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US Strengthens Its Presence in the Pacific

Any statements by high-ranking military officials always cause a public outcry. This time even the scandal of the words of the American Minister of Defense L. Panetta may turn into a scandal. At present, the head of the Pentagon is touring the countries of the South-Asian region and is conducting relevant negotiations with their leaders.

On June XNUMX (Moscow time), while in Singapore, Panetta made one noteworthy statement. In addition to traditional words about the continuation and strengthening of military cooperation, he openly spoke about the plans of his department to build up the US naval group in the Pacific. According to the US Secretary of Defense, several ships serving in other areas will be deployed to this region already this year. As a result of all these transfers, nearly two-thirds of the total US military will serve in the Pacific. fleet. The last ships will replenish the Pacific group in 2020.

At the moment, in the Pacific units of the US Navy there are 285 warships and auxiliary ships. Of these, five belong to the class of aircraft carriers - the basis of the striking force of the American Navy. By 2020, another aircraft carrier will be transferred to the Pacific Ocean. However, the "drawback" of ships with full aviation groupings will be offset by other species. So, most of the newly built cruisers and destroyers will leave to serve precisely on the west coast of the United States. At the same time, several submarines, both multi-purpose and ballistic missiles, will be transferred.

It is obvious that such plans to strengthen the presence in the Pacific region have some basis. On their account, Panetta did not say a word, but at the same time he emphasized the fact that the transfer of ships was not directed against China. It turns out, if you believe the US Secretary of Defense, the most obvious reason for the actions planned by the Pentagon is wrong. L. Panetta believes that, despite many disagreements, China and the United States should not stoop to military action, because neither side will receive any benefit from them. It is noteworthy that the confrontation between the United States and China is, perhaps, the main theme of analyzes and forecasts regarding the future of the Pacific region and Southeast Asia. This is a question of the future of Taiwan, and the fate of several islands in the South China Sea, and a number of other controversial issues. Nevertheless, Panetta categorically denies the “Chinese footprint” in the transfer of ships, and official Beijing still remains silent. Before the visit of the head of the Pentagon, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China made a statement in which it says respect for US interests in the region and hope for reciprocity from the Americans. As for local disputes between the countries of the region, Chinese officials quite rightly believe that this question concerns only these countries.

It should be noted, the official statements of Washington and Beijing look specifically. On the one hand, the absence of any bad plans is declared, but on the other hand, there are not many countries in the Pacific that can boast of a serious military fleet. The first to come to mind are Russia and China. With the Middle Kingdom, like, figured out. There remains the option of an American attempt to prepare for the renewal of the Pacific Fleet of the Russian Federation. In favor of this version, they say the announced timeline for the strengthening of the Pacific grouping US NAVY - 2020 year. This year Russia will complete the current State Armaments Program (LG-2020). Particular attention is paid to the development of the Navy and it is unlikely in the Pentagon do not know about it. Probably, the course of the HPV-2020 is already now forcing the US to come up with a response. The most obvious - in addition to the qualitative improvement of its fleet - increasing the number of warships in the region. However, all the successes of the implementation of the State Program cannot completely “strangle” doubts about its further implementation. This is a rather complicated project and you should not indulge in dizziness from success. So far, no one can give guarantees that all planned ships will enter service exactly at the appointed time. In this case, American reinforcement of Pacific connections may be too large and, as a result, economically disadvantageous.

Here again it is worth returning to the subject of China. In recent years, the PRC has shown significant success in various sectors of the economy and production. For example, since 2006, the Celestial Empire systematically increases the number of its warships and improves their quality. The most famous fruit of these actions were landing ships of the project 071. Currently, two such ships are already serving in the South China Sea, and in the next couple of years their number will double. Also this summer, the Chinese plan to commission their first aircraft carrier, the Shi Lan (former Varyag), and in addition promise to build several more ships of this class. So even if Russia cannot fulfill its plans to re-equip the fleet, American sailors will still find a serious rival. Well, if both Russia and China do everything that is now planned, then the Pentagon, as a result, would not have to strengthen its presence in the Pacific for the second time.

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  1. zevs379
    zevs379 5 June 2012 07: 58
    Here's something else that is bad - Americans already have 285 ships in the Pacific Ocean. Just a transfer from one port to another makes us nervous and build up the parity fleet grouping. At the same time, unlike us, resources are not wasted.
    We need to think of something to make the Americans chase after us and cut our boxes for scrap as marally outdated and inadequate to current tasks.
    1. Igor
      Igor 5 June 2012 08: 05
      Quote: zevs379
      build up parity naval grouping.

      And where did you see the build?
      1. xzWhiteWolf
        xzWhiteWolf 5 June 2012 13: 39
        The buildup of all groups is going on, but with everything not related to it) The same Mistral. I also advise you to go to the sites of our shipbuilders and read in more detail which ships are being built) And by their numbers and names it is already easy to calculate to which fleet they plan to assign them.
        1. Igor
          Igor 5 June 2012 16: 31
          Quote: xzWhiteWolf
          I also advise you to go to the sites of our shipbuilders and read in more detail which ships are being built)

          I advise you to travel to ports and look at the ships, which are soon falling apart from old age.

          Quote: xzWhiteWolf
          The growth of all groups is

          What is the buildup of groupings? It's just the replacement of old ships with new ones, and the pace of construction of new ships is not at all impressive, it takes too long to build.
    2. Aleksey67
      Aleksey67 5 June 2012 09: 54
      Oh, but I really do not like the fact that Russia will be "rearmed" by 2020 and that this year does not give amers rest .... We are waiting, sir.
    3. Oleg777
      Oleg777 5 June 2012 12: 22
      Let's hope that only the Chinese fall under the batch, and by then we will pump up ........... The main thing is not to run up so far .............
    4. xzWhiteWolf
      xzWhiteWolf 5 June 2012 13: 34
      And out of these 285, how many fighting ones are interesting?)) And not the so-called service staff? Of course, the numbers are many times more than ours, but not everything is so bad.
      At the same time do not spend resources? I am interested to know what these ships are floating on?) And they do not require maintenance at all? Food and other, other?)
      And what is bad for us? We just need to develop a fleet in addition to everything. And such things will only accelerate this, but will not do worse. In any case, we need a fleet, and we also do not lose anything from that.
      Our ships are not even so much outdated as they were not looked after and they simply "rotted". Do not believe the propaganda, in the United States there are even more ships than we have exactly the same years. It's just that, unlike us, they were watched and carefully guarded, modernized. And the sense for us to modernize a rusty piece of metal? We need new ships.
      1. 755962
        755962 5 June 2012 15: 20
        The conflict between the two countries can cause and disputes over the ownership of the South China Sea, and, for example, the status of Taiwan. Under mutual assistance treaties, Washington will be required to provide the necessary assistance to its allies. In this case, the units of the People’s Liberation Army of China (PLA) may try to defuse the carriers of the US Navy, while the submarines will try to block two key straits in the South China Sea. The greatest danger to the US Navy may be the latest anti-ship ballistic missiles DF-21D, recently adopted by the Chinese army.

        In addition, in the past ten years, Beijing has managed to create the world's largest fleet of diesel submarines, and also introduced the first aircraft carrier into the Navy. At the same time, China is working with Pakistan to create its own aircraft using Stealth technology - the JF-17 Thunder fighter. The Pentagon’s documents also speak of the threat posed by the anti-satellite systems in the arsenal of the PLA, as well as the possible use of cyber weapons.
        1. Tatars
          Tatars 5 June 2012 16: 49
          The world's largest fleet of diesel submarines as far as I know from Germany
          1. CARBON
            CARBON 5 June 2012 22: 38
            Largest modern boat maybe wink
            And then there is the DPRK Navy, the submarine of which seems to be the last to be noted, on its southern brothers. There they still have, in my opinion, a 613 project and nothing, they don’t look under the Japanese tail. Something and the winged ones are not particularly eager to attack the followers of ChuChae.
  2. kotdavin4i
    kotdavin4i 5 June 2012 08: 18
    The Russian fleet, sadly, is not a US rival at the moment. Even with the condition of re-equipment by 2020. 6 aircraft carriers + a large number of cruisers and frigates URO is all the same strength. America's main problem is growing China - with their hungry expansion, claims to half of the Pacific states (which are mostly either allies or "vassals" of the United States). Therefore, the Yankees are armed to prevent the second Pearl Harbor.
    1. Redpartyzan
      Redpartyzan 5 June 2012 09: 35
      At the moment, not only the Russian fleet but also any fleet in the world is not a rival to the United States. Even taking into account the 2020 armament program. It seems that some kind of aircraft carrier is being designed, and they only have 5. in the Pacific Ocean. The only thing that calms down is that we always have something to meet. Ash, onyx, granite ,. If they fit, they wash themselves with blood.
      1. 755962
        755962 5 June 2012 15: 22
        An interesting statement by Panetta:
        "It's not against China," experts: "and against whom? .."
        Nothing reminds ???
      2. Neighbor
        Neighbor 5 June 2012 16: 36
        Quote: Redpartyzan
        The only thing that calms us, we always have something to meet. Ash, onyx, granite ,. If fit, wash their blood

        More Volcanoes. good
        And we are waiting for 2014 - the latest PKKR - Zircon - there really is a Monster am will be - 1000km range, fired - forgot about the aircraft carrier.
        They wrote that her speed would be 13 mach, maneuvering, stealth - a lot of controversy caused this data on the speed of 13 mach - that it’s impossible. wassat
        I think it is possible !, if the rocket flies in a cloud of plasma, i.e. no friction against the air - it will not experience. And technology - allow you to do this.
        Its development - our leading scientists in this field - was called - ARCHIs complex business (one engine is worth what) - because there will not be any analogues in the world for another 15-20 years.
        Russia - Glory !!! drinks
        Shame and disgrace am
        1. Cadet787
          Cadet787 5 June 2012 20: 30
          Quote: Neighbor
          Its development - our leading scientists in this field - was called - ARCHIs a complicated affair (one engine is worth what) - because there will not be any analogues in the world for another 15-20 years

          If they don’t sell engineering secrets from defense enterprises. This must always be remembered.
        2. Bashkaus
          Bashkaus 5 June 2012 22: 47
          Neighbor, if it's not difficult to share information about Zircon, I will be grateful, you can throw a link in PM.
          1. 755962
            755962 5 June 2012 23: 05
            Sergey, good evening! About "Zircon" they say a lot of mysterious things. I can’t find "adequate" in any place. If only the thread was drained .. Interestingly, ALWAYS TAKES AWESOME !!!
    2. borkovn
      borkovn 5 June 2012 23: 47
      but the second Tsushima will be. Not at sea, but near Baikal.
  3. tronin.maxim
    tronin.maxim 5 June 2012 08: 21
    The Asian-Pacific region is not at ease with the Americans! Countermeasures from the US ships into the Pacific Ocean. The beginning of a passion has begun. Over time, diplomatic courtesies can turn into serious clashes. Here horror stories are not who are not afraid!
  4. altman
    altman 5 June 2012 08: 45
    All this only emphasizes the need to strengthen the Pacific Fleet at the fastest pace !! Especially ships of the 1st and 2nd rank !!
    1. Sokol peruna
      Sokol peruna 5 June 2012 09: 43
      Here, along the way, the Boreev transition begins to be covered. And you are all about strengthening the Pacific Fleet.

      RPKSN "Yuri Dolgoruky" and "Alexander Nevsky" will be based on the Northern Fleet - "Izvestia"

      TSAMTO, June 4. Due to the lack of readiness of the coastal infrastructure in Vilyuchinsk, the new SSBNs of project 955 Borey with strategic missiles R-30 Bulava Yuri Dolgoruky and Alexander Nevsky will be based in the Northern Fleet.

      This decision was made by the new Navy Commander-in-Chief Viktor Chirkov, Izvestia reports citing a source in the military department.

      According to the source, “the main reason for this decision was the unavailability of the base in Vilyuchinsk, which they had to adapt to the Boreas. In addition, the Northern Fleet is much closer to Sevmash, which Borey built, which will facilitate the elimination of minor flaws that may appear on new boats during operation, ”Izvestia reports.

      At the same time, with reference to another Izvestia source, they note that “this decision is still preliminary and will be finally approved in about a month after the new commander visits Vilyuchinsk at the bases of the Northern Fleet and personally assesses the state of the infrastructure.”

      According to Izvestia, “the submarine base in Vilyuchinsk, on which the Boreas were supposed to arrive before the end of 2012, will be completed only by 2014.”
      1. altman
        altman 5 June 2012 11: 23
        As far as I know, this is not of fundamental importance .. what difference is there from where to launch ballistic missiles .. the infrastructure is not ready .. why drive and destroy boats in unsuitable conditions .. I wrote about SUPERWATER ships .. specifically .. repair of "Admiral Lazarev", transfer after repair of "Marshal Ustinov", completion and direction to the Pacific Fleet "Admiral Lobov", construction of frigates of project 11356 ... and frigates and destroyers of new projects !! but in the plans so far there are only two corvettes ... that's what I'm talking about ... but for me, after the new frigates come - and "Moscow" to overtake to the Pacific Ocean ..
        1. Sokol peruna
          Sokol peruna 5 June 2012 13: 00
          I wrote about SUPERWATER ships .. and specifically .. repair "Admiral Lazarev

          Lazarev along the way will follow the Urals. There is nowhere to repair it and no one. And to keep in its composition the Navy for another ten years in anticipation of repair is impractical.

          transfer after repair of "Marshal Ustinov"

          Will arrive at the Pacific Fleet no earlier than 2015.

          completion and direction to the Pacific Fleet "Admiral Lobov"

          Yes, along the way, Russia and Ukraine will never agree on it. And he will rather not go to the Pacific Fleet but to "nails". Although if Ukraine vparit Russia this for 1 BILLION Baku rubles it will be strong .... And I strongly doubt the approval of the Ukrainians in its 95% readiness. If on the Northern Fleet from the running MPK pr.1124M they managed to drag off and hand over non-ferrous metal from the turbines, then what about the power plant, cable routes, etc. on Lobovo is not difficult to imagine.

          construction of frigates of the project 11356

          So they all kind of go to the Black Sea Fleet.

          and frigates and destroyers of new projects !!

          Gorshkov, Golovko-SF, Kasatonov either on the Black Sea Fleet or the Northern Fleet. About the new destroyers so far there is only talk. There is not even a project yet. Again, they will most likely be built at the new Super shipyards, which are not yet available.

          and plans so far only two corvettes ..

          Three "Perfect", "Loud", "Strict". According to the latter, the body began to form.

          but for me, after the new frigates come - and overtake the "Moscow" to the Pacific Ocean ..

          Moscow is written off in 2022. The first 11356 at the Black Sea Fleet will most likely arrive at the end of 2014 and the beginning of 2015. The fifth one, which will have to be replaced by the Black Sea Fleet in Moscow no earlier than 2017. Therefore, the question arises - Is there any point in sending there a 35-year-old cruiser which will be written off five years later?

          By the way, you forgot that they transfer Nakhimov to the Pacific Fleet. Only he will come there no earlier than 2017.

          As far as I know, this does not matter .. what difference does it make from where to launch ballistic missiles ..

          So after all, from Kamchatka to the Pacific coast of the United States, the flight time of the BR is much shorter. And the Americans will have less time for reaction.
          1. altman
            altman 5 June 2012 14: 01
            I know all this, and, unfortunately, everything that you wrote is likely to come true .. I just WOULD LIKE TO SAY THAT.
            but about the "Borei" still have to agree .. it is better so far in the North than without infrastructure closer to the adversaries.
            1. Sokol peruna
              Sokol peruna 5 June 2012 14: 40
              The unavailability of the infrastructure for the 955 is more of an excuse. Mezhflotsy would have been with them in the summer of 2013, and 8-12 months could stand on the one that is, without any damage to the PLABR. Here, the role was rather played by the not fully identified "childhood" diseases of Boreyev, for the elimination of which Sevmash is needed.
              1. altman
                altman 5 June 2012 17: 02
                and I agree with this ... and it is not known what else can come out yes
  5. Sakhalininsk
    Sakhalininsk 5 June 2012 08: 52
    It is not regrettable, but the Shtatovs are quietly and gradually realizing their plans to encircle possible opponents, Russia is being laid over land, China from the sea.
    Amer is trying to maximize the currently existing advantage over potential opponents and it is worth noting that they are doing this very successfully. And if you add their puppets to them, then the advantage becomes simply colossal.
    One can only hope that we can adequately and respond, and they will not risk more than demonstrations of power.
    1. Tirpitz
      Tirpitz 5 June 2012 09: 50
      Only the fleet of Japan is worth what. Stronger than TF.
      1. Srgsoap
        Srgsoap 5 June 2012 11: 38
        Tirpitz Respect. I just wanted to mention the Japanese fleet .... I got ahead. Many times more powerful and all ships are modern (as far as I know the oldest were built in the early 90s), destroyers similar to Arleigh Burke with IJIS, etc.
      2. Vito
        Vito 5 June 2012 12: 22
        TirpitzMan, glad to read your mind! Pacific Fleet should be strengthened, definitely. The Japanese have claims to us and this must be taken into account! There, the world democratizer has settled down, as at home) and is encouraging them to do all sorts of dirty tricks. AS they said in Soviet times, we need a practical, cheap, asymmetric answer. MULTI-PURPOSE boats, state-of-the-art aircraft, land-based anti-ship systems and at least 3 or 4 ships of the first rank (also with a needle), for the first time!
        1. Tirpitz
          Tirpitz 5 June 2012 12: 42
          Vito, drinks Here, as a variant of the Asymmetric answer, this is the development of a satellite-based observation system (online) and target designation, as well as a missile system with a range of more than 2000 km, capable of working on surface targets (and preferably in hypersound), it is not necessary to place it on drift boats (there are very few of them) and on mobile soil complexes like poplars and yars. By the number of ships, over the next 30 years we will not be equal to the United States and China. Somewhere in this direction you need to work. It's my opinion. Maybe someone will express other versions.
          1. Vito
            Vito 5 June 2012 12: 51
            Tirpitz I absolutely agree with you that supersonic missiles will more than discourage our potential "partners" from hunting. And I WANT to say. that in this area we are doing well. It is necessary to increase the MAXI for our ONYXS, BRAMOS, and so on! drinks
  6. Vito
    Vito 5 June 2012 10: 30
    The top PHOTO is famously made, HOLY TRINITY assy. Dad (aircraft carrier), son (ARLI destroyer) and beautiful daughter, multipurpose submarine (Los Angeles). Well, what can I say, it remains only to admire !!!
  7. Panzer UA
    Panzer UA 5 June 2012 11: 35
    Quote: Vito

    The top PHOTO is famously made, HOLY TRINITY assy. Dad (aircraft carrier), son (ARLI destroyer) and beautiful daughter, multipurpose submarine (Los Angeles). Well, what can I say, it remains only to admire !!!

    What is your developed fantasy
    1. Vito
      Vito 5 June 2012 12: 10
      Panzer UA, Greetings. Yes, I’m not complaining, but still I want to admire the power of OUR SHIPS! drinks Navy, this is my weakness!
  8. Grin
    Grin 5 June 2012 12: 02
    Add the Japanese fleet (the most powerful in the region, about 200 ships, half of the cruiser and destroyers) and the amers in the quiet are not crushed, unfortunately. Even in a very distant future, unless the dollar collapses.
    1. Bashkaus
      Bashkaus 5 June 2012 22: 54
      And I ask you to note that the Japanese have newer ships, the oldest, if I am not mistaken, of the 80s, and even 90s. In general, they are dumb guys, it will be difficult for us, if that.
  9. Oleg777
    Oleg777 5 June 2012 12: 25
    The main thing is that we should not be hooked by the shock wave :)
  10. Manager
    Manager 5 June 2012 14: 43
    Against whom are they strengthening their fleet in the Pacific>? Yesterday in the Military Secret it was clearly said that the most powerful fleet in the Pacific Ocean is the Imperial Japanese Fleet, which is more than 2 times inferior to the Russian Pacific. Japan is a burnout of the USA. So who are they going to fight against in the Pacific?
  11. saturn.mmm
    saturn.mmm 5 June 2012 17: 58
    You do not take into account Japan in general, how would you like them to stay. Here, a card is played for more than one owner.
  12. suharev-52
    suharev-52 5 June 2012 18: 11
    All this would be funny when it were not so sad.
    In ships, we really can not compare in the next decade. So what? We must urgently seek an adequate answer. And preferably less expensive. There has already been heard: a soil complex (2000 km), I think it is worth considering the ekranoplans. This will allow to sink to the bottom all the boats of a potential enemy. And preferably somewhere deeper, so as not to get it. Sincerely.
    1. Bashkaus
      Bashkaus 5 June 2012 22: 56
      There is an opinion that the technologies of heavy ekranoplanes are irretrievably lost. At first there was a lot of noise, then they subsided, the conclusion: either they make another "Ocean Monster" in sweat, or they scored
  13. wolverine7778
    wolverine7778 5 June 2012 18: 14
    The story repeats itself in the years 1940-1941, when all attention was focused on Asia and Japan in particular, having strengthened the marine component, Gavaev put a pistol at the head of Japan, at the same time showed an oil blockade if that. In this situation, the United States has a task to prevent breakthrough into Southeast Asia and pour on them, at the same time disrupt communications on the supply of oil from the Middle East, prevent the development or even strangle it economically. Plus, again, Jaopnia will play against China, but this time not against the United States. So China, with its principle of expectation, this time led himself under the hood, underestimating the whole situation. feel
  14. Maslov elisei
    Maslov elisei 5 June 2012 18: 36
    Russia, USA, China - means a magnet with three poles ...
    1. YES.
      YES. 5 June 2012 21: 42
      Soon, India will become the fourth pole.
  15. wall
    wall 5 June 2012 21: 00
    Read joke on the Americans:
    The USA scare China with an incredible invisible destroyer, and there they laugh: it can be sunk by fishing boats
    Here is the link
  16. Stasi.
    Stasi. 5 June 2012 21: 46
    The next redistribution of resources is coming, this time in the Asia-Pacific region. This region is rich in natural resources and Asia is developing dynamically. No wonder scientists called the twenty-first century the century of Asia. The US is somehow inferior to the Asians in economic terms. Those who manage to subjugate the resources of Asian countries will rule the world. A fight is brewing between the dragon and the bald eagle, if only the bear could survive and repel the attack from whoever it comes from.
  17. pasmel25
    pasmel25 5 June 2012 23: 27
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  18. PatriotizTAT
    PatriotizTAT 6 June 2012 02: 31
    with all due respect to the democratic citizens of the United States, they must be beaten in Adam's apple !!!!!!!!!!! 16-17 will be decisive for order in the world
  19. RUSSIA75
    RUSSIA75 6 June 2012 20: 00
    Amer already cause not a smile with their tales, but just laughter! ABM in Europe, of course, is not against Russia, strengthening the fleet in the Pacific Ocean is certainly not against China! laughing