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Will Berlin be able to cover the Ukrainian Peacemaker?

The FRG foreign ministry was indignant at posting information about former Chancellor Gerhard Schröder on the Ukrainian extremist website Peacemaker. The German politician was entered into the database of the site for allegedly encroaching on the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, as well as leading anti-Ukrainian propaganda.

Germany demanded from the Ukrainian government to assist in the removal of this scandalous site.

Ruslan Ostashko, the editor-in-chief of PolitRussia, is skeptical that the actions of the German masters in relation to the Ukrainian slaves will go beyond condemning their act. It is unlikely that the West will be able to impose sanctions against the Ukrainian deputy, a radical nationalist, Anton Gerashchenko, on whose initiative the Peacemaker website was created at the suggestion of overseas curators.

Ostashko believes that Germany too overestimates its capabilities regarding the strength of the impact on the Ukrainian authorities. Ukraine will pretend to be an obedient lamb as long as it is profitable for them, as long as it is possible to “suck out” money from the West.

However, as soon as a convenient moment arrives, “Ukrainian slaves will definitely take advantage of it and plunge their forks into the backs of their Western masters,” Ruslan Ostashko is sure. He offers Russia to help Ukraine find such a convenient moment.

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  1. Comrade
    Comrade 19 November 2018 06: 06
    The Peacemaker website was created with the submission of overseas curators.

    This is where Berlin needs to ask to cover up the Ukrainian "Peacemaker", and not call Kiev. It's useless.
    1. Same lech
      Same lech 19 November 2018 06: 25
      The Germans moved only when it came to their citizen Schroeder ...
      and before that they were silent at the Peacemaker in a rag of hypocrites.
      1. 210ox
        210ox 19 November 2018 06: 45
        Well, this is a European, a German. Moreover, a rich and weighty Former Chancellor. And not some kind of Oles Buzina .. However, as it was rightly noted, the Germans will not succeed. They also released this "genie".
    2. Machito
      Machito 19 November 2018 09: 58
      The article should have been titled: "Will Germany want to close the Peacemaker site? Or will it be allowed?"
    3. tihonmarine
      tihonmarine 20 November 2018 09: 57
      They will not close it, Ukrainians have completely lost their hands, the greyhound is rushing.
  2. Phil77
    Phil77 19 November 2018 06: 47
    A photo test, pan on the head in a trend in Europe ?!
  3. Rusfaner
    Rusfaner 19 November 2018 07: 47
    The Germans have a thin gut to close the Peacemaker! The hosts won't let you. And those need the door to the outhouse to be open and it "pleases" the sense of smell of normal people ...
  4. Vinnibuh
    Vinnibuh 19 November 2018 12: 46
    Here mb I do not care, but artificially forcing the atmosphere around this site is tired. Even if they bring everyone there, I’m exactly. Those who need it will find a place of residence and personal affairs.
  5. NF68
    NF68 19 November 2018 20: 59
    In Berlin, everyone hid from fear in the corners and under the benches. Nothing. Not long horses left until the end of the 2019 year.