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Thumbs up! Presidents have moved to non-verbal communication

Many noted that Vladimir Putin at the celebrations in Paris on the occasion of the 100 anniversary of the end of World War I, having greeted Donald Trump, made him a sign with his thumb. There was a lot of speculation about this, from “that now everyone is conquering” to jokes: the presidents are conspiring. Putin praised Trump's efforts to drain the “Washington swamp” and counter Congress.

Perhaps this is not worth anything, and Trump, when meeting with Macron, pulled his thumb up, probably showing everyone that he had everything okay! However, at this time, Macron pulled his hand, embarrassed, he also stretched his thumb up ... Here it smells no longer signs, but the conflict between them. And there are reasons for this.

Trump could deliberately not notice the hand extended to him, because he had reason to be displeased with Macron. In Paris, Macron came up with the idea of ​​creating a pan-European army, and that's not all! Among the potential opponents of this army, Macron mentioned the USA along with Russia and China! But that's not all!

Macron disrupted the scheduled meeting of Trump and Putin, allegedly she could overshadow the celebrations organized by France. And then he also spread the presidents away from each other, so that they could not spread a word across the table. When Macron did get to Trump’s hand, he shook it with all his might, as if trying to tear it away, which was noticed by the journalists.

In general, the idea of ​​a pan-European army belongs to Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission and a protege of Germany, and therefore German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who has become today a “lame duck” and faded into the background of European politics. And the French President Macron came to the fore, and again with the idea of ​​a pan-European army, which caused Trump's obvious displeasure, and not just him alone in America, that is, we can talk about the deterioration of US-European relations. Why does Macron suddenly remember the all-European army? Yes, even in peak USA? This is a riot on a transatlantic ship!

We continue the conspiracy of our thoughts. For example, at a recent meeting in Helsinki, Trump and Putin agreed on something big. In Paris, they wanted to “check the clock,” but Macron intervened and did not let them do it. And Trump had to resort to a non-verbal language: without noticing Macron’s outstretched hand, pull the top of his thumb upon arrival in the glorious city of Paris. Maybe really for Putin?

Vladimir Putin flew to Paris last and saw, probably, this Trump sign. During the general meeting of world leaders, he greets Trump, and then also raises his thumb. They say, I understand, everything goes as we agreed in Helsinki? What could negotiate in Helsinki Trump and Putin, the United States and Russia?

At this level ... perhaps about Europe. And Europe somehow found out something about it or felt it intuitively, and now Macron defiantly picks up Trump with the idea of ​​a common European army and does not let him meet Putin. Why? Europe is not involved in the negotiations between the US and Russia! And the old Europe in the person of Macron and Merkel dislikes it very much: they suspect that Trump and Putin do not only agree on the limitation of strategic weapons!

London, this old European provocateur, was also worried. Premier Theresa May announced a "different policy" towards Russia. But worse is nowhere. Then where will this “other policy” go?

Everyone in Paris noticed that Trump did not notice Petro Poroshenko, did not greet him, although they are familiar, and the Ukrainian question really stands in the world. It is difficult not to conclude from this that Trump leaked at least Poroshenko, and possibly the whole Bandera Ukraine. To whom? To whom can it be drained apart from Moscow? And Putin, in response, gives Trump a sign with his thumb!

But what about Trump Ukraine? Another thing is Europe! In the framework of the agreement on Europe between the United States and Russia, Ukraine can go except for appendages, but what kind of agreement can there be between Trump and Putin over Europe?

Trump is a businessman, and he could just say in Helsinki to Putin: Europe is American vassals, and we have to cut them, Vladimir, and Russia must leave the European energy market. What will you pay? Putin could ask about this. The United States will not object if Russia regains its influence not only in Ukraine, but in the entire post-Soviet space. In countries adjacent to the former USSR, we will create a demilitarized from strategic weapons zone, Donald Trump could answer. It is worth thinking about this, Vladimir Putin could have said this proposal.

Such a Trump plan is quite consistent with the great US game of driving a wedge between Russia and China: Moscow, after all, must be interested in something substantial. On the other hand, Russia has where to leave the energy market of Europe - to the markets of Asia, primarily to China. Moreover, the commissioning of the gas pipeline SP-2 is not critical for the global withdrawal of Russia to Asia, because the supply of liquefied gas from the United States to Europe has not yet been established. SP-2 will simply temporarily replace the Ukrainian transit: it is even necessary for large-scale deliveries of liquefied gas from the USA to Europe. But then SP-2 can be frozen, for example, under the pretext of US sanctions. Russia will redirect European gas volumes to Asia.

As a result, Europe falls into complete dependence on the supply of liquefied gas from the United States and energy in general; this is a very good business for the US Russia is restoring its former Soviet sphere of influence. For this, Putin can make concessions to Trump in Europe, retreating to the gas markets of Asia.

At the same time, the transatlantic partnership of America and Europe is put at risk, signs of which we saw in Paris, but for the USA this is uncritical. For the United States, a break in relations with China is critical: it will cause an economic crisis in America. But the deterioration of US relations with Europe will not cause any economic crisis in America, even along with the all-European army. Nowhere Europe from America is not going anywhere!
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  1. Waddimm
    Waddimm 17 November 2018 06: 32
    Author! You need to write fantastic novels! There are no prerequisites for what you have sketched here!
    1. andrewkor
      andrewkor 17 November 2018 07: 01
      I propose to send the Author to the "Alternative". He will be very popular there, scribbler.
      1. GAF
        GAF 17 November 2018 18: 30
        Quote: andrewkor
        I propose to send the Author to the "Alternative". He will be very popular there, scribbler

        It's painful to judge the author. Who knows the essence of Trump's relationship with Putin in the Great Game? At least as a result of Trump's seemingly "chaotic" anti-Russian actions, Russia's influence on international affairs has increased in many ways. Second factor. The very influential "gentlemen of fortune" in the United States, and not only in the United States, cannot calm down in any way for two years after his election, advertising him as almost a clinical idiot. And this despite the fact that in recent history they did not have a president who was completely satisfied with everyone, who was surprised that it is impossible to travel by railway from Washington to London ...
    2. Victor Kamenev
      17 November 2018 08: 02
      You want it so much, but Macron called the USA a potential opponent of Europe, and Merkel did not object to him, but supported the idea of ​​a European army. You do not like it, but these are facts, and your prerequisites are prerequisites.
      1. Waddimm
        Waddimm 17 November 2018 08: 39
        Why don't you like it? Like! European army? Yes, at least Australian!
        They are trading there, along the way they are trying to raise their rating. Politicians! And you sucked out a finger that, by golly! I envy your fantasies straight! But reading is fun!
      2. XXXIII
        XXXIII 17 November 2018 09: 28
        Quote: Victor Kamenev
        You want it so much, but Macron called the USA a potential opponent of Europe, and Merkel did not object to him, but supported the idea of ​​a European army. You do not like it, but these are facts, and your prerequisites are prerequisites.

        The question is why they are making their army, Europe is on the verge of a new war with itself ?! And the "Thumb up" sign is a link in one chain ... hi

        Thumb up in Russia - this gesture means that “Everything is very good”, similar to the American “OK”. Among Arabs, Turks and Greeks, a thumb raised up is considered a phallic symbol and an insult.
      3. Alexey Novikov
        Alexey Novikov 17 November 2018 11: 57
        That is, the USA is a potential opponent of Europe, therefore Europe will buy LNG from the USA, while Russia will go to Asian markets, which already have LNG from the USA, in exchange for which Trump will give Russia all the post-Soviet space, an obvious confirmation of which was the thumb .

        You probably have now knees hurt from such jumps in the conclusions.
  2. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 17 November 2018 07: 09
    It's good that they also show the thumb in the top, and not the middle one. Although, given Trump's "good manners" and "tact", one can expect everything from him. As for Macron - well, the guy really wants to be considered the second De Gaulle and nothing can be done about it. As for Juncker, an old man with drunken brains came to an important European "gathering" the other day in different boots. And nothing, all modestly kept silent and pretended that it should be so.
  3. parusnik
    parusnik 17 November 2018 07: 30
    Yeah, a butterfly in the plague, trouble in the Duma ... people have noticed signs for centuries ...
    We continue the conspiracy theological course of our thoughts.
    .... Not ours, but yours ....
    1. Victor Kamenev
      17 November 2018 08: 06
      YOUR sailboat is looking for all the storms, but our ship is not looking, it is already with a hypersonic engine.
      1. parusnik
        parusnik 17 November 2018 10: 25
        Victor, they couldn’t write anything else ... both about the sailboat and the hypersonic engine ... repeat ... New, think of something ... laughing Trump Your everything ... apparently ... You are such a subtle analyst, tell the world, with the advent of Trump to the presidency, relations between countries have improved ..? Trump made concessions? He canceled the sanctions? .. Europe ordered that they would be canceled .. pinched Ukraine ...? The troops withdrew from Syria .. Ah, yes .. the global Trotskyites are hindering him, Marcon didn’t interrupt here for a long time, he is vassal, he didn’t give his lord, he will meet with another lord .., the global Trotskyist is hidden ... Trump I’m probably crying at night that she cannot establish relations with Russia ... In your articles, you essentially justify the policy of the American president, passing off your conspiratorial train of thought as a general opinion and do it with great dexterity ... A sort of propaganda leaflet: For Trump! Trampnash! etc.
        1. Victor Kamenev
          17 November 2018 15: 15
          Yes, Trumpnash, he destroyed the American house, which is very beneficial for Russia, so he is very ours. And you, a subtle analyst, demand that the American president do Russia "well", why on earth? Trump is fighting for their America, and this is much better than the Trotskyists-Clintonists would fight with us today for the whole world, including Russia.
          1. parusnik
            parusnik 17 November 2018 16: 30
            If Trump is your ... again, the question is why he will not meet with our President right in Moscow ... Globalists - Trotskyists are not allowed, they are holding them by the trousers? ... I do not pretend to be a subtle analyst ... She is rude and uncouth ..And I don’t write articles ... Stop dodging .... If Trump is fighting for his America, why are the expenses of the American military-industrial complex growing ... For example, it does not withdraw troops from Syria .. And the question is ... are all Trotskyist Clinton's existing groupings in the world ..? ... And Trump, what did he do personally to destroy the United States? .. Much of what is happening in the country is the work of his predecessors ... In your terms ... your conspiracy theories, and "trumpism" are very reminiscent of the subtle trolling of Russia, its foreign policy ... You cleverly avoided the questions asked in my comments ... All the best .. hi
    ANCIENT 17 November 2018 07: 37
    Victor hi you forgot to add the number of yawns to the article lol three times trump yawned is a report to Putin lol - everything goes as agreed good one but Putin's long yawn laughing -Do not relax, otherwise I’ll deprive the 13th salary wassat
    1. Victor Kamenev
      17 November 2018 08: 04
      If it were not for the European army of Macron, I would have also yawned, but with this army you can miss.
  5. bald
    bald 17 November 2018 07: 52
    The fact that Putin was the last to arrive in Paris already says a lot (with subtext), and it was surprising how this tidbit was missed by the media (speaks of their "remoteness"). In general, according to the meeting, Russia is a leader with whom even America cannot compete. Russia has trump cards in its hands, if only to dispose of them intelligently, looking at many moves ahead.
  6. demo
    demo 17 November 2018 08: 12
    To draw such conclusions, you need to have extraordinary talents.
    Those. be on par with the famous storytellers of the past.
    America holds onto the throat of the main energy suppliers of the Middle East quite firmly.
    And this one is enough for the manipulations of Europe as the United States pleases.
    America today launched a process of redistributing the car market in favor of US concerns.
    By the nature of my activity, I have very close contact with those who are involved in such processes.
    Do you remember dieselgate?
    Why was this done?
    To fine Volkswagen?
    Not funny.
    The challenge is global.
    Prohibit the production of diesel cars in Europe.
    Make Europe inject billions into electric cars.
    And then, after five to seven years, American concerns will enter their European market with their cars.
    And "non-living scientists" will confirm that diesel cars are quite environmentally friendly vehicles.
    The issue price is 10 trillions of dollars.
    Half of US government debt closed.
    And this is just one example from the area in which I understand.
    And there are others.
    And here you are about the partition of Europe. About LNG. About SP2.
    But who needs it.
    Betting in this game - we never dreamed of.
    PS The player our GDP is not of such a scale to solve such problems.
    He would have to cope with our tasks. And he is skidding.
    1. Examenatornick
      Examenatornick 17 November 2018 08: 50
      you look who bought the entire US national debt))) just the Saudis then hold the US by the throat.
  7. akudr48
    akudr48 17 November 2018 08: 28
    Bravo, author!
    It is a great skill to suck such a volume out of the shown thumb of our guarantor!

    It is impossible to imagine what kind of a novel would come out if the guarantor showed the middle finger. Or two fingers ...
    1. Examenatornick
      Examenatornick 17 November 2018 08: 49
      and if we discuss all the movements in dance with the Theresa May Africans, I’m afraid that it’s possible to launch a series of books.
  8. Examenatornick
    Examenatornick 17 November 2018 08: 49
    you still have a section on VO open "political physiognomy"
  9. Keyser soze
    Keyser soze 17 November 2018 09: 58
    Ren TV at its finest ....
  10. polar fox
    polar fox 17 November 2018 11: 12
    I am tormented by all doubts: is Panin not accidentally next to Macaron? .. very similar, and the orientation is appropriate ..
  11. Radikal
    Radikal 17 November 2018 20: 16
    Thumbs up! Presidents have moved to non-verbal communication
    It is strange why the author decided that those present here will be like "pike vests" from the imperishable work of Ilf and Petrov "The Golden Calf", and they will seriously discuss why one of the presidents raised his finger, the other dropped ... and similar gestures and facial expressions? If anyone is not in the know - let them look at the page of the novel, where Bender ponders the current situation after the first visit to Koreiko. Very similar. And in general, many participants in political talk shows on central channels resemble just such characters Ilf and Petrov! Not all, but the vast majority! Merkel is the head, Macron is also the head! And don't put a finger in Trump's mouth, well, further in the text .... winked lol
  12. Slavs
    Slavs 18 November 2018 17: 29
    Oh ... God forbid someone would have scratched themselves at the celebrations ... There would have been much more conclusions.
  13. The comment was deleted.