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Algerian Navy received the fourth "Varshavyanka"

The diesel-electric submarine of the 636.1 "Varshavyanka" project, built at the Admiralty shipyards for the Algerian Navy, on Monday, November 26, left St. Petersburg, reports Mil.Press FlotProm.

The 25 of November departed from the berth of the factory. At the exit she was accompanied by tugs of the Admiralty shipyards “Mikhail Salnikov” and “Vladimir Beltsov”.

On the same day, the Algerian sea tug El-Moonid with a displacement of 3,3 thousand tons, which was there from November 19, departed from the Forest Harbor (Kronstadt) to accompany the new submarine.

According to Western sites that monitor the movement of ships, 26 November in 13: 00 Moscow time. the Algerian submarine, accompanied by the tug Al-Moonjid, was aboard Tallinn. And the diesel-electric submarines was already under the flag of Algeria.

The source of the publication in the shipbuilding industry confirmed the transfer of the submarine to the customer, saying that she received the onboard number “032” in the Algerian Navy.

Official confirmation of information in the Admiralty shipyards resource could not be obtained.

Recall that in June 2014, Algeria signed a contract for the construction of two diesel-electric submarines of the 636.1 project. In March and June 2017, the submarines were launched. The first of them left the waters of the plant 2 October 2018 of the year.

Currently, the Algerian Navy has two submarines of the 877 project, built during the Soviet era, as well as two submarines of the VNSHVX 636 project, which were supplied by Russia in the 2010 year.
Photos used:, Krimou

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  1. bistrov.
    bistrov. 28 November 2018 15: 02
    Just not a loan.
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      For example 28 November 2018 15: 10
      Are you afraid that the debt will hang on you? laughing
    2. kjhg
      kjhg 28 November 2018 15: 28
      Algeria is our long-standing and reliable partner who regularly pays for arms purchases. More to us such buyers.
    3. Piramidon
      Piramidon 28 November 2018 17: 29
      Quote: bistrov.
      Just not a loan.

      I put in a comment without delving into it. But, for that, in the forefront. Congratulations. drinks
    4. Ratmir_Ryazan
      Ratmir_Ryazan 28 November 2018 21: 14
      Algeria will give anyone who you want to borrow ... Algeria is one of the main suppliers of gas to the EU along with Russia and Norway ...
  2. Nevsky_ZU
    Nevsky_ZU 28 November 2018 15: 31
    Quote: bistrov.
    Just not a loan.

    Algeria you insult it.
    1. depressant
      depressant 28 November 2018 18: 11
      Apparently, they still repay part of the debt in kind, and this is good: we have never had any dates for sale here, and now they have appeared, they are very high-quality and cheap, they disperse with a bang, everyone is happy. And that, too, is the case! )))
      1. PalBor
        PalBor 28 November 2018 20: 18
        I wonder where the dates weren't? In Soviet childhood and adolescence, sometimes there were no potatoes in the neighboring vegetable, and Egyptian or Syrian dates were constantly. There was no vodka, but the terrible Abu Simbel was. But it is interesting that Algeria always paid in currency, when even Gaddafi paid for part of it in oil, and ours resold it to Italy.