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The Indian Navy has requested a batch of American Sikorsky MH-60R

Indian naval forces are not abandoning attempts to arm themselves with foreign helicopters amid the acute shortage of rotary-wing technology. One option for the command of the Indian Navy is considering the purchase of American MH-60R Seahawk helicopters. According to "Warspot" With reference to the portal, the Indian Ministry of Defense sent a request to the United States to purchase a batch of these machines.

The Indian Navy has requested a batch of American Sikorsky MH-60R

According to the material of the publication, the Indian Defense Ministry has requested from the United States 24 multi-purpose helicopter Sikorsky MH-60R, including a set of equipment and weapons. New Delhi is counting on Washington to approve this deal and plan to pay billion dollars for the ordered 1,9. Indian sailors are planning to get helicopters by 2022 year.

The Indian Navy has developed a catastrophic situation with new helicopters. Back in 2017, the Indian Navy announced the need to purchase more 200 new cars that will replace the outdated HAL Chetak (a licensed copy of the French Aérospatiale Alouette 3) and Sea King, purchased from the UK in the 80s (Sikorsky MH-60R will go to the UK) Shift Sea King).

The government of India approved the purchase of 111 multipurpose utility helicopters and 24 US Sikorsky MH-60R as early as August of this year.
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  1. Russian
    Russian 19 November 2018 12: 12
    We bought the S-400 from Russia. Now they’ll get a fig, not helicopters
    1. svp67
      svp67 19 November 2018 12: 22
      Quote: Russkiy
      We bought the S-400 from Russia. Now they’ll get a fig, not helicopters

      Will receive. It is necessary for the United States to drown their claws.
      In this matter, it’s a shame that we are in development, not to mention the production of such helicopters, and remained at the level of the USSR. We have nothing to offer them.
      1. Machito
        Machito 19 November 2018 12: 31
        India continues to prepare the hodgepodge. Hitler had the same thing in 1941: you can’t spare parts.
      2. IGU
        IGU 19 November 2018 12: 40
        Technical characteristics Crew: 2-4 people (2 pilots, 2 operators)
        Passenger capacity: up to 5 passengers
        Payload: 1 860 kg (HH-60H)
        Maximum speed: at sea level: 270 km / h
        at an altitude of 1 m: 525 km / h
        Combat radius: in the anti-ship version: 139 km (with 1 × AGM-119 Penguin and 1 × 455 L of the PTB)
        anti-submarine version: 185 km (with 2 × torpedoes)
        Practical range: 834 km
        Area swept by main rotor: 210,15 m²
        Empty weight: 6 kg (anti-submarine version)
        Curb weight: in the anti-ship version: 7 kg (with 771 × AGM-1 Penguin and 119 × 1 l of PTB)
        anti-submarine variant: 8 055 kg (with 2 × torpedoes)
        Normal takeoff weight: 9 575 kg
        Aircraft performance
        Max. take-off weight 11000 kg
        Max. external load 5000 kg
        Max. flight speed 285 km / h
        Max. ceiling 5000 m
        Ceiling 3500 m
        Range of flight 750 km
        Rate of climb 9,5 m / s
        Engine type 2xTV3-117VMA, or TV3-117KM, or VK 2500
        Engine power 2x2200 hp
        Main armament
        PLAB - 250-120, P-50T, UPLAB-50, S-3V, OMAB [1] - 25 - 12D, 25 - 3N
        AT-1M, VTT-1, UMGT-1, ME "Orlan", APR-2 "Hawk-M", ATM-1
        APR - 2E, 2; APR-3E, 3

        Our old man is still nothing! It may compete.
        1. svp67
          svp67 19 November 2018 13: 02
          Quote: IGU
          Our old man is still nothing! It may compete.

          Unfortunately no. The equipment and capabilities in terms of searching for submarines, the American is much higher.
  2. Alexey-74
    Alexey-74 19 November 2018 12: 36
    Hindus do not have much to choose, Russia in the given segment of armaments cannot offer anything new yet.
    1. K-612-O
      K-612-O 19 November 2018 12: 45
      And Sikorsky is not a boy for a long time. Good car, quite reliable, like our ka27. Well, I want them to dance, please. The copus is riveted to the Apaches. In addition, before that they had the British.
  3. Reserve buildbat
    Reserve buildbat 19 November 2018 12: 59
    Now Hindus for the sake of these turntables will hand over all the information on C-400 to the mattresses and it’s okay if they don’t provide samples for studying.