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"Borey-A". Russia is experiencing an advanced strategic submarine

Better than yesterday

The submarine of the 955 "Borey" project is symbolic in every sense: this ship was the first in stories the fourth (last) generation strategic submarine-launched missile cruiser. The advantages of such nuclear submarines are well known. The main can be called an even greater secrecy, which is achieved by maximizing the reduced level of noise.

Why did the US not want to get its own new strategic boat before the others? One can argue on this score for a long time, but the main argument seems to be that the potential inherent in Ohio-type submarines allows them even now to remain the basis of the entire US nuclear triad. Recall that one such submarine in a strategic version (some of the Ohio-type submarines were previously converted to carry cruise missiles) carries 24 solid propellant UGM-133A Trident II (D5) ballistic missiles (DXNUMX), the largest among all modern ballistic missiles of submarines (DXNUMX) throw weight.

As is the case with the United States, the Russian naval component of the nuclear triad is based on what was inherited from the Cold War. We are talking about different representatives of the Project 667 submarine family, which are at the junction of the second and third generations. Now these boats are rapidly becoming obsolete. This is what prompted the country's leadership to seriously re-equip its fleet, and to begin with strategic missile submarines. The logic in this, of course, is. A little more, and Russia could finally say goodbye to the capabilities of the fleet, as a deterrent. Some say that this would be a logical end to the degradation of the fleet, and, generally speaking, there is nothing bad here. But this is hardly true.

Nowadays, it is not difficult to track the surface complexes of mine and mobile based. And although they pose a real threat to the West, the phrase “nuclear triad” has not lost its significance even today. Although, for obvious reasons (the strategic capabilities of cruise missiles are relatively modest), aviation component has lost ground. And not only in Russia.

"Borey" of all seas

In total, the Russian Navy currently has three 955 boats: K-535 "Yuri Dolgoruky", K-550 "Alexander Nevsky" and K-551 "Vladimir Monomakh". 28 November 2018 from Severodvinsk for the first time launched the strategic nuclear design submarine project 09552 (“Borey-A” cipher) into the sea for factory trials. The official bookmark of the K-549 submarine "Prince Vladimir" was produced at the Northern machine-building enterprise in Severodvinsk on July 30 of the year 2012. The construction was carried out as part of a separate contract between the Russian Ministry of Defense and United Shipbuilding Corporation JSC.

The main intrigue, of course, was the "stuffing" of the submarine. Unfortunately, the exact differences between the new boat and the previous ships of the 955 project are unknown. With great confidence we can say that the basic capabilities of the boat, in general, remained unchanged. Like its predecessors, the submarine carries sixteen Bulava R-30 missiles.

It is worth recalling that earlier it became known about the plans to modernize this product. In January 2017, a source in the military-industrial complex said that the payload of the P-30 can be more than doubled, and the range increased to 12 thousand km (now it is 9300 km). Also, according to the source, the potential incorporated in the complex allows the boats to be equipped with an advanced missile without a serious rework of nuclear submarines.

"Borey-A". Russia is experiencing an advanced strategic submarine

It is not known whether these requirements were taken into account when designing the Prince Vladimir submarine, however, it is clear that increasing the technical performance of the P-30 rocket will be the next important step towards its improvement, following an increase in reliability. In general, in order to assert something specific in this case, we need official confirmation. We also recall that earlier there were rumors about an increase in the number of rocket mines on the Borey-A submarines from sixteen to twenty. However, back in 2013, this information was refuted.

There are, however, more confirmed data. From the well-known differences of the “Prince Vladimir” from the three previously built submarines: reduced noise, improved maneuverability and retention at depth, as well as new control systems weapons. The ex-commander-in-chief of the Navy Admiral Vladimir Vysotsky told about this in his time. According to a number of media reports, a better level of secrecy for the new submarine will be ensured by a lower level of physical fields (electric, acoustic, infrared, magnetic and some other fields characteristic of the ship, as a material object). In practice, this means that it becomes even more difficult to identify a submarine. In addition, the developers sought to improve the conditions for the crew, which is extremely important during long hikes.

The further fate of the submarine "Borey-A" seems relatively cloudless, which can not be said about the improved version in the face of "Borey-B" (however, first things first). After the submarine K-549, four more nuclear submarines "Borey-A" intend to be commissioned. In addition, 30 on November 2018 of the TASS, citing an anonymous source, said that Russia would build two more serial nuclear submarines of the 2028A “Borey-A” project by the 955 year, so the total number of Borey submarines of all modifications will be increased to ten. Without a doubt, this will completely abandon the submarines of the project 667BDRM “Dolphin”, having received a modern and, in theory, highly efficient component of the nuclear triad.

Unfulfilled hopes

The above-mentioned project "Borey-B", apparently, finally sunk into oblivion. Back in May of this year, TASS with reference to one of the sources reported that this submarine does not meet the criteria of "price-effectiveness". It is not known for certain exactly what the new submarine could boast. According to reports, they wanted to install a new water jet on it and equip it with more sophisticated equipment. The refusal of the modernized "Borea" should not be surprising: this is not the first (and, one must assume, not the last) Russian military project that will become hostage to the "new economic policy."

Modern Russia, unlike in Russia of past years, has to scrupulously count money spent on defense. Otherwise, she runs the risk of being left with nothing at all. It is also worth noting that the presence of the most unified fleet of strategic submarines and the same approach with respect to multipurpose submarines (meaning submarines of the 885 “Ash” project) will eliminate many of the problems associated with operating a large number of very different boats and their modifications. inherited from the USSR. In fact, Russia quite reasonably wants to have two types of nuclear submarines at its disposal in the future: the 885 submarines and the 955 submarines (including the Borey-A version, of course). We can observe a similar picture on the example of the United States, although the Americans, as is well known, unlike Russia, refused to build non-nuclear submarines. So in their case is still easier.

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  1. rayruav
    rayruav 11 December 2018 06: 30
    stamp them with a dozen, this will be the case
    1. gunnerminer
      gunnerminer 11 December 2018 06: 44
      Punching requires a technological revolution at Sevmash, at the Amur Shipyard. When MAPL was also stamped in the outskirts of Nizhny Novgorod. Then it was called in a durga. And still tens of thousands of trained workers were needed. Nobody is in a hurry to prepare them.
    2. NEXUS
      NEXUS 11 December 2018 21: 14
      Quote: rayruav
      stamp them with a dozen, this will be the case

      There must be a certain number of carriers, dear.
      Moreover, already now we have a wild bias of quantitative SSBNs towards multipurpose ones in favor of strategists. You can rivet with a fool 20 and 30 Boreev, but only then somewhere in the defense industry other projects will be covered with a copper basin due to a lack of funds.
      1. g1v2
        g1v2 12 December 2018 00: 36
        There is another thing. The number of carriers is limited by the contract. That is, if we build more strategic submarines, then this means we will build fewer bombers or mine missiles. The amount of carriers - it is the total and warheads are also considered together. 14 vs 14 American - this is parity. Is it worth more? Hardly . Still, the nuclear triad must be developed evenly. If you plan some distortions, then there must be good reason for this. hi
      2. Every
        Every 12 December 2018 16: 07
        Quote: NEXUS
        Quote: rayruav
        stamp them with a dozen, this will be the case
        Moreover, already now we have a wild bias of quantitative SSBNs towards multipurpose ones in favor of strategists. You can rivet with a fool 20 and 30 Boreev, but only then somewhere in the defense industry other projects will be covered with a copper basin due to a lack of funds.

        This is unfortunate. "Borei" in construction seem to have mastered (there is no long-term construction), but with multipurpose trouble.
        In my opinion, there should be as many "Ash" as there are "strategists" and they should walk in pairs. At the same time, the Yasen shields the Borey from the boats of potential "friends" who are now landing on the tail of our strategists literally at the exit from the bay.
        But only 7 units want to build "Ash".
        1. NEXUS
          NEXUS 12 December 2018 20: 30
          Quote: Every
          In my opinion, there should be as many "Ash" as there are "strategists"

          No, at least one strategist has two multipurpose.
          Quote: Every
          But only 7 units want to build "Ash".

          We would have to modernize all the Pikes, otherwise half a year has been waiting for either repair or modernization. At the same time, the Barakudas decided not to modernize.
          1. Brenneke
            Brenneke 8 March 2020 12: 02
            There should be more multipurpose nuclear submarines! Two "Ash" is the minimum! What will the divers say?
  2. gunnerminer
    gunnerminer 11 December 2018 06: 37
    These new Boreas require MAPLs, in the ratio of 3 MAPL units per Borey. Or four NPLs with VNEU. The number of combat-ready MAPLs of project 855M and NPLs with VNEU (not at all) significantly lags behind the number of SSBNs. The number of combat-ready IL-38N and Tu- 142M, even for peacetime, is not enough. With the KUPG, it’s an ambush. Not to mention the failure with stationary underwater control systems.

    - refers to the submarines of project 885 "Ash") -

    -to get rid of many problems associated with the operation of a large number of very different boats and their modifications, inherited from the USSR.-

    After 3-4 years, this problem will disappear by itself. Due to the age of these Soviet boats, and the complete lack of the ability to maintain their technical readiness.

    Only one K-560, with an unsatisfactory acoustic portrait, and a reactor with 50% power.
    1. venik
      venik 11 December 2018 09: 32
      Quote: gunnerminer
      Just one K-560, with unsatisfactory acoustic portraitand 50% power reactor.

      Where do the "firewood" come from ?? The primary source - TO THE STUDIO !!!
      1. gunnerminer
        gunnerminer 11 December 2018 09: 49
        -Where do the "firewoods" come from ?? The original source - TO THE STUDIO !!! -

        Secret of the Open. Read the press releases of the press service of the KSF, the newspaper MO Krasnaya Zvezda, NVO.VPK news. Do not neglect visiting naval salons in the city on the Neva. Do not neglect communication with submariners.
        1. astronom1973n
          astronom1973n 11 December 2018 10: 55
          Quote: gunnerminer
          Do not neglect visiting naval salons in the city on the Neva. Do not neglect communication with submariners.

          More about the "great author" of these lines You forgot to mention the attendants on a bench in Severodvinsk, bloggers of all Internet stripes! They then know exactly about bg.))))) And performance characteristics of the submarine fleet.
          1. gunnerminer
            gunnerminer 11 December 2018 11: 29
            At a minimum, half the population of Severodvinsk knows about the state of K-560.

            bloggers of all online stripes

            They do not neglect communication with submariners, contractors, guaranteemen, employees of the content agencies for reconnecting and building ships in Severodvinsk. Photographs of this long-suffering boat are exhibited regularly. A lot can be learned and determined from it.
            1. tinkle
              tinkle 1 January 2019 21: 56
              I’m from Severodvinsk myself, I didn’t see any photos in the groups, because the state secret. proof in the studio, or justified .. fucked up?
  3. gunnerminer
    gunnerminer 11 December 2018 06: 41
    -Russia quite reasonably strives to have two types of nuclear submarines at its disposal in the future: project 885 boats and project 955 submarines (including the Borey-A version, of course). -

    Judging by the pace of transferring K-561 to the customer and her subsequent sisters, something is not visible. There is no evidence of rationality in the development of the Lada and Kalina projects.
  4. gunnerminer
    gunnerminer 11 December 2018 06: 45
    - We can observe a similar picture on the example of the USA, -

    Their shipyards and a set of workers, in no way similar to Russian.
  5. jonht
    jonht 11 December 2018 07: 36
    If the topic of modernization of the Mace was given away by Makeevka, then it’s good, but if again at MIT, then again we will wait 10 years ...
    And the boats are beautiful, with a well-recognized silhouette.
    1. Chicha squad
      Chicha squad 11 December 2018 12: 51
      Recently, 40 gutted carbon fiber rocket bodies were brought to the Makeyev center in Miass. It seems like a contract should be collected before 2020.
      1. jonht
        jonht 11 December 2018 15: 54
        If so, then good ...
        1. AUL
          AUL 12 December 2018 15: 19
          Blotun - a find for the spy! negative
  6. Stirbjorn
    Stirbjorn 11 December 2018 09: 21
    We are talking about different representatives of the Project 667 submarine family, which are at the junction of the second and third generations. Now these boats are rapidly becoming obsolete.
    I do not quite understand, 667 is a submarine of the Lada project, which at the moment, are the most modern of our diesel engines and claim the 4th generation. Maybe the author confused with Varshavyanki ?!
    1. gunnerminer
      gunnerminer 11 December 2018 09: 34
      - 667 is a submarine of the project Lada-

      Not at all. Lada is project 677. They can’t pretend. There is no VNEU, and there is no modern system for atmospheric regeneration in compartments. Warsaw is 877 projects. Slightly remade Warsaw is 636.3 projects.
      1. Stirbjorn
        Stirbjorn 11 December 2018 10: 20
        I got it wrong, apparently it was about the Dolphin project 667BDRM, which the Boreas came to replace, my question is being removed hi
        1. gunnerminer
          gunnerminer 11 December 2018 11: 31
          The last resources will be squeezed out of these Dolphins very soon. Then, one by one, they will begin to sleep in the second line.
  7. Corsair0304
    Corsair0304 11 December 2018 14: 38
    I would like that not everything is as sad as "gunnerminer" describes. It is clear that production is just getting off its knees, that there is a failure in qualified shipbuilders .. All this is obvious. It's another matter - we are building, no matter what! Vaughn, the United States during the Great Depression somehow also did not shine with success and breakthroughs. And if it were not for Stalin with his purchases of machine tools and entire factories, and not World War II, where the overseas country traded with everyone and the allies and the Hitlerite coalition (nothing personal - just business!) - it is still unclear where in the development it would be now. And there were no mattresses THREE TIMES !!! for a century to raise the industry and the foot of the enemy soldier on their territory also did not stomp. And if so, since, despite all of the above, Russia finds the strength and courage to rise again and again and stand on its feet, then victory will be ours. For:

    1. jonht
      jonht 11 December 2018 15: 55
      Specialist in all weapons and gurus of the economy.
      "I have not been, I do not live" but I know everything ...
      I communicate the same with many, but I check any rumors, and he has everything in a bunch, "I was told, etc.".
      In any topic, insert a post ....
      1. gunnerminer
        gunnerminer 12 December 2018 07: 18
        Specialists directly related to the maintenance of K-560, and submariners of the aforementioned unit, as well as 1 flotilla, will occupy much more than members of the Maritime Collegium. put together. The population of Severdvinsk works in Sevmash, mainly. Their mouths don’t sew up.
  8. NMDzAM
    NMDzAM 11 December 2018 14: 49
    If military factories, as before, belonged to the state, and not to private individuals, then the cost of military equipment would be much less. And so someone makes money on military orders, stuffs his pocket.
  9. g1v2
    g1v2 11 December 2018 16: 45
    In principle, 6 more Boreev were laid in the new state defense order besides those under construction. Nothing new. By the time all 5 submarines under construction and undergoing testing are completed, the last Squid will probably have been written off. Two more have been decommissioned. We don’t take into account the last Dima Donskoy Shark - it’s experimental.
    That is, there will be 6 Dolphins and 8 Boreev and Boreev-a. 14 versus 14 American - parity. Well, then it will be necessary to change dolphins already. Accordingly, 6 dolphins on 6 Boreev-a. The first 2 of them threaten to lay in the next year or two. By the 30s, we will have 3 just Borea and 11 Boreev. Unification rules. request
  10. Vladimir1155
    Vladimir1155 11 December 2018 17: 27
    need more submarines, even more
  11. Tests
    Tests 11 December 2018 21: 15
    gunnerminer (Murad), you are largely right. If you recall the times of the USSR, then boats and Leningrad were built along with Gorky. In addition to the fact that in St. Petersburg, in Nizhny Novgorod, and in Komsomolsk-on-Amur, they almost forgot how to build boats, there is still a small problem - the aging White Sea-Baltic Canal, through which boats from Leningrad and Gorky were led to the completion in Severodvinsk . It’s not before the BBK is repaired by the country, it is necessary to build sports facilities in Sochi and St. Petersburg, so much so that it is not clear when they will pay off. And environmentalists in Karelia and the Arkhangelsk region believe that an accident at the LBC locks can give rise to tsunamis in the White Sea ...
    About personnel in shipbuilding and ship repairing, they wrote on the site many times. Here the city television of Severodvinsk yesterday said that only 1000 highly skilled workers are needed in Sevmash alone. And there is also the Asterisk and the Arctic. The Northern Raid is barely alive ...
    NMDzAM, dear, take the time to see who makes money on the State Defense Order, especially read the comments: -bandy-korruptsionerov-raskhishchavshi We will wait for Skok-Skok years when the damage caused to Sevmash will be compensated in the amount of 215,6 million rubles? ... I already wrote on the site that the former director of the Sevmashevsky Palace of Culture named after The Lenin Komsomol, during the years of which the club building of the Palace of Culture burned down, has been leading the Severodvinsk Drama Theater for many years. From one easy chair to another, and not to the dock ... It was not for nothing that she had been a deputy in lovers for many years. Chief of the Internal Affairs Directorate of the Arkhangelsk Region, an entire police colonel, it is clear that her children and grandchildren have not lived in Russia for many years, but in the NATO country ... It's sad ...
    1. gunnerminer
      gunnerminer 12 December 2018 07: 20
      In Nizhny Novgorod and in Komsomolsk-on-Amur there are currently no trained personnel to resume the production of submarines.
  12. An-mi
    An-mi 12 December 2018 06: 07
    So it will be! Higher and higher! Everything is wiser and wiser! And the result? The result is one - a decrease in the sustainability of peaceful life !!!!
  13. Dzafdet
    Dzafdet 12 December 2018 15: 56
    so the total number of Borey submarines of all modifications will be increased to ten. Without a doubt, this will completely abandon the submarines of Project 667BDRM "Dolphin", having received a modern and, in theory, highly effective component of the nuclear triad.

    as you don’t upgrade the boat, and the principle of a moving water column that goes above the boat will not go anywhere. So there is no secrecy. The rocket is barely flying .... Her potential is .... laughing tongue wassat
  14. Dzafdet
    Dzafdet 12 December 2018 16: 29
    Quote: Chicha Squad
    Recently, 40 gutted carbon fiber rocket bodies were brought to the Makeyev center in Miass. It seems like a contract should be collected before 2020.

    They don’t collect anything there. This is KB. Collected in Zlatoust and Krasnoyarsk, as well as in Altai, in Biysk ... drinks
  15. dirk182
    dirk182 1 February 2019 00: 44
    But they steal billions from Gazprom and do not steam. Do not tear your soul, comrades
  16. tigoda
    tigoda 10 February 2019 21: 42
    Why on the 1st photo instead of "BOREY" - "DOLPHIN" ???
  17. Fizik M
    Fizik M April 12 2019 12: 54
    a bit reality
    1. We are not just investing huge amounts of money in combat means of dubious effectiveness, we are separating them from education, science, and the rearmament of ground forces (we still have a difficult situation with ammunition). In the Navy, the unbridled construction of submarines left for surface-mounted shipbuilding on “starvation rations” (so that today our submarines are not even deployed). This also led to the complete defeat of naval aviation.
    2. When developing proposals in the “Main Directions of the Development of the Higher Military Techniques to 2030.” The author raised the question of conducting preemptive R & D on weapons and countermeasures, to create 5 generation submarines. This is an extremely important question, because A number of fundamental questions about the appearance of weapons (taking into account new requirements) that directly affect the appearance of submarines are not resolved (unclear). To do "under the old" - deliberately lay the growing retention of our sub-alloy.
    3. To resolve the acute problems of the submarine forces of the Navy, it is necessary first of all to conduct special tests and research exercises. Until their completion, the construction of nuclear-powered ships can be significantly reduced to ensure the redistribution of limited funds to higher priority and critical areas of defense construction (surface ships, aircraft, missile ammunition).

    It will be possible to "ride" on the "Bulava" only after its adoption and at least one firing in ice conditions (from the surface, there is)

    According to "Borey-A":
    However, there is another problem - testing, because We are talking about new projects submarines (955A and 855A).

    We have assumed that we supposedly have "big problems" in surface shipbuilding, and with "underwater (supposedly) everything is in order." The real situation is the opposite. If the surface “exploded” “to the very top,” a number of necessary “personnel decisions” occurred, many problems were actually revealed and they were actually eliminated (a vivid example of what the frigate “Admiral of the Soviet Union Navy Gorshkov” frigate) had in silence and concealing problems, conducting tests under obviously simplified conditions. The biggest shame of our newest shipbuilding program is the order of 160, - “Severodvinsk” of the 885 project.
    The next question is anti-torpedoes.

    Today, there can be no effective anti-torpedo protection (PTZ) without an anti-torpedo. All Russian submarines are required to have them in ammunition. The task of equipping and mastering them is real and should be solved in the shortest possible time.

    In spite of the fact that surface ships have long and successfully fired anti-torpedoes, “for some reason they haven't heard anything like this in our sub-melt.” This is undoubtedly an extremely alarming sign of problems with the real combat capability of the naval submarine forces.

    Officially, the Ministry of Defense of the anti-torpedo "Lasta" was declared (on the form "Army-2015") in the RPLNS "Borey-A" ammunition.
    The adoption of the Navy's newest RPPLS "Prince Vladimir" without anti-torpedoes is unacceptable (as well as without shooting all the torpedo tubes with various torpedoes under various conditions, including in a volley and with a remote control).
    Another extremely acute issue is the means of hydroacoustic counteraction. The article by Rear Admiral Lutsky in the Sea Collection No. 7 for 2010 states:
    Subscriber projects of Yasen and Borey under construction are proposed to be equipped with PTZ systems, the development specifications of which were compiled even in 80x years of the last generation, the results of studies of the effectiveness of these means against modern torpedoes testify to an exceptionally low probability

    And it is all the more surprising to see products, about which extremely low efficiency they reasonably wrote in 2010. Lutsky, today in the GOZ (on the website of public procurement).

    Obviously, they could be taken by the Navy only with forgery during testing (for example, conducting them only against deliberately outdated torpedoes).

    The tests of the complex, which A.Nutsky wrote about, must be repeated (already in an objective form) upon the surrender of “Prince Vladimir” and “Kazan” to reveal the real situation and make the necessary decisions (both technical and personnel).

    Admiral Yevmenov’s statement about the “surrender of all tasks” by the crew of Prince Vladimir and his “readiness” has no basis, and is apparently caused by the intrigues of industry.