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The Chinese spoke about the option of flexible armor for their copy of "Hammer"

Chinese manufacturers claim that they have found an additional solution to the task of increasing the protection of armored vehicles without a significant increase in their weight. It was stated that initially the traditional direction was chosen for research - protective metal lattice screens. At the same time, among other tasks, the problem of reducing mass against the background of maintaining overall strength was also solved.

The Chinese spoke about the option of flexible armor for their copy of "Hammer"

In the Chinese media, it is noted that representatives of the defense industry of the People's Republic of China studied the American Stryker, which acquired protective screens during the war. At the same time, the total mass of steel gratings on American armored personnel carriers used in Iraq and Afghanistan reached 2 tons (a Chinese statement), and when armored vehicles went out of operation it was extremely difficult to remove them for subsequent repair. Chinese manufacturers have decided to replace the material used to create protective screens.

It was decided to switch to the so-called flexible armor. In particular, such technologies are used in the performance of the UN peacekeeping mission in South Sudan.

Flexible armor is a wire lattice design, in the nodes of which are located small diamond-shaped bodies. The flexible base allows you to significantly reduce the momentum of the ammunition, which is released on the armored vehicle, and these mini-bodies cause the ammunition to explode, not reaching the body. At the same time, such a grid has a relatively low weight and is quite easily removed if it is necessary to perform maintenance repairs.

In the Chinese army, such protective screens began to be used on the analogue of the American Hummer (or Humve) - FAW Dongfeng Warrior.

It is reported that the maneuverability of the armored car is not lost, but it acquired reliable and light protection without the need to increase the protection class of the body armor.
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  1. gabonskijfront
    gabonskijfront 21 November 2018 18: 11
    Panzer bed as an inexhaustible source of modernization of armored vehicles.
    1. newcomer
      newcomer 21 November 2018 18: 17
      Yes, but these grids were still on the “Tigers” in the Second World War. and from the story of one of the panzer tankers, when the tank was damaged, or simply a malfunction, it was difficult to leave the tank. Can the Chinese take this fact into account?
      1. Starover_Z
        Starover_Z 21 November 2018 18: 39
        Quote: newbie
        it was difficult to leave the tank.

        I just thought about this while reading the material. How to get in and out? Segmentally you will have to make canopies with a grid. And if such a Hummer is ambushed by a Shilka-type installation ?!
        1. Mih1974
          Mih1974 22 November 2018 03: 03
          In the ass with an awl - and how does the crap from the "boot" help? And by the way, isn’t there a revival in the world of the PTR, isn’t after they were taken out of the vaults in Sumeria due to poverty, the people (Papuans) didn’t realize what a cool and most importantly penny thing against any poorly armored targets? lol
    2. Ratmir_Ryazan
      Ratmir_Ryazan 21 November 2018 21: 37
      These are not "panzer beds", this is a REALLY WORKING PROTECTION, and cheap and cheerful.

      In the protection in the form of lattice screens made of steel tape, the cumulative ammunition slips through this protection, pushing the protection elements apart or initiating against this protection, and the mesh from the steel cable and metal cubes in the corners works like shrapnel, only the charge of shrapnel shoots into the cumulative ammunition, and the cumulative missile itself is destroyed on the metal parts of this grid ...

      Such "soft armor" is also being installed in the US and NATO armies,

      Now China, and we, as always, are waiting for a bunch of our equipment to burn together with people ...


      On the other side already guessed -
      1. newcomer
        newcomer 21 November 2018 21: 51
        I am familiar with the operation of the cumulative jet. the question is different: the beds are either lattices made by the tankers themselves, or industrial sections from VPK_ the more it is around a particular machine, the greater the risk of being stuck in this machine, even with simple damage. Well, if in the desert_ you can ride, and in the conditions of fights between buildings, urban fights ...
        1. Ratmir_Ryazan
          Ratmir_Ryazan 21 November 2018 22: 52
          These are all your fantasies, and such a grid is already being used, and judging by the fact that in Iraq, the USA is changing lattice screens to such a grid, and other countries also use it as a protection, it has really proven itself.

          I read the description of the battle which took place somewhere in Iraq between militants and US soldiers, their armored personnel carriers were in such protection, they fired 3 rockets from RPGs, they all exploded, but didn’t penetrate the armor, that is, the defense worked, the metal parts were simply torn apart partially cumulative funnel and prevented the formation of a cumulative stream, and in 3 cases out of 3 !!!

          Everything here works a little differently, not like with a grill ... The grill is flexible, the cumulative grenade is cone-shaped, at speed it often just crawls through the tape, pushing its elements and hits the tank ... In addition, this design is massive and heavy, and the grid is much easier...

          The grid is flexible in that it doesn’t block anything when damaged, and without it the BTR has no chance at all in the city or in the field ...

          Well, the last argument is that this grid was not created in the field, at the factory with special design bureaus, apparently tests were conducted and conclusions were drawn !!!

          What do you base your opinion on ?!
          1. newcomer
            newcomer 21 November 2018 23: 44
            Thank you for the repeated and unnecessary educational program on cumulation. I made my conclusions in the first comment, based on the memoirs of a deutscher pancynik. Now explain to me what leads to an increase in the dimensions of equipment in the conditions of battle in the city? say the Yankees, don’t even dream that they would clean quarter after quarter; they even smoked snipers with aviation! and with your trellised screens / sections, the equipment turns into a clumsy monster, ready to ditch its own crew. The issue of resistance to RPGs on infantry fighting vehicles and armored personnel carriers has long been proved by UVZ repair shops during the first Chechen one: elementary defense units. one complete set for a tank costs 1 percent of the cost of the tank, I think the same for BMP / BTR.
            1. Ratmir_Ryazan
              Ratmir_Ryazan 22 November 2018 10: 46
              The memoirs of the deutsche panzernik about the war that was more than 75 years ago are an undeniable argument for you ?!

              DZ "Contact" how does it deal with tandem ammunition? No way, but now most of the ammunition is tandem, in almost all modern anti-tank systems and RPGs ...

              Look at the losses of tanks in Syria and judging by the fact that they are handily molding additional protection of huge dimensions on their tanks, the usual Contact blocks are clearly not enough ...

              Without protection, the tanks simply won’t have time to approach the city, they will be burnt while approaching in columns on an ambush march. The range of anti-tank systems makes it easy to do as a dash ...

              But a similar "flexible armor" is already being POSITIONED AND USED by the US, NATO countries and China, by the way, it is the US that uses it to protect its columns, protecting it and armored personnel carriers and MRAPS and even jeeps, which gives additional protection and is very EFFECTIVE ...

              And on our Typhoon, what is the protection against cumulative ammunition? And on the Tiger? The point is that ANYTHING, our convoy will be ambushed, everyone will be burned like in Chechnya 20 years ago it was repeatedly attacked on convoys ... And tanks with the "Kontank" DZ, at best, will withstand the first few hits, and then it will also be hit even with an old shot for an RPG, just as the Georgian T-72s were not saved by the Contact DZ and they burned in the city ...

              It's honestly crazy for me to read how people, not yet having data on the practical application of this "flexible armor", are starting to stupidly mock in the comments. Well, does it not seem to them and you that those who create it (and these are special design bureaus in the USA, NATO countries and China) are well at least more competent in this and have experience in testing it, and commentators who are trying to ridicule it have nothing to do with it ...

              Well, maybe it’s necessary not to laugh at least, but to do something similar and conduct tests ?!

              With the same DZ "Contact", too, you were all through one place, it was developed in the USSR, but they began to install only after the Israeli tanks equipped with their DZ ceased to be amazed by our cumulative shells for Arab T-72s, we even had to take out one tank with Israeli DZ in the USSR for study (it was exhibited in Kubinka until recently, and then a year ago it was changed to the same one at the request of Israel) ...
              1. newcomer
                newcomer 23 November 2018 12: 00
                to this all your opus? you still insist: the lattice is better than DZ? you clearly have an antiphysical imagination.
  2. Rurikovich
    Rurikovich 21 November 2018 18: 15
    And if you tighten the isho with transparent elastic rubber, then it (this armor, which means flexible) will send the gifts back what fellow wassat laughing
    KVU-NSVD 21 November 2018 18: 28
    It seems that such flexible screens have been developing and implementing shaving for quite some time, but the truth is there that the emphasis is on plastics as materials. In general, bed nets began to be tested and applied even in WWII. And there’s nothing to say about the diamond-shaped element - it can really be improved, or maybe just PR. Who will let you check that?
  4. evgen1221
    evgen1221 21 November 2018 18: 46
    The duel of the sword and shield is won in favor of the sword (RPG). Until a breakthrough in armor or kaz comes, the trend will remain for a long time behind the bed and its variations)))))
  5. Tarasios
    Tarasios 21 November 2018 18: 49
    The next step is to make dodging armor. Such armor, moving in time and dodging in time, will always remain indestructible. And the armor equipped with artificial intelligence, when the armored vehicles leave for dangerous tasks, will automatically detach and remain in the garage. She is not a fool to substitute for bullets and shells;)
    1. Slinqshot
      Slinqshot 21 November 2018 22: 07
      Hmmm ... "Shyutka" of the level of Petrosyan.
    APASUS 21 November 2018 18: 51
    Now, to overcome such an invention, they make a charge for an RPG with a moderator.
  7. 3vs
    3vs 21 November 2018 19: 27
    Well, a little more and the Chinese will realize my idea of ​​creating an armored car / tank on each side
    on the arm with a "tennis racket", which will fight off flying ammunition! fellow
  8. Kaw
    Kaw 21 November 2018 20: 27
    Only the benefits of these grids, purely psychological
    1. Ratmir_Ryazan
      Ratmir_Ryazan 22 November 2018 11: 13
      Of course, if the company that manufactures the doors is engaged in the protection of tanks, and it uses a building metal tape to manufacture such protection, then the protection will be so-so ...

      Do not need these crafts of amateurs to compare with products issued by the military-industrial complex ...

      The disadvantage of all Ukrainian crafts is that they make protection from a building tape, and it is flexible, shots from RPGs when they do not fall into the edge of such protection simply push it apart and hit the armor with their body, and when the strike hits the edge, the strike core is also initiated breaks through both defense and armor ...

      Protection from tape works, but not always, but it gives at least some protection and it must be rigid from special steel to tear cumulative ammunition, construction tape is not suitable for this ...

      But this "flexible armor" is most likely more effective than lattice protection, since the same USA uses it everywhere on their equipment in Iraq, NATO countries also use it, China began to develop and put into operation ...

      Maybe we should still not laugh, but at least do this and conduct tests and only then draw conclusions?