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Israeli relations with Georgia can not develop to the detriment of relations with Russia - Israeli Foreign Ministry

Israeli relations with Georgia can not develop to the detriment of relations with Russia - Israeli Foreign MinistryIsraeli Deputy Foreign Minister Dani Ayalon is one of the most interesting and controversial figures in Israeli diplomacy and politics. An experienced diplomat, a former Israeli ambassador to the United States, and now a deputy foreign minister and a deputy from the Our House is Israel party, Ayalon has repeatedly attracted media attention with his statements and actions.

One of the most famous incidents involving Dani Ayalon was his conversation with the Turkish ambassador in 2010 after a series of anti-Israeli demarches of Turkey. Then Ayalon ordered to remove the Turkish flag from the table from the table, he sat in a high chair, and sat the guest on a low sofa to “indicate Turkey her place”. Not so long ago, Dani Ayalon made an official visit to Georgia, and this trip was a formal occasion for an interview with VK.

- Mr. Ayalon, what explains the fact that lately, Israeli high-ranking officials and politicians have often come to the Caucasus in general and to Georgia in particular?

- First of all, by the fact that modern Georgia is an unusually friendly country to Israel, with which we are united by common democratic values, a common approach to solving a number of important problems of world politics. In addition, we should not forget that in Georgia there is still quite a large and one of the most ancient Jewish communities in the countries of the Diaspora - Jews live in Georgia for at least 2600 years. Cultural and economic ties with Georgia are developing very intensively; Recently, they have added contacts in the field of tourism, but we believe that the potential of relations with this country has not yet been realized. In addition, as you remember, two major Israeli businessmen were arrested some time ago in Georgia. Although a lot of time has passed since their release, the damage that this incident has caused to Israeli-Georgian relations has not yet been fully repaired. My visit to Tbilisi was largely to completely eliminate this damage and put down the folder with this episode of ours. stories to archive. Another goal of the trip is to support and encourage our ambassador to Georgia, Yitzhak Gerber, who, as you know, became the object of an assassination attempt by Iranian agents infiltrated into Georgia. I myself know how important such visits are for embassy staff; how important it is to hear greetings from home, transmitted not by phone or fax, but in person. And, of course, there were a lot of meetings on political topics, including with my Georgian counterpart and the Minister of Information.

- What was the main topic in these conversations? Theme of the Iranian threat?

- We discussed a wide range of issues, including the situation in the Middle East as a whole and, of course, the Iranian problem. As is known, Georgia has joined the sanctions against Iran and our positions on this issue practically coincide.

- On the part of the Georgian leadership, were there any specific requests for Israel?

- What do you have in mind?

- I mean the tense Russian-Georgian relations and the hopes that Georgia may still have with the military help of Israel ...

- No, this is impossible. From the very beginning, we made it clear to the current leadership of Georgia that good relations with this country are extremely important for us, but good relations with Russia are no less important for us, and some cannot develop to the detriment of others. Of course, the problem of Abkhazia and South Ossetia surfaced in our conversations. Our position on this conflict is very clear - we support the preservation of the territorial integrity of Georgia, that is, the preservation of Abkhazia and South Ossetia in its composition, and we hope that this tangle of contradictions will be resolved peacefully.

“If we are talking about Russia, I cannot ask a question about when President Putin’s visit is in Israel.” At first, some informed sources assured that Putin would arrive in Israel literally a couple of weeks after the inauguration. Now the newspaper Yediot Ahronot claims that the visit will take place at the end of June and will last exactly one day. Who to believe?

- I can not say anything definite about this. The media did write a lot on this topic, but in all cases it was about newspaper ducks. In fact, it is too early to talk about it, there are no final dates or program of the visit yet. Of course, the president of Russia is a welcome guest. He received our invitation, and if Putin arrives, we will give him a proper reception.

- So, the final date of the visit of President Putin to Israel?

- In any case, I have no right to talk about it ...

“Clausitz said that war is a continuation of diplomacy by other means. You are one of the most experienced Israeli diplomats. What do you think about Iran - has diplomatic means exhausted itself in this case or do you still have a chance to achieve the desired result with their help?

- Our position on Iran is also very clear: we can not allow Iran to have an atomic bomb. Such a turn of events will threaten the destruction of not only Israel, but also other countries of the Middle East, and by and large, the whole world. This, by the way, is understood by almost everyone, including the Arab countries. The dispute goes around how to prevent Iran from creating its atomic bomb. Our requirements were clearly defined: it is necessary to achieve a complete cessation of uranium enrichment by Iran; collect the uranium, which they managed to enrich in violation of all international norms and acts; destroy nuclear facilities to make it impossible to enrich Iran in the future and establish a tough international inspection to meet all these requirements. We cannot agree to less for a number of reasons. First, because if you allow Iran to enrich uranium to a certain level, it will allow them to easily deceive the world community and go beyond the scope of the resolution. It's like having a pregnancy - you can't be half pregnant. Either you enrich uranium or not. Secondly, the Iranian nuclear program itself constitutes a violation of all international laws and obligations that Iran has signed, as well as four Security Council decrees on its nuclear program. Thus, it is extremely important to understand the following: the international community is not negotiating with Iran, since it is not negotiating with the criminal whether he can continue to commit crimes or not. The world makes specific demands on Iran and insists that it fulfill them.

- Is it possible, in your opinion, to achieve the fulfillment of these requirements by diplomatic means or have they already been exhausted?

- It should be understood - Iran is now on the verge of chaos; complete collapse of both the economy and society and political structure. Whatever the Iranian leadership, it cannot fail to understand this. And it is precisely the weakening of Iran that inspires hope that it will submit to the demands of the world community. The decisive round of conversation (namely, conversation, calling for an answer, and in no way negotiations!) With Iran, apparently, will take place in Moscow. Let's wait for June. But if the pressure on Iran in Moscow fails, we will assume that all options are open to us. Any decision will be a lesser evil compared to the situation that would arise if Iran’s nuclear weapons.

- In the last week, Turkish media reported that the Turkish Prosecutor’s Office had already filed indictments against the former leadership of the Israeli army in connection with the Mavi Marmara incident. The same media claim that the prosecutor’s office requires years of imprisonment for Israeli 18 000 generals. Does the Israeli Foreign Ministry intend to somehow respond to these messages?

- First of all, neither the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Israel, nor our embassy in Turkey has received so far any demands from the law enforcement agencies or any other structures of this country. Everything that we still know, we know from the newspapers, and the newspapers, sorry, cannot be trusted. Therefore, no official reaction has not yet followed. At the same time, if this is true, then this is more than serious. Turkey has no grounds and no legal basis for holding such a court; we are talking exclusively about political action in order to harm Israel’s image. Of course, we will not accept this development. Of course, we will be able to ensure the inviolability of our military personnel in the reserve and will give attempts to bring them to court a reliable rebuff. But I am almost sure that Turkey will not take such a step, since, I repeat, it has no legal basis. The assault "Mavi-Marmara" and the actions on this vessel of the Israeli soldiers were in full accordance with the international law of the sea, and this was unequivocally confirmed by the UN commission headed by J. Palmer. From a legal point of view, we are fully protected here, so Turkey’s attempt to conduct such a process will be rejected by the world community.

- Do you think there is a chance for the normalization of Israeli-Turkish relations in the near future?

- The answer to this question is not with us now, but with the Turks. We have done everything that was possible on our part. I think that such a chance exists, since by and large both sides are interested in such a normalization. In addition, Turkey, as a member of NATO, is under pressure from this organization, which is demanding that it establish relations with Israel.

- Tell me, do you not feel your personal responsibility for the deterioration of relations with Turkey? After all, it was after you publicly humiliated the Turkish ambassador that Turkish-Israeli relations were completely damaged ...

- Nothing like this! Our relations with Turkey began to deteriorate rapidly in 2008, when Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan publicly humiliated our President Shimon Peres at a conference in Davos. It had nothing to do with me. When, in order to protect our children, we had to carry out Operation Cast Lead in Gaza, the Turks openly switched to anti-Israeli positions and began to shoot frankly deceitful anti-Semitic TV shows like Wolf Valley. And this again is not personally connected with me.

- So do you still feel personally responsible for the deterioration of relations with Turkey or not?

- The deterioration of Turkey’s relations with Israel is only part of the overall picture of the deterioration of its relations with the West as a whole. Remember that back in 2003, the Turks did not allow the Western coalition to use its airspace to attack Iraq. Recall that Turkey a year and a half ago refused to support sanctions against Iran. Recall the latest Turkish threats against Cyprus. Thus, the “Turkish problem” is actually much broader than you see from your office in Tel Aviv.

- And yet I will repeat my question: do you really not regret your act towards the Turkish ambassador to Israel?

- To humiliate anyone else is not in my character. When I realized that my behavior was perceived by the ambassador as a personal insult, I had no problem calling him to apologize and write an apology letter, in which I explained that in no case did I want to offend him personally. But Turkey’s demands to apologize for the actions of our soldiers and officers on the Mavi-Marmara, when we were in our right and came across violent resistance from those on the ship ... Islamic activists are unacceptable for us and will never be acceptable.

Peter Luchimson, Israel.

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  1. YARY
    YARY 1 June 2012 12: 12
    All the rubbish about some kind of "good" relationship with US is broken down into the phrase:

    "We stand for the preservation of the territorial integrity of Georgia, that is, the preservation of Abkhazia and South Ossetia in its composition, and we hope to resolve this tangle of contradictions peacefully."

    And if you add to it the European drones and so on, then let's not stutter about "good" relations with Jews.
    1. Aleksey67
      Aleksey67 1 June 2012 12: 22
      Diplomats have such a job to lie, though it's beautiful to lie. We see on real examples who is Russia's friend, and who is doing everything to cause damage. winked
      1. 755962
        755962 1 June 2012 14: 05
        Tricky and two-faced ... Israel sells weapons to Georgia
        1. Manager
          Manager 1 June 2012 14: 39
          Quote: 755962
          .Israel sells weapons to Georgia

          The more you sell, the more we’ll capture.
        2. Pimply
          Pimply 1 June 2012 18: 31
          Eh, kids. First of all, Georgia is an extremely unreliable buyer. Therefore, it is unlikely that they still have 100 million for drones should. Secondly, this is a consequence of Russia's policy in the Middle East, when weapons are delivered to Israel’s opponents. Have you been waiting for something else?
        3. Korvin
          Korvin 1 June 2012 20: 15
          They sell it to us too. Our wars are their profit.
        4. Ross
          Ross 1 June 2012 23: 13
          If at the head of the policy of the Talmud Torah, with their commandments (we honor the Old Testament), what else can you expect from Israel?
          1. Pimply
            Pimply 2 June 2012 01: 40
            Did you read? Do you know what the Talmud is? And what is the Torah?
    2. itr
      itr 1 June 2012 12: 45
      What to worry about. the solution is simple
      Start negotiations and provide military assistance to the neighbors of Israel!
      The question itself will disappear. They will still ask!
      1. Pimply
        Pimply 1 June 2012 18: 33
        For 60 years, dear. You are not aware that the USSR, and then Russia, have been actively supplying and supplying weapons to the enemies of Israel. Didn’t they study at school, or is it the way holidays affect you?
    3. Ataturk
      Ataturk 1 June 2012 13: 01
      I read the TALMUT- the other day and found out about some of the delights of the Israelis.
      In their holy book is written. If there is a danger from GOYA (GOI IS ALL EXCEPT OF JEWS), then a Jew has the right to kill GOYA and LIE GOYA and CUT HIS organs if it is necessary for the HEBREY and HIS DAUGHTER to rape even if she is 13 years old and Wife of Goya is not forbidden to have and so on.

      Considering the above, as well as the fact that the whole world is in their hands, I consider this news to be meaningless because forge the Jew to tell you the truth.

      I'm not talking about all the Jews, but those who are in power to believe them are somehow doubtful.
        OSTAP BENDER 1 June 2012 14: 49
        Another proof that Zionists rule Ukraine happened today, we opened a monument to the Holocaust, drove all the state. employees and high school children! The deputies arrived (all Jews), and they talked for an hour about the "poor" Jews! Told those who survive on 1200 hryvnia! We arrived in off-road vehicles with private security and medical escort! I will not describe that rally anymore, only obscene words remain !!!
        1. cool.cube2012
          cool.cube2012 1 June 2012 17: 37
          OSTAP BENDER in Russia is the same trouble.
        2. Pimply
          Pimply 1 June 2012 19: 00
          If for you the Holocaust is just an occasion for additional hatred of Jews, then you, dear, can only be sorry.
          1. OSTAP BENDER
            OSTAP BENDER 1 June 2012 20: 18
            Bumpy! I hate not the Jews, but the Zionist-oligarchic anger of Ukraine! These are two big differences! What is "Zionism", you probably do not need to tell!
            1. Pimply
              Pimply 1 June 2012 20: 30
              You have a misconception about Zionism. But the fact that you mix your hatred of the top authorities in Ukraine with your ideas about the Jews, and you mix the Holocaust with this, is not very good. For starters, try to define Zionism — have you ever wondered what it is?
              1. OSTAP BENDER
                OSTAP BENDER 1 June 2012 20: 34
                Bumpy! Please read my post carefully! And do not engage in "petty provocations"! Yours faithfully!
                1. Pimply
                  Pimply 2 June 2012 01: 39
                  Dear Ostap. I read the post carefully. I just ask you - have you ever wondered what the term Zionism means?
      2. Professor
        Professor 1 June 2012 15: 06
        I read the other day TALMUT

        Discard the link do not be shy, we all read it. wink
        1. Ataturk
          Ataturk 1 June 2012 16: 30
          Quote: Professor
          Discard the link do not hesitate, we all read it


          watch and read
          1. Professor
            Professor 1 June 2012 16: 57
            I read the other day TALMUT-

            Yes, not "read", but watched a video clip on YouTube with excerpts supposedly made from TALMUДbut, conclusions have already been made.
            I watched until the third minute, tired.
      3. volcano
        volcano 1 June 2012 16: 22
        Greetings Ataturk. And you did not know this before?
        There is still a lot of interesting things.
        If to say politically correct, it is quite understandable why, from time immemorial, all countries were united in one. It would be softer to say ...... The fact that they are not in the way with the sons of Israel and in the same field with them .... ghkm .... no one so to speak.
        There is no smoke without fire. People can not be fooled
        1. Professor
          Professor 1 June 2012 16: 30
          why from time immemorial all countries were one in one

          Strange, but never in Georgia !!! there was no anti-Semitism. Such a layout.
          1. Pimply
            Pimply 1 June 2012 18: 50
            Professor, let me disagree on this

            “Open flashes of anti-Semitism in Georgia became frequent in the second half of the 19th century. The reasons were as follows: (1) the urbanization of the Jewish community, as a result of which most Jews, having changed their occupation, now became traders, (2) the influence of Russian anti-Semitism, (3) the conversion of Jews, as helpless foreigners, into an object of xenophobia, since xenophobia in relation to other strangers, powerful Russian occupiers, could not find a way out.

            In the second half of the 19th century, 6 (six) cases of ritual murder were recorded in Georgia. This is the largest concentration of such cases not only within the Russian Empire, but also throughout the world. The most high-profile and well-known incident was in 1878 in the small town of Sachkhere, when 9 Jews were accused of ritually killing a Christian child on the eve of Passover. The trial of them took place in Kutaisi and became known as the "Kutaisi case", which attracted the attention of the civilized world. Although the defendants were not found guilty, the local population remained convinced that the Jews used Christian blood to make matzo. Other cases of ritual murder charges in Georgia were recorded in 1852, 1881, 1882, 1883, and 1884. In 1895, the Kutaisi Jews suffered a brutal pogrom. In 1913, the gang, led by the deputy governor of Kutaisi, systematically extorted money from the Jews, and those who refused to pay were killed. ”
          2. Oleg0705
            Oleg0705 1 June 2012 19: 31
            Semites. 24-11 centuries BC

            It is believed that it was the Semites who gave rise to the Jews, but this is not true, since these peoples differ in all respects that distinguish one nation from another. Semites and Jews have different places of exodus to ecumenicalism, and at various times they entered it. They were always hostile against each other, the Jews shed lakes of Semitic blood. These peoples had a different history, initially spoke different languages, differed in culture and lifestyle.

            The Semites are an ancient historical people who inhabited the Near East before the Muslim aggression of the second half of the 1st millennium BC For the most part, this ethnic group died in ancient civil strife. For more than a thousand years there has not been a single Semite on the planet. They were replaced by Arab-Africans, to whom the mediators of Atlantis appropriated a foreign ethnonym. By the way, in the same way the Arabs in Egypt called themselves Egyptians, after they destroyed the remnants of an ancient people, which did not submit to the Atlantic landing.

            For the first time, they heard about the Semites in Oecumene 44 centuries ago, when the Mesopotamian Semites, based in their robber fortress Akkad (future Babylon), in the 24th century BC occupied Sumer, robbing and destroying its population. For two centuries, the Semitic-Akkadian dynasty ruled the Lower Mesopotamia with fire and sword.

            In the 23rd century BC Syria and the Levant were filled with nomadic hordes of Amorite Semites. Their homeland was the oases of the Arabian desert near the Persian Gulf (1. 1-555) (the decoding of the first number here and below is given in the bibliography, the second number indicates the source page, if necessary the volume number is also called), which by that time could no longer provide the Amorites life resources. Two more waves of movement of the Semites subsequently emerged from the same place: in the 14th century BC Semitic Arameans migrated from Arabia, and at the beginning of the 1st millennium BC - Semites are Chaldeans. Thus, the ancestral home of the Semites was the northern Arabian region bordering the Lower Mesopotamia, which in later times was called the “country of Kaldi” or the Chaldean desert.

            The original population of Western Asia peacefully received immigrants who brought their own cattle breeding culture with them to the civilization of the ancient ecumenical community. The cities where the Aramaean Semites settled in were considered very ancient even at that time. So, Jericho was founded in 7 thousand BC, Nineveh - in the 5th millennium, Tire with Sidon and the Bible - in the 4th millennium. By the time of the invasion of the Praudeans in the south of Palestine, Jericho was already completely populated by the Aramaic Semites alone. So the ancient Jews completely destroyed the Semites in Jericho, after which they robbed the city and razed it to the ground. The history of the ancient Jews is a chain of events of brutal anti-Semitism.

            The Semites have always had enough enemies. In the 22 century BC the dynasty of Semitic Akkadians was destroyed by the Guttians, tribes from the Iranian highlands. The Semites managed to regain Mesopotamia only in the 19th century BC, this time the Amorites reigned there. They made Babylon the capital, erecting it on the site of Akkad. The Amorite (Babylonian) dynasty did not favor its Akkadians: “the distinction between Akkadians and Amorites was fixed by an official edict .., differences between them, social and economic, apparently existed throughout the reign of the Babylonian dynasty” (2. 48 ) At this time, the Semites discovered strange qualities, for example, they had no concept of hospitality, moreover, there was no corresponding terminology (2. 63).

            The greatest enemies of the Semites were the Semites themselves. Civil strife led this ethnos to extinction. In the 18th century BC the Mesopotamian Semites, who had previously settled in Ashshur, tried to subjugate the Upper Mesopotamia, however, they were defeated by the Babylonian tribesmen, who were too jealous of observing the successes of their consanguineous neighbors. Civil strife weakened the Semites, they had in the 18th century BC cede Mesopotamia to the Hittites and Cassites. Only their capital, Babylon, was left to the Babylonian Semites, while the Ashur Semites were temporarily subjugated by the Indo-Iranian horde, the Kassites.

            In the 14th century BC Front Asia was swept by a second wave of Semitic migrations, this time the Aramaic entered Oecumenum. They managed to regain the Ashur heritage, having immediately increased it. And again, the Semites killed the Semites: this time the regiments of Ashur attacked Babylon.

            At the beginning of the 12th century BC the lords of Ashur, taking advantage of the destruction of Hetida and the loss of their international position by Egypt, captured significant territories, which they subjected to total robbery. However, soon the state of the Ashur Semites-Aramaeans broke up into several principalities, into which the third and last wave of Semitic migrations surged.

            By the end of 2 thousand BC the Semites spread widely over the Near East. Soon they became almost the only population of Mesopotamia, Syria and the Levant. The one, but not the one. They divided, having received new names: in the middle and lower Mesopotamia - the Babylonians, in the upper - the Assyrians, in Syria - the Aramaeans, in Phenicia - the Phoenicians, in Palestine - the Amorites, in the so-called Philistine - the Philistines. In the first half of 1 thousand BC the Assyrian Semites almost completely destroyed their conspirators.

            The Semites from the time of entry into the history of the most ancient oikumena until the last hour of the existence of their ethnic group have always been pure pagans. They never knew the One God. They had the largest pantheon of idols in the history of mankind. So, one of the Assyrian kings of the 9th century BC, summing up Semitic errors, mentioned 6500 different idols by name, adding to them some 300 more heavenly and 600 earthly “spirits” (3. 1-207). Moreover, in the order of things among the Semites it was considered at the end of the listed idols, just in case, to ascribe the formula for mentioning the idol not yet known to the Semite: “which I do not know” (3. 1-205).

            Like all the Semites, the Palestinian Semites — the Amorites, who called their pantheon — the Elohim, that is, the “gods” —were also rooted pagans. The most revered idols of the Amorites were Baal, Astarte, and Moloch.

            The cult of baala (vaala, bela, etc.) turned out to be widespread among all Semitic tribes; this idol was known to them as the head of the pantheon. In Babylonia, this idol was touted as a fierce destroyer capable of destroying all of ecumenical society; he personified death. The same baal was “especially subordinated to the demonic forces” (3. 1-182). In the Jewish Encyclopedia, this idol is depicted with four horns and an armed ax. Numerous Phoenician Baals, hostile and vengeful, threatened people with death, disease, epidemics, incinerating solar heat. Semites arranged temples for Baalam on the tops of mountains and on artificial so-called heights. The Baal cult was brutal and demanded human sacrifice.

            The worship of astarte was equally common among the Semites (among the Palestinian Semites, Ashtarot), accompanied by unbridled debauchery. The Babylonian Istar was served by “female gyro-dowels and fenced off” (3. 1-197), while the Istar was the killer of its lovers, with whom it was constantly fed up. In addition, she is the “mistress of battles” (ibid.). The Syrian atargatis cult (Astarta there) was given a “wild and passionately sensual character ... At the entrance to the temple, the phalluses were placed and obscene signs of the cult of astarte were found. A large crowd of women ossacked in women's clothing served the “goddess,” while others, excited by the ecstasy of idolatry, cut their hands to blood with dancing and music, and doused themselves in her honor ”(3. 1-231). “Women sacrificed their hair or, instead, their chastity” (3. 1-241). They depicted an idol sitting on lions, putting a scepter in one hand and a spindle in the other. Sometimes her figure was transformed into a fish carcass, or a cow, and sometimes she was depicted as a horned woman, in one hand with flowers, in the other spear and a snake (3. 1-239). The fetishes of astarte were pagan groves and ushers - pillars driven into the ground.

            The most terrible cult among the Semites was possessed by moloch (among the Palestinian Semites - melek), which required deaths, mostly children. The victims were burned alive either in the red-hot womb of a copper idol, or in a furnace at the feet of a monster.

            Other Semitic cults also had a "terrible and repulsive appearance" (3. 1-228). Places of worship, except for heights and asher, were water sources, trees and memorial stones (betel nuts). The latter, during the flaming, were doused with oil and sacrificial blood with Semites (ibid.). The Palestinian Semites, in addition, worshiped images of bodies and the so-called teraphim, "home" idols that had a humanoid appearance.

            The main action of the cults of the Palestinian Semites was sacrifices, including annual ones, which were brought by the whole family, moreover, they "had the character of a feast performed with the participation of the" deity "(3. 1-278). Sacrifices were accompanied by self-torture and, in general, devilry: “those who donate to the blood cut themselves, scream, dance around the altar, until their dance reaches a rage” (3. 1-243). The Semites finished the sacrifice with a feast, on which certain parts of the sacrificial animal were eaten. However, the Semites more often sacrificed their compatriots' idols: “the first-born, children were sacrificed most of all - the terrible appearance and cruel nature of the“ gods ”did not allow any concessions” (3. 1-245).
            1. Oleg0705
              Oleg0705 1 June 2012 19: 33
              The Semites possessed a terrible worldview. For example, they did not recognize the afterlife. On the grave of a noble Phoenician Semite was inscribed: "I lie dead" (3. 1-246). The only outcome for themselves upon death, they expected the underworld - a huge city of the dead with a colossal palace of the demons there and a giant dungeon surrounded by seven walls. “No light shines dead, their wailing cries are heard through darkness, they live in a realm of horror and crying ... There is no difference between good and evil, one lot awaits everyone” (3. 1-215-216). In the underworld of the Semites, a leopard-like beast with four wings and a snake-tail was waiting for it; and demons in the form of fish-people. There, a dead boat "floats in dead water, and in it lies a kneeling horse." A woman stands with one knee on the animal, and the other leg on his own head. This is a naked figure with a dog's head, in each hand she squeezes a snake; two cubs sucked to her breasts. Behind her is a winged monster with a raised right hand ”(3. 1-216-217). So the Semites imagined hell inevitably awaiting them on their reliefs.

              The funeral rite of the Semites is poorly understood. It is known that among the Babylonians, Amorites, “it was a public custom to burn corpses” (ibid.), In addition, “people were sacrificed when they mourn the dead” (3. 1-211).

              The Semites did not know the celebration of the Sabbath, “there is no talk of a weekly rest day” (3. 1-279), “they have not the slightest trace of the Sabbath, on the contrary, this day was apparently considered rather unlucky” ( 3.1-210).

              Among other things, the Semites cultivated worship of demons: “faith in demons and sorcery were deeply rooted in the people” (3. 1-180-181). The Semites depicted their demons with brutal faces, with clawed legs, with webbed feet, and four wings.

              The greatest atrocities and mortalities Semitic cults reached among the Assyrians. They especially worshiped the idol of Raman, a monstrous destroyer who “travels in anger, accompanied by demons serving him, destroying everything in heaven and on earth” (3. 1-188). The Semites turned to such an idol when uttering terrible curses. “He is asked to bring terrible stormy waves, a malicious rain or a devastating hurricane to an enemy country or house, to outrage citizens against their rulers, to bring all kinds of calamities, drought and famine, to destroy the country with his terrible lightning ..., he was portrayed with a fiery sword and thunderous arrows ”(ibid.). This Raman traveled in a black cloud and caused natural disasters. The worship of the Assyrian Semites was accompanied by the shedding of streams of human blood, brutal ritual executions. Once the Assyrian king brutally boasted: “I cut people alive into pieces at the colossal statue of a bull, where my grandfather was killed .., as a sacrifice to his memory. Their corpses were thrown away for the beasts to eat ”(3. 1-211). The fate of the captives of the Assyrians was terrible, who, after painful tortures, were betrayed to sophisticated, brutal executions.

              Such were the Semites.
              1. Pimply
                Pimply 2 June 2012 01: 36
                Blame for the beginning do not lead?
        2. Ataturk
          Ataturk 1 June 2012 16: 32
          good afternoon volcano.
          Yes, I heard before, just this time I carefully learned about the history of the Talmud. Only I have a question for them. How is a Jew different from a non-Jew?
          they are just racists that's all.

          God be their judge.
          1. Pimply
            Pimply 1 June 2012 18: 53
            Do you know that anyone can become a Jew? After completing the course, and passing the exam, everyone can become a Jew. Such is racism. At the same time, religion and nationality. The country is such a racism, do not find.

            Can you tell us more about the Talmud?
            1. Ataturk
              Ataturk 2 June 2012 00: 09
              Quote: Pimply
              Do you know that anyone can become a Jew? After completing the course, and passing the exam, everyone can become a Jew.

              Do you need to write a dissertation? OR defend a diploma? Gos exam?
              Considering what they do, I’d better stay with my faith, and so I see you carefully studied this issue.

              God has sent us religion and a messenger to speak the words of God on earth.
              1. Moyasey sent .................... and Hebrew


              2. Jesus and Christianity

              3. Islam and the Prophet Muhammad.

              I have read many books, as well as their interpretation.
              In Islam, they (the Jews) are God-damned people for killing Jesus. And God said, every Jew after Jesus will go to Hell. God said in this world I will give them everything, pounds and power, but after death everyone will go to hell.

              They are not God-chosen people, they are God-damned people !!!
              I'm sorry if I touched someone in my own words. but these are not my words. And they also write about the unification of Muslims and Christians in the name of the fight against them !!!
              1. Pimply
                Pimply 2 June 2012 01: 33
                You see, you are trying to prove something, you are preaching anti-Semitic fabrications - and you yourself are not dreaming or spirit in the subject. You are just an anti-Semite who likes to hate Jews.

                But is it true that a lie is what you are talking about: you are all one. You are ready to lie to your own father, the campaign, if only to adjust everything to the image so beloved to you. You are Sunni, right? Remember haram and lies?
          2. Professor
            Professor 1 June 2012 19: 56
            they are just racists that's all.

            Well yes. Here you have blacks (representatives of the black race) Jews

            but the Jews are "quick-eyed"

            Learn materiel - the definition of racism.
            1. Oleg0705
              Oleg0705 1 June 2012 19: 59
              professor Today, 19:56

              the first photo is a little off topic there are like Muslims or?
              1. Pimply
                Pimply 1 June 2012 20: 27
                No, Ethiopian Jews. If you pay attention to the background on the head of the worshiper - a knitted bale.

                There are also Jews ethnically Indian, Philippine, etc. Any Jew can become a Jew by faith - at the same time becoming a Jew of nationality.
                1. Oleg0705
                  Oleg0705 1 June 2012 22: 27
                  I'm calling you right.
            2. Ataturk
              Ataturk 2 June 2012 00: 22
              C'mon, who are you chasing?
              That’s why they everywhere shove multiculture all over the world and cannot tolerate Palestinians alone?

              open YouTube and in a search for writing David Duke multiculture and generally about the Jews. He perfectly tells and shows all about Zionism.

              I will not say that all Jews are scum, but the governing link is Satan in the guise of man.

              The photo you posted. it is cheap licorice. I will never believe the Jews knowing that their faith says that all who are not Jews are pigs.

              So thank you, your pictures are nothing more than a fake advertisement for fools.

              if their faith teaches and makes the Jews consider other people beasts and their children cut into organs .......... then alas. I consider their religion to be extremist ....... and I propose to create real democracy as well as the American and NATO type of der moratia in Israel.
              1. Pimply
                Pimply 2 June 2012 01: 30
                You are poorly educated. Do you know that Duke headed one of the branches of the Ku Klus Klan? And that you hardly fit into his value system?

                You have read little, and reinforce your own lack of education with other people's inventions. Take care of self-education, not its likeness. Learn to read the original texts, and do not try to proudly reinforce your hatred with inventions of anti-Semites.
                1. Ataturk
                  Ataturk 2 June 2012 05: 45
                  you live and live before my education. whoever this duke would be, one thing I know for sure. the charm of the Talmud does not exclude what I read.

                  or do you want to say that what is written there about the goyim is also a lie?
                  yes laugh as much as you want, the last one will laugh well !!!
          3. Pimply
            Pimply 2 June 2012 01: 34
            Carefully - did it watch an anti-Semitic video? It’s ridiculous. Neighing wink
      4. Pimply
        Pimply 1 June 2012 18: 43
        Dear Ataturk.

        You hardly read Talmud. The letter D at the end, not T. I read and taught the Talmud, and in the army = I do not remember that there was something like that, especially in such a context. You know, there is an old joke about the NEWS. I think if you look, you will find. And about breaking out of context, and about distortion.

        The Talmud is part of the Oral Torah, laws that, according to all the canons of Jewish life, should CHANGE, in contrast to the Torah, which is unchanging. The Talmud has many interesting laws - such as stoning, exile to other cities, slavery, the seventh year law - when slaves were freed, etc. Only laws on shmit, that is, on rest of fields in the seventh year, are being executed from it now. So do not distort the meaning, and most importantly, do not defile your language with lies. After all, if you are a religious person - and you at least partially honor your religion, right? - you must understand that someday the lie will be counted against you.
        1. volcano
          volcano 1 June 2012 20: 34
          Pimpled. fucking kibastos. Which army? You probably mean ARAMEY.
          If you can’t name the language correctly, how do you read it? laughing
          Nvernoy ON ARMY
          1. Pimply
            Pimply 1 June 2012 20: 51
            There is such a term - a typo.

            For example, you allowed it in the word "probably"
      5. Green
        Green 10 October 2012 18: 29
        Ataturk, excuse me, I don’t know your name, I am a half-breed Jew (correct from the point of view of halakhah by mother), and for some time in my youth I even studied in Yeshiva, one of the most reactionary movements of Judaism. Judaism is indeed a national religion, full of chauvinism towards non-Jews. Depending on the sect / current, to a greater or lesser extent. Although of course there is no comparison with the hateful nature of Islam. I would not want to raise an anti-religious dispute, I just say that if it were my will, I would put Tolmud (comments on the Torah) together with the Torah and the Qur'an, like Mein Kampf .. But I dare say that the percentage of scientific atheists in Jews is percentage only Swedes overtake. Most Jews, even if they call themselves believing Jews, do not attach any more importance to this than the Russians, who once a year call eggs for Easter and call themselves Orthodox.
      6. Green
        Green 10 October 2012 18: 33
        I have a great reverence for the Azerbaijanis. It just so happened that although I grew up in the Russian city of Yaroslavl, many Azerbaijanis lived in our house and they are all my childhood friends. All the talk that the world is in the hands of Jews, Anglo-Saxons, green men is simply ridiculous. Do not believe the Jews in power? Do you really believe in Russian in power? Do you trust the corrupt French skins in power? Alas, the nature of power today is such, and this has nothing to do with the people. Alas, it so happened that centuries of pogroms and genocide led a more agile nation in the most barbaric way. You know who did not hide that corpse, who ran away, that survived and continued his family. Among Jews, there are a lot of percentage active, nimble people. And active nimble scientists, engineers, and of course, bastards and geeks. But many times reading your comments, I could not expect from you such a spit in the direction of the whole people. Do not refer to primitive books. Never. If I took seriously the Koran with its bastard philosophy, then I would have no friends left, many of whom call themselves Muslims, but in reality, they only honor and carefully preserve their tradition and culture, without projecting the Koran’s hatred on everyone around it from the standpoint of primitive religious thinking. Millions of Jews in Israel sweep streets, work in factories, and think about how to survive, rather than dominating the world.
    4. Neighbor
      Neighbor 1 June 2012 14: 45
      {'Democratic' values ​​- $ - unite them! Ugh ...... !!! am
      Quote: Aleksey67
      Diplomats have a job to lie, though it's beautiful to lie

      As a proverb - the truth to say - anyone can, but competently with ... lying - not everyone! belay laughing
      Quote: 755962
      Tricky and two-faced ...

      good Amer bedding!
      Quote: volkan
      Russia traditionally and historically treats Jews "not very much."

      Even under Catherine. yes good
      1. Pimply
        Pimply 1 June 2012 18: 54
        An order of magnitude earlier. "How the prophetic Oleg is now going to take revenge on the unreasonable Khazars." The Khazars were Jews, so the conflict began back in the 10th century.
        1. Aleksey67
          Aleksey67 1 June 2012 19: 04
          Quote: Pimply
          Khazars were Jews

          Everything is not so clear there, so do not make such high-profile statements wink
          1. Pimply
            Pimply 1 June 2012 19: 21
            Ok, should I mention that the Jews were mainly representatives of the elite, and the majority were pagans, that the Khazar Khaganate was multi-religious and there was no religious persecution?
        2. volcano
          volcano 1 June 2012 20: 38
          You burn Pupyrchaty. I’m telling you for your development. Khazar Khaganate was inhabited by different peoples. The Jews formed the top of this country. And there really lived a mixture of Slavs, Caucasians, Turks (in general, I would say the ancient United States are).
          Although what I am telling you.
          You read in ARMENIAN wassat
          1. Pimply
            Pimply 1 June 2012 20: 52
            How one typo makes you happy
    5. Pimply
      Pimply 1 June 2012 18: 28
      Well, judging from this side, we must start with a ban on the supply of weapons to Syria and Iran. Israel on this side has much more complaints, starting with mass deliveries of weapons to countries that fought with Israel, and ending with the training of militants of the PLO of the USSR, the assignee of which is Russia. Israel, by the way, stopped deliveries at the request of Russia as soon as the request arrived.
      As for the territorial issue, Venezuela recognized Abkhazia and South Ossetia for credit, and Nicaragua, on the wave of anti-Americanism. Everything. Even the countries closest to Russia and the closest allies did not recognize. Cause? Russia, on the one hand, was strong enough to make this adventure, which was very useful for itself (an excellent buffer was created, and Georgia was withdrawn potentially from joining NATO), on the other hand, it was not strong enough to be recognized and accepted by the world.
    6. Korvin
      Korvin 1 June 2012 20: 12
      Old fox. Impressive look, friendliness and icy eyes. Not a single direct answer: everything, both ours and yours, you fight and we will dance at your funeral,
    7. Hysnik-Tsuzoy
      Hysnik-Tsuzoy 1 June 2012 22: 59
      Quote: Ardent
      And if you add to it the European drones and so on, then let's not stutter about "good" relations with Jews.


      I’m not a Judeophobe, understand correctly, but when I read such interviews, I involuntarily recall an old lady from the old Russian intelligentsia who taught the Greek language at my university. So she used to say sometimes:

      "One Jew is normal, sometimes even useful, but two Jews are already Zionism."
  2. domokl
    domokl 1 June 2012 12: 17
    White and fluffy .. The diplomat is a diplomat .. He did not say anything, except that Israel is the most peace-loving and the most selfish country ... laughing But no matter how you try to seem white, dirt is always visible
    1. Pimply
      Pimply 1 June 2012 18: 55
      Seen often look in the mirror winked
  3. Tersky
    Tersky 1 June 2012 12: 27
    "Georgia is an unusually friendly country for Israel, with which we are united by common democratic values,"- It's like the Libyan or something, or those that are promoting in Syria .... connoisseurs ... Well, so it doesn’t ring up bags ...
    1. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 1 June 2012 12: 54
      Victor, tell me who your friends are! Israel is slippery, words cannot be trusted.
      1. Tersky
        Tersky 1 June 2012 14: 00
        Quote: Alexander Romanov
        ! Israel is slippery, words cannot be trusted.

        Greetings, Alexander! So this is already a household name, Israel = deception.
  4. volcano
    volcano 1 June 2012 12: 40
    E mine !!! Well, what a poppycock.
    I also read from sugary mouth disgusting.
    They are such friends with Russia. This is already strange, because in Russia, traditionally and historically, Jews are not treated very well.
    Here, frankly speaking, my GDP (if infa about such a quick visit is true) is a little surprising (he surprises me a lot about the Army).
    Well, Georgia is a peace-loving country. Yes! Fantasy.
    As for Abkhazia and South Ossetia, my uncle was clearly mistaken. Moscow said its word. We can’t refuse it, and what’s even cooler, we don’t want to. And let this diplomat stick his thoughts somewhere.
    The author is well done. I found someone to ask about Iran.
    In short, an article in a couple to an article about the IDF.
    Yes, and generally not too much here was the Israeli information. ??? What kind of occupation is this?
  5. vladimir64ss
    vladimir64ss 1 June 2012 13: 16
    According to Aloyan, only Jews were born with all rights, and the rest need to prove it .----------- It is a conversation, a call to an answer, and not negotiations! --------- --- there is nothing to add.
    1. Pimply
      Pimply 1 June 2012 18: 55
      A wonderful distortion of facts.
      1. zevs379
        zevs379 1 June 2012 20: 00
        Quote: Pimply
        A wonderful distortion of facts.

        Quote: Pimply
        A wonderful distortion of facts.

        Quote: Pimply
        A wonderful distortion of facts.

        Israel has nuclear weapons - is that a fact? And why is Iran not here?
        Hand over yours to us for storage, then demand from Iran.
        1. Leisure
          Leisure 1 June 2012 21: 10
          Iran, it is necessary to give a little nuclear weapons, then they will not jump on it, and do not need to bother at our own production.
        2. Professor
          Professor 1 June 2012 21: 31
          Israel has nuclear weapons - is that a fact? And why is Iran not here?
          Hand over yours to us for storage, then demand from Iran.

          1. Is not a fact.
          2. Why then is it impossible for Afghanistan? Finland? Georgia? Ichkeria?
          1. volcano
            volcano 2 June 2012 11: 24
            Professor, and your priest will not crack? Nuclear weapons of Ichkeria to give? What kind of state is Ichkeria? You didn’t beguile anything there in Berlin? Or are you like your avatar? Do you have a relationship ......?
        3. Pimply
          Pimply 2 June 2012 01: 24
          If only because Israel did not sign the agreement on the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons, and Iran - it signed, and de jure, is a violator - for which he had sanctions.

          In addition, unlike Iran, Israel did not declare a desire to "wipe out" the opponent country from the face of the Earth. wink
  6. Nester
    Nester 1 June 2012 13: 17
    It’s a strange sensation, if I’ve heard something like that somewhere ... I QUOTE: "democratic values", "to prevent Iran from building its atomic bomb", "to establish a tough international inspection for the fulfillment of all these requirements", "will allow them to easily deceive the world community" , "The world makes specific demands on Iran and insists that it fulfill them.", "The weakening of Iran inspires hope that it will submit to the demands of the world community," "fierce resistance from the ... Islamic activists on the ship are unacceptable for us and will not are never acceptable. "
    Something similar happened before the invasion of Iraq. In general, American truth speaks through the mouth of an Israeli diplomat.
  7. Mostovik
    Mostovik 1 June 2012 13: 29
    "Israel's relations with Georgia cannot develop to the detriment of relations with Russia." Of course, Jews don't abandon their own.)
  8. Alexei
    Alexei 1 June 2012 13: 52
    Oh well. Can they infect Georgia with their peace in relation to Russia? winked
  9. Cadet787
    Cadet787 1 June 2012 14: 04
    And what can you say here, the Jewish diplomat said everything. There is only one conclusion, to provide military assistance to our friendly Arab countries. Well, so that Israel, "friendly" to us, does not run into the goyim.
    1. Professor
      Professor 1 June 2012 15: 16
      There is only one conclusion: to render military assistance to the Arab countries friendly to us.

      "Friendly Arab countries"! How it sounds. In the East, there are no friends, who will pay the highest and the friend. Let's remember how the USSR was flooded from Egypt. And don't forget that these "friendly" countries are insolvent.

      And if you add European drones to it

      Is it which Russia bought from Israel for hundreds of millions of dollars? wink
      1. Pimply
        Pimply 1 June 2012 18: 56
        It should be added that thanks to its policy, Russia is actively losing these "friendly countries".
      2. Insurgent
        Insurgent 2 June 2012 00: 21
        And you wanted to say permanent interests lol
      3. apro
        apro 2 June 2012 10: 49
        Dear professor, yes, there are no friends in the east, but Syria is our true friend, but opposes our sworn "friends"
  10. apro
    apro 2 June 2012 01: 33
    For me, the Jews guys are one thing and the Israelis are completely different Israel is playing its game defending its interests who is stopping us? 1953 The USSR controlled or had influence in half the world Anglo-Saxon runoff had no time to come up with and implement a new social ideology and the whole world at your feet