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New Russian automatic: AK-308 chambered for 7,62x51 NATO

As part of the work of the Army-2018 international forum, the Kalashnikov concern presented to the general public a new prototype of the 7,62-mm automaton under the designation AK-308. Weapon built on the basis of the AK-103 machine with elements and components of the AK-12 machine under the common cartridge 7,62x51 mm NATO (.308 Win). According to the Kalashnikov concern, weapons are being prepared for preliminary tests.

The novelty from Izhevsk uses standard NATO ammunition 7,62x51 mm, this cartridge is widely distributed throughout the world, which already hints that the AK-308 model was originally developed as an export and is intended primarily for foreign markets. Store capacity - 20 cartridges. The weight of the new machine with the store (without cartridges) is 4,3 kg. The total length of the weapon is 880-940 mm, with the bayonet attached it increases to 1045-1105 mm. The length of the barrel is 415 mm. The machine is equipped with a diopter sight, as well as a length-adjustable butt, which has 4 positions, allowing the shooter to choose the most convenient length.

The Soviet analogue of the 7,62x51 mm NATO patron was and remains a 7,62x54R rifle cartridge (not to be confused with the intermediate 7,62xXNNUMX mm cartridge), which is used in conjunction with domestic samples of small arms: SVD and SVDS sniper rifles, as well as PC, PKM or PCP machine guns. The NATO ammunition, in addition to its size, differs from our case - it is wafer-free, that is, the edge of it does not protrude at the bottom of the case, it is “recessed” in size and separated by a channel. This solution improves the reliability of the supply of cartridges from the box store. Also, this cartridge is widely known under the designation of its commercial version of the 39 Winchester or simply. 308 Win. From here, by the way, and the name of the novelty from the Kalashnikov concern - AK-308.


Creating a new small arms, developers often consider the prospects for its promotion in the international market. Potential most attractive buyers for Izhevsk AK-308 could be a huge Brazil or India, these countries can be called the dream of a gunsmith. Especially when you consider that in India now the army is being re-equipped with new small arms. In the land forces of India, in which more than a million people serve, back in 2016, the command decided to replace the INSAS automaton of its own design with a new 7,62-mm automatic rifle. Military requirements for new weapons were agreed in 2017 year. Earlier, India has already replaced the INSAS machines, which were in service with the police, with the Russian AK-103, as more reliable. The main complaint about the Indian development is a very large number of delays when shooting - up to three percent, in Russian AK-103 when shooting this figure is 0,02 percent. It cannot be ruled out that the weapon will attract the eternal enemy of India - Pakistan. In the framework of the Army-2018 forum, it was the representatives of Pakistan that were most active in relation to the novelty chambered for 7,62x51 mm, which also makes it possible to speak of them as potential customers of the new machine gun.

In addition to high reliability and dependability, which traditionally belongs to the advantages of weapons under the AK brand, Russian small arms compete perfectly with foreign models for the price. When it is necessary to re-equip an army like the Indian one, the price of weapons begins to play a very great value. AK-308 Project Manager, Kalashnikov Concern Specialist Alexei Shumilov, in the framework of the Army-2018 forum, told Zvezda journalists that, in terms of combat qualities, the presented prototype, after debugging and testing, will become a universal weapon for combat, as well as other machines under the Kalashnikov brand. According to Shumilov, the ergonomics designed for the .308 Win machine gun are taken from the new Izhevsk AK-12 and AK-15. Also, the AK-308 has been upgraded gas node, the trunk - posted.

A free-hanging barrel (the English designation of a free-floating barrel) is a special way of mounting the barrel in small arms, the main purpose of which is to increase the accuracy of shooting. Over time, under the influence of various environmental factors or conditions of use of weapons, the geometry of the frame (bed) can change, which, in turn, affects the barrel, and only then the trajectory of the bullet. And the barrel itself fluctuates during firing: the contact between the barrel and the frame prevents such natural vibrations, which also affects the accuracy of shooting. In order to exclude contact of the barrel with other parts of the weapon, a special design was invented in which the barrel has contact only with the receiver. It is to the receiver that all the other parts and assemblies of the weapon are attached, while the barrel retains the possibility of making free natural vibrations during firing. Nowadays all over the world, precision weapons are constructed and manufactured with the technology of a freely hung barrel.


The new Kalashnikov concern also has a cut-off mode of fire, which allows you to fire three bullets at a time by one pull of the trigger. Also, unlike the AK-12, the AK-2018 submachine gun presented at Army 308 is equipped with a folding telescopic butt. Literally in seconds, the shooter can change its length: shorten or, on the contrary, lengthen according to need, or even fold the butt sideways, making the weapon as compact as possible. With a folded butt with AK-308 you can comfortably accommodate in the troop compartment of a combat vehicle. Alexey Shumilov also noted that the novelty received Picatinny-type strips designed for mounting various tactical body kits: laser sightings, tactical lights, any types of modern sights.

Mikhail Degtyarev, the chief editor of Kalashnikov magazine, also expressed his opinion on the new product. He does not understand why the experts of the Kalashnikov concern see the AK-308 AK-103 machine gun as the basis. Considering the use of the machine gun receiver from the Vyatka-Polyansky machine gun RPK-16M in the novelty (as in the RPK-74), it would be more logical to say that AK-308 is the development of this particular model of small arms. Not being a carrier of any "know-how" in the modern world of small arms, the novelty in the future will be able to occupy its niche and expand the line of classic automats of Izhevsk enterprise.

Degtyarev notes that the new 7,62x51 mm automatic rifle is built around the RPK-74M receiver, which has a much greater margin of safety (compared to the conventional automatic) and is able to withstand cyclic shock loads when firing the selected ammunition. Moreover, the shock load can be easily adjusted by the speed of the moving parts in the rollback and by the correctly selected venting hole in the barrel of the weapon.

AK-308, photo:

Tactical and technical characteristics of AK-308:
Caliber - 7,62 mm.
Patron - 7,62x51 NATO.
Weight - kg 4,3 (with magazine, without cartridges).
Overall length / with bayonet - 880-940 / 1045-1105 mm.
Length with folded butt - 690 mm.
Barrel length - 415 mm.
Height - 242 mm.
The width is 72 mm.
Store capacity - 20 cartridges.
Butt - folding, adjustable in length (4 position).
The sight is diopter.

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  1. bistrov.
    bistrov. 22 November 2018 06: 35
    And why is such a powerful cartridge used here, with such a short barrel? Surely the return is pretty decent, although there is a muzzle brake.
    The TTX does not indicate the aiming range, I wonder what it is? Graduation of the scale of the aiming strip up to 800 meters, must we assume this is the ultimate distance of the aiming shot? He is also silent about the deafening roar that will accompany the shooting. As far as I know, the muzzle brake enhances the sound even more.
    I had to shoot from the sawn-off shotgun of a Mosin rifle - after the shot it rings in my ears for a long time.
    1. Speedy
      Speedy 22 November 2018 08: 19
      This is not exactly a muzzle brake. More like a flame arrester. Probably with the function of the muzzle brake compensator. 308 is softer than the domestic 7.62x54 and I think that both recoil and sound will be clearly not louder than the SVD and clearly similar to rifles chambered for 7.62x51 FN FAL, HK G3, ​​M14, etc.
      1. Dmitry 80
        Dmitry 80 22 November 2018 09: 54
        Judging by the appearance and device - this is a flame arrester with the function of firing grenades.
        The bayonet mount had to be done like that of the G3, although at the same time no one would hang a grenade launcher or bayonet. In general, a typical support weapon, for a Marxman, when installing various optical devices.
      2. bistrov.
        bistrov. 22 November 2018 17: 13
        Quote: Sorrow
        This is not exactly a muzzle brake.

        I agree, not a "clean" muzzle brake, since the long slots are angled, they will help stabilize the barrel when firing automatically.
        That the return and sound will be no more than that of the SVD, I don’t have such confidence, I don’t know how the FAL FAL with a 40 cm barrel, but the Wehrmacht mountain rangers complained about strong returns, a large exhaust of flame and the sound of carbines firing too loudly 33 / 40 with which they were armed. And their barrel length was 49 cm.
        1. Speedy
          Speedy 22 November 2018 20: 27
          complained of a strong return, a large exhaust of flame and a too loud sound of a shot of carbines 33/40. [/ quote]
          So they fired with full-fledged cartridges of 7,92x57 mm and had neither flame arresters, nor compensators, nor DC. In addition, as far as I remember, it was a weight of 3 kg ... maybe 3.5. Flames naturally occur with a short barrel and such a powerful cartridge, gunpowder does not burn out completely, the NATO cartridge is still a bit closer to the intermediate ones ...
    2. psiho117
      psiho117 23 November 2018 18: 15
      Quote: bistrov.
      I had to shoot from the sawn-off shotgun of a Mosin rifle - after the shot it rings in my ears for a long time

      this is precisely because the sawn-off shotgun - gunpowder does not have time to burn out, pressure does not have time to decrease - because of this, such a noise. In my youth I had a revolver under a small cartridge, so it basically didn’t have a barrel, a bullet flew out immediately after the chamber — that was it rumbling! After eight shots were fired, the half-muffled walked for about five minutes.
    3. aws4
      aws4 24 November 2018 01: 21
      let it be known to you that the aiming range is what the maximum distance is designed for and not more .. it has nothing to do with performance characteristics .. on this sample it can be executed from 500 to 1500 meters and the rifle will not shoot better from this .. remember, at least the sight of a Mauser pistol designed for 1000 m, according to your logic, does a Mauser outperform a rifle cartridge in maximum range? Obviously, like ordinary AKs in service)))) at the expense of the barrel, by the way, you are right for this cartridge, it is a little short with all the consequences .. but at the expense of the muzzle brake, its design does not matter and not the fact that it will amplify the sound ...
    4. db1967
      db1967 13 November 2019 20: 48
      IMHO - for sale abroad - as there is no significant analogue to our 7.62x39, but the range of ammunition for .308win is the widest.
  2. bistrov.
    bistrov. 22 November 2018 06: 57
    And the location of sights on the receiver cover, how is it?
    They talk about the effect of humidity on the oscillatory changes of the barrel during a shot, hehe ....
    1. tracer
      tracer 22 November 2018 15: 40
      Do designers know that a dangling or sliding cover will knock off the optics? And the "old school of designers" put the dovetail bracket on the receiver on the left. Weaklings. ON THE STAMPED STAMP SLIDING STANDS BETTER. ...
    2. aws4
      aws4 24 November 2018 01: 27
      50 years have passed and our designers took the Jewish path))))) I also do not believe in the sight on the receiver cover ..
  3. bouncyhunter
    bouncyhunter 22 November 2018 08: 06
    It would be interesting to know how the accuracy of the AK-308. In comparison, for example, with FN SCAR-H ...
  4. bunta
    bunta 22 November 2018 09: 00
    About the hanging barrel in this weapon is complete nonsense. Even the Kalashnikov-media speaks of "hanging forend", but this is not the same thing.
    1. tracer
      tracer 22 November 2018 17: 38
      According to your comments, I noticed that they are always on business. Corresponding to the practice and application and design features of weapons. Yes you are right. The posted barrel does not touch anything except the receiver into which it is screwed. Even a gas pipe in AR rovskih designs does not make the barrel posted although minimally affects its vibrations. What can I say? Already written, but this cartridge is designed for long-barrel rifles, the burning of gunpowder and the distribution of pressure in the barrel is designed for this. Here the barrel is short for him and the flame is provided with a roar (the compensator will not solve the problem radically). However, this product is purely commercial for the armies of banana countries. But it’s all the same to them ... Lish is cheap and a sissy.
      1. vladcub
        vladcub 22 November 2018 18: 31
        Hindus will be offended: they are NOT a banana country AT ALL. And Pakistan is clearly above the "banana power", and it is precisely that they are showing interest in the AK308.
        1. psiho117
          psiho117 23 November 2018 17: 29
          truth? And for me, so chocks, chocks. A few facts, so as not to be unfounded:
          55% of women and 25% of men are illiterate, neither read nor write.
          India has the highest mortality rate in the world since almost no one thinks about sanitation or about the rules of the road, or about safety measures.
          In 53% of houses there is no running water and sewage. Where they lie - they drink there
          The Indian caste system still allows slavery. According to various estimates - the number of slaves reaches 14 million people.
          Well, the most shocking:
          Over the past 30 years in India, parents have consciously aborted more than 12 million female embryos. Motive - the desire to have an heir exclusively male.
          Those who can not pay for abortion (and below the poverty line there are still more than a third of the population) - just kill newborn girls. In India, this is not customary to talk about, but according to various estimates, from 100 to 500 thousand girls are killed annually only because they were not lucky to be born.

          Savages, as there are savages ...
          1. Ace Tambourine
            Ace Tambourine 23 November 2018 21: 09
            Well, China has already faced this problem, they were the instigators ...
            Now there are a lot of women for marriage, and the Chinese people are trying to find a Russian wife, and then they’ll profit in their hands, because we have fewer and fewer normal men ...
      2. Major_Vortex
        Major_Vortex 10 February 2019 00: 35
        This cartridge is designed for rifles with a relatively short barrel, about 22-24 inches. There are also special models of "short-barreled cartridges" of .308 win caliber for an even shorter barrel - 18-20 inches. Under the long barrel there was an American cartridge .30-06, in which the powder in the case burns out more slowly. The optimal .30-06 cartridge is a barrel length of 25-26 inches.
  5. san4es
    san4es 22 November 2018 09: 53
    ... Kalashnikov concern introduced to the general public a new prototype of a 7,62 mm machine gun under the designation AK-308

    ... some kind of confusion (with appearance):

    Kalashnikov Concern
    Posted on: 28 aug. 2018
    The Kalashnikov concern demonstrated a new prototype “7,62 mm Kalashnikov AK-308 assault rifle” at the Army-2018 forum. The weapon is made on the basis of an AK103 assault rifle under a cartridge of 7,62x51 mm with elements and components of the AK-12 assault rifle design. At the moment, preparations are underway for preliminary weapons tests.
    The machine uses 7,62 mm caliber ammunition. Magazine capacity - 20 rounds. The weight of the weapon with an empty magazine is 4,3 kg. The total length is 880-940 mm. Barrel length - 415 mm. The AK-308 uses a diopter sight and a folding, adjustable in length butt at 4 positions. Installation of a bayonet-knife is possible. hi

    ... Then they would call the AK-15 7,62x51 NATO - more like that.
  6. senima56
    senima56 22 November 2018 11: 12
    "Also, unlike the AK-12, the AK-2018 assault rifle presented at Army-308 is equipped with a folding telescopic stock." The author wants to say that the new AK-12 is NOT equipped with a "folding telescopic stock" ?! Then he does not know the material he is writing about!
    And further, in the second photo from the bottom, the fire translator has three positions: "Fuse", "Av" and "Od" - fire! Where is the "three-shot cutoff" ?! By the way, the AK-12 has a TWO shot cut-off! As our foreman said: "Learn materiel!"
    1. vladcub
      vladcub 22 November 2018 18: 51
      In this case, the author 2 knowledge of the materiel.
      Our ensign kept repeating: "who wants to live must be able to quickly disassemble and assemble the AK" I did it in half a minute, but now I doubt it. 1,5 years ago I went to a local school, there was business there, I saw a booth: "The school is proud of them" and there is a 10 cool photo "11 seconds to assemble a machine!" I went nuts: this is how you need to know the materiel!
      1. Ace Tambourine
        Ace Tambourine 23 November 2018 21: 11
        In my time, the rate of disassembly at the NVP was 17 seconds ... we brought it to 9 ... the assembly was a little more than 15 ...
  7. Operator
    Operator 22 November 2018 12: 54
    "AK-308 has ... the barrel is hung" - not a fig it is posted, since it is rigidly connected to the gas outlet.

    Hanging barrel in automatic weapons is only in systems with a half-free and free shutter.
  8. Fox
    Fox 22 November 2018 19: 51
    The barrel is short for this caliber - the same M14 has 559 mm. And if the rear sight is already moved to the receiver cover, then it is necessary to replace it with a diopter.
  9. Horse, people and soul
    Horse, people and soul 22 November 2018 21: 12
    The .308 Winchester and 7.62x51 NATO cartridges essentially have different cartridges with the same geometric dimensions. In addition to the shape of the sleeve, the total length of the cartridge there is also the maximum permissible pressure in the barrel according to the SAAMI and CIP standards, which is different for these two cartridges.

    The 7.62x51 NATO cartridge is a weakened .308 Winchester hunting cartridge, so that at least somehow you can shoot rifles in bursts.

    You can stick military cartridges into civilian rifles, but not vice versa.
    That is, this is the same garbage as with the Makarov PM and PMM cartridges.

    For .308 Winchester cartridge maximum pressure per SAAMI 62,000 psi,
    and for the cartridge 7.62x51 NATO, the maximum pressure according to SAAMI is 50,000 psi.

    The weapon leaves the factory after testing for this pressure and has a mark on this score.

    The difference is large if you do not want a minimum of rapid wear of a military rifle, and a maximum of its explosion in the hands of a soldier.

    Maximum pressure numbers thrown around for the two calibers are shown as 50,000 psi for 7.62 and 62,000 psi for .308, that appears to be a big difference and a potential reason why folks might consider it unsafe to fire a “higher pressure” commercial .308 cartridge in a rifle built for 7.62x51mm NATO.
  10. Corn
    Corn 23 November 2018 01: 44
    So we came to the conclusion that the AK platform elementarily adapts to rifle cartridges, not only in hunting but also in military weapons.
    Attention is the question, why did you have to bother with SVD, which is no better, but more difficult ??
    1. tracer
      tracer 23 November 2018 07: 07
      The site format does not imply a detailed answer to your question. But believe SVD is "better". They are completely different. Systems with a short stroke of a gas piston and a long one. The very statement of requirements in the development of weapons was set differently.
      1. Corn
        Corn 23 November 2018 07: 39
        I won’t believe it. colliding with her almost daily and shooting several times, a rifle, to put it mildly, so-so.
        I do not care what gas piston stroke is there, the main result.
        1. psiho117
          psiho117 23 November 2018 18: 09
          But believe me. It is impossible to compare a conventional assault rifle designed to fire bursts towards the enemy and a self-loading "Marksman" rifle. They have incommensurable tasks, and, accordingly, design features.
          The problem is that Kalashmat went much further along the road of improvement and modernization, while SVD was modernized only once.
          So when the civilian version of the rifle arr. 1963 has less accuracy than the new model of 2018 - this is normal.
          It is necessary to compare either with manually upgraded models who have cured the flaws, or with the new SVDM - there are no complaints about them.
          1. Corn
            Corn 23 November 2018 19: 32
            Ask you to believe, despite the fact that you do not understand the topic ...
            AK308, this is nothing more than a Marximan weapon, the main shooting mode is single, i.e. these rifles are direct competitors and occupy the same niche.
            All the "modernizations" of the AK platform over the past 60 years were either adaptation for various types of cartridges (including rifle cartridges), or were of a decorative nature (replacing the butt, wood with plastic, welded a dovetail), I did about the same with SVD. In the Russian Federation, fenced rifles are specially either drilled out, or a notch is added to reduce the accuracy, therefore, one cannot be equal to them.
            1. aws4
              aws4 24 November 2018 01: 53
              Well, if you are in the topic, you should know such a Yugoslav rifle as an outpost that was produced both under our cartridge and under a German rifle .. and so the barrel is the same length, one cartridge, optics .. and so when we conducted comparative firing with SVD with a pitch of 320 mm it turned out that, with all other things being equal, the outpost showed significantly worse accuracy .. another thing is that in 70s the pitch of rifling at the request of the military changed at SVD and after that the manufacturing quality fell and SVD turned from a sniper into a banal self-loading and rolled down to the level of the same outpost below (you used this particular rifle most likely) ... it’s hard for me to recall at least one sample of a weapon that not only did not develop but degraded as quickly as SVD .. take for example m 21 in a modern version and compare it with this ak 308. ..
            2. tracer
              tracer 24 November 2018 18: 09
              Well, you've already switched to English, I'll correct you a little. Not "Marksiman", but at least Marksman, which is the Russian transcription of the word Marksman. There is no direct translation of this word into Russian. And approximately means a well-aimed shooter. SVD is an excellent sniper rifle for the purposes for which it was created. And it was created primarily on the basis of the offensive doctrine of Soviet troops in the European direction of a possible war with NATO. The sniper of the platoon had to act actively as part of the unit, providing support with fire at a distance slightly exceeding the capabilities of the submachine gunners and machine gunners of his unit. The main requirements for a rifle are mobility and semi-automatic fire at suddenly appeared targets. Targets for a sniper have certain dimensions at different distances (bullet socket, grenade launcher, chest target, head target, etc.). So the rifle was created specifically for hitting these targets and not shooting a hole in a hole. Before serving in the army, I had quite a lot of experience as an athlete, a rifleman, and in riza competition venues. Of course, I knew perfectly well that to wish for accuracy of sporting rifles from SVD is at least stupid. It was not created for that. Therefore, your remark that the rifle is bad personally tells me only that you know very little about weapons. And accordingly, all the arguments that have been given to you or will be given in nothing will convince you.
              1. aws4
                aws4 25 November 2018 20: 31
                in the case and in essence !!!
  11. Tigerclaw-x
    Tigerclaw-x 23 November 2018 08: 16
    I don’t understand whether the Kalashnikov concern is trolling you or is really holding you for idiots. "New development" my ass. There are already 3 rifles in my house. Made on the receiver RPK. Caliber 7.62x51 Nato (AKA 308 WIN). The barrel is 21 "long, although you could buy 24" and 16 "options ... Yes, this is a PRINCIPALLY NEW AK308 ... How lucky I was. I already have 3 of them. They have been lying for 4 years already. And they were not even allowed into production. I'm cool and powerful. I have the "newest" Russian rifles, bought 4 years before "Kalashnikov" invented them ...
    The notorious AK308 is as if your wife with whom you lived for 15 years would suddenly dye her hair a different color. Would you believe that you have another woman at home? So I don’t believe that this is a "New Rifle". What 4 rifles do I have? And this is Vepr 308. Kalash on the RPK receiver. With a weighted barrel 0.75 inches thick. So so so. What's new on the AK308? Oh yes, Butt. Well, butts for a boar and in general AK in the USA are not released only by the lazy. For every taste. Foldable, Galil-o-like, Telescopic like on M4. Even "Wire" like M3 Gris Gun .. (For specifically severe amersky rednecks) .. What's new. Oh yeah Free Fleet barrel. Well, in the USA, this type of handguard for Kalash is made by 5 companies. By the way, here's a folding telescopic butt for Kalash or even Boar or Saiga -1226? Utm_medium = cpc & utm_source = gs & gclid = Cj0KCQiAxNnfBRDwARIsAJlH29AKgsHNa3uQGs9uPAg9KTyqqECO9AuZ2IC1K7d684tNUMfWnAw_VACti
    So, Concern Kalashnikov has not given you ANYTHING new. They just took the Molotovsky Vepr and hung on it "cool" and "like, in kind, absolutely new stock and forend." "New development" my ass. A scam and a simulation of ebullient activity ...
    Barrel length. The 308 NATO cartridge is designed for a barrel length of 20-24 inches. Dot. A shorter barrel means a loss of ballistics. For example, the difference between the speed of a 150 grain bullet flying out of a 16-inch barrel or from a 24-inch barrel is not much more than 70 meters per second. However, the 16 inch Vepri and Saigi 308 are very popular in the USA among the so-called. "Armchair commandos". I mean people imagining themselves "high speed low drag operators". But not having the slightest idea about the realities of war or even military service. Costumed like your goats. 24 inch barrels were found to be impractical. Therefore, most "Battle Rifles" G3, FAL have barrel lengths from 18 to 21 inches. The American M14 has a 22-inch barrel. By the way, at the American "high power rifle" competitions, almost everyone with M14 or AP10. So what is AK308? Nothing more than a short-barreled boar with sophisticated bodywork and lowered ballistics. I mean, a divorce suckers on the grandmother. This rifle is nothing new. And judging by the thinner barrel, it is most likely inferior to Boar 308 in the accuracy of the battle. By the way, Free FLOAT the barrel of the Kalash (as well as the FAL) is IMPOSSIBLE. Why? And because where are you going to get the gas outlet and the gas outlet pipe? Its presence makes free hanging of the barrel IMPOSSIBLE, since the tube and the gas outlet still touch the barrel anyway. In short, no remake - Boar in a different outfit + dofig of noodles for suckers ears ... I have for you a Bridge in Brooklyn for sale and some wetland in Florida ... Selling very cheap ...
    1. Ace Tambourine
      Ace Tambourine 23 November 2018 21: 20
      cool and reasoned ... liked ...
    2. tracer
      tracer 23 November 2018 21: 27
      Even nothing to add. The most detailed comment. Now "experts" will swoop in and criticize. In order to know, you need to understand. Most have problems with this. Everything is so, perfectly scheduled.
      1. Roy Jones
        Roy Jones 15 August 2021 13: 43
        What is there literate?
        The man just bombed, it's like bombing an orange-flavored Coca Cola.

        KK released a model for the popular patron in order to have its own product in this niche and make money from it. Why bomb from this?
    3. Roy Jones
      Roy Jones 15 August 2021 13: 40
      You seem to have been banned, but I will answer anyway.
      Concern Kalashnikov does not present the AK 308 as something new and progressive.
      He just released a model for 308 rounds and that's it! Why so bomb it from this?
      It's not for nothing that you sit in the bathhouse for life))
  12. vkl.47
    vkl.47 23 November 2018 08: 31
    There was Kalash and became galil)))
  13. Ua3qhp
    Ua3qhp 23 November 2018 21: 19
    Quote: vladcub
    In this case, the author 2 knowledge of the materiel.
    Our ensign kept repeating: "who wants to live must be able to quickly disassemble and assemble the AK" I did it in half a minute, but now I doubt it. 1,5 years ago I went to a local school, there was business there, I saw a booth: "The school is proud of them" and there is a 10 cool photo "11 seconds to assemble a machine!" I went nuts: this is how you need to know the materiel!

    And what is there to disassemble? Six details. 30 seconds is an incomplete blindfold disassembly.
  14. The comment was deleted.
  15. Tank hard
    Tank hard 27 November 2018 21: 49
    Any shooting, except for single, with such a cartridge (the power of this ammunition is excessive for this), is unproductive. IMHO.
  16. bone1
    bone1 11 December 2018 20: 16
    Who needs a machine gun for a "rifle" bullet? laughing
    1. madrobot
      madrobot 5 January 2019 19: 13
      This is not an automaton. This is a regular carbine (type SKS) under a rifle cartridge. And he is needed for guaranteed destruction of the target at a distance of 250 to 500m. And it seems like it’s easier to cut the HK G3 barrel to a carbine, rather than dragging out notions from Mordor, but ... let's see how Kalashnikov can sell it. The idea itself, it seems to me, does not look hopeless.
  17. DimerVladimer
    DimerVladimer 18 January 2019 12: 12
    It remains to replace the "skinny" barrel with a weighted hard one and you will get an excellent Marksman rifle - weigh it!
  18. Note 2
    Note 2 23 January 2019 03: 10
    Our cartridge 7,62x54 will be more powerful than the NATO 7,62x51 and our cartridge case with a rim so that these two cartridges can be called analogues with a decent stretch.
  19. Horse, people and soul
    Horse, people and soul 1 March 2019 21: 44
    Weight - kg 4,3 (with magazine, without cartridges).

    Time is not able to reduce the weight of a weapon ...

    The Berdan rifle of the late 19th century weighs 4.2 kg.


    Like old pistols weighed 1,2 kg capsule revolvers on black powder. So stainless Sig and 1911 weigh 1,2 kg. Only Nagan 800 grams and charged Glock 900 grams.

    The cavalry saber and the samurai sword are also 1,2 kg.

    The weight of the weapon is related to the ability of a person to use this weapon.
  20. RIDG
    RIDG 19 January 2020 01: 28
    If you understand that, the AK-308 is a cheap analogue of SCAR-L (if they make the barrel like a RPK, it will be a more accurate analogue of SCAR-H). Who does not agree, justify.
    I believe that of all assault rifles, rifles from the SCAR series have these advantages: 1. The most powerful on a cartridge. 2. Pretty reliable. 3. Reasonable cost of production. 4. Versatility.