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The NGO "Splav" talked about copying the Russian MLRS abroad

Most foreign systems, especially 122 caliber, are based on Russian (Soviet) technologies, leading RIA News words of the managing director of NPO Splav (included in Rostec) Alexander Smirnov.

The NGO "Splav" talked about copying the Russian MLRS abroad

According to him, today the market of the MLRS is growing, foreign firms offer a large number of systems to customers, and most of them, especially the 122 mm caliber, are made on the basis of Russian (Soviet) technologies, and some parts are simply copied.

In addition, there is the problem of unlicensed repair of Russian systems abroad.

Of course, Russian engineers face such problems, but they are usually not connected with projectiles that are very reliable and do not need constant maintenance. It is about the operation of installations
explained the director.

He noted that the market is flooded with counterfeit spare parts, operators of combat vehicles are offered at dumping prices and repairs, and maintenance of the MLRS.

But after such repairs, Russian specialists are faced with cases where the missiles do not leave their launchers.

Not so long ago, repairs were made at the expense of decommissioned salvo systems, but now the service life of combat vehicles delivered abroad is coming to an end. So very soon, it will be impossible to repair the MLRS using machines that are no longer used for its intended purpose, Smirnov explained to the agency.

Recall that this year Russian troops began to receive new MLRS - “Tornado-S”, which have improved performance in range and shooting accuracy.

Currently, the missile forces and artillery are armed with Tornado-G and Grad systems of 122 mm caliber, Hurricane (220 mm), and Smerch of 300 mm caliber.
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Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

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  1. svp67
    svp67 30 November 2018 11: 00
    All the terms for a patent and licenses have long since passed and whether we like it or not, our Soviet "Grad" is a global property. And we do not need to "whine", but move forward and create something new
    1. Machito
      Machito 30 November 2018 11: 05
      Our engineers do not sit still. MLRS even produces the DNI.
      1. Romka47
        Romka47 30 November 2018 11: 48
        Moreover, it’s not like the strongest army of Europe-stupidly rearrange the hail package to KRAZ, and tie it to GPS. And own caliber. Snezhinka missile system (combat vehicle with two 324-mm missiles with a declared range of up to 9600 meters) and Cheburashka multiple launch rocket system (a combat vehicle with 64 guides for 217 mm missiles with a declared range of up to 9600 meters)
        1. Machito
          Machito 30 November 2018 12: 06
          Cheburashka especially liked. And the name is beautiful. Reminds a funny little animal from a cartoon and vodka. drinks
        2. Baloo_bst
          Baloo_bst 1 December 2018 07: 56
          Ukrainian engineers rearranged the packages at KRAZ, but could not do the lock of the resor. What is based on the Urals was done back in the 60s. So we got the installation for the parade with supporting legs like a crane. Well, if you shoot from the asphalt, but if we tell in the field? And if you shoot from just from the wheels, the installation greatly rssskivaet. Plus time for installation and folding. So it’s necessary for the parade on KRAZ and to go to battle in the 375 Urals.
    2. Labrador
      Labrador 30 November 2018 11: 15
      I agree completely. + you can refuse to service the equipment in which the local "experts" were digging. But whining about the fact that they do not give money on new technologies is not serious.
    3. kapitan92
      kapitan92 30 November 2018 12: 45
      Quote: svp67
      All patent terms and licenses have long been issued

      You are absolutely right, the Soviet "Grad", like the Kalash, is already a global property. A patent issued in 1938 to three designers - Guay, Kostikov and Kleimenov for a multi-barreled installation for firing rocket charges. Under license "Grad" was produced in Egypt, Iraq, Iran, China, Romania, South Africa. hi
  2. poquello
    poquello 30 November 2018 11: 05
    "Tornado-G" and "Grad" caliber 122 mm, "Hurricane" (220 mm), as well as "Tornado" caliber 300 mm.

    and 1M "has already been removed" or "suddenly not accepted"?
  3. prior
    prior 30 November 2018 11: 28
    This usually happens when various "false presidents" (Gorbachev and Yeltsin) squander state land. And together with the lands and state property and state secrets and the people living on these lands (see the neighboring "fraternal" republic).
  4. Ros 56
    Ros 56 30 November 2018 11: 28
    In any technique there is or should be a highlight, without knowing which it is impossible to create a full-fledged analogue. And patents and licenses are from honest people. The Chinese are copying everything and they sneezed at your patents.
  5. rocket757
    rocket757 30 November 2018 11: 29
    Doing the best, best of all! That's the whole recipe for success.
  6. Alexey-74
    Alexey-74 30 November 2018 11: 29
    Like the Kalashnikov assault rifle, the MLRS, too, has become a global trend. And our designers and engineers need to be three steps ahead, and create weapons of the next generation.
  7. Adcapa
    Adcapa 30 November 2018 12: 23
    It may just be necessary to create a normal "support" network. And that's right, if they wait six months for specialists and spare parts, they will repair it handicraft, or sculpt their own, because they don't offer anything decent on the market, for local needs.
  8. bratchanin3
    bratchanin3 30 November 2018 13: 14
    If you want ideas not to be stolen from you, don’t sell them, but if you sell, you don’t need to catch the word.
  9. SGarnik
    SGarnik 30 November 2018 16: 30
    Ours would have to copy the "MQ -1 Predator" UAV, as Iran and China have done successfully. Even the Arabs are trying to put their drummer on the conveyor. I think sabotage in the production of our drums is taking place.