Combat Infantry Vehicle "Fretzia". Italy

Usually the developers of combat vehicles go along the following path. At first, a light machine is created, and then on its base is heavier. Italians from the company Iveco-Oto Melara did exactly the opposite. First, they created a heavy wheeled tank destroyer "Chentauro", and only then a full-fledged Prezzia BMP was developed at its base.

To create a BMP "Chentauro" has undergone quite a serious change. First of all, he received a much more serious anti-flame protection. Also, the machine is optimized for the crew and landing of eight people. The crew of the car is three people, two are in the tower and one driver.

The BMP Fretzia has a longer and narrower body than Chentauro and weighs 26 tons. Wheel formula machine 8 × 8. All the wheels of the leading BMP. It is also equipped with disc brakes on all eight wheels.

The body of the machine and the tower are made of the newest material consisting of layers of aluminum and ballistic steel, designed to provide a higher level of protection.

For the army ordered 4 option. The basic version of the BMP has a Hitfist tower manufactured by Oto Melara and an 25-mm rapid-fire gun KBA manufactured by Rheinmetall. Such a BMP can carry troops from 8 people. The anti-tank version of the machine with the turret also contains two Spike LR anti-tank missiles manufactured by Rafael and a modern optoelectronic surveillance system manufactured by Selex Galileo Janus. The mortar version of the conveyor is armed with an 120-mm semi-automatic threaded mortar TDA 2R2M manufactured by Thales. The commander version of the machine has a Hitrole turret armed with an 12,7-mm machine gun with a remote control made by Ota Melara. The machine is also equipped with С4 systems (management, control, communication and calculation of parameters), which are an integral part of the army architecture of the centralized exchange network. BMP Freccia is one of the first digital combat vehicles in the Italian army.

The front and bottom armor of the BMP can be protected from 25mm to 30mm projectiles and 6kg explosives in TNT.

It is also equipped with a collective defense system against weapons of mass destruction.

BMP Pretstsiya equipped with a turbocharged diesel engine Iveco 6V 550l.s power. (405kW at 2300 rpm) and five-speed gearbox. The maximum speed of the car with the maximum load is 110 km / h.

The first BMP Fretzia was delivered to the Italian army in February 2009 of the year.

Combat Infantry Vehicle "Fretzia". Italy
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