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In the Primorsky Territory, pilots of the Guards Ground Attack Aviation Group VVO continue to master the upgraded Su-25CM aircraft

In the Primorsky Territory, pilots of the Guards Ground Attack Aviation Group VVO continue to master the upgraded Su-25CM aircraft

Intensive training of guards assault pilots continues in Primorsky Krai aviation groups of the Eastern Military District (BBO). At the Chernigovka attack air base, the heirs of the glorious Normandy – Neman regiment continue to develop modernized Su-25SM aircraft.

In the training program today - combat shooting at ground targets.

According to the commander of the aviation group, Colonel Vladimir Melnikov: “All crews have worked well, completely completed the flight tasks, and successfully hit ground targets. And in the short term, the group will have to work out the interaction and conduct combat training activities in conjunction with other branches of the Armed Forces and the combat arms in the framework of joint exercises and training. ”

This year, the planned re-equipping of the air base with new aircraft was completed. According to experienced pilots, with the renewal of avionics and the introduction of fundamentally new navigation systems, fire control systems and an expanded nomenclature of weapons, the combat effectiveness of the use of means of destruction of the Su-25SM aircraft has increased several times.

Over the past three years, all pilots of the Chernihiv airbase have undergone retraining at the Center for Combat Use and Retraining of Flight Personnel in the city of Lipetsk.

As the commander of the aviation group stressed, over the past year alone, the intensity of flight exercises has almost doubled. And in the winter period of training, it increased by another 35%.

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    MILITARY RF 4 June 2012 19: 51
    well, well done guys ....... successfully completed the doctrine, improved experience ..... and the new SU-25SM aircraft pleased me .... well, keep it up
    1. alex-defensor
      alex-defensor 4 June 2012 20: 08
      Yes, the eye rejoices.

      In reproach to all the "orange", by 2000 Russia almost ceased to exist as a military power. Putin arrived on time!

      Who digs the grave to another, he himself will fall into it
    2. htpm100
      htpm100 4 June 2012 20: 45
      eshe by ot etoi kamufliajnoi formy izbavitsia i vse budet eshe lutshe.
      1. htpm100
        htpm100 5 June 2012 00: 10
        ya ne pro texnarei a pro pilotov, dokazatelstvo pilot kotoryi za gruzovikom na 3 foto, ya prosto xotel skazat shto forma dolgna byt standartizirovana bod goluboi tsvet kak u drugovo pilota na tom ge foto.
        1. Alexey Prikazchikov
          Alexey Prikazchikov 5 June 2012 00: 19
          She is standard blue and so, the one that you see is the old one that just wears out not to throw it away in the end.
          1. htpm100
            htpm100 6 June 2012 00: 02
            vse voprosov net, spasibo za poyasnenie.
  2. gojesi
    gojesi 4 June 2012 19: 57
    THESE aircraft for Primorye - what you need! Turn between the hills. And with the new Wed-positioning and aiming at the target, they have no price! Who do we have there? Japan, China and North Korea ... We’ll be calmer here if they fly there ... Good news!
    1. Eugene
      Eugene 4 June 2012 20: 46
      Nevertheless, the modification of what he met in the open press is not painful, it’s really deep.
      1. 755962
        755962 5 June 2012 16: 08
        Upgrades are LITTLE! We need new fighting vehicles from scratch. I understand that it’s hard .... But .. NECESSARY!
  3. Nursultan
    Nursultan 4 June 2012 20: 02
    good news. more training for them with success
  4. Alexey Prikazchikov
    Alexey Prikazchikov 4 June 2012 20: 55
    Guys somebody has a cockpit of a cockpit su 25 cm
    1. fern
      fern 4 June 2012 22: 41
      Here. Not good quality. But I did not find others
      1. 77bor1973
        77bor1973 4 June 2012 23: 57
        And where is the "birch"?
        1. fern
          fern 5 June 2012 00: 25
          At first I also realized that something was missing wink . Then he dug up It looks like the L-150 "Pastel" is now installed there. I think now all the info from it is displayed on the MFD on the left
      2. Alexey Prikazchikov
        Alexey Prikazchikov 5 June 2012 00: 04
        Thank you so much. As a rule, minus our cars is poor ergonomics, in battle with all these devices too much unnecessary information will pour, and this is death.
  5. lotus04
    lotus04 4 June 2012 21: 08
    Something about the SU-39 apparently completely forgotten.
    The SU-39 is a modernized version of the SU-25T aircraft. Until 1996, the aircraft was called SU-25TM. The onboard equipment of the aircraft has been improved. The basis of the weapons control system is the Shkval optical-electronic sighting system, the television image from which is fed to the television indicator installed in the upper right part of the dashboard. "Shkval" has a 10 ° field of view and provides 23x magnification of the target image. The area is viewed in the scanning mode of the target head. The pilot, seeing an image similar to the target on the indicator screen, can stop scanning by pressing the target lock button on the aircraft control stick. After recognizing the target, the pilot carries out precise target designation by placing an aiming mark on the target image and pressing the bind button again. The aircraft can attack targets not only during the day, but also at night, in low light levels, using a low-level television sighting system placed in a container under the fuselage. The aircraft's navigation system, in addition to the air signal system, the dual inertial heading reference, the short-range navigation and landing radio system (RSBN), the Doppler ground speed and drift angle (DISS) and the radio altimeter, also includes the equipment of the long-range navigation radio system (RSDN).

    Having retained the excellent aerobatic properties of the SU-25, the designers of the G8 (the aircraft's factory code is T39) went even further. Its automatic control system seriously lowers the pilot's workload, automating the stabilization of a given altitude, flying along a programmed route through these intermediate points, entering the target detection area, re-approaching an attacked target, and landing approach. The electronic warfare system provides the SU-30 with a high probability of overcoming the enemy's powerful air defense. The main information system of the complex is an electronic reconnaissance station (SRTR), which provides detection and direction finding of ground, airborne and shipborne radars in the + 25 ° sector in elevation and circular in azimuth. To overcome the air defense band, the SU-39T can use an active jamming station designed to counter modern and promising electronic weapons control systems with pulsed, continuous and quasi-continuous radiation. The station is installed in containers suspended from the outer underwing suspension points. To protect against missiles with IR seeker, the designers of the SU-39 installed an optical-electronic jamming station in the tail of the aircraft, at the base of the keel. The main armament of the SU-16 is the Vikhr anti-tank guided missiles (ATGM). The aircraft can carry 31 of these missiles, installed in two bundle units, eight in each. The use of the radar made it possible to ensure the use of the Kh-35A, Kh-XNUMX anti-ship missiles with active radar homing heads on the aircraft. Each upgraded attack aircraft can carry four anti-ship missiles. The aircraft are equipped with the Kopye RLPK.

    The SU-39 is significantly superior in its capabilities to the serial SU-25. A group of SU-39 aircraft, some of which are armed with medium-range air-to-air missiles, can successfully withstand any modern fighters in oncoming missile combat, especially if new RVE-DE missiles are used, which do not require escort to illuminate an air target after launch ... This can provide a decisive advantage in a duel situation.

    Performance characteristics

    Crew 1 people
    Length 15,33 m
    Height 5,2 m
    Maximum take-off weight 20 500 kg
    Normal take-off weight 16 kg
    Dry weight 10 740 kg
    Engine 2 x turbojet engine R-195
    Engine power 2 x 4 300 kgf
    Top speed 950 km / h
    Service ceiling 10 000 m

    Rifle-cannon: double-barrel 30 mm gun GSh-30-2
    Guided missiles "air-to-air": R-60, R-73
    Air-to-surface guided missiles: Whirlwind, X-25, X-29L / T, S-25L
    Unguided missiles: S-8, S-13, S-24
    Free-fall and adjustable bombs
  6. Diesel
    Diesel 4 June 2012 21: 11

    It seems like he’s a cockpit su25cm
    1. Eugene
      Eugene 4 June 2012 21: 21
      Interestingly, the back screen means the possibility of television-guided missiles?
  7. irony
    irony 4 June 2012 21: 14
    Great news! Recently, exercises were held in Petrozavodsk, flocked from all over the North-West. They rumbled over Ladoga, God grant! Want peace, get ready for war!
  8. maksim
    maksim 4 June 2012 21: 29
    The Rooks Have Arrived!
  9. Kolyan 2
    Kolyan 2 4 June 2012 21: 52
    Quote: maksim
    The Rooks Have Arrived!

    Unas at 95, the inspector came from Moscow to Tajikistan, and seeing a pilot from God, he was doing such a sight for a rook I was in the infantry, but at that moment I was ofigel guarding the airfield.
  10. Methodius
    Methodius 4 June 2012 21: 53
    Fly as much as possible! There is one dream for the pilot-height!
  11. mr.Man
    mr.Man 4 June 2012 22: 34
    Hard to learn - easy in battle!
    Rooks, I think, have not yet worked out everything ...
  12. saturn.mmm
    saturn.mmm 4 June 2012 22: 34
    Probably the most desperate pilots in attack aircraft and their training should be at the highest level.
    1. mr.Man
      mr.Man 4 June 2012 23: 14
      I agree, very, very ...
      Fly low, and the speed is not the same ...
      Helicopter pilots should not be forgotten ...
      Desperate guys, honor and praise.
      1. GRIGORIY1957
        GRIGORIY1957 5 June 2012 00: 37
        Quote: mr.Man
        Helicopter pilots should not be forgotten ...
        Desperate guys, honor and praise.

        ... THE SWIVELS ARE THE MODERN "GOD OF WAR" ...! ! !
    2. GRIGORIY1957
      GRIGORIY1957 5 June 2012 00: 35
      Quote: saturn.mmm

      Probably the most desperate pilots in attack aircraft

      HUSARS ... good ...! ! !
  13. Nik090
    Nik090 4 June 2012 23: 16
    Quote: Alexey Prikazchikov
    Guys somebody has a cockpit of a cockpit su 25 cm

    Home-made cockpit for the flight simulator
    Kulibins in Russia will never be transferred.
    1. Alexey Prikazchikov
      Alexey Prikazchikov 5 June 2012 00: 06
      Your division, respect, this and the truth is only possible with us.
  14. vladeinord
    vladeinord 5 June 2012 06: 32
    Not much, but at least something for the Far East.
  15. Igor
    Igor 5 June 2012 07: 24
    Not modernization, but some overhaul of some kind. One w / c display laughing , there is no sensible defense against MANPADS, as there were no, there are no new weapons, probably there is no thermal imager on it, they will fall again if God forbid any conflict happens.
    1. gojesi
      gojesi 5 June 2012 11: 34
      Quote: Igorek
      , sensible protection against MANPADS, as it was and never is, there are no new weapons

      and what is the old weapon bad? In addition, I heard that nothing new "in the field" will be produced without the installation of a complex for protection against thermal seeker "President-S"