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Liberals and patriots in a single impulse mourn over "guest workers" from Lugansk

Whatever liberal journalists have reached, everything they do is overly pretentious. The Komsomolskaya Pravda article was widely sold on the Internet (in particular, it has already gone for a walk on TG channels, including it appeared in the Guardroom), in which the newspaper’s correspondent collects tangerines in Abkhazia along with Luhansk guest workers. Many hurried to cry about the unfortunate share of Luhansk residents. Nobody thought: what kind of people are they and are they needed in the LC?

"Guest workers" from the LC Lucidly collect citrus fruits for pennies: “... but what to do there, at home. In the summer we work here at the hotel, or as waitresses. Yet not five thousand a month, as we offer in Luganka, but about a thousand a day, and the sea, warmly, do not shoot. ”

A successful “draft” instantly caused “righteous” anger. Let's try to figure it out.

In general, these collectors, probably, haven’t been in the LC for a very long time - they “fly in” exclusively on the line of demarcation. The rest of the republic, thank God, did not see the shelling from 2015 year. But this is so, remark ...

First of all I want to say that many really have nothing to do in Donetsk and Lugansk, because at the very beginning of the war they fled from their cities to the Crimea, Abkhazia, Moscow, etc. Many then, at the beginning of May 2014, tried to go back, complaining that in Russia they are provided with housing, food and clothing, but they don’t give money - that is, they have to work (and therefore legalize themselves). When the 2014 war broke out in May-June, all of them "blew out" from the Donbass.

Bye their countrymen with weapons they fought in their hands, they were lying on the Crimean beaches, "rooted" in Rostov, stupidly sat in temporary accommodation centers, or, perhaps, gathered tangerines in Abkhazia. Later, when the fighting was localized, when their intensity became minimal, many tried to return to Donetsk and Lugansk. Virtually no one got accustomed here - a completely different world. With ideology, other values, heroes and priorities. And, to be honest, quite low wages.

Probably, it is better to collect tangerines - they have not fought shoulder to shoulder with us and still live mentally in pre-war Ukraine, which is no longer and never will be.

The problems that exist in the LDNR are fraught with the loss of not eternal “tangerine collectors” - local alcoholics still drove from zero, for example, to earn money from the Koreans in the Krasnodar Territory. They do not give to drink; salaries are paid once every three months, so for a certain category of citizens this is really a chance not only to earn, but not to get drunk. Many drive today.

Problems in the economy and poor domestic policy are dangerous primarily because of the fact that specialists will leave LDNR. Those who maintained obsolete enterprises in working order, repaired them and installed new lines. Those who were able to under the shelling urgently repair power lines or gazovod. Only in Donetsk and only in 2014-2015, the number of dead employees of emergency brigades exceeded 110 people. And someone at this time ... collected tangerines.

And if the people set to manage the vital aspects of the life of Novorossia, or rather, the people who are in charge of managing them, do nothing and safely "love" these very specialists, then they obviously will not become migrant workers. With or without legalization, they will work in high-tech areas. One of them just recently returned from Russia, where he led the brigade - for a couple of months they brought 130 thousand rubles in net. On tangerines do not earn so much!

Even teachers and doctors will not be able to work in this way, if they nevertheless decide to leave the republic - in the regions of Russia these professions are extremely in demand. It is possible to obtain citizenship under the accelerated program. Salaries are not too different from the republican ones, and you will have to pay an order of magnitude more for housing, therefore, probably, they are not in a hurry.

In short, the loss of an additional several thousand people “with reduced social responsibility” is unpleasant for the republics, but is not critical (especially since they have been earning their whole life in the Russian Federation while they are in a salable condition).

But the loss of highly qualified specialists - is another matter. But this, I'm sorry, is clearly different. история.
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  1. New Year day
    New Year day 11 December 2018 12: 04
    Yes, in Crimea there are a lot of cars with LDNR numbers. and expensive cars! They obviously are not going home.
    1. jjj
      jjj 11 December 2018 12: 51
      A friend from the suburbs of Donetsk wrote how everything went up. You can’t save enough money for food. And scolded the new authorities. And a couple of days ago she went to Donetsk and went to the supermarket. I almost fell: the prices there are very divine. Almost twice lower than in the store of their village. She apologized for drawing such hasty conclusions.
      We understand that. Their local traders, without further ado, are bought in the same supermarkets and resell in their "shops". Of course, with a surcharge. We went through this a long time ago
      1. ochakow703
        ochakow703 13 December 2018 10: 48
        Yes, and we also had it. Imagine, in a village of two and a half thousand inhabitants of 28 outlets. Gradually, everything resolved. Only strong and adequate remained.
  2. 210ox
    210ox 11 December 2018 12: 05
    I have seen enough of these "unfortunate" ... or "children of Lieutenant Schmidt" in the Kuban. They were driven from the villages with a nasty broom, although at first they were well received and even helped in whatever way they could ..
  3. BAI
    BAI 11 December 2018 12: 07
    It is possible to obtain citizenship under the accelerated program.

    Crimeans have problems in Russia. Some aunt under the cameras refused to recognize the passport issued in the Crimea after 2014, and remained in the civil service! And Crimeans are already citizens of Russia. It remains only to guess what the inhabitants of LDNR are faced with, wanting to obtain Russian citizenship. This is only Depardieu’s passport delivered to the house, the rest still have to run.
    1. Pivot
      Pivot 11 December 2018 14: 39
      My friend worked as an engineer in a construction organization in Russia, my wife looked after the baby. They crashed and left home after a while, I had to leave every 3 months, and then bring in denyuzhki for permission to work in the FMS, the guy worked legally. Nobody will simplify their residence permits to anyone due to simplification, this will lead to heart attacks in our bureaucrats, so to speak, for their money, no one is allowed to receive anything.
    2. ochakow703
      ochakow703 13 December 2018 10: 51
      In-in! Our "passport offices" are still squalor, and the policy of the state is aimed at building intrigues, not helping people.
      1. NordUral
        NordUral 15 December 2018 16: 13
        Sergei! The problem is that since 1991, we have no state.
  4. Berber
    Berber 11 December 2018 12: 40
    Yes, a normal situation. People want to live better, but there is no work and no work is expected. Moreover, to be honest, this "strange" war. It is certainly good that people stood up for the "Russian world". But on the other hand, the same people fight, there are even relatives. There are also frostbitten ones, like the "Azov" militants, but do you think we don't have such?
    The world is not divided into good and evil. There are no "blacks" and "whites", but there are people with their own advantages and disadvantages. To tell the truth, there are also villains.
  5. igorbrsv
    igorbrsv 11 December 2018 12: 42
    Well, actually mothers with children who screwed from the Donbass can be understood and easier for defenders. And another category of citizens - is it needed in LDNR or not request But in fairness, to say a different category to me in our region did not meet.
  6. Rey_ka
    Rey_ka 11 December 2018 13: 46
    Well, I don’t know how not everything is so bad. I have two friends who came to Perm with children. both work, rent apartments. the one whose older boy only complained that with school, not everything is smoothly higher than in Horlivka. in which the daughter quickly changed all norms from Ukrainian to Russian and even participates in school competitions. none of them complained that there was little money!
  7. maximaniak
    maximaniak 11 December 2018 14: 21
    An article in the style of a heroic story?
    While their fellow countrymen fought with weapons in their hands, they lay on the Crimean beaches
    , here is such a black and white world with the author ...
  8. g1v2
    g1v2 11 December 2018 14: 25
    3 guys from Donbass work in my subordination in St. Petersburg. Two from Avdeevka, one from Krasnodon. They work fine. Earn money. All three received Russian citizenship this year. request They also have no problems with housing. That would be a desire.
    1. Maksus
      Maksus 12 December 2018 23: 10
      My 4 employee has not been able to obtain citizenship for a year, although he is married to a Russian and has two children, what does he do wrong?
      1. g1v2
        g1v2 15 December 2018 14: 03
        First, a RVP is issued. After a year you can get a residence permit. It must be confirmed. And there you can already apply for citizenship. Each stage is in the region of the year, if not filon. In general, in order to obtain citizenship in the usual way, you need at least 3 years. 4 years is not scary. The FMS always has long lines and perseverance is needed. From time to time, bad aunts come across who find fault with documents. When my wife registered citizenship, there were many cases that I cannot remember without a mat. But patience and labor will grind everything.
        Well, I can’t say about a specific person. If he is refused, and not found fault with the documents, then there must be a reason. Maybe he bought a migration woman and it surfaced. May have violated the rules of stay. Plus there are blacklists in which he may appear. For example, fighters of some 14-year-old militia units who are badly accounted for by the FSB may be refused under any pretext. That is, the pretext will be legal, but not a reason. Typically, this is due to the poor reputation of the unit. For example, Limonovites who do not have Russian citizenship can easily be wrapped and deported for any violation of the rules of stay.
        In this case, I can advise you to contact the SDD. They can vouch and help resolve the issue when it comes to the militia.
        But in general, now the rules for granting citizenship for residents of Ukraine and Donbass are being facilitated and few are being denied. Well, pensioners do not like to give citizenship. And young people are given easy. Middle age too. Even to the Athos, if they are again not blacklisted. request
      2. The comment was deleted.
    2. Krasnoyarsk
      Krasnoyarsk 17 December 2018 01: 03
      Quote: g1v2
      3 guys from Donbass work in my subordination in St. Petersburg. Two from Avdeevka, one from Krasnodon. They work fine. Earn money. All three received Russian citizenship this year. request They also have no problems with housing. That would be a desire.

      Not everything is so rosy. 1. You guys are all the same. How much does a guy need? And if a Russian woman comes from Ukraine with a child? Pay for the medical board, but that's okay. Pay for the language exam (for a Russian woman who has been speaking Russian all her life), pay for the third, fifth, tenth, buy a patent for a job, get a job and pay taxes like gr. Russia, rented an apartment for housing and communal services pay, also pay the owner of the apartment. This is how much money to earn to cover all these - "pay" and so that there is food left, and even for the daughter's studies? Who should you work with? And what is the reason for the need for a three-stage, extended for 3 years, procedure for granting Russian citizenship to Russian people who have returned to their homeland?
      1. g1v2
        g1v2 18 December 2018 01: 54
        Then it was necessary to take refuge as a refugee. There would be benefits. The costs of a medical examination, duties and exam in total cost as much as a train ticket to Russia costs. And all this is not immediate - the gaps are large. If you can’t provide yourself at least at this level, then why did you even go? They do not like parasites in capstranges. They love those who can work and benefit the country and themselves. This is an axiom.
        Due to the fact that not all vegetables are equally healthy. Russian citizenship is not just a scrap of paper. These are the rights and obligations of both the citizen and the state. And the state also has the right to decide whether you are harmful to it. Maybe you came to steal and rob. Over the course of these few years, it becomes clear whether you are ready to abide by the laws and regulations of this state or if you should be deported, giving acceleration a good kick. request
  9. garri-lin
    garri-lin 11 December 2018 14: 31
    Harvesting tangerine is a hard but pretty well paid job. 1500r per day, clean without harm to health, you can earn money if you break it and more. And they come to collect from Russia (Kuban) and a lot from where. There are Moldovans and Uzbeks and Tajiks.
  10. Maverick1812
    Maverick1812 11 December 2018 15: 07
    Everything seems to be so .... acre accelerated citizenship! In our country this is only declared beautifully, in fact, people have been hanging around for years! I know not by hearsay and Internet stories!
  11. Alexander not great
    Alexander not great 11 December 2018 15: 54
    According to the author, should everyone rush to fight? Ordinary people want peace, and not participate in this strange massacre, like African savages.
    1. Sanichsan
      Sanichsan 14 December 2018 16: 11
      Quote: Alexander is not Great
      According to the author, should everyone rush to fight?

      certainly not all. it doesn't happen. there will always be Vlasovites and "non-contributing intelligentsia".
      Quote: Alexander is not Great
      Ordinary people want peace, and not participate in this strange massacre, like African savages.

      who can argue. there are also khataskrayniks. where without them. but why do they associate themselves with Donbass when they themselves declare that they "do not want to participate in this"? that is, the war is not theirs. but their Donbass? so chtol?
      1. Alexander not great
        Alexander not great 14 December 2018 17: 41
        By the way, Vlasov fought)))) if you like to associate yourself with some locality, city, for God's sake, and long ago Donbass became a separate territory, a state? or when someone needed it immediately became? So why Donbass them? he them from the point of view of residence, it is easy to change. In general, whoever likes him, let him fight, squeeze gas stations, cut factories for scrap metal, resell humanitarian aid and double bass, get to Donbass from any side, perhaps both sides of the conflict will gladly accept "patriots" of all stripes, I personally believe that the division into factions this is the 19th century.
        1. Sanichsan
          Sanichsan 14 December 2018 17: 51
          Quote: Alexander is not Great
          Vlasovites fought by the way))))

          true! but there are small details wink with whom they fought, against whom they fought ....
          Quote: Alexander is not Great
          In general, whoever likes him, let him fight, squeeze gas stations, cut factories for scrap metal, resell humanitarian aid and double bass, get to Donbass from any side, perhaps both sides of the conflict will gladly accept "patriots" of all stripes, I personally believe that the division into factions this is the 19th century.

          judging by this text you are one of the adherents of Strelkov "who fled heroically so as not to participate in this lawlessness."
          well that's probably good wink still Russia would get rid of people like you ....
          1. Alexander not great
            Alexander not great 14 December 2018 17: 53
            yeah))) I dare to assume that you are beauty and pride))) exemplary Sharikov) an ideal citizen.
  12. Cananecat
    Cananecat 11 December 2018 17: 56
    A friend comes to Moscow to work on the construction and leaves back. There is a wife and two daughters, they do not want to move to Russia, and alarming suitcases have already been collected, up to the border of 15 km.
  13. Waldemar
    Waldemar 11 December 2018 20: 42
    There are plenty of similar runners in Syria. There would be no chasing away terrorists or Natsiks. Here they go to all sorts of European Union and other places
  14. nikvic46
    nikvic46 12 December 2018 08: 15
    Yes, God bless them, with tangerines. Even other circumstances can cause righteous anger. Football players
    complain about the frost. There’s a rebuke. They don’t want to play here, leave the country. Here are the flaws
    federations blame on another.