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From a conversation with the special forces. How to behave in a combat zone

From a conversation with the special forces. How to behave in a combat zone
- Survival in a duel is when you are alive at the "exit". If possible, safe and sound. A wound or injury reduces the chances of survival. Minimize the extent of the loss of a loved one by all available means. Of two evils choose the less.

- Survival is achieved not only by the timely defeat of the enemy, but also by leaving him under fire (not to be confused with flight). Sometimes it is more important to protect yourself than to hit the enemy.

- The heroism of some - often the price paid for the brevity of others. Farther from gouging - less likely to become a hero ... posthumously. (God bless those whose work is risking their lives, raking someone else's ...)

- Do not direct weapon per person if you are not going to shoot him. Suddenly he will be upset, but not afraid. We must shoot, but you are not ready. It can be inconvenient ...

- Do not confuse the willingness to shoot with the desire to shoot at a live target.

- Do not forget about the standard security measures - they, too, are not sucked from the finger.

- With a real threat - sit down and move to the side before reaching for the weapon, or do it at the same time. It is better to be alive and without weapons than full of holes with a barrel.

- If possible, try to control the situation around (rear and flanks). It is not known how many of your opponents are and where they are, especially if you entered the skirmish unexpectedly.

- "Neutral" present during the shootout can also be dangerous. The stress attack of heroism and the same stressful definition of "friend or foe" - and you can become another lucky person who has experienced the effect of taking a spring from the Belarus tractor ...

- If you think that you hit the target, this does not mean that it is so. And the great are mistaken ...

- If you still hit - it does not mean that the goal is not able to act anymore. You're not shooting a howitzer, right?

- Know the human anatomy in the amount necessary for understanding the reaction to injuries. You do not shoot too much, and it is more difficult to fool you ...

- Know the places of guaranteed destruction of the target for the whole range of tasks - from stopping the movement to destruction. And do not confuse them ...

- Approach the defeated target cautiously and from the side, which, in the case of the evil intent of the "unfinished", will force him to make several preliminary movements before he can see you and point the weapon at you. Make him catch up ...

- Do not allow the enemy to be between you and your partner. Vrazhina is not limited in shooting, and you can fly from your same chum.

- Do not go to the line of fire partner. Excess hole in the ass from constipation will not cure ...

- Control the space in front of and behind the enemy. Remember: a bullet does not choose a victim - the shooter suggests a weapon ... The shooter is also responsible for the actions.

- In most cases, the rule applies: I do not see - I do not shoot. Behind the door may be your own, and behind the enemy - innocent ...

- In order not to be bored in the exchange of fire - count the shots, yours and the foe. Suddenly his cartridges run out, and he is ashamed to ask. And about your ammunition, you can be surprised: you kind of fired two times, but you don’t have them ... Consider: how much you charged, how many you shot.

- Remember the rule "7 + 9". The cartridge in the chamber when replacing the store ...

- Do not carry cartridges in bulk. Sterility in pockets or pouches under a big question. You will sit and dust and sand to blow instead of charging. It is in a combat situation! ..

- When loading the magazine, hold the cartridges in a non-firing hand. All of a sudden - "Tanks from around the corner "? Need to shoot, but where are you going to put bullets?

- Shop put in - check. On a click, do not hope - is it all little noise in a shootout ...

- Empty store do not throw. Take care of the materiel - can be useful in the same battle.

- Misfire, ran out of ammunition, change the store - crouch (down and to the side), preferably for shelter. Or "dump".

- When loading and replacing the store, look around and not at the cartridges and / or store - control the situation.

- Do not confuse the concept of "hide" and "hide". The first is from the eyes, the second from the bullets.

- Choosing a shelter, remember the protection of the rear and flanks.

- Remember about the bounce - your own and others, vertical and horizontal ... In a real situation, they can be used or should be avoided. In the shooting range and on the shooting range, nobody even remembers ricochets ...

- Constantly keep visual and voice contact with team members.

- Use the protective elements of the provisions for shooting. Use any defense ... Improvise.

- If you can't move with the joy of the chance given, say: "Not two!" How it works is not known (and it does not matter), but if you remember, it will help. Deprives the enemy of the possibility of shooting at a fixed target ...

- Coming out of the fire, do not forget to check the number of holes in the body. To celebrate, you may not notice the new and very superfluous ...

- Pay attention to how the enemy behaves, how he works with weapons, in what manner - this can be very valuable information ... for stories to friends over a beer. Attentive fighter has more chances for a picnic.

“Like smoke without fire, there is no shadow without you.” Take into account the lighting, going to the corners. Shadow, by the way, may be from other participants in the "male conversation" ...

- Do not jump out of the corner, as in American films - you will collect everything that flies. And even their own from such a "exit from behind the stove" palnut can ...

- Approaching the corners, make sure that the trunk or other parts of the body did not give you. Let the "surprise" be ...

- Do not compete in the speed of thought and bullets. In an extreme situation, only skills that have been trained to automatism work. And then in case they do not contradict the real situation. If there are no such skills, then ... How did you even get into such a mess? At least the instinct of self-preservation is available?

- Everything that can be used to create your advantage in a fight should be used. Shelter, terrain, coverage, surface, lighting, natural and artificial (shadow and darkness too), position and brightness of the light source, etc. Cunning, bluff, knowledge of the psychology of a particular type, etc. The thinner the sense of space, the more adequate the response to the situation, the greater the range of possibilities ...

- If you survive yourself, you will help another to survive. Reckless heroism and self-sacrifice is an unaffordable luxury. You should be more modest ...

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  1. Yarbay
    Yarbay 7 June 2012 09: 24
    very practical and useful tips!
    1. teves
      teves 7 June 2012 18: 12
      Thanks for the advice, Mujahideen of the Dagestan Front are trying to do so.
      1. Yarbay
        Yarbay 7 June 2012 18: 17
        The Taliban in Afghanistan, you must agree, too, do not lag behind in study !!!
        Very diligent students!
        1. ward
          ward 8 June 2012 20: 05
          There is only one rule ... if it came to shooting, it means a polar fox ... because the special forces have so much to run ... you run alive ... started shooting ... a corpse ...
        2. Spnsr
          Spnsr 27 November 2017 22: 27
          All terror and partisanism is a Russian school, the answer to which we have to slurp on our own!
    2. gojesi
      gojesi 8 June 2012 20: 20
      in my youth, when equipment was first in the horn or disk, 2-3 tracers were scored;
      and also, when removed from the fuse, they pulled it in order to avoid a characteristic click.
      Sensible advice, but in the photo, strangeness, one works from a machine gun, and the second from noiseless, although the machine is behind ...
      1. Antipov
        Antipov 9 June 2012 17: 21
        In general, with tracers, not everything is so simple ... Before equipping them, you need to think, why do I need them? For example, a battle in the city. The firing range rarely exceeds 100 meters; at such a distance, target designation by lmbo tracers, adjusting your fire to tracers is not effective. In addition, since the enemy is everywhere (there is no solid line separating the sides), when shooting with tracers, you can easily give out your position, especially in the daytime when the enemy does not see the flashes of your shots, and the tracer is fine. For the same reasons, it is not advisable to use tracers in the forest. In general, as a rule, it is necessary to equip a third of stores with tracers "one through three", and keep them separate from stores without tracers, so as not to be confused in a fever. Sometimes it is advisable towards the end of the magazine, for example, for the last two cartridges, to put two tracers in a row, as a signaling device that the cartridges are running out. Often only the group commander has a tracer (for target designation). DO NOT ABUSE TRACERS !!! And at the expense of the picture, it is not visible that they are working (shooting), perhaps the group stopped and a sniper from the VSS was watching, and the machine gunner took a position for cover ...
        1. gojesi
          gojesi 9 June 2012 20: 20
          Quote: Antipov
          .. Before you equip them you need to think, why do I need them? For example, a fight in the city. Firing range rarely exceeds 100 meters,

          my "youth" is about Damansky, in \ ch57856 and later, November 79, the entrance, through Termez, and along the pontoon through the Amu Darya to Afghanistan ... In our country, a provision has been introduced "For each generation according to its own war." Your generation already has new battle algorithms. In ours, I speak as ...
          Of course, it would not have occurred to anyone to hammer tracers if you graze a caravan, but in the villages, they did so ... Then there were no snipers, but they shot well from the "Boers" ...
          1. Antipov
            Antipov 9 June 2012 20: 48
            In no case do I argue with you. All the rules are not dogma, but only a guide to action. It’s great when a fighter doesn’t just memorize them, but analyzes, finds weaknesses and brings his own (naturally proven) experience is most valuable! It is important to evaluate and consolidate the experience. Thanks, best regards!
            1. gojesi
              gojesi 10 June 2012 13: 07
              Quote: Antipov
              Experience is most valuable! Important experience to evaluate

              ... what are you, Alexander! No complaints! Moreover, I completely agree with you, as they say: - the fighters remember the days past ...
              Do you know what I understood? It is either a very smart person who survives, how to say ... - an intellectual, or the one who, as they say, “let go” of himself completely, who works at the level of “instinct”. We have nothing happened with those who smoked charz. Those who are in the subject will understand ... The one who will think and remember the rules ... will always be late ... As a result, he will not give any recommendations to his grandchildren wink
              Well, only in the movies can it be shown that the hero pulled out a check from the grenade and everyone ran away, but who understands, he knows that in 3-4 seconds you can even get over :) Who heard how the AK removed from the fuse clicks, with which with a characteristic click, a check bounces off an abandoned efka or erghedashka, never forgets it and will not confuse it with anything ...
              With respect...
              1. Settlement Oparyshev
                Settlement Oparyshev 29 November 2017 03: 46
                I’ll add that War is an egregor. And like any egregor tidies only those who see it. If he doesn’t see you, then you will remain alive. By what methods this is achieved, this is a different conversation.
      2. Kommunar
        Kommunar 10 June 2012 11: 15
        one works from a machine gun, and the second from noiseless, although the machine behind ...
        and right, most likely posing

        one works from a machine gun, and the second from noiseless, although the machine behind ...
        and right, most likely posing, + for attentiveness
        1. Bort radist
          Bort radist 10 June 2012 12: 55
          And in a noiseless noise he watches, through a sight it is more visible a little, a little. wink
          1. gojesi
            gojesi 12 June 2012 00: 19
            Quote: Bort Radist
            he is watching, a little more clearly through the sight

            then why do you hold your finger on the hook?
            1. Bort radist
              Bort radist 12 June 2012 18: 55
              And just in case!
          2. KOMOd Shpakov
            KOMOd Shpakov 13 June 2012 01: 06
            to the whole army of the site -ura! three times. What am I supposed to do? I just registered ... I got lost ...
            1. Settlement Oparyshev
              Settlement Oparyshev 29 November 2017 03: 49
              Sit back on the couch and watch the process. You will be provoked by rudeness, sarcasm, banter on the mat. But you do not give in, respond politely, otherwise they will be banned even if you write super information. Success.
    3. Borz
      Borz 11 June 2012 18: 43
      Plus, no doubt. Everything has been collected that will help at least not become a burden to comrades and, at a maximum, survive and (or) fulfill the order.
    4. Settlement Oparyshev
      Settlement Oparyshev 29 November 2017 04: 23
      I’ll add that a person reacts to the size of your biofield and if you inflate the biofield big, the enemy will run away in horror. If you make it small, you simply won’t be noticed. Once I made a ball out of the biofield, sober sober. I went by car, so I would come out on the forehead. I remembered in horror, readjusted and everything stopped.
      Often leads to the death of “fellowship.” Everyone gathers in a heap, reaches out for communication, 120k flies and pieces fly off. “Phoenix” spoke in UT, Konakradovka. Another video: 5 !! Officers !! They go in a single file, not keeping their distance. chotky, put 80ku in the middle.
  2. small
    small 7 June 2012 09: 25
    You will not drink experience.
    1. zelenchenkov.petr1
      zelenchenkov.petr1 8 June 2012 06: 55
      Quote: small
      You will not drink experience.

      ... just as intelligence is not lost, so SKILLS cannot be missed !!!
  3. understudy
    understudy 7 June 2012 09: 51
    It is intelligible.
  4. atos_kin
    atos_kin 7 June 2012 10: 35

    "The text of my comment is too short and, in the opinion of the site administration, does not provide useful information."
  5. Krasnodar
    Krasnodar 7 June 2012 10: 41
    If there are no behavioral skills in a combat situation, worked out to full automatism, then all these tips are just entries on this page ... Experience is the best mentor!
    1. zelenchenkov.petr1
      zelenchenkov.petr1 8 June 2012 07: 00
      Quote: Krasnodar
      worked out to full automatism

      INTUITIVE !!!. like the third eye ......
  6. andreycherenok
    andreycherenok 7 June 2012 10: 58
    Quote: Krasnodar
    If there are no behavioral skills in a combat situation, worked out to full automatism, then all these tips are just entries on this page ... Experience is the best mentor!

    I support. In the first battle (and not only) one wants to hide rather than hide.
  7. Stas57
    Stas57 7 June 2012 11: 03
    very practical and useful tips!

    they’re not efficient and useful,
    most ordinary people (like me) will forget them after the first stage (even if they now learn by heart), and if porridge starts, they’ll give a shit and will sit in a corner.
    This is the computer all the heroes ...
    but really, if this is not worked out to be automatic, there is no experience, and no sensitive fifth point, all such articles are nonsense.
    1. Indigo
      Indigo 7 June 2012 11: 46
      Perhaps this is the essence of a professional army. Skills that are taught over the years and hard work in the field (who remained intact and not harmed). For a year to the generation of Pepsi, no sledgehammer can hammer these skills of survival in war. Everything must be passed through the hands and head + the instinct of self-preservation - there is no such price for an army. (on the other hand, there is also a problem - the brains can go to the "fogs" of such specialists) an acquaintance past Afghan - walks down the street, and in his head - where to hide (either dive into the entrance, then lie down behind the car - I ask - what are you? the answer is - left the line of fire ...
      1. prophetic
        prophetic 8 June 2012 15: 24
        Quote: Indigo
        For a year to the Pepsi generation, no sledgehammer can drive these survival skills in the war

        and yet - they may think that they have survived and the game continues
      2. Shulz-1955
        Shulz-1955 27 July 2012 20: 53
        God saves man, who save himself
    2. TS3sta3
      TS3sta3 7 June 2012 18: 41
      these tips are most likely for survivors in the first battle, and in the next shootout, survivors will be more or less accustomed to trying to send them to heaven. Then these tips may come back.
      1. zelenchenkov.petr1
        zelenchenkov.petr1 8 June 2012 07: 22
        Science is baseless .... In professionalism, as in study, there is no limit .... but fools learn from the mistakes of others, and smart ones from their own !!! Patience and work - all will grind !!! STRENGTHEN THE ROAD ..... GOING !!!!
        Ass. son, it’s necessary to shake more, otherwise you’ll get it .... and it will be VAVA !!!
        Do not despair ...
        "GODS" - ARE NOT BORN, "GODS" - BECOME, but the grain of God is not superfluous !!!
    3. zelenchenkov.petr1
      zelenchenkov.petr1 8 June 2012 07: 03
      train granny, train lyubka, train you mine, blue darling .....
    4. Kommunar
      Kommunar 10 June 2012 11: 24
      that's why they say experience is the main thing

      that's why they say experience is the main thing
  8. Bruevich
    Bruevich 7 June 2012 11: 03
    Save, a good memo. Suddenly come in handy.
    1. zelenchenkov.petr1
      zelenchenkov.petr1 8 June 2012 07: 24
      And shake your ass ... at least in pinball .... NOT WEAKLY ???
      1. tracer
        tracer 27 November 2017 22: 18
        A good thing...
        Helps skills to remember. But it quickly turns out like that. After a long break, IT HAPPENED FOR me TO PARTICIPATE in a paintball match. And at the very beginning of the shootout, he immediately got a ball in his forehead. Then he wised up right away ... Further, they never even hooked .. Skills, even if they exist, we must remember A. An article on this topic helps the little one ...
  9. George IV
    George IV 7 June 2012 11: 16
    Once I read these points a couple of years ago. Probably correct.
    In general, you need to show your friends from the special forces and grind. Maybe that will decrease. Maybe they will add something.
    1. zelenchenkov.petr1
      zelenchenkov.petr1 8 June 2012 07: 45
      Add. son, add ... The enemy is not, he also wants to LIVE !!!
      Think with your head, feel with your ass, but listen .... to the soul of the enemy!
      Do not make noise, curious people come running to the noise!
      More shade, less din, HIDE REDUCE ... can not afford!
      Hold 1 cartridge in your heart, it will be ... last!
  10. Panzer UA
    Panzer UA 7 June 2012 12: 31
    It’s necessary to write down in the charter;
    1. zelenchenkov.petr1
      zelenchenkov.petr1 8 June 2012 07: 53
      Well, yes - in Mao’s quote-book and at night .... under the heels ... to put, the channel of professionalism at 0 o’clock opens ... in the heels!
  11. mpanichkin
    mpanichkin 7 June 2012 12: 34
    Good advice. They have long been on the website of special forces org.
  12. Daemonir
    Daemonir 7 June 2012 12: 39
    the main thing is common sense and not lose your head
  13. 8 company
    8 company 7 June 2012 12: 45
    There was a case: our group of Special Forces in Chechnya, showing carelessness, settled down for rest, made fires. They put up security, but they also relaxed. After a couple of days - home, the situation seems to be under control, the spirits are hiding. And the spirits surrounded them on all sides, the guards were killed and opened heavy fire. As a result, 25 specialists were killed, 1 survived, the demi-policeman demolished him and the spirits mistook him for the dead when they killed the wounded. It was from the Pskov brigade that the guys were, in the same year, when the Pskov paratroopers from the 6th company in the Argun Gorge were killed. So the advice of experienced fighters is written in blood, and it is better to immediately accept and use them.
    1. zelenchenkov.petr1
      zelenchenkov.petr1 8 June 2012 07: 57
      Son, you put your photo, ..... best friend .... or enemy ???
      Crap less, better for health !!!
    2. komsomolets
      komsomolets 19 January 2013 04: 33
      and after all the person is right why the photo exposed, not that time
    3. Black Colonel
      Black Colonel 6 August 2013 16: 11
      This group, after two weeks of searching, returned to its own, went without loss. They contacted by radio, they were told that they were about to be picked up. Well, we relaxed. And then, as luck would have it, the batteries at the radio sat down. Yes, she was no longer needed, tk. the first shots broke it. In short, the boys got in on the most "I don't want" ... After a short fight, the Chechens went and finished off the wounded, with them were teenagers 10-14 years old. They also did not disdain. All this was told by the guy who survived, with a broken face. As the captain from the film "War" (director Alexei Balabanov) said in the zindan: "You can't relax, the war is on"
  14. maxim17
    maxim17 7 June 2012 13: 32
    Cool tips!)
  15. aboriginal
    aboriginal 7 June 2012 13: 48
    Good, professional advice,
  16. borisst64
    borisst64 7 June 2012 14: 42
    I would add as a comment on the photo:

    Better to take more rounds than an extra barrel.

    This is in Hollywood, the heroes are weighed from a knife to a machine gun, and they try to score different calibers. Stupidity unmeasured !!

    I think in the photo the sniper gave a pose to the machine gunner, and he works with the camera.
    1. laurbalaur
      laurbalaur 7 June 2012 22: 29
      an extra barrel will never be superfluous!
      1. zelenchenkov.petr1
        zelenchenkov.petr1 8 June 2012 08: 02
        and the howitzer doesn’t hurt, maybe it’s useful!
    2. zelenchenkov.petr1
      zelenchenkov.petr1 8 June 2012 08: 00
      Yes. but rather a cart !!!
  17. zeksus
    zeksus 7 June 2012 15: 00
    Effective teachings !!
  18. Pilot200809
    Pilot200809 7 June 2012 15: 18
    Written by BLOOD
  19. Vadzja
    Vadzja 7 June 2012 18: 00
  20. Rossamaha
    Rossamaha 7 June 2012 18: 05
    - If you survive yourself, you will help another to survive. Reckless heroism and self-sacrifice is an unaffordable luxury. You should be more modest ...

    not bad advice, you need to remember
  21. Yarbay
    Yarbay 7 June 2012 18: 14
    But somewhere I already read these tips and for a long time !!!
  22. bazilio
    bazilio 7 June 2012 18: 18
    succinctly, accessible ... memo to the fighter. I agree that without skills, they will not help an unfired fighter. although, given that the new generation grew up on shooting a la contra, maybe these gamers will be able to use tactics borrowed from the game
    1. mga04
      mga04 7 June 2012 19: 30
      To borrow tactics from the game, you need to be able to move, but you can't learn this at the computer. For seven years now, my son and I have been going to the shooting range on Saturdays to shoot from "Margolin". As soon as he began to consistently knock out 75-80 points from 25 meters, I forbade him to shoot from one position. Shooting is exclusively on the move and usually in twos. People in the know say it's good. God forbid, of course, that these skills would be useful, but it is better when they are.
      1. zelenchenkov.petr1
        zelenchenkov.petr1 8 June 2012 08: 09
        Mar ... go..lin .... cool stuff! I recommend to teach ...... on visual memory and by ear !!!!!
  23. mga04
    mga04 7 June 2012 19: 34
    Tips are very useful, but only when supported by years of development of relevant skills.
  24. Van
    Van 7 June 2012 20: 07
    All human life is built on the experience and wisdom of their ancestors, which allowed him to survive in the harsh conditions of the wild world.
  25. VadimSt
    VadimSt 7 June 2012 23: 14
    Several times, I tried to personally cook a dish according to the recipe - everything is written, everything is available, the products are fresh, the head is sober, and the dish, everything is in damage, but in the ballot box!
    More like the modern "collective leadership" in the style of A. Suvorov, known as "The Science of Winning". General principles of behavior for any soldier in a combat zone, not just specialists. Suvorov really had the main principle of gaining experience and combat training - high-quality vocational training, with sweat and blood. And it makes no difference whether it is a conscript or a specialist - the difference is only in terms, level and basic skills, and therefore in the costs of such training.
    What I really liked - "The heroism of some is often a payback for the carelessness of others."
  26. Dictator
    Dictator 8 June 2012 07: 30
    At the first shelling it won’t work, it’s too much to squeeze into the ground, it’s very scary, then when the already wild fear of bullets passes, then the tips will work.
  27. kotdavin4i
    kotdavin4i 8 June 2012 08: 42
    Liked - the author +. Tips Developer Bold +!
  28. synchrophasatron
    synchrophasatron 8 June 2012 09: 36
    Some points are straightforward from business rules. Useful article
  29. peshehod_patriot
    peshehod_patriot 8 June 2012 10: 24
    Guidelines for how to survive. Manual for dummies. Briefly and clearly. Thank )
  30. Maestro
    Maestro 8 June 2012 10: 57
    By and large - smiled. But postulate number 3 - AXIOM !!! Unfortunately...
  31. Dimon Lviv
    Dimon Lviv 8 June 2012 11: 01
    In battle, all these tips are forgotten, and act on the lower level of acquired skills ... In a stressful situation, this is always the case. Those who remember at least half of the tips have a good chance of survival.
  32. Mopnex
    Mopnex 8 June 2012 13: 24
    - If you can't move with the joy of the chance given, say: "Not two!" How it works is not known (and it does not matter), but if you remember, it will help. Deprives the enemy of the possibility of shooting at a fixed target ...

    Even this business has not caught up, who will explain the thread?
    1. Antipov
      Antipov 9 June 2012 17: 34
      I heard about "Not two", I don't know about the truthfulness ... But this advice, in case of injury, severe injury, if there is a painful shock, but the person is conscious and if there is no first-aid kit with anti-shock at hand, you need to try (unless of course you remember). Releases shock at once ... Proven on itself
  33. Maks111
    Maks111 8 June 2012 13: 59
    Bayan mine
  34. Andron24
    Andron24 8 June 2012 15: 00
    Sometimes you freeze from fear and you can’t move, you don’t notice anything in a circle, a certain state of stupor) And then there’s a strange way to get out of this state. Like so. what
  35. vylvyn
    vylvyn 8 June 2012 18: 56
    I learned the instructions of the special forces. Now you can safely go to the store for any shortage.
  36. AK-74-1
    AK-74-1 8 June 2012 20: 12
    It is necessary to serve in the army and not a year, but 2. And it is real to play "partisans", not to drink vodka. SPN only contract. In brigade reconnaissance units, conscripts can be kept, and in district reconnaissance units and units subordinate to the commander of the services and arms of the service, only a contract. For it is necessary to "Study, study and study again!" The memo is interesting.
    1. Andron24
      Andron24 8 June 2012 21: 18
      AK-74-1, I agree! And to the article about the games in Partisans) It is quite possible to engage in airsoft, paintball or extreme hardball. Very coaches. Tactics and techniques are being worked out!
  37. sedoii
    sedoii 8 June 2012 21: 53
    Maybe someone can make comics, according to these tips.
    Visual memory works better. And if with humor, it will be a hit in general.
  38. Razor 777
    Razor 777 8 June 2012 22: 13
    great tips
  39. Slavs69
    Slavs69 9 June 2012 09: 59
    Quote: gojesi
    in my youth, when outfitting the first in the horn or disk, 2-3 tracers were scored

    Now there is a slightly different topic - the first to be scored are 3-4 ordinary, then 3-5 tracers, then the rest are ordinary: if you manage to notice the tracer, change the store, the cartridge in the barrel and (if you have time) in the store for anything. there will be one case.
  40. Commissar
    Commissar 9 June 2012 15: 55
    Very useful tips, thanks to the author for the work.
  41. Bort radist
    Bort radist 10 June 2012 12: 51
    These instructions can now be taught on life safety training. In the section - how to behave in the city. Yesterday, two with a gun laid some kind of eagle on asphalt. Hands behind his back were also chained to the car. In action, weapons and behavior is clearly not the police. Mom and a child walked past me. I say - wait, there is a capture with a weapon! She looked like an idiot and continued to move.
  42. SlavaP
    SlavaP 12 June 2012 00: 08
    cool article, thanks to the author
  43. borz68
    borz68 12 June 2012 10: 01
    Mischievously yes true! 100%
  44. passmel27
    passmel27 12 June 2012 13: 43
    Did you see it? what is done with the country?
    Imagine, they made the project a national data search
    Here any information about each of us. As I found myself here, I was simply stunned, and the main thing is accessible to everyone.
    Addresses, phone numbers, my correspondence in the social. networks, even photos.
    You can delete the information, which is very good - you go through authorization, find it for yourself and delete it.
    And then there is nobody who is looking for ...
  45. Sehiru san
    Sehiru san 12 June 2012 19: 28
    Great stuff, great tips. A huge fat plus.
  46. SIT
    SIT 12 June 2012 22: 27
    Literate tips, no words. But why from the special forces? This refers more to combined arms combat. Behind the enemy’s rear, such advice would be useful only if it’s the last parade and that they’ve changed their minds to take it alive, but if they ran into the infantry, which they raised for military operations. They put with the device on all orders to take alive. If these are hunters from counterintelligence, then they will still be taken alive as long as necessary. Even if you just had to make contact with at least someone, which means eliminating it from a silent weapon or with a knife, or better just without blood, so that the dogs could not make their lives easier, then the bill was already spent. The corpse was supposed to either return to the location or get in touch. They will report about his disappearance and the whole area will turn into an anthill overflowing with frightened half-sleepers with masons, who only at the word of a saboteur immediately press the trigger and scorch everything that moves. Suppose the task has already been completed and it remains only to go to the evacuation point, you still need wild luck to get out in this situation. Well, if the ticket was all the same one way, then all the tips given will allow you to sell your life much more expensive.
    1. Settlement Oparyshev
      Settlement Oparyshev 29 November 2017 04: 10
      They wrote informatively. There is still advice on how to get out. You mentally speak to your Lärve (I write with a big one), the one that eats you up with drunkenness, smoking, and so you tell her that she’ll die and you’ll starve and you have to look for another one you can parasitize. So this Larva is withdrawn from the shelling. To me he even ran up and asked, did the mines fall near you? He answered No. He ran away.
  47. Scholarships
    Scholarships 13 June 2012 10: 47
    here, as in any industry, everything comes with experience. more practical exercises and the body itself will do the right thing, without reminding the head.
  48. Sobakin
    Sobakin 13 June 2012 12: 34
    Useful, good, which is clearly stated. Aphorisms tend to be remembered themselves, and the charter has to be learned.
    1. Andrey77
      Andrey77 29 June 2012 15: 18
      The charter is written in blood. From PU-41 to the latest edition. Learning by heart is optional, but you need to know. It is also desirable to have field manuals of the US Armed Forces (there is also a lot of practical, but you need to know English).
  49. Black Colonel
    Black Colonel 22 June 2012 17: 01
    With "Vintorez" is clearly not a submachine gunner. AKMS in this case is an auxiliary weapon (for close combat). Once I found one site (I can't remember which one), where, in my opinion, actions in military clashes are very clearly described (I myself did not have a chance to participate): "Movement in small groups", "Soldier's memo in battle", "Behavior in battle", "Tactics small groups "," Assault group tactics in urban combat "," Capturing bandits indoors ". I copied it in Word, who is interested - I can throw it off. I do not know if there is something similar in the Regulations of the Army, but such things must be generalized and brought to the consciousness and comprehension of soldiers in the troops, so that the Fatherland is proud and the enemy trembles! The article is a big plus!
    1. Andrey77
      Andrey77 29 June 2012 15: 26
      Whoever needs it already has such documents. A mass audience is not interesting.
      CHIM SMOKE 11 August 2012 18: 02
      Throw it off, it will be interesting.
  50. Andrey77
    Andrey77 25 June 2012 13: 41
    Two tracers loaded with 5-6 rounds of ammunition from the end of the store. Conveniently. Flew out - change the horn.