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The date of the transfer of the first "Arctic" air defense systems "Tor-M2DT" to the Northern Fleet

The main defense department announces the imminent start of deliveries of tactical anti-aircraft missile systems "Tor-МХNUMXДТ" to the Armed Forces of the country. These are the “arctic” versions of air defense weapons, which for the first time were shown to the general public at a parade in honor of the anniversary of the Great Victory in 2 in Moscow.

The date of the transfer of the first "Arctic" air defense systems "Tor-M2DT" to the Northern Fleet

From the report:
The first division of the Arctic anti-aircraft missile systems Tor-M2DT will be transferred to the North the fleet 22 November.

It is known that the transfer of the first "Arctic" "Thors" will take place in Yeisk, where the 726 training center for air defense is located.

The Tor-M2DT is a unique tactical anti-aircraft missile system, which, thanks to the tracked chassis, has high maneuverability. LAW is installed on DT-30М two-link tracked carrier. Hence, by the way, the general name of the air defense means. The anti-aircraft missile system is not afraid of even severe frosts to minus 50 Celsius. He is able to easily pass through the moats, to overcome the ford.

The crew "Tor-M2DT" - three people. SAMs can hit targets at a distance from 1 to 16 km with a minimum target height of 10 m. The maximum target speed is about 800 m / s, and the maximum height is 10 km. The ammunition complex - 16 missiles. The limiting time of electrical supply without refueling is almost two days.
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  2. Ros 56
    Ros 56 15 November 2018 19: 39
    And if the target is supersonic, then why should the guard shout?
    1. dvina71
      dvina71 15 November 2018 20: 06
      The speed of sound in air .. ok 300m.s .. Am I right on VO?
      1. venik
        venik 16 November 2018 09: 00
        Quote: dvina71
        Am I definitely in?

        Exactly, exactly !!! It's just that "some" did not study well at school (they cannot divide and multiply ...), and therefore they do not know that 800 m / s is about 2880 km / h or approx. Mach 2,7 lol
    2. Sandor Clegane
      Sandor Clegane 15 November 2018 20: 46
      Quote: Ros 56
      shouting guard?

      you’ll be on the third day without fuel, in winter at -45 .... there are normal frosts in winter, you need to bring a couple more fuel trucks on the same chassis ....
      1. 210ox
        210ox 15 November 2018 21: 08
        Caligan, you’re definitely an Anglo-Saxon ... Or you don’t understand anything. The complex is designed to protect objects such as supply bases, air defense facilities., Airfields. There is fuel there. Take a word.
        1. Tiksi-3
          Tiksi-3 15 November 2018 21: 37
          Quote: 210ox
          There is fuel there. Take a word

          Can I have my 5 cents? and so, I, as a resident of Tiksi for 3 days, will not take my word for it since there were weeks when I sat without any weather, not in any weather (I mean winter, but it’s not like three months there)
          So you called the Persian from the game of thrones not understanding, but what do you post?
          Quote: 210ox
          air defense facilities.
          the torus is an air defense object and it does not stand rooted to the runway! The Novosibirsk islands are 12 km away from the base and you are like on Sannikov’s land (it’s just a white carpet and it’s not clear where the land is and where the sea is) - normal climatic conditions December - February !! wind 12m / s, frost - 41, light (medium and heavy) snowfall and visibility of 10 meters and not any traces, you were covered with a roof in 2 hours So in vain did you attack a fairy-tale character
          1. 210ox
            210ox 15 November 2018 21: 55
            An air defense object? Yes, the same S400 for example. He will not be able to react quickly. For this he is covered by "Armor or Torah .. However, in what you are right, TOR is a military air defense. On the march, in battle. But in Arctic conditions it is before covering large objects, bases.
            1. Tiksi-3
              Tiksi-3 15 November 2018 23: 18
              Quote: 210ox
              Yes, the same C400, for example

              in the Novosibirsk islands? repeat there is only runway and a base on an area of ​​1 sq. km and a tor there for their protection, but this does not mean that he will stand on the territory of the base, although I would go there to serve
        2. Grits
          Grits 17 November 2018 00: 45
          Personally, I don’t understand why the Torahs, which are going to cover stationary objects in the Arctic, should be placed on self-propelled chassis? Why would he ride in the Arctic around the protected object in a radius of 16 km. (missile launch range)? Despite the fact that no fighter in the Arctic will ever reach this object, but a bomber or missile carrier at a distance of 16 km. never fly up. To protect against long-range Tomogavks, riding a DT does not make sense, it is enough to stand still. Then why these dances with a tambourine, if you can stupidly install these tori near the protected object permanently? cheap and cheerful. Naturally, some benefits will be lost, but also acquired. For example, a resource, fuel, chassis and more.
    3. Waldemar
      Waldemar 15 November 2018 22: 52
      800m / s is a little less than three (3) sound speeds. Hey?
    4. Ros 56
      Ros 56 16 November 2018 08: 10
      Correctly the minuses were pushed, not to hell confuse m / s with km / h, it happens, it seems tired very much.
  3. san4es
    san4es 15 November 2018 20: 24
    The air defense system is mounted on two-link tracked carriers DT-30M. soldier
    Military: 24 hours: ....... Apr 28 2018 year
    ... Tor-M2DT was developed by the Russian OJSC Izhevsk Electromechanical Plant Kupol (a subsidiary of the Almaz-Antey concern). In February 2017, it was announced that the Russian defense contractor Technodinamika was completing the development of a prototype conveyor-loader for the Arctic derivative from Thor (NATO reporting name: SA-15 Gauntlet) air defense missile system According to Tekhnodinamika, the Arctic version of the short-range Tor short-range air defense missile system can be used to protect polar military bases established in the Russian Arctic, from Franz Josef Land to Chukotka TOR-M2DT was shown during the rehearsal of the Russian Victory Parade in April 2017.
    Rocket Tor-M2 9M331 and 9M332. The design of the rocket projectile is conceptually similar to the much earlier 9K33 / SA-8 Gecko, but with some important differences, both of which use a simple tubular airframe design with a solid rocket propulsion system soldier
    1. cniza
      cniza 15 November 2018 20: 35
      By the way, our partners do not dare to take such steps.
  4. Bellerophon
    Bellerophon 15 November 2018 23: 24