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Chief of General Staff of the Armed Forces of Britain: Russia is more dangerous than ISIS

The United Kingdom considers Russia more dangerous than Al-Qaida and the Islamic State (* terrorist groups banned in the Russian Federation). This was stated by the British General Mark Carlton-Smith, who heads the general staff of the kingdom.

Chief of General Staff of the Armed Forces of Britain: Russia is more dangerous than ISIS

He said that Moscow not only represents a military threat, but also seeks to weaken Western influence by developing new combat capabilities in space and cybertechnologies.

The general stressed that by their actions Russia is trying to find the vulnerable places of the West and to use them. Given the constant accusations against the Russian Federation in Skripale poisoning, is it necessary to consider that Skripal is also a weak point of the West?

In this regard, he considers it necessary to respond to such a threat by strengthening support for the potential of the Western Alliance and the unity of NATO member countries.

On the eve of the media there were publications of documents discovered by a group of hackers Anonymous. They testify to the alleged involvement of the British Integrity Initiative project in interfering in the internal affairs of a number of European countries and in fighting "the means of Russian propaganda and disinformation." The documents also give examples of misinformation to which Russia allegedly resorted to covering such events as the Boeing-777 catastrophe in the Donetsk region, the use of chemical weapons in Syria, the poisoning of the former GRU Skripal employee and his daughter, and reunification with the Crimea.

At the same time, in Britain they don’t say a word about why, given the abundance of statements, for example, about the fight against international terrorism, London has not yet imposed sanctions against financial and credit organizations through which the same ISIL and Al Qaeda’s financial turnover goes. *? If there are no sanctions against these structures, but there is one against Russia, the conclusion is the same: terrorist groups are acting in line with British policy that London is profitable.
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  1. maiman61
    maiman61 24 November 2018 07: 22
    And what can be expected from the headquarters of international terrorism?
    1. siberalt
      siberalt 24 November 2018 08: 23
      The islanders also have island thinking. No need to spoil Russia and they will be afraid of nothing. There is a limit to all patience. The Britons still did not recognize the consequences of Brexit in their own skin. But still to come. We have a good laugh.
    2. zyzx
      zyzx 24 November 2018 09: 12
      Quote: maiman61
      And what can be expected from the headquarters of international terrorism?

      And what is the weirdo wrong? Unlike YGYL, we can roll a shaving pizza.
      1. major147
        major147 24 November 2018 11: 36
        Quote: zyzx
        Quote: maiman61
        And what can be expected from the headquarters of international terrorism?

        And what is the weirdo wrong? Unlike YGYL, we can roll a shaving pizza.

        It would be a shame if they were weaker.
      2. The comment was deleted.
      3. The comment was deleted.
      4. Machito
        Machito 24 November 2018 13: 12
        The chief of the General Staff of Great Britain admitted that the second strongest army in the world is more dangerous than the Papuans.
        It would be better if he got involved with drugs. am
      5. Lycan
        Lycan 24 November 2018 19: 29
        About "roll out" - by chance you are not familiar with the fact that under the control of the monarch of Britain - a whole list of territories (well, and the population, as a result) in which there is Canada, Australia and New. Zeeland? ... What do you think - in the event of a threat to the British Isles - how many troops will be mobilized from these territories?
    3. Simargl
      Simargl 24 November 2018 11: 59
      Quote: maiman61
      And what can be expected from the headquarters of international terrorism?
      British scientists proved: the enemy is more dangerous than the vassal.
      The Chief of the General Staff of the British Armed Forces announced this in his own way.
  2. Wened
    Wened 24 November 2018 07: 26
    Chief of General Staff of the Armed Forces of Britain: Russia is more dangerous than ISIS

    It pleases, without hatred.
    1. Halado Romane
      Halado Romane 24 November 2018 08: 41
      Well, I can unequivocally answer that Britain for Russia is generally like swine flu! Not a deadly thing but annoying and unpleasant sediment!
  3. Semurg
    Semurg 24 November 2018 07: 27
    Ash stump that the state of the Russian Federation is much more dangerous ISIS guerrillas as an adversary. The chief of the British General Staff speaks obvious things.
    ANCIENT 24 November 2018 07: 43
    God forbid that this rotten Britain repeat the fate of Atlantis as soon as possible.
  5. Sailor
    Sailor 24 November 2018 07: 51
    That’s for sure - the Evidence cap, together with advisers and experts, came to the conclusion that the nuclear power that they officially called the enemy (and are openly preparing for war with us) is a greater threat to them than the wild monkeys they fed with singed Chinese Kalash! laughing
  6. Hto tama
    Hto tama 24 November 2018 08: 18
    I don’t understand why our Foreign Ministry is silent and doesn’t roll out protest notes that the British army invaded Ukraine. What banana did they fly there for? The whole world knows that all the chemical attacks in the world have British ears sticking one way or another. and begin to blame them for everything. We have declared war, the fighting is going on in all areas, and as usual we follow the rules, and bashfully remain silent. Such actions are not acceptable, it's time to learn to beat first, and not blow change. So before real war far that we will be paying again s the lives of our soldiers, what our rulers are trying to the last to play in the nobility angry
  7. faiver
    faiver 24 November 2018 08: 19
    and in my opinion, over the past 500 years, the British have been the biggest threat to the rest of the world - where they just did not meddle, plus the Americans added in the last 100 years ...
  8. Turist1996
    Turist1996 24 November 2018 08: 26
    Well, logical! How can you expect a different opinion from the creators, patrons and inspirers of world terrorism, including the IG ?!
    It's amazing that this "pepper" said everything so directly ..
  9. Boris55
    Boris55 24 November 2018 08: 31
    Quote: globallookpress
    Chief of General Staff of the Armed Forces of Britain: Russia is more dangerous than ISIS

    Still would. ISIS is their extortion, which is under their control, but Russia got out of this control.
  10. Dimon grin
    Dimon grin 24 November 2018 08: 32
    Bnei Brit in his own way.
  11. rocket757
    rocket757 24 November 2018 08: 46
    If Barmaley is scary for them, then sho talk about our soldiers who beat the gobbles again and again!
    Moreover, they always tried to attack in droves, in a friendly company there are a lot of those who were beaten!
  12. Dr. Aibolit 66
    Dr. Aibolit 66 24 November 2018 09: 07
    Good compliment! :)
  13. akudr48
    akudr48 24 November 2018 09: 07
    Praised thanks
  14. aszzz888
    aszzz888 24 November 2018 09: 08
    ... impudent, they are impudent ... angry
    PROVINCIAL 24 November 2018 09: 13
    Chief of General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces: Britain is more dangerous than ISIS
  16. Ehanatone
    Ehanatone 24 November 2018 09: 36
    Especially dangerous:
    It’s just that one day Great Britain will become a finer shaving and there aren’t so many applicants to this, to guesser with whose help.
    But Cho Yogyol the danger - his own ..
  17. Ham
    Ham 24 November 2018 09: 39
    "" "Great Britain considers Russia more dangerous than Al-Qaeda and the Islamic State" ""
    General Evidence ... Mark Clapton's mental tension is felt right here.
  18. stalki
    stalki 24 November 2018 09: 46
    The cynicism of the arrogant Saxons is the most dangerous in the world.
  19. Free man
    Free man 24 November 2018 10: 09
    Quite from the oak collapsed ?! There’s nothing to even compare. It’s better not to go to Russia in general.
  20. EXPrompt
    EXPrompt 24 November 2018 11: 33
    Shaving, she’s strong, they bark at the elephant.
  21. flicker
    flicker 24 November 2018 11: 45
    The general emphasized that by its actions Russia is trying to find and exploit the vulnerabilities of the West.
    And Russia found this place! And the place is called General Mark Carleton-Smith.
    So far, such generals in the service of the West have nothing to fear. bully
  22. xayot1966
    xayot1966 24 November 2018 11: 56
    Britaniya, po otnoshinii k Rossiyu vedyot sebya kak obijennaya shlyuxa. A obijennix shlyux nujno nakazivat. Esli ne nakazat ona budet dalshe nesti chuj i loj.
  23. The whistle
    The whistle 24 November 2018 12: 02
    Great Britain considers Russia more dangerous than Al Qaeda and the Islamic State

    And even more dangerous than Napoleon, Hitler .. Yes, in general, we are even afraid of ourselves !!!! laughing soldier
  24. Tank jacket
    Tank jacket 24 November 2018 12: 48
    And Yigil was not a threat to the petites. Yigil is an irregular army of the United States. US allies. Captain evidence again.
  25. bratchanin3
    bratchanin3 24 November 2018 13: 00
    Does it make sense to broadcast Anglo-Saxon talkers, and especially generals, and even more so retired? This is me in a general sense.
  26. av58
    av58 24 November 2018 14: 06
    Thank you, finally the British recognized that the Russian army is stronger than partisan gangs laughing
    1. Ugolek
      Ugolek 24 November 2018 14: 18
      The title can be taken as a compliment!
  27. Slavs
    Slavs 24 November 2018 14: 24
    Everything is true, more dangerous, because on the Bright side of the Force ...)) Read Russian fairy tales, the Snake Gorynych always flew))) What is the strength, brother? ...
  28. kventinasd
    kventinasd 24 November 2018 15: 21
    For small-brittle IG their own, why be afraid of them.
    And then the terrible Russian bears again prevented bright plans to live at someone else's expense!
    Once every 70 years, Europe is going to war on Russia ...
    Rows and trails off for another 70 years .....
  29. earloop
    earloop 24 November 2018 22: 17
    With the same success, another chief of the General Staff could have declared long ago: "England is more dangerous than ISIS. Such is it, modern war."
  30. alexander 2
    alexander 2 10 December 2020 19: 04
    What can ISIS do? Well, something will blow up. Well, kill a few ordinary Britons. (The elite have good security and everything is insured) And that's it. And we do not let them rule over the world. Rob him. We are certainly more dangerous for them.