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Ukraine is the battlefield of two civilizations

The catastrophic state of Ukraine, which had excellent starting opportunities after the collapse of the Union and was torn apart by contradictions today, was affected by many factors. One of the determining factors was the striving of the West and the elites of Ukraine to change its civilizational identity.

Ukraine is a limitrophe state located at the junction of two civilizations: Western (Catholic) and Russian (Orthodox). Its condition is aggravated by the fact that the border of civilizations does not pass along the borders of Ukraine, but through its territory.

This is due historical features of the formation of Ukraine: it united territories and peoples, part of which at certain historical stages was part of Russian civilization, and part of the western. Accordingly, in the west and east of Ukraine two groups of the population have formed with different worldviews and diametrically opposed civilizational aspirations.

The population of Ukraine has always been multi-ethnic and diverse in composition. An insignificant part of the population in western Ukraine, historical Galicia, was cut off from Ukraine for almost seven hundred years and was located within the framework of Western civilization. Galicia is the Ukrainian Vendée, mainly with a rural population with a primitive "farm" mentality, for which Bandera is the indisputable authority and symbol of the Galician nation. Mentally, it is on the side of the West, and Russian civilization is regarded as alien and hostile.

The overwhelming majority of the population of Ukraine was part of the Russian civilization and, of course, mentally together with Russia, it is concentrated mainly in the cities of the industrial Southeast. So the confrontation of pro-Russian and pro-Western views in Ukraine is a war between the city and the village, in which the villagers are trying to impose their “farm” mentality on an intellectual city. Thus, Ukraine is not only at the crossroads of civilizations, it is also torn apart from within, which provokes confrontation in society.

According to the theory of the conflict of civilizations of Huntington, civilizations never mix, they resist to complete destruction, absorption and assimilation of one another. Hence the answer to the question of why the West has always opposed Russia, regardless of the form of its statehood. Russia was an alternative to the West and offered a different path of social development, different from the west.

Historically, the confrontation of such powerful civilizations as the Roman, Byzantine, Muslim, Western, Russian, lasted for centuries, and each side sought to improve its position at the expense of the other. In the confrontation of Western and Russian civilizations with the collapse of the Union, an offensive against Russian civilization began on all fronts, including by reformatting its western suburbs and forming from them hostile states. This also affected Ukraine.

The aspirations of the West in Ukraine were facilitated by the historical and mental factors in the formation of the state and the population, the internal disunity of Ukrainian society and the willingness of elites to draw Ukraine into Western civilization.

The choice of the vector of development of Ukraine after independence was determined not by the population, but by the post-Soviet elite, and to justify the legitimacy of its power and create an independent state from Russia as the state ideology of Ukraine, it adopted the ideology of Galician nationalism, built on the denial of Russian roots, Russophobia and the desire to integrate into Western civilization.

Initially, Ukraine began to build a state "sharpened" against Russia. All Ukrainian elites to one degree or another pursued a policy that boiled down to one — as far as possible from Russia and closer to the West. The opinion and interests of the population of Ukraine did not interest them.

To solve this problem, it was necessary to assimilate the Russian population of Ukraine and deprive it of Russian identity, instill in it Galician nationalism and Russophobia. Throughout the years of independence, this program was gradually implemented according to the patterns developed in the West, the information space was changing, history was rewritten, textbooks in schools were changed, monuments were destroyed, cities and streets were renamed, the use of the Russian language was limited, the image of the enemy and occupier was molded from Russia.

Emphasis was placed on young people, it was zombied, formed adherents of Western civilization. The split in Ukrainian society was used to purposefully impose the mentality, Russophobia and heroes of Galicia on the whole population of Ukraine, the information space of Ukraine eventually became completely anti-Russian.

The West, in order to realize its goals in a civilizational confrontation with Russia, made serious organizational and financial efforts to form anti-Russian elites and pro-Western sentiments in Ukraine in Ukrainian society, in the end he put the Ukrainian elites under full control.

Attempts by a part of the Ukrainian elites to pursue a multi-vector policy with respect to two civilizations were doomed, since Ukraine, being between the two poles of power, inevitably had to be absorbed by one of them. It all depended on which pole would be stronger.

The Russian elites played a passive role in this civilizational confrontation. The power in Russia was seized by liberal elites, betrayed the Russian civilization and decided to integrate into the western one. The interests of the Russian civilization, consisting in upholding and preserving their civilization space, they were absolutely not interested. In this regard, the Russian leadership has not taken and does not take any action in Ukraine to form pro-Russian elites and does not contribute to the preservation of Ukrainian civilization unity in Ukraine. Russian elites interacted only with the current Ukrainian elites, who were a priori anti-Russian, tried to negotiate with them unsuccessfully, and every year Ukraine moved further and further away from Russia.

All this together contributed to the creation of an anti-Russian bridgehead from Ukraine, which became the outpost of the West in a civilizational confrontation with Russia. These actions were aimed at reformatting government structures according to Western patterns, changing the population’s self-awareness and forming anti-Russia from Ukraine. The interests of the Ukrainian state and the more so of society were not interested in any of the parties. Ukraine lost its subjectivity and became a puppet in the hands of the West with a pathetic role of scarecrow for Russia.

Attempts by Ukrainian elites to detach Ukraine from Russian civilization and integrate it into Western, as well as protectionist measures of the West, aimed at turning Ukraine into a raw materials appendage and the market for their products contributed to the breakdown of relations with Russia, deprivation of Russian markets and cheap energy resources. All this led to the destruction of industry, the destruction of infrastructure and a catastrophic fall in the living standards of the population. The elites, under the leadership of the western "partners," destroyed the once powerful economy and industry with their own hands and brought the Ukrainian state and society to an extreme degree of degradation and civil war.

Because of the betrayal of the Ukrainian elites and the lack of will and desire of the Russian elites for a clear strategy and tactics of the formation of the Russian civilization space, the Russian civilization in the confrontation with the western one at this stage suffered significant losses.

Ukraine practically left the Russian civilization, but was not accepted on an equal footing to the west; it remained with her in the waiting room as a beggar with an outstretched hand. She remained in a state of limitrophe between two civilizations, and they will decide its future fate.

The drift of Ukraine towards the West is not over yet. As a result of popular protests and half measures of the Russian leadership in 2014, the Donbass got out of Kiev’s control, the process of rapprochement with the West and confrontation with Russia of the rest of Ukraine intensified. The unleashed civil war in the Donbas restrains Ukraine from full integration into the structures of the West, moreover, as an equal member, it is not expected there.

In the confrontation of civilizations, the battle for Ukraine has not yet been lost, only the battle was lost, all the battles ahead. The population of Ukraine is resisting forced assimilation, and the potential for returning to the Russian civilizational field has not yet been lost, but it is decapitated, there is no elite in Ukraine yet who are ready to defend the interests of the population and fight for Russian unity. From how quickly they will be formed and how effectively they will act, will depend on the civilizational identity of Ukraine.
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  1. New Year day
    New Year day 13 December 2018 15: 09
    All is correctly said. But our elites need Russia as a cash cow, not to mention Ukraine. Therefore, the battle was lost, but it is very likely that the war will be lost.
    1. Machito
      Machito 13 December 2018 15: 16
      If we conduct an excursion into history, we will see that the borders between Western and Russian civilization were constantly shifting. After the collapse of the USSR, the borders rolled back to the East. The rollback of the border to the West is only a matter of time, and it has already begun: Crimea, Donbass. The collection of Russian lands cannot be stopped: proven by history.
      1. Sergey39
        Sergey39 13 December 2018 15: 26
        In the long run, optimism wins between the pessimist and the optimist.
      2. Svarog
        Svarog 13 December 2018 17: 40
        Quote: Bearded
        If we conduct an excursion into history, we will see that the borders between Western and Russian civilization were constantly shifting. After the collapse of the USSR, the borders rolled back to the East. The rollback of the border to the West is only a matter of time, and it has already begun: Crimea, Donbass. The collection of Russian lands cannot be stopped: proven by history.

        The bearded man, although he was plus, but I was optimistic, somehow ended .. regarding the gathering of Russian lands .. I won’t repeat it, but in 2014 there was a legal chance, they did not use it .. Now we feel much weaker than in 2014 .. and Putin in domestic politics was so lucky that no matter what happened .. So in the next 10 years we’ll clearly not be up to the ground ..
    2. rayruav
      rayruav 13 December 2018 20: 37
      quietly go to this
  2. Russia
    Russia 13 December 2018 15: 15
    "She remained in a state of limitrophe between the two civilizations, and they will decide her future fate."

    Poroshenko has already divided Ukraine, introducing martial law not on the whole territory.
    Thus indicating their preferences.
    1. Sergey39
      Sergey39 13 December 2018 15: 28
      Consider this boundary as temporary.
    2. Ros 56
      Ros 56 13 December 2018 17: 01
      C'mon, divided. He himself will soon be divided as a boar. The line is lined up, and not only from the Donbass.
    3. dgonni
      dgonni 13 December 2018 17: 18
      Yes, yes, and including your favorite Vinnitsa region in the list. If only they thought before writing.
      1. Russia
        Russia 13 December 2018 17: 25
        And your house is your fortress, respected or passage yard? hi
  3. Shurale
    Shurale 13 December 2018 15: 31
    Ukraine has become the scapegoat in the games of the oligarchs of large countries. In order to fully squeeze the inhabitants of Russia, it was necessary to create a precedent for the removal of the president by the people, with subsequent proof that this ends badly. This is what Putin pokes at us at every opportunity, while he is silent that most of the disasters in Ukraine were created by Russia.
    1. Waddimm
      Waddimm 13 December 2018 16: 51
      Quote: Shurale
      most of the disasters in Ukraine are created by Russia.

      Do you seriously believe that Russia is to blame for the troubles of Ukraine? In plundering the richest country, limiting freedoms, raising prices for a communal apartment? Not Ukrainian thieves-oligarchs-politicians, but Russia, the Russian people? You are a very naive person who is easy to fool, sorry for you.
    2. Maverick78
      Maverick78 13 December 2018 17: 08
      The last phrase surprised. Well, tell me, a resident of Ukraine, what most of the problems Russia has created for us.
    3. olegactor
      olegactor 13 December 2018 19: 27
      Well, yes ... Ukrainians stole everything .... and Russia is to blame .... you do not accidentally from p .... the camp .... you really think the same
  4. Baloo
    Baloo 13 December 2018 15: 34
    neocolonial wars for commodity and commodity markets will never end. Under our fence, the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers made a fire, using unreasonable neighbors as supplies. The final point is the seizure of our territory and the reduction of the population to 15 million to serve the territory. Hitler’s plans are not much different from the plans of the neocons.
  5. ruigat
    ruigat 13 December 2018 16: 25
    The article is not in the eyebrow, but in the eye. The oligarch of the Russian Federation, possessing all the political trump cards in Ukraine, stupidly leaked most of its territory to the owners of the Fed and their slaves banderlog. Even the Novorossiya project, at the beginning successfully launched, was strangled by the oligarchy of the Russian Federation, together with its partners - the oligarchy of ukroreich, since both saw the danger of the emergence of New Russia that would sweep them away.
    1. Nestorych
      Nestorych 14 December 2018 11: 28
      The owners on both sides are the same, "our" khanat has been built into the west for the last 30 years, or even more. Until there is a concept of existence, its own meanings, a normal society for the majority, everything will be dust.
  6. igorbrsv
    igorbrsv 13 December 2018 16: 25
    I liked the article good
  7. 1536
    1536 13 December 2018 16: 59
    If the extraction of shale gas without any control by barbaric methods, if the use of fertile land as a one-time device, if the immersion of the people in darkness, poverty, doom them to the actual emigration of millions of people, is called "the battle of two civilizations", then yes - this is a battle. In nature it is called differently - parasitism - one of the types of coexistence of organisms. A vivid example is the life cycle of a dysenteric amoeba in the intestines of a person, causing severe illness and even death of the latter. What civilizations are there?
  8. Vlad Petrov
    Vlad Petrov 13 December 2018 17: 11
    Russian assets in Ukraine are estimated at $ 30 billion. Assets in the hotel business, in the light industry and in the heavy, in the banking sector, energy, oil fuel industry, communications. Every tenth enterprise belongs to the Russians, owners of enterprises, Russian oligarchs. You kick them, rob dill and possibly succeed, which will not be easy without blood. Because dill itself is tied to business in Russia. It is necessary to break off cooperation with the Russian Federation, which means the death of the enterprise in dill. Those. in order to break everything from the Russian Federation, it is necessary to create a new country and economy. This is not possible without a full-scale civil war.
  9. O. Bender
    O. Bender 13 December 2018 20: 31
    The oligarchs on both sides are united by the most important thing is a lot of money, whoever until then will be closely connected and tied with a single mentality of money. Besides these, there are still quite a few players who want to tear a piece from Ukraine and especially from Russia.
    I really liked the article, thanks to the author for his sensible analysis, and especially for the depth of thought.
  10. beeper
    beeper 13 December 2018 23: 09
    Correct understanding of a burning topic by respected Yuri Apukhtin good but this is not surprising! wink
    I draw the readers' attention to the fact that the "rozbudov", according to the Fashington patterns, the anti-Russian and Russophobic "Ukraine" was very, very much promoted by the considerable Russian financial subsidies and preferences (many hundreds of billions, much exceeding the insignificant "State Department 5 billion $" !!!) how all these, almost a quarter-century, fraternal aid in Ukraine UNCONTROLLED (the Russian "gesheftmakher" Chernomyrdin-Zurabovs and others like them, along the way, legalized just such a Russophobic use of Russian infusions? !!) Kiev "fed vlast" all kinds (to one degree or another "svidomye"), exclusively agents of influence of the West and they somehow directed them not at all for the benefit of the multinational Ukrainian population (mostly friendly towards Russians and Russia!) !!!
    If Russia has been providing aid for decades, then the Russian authorities needed to continuously monitor what it is spent on, we still remember (or have we forgotten ???) what "dumb gesheft" (with "subsidized" Russian gas) was turned by Bandera's "gas pipeline" "together with" rolled "Russian generals ??!
    This means that a similar (still somewhat "latent anti-Russian") situation is developing more and more rapidly in yet another post-Soviet republic, and according to the same Russophobic patterns developed (by the Fashington "partners") as in Ukraine! Again, the Russian authorities are trampling the same rake ?! request
  11. vel1163
    vel1163 14 December 2018 00: 09
    I’m wondering. How could you influence Ukraine? What kind of work should have been done there? Fill up with gas and money. Pay all NGOs grants? So the Americans will have more money. This is the choice of the Ukrainians. They will have to survive it. In the 90s we they also believed that the Americans and Europe were sleeping and seeing a free and prosperous Russia. And now, almost without exception, they aren’t charming. To my mind, it will also be in Ukraine.
    1. akunin
      akunin 14 December 2018 09: 03
      Quote: vel1163
      Gas and money

      But haven't they filled up (how many billions of greens have been poured, the same is repeated in Belarus)? the "carrot and stick" method works always and everywhere (just do not bend it).
      This is the choice of Ukrainians
      do you think "krymnash" would be without "polite green people"?
      the choice is when you choose, implement and answer for the result. when they do it for you is not a choice (you do not choose - you agree).
    2. Nestorych
      Nestorych 14 December 2018 11: 25
      Compared to the Americans, we broke an amount of money there by an order of magnitude more, and the output is shish.
  12. akunin
    akunin 14 December 2018 08: 50
    In the confrontation of civilizations, the battle for Ukraine has not yet been lost, only the battle was lost, all the battles ahead. The population of Ukraine is resisting forced assimilation, and the potential for returning to the Russian civilizational field has not yet been lost, but it is decapitated, there is no elite in Ukraine yet who are ready to defend the interests of the population and fight for Russian unity. From how quickly they will be formed and how effectively they will act, will depend on the civilizational identity of Ukraine.
    Ukraine is lost (read the cockroach), young people are imprisoned to the west, the middle generation too. Now we need to squeeze out what is possible (push Ukraine to collapse) or we will lose everything and gain the enemy in the underbelly.
  13. Per se.
    Per se. 14 December 2018 09: 51
    Russia was an alternative to the West and offered a different path of social development, different from the west.
    In my humble opinion, Russia for the West was different in terms of the chosen Orthodoxy, which made it difficult for the Vatican to rule on religious grounds. With the advent of capitalism on the planet, a race for leadership began, in which Russia either initially lagged behind, or did not even consider it necessary to fight for "world domination" (with our open spaces, but, in vain ...). Moreover, the Russian government easily succumbed to the influence of someone else's lobby, primarily the Anglo-Saxons. Russia helped England to eliminate Napoleon, in "gratitude" for the salvation of Europe and strengthening the position of England, got the Crimean War. England, in general, in life "goat" Russia, but further statements that "the Englishwoman crap", as a rule, it did not go. After the shame of Tsushima, where England took an openly anti-Russian position, strenuously helping Japan and pitting it against Russia in the Pacific Ocean, the Russian government again harnessed to England, joining the Entente ... It was already becoming obvious that World War I was inevitable, what a world throne capitalism, there will be a struggle between England and the challenging Germany. The Anglo-Saxons won, it remained in the long term to finish off the last major world empire in the east, a former ally, Japan. The German, Austro-Hungarian, Ottoman and Russian empires were defeated. But what happened was that instead of a final collapse with pro-Western puppets, the Bolsheviks came to power in Russia, who not only did not finish off Russia, but created a social system independent of the West, and Russia, as the Soviet Union, quickly began to turn into a powerful power. This is what has become a new, much more dangerous difference between Russia and the West, with its Pope and world capitalism. They revived the Third Reich against the USSR, against today's Russia, sadly, they are preparing a new "ukrovermacht" so that the Russians would kill the Russians. And Ukraine has been asleep for a long time, as the Russian tsars, half-blood Germans, and under such "comrades" as Nikita Khrushchev. They slept through the archival territory in modern, capitalist Russia, where they made a fiesta out of Crimea, a victorious "Olympiad", and Ukraine itself was given to the United States, having every reason to demand the restoration of order in the constitutional field, the opportunity to hold elections under the patronage of Russia. But, for this, our government was not independent enough, keeping its money in other people's banks, and living by someone else's rules, not invented for the good of Russia. The Crimean Gambit allowed the West to impose sanctions and openly arm the Bandera government. As was the case with the Germans, now the "Ukrainians" will go to recapture the Donbass and the "annexed" Crimea, unleashing a war with Russia. And, let Bandera not win, but at least "bite", and, remembering the words of Harry Truman, but already in relation to Russia and Ukraine, let them kill each other, as much as possible ... Well, the sooner capitalism in Russia will end , since with the bourgeois bad guys in power, victory is unlikely to shine, and victory will come with the revival of the Soviet Union in a new quality and renewed socialism, then there will be a return of the Russian lands.
  14. Nestorych
    Nestorych 14 December 2018 11: 24
    In general, as always, the deuce to the great geocosmic nanostrateg.)))
  15. Alexander Ra
    Alexander Ra 16 December 2018 15: 47
    The Russian generation (full-fledged activity of the people) is extinguished for 1000 years from the liquidation of the veche to the current priority of international law. It is no accident that our symbol of the Cruel Age is the crucifix. The people of Belovezhsky conspiracy have already been dismembered, but the Russian massif is still sleeping. "God, do not catch me dead!"
  16. Olga Mazlova
    Olga Mazlova 16 December 2018 23: 39
    "Russia is our one-of-a-kind thief"
    "The West is our eternal enemy"
    Find ten differences, well.
    Read the dialectic, gentlemen.
  17. turbris
    turbris 18 December 2018 14: 11
    No, while Ukraine is a clear defeat, not of Russia, but of Russian civilization as a whole. Why did this happen after the collapse of the USSR? And who was equal to? On the collapsed and crisis Russia? Of course, Ukraine did not want this in their country and chose Europe and the West as a whole, where salaries are higher, life is better, and most importantly all this can be obtained for free, without much bothering yourself. Only the Ukrainian authorities overplayed in their zeal the West would like, for this there was absolutely no need to strike into Russophobia, blame Russia for all sins and break all ties with it. If they were smarter, they would continue successfully maneuvering between Russia and Europe, as they have been doing for 20 years, poorly poor, but interrupted quietly. But tired, again, the oligarchs and corrupt officials of Yanukovych were to blame and organized the Maidan, as a result they exchanged some oligarchs and corrupt officials for others. Conclusion: if you want the prosperity of Russian civilization - make the standard of living in Russia higher than in the West and allies will immediately reach you. The USSR would not have collapsed, if the standard of living in Russia was constantly maintained higher than in other republics, no one canceled the law of centrifugal force.