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Notes of the Colorado Cockroach. Any face will be delighted with a clean mall!

Greetings to you, my faithful friends and foes! My week has stood out, I will tell you, right according to the worst scenario that good enemies offer for me. No, do not think that this is related to politics, the Security Service of Ukraine or something else or something. It is associated with a tooth. Ill, lice his mother. Yes, so hard that I didn’t whine, but just yelled in my mouth and fought hysterically about brains ...

Notes of the Colorado Cockroach. Any face will be delighted with a clean mall!

In short, I came to the dentist. In general, yes. Feat. What is for me, what is for pocket. In the far corner of the corridor, where the children's doctor receives, I hear children's cries. Yes, such that my body from fear, even a little shake beginning. In short, could not resist. When asking a passing nurse:

- Girl, what are you doing there so scary with a child doing that he yells like that?

- Yes, we do not do anything yet! In the office trying to bring ...

That's it. Just like Ukraine. Trying to get into the office. And then something will be done ... No, of course we already guess what a bunch of democratically-minded men will do to the girl. Especially considering that she practically agrees to everything. But there is hope. Suddenly the beauty and meekness of someone will make her make a marriage proposal ...

By the way, I walked around Kiev with a camera for exactly this purpose. Show the beauty of our kilts. Not wooden hammers, if someone is not thinking there, but our girls. Solely in order for the entire Russian public to show in practice that we have order with hot water. So to say, we prove the matter with a clean body!

In general, if you please see for yourself, using the example of a mallet. Dirty, unwashed, unkempt, emaciated. In general, as we all show some of your media, sho in a coffin more beautifully put.

You know, I am always amazed by some natural anomaly inherent in all life on Earth.

Did not notice, there is a male man. Wah such, in every sense of the word. Women surrounding the neck break to get a good look at it. All with all. And next ... Even I have a question, how much should I look for in order to find such a miracle of nature ... Although people have different tastes.

Well, that we, cockroaches, not so. We, on the contrary, have questions for women passing by. Where did you find it, poor thing? Because we, I mean cockroaches, abandoned the vegetation on the face of the face. To not see this physiognomy daily ...

By the way, my pigment was offended for nothing. More precisely, the pig of my family. Was. In general, about the dead, we have already agreed, either true or good. And you - the plague ...

Yes, it was not plague, and BAD! If at least someone had seen what kind of tart chops were, how much fat is being salted now, but how did the potato fly on its same fat sauteed ...

Eh ... Truly, not a house manager, and a pig is a man's best friend. But I’ll send you a photo report.

And do not be jealous. We have already staked out this national trait in our country! Many probably heard about it or read. Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko voiced:

“The last problem of our country, perhaps the biggest, is, I think, a toad, a huge Ukrainian creature who crushed millions. And I’m not joking at all.”

"It seems to me the biggest problem of the country, which is rising now in its development, is the envy of others' success. I don’t actually know a single person in the country - I’m not talking about politicians now - not a single athlete, not a single journalist, not a writer, nor any figure areas that are applauded for his success and try to be even more successful. "

That's right, pan prosecutor! I support with all paws of my big soul. Otherwise, you will write notes, and someone from envy starts telling you about my poor knowledge of Russian or my wrong political and patriotic moods. Burn further, Yura! We approve!

According to Lutsenko, "everyone who is successful in our country is subject to such ostracism that no one wants to talk about their successes."

"The country is changing, but they glorify not those who change it, but those who spit and curse everything. I think this is a big problem ..."

Do you think that Lutsenko discovered America? Yes, every day you say the same thing about us. Or at a time when the conversation about Ukraine comes. Remember the "Sho do not eat, then I eat"? Although, if viewed from a philosophical point of view ... Envy is the most sincere form of flattery.

For example, take our bacon and your attitude towards it.

I sometimes think about the nuances of your thinking. Strange you all the same. To illustrate this thesis I will give one history.

A certain person, having got on an uninhabited island, rather quickly found a bunch of friends there. Moreover, he made a brilliant political career there and became a governor!

You have no questions to his mental health? What about signs of schizophrenia? Communicate, who have the opportunity, with experts in this field. And the history of this insanity for several centuries has been issued as an example of the struggle for life in extreme conditions.

And I remembered this story in connection with ... another capture of Kiev by the Tatars. If someone is not familiar with the history, the Tatars broke into the city through the Kozier Marsh. There was no wall. In short, "this has never happened before." Again broke through, and again through the goat swamp. And again to Kiev. Only Goat swamp today is called Maidan Nezalezhnosti ...

"In Kiev, the Crimean Tatars on Monday, 12 November, held a congress of representatives of the Crimean Tatar people (Kurultay) for the first time in the past four years. Some 100 delegates gathered in the capital of Ukraine to decide how the highest legislative body of the Crimean Tatars will work in the annexation of the peninsula" .

Drew attention to one small caveat. She admitted deliberately. So we believe that the Crimea will not return. I'm about the legislature! In Ukraine, there is not and there was no legislative body of the Crimean Tatars. And in the occupied Crimea from somewhere appeared ...

And yet, the format of this very Kurultay. It is not a congress or plenum for which a quorum is required. This is a conference. And then, who came, he and the participant. Very, I must say, a good format. The right one! And what is missing for the complete happiness of the one who rules this Kurultay, and those who sit there? The answer in the statement of Dzhemilev:

"The delegates of Kurultai lay down their powers only after the election of a new Kurultay and at the first session of the new Kurultay. And since we have no opportunity to hold democratic elections and convene a new Kurultay, we can assume that the powers of the delegates of the current Kurultay are automatically prolonged."

It is clear that now from the Crimea will begin to talk about what Crimeans are against. It seems that the inhabitants of the Crimea are not there. And we, in the sense of Dzhemilev, say that there is. Only, at their request, we do not call them and do not show them. Checkmate!

As a Kiev citizen, I am no longer interested in the issue of payment for the work of this Kurultay and all these delegates. I know that from my pocket. I know that to the detriment of the citizens of Ukraine. I know everything. I am only interested in one thing, why is Tatar arrogance more than Ukrainian?

And here the above-mentioned amphibian does not grumble any more, already snags.

Even our deputies did not think of working without getting up from the home sofa. Though go to Rada. Pants wipe there. And the Tatars do not even want to do this at my expense:

"It is noted that the Crimean Tatars are considering the possibility of making decisions by the Kurultai by personal signature or by Internet voting of deputies."

In short, I understand that this time the Tatars will not limit themselves to plundering of Kiev. This time they decided to stay here. Here's your grandmother and St. George's Day ... European graduate students will have to, and then all of us, to study for namaz.

But then I have a requirement! If the Crimean Tatars, who live and sit in Kiev, are called Crimean, then I demand from the Crimean government to call the Tatars who live on the peninsula Kiev! This will be fair and understandable to a simple Ukrainian.

And for the rights of the Kiev Tatars in distress in the occupied Crimea, I will trample all the legs! Under the banner of Jamilev.

After all, you study. That is, vote, Tatar, do not vote, but you will be Cemil in Kurultay!

Do you think we are doing just that? Of course not. But we will be soon. Just because to help propagandists and all that already exists in Ukraine for duping people, comes the old, time-tested method.

"The State Service of Ukraine for Drugs and Drug Control issued the first license for the import and re-export of raw materials and products derived from cannabis."

"The relevant licenses were obtained by the American company C21. It is also in the process of applying for additional licenses, including the cultivation of cannabis. In addition, the company has already opened a representative office in Kiev."

"C21 Investments Inc. is a vertically integrated cannabis industry company that cultivates, processes and distributes cannabis products in the United States. The company owns the areas in which hemp is grown in Oregon."

European postgraduate study involves the introduction of all the values ​​of the EU. Here we join.

"Cannabidol extracts and products with a minimum content of tetrahydrocannabinol are legal in many countries of the European Union."

Why, what's the EU, three weeks ago in the great United States in these three states allowed the use of marijuana!

In short, life in the buzz at an eternal buzz?

Alas, one more Holland of us will fail. Holland is a fun, clean, stoned country, where parades of smart transvestites are marching past canals and windmills, and the local people are waving tulips at them, such is Holland’s reputation in the eyes of foreigners.

Then the development of the industry. Prostitutes in Holland, like drug dealers, of all colors of the rainbow. And who leaves Holland? Those are the indigenous Dutch. Those who have not lost their brains, skuvshis or hooked on the soft-drug. Occupied by drug addicts, drug dealers and people from third world countries, this is how the Dutch see their country.

Having raised “democratic values” to the shield, they brought them to life, ran into everything they fought for, and now they pack things for emigration. The situation is repeated. Only in Ukraine. But only a few know about it. For the rest of Ukraine, information has passed by. How not important ...

Just like in the old joke:
- Who was taken yesterday by ambulance?
- Yes Ivana. He beat his wife ...

On the other hand, there is no place to go anyway. There is no money. How is it in the old fishing saying - on bezrybe will become cancer yourself? It seems so. Here we have it. Almost Dutch.

Our money came to count IMF Permanent Representative Jost Lyngman. Do not ask about how much we have, but just look and touch our money. I counted, well, I didn’t count myself on a heart attack. And so bang, and the money is just 18 billion US hryvnia. How to pay for loans?

"But our estimate is that for Ukraine this level of reserves is still low. It should be about $ 30 billion, this is not an exact figure. Therefore, the policy of the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) to buy foreign currency in reserves is correct."

I translate into a normal language. Ukraine is obliged to buy dollars and euros, no matter what. Otherwise, she will have nothing to pay loans. And this the IMF can not allow. Take loans and hide them in the IMF. And the descendants will pay. In short, after us even a flood ...

Tired of the global. Let's talk about Kiev better. In the beginning about what we have enough money. And only then that it is absolutely impossible to make a shortage of them (money).

Squares appeared in Kiev, named after the newly-departed (in the sense that they had recently left us) singer Kuzma Scriabin and opposition leader Boris Nemtsov.

The city council gave the nameless park at the corner of Surikov Street and Vozduhoflotsky Avenue the name of the murdered Russian oppositionist Boris Nemtsov.

Do not think of something seditious, but our Rada wanted to pile on a pile under the walls of your embassy. Wait a little more. Our deputies with slingshots at night will start shooting at the embassy windows. Somehow spoil ...

15 November Square in Vasily Porik Street in the Podolsk district of the capital was given the name of the musician Kuzma Scriabin (Andrey Kuzmenko). Nevskaya Street in Shevchenkovsky District was renamed Nivskaya Street, Zhelyabova Street - to Maria Kapnist, Bauman Lane - to Fusikov Lane, Kirovskaya Street in Svyatoshinsky District to Staritskaya-Chernyakhovskaya Street and Saburov Street to Desnyanskiy District to Serzha Lifar Street. Krasnaya Presnya Square in the Podolsk district, will now be called Schekavitskaya.

I also like that we keep the memory of the Russians. I even support such renames. And as a law-abiding Kiyanin I demand from the Kiev Council to urgently rename some square in Sobchak Square. (I worked this advertising contract from the society of dog breeders in Kiev. They have nowhere to walk dogs.)

Of course, I joked about the contract. And about the support for renaming, too. But the fact that we spend money on the struggle with history, with life ...

But about the fact that unexpectedly winter began in Ukraine in November, no one guessed. Only 14 November in Kiev 41 man "broke" on the ice. And 15 is fixed and the first frostbitten. Add to this 11 corpses on the road and 96 victims ... And more than a thousand crashes to heaps ...

How they liked to write in the 19 century, and at this time ... In the center of Kiev on Thursday morning, 15 in November, a pipe with hot water broke through. The incident occurred at the corner of Delovaya and Bolshaya Vasilkovskaya streets. Long live the new rink!

Although no, this is the second. The first one was in the Dnieper area on the Regenerator one. No, the third, the second on Shota Rustaveli. Or is there just a taxi failed underground? There was no rink.

Or not a taxi? And not on Rustavelli? And on Tropinin and yesterday. And not a taxi, but a fire truck?

“The fighters of the State Emergencies Service went to the fire and did not get there because they fell through the asphalt”, this is from the official report. Or at the central station? No, there was only a huge pit like ...

My thoughts are caused not so much by the abundance of breakthroughs and failures, as by the utmost indifference to this of our authorities. Everyone does not care. Yanukovych stole the money we have stolen from him now. Now no money, no sand and salt. And asphalt is laid in any weather. The mayor said he permits.

And here, in addition to the toad, our global problem: there was enough money to rename, but no repairs left.

The bridges are tired, the asphalt is tired, the pipes are tired. What is it? By the way, from my old past I remembered that only material can be tired. On the construction so to speak it is impossible. The bridge can not be tired. Everyone except Ukraine!

Forgive me, my Russian readers, but now I appeal only to fellow countrymen. People, tell the road builders that in order. so as not to fall under the asphalt, do not lay this asphalt at all! Well, to hell with him. Gravel road covered and good. Accidents will be less. And one grader can be "repaired" all the way.

Although, as Vyshivanok, who returned from the village, said, the asphalt is self-made. This is normal. And in general, with tomos EU graduate students can ride in the pits. Today, the main army, mova and Vira! And the main thing is not the main thing now!

By the way, many asked where this friend of mine merged from Kiev. To the village. For cows, pigs, lambs. To the land of the patriot pulled. And we were just happy about it. But back.

He says that on the one hand, the production of agricultural products has increased. I found out really increased by 12,2% in crop production and by 0,1% in animal husbandry. On the other hand, spending on food in villages has become more than on clothing. I really doubt and believe our statisticians more. In villages, traditionally, they spent less on food. On all their live. But...

In short, according to statistics, today the average Ukrainian spends more than half of his income on food - 52,9%. According to the State Statistics Service, 22,7% of expenses of Ukrainians were spent on non-food products, 13,8% - on payment for services (including housing and communal services), 2,9% on personal subsidiary farming, 7,7% - other expenses.

Simply put, Vyshivanok escaped from the village due to the fact that life there was "more fun". And the most interesting, I have already found a job. Do not believe it, at the Forge Factory at Rybalskoy CJSC. There, he says, a rapid growth of everything is planned ...

I am absolutely not against growth. But at the expense of what? I had to talk with knowledgeable people. And that's what I dug.

Prime Assetts Capital and VIC corporate investment funds, whose shareholders are respectively President Petro Poroshenko and MP Igor Kononenko, on Thursday, 15 November, signed a package of documents on the sale of ZAO Zavod Kuznitsa at Rybalski with the new owner Evinz Limited from the TAS group, of which Sergey Tigipko is the ultimate beneficiary.

"The cost of the sold shares is a commercial secret. Funds from the buyer will be transferred to legal entities of sellers by separate tranches, according to the schedule agreed by the parties."

I had to turn to the presidential cockroaches. Gave a press release:

“The operation of the“ Forge on Rybalsky ”should be viewed as one of the steps to implement the intention declared by Petro Poroshenko to completely separate business from politics. Earlier, as you know, he transferred the Roshen corporation to the trustworthy world-famous company Rothschild.”

That was all in its place. What is the increase in production? What are the intentions to separate business from politics? The rats are going to flee the ship and drain the assets. Money is safer than factories. Hydrant does not believe in his victory. But believes in your mind and resourcefulness.

Drawn fried ... But I, as a long time knowing most of my readers, know how to keep the intrigue. But I will tell about it later. In the following notes. Life boils up. I remembered here how circumstances can change intentions. Let the Hydrant think.

I once went to the river to swim in the same village. And do not swim at all. So, take a dip. Sweat off. Such were my intentions. But confused all the flow of the river. As soon as I got into the river, I immediately realized that I wanted to swim. To the shore. His own. Back. And swam. Long enough.

In the meantime, finish. From the kitchen pulls stupefying delicious soup. Dureyu and go to the smell, as expected.

Yes, and yesterday's garlic to me Vyshivanok presented a new crop. What is not paradise? What you want.

So see you next time. Be cheerful and remember about the "flow of the river." Please family and friends. And we will live!

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  1. The leader of the Redskins
    The leader of the Redskins 20 November 2018 08: 37
    I admit, girls and women in Ukraine, really beautiful!)))
    1. Fisherman
      Fisherman 20 November 2018 12: 57
      In Russia, girls are the same beauties.
    2. intuzazist
      intuzazist 20 November 2018 19: 04
      To understand this, go to Ukraine ne NE treba !!! Pick up the phone, they’ll bring it to the house! In lace shorts ........
      1. Mih1974
        Mih1974 20 November 2018 22: 03
        Is it really Ephropus? belay Neither, we are Modor, and mi are orcs and ghouls. Yaki same garni difchiny in lace shorts? laughing laughing
      2. Fanis
        Fanis 20 November 2018 23: 16
        Quote: intuzazist
        To understand this, go to Ukraine ne NE treba !!! Pick up the phone, they’ll bring it to the house! In lace shorts ........

        That’s why it’s necessary to offend Ukrainians right away - it’s enough everywhere to go to the hinterland where there is no work, you’ll not see ...
        1. Vanek
          Vanek 21 November 2018 03: 29
          Quote: Fanis
          go to the outback


          And then ...

          Are you from Moscow probably? Just write - Go Into the Outback.

          In your opinion I am in the outback. In Novosibirsk.

          You are now one comment all Novosibirsk women cheated. Including my mom, wife, aunt, sister ...

          Clean mallet ...

          I prepared a mallet - cleaned it.

          And you - prepare the face.

          Follow your thoughts!
          1. Fanis
            Fanis 21 November 2018 05: 45
            Quote: Vanek
            You are now one comment all Novosibirsk women cheated. Including my mom, wife, aunt, sister ...

            By no means did I want to offend anyone ... sincere apologies ... I’m talking about something else, the problems of the common people of Ukraine and Russia are similar - the oligarchy is fattening and the poor are getting poorer ..
            1. Vanek
              Vanek 21 November 2018 06: 21
              Quote: Fanis
              By no means did I want to offend anyone ...sincerely excuse

              No question!

  2. bistrov.
    bistrov. 20 November 2018 08: 38
    Hehe he laughed ...
  3. Jerk
    Jerk 20 November 2018 08: 45
    Yes, Ukraine needs to stake out the rights to the trademarks "mallet" and "khokhloma" ... True, the question of where they trade is somewhat vulgar ... On the highway ...
  4. Dull
    Dull 20 November 2018 08: 48
    An article about painful things? About the Lawlessness of the Brotherhood? About the poverty of the people, with the wild way of life of pigs at the Feeder? Everything is mirrored in the RF as well. The collapse of the economy? What are the differences from the Russian Federation? Bosom? The gang in the Russian Federation and Ukraine did not share the "piece of the pie." Hence the Maidan, financed by the disgruntled Bratva, here are the Nazis, paid by Jews in order to burn people alive, these are "friendship trains" with villains killing people with impunity, etc. ... The Civil War in Ukraine takes a lot of money. Maybe it's easier to create at least a Confederation? After all, everyone understands that neither Donbass nor Lugansk will lie near Kiev after the spilled blood. From the word, never. You don't have to tell us about bridges and roads. Somehow, with the roads to the palaces of our Feudal lords, everything is a bunch, and a block away from this you can hide your car in the nearest puddle, well, in case of an alien attack. I liked the article only for one thing: people began to look soberly at reality, without being forced into hysteria. The trouble we have with you is the same: the gang is in power. "Pans are taken from slaves, their forelocks crack."
  5. Li17
    Li17 20 November 2018 09: 03
    Good wound to Pan Tarkan! As for the girls, I agree, the very last wife is Ukrainian, but the Belarusian woman is better (he served 9 years in Gomel) - her character is calmer! Well, in Ukraine, I’m watching the moment of truth begins, as the Germans have near Moscow - there are frosts! Good luck, don’t fall into suspended animation!
    1. Jerk
      Jerk 20 November 2018 09: 20
      Quote: lithium17
      Good wound to Pan Tarkan!

      1. Li17
        Li17 20 November 2018 09: 43
        Well done, I noticed. To be honest, it would be better to tarcan, not targan. Here about mov By the way, my Ukrainian relatives spit on it wildly!
        1. Jerk
          Jerk 20 November 2018 10: 38
          Um, I agree. Until 2014, I thought that I know Ukrainian)))
          1. Partisan Kramaha
            Partisan Kramaha 20 November 2018 18: 47
            And I like to troll the Banderva in social networks. As I wrap it up on a literary mov in response to their Pshetsky-Magyarsko-xs surzhik, they have the wildest break of the template! laughing
            1. Jerk
              Jerk 20 November 2018 18: 52
              This is what, I remember, neighing for two hours, watching as the raguli paved for me for screwing an inaccurate quote from their beloved Kotlyarevsky, after which they finally informed them that the quote was absolutely accurate, just from the original Aeneid, and not from his modern TRANSLATION from Ukrainian to new Ukrainian. After that, their mental organs, those on which they sit, were generally bombed to shreds wassat
  6. Berber
    Berber 20 November 2018 09: 04
    You can call me an imperialist, but I think that fraternal peoples (without discussion) should be in the same state. Life shows - any form of government, only temporary workers. By the way, dad Lukashenka too. He is a good "collective farm chairman", but no more.
  7. inkass_98
    inkass_98 20 November 2018 09: 09
    Whatever the Cockroach wrote, in normal Russian, a mallet is a wooden mallet, and a Kiev resident is a resident of Kiev, not Kyiva.
    1. Jerk
      Jerk 20 November 2018 09: 21
      Do not cue yourself!
      Kievans are still lucky - a native of one Ukrainian city, Giner, the owner of CSKA, the name is either a ferret or a grub)))
    2. Mikhail m
      Mikhail m 20 November 2018 20: 55
      When the people of Kiev began to be called Kiyans, the Kharkovites strained, and the Kherson simply got offended.
  8. SASA798
    SASA798 20 November 2018 09: 12
    From Tarakanushka, you can get, in a way, that he began to stare at the girls. The pretext is of course iron. For the education of the audience. For others you try :-). Well, at least I published my photo. Now I know by sight or what you have there at the "cockroaches". Good luck!
  9. BAI
    BAI 20 November 2018 09: 16
    1. Girls need to be photographed in the warm season - then they are prettier, at least - you can see better.
    For example, take our bacon and your attitude towards it.

    What is this for? What do we envy?
    So we have our own, for example, Voronezh. In the end, there is Belarusian. Yes, even in St. Petersburg on the Haymarket - farmers. So the Ukrainian monopoly on fat has long been lost, the movement is by inertia.
    1. Mih1974
      Mih1974 20 November 2018 23: 29
      You can immediately see a person who does not understand ANYTHING in Sal am !! Lard is the most delicate product, for all the lies about khoshesterin and similar nonsense fresh "transparent", "trembling"

      (well, there is no photo of the right transparent fat request )
      fat is almost a dietary product laughing ... The phrase "meter of fat" correctly reflects the attitude of people who understand it to it. Lard - it can't be a little bit, there should be a LOT of it, it is varied from "thick"

      to "with meat streaks"

      from lightly salted (fresh) to smoked
  10. Scud
    Scud 20 November 2018 10: 12
    And I’m from Zaporozhye and I won’t let you laugh at monstrous pah, you are a wonderful shit ... a country where you are captivated by the unprecedented freedom of speech.
    On the 1 + 1 channel, Andryusha Biletsky, who is also the leader of the Azov and Nazis of the nth National Corps, said that it was necessary to ban the opposition bloc from going to the polls and to shoot them all so as not to get up twice.
    As our commander-in-chief and tilki used to say, so we get into Europe at the entrance.
  11. igorbrsv
    igorbrsv 20 November 2018 10: 31
    We can only express our sympathy to you, Comrade Tarakan. Russia is no longer able to support you. Maybe even in Europe they will accept (but in my opinion more likely the cancer on the mountain will whistle). It remains to wish to at least winter successfully
  12. parusnik
    parusnik 20 November 2018 11: 34
    Pleased with the girls in the photo ..
  13. MoJloT
    MoJloT 20 November 2018 12: 10
    The ugly ones are ...
  14. Fitter65
    Fitter65 20 November 2018 12: 52
    ... of course we already guess what a bunch of democratically-minded men will do with the girl.

    You just need to be afraid of men, and democratically-minded people are another orientation ... laughing good
    1. The comment was deleted.
  15. asp373
    asp373 20 November 2018 13: 56
    Zdorovenka buly, shannovy pan Ukrainian. You have some strange thought in today's notes. It turns out that it seems like we Russians are jealous of the successes of Ukraine. This is very Ukrainian. Although, you write more about successes, otherwise we are not always aware of what should be envied.
    And your kyanoks on the C grade with a minus. Even worse than Muscovites. What can we say about St. Petersburg or Kazan beauties.
    1. Cossack 471
      Cossack 471 20 November 2018 21: 12
      The most beautiful girls with us. on Don Such a mixture of blood!
      1. Vanek
        Vanek 21 November 2018 03: 50
        Quote: Cossack 471
        The most beautiful girls

        IN SIBERIA!!!

        How Siberian I tell you.
      2. Berber
        Berber 21 November 2018 10: 15
        Plus countryman! Sholokhov also spoke.
        Well, I would have mentioned the Kuban.
  16. Rusfaner
    Rusfaner 20 November 2018 14: 19
    From the photo of borscht I almost drowned with saliva! You can’t do so, and even in the evening!
  17. Mih1974
    Mih1974 20 November 2018 21: 58
    No, borsch is wrong. tongue here is the correct

    You talk to us Cockroach teeth, although we are not cockroaches, we understand borscht. At the correct borscht, only the shmat of the cape sticks out from above, but not the "grass". tongue all the thick goes to the bottom, hence the saying "I'm thinner from the bottom" lol . In the right borsch, everything will be a mother of raspberry or borsch color and a cabbage and carrots and even beans. good repeat
    Here's another picture (for those who have not choked on saliva)

    look carefully and see the difference. And the Cockroach was clearly deceived, some cabbage soup or something was cooked with tomatoes. laughing
    And according to the text - do not worry. Cockroach, it is not worse with you than with us. We won "the state did not ask you to give birth", ki tsapovyaz live in prisons, so some of your deputies will probably envy and his wife returned EVERYTHING, EVERYTHING that was taken away from people by murder, rocket and violence, was returned, "according to the law." Rockets are falling. something "that did not happen" happens at a nuclear power plant, but until it flies into the air like Chernobyl, no one will know about it. Taxes are being raised for us, the price of gasoline is so "frozen" that it is not clear how it is, like they taught at school that "frozen is stable" and prices have been growing.
    Recketers and bandits (collectors) burn people alive, rape and kill, and the State gives every Ethiopia and Belorussia ochriniards of dollyars. Yes, yes, "this is a loan," we heard more than once and then something quietly, "and we are so kind - we forgave everything." am So do not worry - we also have thieves on thieves and drive thieves.
    So you went to the dentist and only from "entering the office" the child howled, and our child went to get a prescription for her vital insulin, and in response, "even if you die, I won't give the medicine." Well, where is it scarier?
    Oh, cars fail at you - well, so recently in our place in St. Petersburg, too, two people have boiled to death, LIVE in boiling water. negative Well, what more of our horrors to tell you. How did the only aircraft carrier "bent" and so long-suffering, and now we look at China (from 3 already) and lick our lips?
    Can you tell how, to please Deribaska's wallet, who stole the entire aluminum industry of the RSFSR, they returned the cancellation of the permit "to use aluminum wires"? There are few fires in Russia, we need more of them. ((
    1. Li17
      Li17 21 November 2018 14: 31
      and my grandmother Varia (originally from Poltava) always made a big dumpling in borsch! By the way, I noticed from my own experience that everywhere there is borsch in different ways, in the Kuban alone, in the Don in a different way, Belarus is no longer like ours. And in Ukraine everywhere in different ways. And yet, in Kyrgyzstan I ate Dungan borscht, these are five dishes!
      1. Mih1974
        Mih1974 21 November 2018 19: 24
        I agree, one of the distinguishing features of the Ukrainian and Kuban struggles is the use of beans. )) Nowhere else has I seen this. Personally, I like it, I recommend trying it (I’m talking about the usual non-string one).
  18. Nikolaevich I
    Nikolaevich I 21 November 2018 09: 50
    And what does the little mallet have to do with it ... albeit clean? And which mallet is more pleased with its face: wooden or rubber? We need to clarify ... this is so important!
  19. Li17
    Li17 21 November 2018 14: 47
    As for the girls. I recalled the performance on Ukrainian TV, they were outraged that the lovely Ukrainians took first place in Europe in the field of intimate services. Moreover, in Europe, intim tourism is gaining popularity in advanced Ukraine in this sense. Well, our Ukrainians have already become a symbol of prostitutes. It is clear that there are not one hundred percent, but many. I remember there was a call from the cockroach edges - do not give Muscovite! So what did Pan Tarkan mean in the title? I hope your cockroach, after analysis, is there and whoever has the clean will show you the transfer of Tank and Volodka! If she reads, a personal request, don’t hit him hard, you are to blame for something, you had to edit right away!
  20. Li17
    Li17 24 November 2018 22: 13
    Quote: Oleg Zhepalov
    Why do we remember Putin?

    No, there’s just such a moment, blaming someone for their failures. It is no secret that if it weren’t for Putin, then we would be lying under the amers like you are now, but now you are working in the interests of the amers, as we did before. Tatyana Montyan aptly said, there is a war between Russia and America to the last Ukrainian! Well, I understand you, I remember this time when serving in Ukraine was for happiness. Good luck again!