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Terrible hybrid for the breakthrough of Russian air defense in European theaters. "Tomahawks" seem childish game

From mid-August 2017 news blocks of numerous Russian, West European and American military analytical portals were flooded with information about the conclusion between the Romanian Ministry of Defense and the Lockheed Martin military-industrial corporation of a very impressive 1,25 billion contract for the purchase of 54 HIMARS high-precision multiple launch rocket launchers M142, including full ammunition of the latest generation. It is represented by 81 227-mm guided missile M31A1 GMLRS "Unitary" with a monoblock warhead, 81 corrected missile M30A1 GMLRS "Alternative Warhead" with cluster "equipment" in the form of 180 thousand tungsten and steel balls in specialized containers, 54 operational tactical MGM-140B ATACMS Block IA ballistic missiles with a fragmentation warhead in the form of 300 M74 APAM fragmentation elements, as well as 30 training missiles with a reduced range.

Indeed, the news is not very pleasant both for the Operational Group of Russian Forces in the Transnistrian Region of the Republic of Moldova, which, unfortunately, was not timely equipped with batteries of the Pantsir-S1 advanced anti-aircraft missile and artillery systems, and for the Russian Armed Forces military force in the Republic of Crimea , which may be in the affected area of ​​these guided missiles and OTRs if HIMARS is deployed on Ukrainian territory (in Odessa and Nikolaev regions). Such a scenario is quite realistic, taking into account the possible escalation of hostilities in the PMR, the involvement of the North Atlantic Alliance in the conflict, the participation of the Romanian side with its imperial manners in the Northwest Black Sea Region, as well as the comprehensive support of all this lawlessness by the Ukrainian side.

But even in such an unpredictable situation, the anti-aircraft missile forces of the Russian Aerospace Forces and military air defense systems have a worthy response in the form of the S-300PM-1, C-400 “Triumph”, C-300B4, and Buk-M3 systems, which can without special difficulties intercept 227-mm missiles of the M30 / 31A1 family with an effective reflective surface of the order of 0,05 square meters. m, as well as operational tactical BR ATACMS with image intensifier about 0,2-0,3 square. m, after all, the 92H6Е, 9С32М and 9С36М radars of these complexes (according to official data given on resources such as Vestnik Air Defense and Missile Technology) provide the ability to capture EPR targets around 0,02-0,05 square. More importantly, despite the lower ESR in M31A1 rockets than the OTBR ATACMS, the former are clearly unable to carry out anti-missile maneuvers, which means it will be much easier to destroy them. Conclusion: in most episodes to intercept one non-maneuvering URS M30 / 31A1 GMLRS, one anti-aircraft guided missile 48H6Е / DM, 9М93М or 9М317М will suffice. If we take into account the presence in the network-centric, echeloned air defense, the Pantsir-S1 air defense missile system, which in practice confirmed the possibility of destroying even smaller 122-mm NURS of the Grad-type 9X22U system, then a reliable missile defense umbrella for our military group in Crimea is provided even in the most unpredictable circumstances.

At the same time, it would be very naive to believe that the current 6 rocket launcher HIMARS and 12 rocket launchers M270 MLRS PU will continue to remain unchanged, allowing our anti-aircraft missiles to take countermeasures just as quickly. The first bell of the upcoming “gaining” of HIMARS and MLRS was the ambitious project of the more long-range OTBR LRPF (“Deep Strike”) with a reduced radar signature and increased march speed of flight to 2000. We considered the possibilities of this product in one of our previous reviews. Today, we will remind about another, no less ambitious and dangerous for air defense systems, the modernization project of weapons for the salvo systems HIMARS and MLRS.

We are talking about the "crossing" of a standard 227-mm unguided missile M26A1 / 2 with an inconspicuous gliding guided bomb GBU-39B, due to which a unique two-stage "smart" projectile GLSDB ("Ground Launched Small Diametr Bomb") appeared. The first fire tests of the GLSDB prototype were carried out in February 2015, which for the first time provided the specialists of the American corporation Boeing, the Swedish SAAB and the Norwegian NOBLE (Norwegian Battle Lab & Experimentation) with comprehensive information about the behavior of the GBU-39B Small Diametr Bomb "at high supersonic speeds. This was enough to continue the work.

After almost 4 of the year, 30 of October of 2018 of the year, during the demonstration of the module with 6 227-mm TPK for GLSDB missiles at an exhibition in Trondheim in Norway, NOBLE representatives announced the next stage of GLSDB fire tests, which is scheduled for the autumn of 2019. Apparently, the program has entered the final stretch, and already after 20, new missiles may begin to enter into service with the countries-operators HIMARS and MLRS. What is known about the rocket? Its first stage, represented by the elongated solid-fuel rocket engine of the M26 ER-MLRS missile, will accelerate the GLSDB to speed in 900-1200 m / s and “throw” into the middle stratosphere (at a height of 15-25 km). Taking into account the fact that the SDB bomb together with the heat-resistant container fairing to protect against aerodynamic heating during acceleration will weigh no more than 130 kg (19% lighter than the native combat part of the M26 projectile), the first stage can give the container with GBU- 39B markedly better speed capabilities than the usual NURS. Next, the M26 booster projectile will be shot, and the bomb container will continue to move along a ballistic trajectory with a decrease in speed and climb.

If you take a closer look, you can see not only the layout of the hybrid GLSDB, but also some of its performance characteristics: in addition to the target range in 150 km, the product allows you to attack an object from any angle of approach and from any direction

When the mark passes to 2000-2300 km / h, the container will open, after which the “narrow bomb” will begin an independent controlled flight, and even with the possibility of changing the target to a higher priority on the trajectory (of course, only after equipping the radio with information exchange through the radio network ” Link-16 »). The most important distinctive quality of GLSDB is also the possibility of flying over the target with a further strike from a completely unpredictable air route. It is even more alarming that at the final stage of the flight (planning) the SDB bomb is a “cold body” that is not detected by optical-electronic complexes operating in the infrared range, while the EPR in 0,01 is 0,015 square. m allows you to detect it by means of radar 1PC2-1 "Helmet" complex "Pantsir-С1" from a distance of no more than 5-7 km. This says one thing: at night, or in difficult meteorological conditions, when Pantsir-С1 does not have the ability to use the 10EC1-Е TV guidance channel, several GBU-39B bombs can reach the Pantyrii battery position on 10 km altitude (remaining invisible to neither the radar nor the optical-electronic means), and then swoop into the dead funnel. The worst situation for us will be observed in the case of an attack on the ZRSK Tor-M2U, in which the “dead funnel” is a cone with an angle of solution 50 degrees: it will be easier to get into this cone “narrow bomb”.

Breaking the process of the GBU-39B SDB-I bomb in the battlefield area (approaching the target) is quite real. To do this, it is necessary to deploy near air defense systems and strategically important military facilities of the Resident electronic warfare complex, which suppresses a GPS-guidance receiver mounted on a bomb. As for the interception of a bomb by C-300PM-1, C-300В4 and even С-400, they will not be easy to implement, since the EPR of the planning bomb (0,015 square meters) is less than the reflecting surface indicators of the data processed for these systems declared by the developer.

And even if the radar of illumination and guidance of the SAM data can “capture” the planning block of the promising GLSDB missile, it will be problematic to accompany it until it is hit by 48N6DM and 9M83M anti-aircraft missiles, since the enemy has advanced aviation EW container stations of the AN / ALQ-249 Next Generation Pod type, capable of delivering powerful simulated sights in frequency, as well as noise interference. It will be very difficult to isolate a miniature SDB against the background of this interference to “three hundred” and “four hundred”. A more confident reflection of the GLSDB strike can be made with the S-350 Vityaz air defense system, equipped with a more modern and noise-protected multi-function radar with AFAR 50N6, but I don’t even want to mention the state of affairs of this complex entering the armament of anti-aircraft missile units.

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  1. lucul
    lucul 14 November 2018 05: 45
    Do not take off - too expensive a project. It’s cheaper to drop it from an airplane than to take it to a 20km high rocket.
    1. Chichikov
      Chichikov 14 November 2018 06: 03
      With funding for such a project, the United States will take off! This will be done not in the interests of Romania, but in the interests of NATO!
      And everything is very bad with the grouping in Transnistria. The last story on the Zvezda channel is depressing. There is no modern armament, no supplies, no rotation of personnel. And what is the way out, how to lay a path from the airfield in Tiraspol? The further the settlement of the issue is delayed, the less maneuver in the future - neither Usraina nor Moldova will return to their former tracks! To believe in a reversal of their foreign policy in the future is rather silly. The United States practically occupied these countries; for some reason, we practically do not remind of this as a "partner" and do not "include" our interests, all the more so. Utopian, but given the means and desires, it would be interesting to look at our symmetrical "efforts" in the Caribbean. Probably, only this option can become a pretext for negotiations on the "corridor" in the PMR.
      1. Tatar 174
        Tatar 174 14 November 2018 06: 13
        Mmmm! If something suddenly starts to appear on their side, then only a preventive strike can save us ...
 14 November 2018 11: 36
          Come on, "glue the flippers" right away ...
          There is an unplowed field for electronic warfare. and not only for the Resident, but also for Mercury. And the detection of all these "invisible" missile bombs is probably possible by means of RTR - nobody canceled their own radiation, especially if there is a Lynx channel on board.
          1. Vladimir 5
            Vladimir 5 17 November 2018 13: 49
            EW does not work for all cases. here the political approach, only to make it clear to the Romanians that they are running into nuclear weapons;
            a Jew and Surkov with Girkin can only shed Russian blood ...
      2. just exp
        just exp 14 November 2018 06: 57
        Moldova can just come back, because in Moldova FOR RUSSIA even the population that goes to work in Europe.
        there are one third of the pro-Europeans there. more than half are pro-Russian.
        1. 210ox
          210ox 14 November 2018 07: 48
          Why are you all so sure of the Moldavians! Not less than half, plus the finances of the West. There will be no reversal there.
          1. just exp
            just exp 14 November 2018 07: 59
            I come from Moldova, I still communicate with friends and relatives from there, and I know the mood of ordinary people.
            and yet, the majority of Moldovans do not like Romanians, because the Romanians have always considered them second-class people, and the only one who wants to join the EU and the Romanians is the same category of citizens that we call liberals, and we have liberals and Moldova has a Romanian, percentage population at the level of error.
            but the money, yes, the youngsters who grew up without the USSR are no longer eager for the Russians, but they breathe evenly for the Romanians, without love, although they want to in the EU. and young growth is actively used by mattresses for all kinds of whining.
            1. Saxon
              Saxon 14 November 2018 11: 40
              I would say more. In many former republics of the USSR and a number of former CMEA countries, ordinary people are quite loyal to our common history, and to the Russians in particular. The problem is that the elites "nourished" on overseas values ​​have come to power. It is enough to look at the biographies of many modern politicians of the former republics and former socialist countries. camp. Some are generally representatives of the emigre wave of the first half of the 20th century.

              PS In 2011, as I went to the Kaliningrad region on UAZ 469 ... there was a full house on the Lithuanian border. While standing in line, a crowd of men - Lithuanians came running in, gathered in a circle around the car and began to recall the service of the USSR Armed Forces. As a matter of fact, we switched to Russian. For some reason, I think that it was not only a nastolgiya about the bygone youth ....
              1. Ross xnumx
                Ross xnumx 14 November 2018 19: 15
                Quote: Saxon
                In many former republics of the USSR and a number of former CMEA countries, ordinary people are quite loyal to our common history, and to the Russians in particular. The problem is that the elites "nourished" on overseas values ​​have come to power.

                Here is the news! belay And what elites have come to power and whose little thing they have been chattering about, that the dollar has become the first means of payment in the country, and the ruble has become a miserable derivative of this currency.
                We have nothing that the common peoples of the former CMEA would be delighted with. And our lump is smaller, and the feed in it is thinner. And it is time for the Russian authorities not to pretend to be "omnipotent", but to develop their industry closely, persistently and in a planned way and ensure complete food security in the country. Yes! stop There is no faith once to the betrayer, there will be no faith to the betrayer twice ...
                1. Saxon
                  Saxon 15 November 2018 10: 34
                  It is true that our elites are no different from the elites of other states. Our government will not do this, since it is not in the interests of big business.
                  And patriotic rhetoric exists as long as there is a contradiction between their capital and ours, local. For the representatives of the big world bourgeoisie, the current confrontation is only at hand ... At a loss - every little thing.
                2. Lycan
                  Lycan 16 November 2018 09: 37
                  Quote: ROSS 42
                  There is no faith once to the betrayer, there will be no faith to the betrayer twice

                  This is all true, but smacks of idealism. In real life, there is also such a factor as "geostrategic interests" - much can (on paper) be forgotten / understood / forgiven / attributed to temporary cultural excesses and lack of resources if they offer their territory for use (if it is really convenient and valuable). Everything is fixable if you put your people where it is necessary and on time and put your own order (not to the detriment of civilians, of course).
            2. Sailor
              Sailor 14 November 2018 14: 21
              Poles of Ukrainians are also considered second-class people, so what? The people are inert where the government will lead there and go, and the pro-Western government there alone, Dodon tried to do something so he was pushed, and all of our toothless policies left Belarus alone and that was probably not for long.
          2. Siberian54
            Siberian54 14 November 2018 14: 45
            they will no longer be allowed to turn to us
        2. Krasnoyarsk
          Krasnoyarsk 14 November 2018 09: 07
          Quote: just EXPL
          Moldova can just come back, because in Moldova FOR RUSSIA even the population that goes to work in Europe.
          there are one third of the pro-Europeans there. more than half are pro-Russian.

          It is not the people who decide what the internal and especially the foreign policy of the state will be.
          1. vladcub
            vladcub 14 November 2018 10: 32
            A small addition: as a rule, people choose "angels" and get demons. Unfortunately, the population is tired of the newfangled: the "electorate" and others, in 90 cases out of 100, are guided by emotions, and emotions depend on the "size" of the wallet and beautiful words.
            Remember how B.N. promised that he would put his head on the rails, how could he not be believed?
            1. Lycan
              Lycan 16 November 2018 09: 43
              Quote: vladcub
              A small addition: as a rule, people choose "angels" and get demons.

              And what can "angels" do in politics? Politics is a dirty business. Therefore, there are only demons in the guise of angels and foul-mouthed puppets. It seems that not a single one, even the most successful leader of Rusi-Ross. Empire-USSR-RF was not an angel. Our people are such that it is impossible with them in an angelic way - they all strive to fill their personal purse for the state. score.
              PS: Before you put the angels on the throne, you must first change the mindset of the people in a very cool way. But it may cost us survival and self-awareness. The dilemma, however.
        3. Machito
          Machito 14 November 2018 10: 13
          The Moldovan people, however, like the others, will not be asked.
    2. just exp
      just exp 14 November 2018 06: 16
      the plane has a problem in order to drop it to a long range, and this is 110 km, it is necessary to rise to altitudes of 9-11 km, and at 110 km at those altitudes they will get their S-300 (350,400). immediately air defense can only fight off shells. Moreover, the most expensive in them is the GOS, and the engines are far from the most expensive part (although not the cheapest, do not we consider shells for Tornadoes and Hurricanes to be an impermissible luxury?)
    3. Lycan
      Lycan 16 November 2018 09: 53
      If they make a conveyor in Taiwan or somewhere in poor states, they will stamp, a great thing - a 6-meter pipe (Ø227mm) with "rivet" control modules. Moreover, if the end justifies the means ("cold body", low ESR, the presence of "dead" zones in our air defense systems) ...
  2. Same lech
    Same lech 14 November 2018 06: 01
    The author too focused on intercepting the ammunition described above ... and is it not easier or cheaper to cover the areas of concentration of rocket launchers and aircraft with Iskander and Topol’s strikes ... i.e. strike at carriers and not eliminate the consequences that have already occurred.
    1. Vard
      Vard 14 November 2018 06: 08
      I agree .. the best air defense ... These are tanks at the enemy’s airfield ...
    2. just exp
      just exp 14 November 2018 06: 16
      not easier, because they must first be discovered.
      1. Same lech
        Same lech 14 November 2018 06: 20
        not easier, because they must first be discovered.

        Of course it is necessary ... how else to give target designation to guidance systems of our weapons? hi
        But still the difference between the destroyed missile launcher or NATO strike aircraft and their ammunition is very significant.
        All kinds of our intelligence services should do a good job here.
        1. just exp
          just exp 14 November 2018 06: 47
          intelligence is not omnipotent on earth, especially at ranges of hundreds of kilometers.
          and God forbid not to notice in a radius of 300 km (and this is 282743.3388 square kilometers for a second, there is where to hide the equipment) a couple of launchers, and read u, they sailed.
          but if air defense can work on such ammunition, then there is a chance.
          By the way, the author was a little depressed. Thor even M1, at tests beat Saman, and this is an alteration of the Wasp SAM.
          and its size (both length and diameter / gauge and, accordingly, EPR) is smaller than that bomb, the only exception is the thermal background, because it is still a missile system, not a UAB.
          By the way, Tor Saman even hit with a direct hit.
          1. Same lech
            Same lech 14 November 2018 06: 56
            but if air defense can work on such ammunition, then there is a chance.

            Air defense will not be able to repulse the massive attack of several hundred rockets and bombs ... on the example of the recent Palestinian bombardment of Israel, this is clearly visible ... 30 percent will still achieve their goals following the example of the US Tomahawks attack on Syria ... so the radish is not sweeter.
            1. just exp
              just exp 14 November 2018 07: 14
              yes, the part will achieve, and for the most part the part that will hit the false goals will be reached, those that will hit the important goals will be knocked down.
              do not forget that we have the same air defense systems are not in the same place, there are dozens of launchers on the front line, and these are hundreds of missiles, and this is me without taking into account the S-300,350,400. So the TorM2 division is 12 launchers of 16 missiles each (192 missiles), while at the moment these same shells in Romania will have 2 81 missiles + 54 atacms, that is, the entire front 216 missiles (but this is about OTP, not about a UAB with a booster block, of which there really can be hundreds (but not at a time. because 54 launchers for the entire front of 6 missiles are 3 hundreds of such bombs for the WHOLE front), but the number of air defense systems is also not small, because only the Torah division is almost 2 hundreds of missiles, and it would be possible to count and missile launchers for the S-300, 350, 400, possibly Armor, there are up to 12 missiles in the launcher and while these bombs are only being designed, Morpheus may still wake up with us).
              1. DimerVladimer
                DimerVladimer 14 November 2018 09: 56
                Quote: just explo
                along the front line are dozens of launchers

                There will be no front line - in modern warfare, the enemy entrenched on the ground is an excellent target for beating and relegating to zero.
                In the best case, there will be strongholds covered by integrated air defense.
              2. Vadim237
                Vadim237 14 November 2018 10: 14
                With 350 in service, and it looks like the project is closed.
         14 November 2018 11: 42
                  Highly likely?
                  Did you receive a report from KB or an "unnamed source" from the MO?
                  1. Vadim237
                    Vadim237 14 November 2018 14: 30
                    Since 2015, there has been quiet about him and no training of specialists or repair departments or anything - which can not be said about the C 500.
                    1. just exp
                      just exp 14 November 2018 14: 47
                      and what is known about the S-500?
                      thirst for details.
                      If you are talking about pictures with tractors and PU S-500, then I will disappoint you, the S-350 has not only pictures, but also ready-made samples.
                2. just exp
                  just exp 14 November 2018 12: 44
                  and the S-500 is also not in service, but it will be.
                  and with the S-350 they will solve the problems, with the Polent-redoubt it seems like they decided that year, and these are the same missiles as on the S-350.
                  there’s another trouble, the S-350 is not military air defense. like the shell.
                  in the troops of S-300V *, Buki and Torah with Tunguska, Tunguska is already outdated.
                  so, most likely Buki with Torah will work on these OTRs. but I also hope they are riveted in sufficient quantities.
              3. Bongo
                Bongo 14 November 2018 14: 45
                Have you ever wondered how many capable S-300V and Buk divisions we have and where are they deployed? The guys that this author writes are the fantasies of a person infinitely far from reality and who has not served in the armed forces.
                1. asv363
                  asv363 15 November 2018 06: 22
                  Anyone can offend the author. Do not forget that only those who do nothing are not mistaken. If the articles by Eugene and a number of authors disappear from the VO site, then purely personally I will have nothing to do here. I made a couple of comments on one of your articles as a comment. You should not write about what you do not understand from a word at all.
                  1. Bongo
                    Bongo 15 November 2018 09: 41
                    Quote: asv363
                    Anyone can hurt the author. Do not forget that only he who does nothing is not mistaken.

                    After Eugene wrote in one of his publications that we have a missile defense system deployed in the Kuril Islands, I stopped taking it seriously. negative
                    Quote: asv363
                    I made a couple of comments to one of your articles as a comment. Do not write about what you do not understand the word at all.

                    I agree! yes And this applies to the author in full. As for your comment, it will not make it difficult to remind you
    3. Non liberoid Russian
      Non liberoid Russian 14 November 2018 06: 54
      poplars? :))))) well, everything is clear mbr how can I use it ... can a caliber?))))
      1. Same lech
        Same lech 14 November 2018 07: 01
        poplars? :))))) well, everything is clear mbr how can I use it ... can a caliber?))))

        Sorry ... wrong ... smile Calibrov wanted to say ... my Poplars always spin in my head ... (poplar fluff in the meanders does not let gray matter spin in the morning)
        thanks for correcting smile hi
      2. just exp
        just exp 14 November 2018 07: 14
        and caliber OTR?
        maybe Iskander?
    4. Lighten
      Lighten 14 November 2018 08: 36
      It's better. But the Russians do not start a war. So you have to dodge the preemptive strike. These shells are much cheaper than an airplane. They can be launched even without a guidance system, if only we used up. Stock of anti-aircraft missiles. But then it’s already possible for Aircraft
      1. 14 November 2018 11: 46
        That's what EW is for. Mercury, so that the radio fuses would work, the Resident, to lead the rockets into the dark cockroach, Levers with the Vitebsk, so that the GOS would go crazy with the erupted, well, all sorts of Samarkand, etc., so that the enemy guidance system does not see anything.
        1. Lighten
          Lighten 21 November 2018 18: 26
          That's the trick. That you can launch training shells such as hail without guidance. And what will Rab do there? If even the fuse will be pin. And to release a package in areas of air defense and either expensive missiles fell, or .....
  3. Alexander Bushkovsky
    Alexander Bushkovsky 14 November 2018 06: 38
    The civilian population of Ukraine should clearly know from the Russian leadership that if the United States only attempts to place medium and short-range missiles in their territory, the latter will be immediately erased and Ukraine will be turned into one solid ruin.
    1. Chichikov
      Chichikov 14 November 2018 08: 08
      Quote: Alexander Bushkovsky
      and Ukraine will be turned into one continuous ruins.
      Not Ukraine, there, besides dill, criminals atoshniks and war criminals, normal people also live, but the infrastructure of the armed forces!
      1. Alexander Bushkovsky
        Alexander Bushkovsky 14 November 2018 08: 12
        for me, the health and life of my children and grandchildren is more precious than the lives of 35 million people in Ukraine
        1. Sofievka
          Sofievka 14 November 2018 09: 54
          And I have a daughter in Kiev, that's why your life is also not interesting to me, what a bloodthirsty type
          1. Alexey Novikov
            Alexey Novikov 14 November 2018 10: 40
            All of this is great, of course, only at the time of H the leadership of the country will not think about the safety of relatives of anyone, but about the citizens of the Russian Federation.
            1. aglet
              aglet 14 November 2018 17: 07
              Quote: Alexey Novikov
              only at the moment of H will the leadership of the country think about the safety of not the relatives of anyone there, but about the citizens of the Russian Federation

              "blessed is he who believes, warmth to him in the world"
            2. Antares
              Antares 14 November 2018 22: 38
              Quote: Alexey Novikov
              the country's leadership will not think about the safety of relatives, but about the citizens of the Russian Federation.

              I immediately remembered a joke
              Lavrov Shoigu calls after the appeal of the President of the Federal Assembly and says:
              - Listen, Kozugetovich, do not strike in New York, I have a daughter there.
              Shoigu replies:
              “Yes, I know. Fursenko also called about the USA. Mizulina asked not to beat in Belgium, Zhirinovsky in Switzerland, and Zheleznyak in London. Our others called, the list is really big ...... Pause. Listen Lavrov, where to beat then, in which case?
              - Mmm, well then in Voronezh, there are none of ours.
              What are you? By reputable western partners ??? Where is money and home, relatives and property? All sorts of Tuscany and villas?
              Most likely fucking in Voroonezh .... than in Ukraine and the USA ...
              1. Alexey Novikov
                Alexey Novikov 16 November 2018 20: 55
                And how many houses, money and relatives are there? No tweaks - specifically.
          2. just exp
            just exp 14 November 2018 12: 45
            and in America I have the sister of a classmate whom I loved. So, the retaliation in the states is canceled?
        2. aglet
          aglet 14 November 2018 17: 06
          Quote: Alexander Bushkovsky

          for me, the health and life of my children and grandchildren is more precious than the lives of 35 million people in Ukraine

          so this is for you. and the management has all this with the partners. and for them they are more expensive than your children and grandchildren
          1. Borey 53
            Borey 53 14 November 2018 22: 49
            So our elite has children there, too, real estate, expensive yachts, so they also have something to risk. But the US elite has nothing to do so that they can press buttons without regret.
    2. aglet
      aglet 14 November 2018 17: 04
      Quote: Alexander Bushkovsky
      from the Russian leadership of the country

      But what, our leadership can be called Russian? nobody is going to erase something in the Baltic states, and this is also near our borders, right next door, and Nata is at home there
  4. jonht
    jonht 14 November 2018 06: 54
    Ok, let's reason ...
    1. The range of this complex is from 300 to 500 km, and so far hardly more.
    2. The missile stage with the bomb itself is not a small thing and will shine well, especially at altitudes of 10-20 km., Especially in the meter and decimeter ranges, but you can’t get anti-missiles from these radars, but our complexes will not be deep stand, and if in the depths, then they will not reach. Detection and tracking radars when approaching a target to the border of the illumination radar will simply transmit the target and the air defense system will already operate.
    3. The accuracy of determining the location of the target is necessary to launch a missile to the target and its defeat, but if it is not or if there is a semi-active targeting head, and if we set it active?
    4. The funnels above the complexes will not disappear, but who said that the complexes do not overlap and do not level this threat?
    And the last speed of this device in the final section of the trajectory? It is unlikely that there will be more than 800-900 km / h, or even less, if only the final bomb does not immediately fall vertically from those same 20 km, but then it definitely does not need wings, this is an ordinary ballistic trajectory.
    1. just exp
      just exp 14 November 2018 07: 16
      these bombs have the most chance when there will be more of them in the salvo than there are SAMs in the salvo of the SAM air defense system.
      and that they would cause minimal damage and create false positions and false concentration of troops (remember liberal cries about the inflatable army?).
    2. Avior
      Avior 14 November 2018 10: 11
      Well Damantsev, it lets a lot of fog.
      This is a ballistic, not a cruise missile, its speed will be much more than 900 km per hour.
      Look at the data on the s-400 - from what distance it can shoot down aerodynamic and ballistic targets - the difference will surprise you unpleasantly.
      1. just exp
        just exp 14 November 2018 12: 48
        this is not about OTR, which are at the beginning of the article. for there are only two hundred of them, and there will be enough S-2V300.
        but about UAB with a screwed-up acceleration unit, they are aerodynamic and these crafts are too cheap to be targets for the S-400 (although for the 9m100 in range and cost itself, but they are infrared, and the UAB at the end of the journey will be already cold). and the Torah with the Beeches will work on them.
        1. Avior
          Avior 14 November 2018 13: 01
          Further, the M26 booster shell will shoot back, and the container with the bomb will continue to move along the ballistic trajectory with a decrease in speed and climb.

          something like that, ballistic
          1. just exp
            just exp 14 November 2018 13: 03
            it’s not the ballistic one that ICBMs have, even anti-aircraft missiles fly along a ballistic trajectory. here the usual large-caliber MLRS with UAB in the form of warheads.
            1. Avior
              Avior 14 November 2018 14: 13
              "Regular MLRS" flies along the same ballistic trajectory as MBR. the only difference is in the range.
              but it’s hard to imagine anti-aircraft ballistic
              1. just exp
                just exp 14 November 2018 14: 49
                long-range missiles fly high (you can see their take-off) and fly at high altitude, and in the target area they descend to lower altitudes, and by the way, long-range air and air missiles fly, rise, and then fall.
  5. rocket757
    rocket757 14 November 2018 07: 21
    Who! Than? They want to intimidate or all svidomo, but other gypsy cheer up?
    Stupidity is everything. Until the first shot on their part .... and then they will have to be gypsy if they remain. to look for a new territory for living. Dill is harder, but identifiable.
    However, this is all phantasmagoria, because there will not be .....
  6. The leader of the Redskins
    The leader of the Redskins 14 November 2018 07: 39
    The author substantiated the various options in such detail during various weather conditions, as if he had not heard about the "curvature of the Earth" ...
  7. Dimka off
    Dimka off 14 November 2018 09: 57
    Such weapons must be fought before launch. Otherwise then it will be tight. Iskander is good, but it can be a shot from a gun on sparrows. But a complex like Hermes will do. Yes, they just can’t bring it to mind. But the thing is very good with such a range and power.
  8. vladcub
    vladcub 14 November 2018 10: 11
    Quote: lucul
    Do not take off - too expensive a project. It’s cheaper to drop it from an airplane than to take it to a 20km high rocket.

    Damentsev and this is possible. Just starting to read, I already knew that - Damancev
    1. Bongo
      Bongo 14 November 2018 14: 39
      Quote: vladcub
      Damentsev and this is possible. Just starting to read, I already knew that - Damancev

      There is no need to comment on Damantsev's "work". Think of it as unscientific fiction. hi
  9. Vadim237
    Vadim237 14 November 2018 10: 12
    MGM-140B-Shell-C will not intercept, the speed of this OTRK 1800 meters per second.
    1. just exp
      just exp 14 November 2018 12: 49
      in the final section, the speed drops, so Iskander has the same speed initially 7m, and at the end the clearance is already a little more than 700m.s. we are lucky that Iskander maneuvers at the end, but the mattress OTR is not.
  10. mashinist
    mashinist 14 November 2018 10: 14
    people you are strongly obsessed with PMR. here nafig she told us she was not Kaliningrad? it’s an Achilles' heel and a constant opportunity to provoke us to war when they need IM! we are not a super superpower; we have capitalism and modest opportunities; see how Syria drags that in.
    Tell me, what to do with people? I’d answer better to pay for housing compensation for those who want to move than spend on a military operation to break through the corridor in the PMR .... but not everyone will want to leave Donbas as an example, Moldova will become Romania and will join the EU and people will be able to travel freely to work in Europe . And we’ll leave beautifully, such as we completed the peacekeeping mission and will lose our headache, because the PMR will begin to play a strategic role when Ukraine becomes friendly, and this is not very soon, but for now it is a burden that at any moment can become a cause for war.
    Sometimes you need to retreat and not be afraid of it, Kutuzov is in your memory
  11. DimerVladimer
    DimerVladimer 14 November 2018 10: 53
    It is quite realistic to disrupt the exit process of the GBU-39B SDB-I bomb in the area of ​​the battlefield (approach to the target). For this, it is necessary to deploy near the air defense systems and strategically important military installations of the Zhitel electronic warfare complex, which suppresses the GPS guidance receiver mounted on the bomb. As for the interception of the bomb by means of the S-300PM-1, S-300V4 and even S-400 air defense systems, it will not be easy to realize

    You shouldn't consider a "spherical horse in a vacuum" - let's turn to a more or less specific situation, and first, let's look at the characteristics of the GBU-39 (SDB):
    The accuracy of the hit is 5 ... 8 meters (up to 1 meter for the modification of SDB II).
    Guidance system - inertial, satellite (in the SDB II version also infrared and active radar).
    Object of defeat - with exactly known coordinates (SDB II also has mobile targets).

    Since this ammunition requires the receipt of intelligence from an external source and space navigation, it will significantly lose effectiveness in the absence of these sources.
    Accordingly, in a global conflict, this munition will no longer be supported by GPS (due to the defeat of space-based navigation aids) and will not be provided with intelligence from satellites, also for the above reasons.

    That is, it is assumed that this weapon system will be effective in local conflicts.

    Accordingly, we consider a situation in which counteraction is impossible by two key parameters (navigation and satellite reconnaissance).
    Consider possible measures to protect the object or area of ​​concentration from a massive blow.
    The author has already made his arguments, relying on the protection of a powerful air defense group of an object type (S-300 S-400) which is not very effective and expensive.
    Is it possible to protect a static areal object by means of masking? For example, a strategically important bridge? It is hardly possible for such a stationary object with previously known coordinates.

    The author is right in terms of recommendations for local suppression of the GPS signal to reduce the accuracy of the ammunition.
    However, it is possible and necessary to create inexpensive and effective interference in the IR range and active radar guidance system.
    Cover the area with passive radar interference (since active ones require additional study - we are not talking about them).
    Place several false targets with a similar reflection area in the form of metallized films of a similar configuration with the protected object - thereby significantly reducing the likelihood of damage.
    Of course, to cover the object with air defense systems, capable of not only combating small reconnaissance UAVs, but also intercepting attacking SDBs.

    In general, the best defense is an attack: a strike at ammunition storage depots, reconnaissance of the MLRS deployment area by unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), satellite means to determine MLRS basing / reloading sites, intercepting convoys from ammunition, and destroying communications (tactical bridges) are accessible forces and means.
    1. Sergey Vasiliev_3
      Sergey Vasiliev_3 14 November 2018 14: 20
      With your lips and speeches you can calm down and go to the stove to relax. You are our sweet.
      1. DimerVladimer
        DimerVladimer 14 November 2018 16: 26
        Quote: Sergey Vasiliev_3
        With your lips and speeches you can calm down and go to the stove to relax.

        I was taught in the appropriate institution of the USSR - to lay out the task, be it design, be it tactical - in terms of components.
        Maybe it’s not necessary to break the whole broom entirely on the knee, but to break a finger along a branch?
        Before embarrassing a complex anti-system, spending expensive anti-aircraft missiles - look at the influence of simple factors?
        Perhaps a simple sabotage at the warehouse will complicate the tasks of supplying the adversary for the near term (of course, in the event of a conflict, the primary goals are: leadership, headquarters, communication centers, air defense, arsenals and warehouses of fuel and lubricants and ammunition).
        A pair of "heat guns" + a few meters of metallized film will greatly reduce the likelihood of detecting a real target and hitting it.

        And of course, the best (but not always possible way) to remove the parameters of the operation of the radar guidance head in order to produce a cheap "jammer" - this is exactly what the British Navy did when the German FX-1400 planning bombs appeared (another name for Fritz-X) - how they brought it down efficiency to a minimum and terribly upset the developers ...
        1. Korax71
          Korax71 14 November 2018 20: 51
          An inertial guidance system implies only correction according to the signal of the GPS.If it is jammed or intercepted, it simply will not perceive the data. This will affect accuracy — instead of the quo at 5m, the quo will be at 8m. The inertial guidance systems are not very jamming. request therefore only knock down.
          1. DimerVladimer
            DimerVladimer 15 November 2018 09: 29
            Quote: Korax71
            Inertial guidance system implies only correction by signal

            Do not confuse the inertial system - a completely independent device that cannot be influenced from outside.
            It is a cascade of gyroscopes that prevents the missile from straying from the programmed course, but does not prevent its drift from the course - this is why a navigation error accumulates, causing a deviation from the target.
            GPS correction - just allows you to adjust course drift (offset).
            In the absence of correction from the GPS sensor, the control system focuses on the inertial control system on the course - the deviation from the target will be the greater, the farther away from the target the GPS signal is lost.
            If this happens on half the trajectory, the deviation will be half less than what the inertial control system provides.
            If the GPS is jammed in the immediate vicinity of the object - the deviation will be minimal - therefore, the farther the jamming stations from the signals are moved out - the lower the probability of hitting a point target, unfortunately not an areal one.
          2. Saxon
            Saxon 15 November 2018 11: 31
            There are also the so-called "microwave guns", which are narrowly focused microwave pulsed emitters .... By design, a powerful microwave pulse affects the electronic components of the projectile and disables them. In this case, at least, the guidance and correction system will be disabled (mechanical gyroscopes cannot be placed in ammunition of this size, they are electronic). As a maximum, with such an effect, a remote detonation of the ammunition can be made, if the fuse is not mechanical, but electronic (and this has rather become the rule for high-precision ammunition). Both we and our sworn friends have similar microwave products.
  12. Robin - Bobbin
    Robin - Bobbin 14 November 2018 11: 15
    Again, this dreamer Damantsev read something somewhere ... Both foreign sources and Russian can give false TTX of their weapons and based on this, it is impossible to predict something real. This is just science fiction.
  13. steelmaker
    steelmaker 14 November 2018 12: 06
    The worst part is that neither the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, nor the government, nor the president are doing anything but negotiations, which means that everything will only get worse. If the Minsk agreements are not respected, it is necessary to aggravate the conflict and pave the way to Transnistria. Sooner or later, it will still be so, in any other way. But let the Donbass make its way, than to fight directly to Russia.
  14. Santor
    Santor 14 November 2018 12: 26
    I read and quietly fucked ..... The maximum flight range of the MGM-140B ATACMS Block IA 80 kilometers .. Maximum flight range M31A1 GMLRS “Unitary” 70 kilometers, M30A1 GMLRS “Alternative Warhead” - 70 kilometers ... And where does it Crimea?

    In order to shoot at our troops, these installations must be transferred to the territory of Moldova ... What will actually be an announcement of the pre-war state.

    ATACMS Block II (140 kilometers) and ATACMS Block IIA (160 kilometers) are in development since the 2012 of the year and can’t be born in any way, everything prevents ........

    Damantsev, what was the point of this article? FSE disappeared need to stumble?
  15. Kostadinov
    Kostadinov 14 November 2018 12: 52
    a worthy answer in the form of the S-300PM-1, S-400 Triumph, S-300B4, and Buk-M3 air defense systems, which can intercept 227 mm rockets without much difficulty

    It can intercept 227 MM RS S-300 and S-400 maybe a bit, but how many 227 mm RS can be riveted on one S-300 or R-400 missile defense system? Five, ten, or more. And how can one ZURS be able to "adequately" intercept five 227 mm RS?
  16. g1washntwn
    g1washntwn 14 November 2018 13: 00
    If you guard against protection in the area of ​​symmetrical answers:
    UAV, MLRS, Tornado, Techmash, UAV.

    To rivet on a 3D printer a disposable kamikaze for Tornado and Iskander cassette in the Kaliningrad region?
    Protection is good, but the barrel of the revolver is snub-nosed, acts on the cowboy more sobering.
  17. Kawado
    Kawado 14 November 2018 13: 53
    a hemorrhoid, of course ... but after the first show off, so many gifts will fly to the Romanians that they will come to me.
    bought a cool toy, sawed denyuzhki and then it’s better to sit quietly until taken away.
  18. Sergey Vasiliev_3
    Sergey Vasiliev_3 14 November 2018 14: 14
    But what about our new products on new physical principles. Management of this crap all the same comes from silicon. So you write off early - we have concerns and new physical principles - we succumb. Not the first time. With the fifth column, you need to figure it out then everything will be a choir.
  19. WarriorWolf
    WarriorWolf 14 November 2018 15: 07
    as soon as this dvizhuha begins, 85 percent are sure that army intelligence will begin to work, and then the GDB for the targeted destruction of this disgrace. Well, aren't fools and cowards sitting in the headquarters of all levels?
  20. Alexey-74
    Alexey-74 14 November 2018 15: 29
    I am sure that the Defense Ministry has long calculated the possible options both in Transnistria and in Kaliningrad, in the event of an impact by existing means and promising. For any loss is inevitable, but Russia's response should be sweeping for the entire European theater of operations (all this without nuclear weapons)
  21. Turist1996
    Turist1996 14 November 2018 16: 24
    Again recognized the author by title.
    1. Robin - Bobbin
      Robin - Bobbin 14 November 2018 20: 15
      Yeah ... We learn sweetheart by gait, and Damantseva by the headlines. laughing
  22. nobody111body
    nobody111body 15 November 2018 08: 44
    Well, Hamas rackets are a hundred times cheaper and the Israeli kumpol is piercing right through; Is it not better for Jews to throw loot to improve their own petriots
  23. Larum
    Larum 15 November 2018 09: 47
    Such planning bombs perform well in Syria with them. Right?

    And C300-C400 is not a hindrance to them ....

    and small rockets - relatively cheap and cheerful ...
    The problem, IMHO.
  24. Matador
    Matador 15 November 2018 19: 25
    It is necessary to beat ahead of schedule; defense always loses to attack.
  25. The comment was deleted.
  26. Ivanov IV
    Ivanov IV 18 November 2018 14: 55
    There are discussions, and what can be opposed against these or other missiles !?
    In my opinion, the alternative is different: Vacuum or nuclear warhead at the residence of Valtsman and hedgehogs with it. Let them accidentally fart loudly. And no matter what gateway.
    And u chef .....
  27. Tolik_74
    Tolik_74 19 November 2018 20: 22
    Well so then you need to bring YaRS and other nuclear weapons to Cuba, pend.osam under your breath