakina 13 December 2018 10: 04
          Yeah, and the euro hasn’t reached the tourist center yet ... Bessarabki ...
          1. Avior
            Avior 13 December 2018 19: 03
            but should have?
        2. rayruav
          rayruav 13 December 2018 10: 42
          cool work you can run into
    3. Xnumx vis
      Xnumx vis 13 December 2018 09: 53
      Quote: Dazdranagon
      AND? What is the article about? Gasoline from this did not fall in price. laughing

      An article that people should describe the events true! Do not carry a gag. Do not invent events, write the TRUTH! But in Ukraine, in fact, not everything is so rosy and colorful, as the respected Tarakanushka writes ... It’s hard, it’s hard for ordinary people to live ... And there are enough nationalists there, it’s even time to thin out ... I communicate with my relatives from Ukraine, people really hate the current Svido power ... Yes, in the photographs in Kiev, as it is not tidied up, everything is neglected .. Reminds the 90s .....
      1. Mestny
        Mestny 13 December 2018 10: 17
        Quote: 30 vis
        An article that people should describe the events true! Do not carry a gag. Do not invent events, write the TRUTH! But in Ukraine, in fact, not everything is so rosy and colorful, as the respected Tarakanushka writes ...

        Well, that is, "dear Tarakanushka", describing the events from his side not entirely truthfully, probably has no right to demand this from our Russian side?
        Or according to the principle - "what for us?"
        1. Xnumx vis
          Xnumx vis 13 December 2018 12: 27
          Quote: Mestny
          Well, that is, "dear Tarakanushka", describing the events from his side not entirely truthfully, probably has no right to demand this from our Russian side?
          Or according to the principle - "what for us?"

          He writes everything correctly, dear "cockroach" ... Our journalists do not write objectively, that they fantasized, invented, lied ... They discredit their writings with these "inventions"! The truth is much worse! You need to write the truth! This is the meaning of journalism!
      2. Avior
        Avior 13 December 2018 19: 04
        did you read the article carefully?
        1. Xnumx vis
          Xnumx vis 13 December 2018 19: 12
          I read the article carefully. I also read the journalist’s opus in Komsomolskaya Pravda .. Gorilka with fat. kirsa, taxi drivers .. All this was present in the article. Why create an image of idiots from normal people living in Ukraine ...
          1. Avior
            Avior 13 December 2018 19: 21
            I mean that his article is a reaction. by the way I didn’t see anything super-joyful
          2. Sofievka
            Sofievka 16 December 2018 11: 56
            From the 10th to 15th I was in Kiev, I went to see my daughter, I wasn’t on all sorts of Maidans, it’s not interesting, the main thing is that Russian is spoken from everywhere, you asked, you answered, there are a lot of people everywhere, you can feel the approach of the New Year, in the metro, yes, there are homeless people , and where they are not, on the 14th I was in the Lavra, strange, I did not see any upcoming seizure, now the border, back and forth with a whistle, I saw many young people in both directions, with children and without, the military position was designated by a unit of the Hammer type "with one funny soldier. Yes, as, for me, the uniform of the APU is better than ours in quality. yes
      3. Mih1974
        Mih1974 15 December 2018 10: 09
        I just watched a video of how several young Ukrainians put on a "social experiment" - they walked to Kiev alone in the flank of the Ukriya, next to the second in the flag of Russia. belay after 10 minutes, the police stopped them and checked the document, released another 20 minutes later they wanted to beat them, and when they started to turn around what was in the Russian flag, the police dragged them to the Gestapo, but they were too lazy, or something else after 5 hours they interrogated the interrogations without even crippling them.
      4. serezhasoldatow
        serezhasoldatow 15 December 2018 21: 51
        Achinea is easier to carry than a log.
    4. isker
      isker 13 December 2018 11: 31
      augezh! and most importantly - the topic of boobs is not disclosed! (((
  2. please
    please 13 December 2018 06: 26
    Fear those who present others as inferior. Today is not you, but tomorrow?

    Quote of the Day.
  3. parusnik
    parusnik 13 December 2018 06: 35
    It was a shame for the author, they didn’t write the truth ... there is such a profession in the world, to pour guan over .. Whoever dines for the girl dances her .. And moreover, in Ukraine as well .. But do not touch Kisilev, it’s our everything and yours and ours ... Our guano to you, yours to us .. Only the essence of guano does not change from this ... It everywhere smells, to put it mildly ..
    1. igorbrsv
      igorbrsv 13 December 2018 07: 51
      And rightly so. They are throwing everything now. Therefore, there is no one to trust. Have to check
      1. Mestny
        Mestny 13 December 2018 10: 20
        It's time, it's time to check this "cockroach".
        It hurts too smoothly into my ears.
        1. igorbrsv
          igorbrsv 13 December 2018 13: 05
          wassat Well, I didn’t mean it. But in general.
          . It hurts too smoothly in my ears

          But I liked the phrase good
          To the wall put in everything is recognized wassat
          1. NEOZ
            NEOZ 13 December 2018 13: 24
            Quote: igorbrsv
            To the wall put in everything is recognized

            I will recommend your proposal to Comrade Stalin! ... He should like it ...
  4. Conductor
    Conductor 13 December 2018 06: 38
    And what is Patelna?
    1. domokl
      domokl 13 December 2018 07: 01
      bully Pan...
    2. rayruav
      rayruav 13 December 2018 08: 54
      and when it was broadcast everywhere that the supposedly melodious ukroyazyka is so understandable to Russian, so understandable
      1. Avior
        Avior 13 December 2018 09: 19
        it is a dialect name. sometimes this word means a baking sheet, sometimes a special kind of massive deep frying pan
    3. Galan
      Galan 13 December 2018 09: 02
      "The Great Ukrainian Philosopher" Skovoroda Grigory Savvich.
      The descendants of the Sumerians believe that "for almost 2 thousand years that have passed since the end of the era of antiquity, Greece has not given the world a single thinker who can be compared with Gregory Skovoroda." Now where is Mordor located? And all of you are "Patelnya and Patelnya."
      1. Avior
        Avior 13 December 2018 09: 20
        Yes, everything is clear. I wanted to throw something on the fan?
    4. igorbrsv
      igorbrsv 13 December 2018 14: 11
      . And what is Patelna?

      Almost the same as Perucarnia when you swell freshness winked
      You can contact with me any time. Happy to help
      1. gavrila2984
        gavrila2984 13 December 2018 22: 31
        And what is the card / card on the price tag by the slide?
        1. igorbrsv
          igorbrsv 13 December 2018 22: 54
          Probably a card or credit card, or a savings card. I didn’t think that the joke would be unsuccessful.
        2. Cezarevna
          Cezarevna 14 December 2018 15: 08
          it is an opportunity to pay by card or cash
          1. AshiSolo
            AshiSolo 15 December 2018 23: 29
            Fig = \ Why is the card more expensive ???
  5. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 13 December 2018 06: 54
    Or maybe the "author" should listen to the Ukrainian "experts" who are still (it is not clear why) are exorcised on Russian talk shows? Listen to the nonsense carried by Ukrainian politicians and officials of different ranks? Here and the explosion of the bridge, and sabotage, and parades on Red Square, not to mention the "bloody five-year war" with Russia, and one former is even ready to kill VVP, Ugh!
    1. Maverick78
      Maverick78 13 December 2018 07: 40
      So he says that he is on a par with the "Ukrainian experts" you should be ashamed. So I will even fight if they put me next to some sexton.
      1. Mestny
        Mestny 13 December 2018 10: 29
        Yes, we are being poured mud, and we in response - no, no.
        We should be ashamed.
        Moreover, the one who is asking "for the truth", also a citizen of this country, is not at all ashamed. He is outraged at how bad we are, we are not telling the truth about his country.
        Does he understand that this is the very thing that evokes in us such an attitude towards this whole fraternity, the Ukrainians. Does he understand that he wants to understand who is good there. and who is bad, and how do they actually live there - less and less?
        Does the author know the famous phrase - "if you add a spoon to a barrel of honey, you know what, the barrel of honey turns into a barrel of this very same one"?
        I think yes, everything is well known.
        Well, then there is no need to be indignant about "truth" either.
        The truth is that there are fascists in Ukraine, and that they are torn from the highest stands in any way to destroy us Russians.
        Is there anything like this from our state? No, categorically, this can only be imagined deliriously.
        This, in principle, is enough to not even understand who is good there. and who is not, and what they eat there for dinner.
        1. Maverick78
          Maverick78 13 December 2018 22: 55
          Now, if emotions are postponed ... a bunch of mucks from our side are doing everything to smear you up to the ears, cause aggression, dissolve you into inappropriate actions ... I understand that this is very annoying, but answer ... you are ready for war? Not with Ukraine, with those who are behind it. I think no. The truth is on your side (my personal opinion is very unpopular in the places where I live) You now need to show maximum endurance and patience, to be above those stupid antics that the "Central Europeans" and the like allow themselves.
    2. dauria
      dauria 13 December 2018 17: 19

      Or maybe the "author" should listen to the Ukrainian "experts" who are still (it is not clear why) are exorcised on Russian talk shows?

      Wake up. They are not "Ukrainian", they are ours. They were hired by our talk-shows, they are paid money (and you "do not understand" why they are exiled). For a simple reason - "Now let's stop for advertising." Oh, Ukrainian citizenship? So here and the subjects of the Queen of England earn money on TV, and that's okay.
  6. kos2cool4u
    kos2cool4u 13 December 2018 06: 57
    Quote: Conductor
    The bed

    also interesting)))) ... what kind of crap is this?
    1. Mar.Tirah
      Mar.Tirah 13 December 2018 07: 08
      Quote: kos2cool4u
      Quote: Conductor
      The bed

      also interesting)))) ... what kind of crap is this?

      Frying pan.. In the photo, as I understand it, barbecue?
    2. 3vs
      3vs 13 December 2018 07: 37
      There is no sauna, a place where people "drink"! laughing
      Guessed, Ukrainians?
  7. eugraphus
    eugraphus 13 December 2018 06: 58
    And the whole article is saturated with insult to the Russians. They do not want to see how wonderful everything is in Ukraine. I sorted everything out according to the proposals to the smallest detail, refuted the unpleasant. He caught the biased Russians. He showed where to pay attention. Yes, he was frightened that he was driving to Russia, and he didn’t accumulate such an answer in response. And the soul immediately became easier.
    1. domokl
      domokl 13 December 2018 07: 07
      And how do you react when someone obviously smears us with vital products? As for me, it’s a completely adequate reaction to completely shameless propaganda. What kind of idiots are they holding us? The Internet makes it possible to see not only the capital, but also very small cities and villages.
      Harshly ... Yes ... But with a clear resentment ...
      1. NEOZ
        NEOZ 13 December 2018 13: 31
        Quote: domokl
        but also quite small towns and villages.

        Shariy "miracle on glass"
        perhaps this video will cheer you up!
      2. Cook
        Cook 14 December 2018 13: 51
        Yes, he certainly found someone to be offended by. Komsomolskaya Pravda has long turned into some sort of yellow tabloid, with the corresponding level of journalists and their reports.
    2. igorbrsv
      igorbrsv 13 December 2018 07: 57
      But he also said in the case. It's time to end the fake guns. At first the truth is better with strangers, then with your own wassat
    3. The comment was deleted.
    4. igorbrsv
      igorbrsv 13 December 2018 20: 56
      Does it dig? Also wants to take a picture, then yes. And walk independently, I don’t think No.
  8. Aingof
    Aingof 13 December 2018 07: 03
    Federal channels someone else watching?
    1. igorbrsv
      igorbrsv 13 December 2018 07: 59
      Yes. I look. This is the same unreliable source of information as everyone else. But statements from officials there sound more often. It’s the same as not to look at official resources of departments. What then to focus on?
  9. The comment was deleted.
    1. domokl
      domokl 13 December 2018 07: 22
      the author has been familiar to us for three or four years. How is it in the cartoon, "I choose you. I have known you for a long time. And I saw the cat just today" ... something like this?
    2. igorbrsv
      igorbrsv 13 December 2018 08: 08
      Well, probably not just like that. We also visit foreign resources. Who is looking for the truth, who is an excuse, and someone is trying to convey their truth
  10. purple
    purple 13 December 2018 07: 34
    I don’t understand the author ... What kind of anti-Russian marches are there or what? And why doesn’t he have tantrums causing such articles about Russia? Where do hedgehogs eat?
    If the author in six months will sugs shout I will not be surprised
    1. igorbrsv
      igorbrsv 13 December 2018 08: 10
      If we don’t open each other’s eyes, we will soon jump together wassat
      But the truth is sometimes good, and sometimes bad. In general, this author always causes a lot of debate. So touches topical issues for us
    2. domokl
      domokl 13 December 2018 15: 43
      And you look at the attitude of Ukrainians towards us ... Everything is so. The propaganda works So, alas, the cockroach is right. There are no more fraternal peoples ... there are enemies and there is an ideological front ...
      1. igorbrsv
        igorbrsv 13 December 2018 20: 44
        There is. But not the people. Three hundred in glad and those that jumped. And that’s not all. And we have those who are extinguishing all already configured. But I hope it doesn’t. Is there anyone from Golden Eagle?
  11. 3vs
    3vs 13 December 2018 07: 34
    What did they do with the Russian city of Kiev!
    The letters seem to be Russian and some wonderful words.
    1. asp373
      asp373 17 December 2018 13: 44
      Ukrainians occupied it.
  12. bober1982
    bober1982 13 December 2018 07: 44
    The author of the article needs to upload the photo more accurately, the title photo is disgusting, there should be a sense of proportion.
  13. Gardamir
    Gardamir 13 December 2018 08: 00
    what is this Russian passport.
    AND? I went by taxi about four days ago. Driver from Donbass. So he also dreams of a "Russian" passport to work in Russia more legally. Notice not Russian. Maybe you are not a cockroach from Ukraine?
    And still a passport is needed for work, but he himself, dreams of returning home. Only in the Donbass there was not a single silence.
  14. Dersturm
    Dersturm 13 December 2018 08: 05
    Quote: purple
    I don’t understand the author ... What kind of anti-Russian marches are there or what? And why doesn’t he have tantrums causing such articles about Russia? Where do hedgehogs eat?
    If the author in six months will sugs shout I will not be surprised

    he probably screamed 4 years ago and screamed beyond his Kuev, unless he took a picture with the natives. Why do you think Kuevlyan is not loved here?)
    1. Vladimir_65
      Vladimir_65 13 December 2018 16: 38
      Yes, for the same reason that Muscovites in Russia
    2. domokl
      domokl 13 December 2018 17: 16
      Quote: DerSturm
      Kuev will not come out beyond his own, except perhaps to make photos with the natives.

      It’s strange. And then who are the reports from the village, i.e. do you think of the village? Quite like recently published ...
      Something you do not rule in that steppe what
    3. igorbrsv
      igorbrsv 13 December 2018 21: 05
      This person will not jump. I think so
  15. bratchanin3
    bratchanin3 13 December 2018 08: 31
    There is not a lot of food in Krajina, and how can there be little food there? But I saw few people in the photographs. This is a feature, probably, of all the Young Europeans, in the Baltics for the new year, too, "roll a ball", there is no one - empty cities.
  16. The leader of the Redskins
    The leader of the Redskins 13 December 2018 08: 49
    Thank you Cockroach! How I visited dad near Kiev! And your story seems much truer than that of this Vasilisa. Unfortunately, here on VO there are now many such "Vasilis" divorced ....
  17. The comment was deleted.
  18. The comment was deleted.
  19. rayruav
    rayruav 13 December 2018 09: 00
    senior staff explain
  20. Avior
    Avior 13 December 2018 09: 07
    With the passport, of course, the slip came out.
    From time immemorial, instead of Russian in Ukraine, they speak Russian.
    And it looks funny when a Russian living in Ukraine tells a Russian living in Russia that he has a "Russian accent."
    And so generally the bony hand of hunger is right in the pictures laughing in the bedroom good
    1. Sergej1972
      Sergej1972 15 December 2018 20: 29
      On the contrary. In Ukraine, instead of "Russian" they say "Russian". Rossiyska Mova, for example. At the same time, they write with one "s". Their Russian is not a citizen of the Russian Federation, like ours, but a Russian, a Great Russian.
      1. Avior
        Avior 17 December 2018 14: 22
        I wrote about Russian and Russians living in Ukraine.
        If you are talking about Ukrainian, then there, as in languages ​​other than Russian, Russian and Russian do not differ and are indicated by one word.
        Rosiyska Mova with one c is some kind of dialect, perhaps it’s definitely not a literary norm
        1. Sergej1972
          Sergej1972 18 December 2018 10: 53
          In the Ukrainian language there is no analogue of our "Russian" at all. A Russian, a Russian in Ukrainian is precisely Russian, not a citizen of Russia. A Russian living in Ukraine is also called a Russian. And the Ukrainian press and authorities, on the contrary, call all citizens of Ukraine Ukrainians, regardless of nationality. Including the Russians.
          1. Avior
            Avior 18 December 2018 18: 09
            this is in most languages.
            Russian in Ukrainian is both Russian and a resident of Russia.
  21. Cananecat
    Cananecat 13 December 2018 09: 16
    Judging by the "enemy" resource, this Vasilisa appeared in the summer. She was noted in the KP with articles related to crime. Stuffed her hand on the topicality of topics related to drugs, high-profile resonant cases. It looks like it uses a pseudonym. As an author, about nothing. For me, the Cockroach would have looked much better in KP.
    So write "mustache" as opposed to any dishonesty ... and here we ourselves will figure out who to believe and what to take for the truth.
  22. AleBors
    AleBors 13 December 2018 09: 21
    The article turned out to be strange, as if the Cockroach was justifying itself. It wasn’t worth it, we have long known the price for similar Vasilises, we have such, and even you, in each edition a ruble bunch ...
  23. BAI
    BAI 13 December 2018 09: 30

    Independent "in position": empty trains, angry taxi drivers and Poroshenko from all screens.

    I read this article. And at the expense of the taxi driver: "Get out or triple tariff" - is it true or what?
    2. The cockroach caught himself too late. In "KP" there was also a series of articles "The Diary of a Kievite". Why was there no refutation? (By the way, there were rumors that the SBU had figured it out, so the episode ended unfinished).
    3. On the Yu-tube there is a video of 2 boys and a girl in a car with Russian numbers drove Moscow - Kiev - Odessa and back. In addition to roads and a broken SIM card, there are no problems. But this is in October, before the VP.
    1. BAI
      BAI 13 December 2018 09: 54
      I skipped the valid editing time, I will continue.
      to claim 1. Photos of food stalls - is this to refute the claim that in Ukraine there is stress with fat?
      And further. Let's not be hypocritical: an information war is going on between Ukraine and Russia. As well as political and economic (but economic after the example of 1940 - "strange"). Therefore, the "40 by 60" rule, which I wrote about yesterday, has not been canceled.
      At the expense of the triple tariff - I repent, sin, missed. Has already.
  24. sabakina
    sabakina 13 December 2018 09: 56
    Cockroach, all this is good. Just explain why KAZKA cried?
  25. Ros 56
    Ros 56 13 December 2018 10: 02
    Cockroach, and what did you expect from the people of the second oldest. When I read her opus, I drew attention to all these blunders, especially about tarpaulin boots, but from my long life experience I thought: well, what to take from a woman, she’s a fool, she’s also a fool in Africa. moreover, regardless of education or place of work, in a word - a woman.
    1. rayruav
      rayruav 13 December 2018 10: 36
      fellow explicitly misogynist
      1. Ros 56
        Ros 56 13 December 2018 10: 42
        The friend lives for a long time and worked for almost 20 years, where more than 70% were women, so the experience of communication is higher than the roof. This is the first. And secondly, I love lesbians and women, but age is not the same. So, dear, live to mine, and then tweet. hi
  26. Scud
    Scud 13 December 2018 10: 45
    All covered with a crotch absolutely all
    Geyevrop there is a non-fallow island
    Unhappy savage Ukrainians live there
    Face free but slaves inside
    What they do not do business
    It can be seen in the embroidery that their mother gave birth
    Salo there does not tumble down does not insert coke
    They pray at Bandera without sparing tears!
  27. forest park 86
    forest park 86 13 December 2018 11: 37
    Everything in them in (or in?) Ukraine is good. They like it so much. As they hated Russia, they will hate it. As they rode, they will so ride. Why are we friends and brothers crammed into them?
  28. Andrey VOV
    Andrey VOV 13 December 2018 11: 41
    It was not worth the respected "Cockroach" to react to that little article .. what do you have there, what we have here are pouring everything that is not hitting .. according to the principle of people, he grabs, I think clever will understand and figure it out, among other things, reading your reports. Calm, only calm, as one famous character said
  29. akunin
    akunin 13 December 2018 12: 11
    I have repeatedly said that
    Tarakan Okoloradsky
    hidden nationalist. in Kiev. may be all right, but Ukraine is not only Kiev, but what about Donetsk and Luhansk (and the region)? They themselves say that exorbitant prices for gas and communal services, but we are not afraid of severe frosts. is optimism connected? (and people have not believed "our" (as well as "your") agitators for a long time. Sometimes I watch Ukrainian television and can compare the information). As I understand it, Happy New Year with the expectation that "the best is yet to come." the joke "about Mordor is already tired.
    and next year in Ukraine will be happy (the year of the pig), the topic of fat will be fully disclosed.
  30. NEOZ
    NEOZ 13 December 2018 13: 10
    It was a shame for Russia

    this is why? for which countries are you still offended? and on what basis are you offended by Russia? Are you offended by the news in the USA?
    people began to hang hanging noodles of allegedly Ukrainian batch on their ears.

    and in Ukraine there is no kneading? things are good?
    The fellow traveler Vasilisa, by order, is a sort of example of Ukrainian inadequacy.

    I suspect that this is a collective image. cockroach, and what% of the population in Ukraine is inadequate?
    here at a glance: a report where they pray for glass with divorces and SHOW it on TV, they constantly sing a hymn, constant fights in the parliament, glorification of the Nazis, and a bunch of all that. here you want / do not want to become inadequate!
    Well, in Kiev, all in the same spirit. Depressive-progressive.

    and do not you have a depressive progressive spirit? according to your articles, depression and gloom are in the air ...
    Well and the main thing. For a snack.

    "In Kiev, every day ostentatious anti-Russian marches" ...

    and if Ukraine is written instead of Kiev, will it be like the truth?
    What else can you say about Vasilisa’s material? Well, they ordered her to show us dumb and miserable.

    and Ukrainians, of course, are not like that !!! they're clever!!! proud !!! worthy !!!!
    just look ukrTV ... and it’s watching !!! and who is watching this? ... why with Poroshenko constantly dressed women in national clothes? why do they sing the hymn? why do deputies beat their faces without being embarrassed by the camera? - because the electorate likes it !!! and if the electorate likes it, then who are they ?????
    But when so, they begin to come up with fairy tales about us, for some reason I am enraged.

    and where are the tales? collective image of Ukraine in one article ...
    the article is ideologically correct, shows Ukraine as it is.
    a fairy tale is a lie, but a hint in it .....
    cockroach, why are there so many prostitutes in your country and the EU from your country? why is the best country for sex tourism is Ukraine? why?
    this should be an explanation ....
    Fear those who present others as inferior. Today is not you, but tomorrow? It’s me not only in Vasilisa, it’s me and Seryozha Brilev, it’s me about our Dima Kiselev.

    so it's a return !!! 5 years of citizens of the Russian Federation slop drenched on ukrTV / Internet and other resources ... according to your theory, by the way!
    Do not be fooled by all nonsense, for as you look at the world, so the world will look at you.

    Well, not so nonsense!
    world (globe of Ukraine)? and the world will look at you? ..... are you serious? .... I’m watching, for 5 years already in Ukraine they have been looking at us as we are at them ..... and in other parts of the world ....
  31. Machete
    Machete 13 December 2018 13: 20
    I don’t know why this cockroach was so overexcited. Healthy people do not read this Komsomol. Only housewives and senior citizens who have nothing to do.
    Still, Speed-Info here began to expose.
  32. Bolo
    Bolo 13 December 2018 15: 04
    And where is sugs at the end of the article, a cockroach?
  33. Li17
    Li17 13 December 2018 15: 51
    Hi Pan Tarkan! What I like is that you have fun there! Well, about how you live there, just watch YOUR talk show and other shows on YOUR TV! And I have already repeated here about such a characteristic feature of your Ukrainian and state image - yes, everything is fine with us, this is nonsense ...! Yes, we have work, everything is fine, shopping on the Internet, instead of gas, the inverter condo warms up for me, and finally .... you won’t throw some money! You begin to be curious, they say along UkrTV that you’ve gathered near the Rada, you’re afraid to go out on the street so that you don’t take it, how to repay your debts .... And here the tantrum begins about what redneck I am and time will tell what we have life is better. Moreover, as I noticed, this is also characteristic of Ukrainians wandering around my region or in the Crimea, not to mention my relatives or colleagues! Dear Pan Cockroach, it’s not that the journalist writes there (and you also understand the fighters himself), but the matter is in the environment in which only cockroaches and embroidered shirts live well! Although you are provided with fat and other things there, but thanks to your honest reports, it turns out that our journalist is just right! Although you show beautiful shots, but you have there the murderous essence of a state ass that betrays shit on your head! As Ostap-Kisa said, we are strangers at this celebration of life! Not everyone is lucky to be a cockroach!
    1. Avior
      Avior 14 December 2018 11: 21
      how do you live there is enough to watch YOUR talk show and other shows on YOUR TV!

      made fun of. If you look at them in Russian, then in Russia they generally live in hell.
      also me, found the source
      1. NEOZ
        NEOZ 14 December 2018 11: 24
        Quote: Avior
        then in Russia in general they live in hell.

        those. Are you saying that we are completely out of place?
        Are you definitely from the Russian Federation? ... on this opus, I doubt very much ....
        1. Avior
          Avior 14 December 2018 11: 26
          that is, do you know how to read?
          the previous author decided that real life in the country can be judged by talk shows on television.
          in my opinion this is not so.
          so do you understand?
          1. NEOZ
            NEOZ 14 December 2018 15: 43
            Quote: Avior
            in my opinion this is not so.

            but in my opinion it is!
            - everything that is shown on TV, written in the media, etc. one way or another affects the audience and one way or another forms the worldview of the audience ...
            Thus, when analyzing Ukrainian media, conclusions can be drawn on the economic, political and ideological situation in the country.
      2. Li17
        Li17 14 December 2018 12: 46
        I will not say. They don't talk about how we live. They talk about the lack of democracy, about the power of the GDP, about our aggression, about political ties ..., about the oppression of the Tatars in Crimea. They love to talk about all sorts of EU, PACE, about how the Americans and others come over us for them, about the Nord Stream political project ... how the next "murderous" sanctions are being prepared there and the NATO fleet will be like them for what they received with its "fleet" really. In a word, a mixture of complaints and slogans, praising their Fuhrer abroad ... but silence about our life!
        1. dirk182
          dirk182 20 December 2018 04: 20
          I agree with you entirely. Recently, I've been watching cartoons on the TV exclusively with the younger ones) there is less garbage in my head. And about the article by Cockroach. We are somehow digging hard, trying to reveal the "hidden". And yet, personal observation is small. Note. When news like "The Central Bank announced an increase in prices in 2019" appears, RIA Novosti bypasses it) I tried to point it out to them and I was stupidly banned.
  34. Li17
    Li17 14 December 2018 11: 13
    By the way, personally for the Sharkovy Pan Tarkan, as I said, the only thing that develops in Ukraine is humor. It’s enough to see quarter 95, so all our journalists can laugh ... at their unsuccessful and pale reports. Here's an example - As I noticed the shanny pan tries not to notice my injections in the direction of his Svidomo, so that he may not answer! But about beautiful pictures it’s great with him!
    1. NEOZ
      NEOZ 14 December 2018 11: 27
      Quote: lithium17
      tries not to notice my injections towards his Svidomo

      why are you calling him?
      Quote: lithium17
      so it may not respond!

      Well, you do not write comments for him !!!
  35. Donchanin
    Donchanin 14 December 2018 13: 05
    You know, I looked at the pictures and remembered Donetsk on the summer of the 14th. The streets are empty, from time to time shells arrive, you can safely walk along previously previously filled roads, mars drifted to Khokhlov, and those who didn’t take drills took away cars and sent them to the front. There are no idiots in wheelbarrows jumping from speakers, if it weren’t for arrivals at night, and the need to always go with a passport is a laf ...
    I don’t see where Kiselev is lying. At least for us. Brilev is not interesting.
    Mauger this photo selection prophetic and Kiev waiting for the fate of Donetsk? AND?
    1. dirk182
      dirk182 20 December 2018 04: 24
      Kiseleva was hated when he openly began to talk to people about the benefits of pension reform. Well, Lesha Navalny told a lot of interesting things about him. Personally, I do not care. I see nothing interesting in his programs. He is a propagandist in a word. Shout ..... someone)
  36. kakvastam
    kakvastam 14 December 2018 13: 43
    When the whole domestic policy is described by the formula "bear with it, otherwise it will be like in Ukraine", nothing else can be expected.
    And all the same - it will be.
    1. dirk182
      dirk182 20 December 2018 04: 25
      "We don't want it like in France" V.V. Putin
  37. chechuev
    chechuev 14 December 2018 19: 34
    Vasilisin report is written about nothing lying on the couch, thanks to the cockroach about otvetka.
  38. stalki
    stalki 14 December 2018 20: 56
    And the simpota pigs turned out, positively laughing Yes, I think everyone is filtering who is capable of Old. So, Dear Cockroach, do not worry and see the truth and untruth. And black and white and silver bore laughing
  39. Cradle
    Cradle 14 December 2018 22: 34
    Strange, people are still discussing this idiot, and who killed people in Donbas, and who burned them in Odessa, who killed Elderberry, the one that we are persecuting here ...
  40. Mentor
    Mentor 14 December 2018 22: 34
    Dear author, congratulations. In short, I sympathize with you, because I live in Belarus, which the patriots make the enemy of Russia. Your country, mainly due to idiots in power, has already been made. Mine - while doing. Hold on my friend, those born in the USSR will not be lost!
    1. Xnumx vis
      Xnumx vis 15 December 2018 13: 12
      You're not right ! I respect and appreciate Belarusians ... Your Old Man is not as simple as it seems .. Since V.V.P. plays one game and one team !!
  41. pafegosoff
    pafegosoff 16 December 2018 05: 53
    Moscow is not Russia, Kiev is not Ukraine. The pompous "smart" (thanks to the censorship of this channel, half of Dahl and Ozhegov's vocabulary are banned, Alexander Khristoforovich Benkendorf is sobbing with envy, GlavLit is blackly jealous - on June 6, 1922, by the Decree of the Council of People's Commissars, the Main Directorate for Literature and Publishing (Glavlit) was created) I repeat pompous "smart" in the capitals - a lot. They know some words: "tarpaulin", "fat", "homeless" ... They are sick of the sweaty, frozen Shapiro or Konyukhov. For them Drozdov or Zapashny, smelling of animals - fu-fu !
    So is it worth paying attention to ladies like the one from Echo of Moscow, who would shoot all the kids who make noise in the yard (she is an icon of the liberals, the second is Nemtsov).
    Spit on the ladies from the "Komsomol" "truth", gentlemen.
  42. asp373
    asp373 17 December 2018 13: 28
    A little bit paid, and even sponsorship. And I thought that for nothing.
  43. AB
    AB 18 December 2018 19: 41
    I don’t read KP, but I don’t read newspapers at all. I sometimes watch TV news, but I don’t believe in everything. The main provider of radio news in the car, especially now, when the New Year’s frantic traffic jams. Advocacy she was, is and will be in any country.
  44. magosvel
    magosvel 19 December 2018 02: 13
    Some photos are not funny.